Black Women Continue On Their Psychopathic Rampage Of Death And Destruction!


As I have stated in the book Negro Wars, black women are possessed by evil spirits and it is these evil spirits that are using black women to bring curse after curse upon black society. I will continue my examination and scrutiny of the modern day black woman until she can no longer be used as an instrument of death and destruction against her own people. You cannot possibly form companionship or a relationship with a person who is not only working against you but who also is cursed and is a walking pestilence.

As I have stated to black men before, the westernised black woman is not yours to claim, she does not like you nor does she want you. Exactly how many different ways does she have to give you the middle finger black men for you to comprehend that this modern day black female hates you with a passion and will do anything within her power to destroy what is left of black society at the behest of her white liberal lord, saviour, father and master? I can lead you black men to the water, however I cannot make you drink nor can I drink the water for you. Black men, you have been warned yet again, deal with the black woman at your own risk as you are dealing with a devil possessed psychopath:

15 thoughts on “Black Women Continue On Their Psychopathic Rampage Of Death And Destruction!

  1. Shalom brother Verbs,

    Hope you continue to stay blessed and informed during your walk with our Father.

    Slightly off the topic above, however, may I ask that is not taking the pill just as bad as having an abortion? There are billions of us women who are still taking this abomination and it is mass genocide at source (by that I mean, before anything gets past the Fallopian tube, the sperm is killed off). Many women feel “forced” to take the pill or other types of birth control, for various reasons. They are in committed relationships but neither potential mother or father are in a position to start a family for various reasons, mainly financial or shelter or worse………….

    Surely, will The Most High understand (I know for a fact that he does not condone this, but I am sure you know what I mean) this predicament and how does one help brothers and sisters to overcome this demonic bondage naturally without “spilling one’s seed” so to speak, or killing the sperm before their entrance into the Fallopian tube?

    There are many women and men trembling in fear, including myself about this and simply want to do the right thing.

    Desperately need your help/advice to know where to start and end with this, as we are terrified of this continual sin and angering the Most High. We know about looking at our fertile times of the month etc.

    I throw my hands up and humbly admit that in this case, I do not know where to start with this one or even know how to help my sisters. I just want to help some people and indeed myself.

    I know you are going to say have faith in Christ……………still kinda need advice anyway. Do you know a good woman who can?

    Please, this is a genuine cry for help. I know common sense should prevail in this case but right now, mind is completely blank. It is shameful to admit, please forgive……………

    Look, blessings to you in the in the meantime……………would prefer to ask a good woman about this, but do not know anyone… please point us in the right direction…..


    • L,

      I personally wouldn’t recommend the pill because I have heard of accounts about it bringing on menopause much earlier than usual and it also messing with the reproductive system many a time to the point of sterility. I would also agree that the Most High does indeed understand that we live in a system where it has been made very difficult to have children freely, the most obvious chains being the economic ones.

      To be honest the Most High isn’t going to penalise a man for “pulling out” before he ejaculates or a woman for using the pill in order to prevent a pregnancy from taking place, you have to do what is necessary for your own circumstances. The Most High is not the rigid, ready to strike you down for one mistake power that the institutional church likes to make him out to be, he wants people to figure things out for themselves as individuals. We are now under a new covenant which is based upon faith and belief, we are not beholden to the old works of the law.

      The other way is if you know what days you will be fertile then you could avoid having sex for those particular days and resume sexual intercourse thereafter, however obviously if you are not very detailed and accurate on the timing you could still end up pregnant. If we lived in a ideal world where there were no economic chains attached to having children then I could understand the Most High possibly looking at the use of the pill with a critical mind.

      The fact of the matter is we live in an extremely wicked world where many of us are having to do things that we don’t feel comfortable with in order to get by. In the case of using the pill it is not the ideal situation however if it is one that fits your lifestyle at the moment then so be it. The Most High is not concerned about you taking the pill, the Most High is more concerned with your heart. Keep your heart right with him and nothing else matters.

      Most High Bless


      • I am sure that there is hope. People have to know the the Most High is there to help and he does exist. People should know that even if they are millionaires for instance, that situation may end very quickly, we have to let people know that no matter what, abortion is not the answer and that The Most High will intervene and help the mother and father get by as a family. Yes there are slappers and whores out there who have no morals whatsoever, but in their RIGHT mind (as it has been mentioned several times that these women are demonically possessed), they will NOT make such evil decisions. We mess up ALL the time and this is based on the information that is placed before us by so-called experts, such as doctors, sociologist, social workers, family lawyers etc. These are the people, including the government, who bully people endlessly to not have children. They say things like, “well if you can’t afford to have a child, do not have them”. These people are told left right and centre that unless they are middle or upper class, having a child is not their right and if they were at one point in the upper or middle class of society, then their financial demise must surely be their fault. If you are constantly bombarded with that from childhood, what is then expected?

        You will not believe the various ways in which the devil will enter one’s life. You have people murdering their entirely family because they are in debt, they are going to be homeless, they have been made redundant, and the list goes on and on………….and these are white people……………..who were considered at some point that they were worthy candidates to be parents and now look and see.

        Some women have an abortion following an incestuous rape, or rape from a stranger.

        I am certainly not making excuses for anybody who has an abortion but I also think the pill is just as bad. It is killing sperm beforehand. It is like you said, rendering the womb uninhabitable, as a result, you also have ectopic pregnancies too (where the fertilized egg is embedded in the fallopian tube or worse, the baby starts to grow in the fallopian tube and eventually dies and permanently damages the tube and therefore mother cannot conceive. It is sperm that fertilises the egg before pregnancy can truly take place. Women are forced therefore to take the pill for the same reasons that women have abortions. They are both the same. Sperm is still life and the womb is the home for where that life grows.

        The Most High will certainly punish those who have made those decisions, but eternal hell is reserved for those who have personally been spoken to by the Most High and still flatly refuse to listen to him and those he has sent on earth to do so.

        Thank you Mr Verbs for the information that you put out there. However we should not give up on our brothers and sisters and rather than insulting them, we just keep banging on their burning houses so to speak and do so with the force that one uses in such a scenario.

        I would like to make one little suggestion, you see they way throughout all your blogs, kindly and painstakingly researched all of your material and explain everything that you say, I think that is kind of the approach with firmness, one should address these women. Just going in full force, and saying they are evil, they are unrepentant and they refuse to be saved or cannot be saved, go with the same approach as Christ. When that adulteress was about to be stoned he knew very well that in the days of old, The Most High had considered that punishable by death, he still was very aware that her act of adultery was morally wrong. With that in mind he put off the stoners with a couple of words (we all know what he said) and then he TOLD the woman GO AND SIN NO MORE. Christ went out of his way to TEACH the people around him by giving them scenarios and parables to show what he was trying to say. He was fully aware of the various influences that these people were constantly up against, and with the same patience one would have with their own child, he would break down his explanation until he was sure that the person understood what he meant. I know he lost his patience with his disciples a couple of times when they told him that they did not understand some of his parables, but he never insulted them.

        Evil is evil and it has to be dealt with by force, but when you are dealing with people, if you cannot deal with/get through them on ground level, then tag team the Most High and let him get in the ring.

        If they are, as you say, possessed by the devil, then clearly these women are not in their right mind or of sound mind.

        Keep up the good work Mr Verbs in the meantime. I hope you don’t think that I am against. This is just a slightly different outlook that’s all.

        Take care


      • Women have to start getting to know their bodies and cycles once again. This is regarding the advice about abstaining from intercourse during their fertile moments in order to avoid taking the pill. If someone has been taking the pill or the injection version of it for many years, it also may be a case that they would have to be brave enough to come of it and give their body time to readjust and naturally go back to its cycle. However for the uneducated, this requires faith in the Most High, as there are some people who never take the pill but have irregular periods and other gynaecological issues, that they too would not have a clue about the difference between fertile and unfertile moments. I am sure that one should naturally know these things, but since our grandmothers and great-grandmothers etc., there is no one there to teach our girls how to work these things out. The nurses of today are being taught in a flawed manner and so therefore everything is an estimate, therefore leaving room for inaccuracies. If I am for any form of education, one of this should be the re-teaching of knowing one’s body, anatomy and how to take care of all aspects of it.

        Men and women have sex at random times nowadays and I do not believe conversations between couples are about when his wife is fertile unless she is menstruating and she has to inform her other half that no sex can take place that week. I was brought up to believe that all the time prior to your next period, you can get pregnant.

        Oh by the way, did you know that churches are also encouraging IVF????????????? First they allow paedophilia and homosexuality, and now they are telling couples that it is OK to have IVF. My friend visited distressed (this is finally what has stopped her never to return to a church) and said that the congregation were doing a collection for couples to pay for IVF. She said that those who openly opposed this, were then told that it is OK to use a surrogate mother instead and that it is also OK to use a family member to have your child for you. Is this for real. I have not been to a church building for a while but I cannot see a reason why my friend would lie. In spite of giving her a copy of your book about institutional church beast infrastructure and negro wars, none of what you said in your books had given her the courage to walk away immediately, but she has seen with her own two eyes what you have been talking about all along. I know you have not mentioned IVF in your books, but I think you should in another one because, we have had the pill, there has been the introduction of abortion, they will make IVF free/NHS soon you will see black women who never had abortions but had put her career first in order to fulfill her “independent” status. She has now found herself without a man and old by today’s standards soon you will be seeing 45-plus-year old black women who should ideally be a grandmother by now if she had been a mother in the first place, having these test tube type babies.

        This is how twisted and evil this world has become that you would have two of the most prolific homosexuals on this earth (Dolce and Gabanna) even saying also that IVF produces synthetic children and that a family should consist of a human mother and father. From when you have homosexuals acknowledging that a line needs to be drawn……………then you know we are in the end times for real. Your journey to parenthood should not be via a syringe, or a turkey baster or a petri-dish. Verbs, perhaps that should be put on the list of what fornication is……….

        Having sexual intercourse with syringes, turkey basters, dildos, and other electrical or battery operated appliances. That should also include people who think that sex should include carrots and cucumbers……………FORNICATION PART II. LOL!

        Stay blessed to everyone.


      • L,

        Thanks for sending me this, sorry for the late response. Yep, this just goes to show how far black society has trundled down the toilet. The church used to be a true place of sanctuary way back in the day, now it simply has become a den of filth for all manner of decadence and debauchery. This is sad but at the same time not surprising.


  2. If women stop this BS, repent and ask for forgiveness will The Most High will he forgive them in spite of what has been stated in the video? There are a lot of women who have had multiple abortions and they regret their actions…………they have given up on life a little bit because they think the Most High will never forgive them…………..


    • Mary,

      The problem is that the women who regret having abortions are in the minority. Most black women loving murdering unborn children, a sad fact however nonetheless an honest one. Most black women are now completely contaminated with that devil spirit which is called feminism, they cannot be saved and they have no interest in being saved and changing their ways for the better.


      • Thanks you for your prompt reply. Blessings to you.

        I can understand what you say about the minority of women who regret their actions. There are many, many out there who were brainwashed and somehow convinced that it was OK at the time. This was so much so, very much like a mass of people being hypnotised into thinking it is not murder if you go to a clinic and have a doctor remove the baby. I know a lot of people who were in their late teens (18/19 year olds) and got themselves pregnant with a childhood sweetheart. Rather than their families banding together and managing the situation properly, they would convince the girl to have an abortion and subsequently convince the boy that his own life is over because he is bringing a new life into the world. Young people (20-25 year olds) are being told they are “wreckless” for getting pregnant and wanting to start a family if they so happen to live on a council estate etc. They would hound down the couple until they feel ashamed then eventually the potential mother aborts her and her boyfriend’s child. If a woman goes for a scan and finds that her child has abnormalities, the doctors and nurses convince her to have an abortion. If a woman has her children taken into care or has the child put up for forced adoption (another story altogether, as this is happening on a major scale in England for extremely questionable reasons such as the child being at risk of emotional abuse because there is a record of the mother being depressed as a teenager or that the mother used to be in care herself etc. etc. etc.), if she happens to get pregnant, that child is automatically taken away from her. To avoid this, she has an abortion. Women have had abortions because they have somehow convinced themselves that they cannot afford to have another baby, even when they are in committed, long-term relationships, but finds that husband has lost his job or cannot get a job and is on benefits etc…………………….

        I am sure The Most High will have compassion on those who felt pressured at the time to go for this abominable action………………there are many couples still going strong, rich or poor (anything can happen) and have gone on to have wonderful family lives. What is still niggling in their mind is the fact that in the past, for one reason or another, they had one or more abortions.

        They are the ones who are scared and think it’s too little too late to have changed their lives for the better. They 100% believe that The Most High will never forgive time. They also feel like hypocrites when they tell other brothers and sisters not to take that route, as they themselves took that route several times themselves in the past. They are truly sorry for the actions and they will not do such a thing again and are trying to encourage others than indeed it is murder.

        What do you advise to those who are sorry and have woken up to the truth. One woman wants to commit suicide because of what she did in the past. She thinks she is going to hell anyway. We are all banding around her, telling her not to do this, and that The Most will definitely judge but he will forgive.

        Are we right to tell her that or will the Most not forgive her “murderous past”, as she puts it.

        Peace and Blessings, it’s good to have you back. Hope you have been well.


  3. Should we help esau then to eradicate the black woman verbs?? Would Christ condemn them all and keep writing post bashing them about how there’s no hope, as if there are not any Hebrew sisters waking up to the truth and trying to do better? Basically what your saying is that the black woman ,the vast majority of them, is the black man’s enemy right? And if we can’t possibly form healthy, functional companionship with them then what is the alternative? White women?? Or women of the northern house (10 tribes) what?? What’s the solution?


    • Hi there, I know you are looking for an answer from Mr Verbs, but I hope you don’t mind if I contribute an answer too?

      I believe that the solution is to leave these women in the hands of the Most High (through prayer). Only HE truly knows the hearts of these women, their mindsets, and their situations EVEN if they. If they are indeed demon possessed, one must have compassion for them and for the men (boyfriends and husbands) who are involved in this “genocide”. The reason why I am saying this is that I have now come to realise that everybody on this planet has their own unique circumstance and mind set. There are indeed people who blatantly have no qualms to commit evil acts and have no remorse ever. However, we have ALL been brainwashed since birth, via a “gradualisation” regime in our societies, that by the time one gets to their late teens, especially if you are black and came from a “working class” background or your parents had at some point been on benefits/welfare, the thought of even owning your own home, much less, having a family of your own is almost an impossibility, especially also, if you were unable to go on to college and university after leaving school. If you announce that you and your other half are having a child under any of those circumstances, then woe betide ones backside……………

      I will give an example……………

      A girl, boy, or a couple (boyfriend/girlfriend) leave school, go on to college and then miraculously go on to university and complete their studies successfully. This scenario takes place in the 1990’s by the way. Throughout their childhood via school and serious lecturing from their parents/family about the “importance” of education and getting a well-paid job, the fact that these young adults have gotten this far is a “major” achievement. As black people what happens for the majority of cases? They end up in cleaning roles (there is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with starting from the bottom) or similar customer service roles with extremely low pay following graduation. As a result, they are forced to remain at home with parents who have now let their prideful smiles slip and are resentful that they cannot tell their family overseas that their child is a doctor, accountant, lawyer, or engineer. They equate your low paid, demeaning job to lack of ambition or laziness. Arguments arise over money and bills and how much should be contributed, and eventually boy or girl leaves either looking for somewhere to live or has managed to find somewhere. Worse, however, is that the majority of the people leaving such households are essentially homeless.

      The point I am trying to make is that a cycle of so-called failure ensues these people so to speak. Your next job is determined by the job you had before and it is highly unlikely that you will get an administrative job in an office when your last job was a janitorial role for example……………….as a result, these people end up getting cheap accommodation in horrible places to live such as ghettos, council estates with high crime etc………….and no matter how much you try, you find yourself in the same situation for years. In between that time, you meet a lovely person, get in on one day and in spite of all that is going on, you both decide to start a family whilst you still can. Watch and see the reaction of those who live around you. Hmmmm, they’re poor, they don’t deserve to have a family, it is assumed that the couple are living off the state, if the mother stays at home to look after her child, she is considered a whore, as she is allowing her husband to go out an provide for his family even if he is earning a pittance, or that the husband is a sell-out if he provides for his family, the couple are bullied relentlessly in some form or another until they crack, and the husband/boyfriend is made to feel like scum for even of thinking of having a child on low income, and he eventually persuades his girlfriend/wife to have an abortion if she hasn’t thought of that herself. We are living in a world where for decades, The Most High’s existence and the knowledge of his love and power has been deleted from our minds slowly but surely and there are a few of us who have the privilege to realise his presence, patience and love, with some people having committed the crimes mentioned in that video in the past also. That being the case, those who have been led to believe that The Most High is totally useless, are the ones who feel that there is no other choice but to give up and always feel that they do not deserve to have children or a good life.

      There are almost endless scenarios that can be listed for why people would stupidly make the decision to have an abortion and that decision IS WRONG however, each circumstance, no matter how evil, has a story to start with.

      People are definitely wreckless and are also WRONG AND STRONG but they have not got a clue because that is the life that they know and even when they see better alternatives to live their lives, they are so far gone that it is only The Most High who can and will save them……………….The Most High knows how to deal with each of his children, he also knows their level of understanding and he will also speak in the language they understand………………………..please give him a chance to do his work…………and thank him for what he is doing and look forward to the end result.

      Yes wrong doings have to be exposed (don’t stop Mr Verbs) and the people involved have to be held accountable for their actions.
      but like our twelve patriarchs, lets try and keep urging our brothers and sisters not to do evil things. I mention our twelve patriarchs because if you read what they got up to before they died SMH……………………these men managed to gather their children together and tell them the sordid details of their own pasts and urged their children not to take the same path……….we should be like those guys in a way.

      Whilst cleaning up crap, you have to experience the smell that goes with it until the crap is cleared…………

      Blessings, peace and happiness to you all.


    • Hateyourownkind,

      It is not my job to provide you with solutions, it is only my position to present the truth and recommendations, it is down to the individual to make decisions for his/herself based upon the data and their own personal circumstances if they choose to.

      Presenting the truth about black women is not bashing them, this mantra that black women have invented in order to counter any form of criticism in relation to their dysfunctional behaviour is completely and utterly ridiculous.


      • Shame, I’m quite long-winded when I talk and you know how to say a lot with a few words.

        It is definitely down to the individual to make their own decisions based on their circumstances. There are many women who do not know about this blog. It is ultimately their choice, but a lot of the time it is as a result of some serious bombardment from the man they hooked up with, a social worker or a family member or the simple belief that THEY are not good enough to raise a child.

        I will say again however, abortion is definitely wrong. I will only say that asking for the Most High to have mercy on our brothers and sisters who does not mean that we are condoning abortion.

        I still think prayer will help brother verbs. I am not speaking under the influence of the ICBI, I am simply repeating the line “let your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”. And if that includes mercy then why not. We know that The MOST High is honest and just. He will deal with the things we know nothing about. We have no idea what these women are dealing with other than the crap she is presenting, but what do we know is truly going on in her life.

        Take care once again Verbs. When are you bring out another book. Could not put the first two down and we are looking forward to many more volumes.


  4. I see a lot of opinion here and advise from Verb but nothing to back up what is being said scripturally actually this individual is speaking the opposite and is not being driven by the scriptures …the advise given would be fine for the world but not for Israel …nor its people.

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    • Von,

      Followers of the Most High are supposed to deal with all the issues affecting their people, it is not just about dwelling in the scriptures. Besides, I have other posts on here where I talk about the black woman’s demise according to the scriptures.


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