I Told You Black Women Do Not Care About You Black Men – Here Is The Proof!


I tried to inform black men of the fact that the so called “comradeship” that black women claim to have with them is simply an illusion that black women deliberately put on display in order to keep black men in a position where they can be easily manipulated and merchandised by them, however I know that this did not go over well with some black men especially the pro black squads. Well, here I provide you with concrete proof that black women have no interest in you black men and that they are simply looking for a white man to come and scoop them up off their feet. As I have been stating for a long time you black men are the the last choice on the docket when it comes down to whom black women would prefer and gravitate towards for a companion.

Here is a white Youtuber by the name of Jacob Mason, he made a video on why he loves black women. I want folks to look at the comment section of the video and see who his most avid supporters are. You will also notice that in as little as 4 months he has garnered over 112000 views. Remember, look at who are the primary people commenting on the video:

Now I want you to check out these videos that were created by black men uplifting black women in the same manner and take note of the video views:

Notice the difference in video views, I told you on this blog aswell as in my book Negro Wars that black women don’t give two monkeys about black men, the apple of their eye is their white liberal slave master. It should also be noted that Jacob Mason(the white man in the first video) is current dating a mixed heritage woman. He loves black women alright however from a distance, he is not quite ready to take the plunge and go fully black yet. Black men who continue to throw on a cape and jump to the defence of westernised black women are simply wasting their time, black women are showing you in no uncertain terms that they have no desire for you attention nor your protection.

The westernise black woman is not your property black men, she belongs to the state. Black women are state owned, state funded and state run, this has been the case for the last 50 years and black women have no desires to change this situation in a hurry. As I stated in the book Negro Wars, the black woman has a contractual obligation with the state to continue destroying the black community and to ensure that it can never rebuilt itself. She has managed to destroy 3/4 of black society so far and she is rolling full steam ahead in order to take down the remaining 25%.

You pro blacks squaddies who continue to throw on a cape and defend these shoe shining, buck dancing black female savages despite the evidence being place in front of your face which is clearly showing you that their loyalties are rooted elsewhere are looking more and more foolish as each day passes by. I really do not know what more I can say to you men. I would also suggest that you black men who are still in denial as to the extend of the desire black women have to want to be with white men ought to peruse through Jacob Mason’s Facebook page which is on fire with multitudes of black women(your so called “queens”) fawning and swooning over this character:


Those who have not yet picked up a copy of the book Negro Wars who wish to understand the dysfunctional mentality of the modern day westernised black woman I would strongly suggest that you so do because I extensively talk about the black woman’s lust for the white male throughout the book. Click on the link below to purchase a copy of the book:



The same goes for other non black men who make videos expressing their love for black women, they also receive far more views than black men who do the same. Again, do not take my word for it, search on Youtube and see for yourselves. Most of you black men don’t want to face up to the fact that the black woman whom you claim is yours has no interest in you and desires the love and the attention of another.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

37 thoughts on “I Told You Black Women Do Not Care About You Black Men – Here Is The Proof!

  1. Where have you been Verbs? on a book tour this time I presume lol…. I was sick reading this post, in all honesty. This guy is a really cunning snake, I perused his facebook page for a while and I can honestly say I was not impressed. Any right thinking black woman would be wise not to be caught up by his sweet words and seemingly genuine adulations…. For even the devil transforms himself into an angel of light… And for black women who are bewitched by this blue-eyed abomination, get your head out of the clouds, this is nothing short of a glorified fetish of his, he can never and will never truly love you or appreciate you…… Peace and Shalom


    • Nidotopian Warrior,

      Just been going about trying to promote both books, mostly the Negro Wars book because I feel that this is the book of necessity at the moment. I was also on holiday from October to mid December just trying to relax and chill. I can’t believe the weather I have come back to in the UK, rain, strong winds and grey skies. Once thing I can at least say is that it isn’t that cold here, the temperature is still in double figures thankfully.

      On to Jacob Mason, regardless of his motives the reaction from black women is very revealing to say the least. I have been trying to tell black men for the longest while that the European man is the apple of the westernised black woman’s eye and has been for the last 50 years, as I wrote in Negro Wars in 2015 black men are the consolation prize for black women, they will only settle for us because they are at the bottom of the dating totem pole and no other race of men will date and marry them en mass like black men will.

      Many black men find this evidence hard to accept, I have accepted the fact that westernised black women do not like me as a black man and I have simply moved on. I cannot change the way that black women feel about me, I realised this seven years ago this month and decided to set sail for greener pastures, I’ve never look back. Through the Facebook page I have set up in relation to Negro Wars I am a member of several groups most of which are comprised of black men who also recognise what time it is in relation to the modern day westernised black woman: https://www.facebook.com/BabsUman

      It is a grand shame when a race of men are forced to look outside of their immediate circle for a companion. This is a serious problem and it is most prevalent in western countries and westernised English speaking countries where considerable numbers of black folks reside including certain Caribbean Islands. Black men fro the US to the UK are abandoning ship and going to places like Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico etc to find themselves either an Afro Latina or a non black woman, the situation is that bad.

      Black women believe that swirling is the answer to their problems when in fact allowing the black man to exercise his masculinity, creativity and leadership is the answer to saving the black nation. Black women because of the deal that they struck with the state to keep the black family unit broken will not allow this to happen, in order to be able to still claim their treats and benefits from the state, they must continue to keep the black male suppressed, something else that I mentioned in Negro Wars.

      I also came across an far Eastern guy who had made videos in admiration of black women aswell, his views are also much higher than black men who have done the same. It is a hard pill to swallow however it is the truth, the so called “black queen” no longer desires a “black king”. As I wrote in Negro Wars black women and white men are two sides of the same coin. Anyhow, what has been happening with you, are you still working in that house of horrors, lol?


      • thankfully my training program is complete so I have a little free time for myself at home. Of course on the flip-side my mother has been tiring me out with these ghastly Christmas decorations and preparations. And of course I cannot say anything about it cause I know how she gets and since I am practically broke, partially thanks to Sandals I cannot risk getting thrown out on my ass at this point. But I am looking for other jobs I have been in talks with this lady she’s the manager of this the Antigua Branch of a large Jewelry corporation. She’s setting up another branch not too far from where I live so I could only hope she selects me


    • This nigloid is not on a book tour. Only people like Stephenie Meyer who wrote Twilight go on book tours, not simple nigloid black males like this clown here who “wrote ” Negro Wars. I swear, these old azz black males like the author of Big Wars are so hateful and unable to get women. Everyone can see this. If you are with white women, why write a hate book about blk women? I really hate the blk woman that gave birth to this hateful blk male. I’m tired of it!

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      • Is it that hard to get woman these days? I mean pretty much any man can easily find a decent looking woman and pay for it. So I am going to have to say I have never gotten this argument.


  2. It’s also true the other way around bub, cause when non-black women make videos about why they love black men, those videos get considerably higher views as opposed to those made by black women….

    don’t believe me?, the proof is in the pudding.

    Brothas like you are so predictable it’s almost sickening.. Always pointing the finger at and vilifying the black woman to justify your stupidity and your whore mongering ways…..

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    • Heregolyo Ribizli,

      And how many videos do you see of non black women making about how much they love black men? Considerably much less than those made by black women about how they love non black men. The difference between the two is black women idolise their love for non black men especially when it comes down to their new lord, saviour, master and father the white man. Search the term “interracial tag” on Youtube and tell me what combination of couples you see the most, most definitely black women/white men. Black women are insecure about themselves thus they have to brag and boast about dating non black men because they seek that public validation.

      This post isn’t about justifying anything, it is simply showing black men that westernised black women don’t give two monkeys about them and the evidence I have brought forward more than proves the point. You would be hard pressed to find black men making videos about why they love white women or other non black women because we don’t place these women on a pedestal, to us dating and marrying a non black woman is just another walk in the park, we don’t idolise non black women, we simply date interracial and done. You will find videos where the question of why we date non black women is asked and we answer, however that is as far as the situation goes.

      Nobody needs to vilify black women, they do it to themselves by constantly putting their insecurities on public display and acting the fool when a black men decides to date out. The black woman as it stands is the biggest whore on the planet, this is why black women carry the most STDs. Just check out this black woman a mother of two who decided to randomly whip out the penis of a total stranger in a club and start blowing him off:


      The value of black women has sunk so low and they have relegated themselves to the bottom of the dating and marriage food chain. Black women have now gone past 0 in terms of value and are now running in the negative. Nobody forced this woman to do this, she did it of her own free will and didn’t even stop when she saw the camera being pointed in her face. This is all westernised black women live for in 2016, penis and attention.


      • how many videos do I see you ask? about as many as are made by black men……. You are a real piece of work, you know that? You’re as slick as a salamander and as sly as a fox and even more subtle and cunning than a snake. I must say I somewhat am jealous of your subtlety, it’s not very often a person comes across someone of your intellectual caliber.. When you find yourself backed into a corner you always find someway to flip the script to make it fit your own delusional and twisted paradigm and when that doesn’t work, you bare your fangs and open your hood like a cobra and go on the attack and then somehow by some miracle or magic spell, the crowd is swayed into your favour. It is truly an awe inspiring feat to behold. Never the less, I will leave you with this. You clearly have some deep unsolved personal problem that you’ve somehow learned to cope with through cleverly veiled histrionics. You need help. Furthermore, since you have such a problem with black women maybe you ought to commit suicide, since you cannot alter the fact that a black womb gave birth to you, ofcourse having deciphered a mind like yours, you probably would if it was within your power to do so. And lastly, goodnight and have a miserable life….

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      • Heregolyo Ribizli,

        I have no idea what you rant is all about. I am not baiting and switching anything here, I am openly declaring that the westernised black woman for the majority part is a contaminated, dysfunctional, violent wretch and reprobate who is unfit for dating, companionship and marriage. I have stated this on this blog and in my book, my position pertaining to black women has been consistent. Flip what script, I am simply presenting the evidence to support my case, when you deal with the truth there is no need to back out or flip the script on anything.

        I believe that the real issue here is the fact that you cannot refute the evidence that is being brought to the table. As I have stated before the modern day black female has brought herself to such a bottom barrel position that she is now indefensible. That is not my fault nor my doing, the black woman did this to herself. You continue to guess and reach as to the motives behind my exposure of the black woman, how about the obvious, that the black women has become an utter disgrace, an embarrassment and a pestilence upon black society?

        Being a mother does not automatically exalt a black woman to sainthood status, in fact most of the black women behaving as the dysfunctional, violent whores that they are, are mothers. Most black men and black children in generally grew up and still grow up in households with horrible mothers, thus coming from a black womb as you put it means absolutely nothing if the black mother bearing that womb is a no good, piece of trash parent to begin with.


  3. Verbs, you have posted videos, Heregolyo Ribizli has posted the same. Now the issue is black women make less videos? Really? What are you looking for, equality in the video posting? The fact that you even went to look for youtube vid counts as your so called evidence in the first place is a bit sad.
    What is the REAL issue that is bothering you about black women Verbs? You have chosen not to date a black woman. This is your choice and the assumption is that you are happy with it. You’ve written a book detailing all the ills of the black woman. Again, your choice and from past posts here, I assume that you pointed out many truths. Why then are you not at peace? Why Verbs?
    You cannot separate black men from black women no matter how hard you try. Not because we black women are perfect but because it is a natural union created by God. If I wanted to, I could easily google and find forums full of black men who idolize white/asian non- black women. Idolize.You look for something in life, you find it. Would it then be beneficial to run to all the black women I know and go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about these men? And then point it out as proof that black women should date/marry non black men? I am sure that there are black women who do exactly this and you are behaving no different than them Verbs. There will always be bad people in our race. Just as there are really good black men and women . 🙂

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    • Nisa,

      I have no idea what you are talking about, my post is simply demonstrating to black men how black women as a whole don’t care about them despite the pretence of comradeship black women regularly place on display. Sorry, you 100 hand shuffle magic show won’t work here, you cannot rule out any source for evidence if it proves the point. Besides the sources relied upon will much depend on what you are attempting to demonstrate. I realise that black women and their simp/mangina/white knight advocates do not like social media sites such as Youtube, Live Leak, Worldstar Hiphop, Fly Height etc because they are quick and easy reference points that can provide the scrutiniser with evidence within minutes.

      As the saying goes “the camera never lies”, black women cannot change this fact so instead they go about attempting to rubbish the sources that provide visual evidence of their blatant gross misconduct. Its nothing to do with not being at peace, it is all about repeating the message for others to hear and until there is change for the better. Black women have been separate from black men for the last 50 years and the gap is becoming wider day by day. Black women severed their ties to black men when they decided to joined the white feminist movement and accept fatherless home welfare policies in the mid 1960s. The westernised black woman in 2016 is state property, she has nothing to do with the black man except sharing the same skin colour.

      I provided you with a Facebook page of a white male who has black women fawning, swooning and falling over for him, you won’t find this type of behaviour en mass amongst any other race of people, we can throw in black men aswell. We simply admire beauty, you would be hard pressed to find the same type of worship exhibited by black women for white men amongst black men, in fact you won’t find it because it is only black women who are insecure about themselves, black men aren’t.

      There are very few good black men and black women left, this is the problem. For those good black men and black women who do remain it is their responsibility to stand up and call out the foul antics of their brethren, not to remain silent and let things pass. We have been remaining silent for the past 50 years and things have gotten worse within black society not better. The silent treatment has been a complete and utter failure, it is now time to take the route of reprimand.


      • Black women are demonic and white women are demonic, just more refined and civilised. As a black man i feel it’s no hope to find true love.


      • Brandon,

        White women are not as contaminated as black women because they haven’t taken feminism to the next 10 level like black women have, however I do understand where you are coming from concerning western white women. You need to either deal with foreign black women who do not subscribe to the edicts and the philosophies of feminism, who respect and still recognise the man as the head of the household or you can always opt for foreign non black women under the same terms and conditions. There is still hope in finding true love sir, however you are going to think and move outside of your comfort zone in order to find it.


      • You date and marry whoever you want, but if you think that white women aren’t as “contaminated” as black women via feminism, then I invite you, and others, to check out a youtuber by the name of Common Filth. He’s a Christian paleo-conservative white nationalist (of sorts), but not anti-black or anti- any other race. He just believes that each race should have their own land and adhere to their own customs. The only reason why I give him the time of day is because he’s one of the very few white people that’s honest about the true state of “his people” (whites) being “demonically possessed” (his own words from some of his radio shows). Pay special attention to his “Tumblristas” and “Vine Marathon” series. Heck, he’s even said that they only time you can get a white female (and white children) to respect a white male is if the male were gay/trans!

        The putrid “Tumblr” spirit has been among white females (and to a somewhat lesser extent, white males) for a VERY long time. It’s been really prominent all of last year and it’s nowhere near done with them yet.


      • Dunamis,

        Are you aware of how many different shades and ethnicities of women there are between the darkest black woman and the lightest white woman? Literally thousands. The assumption that black men who do not wish to deal with westernised black women automatically gravitate towards white women remains just that, an assumption. However touching on the topic even in their degenerate state westernised white women are still not as toxic as their black counterparts. In 2016 sad as it is to say it is safer for a black man to date a westernised white woman than to deal with westernised black woman.

        Black women practice a deeper form of feminism that not even white women have tapped into, this is why the single mother rate amongst black women is so much higher. Unlike white women black women have an agenda afoot to destroy black men and anything they embark on to build and create.


      • Verbs are you a dark skinned negro male? Do you have a bald head? I ask because I notice the darkest of you nigloid males are the most hateful & always running scams in black women and kids.

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  4. “I have no idea what you are talking about, my post is simply demonstrating to black men how black women as a whole don’t care about them despite the pretense of comradeship black women regularly place on display.”

    Simply huh? This may come as a surprise to you Verbs but I really don’t think these black men need your ever vigilant and constant, constant, constant, CONSTANT demonstrations of the evil black women-as a whole. Not the good black men anyway.

    “…..it is all about repeating the message for others to hear and until there is change for the better. ”

    No it is not. You are Hebrew. Where do you get the notion that things will get better? What is better and for whom? Do you think that rachet black women will change for the better? Because YOU or ANYONE else who does not like black women seeks to create division between them and black men?

    Youtube or all those social media examples are not the issue Verbs. I would have said the same thing had you yourself filmed your neighbors in the street capturing a black woman behaving badly and using it as proof to show your brothers the evil that is black women and how black men are consolation prizes etc.

    Perhaps the reason why you don’t see a fb page showing black men swooning over white women is simply because we women tend to be more emotional like that. However, you google them up and you will find black men behaving in this ‘swoonish’ manner too…

    I’m sorry but this comment presumably by a black man had me LMAO!! 🙂
    “My only concern is that the offspring wont be White. How can White women continue to exist if they breed with people of other colors? Won’t they be bred out of existence?”

    Very funny this!!! And *ahem* very valid concern too. 🙂

    Then there are the interracial forums all over the place. These ones are discussing whether they prefer the euro ones or the US ones…
    I’m sure if someone took the time to go thru this forum, they would find black men swoon behaviour at some point…

    Mind you (and I may be wrong in this assumption) but you are British and my understanding is that most black men in Britain date/marry white women so who exactly is your target audience Verbs? There seems to be an issue that you have against black women as a whole Verbs.

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    • Nisa,

      Since you are not a black man you are in no position to dictate what black men do and don’t require, that is my job as a black man. By remaining silent on negative issues affecting the black community you effectively are co signing the dysfunction. If you wish to sit back and watch the clouds pass by then so be it, however I will not be doing the same.

      Again, my message isn’t for black women, I accept the line that black women have drawn in the sand, I have accept the position that they have chosen, my message is for black men who are still lost or confused concerning black women and their open hostility towards us. Black women already created a division between black men and themselves 50 years ago when they sided with white feminists and accepted fatherless home welfare policies from the state, thus black women have become the property of the government.

      The many examples that can be found of black women acting the fool indicate a clear trend, it has always been know that black women cannot behave themselves especially when in public, however through social media we can now see the evidence first hand for ourselves. Fighting isn’t only one example that reveals the crude character of the black woman, there are plenty of other departments that can be touched upon in order to further prove the point. This is exactly what I did in the book Negro Wars.

      No, black women swoon over white men because they wish to revert back to the days of slavery and be the white man’s concubine. I actually support interracial dating because then at least black women could be happy with whom they genuinely desire. I have noted the links that you have posted, however here is the big difference between black men and black women when it comes down to dating non blacks, unlike black men black women for the majority part are attempting to use the interracial dating route as a mechanism to escape the consequences of the foul decisions that they have made for the past half a century.

      This is the problem right here, the westernised black woman for the past 50 years has bred into existence and raised up the softest, weakest, most disjointed and dysfunctional black male on the planet who for the most part is unfit for dating and marriage. However instead of acknowledging her sins and making things right, the black woman has decided that she now wishes to swirl. No, unlike black men black women are given the opportunity to swirl, they cannot take it like we can. So no, having destroyed the black community there is no way black women can simply roll off into the sunset with a white man, there are debts to be paid and judgements to be meted out.

      Since the problem with black women and their dysfunction is international I am aiming to reach black males internationally also. My problem is with the westernised black woman, black women who do not subscribe to western culture typically behave in a completely different manner to their western counterparts.


      • Tell us exactly how dark skinned you Ade Verbs. Tell us. We know you dark as hell. No denying that. You’re not light skinned, you are midnight. Be honest and confess. Mainly dark nigloids talk like u do. The darkest I. The race, but you still really dark, aren”t ya?

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  5. In no position? Your job? Verbs don’t be melodramatic. It may be your blog but this is not your mother’s kitchen. You are not discussing traditional rites of passage of men where my or any female’s input would be inappropriate. In addition, how can you say you message isn’t for black women when your blog is littered with posts about their evils naturally implying behavioral changes black women should adapt? How else are you going to get your change for the better? You message is for black women too. Very much so.

    Off course you support interracial dating. Considering your stance on black women as a whole, why wouldn’t you?
    I disagree on the reasons you give for it though. I think majority of black women who date white men do so for similar reasons black men do like a ‘perceived better status in society’, ‘love’, ‘desire for biracial children’, ‘a dislike for oneself or colour’ a ‘contempt for one’s own people’ , ‘money’ (mostly for the women) etc.

    Your lack of silence is not an issue Verbs. I do not think it is wrong for you to enlighten or educate on the ills of black women either. However, it is my belief that you have lost objectivity on this issue.

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    • Nisa,

      The problem is that most black women and their proponents would rather make up excuses for the foul behaviours black women commit instead of holding them to task, this behaviour I have absolutely no time for. The transgressions of black women are self evident and indefensible. My earlier posts pertaining to black women encouraged them to change for the better, however since it is now understood that the majority of black women do not want to change I no longer appeal to them to take a better path. This change can clearly be seen in my posts, my message now to black men is to seek companionship and love elsewhere. Black women are free to do whatever they will with the message, however in light of their stance they are no longer of concern to me.

      Black men do not hate themselves, black men are not being sponsored by the state to destroy their own people, black men do not desire mixed heritage children, black men are not looking for a better social standing in society via interracial dating, these are all the black woman’s hang ups. For you to even be making such ridiculous suggestions I have to wonder what your ethnic background is. Black men are quite simple when it comes down to finding a woman, we don’t require very much at all.

      My objective on this issue is exactly on point, to wake black men up to the horrible, dysfunctional and disgusting nature of the modern day westernised black woman. Many black men may find this information hard to swallow despite the evidence being placed directly in front of them, however at least I can say that I did warn them.


      • So there was no Civil Rights movement? Is that what you see saying, no other race thinks it’s a good idea to get Liberal whites to give them extra rights even though they all were victims to white hegemony and violence.

        Didn’t the Civil Rights generation hold hands with these same Liberals who funded Feminist? Yes or no. Black men owned businesses in that era didn’t they, Garvey before that time galvanized many blacks around the world to work and do for self, instead of following up on the message negroes chose this crap as we see today. Instead of building our economies negroes from Africa and the Caribbean continue to build North America and Europe as if Africa and the Caribbean is gonna develop by itself, seeing how the Japanese built their own economy with isolationist policies (like America, like China) they then went at America and demanded their people get treated right and violà (wah-lah) they got reparations, free land and nobody fucked with them again. They did this but negroes can’t because the white man is holding them down, so they must marry his daughter and become one with him or some other race whose men will reject these half-African children but it’s okay as long as they aren’t black right?

        You sound like your average negro, black men never had responsibilities, so you mean all those black owned magazines and newspapers like The Voice or Jet weren’t run by black men and sold to the black community, but advertize mainstream white products, why are you helping white men sell products to black people? Black men never have responsibility do they, even when they are 30 years old, no job, 5 kids, no wife, no house, no responsibility not even to get their life in order. You are a joke at that age you are way too old to be talking about mommy issues but not this negro it’s the black women’s fault. She wants to destroy black men, but she still keeps making more even though that will LOWER her chance to marrying her white knight, will RUIN her chances at finding a single young white man, will KILL her social life and ability to find these white or ARAB men you speak off.

        You completely ignored my other post, how comes black men who ARE last in the totem pole chose to date outside their race the most frequent but when black women express they prefer non-black men it’s a problem? You are a male version of Christleyn Kharizin, hand pick ‘evidence’ from the little you can find to justify your own personal convictions. How many black men have been recorded talking crap about black women for their looks, does this mean all black men dislike black females, no but let it be the other way round and see how self-haters will react, when they supposedly don’t even like black women.

        I can agree that many black women are upset that black men can date white trash at high rates, produce mixed race people that don’t like nor deal with black people, because many black women are IN THE SAME BOAT. Both of you are the same why don’t you tag team with Christleyn Kharizin and talk crap about both genders and encourage black people to breed themselves out, I cut right to the actual meaning of this crap, leave all the chit chat out.

        You are a self-hater, self-hater one who dislikes ones self and others like them, who wishes they never existed, who doesn’t want to reproduce them self. Guess you fall in that category.

        As I and you know, you offer no solutions, have no interest in solutions, you know that is how white men defeating virile Feminism led by lesbians which destroyed their marriages in the 70’s and 80’s when divorce rates were at their peak, the ones who made the dreaded Feminism you claim to hate. You know that how East Indians have controlled their community, don’t care what kind of laws America put on them or how the UK general population views them. You know full well black men aren’t taking up good quality white women, even when they are famous and have money the best they can get is Kim Kardashian a porn star. Negroes are an embarrassment resigned to thinking their penis makes them a real man, not their accomplishments, white men are Gods to negroes they can do everything even though originally they were poor, living in slums, known for slavery (Slavs) and disease (plagues, smallpox ect.). White men had to rape and pillage, block other races from developing power, create infrastructure, an economic system WE ALL USE, private industry, government support systems like insurance on middle class mortgages, NHS in the UK and welfare to stop their poor from becoming too poor and not working at a rate to maintain their economy. All this with no handouts, but to negroes it impossible, even though China did this and Chinese people in America who were lynched and suffered with discriminatory loans, couldn’t even used banks in the mid to late 1800’s, were victims of race riots.

        Negro admit it you are hopeless and seek to breed out of blackness. Admit it and set the self-hate free, no need for long winded excuses, anti-black female rhetoric or other bs, just be honest with yourself.

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    • This is a known fact.

      This guy advocates for black men to race mix, but says he doesn’t advocate it because it is in reaction to black women.

      Black women are messed up but SO are black men, he knows it, so it blames that on black women too. He demands black women take personal responsibility for the current black community but black me don’t take personal responsibility over their own PERSONAL behavior.

      Self-hate exposes itself pretty quick when you use common sense.

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      • AfricaNeedsToOwnItsResources,

        I find it incredible that in 2016 there are still black folks running around who do not know the correct meaning of the term “self hate”. I do not really have to deal with many of the points you raised because I have already deconstructed and rubbished the majority of them in my book Negro Wars. I don’t approve of nor condone dysfunctional behaviour. You throwing on a cape for dysfunctional black women will not score you any brownie points with them if you are a man, they will not be giving you any mangina Scooby snacks for your brown nosing services.

        As I have already mentioned in my book Negro Wars black men have never had the opportunity to be irresponsible with impunity, please stop the nonsense talk about black men not taking responsibility. It is black women who have yet to be held accountable for their transgressions, it is black women under this western system who have been allowed to exercise irresponsibility without consequence. I advocate black men dealing with women who are not going to shaft them and stab them in the back, this means dealing with non westernised black women and non westernised women in general.

        YOUTUBE, don’t you understand the wording, YOUTUBE? When you watch videos of black women fighting in the streets that is not based upon somebody’s opinion, that actually happened, that is how they were able to film the fight and upload the video to Youtube, an actual event took place in real life. As for this business about black males begging to be integrated into white society and agreeing for black women to join the white feminist movement, I have never heard such a huge crock of nonsense before in my entire life, there is no documented history that supports these claims.

        Black women accepted single motherhood by themselves back then just in the same manner as they are doing so today, black men didn’t. Black women joined the white feminist movement by themselves because they had a desire to be accepted by white society just like they do today, black men didn’t. Actually black men are the second most desired men on the planet, we are far from last unlike the black woman who is the last choice for dating and marriage amongst non black men. She is now quickly being pushed to the side by black men aswell. I deal with the real world and what actually takes place, not just with information from a website.

        This is one of the main reasons why black women have a major problem with black men, they are bitter at the fact that we have the ability to exercise interracial dating at a far higher rate than they do, even though black women so badly desire white men, the overwhelming majority of white men are not interested in black women past sexual encounters.

        Black men despite the obstacles and the pitfalls that are placed in front of them by racist white men aswell as their partners in crime black women are still excelling and outdoing black women especially when it comes down to marriage. More black men are married than black women, that is a fact. Black men on the bottom, I think not:


      • LOL.

        You follow MGTOW which is literally the male version of Feminism. Joke is the only thing I can say to you even have some white boy up in the comments cussing black people out, talking about in 4 generation you coons gonna be white and gonne be laughing at their dead black ancestors and he is right but coons don’t care.

        Black female coons ‘nigger for white man’, black male coons ‘she got a black spade on her ankle, slut for nigger dick but MARRIED to white man, I’m that nigger’. Don’t see you fools are the same do you?

        Liked by 2 people

      • AfricaNeedsToOwnItsResources,

        You still cannot even correctly define the term “self hate”, unbelievable. You would expect me and other black men of intelligence to remain with the violent black woman of the west just to “keep it real” and “be down” with blackness despite the fact that this is the same black woman who in 2016 is the number one enforcer of white supremacy in the black community? Things has gotten so bad with the abortion rates in the US that the black population has now dropped from 13%-12.5%. More black children are being assassinated than are being born, this is the westernised black woman carrying out her duties as per her contract with her white liberal father.

        |t was black women separating themselves from black men first that initiated the downhill tumble of the black family structure, the civil rights movement because of the previous derailment caused by the black woman was ripe to then be driven in a completely different direction. To attempt to circumvent this fact is simply a fool’s errand. Mommy issues, self hate, can you bring nothing new to the table apart from the same nonsensical labels that black women typically reach for when they cannot deal with the facts? As if I haven’t already deal with these lame reaches in the book Negro Wars.

        Black men do not have a problem with black women dating outside of their race, it is black women who manifest their insecurities when they see black men dating non black women. I don’t see black men bragging about dating non black women, to us it is just another walk in the park, however black women will make a huge song and dance about snagging themselves a non black man. They are also incredibly submissive when it comes down to dating their lord and saviour the white man:

        To claim that black men have a problem with black women dating non black men is a farce, black women on the other hand love their white father:


        Go and check out this guy’s posts and see who is littering the comment section, black women, the so called “mother of civilisation”, the one they call “the backbone of the black community”. If you wish to stand up for and defend these boot licking, shoe buffing black female minstrels despite their indisputable history of treachery and betrayal against their own people then you go on ahead and do so, however I will not be joining you on your mission.

        It is not my job to bring solutions to the table, the individual has a brain, let he/she figure out which direction they wish to travel in upon hearing the information for themselves. The westernised black woman is a mentally damaged and mentally unstable individual, she is a complete and utter disgrace to black society and black culture, smearing the image of blackness on the daily through her desire to look European, gladly placing European standards above that of her own.

        The westernised black woman is a contaminated failure who is destined to be thrown upon the scrapheap of rejection, thus she should be avoided at all costs, black men who still wish to deal with black women can easily still do so with non westernised black women. At least they will not have to deal with the headache, the turmoil, the violence and the drama commonly associated with the westernised black witch.

        I don’t follow MGTOW either, you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. One minute you claim that I want to breed out blackness by advocating interracial dating, the next you are claiming that I follow MGTOW, which one is it? Advising black men to walk away from westernised black women is not MGTOW, I would suggest that you clue yourself up on the group more thoroughly as you clearly have no clue as to what you are talking about.


      • ‘It is black women who have yet to be held accountable for their transgressions, it is black women under this western system who have been allowed to exercise irresponsibility without consequence.’

        So what are you going to do bitch about it. I know the Feminism is bad but how are black men going punish them once they are held accountable like we see all over YouTube? How are you gonna show them consequences by nagging them to death, then agreeing to breed them out, which means to breed yourself out too? Bring black women over here, but no black women are originally from the West, give them a decade to adjust to here and it’ll be the same, fix what you got and stop running form the task at hand.

        ‘My earlier posts pertaining to black women encouraged them to change for the better, however since it is now understood that the majority of black women do not want to change I no longer appeal to them to take a better path.’ You coons get desperate don’t ya? Most black PEOPLE are not on shit, look around at the bummy 25-30 year old black NOT DOING SHIT with their life, look at the stupid black male street culture sponsored by white men from Radio One Xtra which is supported by blacks and whites is that changing any time soon, look at the black churches filled with black women, look at the black male culture of not cuffing hoes they sleep with but leaving children everywhere, look at the black females defending weave even when they don’t wear it which undermine black women who want change in the natural hair movement, look at black men who never bother to build businesses but will work to become CEO of some white man’s these same negro males can’t employ their kids who FILL up higher education colleges, look at black women who pretend they are independent minus the government jobs, welfare, health care and the rest of that crap. BOTH sides are involved in this, black men should have forced isolationism on black women and children like real men in the first place, this what everyone else has done to develop their community and nations, instead we let black women run wild and now don’t want to fix this.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ‘As for this business about black males begging to be integrated into white society and agreeing for black women to join the white feminist movement, I have never heard such a huge crock of nonsense before in my entire life, there is no documented history that supports these claims.’

        What was the Civil Rights movement? Why is it no other race choice to do that shit? Why is it black men in other Western countries model themselves on this ‘equality’ failure which African Americans chose instead of self-segregation and economic development like other races.

        You don’t know shit clearly, black people in America have been consistently losing business ownership since the Civil Right generation and jobs since the 70’s Liberals tricked them into it.

        ‘Council for United Civil Rights Leadership (CUCRL) was an umbrella group formed in June 1963 to organize and regulate the Civil Rights Movement. The Council brought leaders of Black civil rights organizations together with WHITE DONORS in business and philanthropy. It successfully brokered the August 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom with the Kennedy administration.’

        ‘On 19 June 1963, representatives from 96 corporations and foundations met for a fundraising breakfast at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan. $800,000 was raised. Donations came from the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation, and 93 other businesses and foundations in addition to the Taconic Foundation. Few or none of these were Black-owned.’ Ain’t these the ‘white supremacists’ you negroes know funded Feminism, why were ‘black leaders’ more like white controlled agents dealing with them BEFORE Feminism’s rise if they didn’t take the horse to the water?


        Why do you think white people always talk about the March on Washington which didn’t pass any laws and is a complete failure, it’s full title was The March on Washington for jobs and freedom, where the fuck are the jobs they begged Liberal whites for? Didn’t come did they but you still trusted them after this shit too, there was no Feminism at this time, the baby mama bomb came WAY after this in the late 70’s, early 80’s, in fact in 87 was when the baby mamas began to outnumber the black nuclear families in America.

        How comes black men could lead all of that crap but can’t lead black women back on track? Coons always struggle with this one.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Black people in America still don’t hold any power hence the Civil Rights part 2 aka the BlackLivesMatter funded by the same the white Liberals, you actually believe a bunch of negroes who like Jesse Jackson, the faggot Bayard Rustin and some of these church preachers still live from that era got the government of America to pass new Acts when they couldn’t even vote? Hell no. This defies common sense, black men begged which is what marching is, did the marching of the Iraq War stop it? Did the marching of middle class whites stop Wall Street bankers? No, so how can black men who couldn’t even vote these people of out of power do that?

        Black men been working with this Liberal white man since the same time as black women. Even on that MGTOW video you posted white MGTOW YouTuber been racist right in yo face but you don’t care really you love his daughter too much all up on the comments. You guys view yourself like the white dude, straight Liberals, bet you even vote Labour in the UK fool.

        Liked by 1 person

      • AfricaNeedsToOwnItsResources,

        I now realise that your civil rights talk is smoke and mirrors, a strawman argument. The civil rights movement had nothing to do with the break up of the black family structure, you have introduced a topic that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. This post illustrates the treachery and the underhanded tactics that black women practice on the daily in order to maintain their positions as the leaders of the black community and at the same time continue to destroy black society.

        Black women have been instrumental in the destruction of the black family unit, they accepted fatherless home welfare policies from the state and they joined the white feminist movement, these are the decisions black women made in the past that begun the destruction of the black family, civil rights has more to do with the lives of blacks folks outside of the family on a day to day basis.

        Stop throwing on a cape, shoe shining, boot licking and brown nosing the backsides of black women, you cannot circumvent what black women have done to destroy black society and introducing strawman arguments and unrelated topics into the discussion is not helping your cause. I would say stick to the subject at hand, however it seems that you cannot do this, you constantly feel the need to go off in a thousand different directions.

        There has never been any point in history where black men have sold out black women to advantage themselves. Even now in 2016 with the black woman’s treacherous deeds in plain sight black men on the whole are still sticking by black women. Anything black men have embarked upon has always been for both themselves and black women. For black women however the same claim cannot be made by a long shot.


  6. YouTube is all about views and opinions not facts, we have seen self-hating clownish black males make it seem like most black men don’t like black women which is completely false. How many men follow Sotomayor who makes good point occasionally but is an admittant self-hater and an example of a bum black man who never raised his kids.

    As I always say if black women didn’t like black men why is it they are in relationships with black men mostly, why is it most of the children they have are black, why is it that black women on Instagram mostly prefer black men?

    Negroes have a way of polarizing things to fit their opinion. Whilst I do agree that black women are cause of a significant number of problems we see today I find it odd that negreos don’t look into who started it, black men held hands with Liberals in the 50’s and 60’s when blacks were patriarchy, black men begged to integrate into a system and society they KNEW hated them. The Liberal female was a Feminist and pro-LGBT, now we know why black women followed them, because the patriarchy demanded it as part of integration.

    The internet is far from real life you can do similar research and come back with the opposite results.

    Black women prefer been in a relationship with black men but black men’s least desired is black women.

    OkCupid same results.

    Shouldn’t this be even worse since much of the YouTube debates are about black women and men preferring to have sex and not settle down with non-black people. Black men are ALSO last on other races totem pole, why is it black men have children far more frequently with these low quality non-black women but talk about black women doing the same.

    These are facts not your opinion or mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUQjRvpH-Ls Explain away, I know it is old, he did a video of the 2011 one and t was the same thing. Why is it black men who are bottom of the social pole, bottom of the physical attraction pole have mixed race children at a much higher rate than black women and are in relationships with non-black women at such a high rate, higher than the women you claim hate black men.

    What is your solution to this perceived problem? Is it mixing out of blackness, is it black men taking back our community by realigning as a group to control our community like white men and Asian men did to ward of Feminism or is it more effeminate ranting? Please let me know.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. y’all better wake the fuck up fast, they’re all parasites and it’s all based off of the “old woman” crap from religions of old… it’s a guilt trip… and y’all are falling for it – they’re lifelong PARASITES… ever notice your bank accounts are empty = HOOKERS… better wake up… ignore and PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE WHORES… : )
    You do not have to fix what they break on purpose for attention = themselves… they’re mostly retards competing with each other for gestation bragging rights as they fuck the world over because they…. got no code… and two XX strikes against them already, while men of long have always asked “Y”…? get it, yet?
    Ya either lead, or the cunt will tear your up, most them are just holes for dick anyhow, and who cares what they WANT… they just WANT you to give it to them, it’s called emotional manipulation… and for the ones who don’t get it, welp, they become TECHNOCRATIC DEMOCRATS… for a free ride, and then STILL blame YOU… get it yet? They just WANT… the $ = which is why prostitution is still this world’s oldest profession. DO NOT GET TRAPPED… the laws are going to be changed… they either grow up and are women – or they get the whore route FOR LIFE. Welcome to the ahem “New Age”… it’s over lazy cunts. So is all the problems you have caused ww for thousands of years in your bids to TRY… and rule the world. Pathetic.
    Lead. Or get eaten by a whore that is incapable of caring in the first place, has no foresight or planning and just WANTS… then gets everybody else to pay for her shelf life expiration date whore ass… y’all better wake the fuck up. Like NOW.


  8. Hi there
    I am a black female in her 20s and I am offended by how you are describing black women as destructive. It is very offensive and aggressive to label the entire existence of black women as destructive to their community. I am offended because my experiences and life does not in anyway reflect this as truth. As defined by the society and specifically black men and women, I am black. Even though I myself defines myself as simply an individual, the society is constantly fighting me for being an individual and forcing on me an identity called the “black woman”. To be honest, I really don’t care about the issue of race and views everybody as individuals, but the overall society will not let me do this by constantly labeling me as black and forcing on me the identity of black which I myself do not understand. I personally do not like black men and really don’t give a shitt about them. This is not because of their skin color, but because of the hatred , disrespect and scorn they are constantly subjecting black women to. As a 26 year old, I have never seen on tv, heard on the radio, read in magazines or newspapers or even met a black man who cares about the vulnerability of black women in the society. When a black woman is a victim of racism, black men are nowhere to be found. When a black woman is raped or killed by a white man. Black males do not start up demonstrations and campaigns about racism. I have ever since a child been seeing black men disrespecting, hating and stigmatizing black women to the most degrading and dehumanization of character and existences as possible. They do this through their hip hop/rap songs, youtube videos, speaking dishonorably and destroying the reputation of black women as a whole to their friends and acquaintances. They are also constantly racially discriminating, humiliating and scorning black women to their faces during personal encounters. Regardless of the visibility of this hatred black males has towards black women in the society. The society blames black women for the dysfunction of the black community, when the males who are supposed to be rulers and guardians are accepted to destroy the mothers of the black community. The society yet expects and forces black women to be loyal to these black men who show in all ways they hate black women to the core an considers their lives valueless. Because of this, I don’t give a shitt about black men and stays far away from them and will never get romantically involved with them. Nobody can or even should force me to like something or a group who has been making it very clear for centuries they hate me to the core simply because I am a female with black skin!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Juliet Elishaan,

      I don’t understand why you are offended at the person pointing to the destruction rather than the destroyers themselves. This is the problem with black society as a whole, those who point out the problems within it are seen as worse individuals than those who are actually causing the problems, make that make sense. As per usual black women will always attempt to cancel out the common rule by highlighting exceptions to it and trying to now make the exceptions the general trend. Your exceptional experiences do not change the general rule miss.

      Western society is the black woman’s friend, not her enemy. Since most black women are feminists by trade, they fit right in with the west and its feminist constructs. You black women are always trying to play the victim card, however that Kansas City shuffle simply isn’t working anymore, western society has propped you up and above black men, you cannot claim victimhood status while at the same time being in an elevated position, sorry.

      You claim to not care for black men because of the hatred that they as a group are displaying towards black women, however you purposely omit the fact that black women have already sold their own people down the river for 10 shekels of silver, they are systematically destroying black society on behalf of their white father as we speak, exactly what type of response would you expect from black men in light of these blatant transgressions? If you continuously slap a person in the face, logically you should expect them to get angry and in many cases slap you back. What, should black men feel happy concerning the damage you have brought upon them and black society as a whole?

      Black women are a protected group, again, you cannot play the victimhood card whilst being in an elevated position. You are the property of the state, the state runs, funds and owns you, therefore if black women feel vulnerable then they should head to the nearest police station or government building and seek out protection from those entities. Black women ceased to be the responsibility of black men to protect once they decided that feminism and fatherless home state welfare policies were of far more importance than keeping the black family structure strong and intact.

      Black women are the least likely to be raped, out of all groups of women black women have the lowest rape count. This could have something to do with the fact that black women have now become the number one Jezebels and whores on the planet, the modern day black woman’s sex drive has now exceeded that of the black male. You’ll find that in recent times black women have been fabricating a large amount of racist encounters just to garner some attention, this is probably the reason why black men don’t show much interest or concern when real incidents actually take place.

      Black men are suffering more at the hands of racism than black women, again, black women are protected by the state, you are conveniently forgetting that fact. Black women cannot complain about the defective black men they have produced, these defective black men are mostly products of single mothers. Black women are delusional when it comes to child rearing because they always expect to receive something out of the child that they never put in to begin with.

      Black women especially single mothers stay denigrating themselves and others, a black single mother household is typically a cesspool of filth and garbage, I honestly don’t understand how you expect black men to come out prissy and rosey growing up in such degenerate and destructive environments. Of course black women are to blame for the majority of the problems in black society, they are the ones who began the spiral of destruction by choosing to side and work with the state over standing by the black man and the black nation.

      Stop stating the black men are supposed to be leaders and rulers when you know full well that it is the black woman’s job as per the instructions of the state to ensure that black men are unable to establish themselves as leaders over black society once again. Through these actions black women have already proven their disloyalty, nobody expects you to be loyal to anybody at this point as you have already proven yourselves incapable of that feat.

      The hatred black men have for black women is recent, fomented by your treacherous actions against us at the behest of the state. Good, the more black women who embark on the decision not to deal with black men the better it will be for us in the long term.


      • I am not an America and do not live in America. I shared with you what I have experience as a person born in the 90s, raised in Europe. This experience is for my age group and demographic. You can the least show respect to my perspective as a person in her 20s in Europe who has no idea what Americans do. That’s all.

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