The Treachery Of The Westernised Black Woman!


The treachery of the black woman continues, here is yet another video putting the black woman’s betrayal of her own people into a realistic and understandable perspective. This is exactly why I refer to the majority of westernised black women as witches and sorceresses, witches and sorceresses are exactly what they are and witchcraft, magic and blood sacrifice is exactly what the westernised black woman practices. As I have stated before the modern day westernised black female is a traitor, a charlatan and a murderer of the highest order, black men who still attempt to jump to the defence of this women simply do not understand the spiritual dynamic of what is taking place and the curses that black women have brought upon their own people.

As I have stated before in my book Negro Wars I will state this again here for the miniscule number of decent black women who are left aswell as black men, for the preservation of your own safety, security and sanity westernised black women should be avoided at all costs. As I wrote in Negro Wars, I am now advising black men to start crossing the street when they see black women in their vicinity. The westernised black woman is a cursed and contaminated individual and as time passes on her contaminated and wretched state will manifest itself even further to where many of those who were once adamant in their defence of her will begin backing away leaving this black woman to her own demise.

Again, those black men who still choose to deal with this westernised black female do so at their own risk, you cannot say that you were not warned. For the few remaining decent black women who are left my advice to you is exactly the same, you will need to get as far away as possible from this westernised black sorceress as you can, she is an extremely jealous creature, she will attempt to bring upheaval into your life and spread her curses in your direction in order to see your normal way of life disintegrate into dysfunction and complete chaos and in many cases her jealousy will drive her to murder. It simply is not safe to be around the majority of black women anymore, as I stated in Negro Wars black women have become the bane, the pestilence and the curse upon black society.

The modern day westernised black sorceress much like her father, lord and saviour Satan has forged a deal with death and hell and she is determined to take as many people as she can into the lowest depths of the abyss. She especially has her sights set upon black men, they are her first victims of choice seeing as she has raised the overwhelming majority of them alone for the last 50 years.  None of you can say that you were not warned, I and others have done our parts in warning folks about this black woman and the true depths of her allegiance to darkness and evil works. I would actually go one step further and state that westernised black women are literal devils walking the earth in the flesh, in 2016 their actions certainly warrant such designations.

Remember if you haven’t done so already be sure to pick up a copy of my book Negro Wars from Amazon. There I talk about the modern day black woman, her treachery and her spiritual decadence in more depth:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

13 thoughts on “The Treachery Of The Westernised Black Woman!

  1. This was a very interesting post and video. I have also realized the disfunction in a lot of black females. It does seem as if they are cast under some type of spell right now. Some not all black females have a lot of hate, jealousy, and envy in them that sometimes you really do not won’t to have to deal with them.

    What I have found very interesting the same group of females who you refer to always claim to be devout Christians. I sit back and say to myself really. If this is your belief than I do not won’t nothing to do with it.


    • Danielle,

      The modern day westernised black woman is a Satanist. She simply uses the talk of being a Christian in order to continue blind sighting black society so that she can finish the job of destroying the black nation through her witchcraft and sorcery. She is fully signed on to the darkside and she is determined to carry out every instruction of her white liberal father even if it means completely destroying her own people in the process.

      This is sadly the case for the overwhelming majority of westernised black women in 2016 and this is the main reason why black men and black women who do not subscribe to the decadent culture that they have introduced into black culture must steer clear of them.


  2. Well well, look who has come crawling back out of the woodwork. I thought by now your trifling ass would have lost your damn mind and had been committed to a mental hospital. But Alas, here you are up to your old tricks again… smdh you’re a sad little man…


    • Heregolyo Ribizli,

      As per usual and like clockwork you have no constructive criticism nor a rebuttal for the information provided. Your low brow innuendos and insults are weak, you are voluntarily making a mockery and a laughingstock of yourself. In fact your empty responses actually serve in bolstering and reinforcing my positions pertaining to westernised black women, their dysfunctional and their psychologically damaged mindsets, congratulations!


      • Laughing stock? You wish darling. I only hear crickets. If anyone should be a laughing stock it should be you. But it seems you’ve already taken the title.


  3. Verbs Where Have You Been?!!!!! I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth…. But I digress. it’s great to see you’re still alive and kicking and stirring up a hornets nest….


    • Nids,

      I’m still here brother, dealing with obstinate and dysfunctional westernised black women as always. Been focusing on promoting the book and documenting the dysfunction of westernised black women on my Facebook fan page:
      Apart from that everything has been cool apart from the weather here, miserable as always, can’t wait to take my next break away. What’s been going on with you sir, still working at that hotel resort?


      • Great to hear. Actually no I left that God-awful place a long time ago. I currently work for an international Jewellery enterprise, the clientele is still mostly Caucasian except this time I don’t have to wait on them hand and foot like before, there are cheapskates, rudolphs and nasty grimplorks but it’s all good, they come they go and that’s the way I like it….


      • Nids,

        Glad to hear that you got out of that beastly place, I have to rate you for tolerating working there for as long as you did. Blacks can never seem to escape these Europeans, no matter where we go they always seem follow along. How’s your book coming along?


      • Yes these Europeans are everywhere, you go to Africa they’re there, you go to Asia there they are, you go to some place as remote and uninhabited as Antarctica, who do you see? White people again, and don’t forget space, who do you see up there? White people… sigh, I’ve taken a break from writing I’ve reached a good way though it’s just my job’s been taking up a lot of my time and I’m really tired when I come home….


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