Black Lives Do Not Matter To Black Women!


Take a look at this video and tell me if black lives really matter to black women:


11 thoughts on “Black Lives Do Not Matter To Black Women!

  1. This is just SICKENING!!! One does not simply make these things up! Black Lives Matter?….yea only when a white person takes it! Why black men seek to go out of their way and make videos in the defence of these so called Queens just baffles me more and more every single day. R.I.P to all the innocent little souls that continue to perish at the hands of these scoundrels every year.


    • Jabari,

      As I wrote in Negro Wars the black woman had become the most barbaric, bloodthirsty savage on the planet. She is not only severely mentally ill but she is also devil possessed. There is absolutely no defending this woman, she is indefensible which is why I have to scratch my head when the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green, pyramid heads jump up in their attempts to defend her.

      One of the main reasons why black women get upset at me for bringing this things to attention is the fact that they want black male victims to still be available for them, they hate it when black men are being warned about the black woman’s true nature.

      We must always remember that the modern day westernised black woman is the property of the state, black men cannot own nor claim this woman. She works on behalf of the government to tear down what remains of black society as per the instructions of her white liberal father. This is why “keeping it real” by only dating and marrying this beast is not a viable nor a feasible option by a long shot.

      It light of the evil circumstances black men face when dealing with this westernised black woman how on earth can I push that type of edict? I cannot and I will not, this is why I don’t hold it against them and fully understand when black men decide to exercise alternative dating and marriage options, what other choices do they have?


  2. Shalom;
    I’m extremely disturbed about this “Black Lives Matter” movement and how so many Black people, especially Black women supporting this foul smelling cesspool/sewage BS! This stinking crap is really another feminist movement to fool Black women to support and join en-massed. This foul smelling cesspool is actually fully funded and supported by the White supremacist ruling elite. I supposed this cesspool were started up by 3 Black lesbian bitches! Sorry for the French, but I’m livid as hell at all this madness. Don’t get me started about the abortions done by far too many Black women. I must admit, I’ve once made that mistake and still greatly regret it till this day. I just feel like screaming to the top of my lungs after I’ve viewed this video! After seeing all this foolery of far too many Black people, especially of far too many Black women; I’m quite fed up with my Black people here in America and many Westernized countries. I just want to leave this country and move as far away from all of this as possible. I’d visited your blog site a lot at times, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to read because you’re right about much of the stuff you’ve said. But, I feel great pain and agony from more of the content written here. This is not good at all. I know I’m married and not in the dating market, but I’m having difficulties hearing about how far too many Black men embittered and even hateful towards Black women to the point that our entire race is pretty much destroyed and marked for death/extinction. Far too many Black men may think they’re o.k., but sadly, that’s not the case. I see both genders are marked for annihilation/extinction because both are at constant warfare with each other. This is totally against nature and The Most High. How could either gender survive if one gender is far too gone. Nature shows that if one of the gender counterparts of a species is ruined beyond repair then there goes the opposite gender to be reduced to ruined as well. One cannot stand without the other. As far as I’m concerned, if the modern Black women are the properties/products of the state; so is the Black men as well. Remember, Black men cannot be their own if they were also brought up in the same system. I feel if this battle of the genders continues the way it is, both would just die out, period!!! I’m greatly saddened by all this and thinking of completely removing myself and my family from among all this mayhem for good. I don’t want to be around any of this crap, period!


    • Candice Sparks,

      You are right, both contaminated black men and black women are both doomed for utter destruction. The black lives matter movement is being sponsored by a rich white billionaire by the name of George Soros, it is a crock of nonsense and is not grassroots. Of course in order to keep in line with having the black community run in a disjoined manner by black women, 3 lesbian frontwomen where rolled out as the mascots of the movement. Its bad enough that this movement is elite funded and that they didn’t put black men up as the leaders but to place homosexuals as the leaders of this group is a further smack in the face of black society.

      To be honest the same thing is happening elsewhere around the world in other western nations, however the US seems to be heading the charge of this evolution into the gutter. This is exactly what happens when you put women in charge of a community, it will quickly trundle downhill because women are not built for leadership. This is what the majority of black women wanted, they have no cares for black men and certainly no cares for the communities around themselves which they have almost destroyed.

      This is why I entitled my book Negro Wars, there is going to have to be a civil war between black folks in order for anything to be resolved. At the moment the war is mostly taking place in cyber space, however at some point a physical civil war will ensue. A sad state of affairs for black society but none the less a necessary one in order to rectify what black women have messed up and to remove them from their unnatural position as leaders. There will be heavy casualties and many victims on both sides.


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      As a man who has confessed his deep love for black woman I know this can be hard for you to accept. Black women have brought these curses upon themselves and the black nation, this current set of curses have nothing to do with the Most High, the overwhelming majority of them have come from self infliction.


    • Blessings to you Mr nidotopianwarrior,

      I thought Christ eradicated these curses. Is it just not simply that the Devil is still working night and day to keep us in this wicked state of sin via certain people/government officials/local authorities on this earth?

      I thought a curse was a declaration of something bad happening to you for a certain period of time as a form or punishment or with those who practice some sort of juju/voodoo, a curse being as a from of revenge?

      The evil influence is definitely in effect though!


  3. Dear Author,

    I’m not into responding to things like this but your website struck a nerve (I’m sure it’s meant to).
    You CLEARLY have been hurt by a Black women who didn’t have her mind/life/being together. Maybe a mother followed up by a few poorly chosen girlfriends? Either way persecuting ALL of us as “demonic”,”hateful”, “baby killers”….really?! You spotlight trifflin ignorant, whore women without recognizing the others of strength and integrity?! Really?! Without examining or bringing into light what we’ve deal with (historically and currently, yourself included), what we’ve suffered (historically and currently, yourself included), what we’ve survived all while birthing and trying to raise a new generation of strong people, damn near alone. Dude, really?! Do us a favor and get your mind right to help or kill yourself. Either way. No response needed. I’m pretty confident it won’t be productive towards building…. I would end with “peace” but na….shut your mouth or kill yourself. We don’t need people like you….you and those thinking like you are a cancer in our community…please, kill yourselves or shut the hell up while we try to build our nation.


    • B,

      Again, as I have stated before there is not a black man on this planet who hasn’t been hurt and felt the wrath of the westernised black woman, this is all the majority of westernised black women live for, to bring hurt, misery, pain, death, destruction and evil into the lives of other people, though it is mainly black men who are the targets of the black woman’s wickedness. Again, there is nowhere in any of my post dealing with black women where I have stated that all black women are like this, however I would reckon that in 2016 it is very close to all.

      Slavery has nothing to do with the black woman’s treachery against black men aswell as her bloodthirsty lust towards spilling the blood of unborn children, this is all the result of black women joining the white feminist movement and accepting fatherless home welfare policies. Feminism hates children which is why black women kill so many of them.

      Black women destroy they do not build which is why the black nation will never restore itself as long as it continues to include black women in the restoration process. I refuse to join together with traitors, charlatans and murders. Them and their scum bag simp brigades can kick rocks. The black nation will never be rebuilt again because everybody is afraid to call out the very destroyer of it, this is why blacks with intelligence must separate themselves from the rest of the contaminated trash and instead join forces with other like minded individuals.

      Don’t need people like me? You aren’t going anywhere, the building talk is merely a pipe dream, most blacks are simply full of talk. Its funny how the drug dealers, the dysfunctional black women and the rest of the trash in black society are not the cancer but the person who shuns this type of behaviour is. All the best on your endeavour to rebuild black society with decadent trash en tow, I won’t be holding my breath in order to wait for the results.


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