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It is time to take a critical look at the modern day black woman, who she really is and what she really stands for. Unlike your typical pro black ,back to Africa, red, black and green squad, I do not hold black women to the standard of a past ideology, I examine black women based upon their present day condition, a condition and a standard I might add which is completely downtrodden and in the gutter. The reason why nobody has anything positive to say pertaining to the modern day black female is because their is very little if any positive information available to choose from.

Black women have performed a truly professional slap up job of not only ruining their own reputations, but also by running their reputations into the dirt, especially via social media. There are very few places that you can venture on the internet without running into black women engaging in some sort of buffoonery, side show Bob folly. Many people may accuse me of hating black women, however nothing could be further from the truth. I reprimand black women harshly because I expect better from them. If you child has done something wrong, that typically is not the time to be nice to him/her, harsh words, a harsh tone and in many cases physical chastisement must be executed in order to convey the message that the behaviour exhibited is unacceptable.

The same standards apply to black women, since they are systematically destroying the black community(a community that I am as much a part of just like other black folks) via their irresponsible actions and evil deeds, it is time that they were called out and critiqued on many of the decadent practices that they have willingly adopted as part of their daily lives. The modern day black women is the only stone that has been left unturned in attempting to establish who is the cause behind the destruction of black society. She has turned into nothing short of a ravenous savage who has sold her people down the river in exchange for the dainty treats and the benefits of the state.

It is because of this cosy, comfortable and convenient relationship black women have with the state, is why I must state that westernised black women as a collective cannot and must not be trusted under any circumstances. Until her fluffy relationship with the state has been completely severed and thereafter broken, the black woman will continue to be a pestilence, a curse and a menace not only to her own people but also towards society itself. Coddling black women and continuing to ignore the obvious problems among them hasn’t made those fundamental issues disappear, if anything attempting to circumvent cascading black women has only encouraged them to double down in their debauchery deeper.

The black woman in her current state is an indefensible wretch and those who would still attempt to defend her in light of the innumerable transgressions she has committed are simply embarking upon a fool’s errand. I have yet to come across anybody who can present a solid and a constructive defence of black women from a factual, logical, intelligent and common sense perspective in light of her current state of decadence. Almost all of the futile defences I have heard thus far involve avoiding delving into recent past history, those who attempt to defend black women would much prefer to remain in the present day or would attempt to leap into time periods which have no bearing in relation to her current condition ie slavery, obviously this approach is disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

I do not hate black women, I understand them and their acts of warfare against black men and the black community. Declaring the truth about an individual or a group does not equate to hate, nor can proclaiming the truth about them be labelled as “bashing”. Talk is cheap, unlike many who would rather sit around and talk about change hoping that it will manifest by itself, I am one of the few with the iron fortitude who is actually willing to take ACTION in order to address the issues concerned, hence the book to begin a real conversation about the current demise of the black woman. Regrettably the modern day black woman must be brought into a completely broken state before she can ever be redeemed.

I have slowly been coming to the realisation that most of those who claim to care for black people genuinely do not want to see improvement amongst their own people because this would mean having to confront the very person whom they have been protecting, the black female. She has been the cause of the majority of woes that have afflicted black society since the Civil Rights era including the destruction of the black male via the use of effeminisation and emasculation techniques. As a result of this most black men do not have the testicular fortitude to bring this woman into proper position, because of the inbuilt ‘glitch’ black women programme into the minds of black males when they are young most are now incapable of holding the black female to task, thus instead they revere and worship her despite her obviously bottom barrel state. Black men for the most part desperately wish to hold unto the black woman’s ideological representation and reputation of the past as they simply cannot come to terms with observing and accepting her present day degeneracy.

The black female of today is no queen by any standard, she is an unbridled leviathan monster who is a protected asset of the state. Her main objective is to first destroy the black male and thereafter the rest of her people. As for me, in light of her present condition the gloves have now been taken off in dealing with this character. I will hold the modern day black female to task and I most certainly will not coddle her nor view her as a victim. Be sure to pick up your copy of Negro Wars by clicking on the direct links below, clicking on the image at the top of the page or simply search Amazon websites according to your country for the title. Once again, much appreciated for all your support:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

42 thoughts on “Its Now Here – NEGRO WARS Has Finally Arrived!

  1. Chris Horton
    Inner Wave – Music

    She is a fascinating subject, Black Woman “BUT” before we can bash or reprimand (as you would put it) our beautiful Sister and say that she has done wrong we must look at ourselves as a BLACK RACE and stop POINTING FINGERS at each OTHER. Yes the Black Woman has her issues as you have stated in your article “BUT” how can you blame her, for she is following in the FOOTSTEPS, of the BLACK MAN “MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO!” Yes I said MONKEY because the way we are acting and IF there is no more change in us, to act like the Black Kings and Queens we are; we as a people are on a path like a BUNCH of wild animals surviving and getting over on one another saying things like “I’M JUST KEEPING IT REAL!”

    You give me “MORE” a “WHOLE LOT MORE” Black Man stepping up in their game in being more RESPONSIBLE in their action or MISTAKES and you will see a change in BLACK WOMEN. IF there are NO major changes in the Black MAN how, HOW can you or any other BROTHER expect changes in her.

    Remember He (BLACK MAN) is the King therefor the Head (weather you Black Woman believe it or not because it’s been a LONG TIME since you had GOOD EXAMPLES in your community) and (BLACK WOMAN) is the Queen therefor the Body. “IF THE HEAD IS SCREWED UP” How do you expect the Body to function?

    Look here; I Love your articles but sir we have to do an EXODUS of our mind. STOP SAYING he did this or she did that. Take RESPONSIBILITY of our actions GOOD or BAD, we GOT TO get on, get ahead and keep MOVING FORWARD. Now, now I know we got A LOT of issues as Black People but we can overcome them and be who we where meant to be. We have a lot of leaders in the community plus as a people in whole; WE ARE LEADERS. Look around we have influenced every race on the Planet in some form or another. We know how to act as a people but we continue to imitate others. It will take some time but if a few can believe and trust in those few who are doing right by his or her fellow (BLACK RACE) man. Then we can go from a race of a BILLION DOLLAR SPENDERS TO a race of BILLION DOLLAR EARNERS and from THERE have a power that has not been felt since 10,000 years ago.

    Love on our Sisters for they are just as lost as our Brothers.

    Let Us Change and Grow


    • Sam Hamilton,

      The modern day black woman has turned into nothing short of a violent, reprobate and a hoodlum who clearly is in cahoots with the state and has been operating against her own people for the past 50 years in exchange for the treats and the benefits from western governments. This is an international problem, the issues to do with black women and their degeneracy are not only Stateside related. Your comment pertaining to black women being beautiful quantifies my statement about black men wishing to hold onto a past ideology of her. The black woman of today is far from beautiful, the beauty she once had is long gone and has been replaced with darkness, evil and vulgarity.

      You forget that black women have been pointing the finger at black men for the longest while and as per the instructions of their white father they did not hesitate in running the backsides of black men through the coals in the late 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s on shows such as Oprah, Rolanda, Sally Jessy Raphael and any other media outlets that were available to them. The fact of the matter is that no matter what black men do black women will never change for them because they have a new lord, saviour, master and father, the white liberal.

      You are right to a degree, black men need to step their game up however not in the way that you think. Black men need to stop dealing with westernised black women period as they are an enemy and they simply cannot be trusted. Black men need to start pointing their penises in a completely different direction whether it be starting to deal with black women who do not come from western cultures, who do not subscribe to the edicts and the philosophies of feminism and who still value and respect the man as the head of the household or instead black men need to start dealing with non black women as at least they do not have an axe to grind against us. Non black women are not being sponsored by the state to keep the black community in desolation and ruin, western black women however are.

      The black man is the head IN THEORY, however as soon as he attempts to slot into his leadership position when involved with a black woman, all hell breaks loose. in order to stay relevant to her white father she must retain the leadership position he has bestowed upon her over the black community at all costs, she is not about to allow the black male to assume and take up his rightful position as leader. Black women have been deliberately jeopardising black men for the last 50 years through their creed of single parenting, this is why in 2015 there are so few black men qualified to step up as true leaders.

      Sir, we cannot move forward as a people until we begin to actually deal with the problems, the anomalies and the culprits responsible for bringing these issues into black society as a whole. The black community has been wandering in the wilderness for the past 50 years in its attempt to move forward and build without dealing with the reprobate black female within its midst. Not dealing with black women has not worked one bit, the current state of black society is indisputable evident of this.

      “Take Responsibility for our actions”, precisely. It is now time for the modern day black woman to be held responsible for the destruction she has wrought upon black society and I have absolutely no problems in initiating the proceedings. As I have stated before, the pre heated grill of accountability is ready for its first service and black women are due to be the first slabs and joints to be placed upon it for a thorough roasting. The Negro Wars have begun.


      • Shalom brother Verbs,

        I have now purchased this book (Negro Wars) also and will get it in a day or two.

        “Big up” for representing the thoughts of those from London with a similar background and upbringing (although I know the book was designed for the perusal of anybody). Thank you also for including our life reference guide book, our Bible, as a standpoint. Not all subjects require a biblical standpoint mind you, as like you said in so many words, in your first book Institutinal Church Beast Infrastructure, applying what was once “common” sense and also logic (which the Most High had embedded into us when we were created) to certain situations when dealing with them, will certainly make huge positive differences to our lives and others who may be affected by our actions or speech.

        Like you have demonstrated in your first book also, individualism with the walk with the Most High is one’s journey and theirs only. When you look in the mirror you only see yourself with all the blemishes and flaws that may be included. The Most High can see that too. Once you recognise that those flaws and imperfections are causing an issue, like one does with a smelly armpit, you wash it, or in other circumstances, one would take steps to ensure that those specific issues are dealt with appropriately. One remedy does not work for all. People require different doses of a repair process depending on the acuteness or the chronicity of the problem.

        You have said somewhere in your blogs on this website that people can stop their B.S. right NOW if the wanted. Just simply stop. (I have just remebered it’s source, I think you were answering someones question to “why God allows BS to happen the world and you said something along the lines of “no, the Most High does not ALLOW/CAUSE B.S. things to happen. We are the ones who create the evil doing and act them out and when crap hits the fan, we go running to the most high to wipe our backsides, when we are adults, not children, adults, like Adam and Eve were when they disobeyed the Most High’s simple instruction).

        There are detrimental things Black women can stop immediately if they wanted to. Just as fast as when they want to stop access of a child to a non-abusive father, who only wanted to part ways from her unchangeable/sometimes interchangeable idiocy rather than from the life of their child. If she can immediately withold access to one’s child she can surely immediately dispose of the cancerous chaos she has caused in-a-second, it may require a sharp slap (I do not mean domestic violence), but boy, I know it can be done.

        All the so-called black leaders I have listened to or read about throughout my life, have been unable to address the issues you have brought up in such an honest way, for fear of being called chauvenistic, anti-feminist, sexist, you name it, how can one lead, if you are constantly terrified what is going on ahead of you, especially when they say they have the Most High Backing them up. Who can remember what the Most High did to the Israelites on their way to the promised land (when being led out of Egypt by Moses) and encountered the Giants on a partcular allocated piece of land, and doubted The Most High’s protection. You know, when the two guys that were sent ahead to have a look around and I think one came back shaking his head saying something along the lines of “nah man, caan’t deal with dat ting over dere” dat them man dem too dyamn big man, they gwan mash us up to raas” and the rest of the other Israelites and their guests said something along the lines of “Heeeeigh!, how can de Most High bring us up to dis point and have us deal dese monstahs, heeigh, hoooooh oh! (hands placed on top of head) we can’t deal with dis now, heeigh!………………………lol, I have deliberately done the accents representing the West Indies and West Africa, as most of us reading these blogs are from that bloodline………… You, brother Verbs, have seen the enormity of the issues black women create and it’s gigantism has not phased you one, little, bit. It now officially in writing, and unlike You Tube and other online videos/blogs/Facebook, Twitter, etc., it would be harder to get rid of your books than for someone to simply delete a You Tube video or a comment on a blog. Once your book is purchased, unless the owner of that book deliberatley throws it away (someone can still find it) or their house burns down, then it is always going to be floating around somewhere.

        I see the Bible as like “small print”. When one wants to start making silly noises about refusing to stop doing certain things, and plead ignorance as to rationale behind their wrong doings, the first thing that comes to mind is “YOU SHOULD HAVE READ THE SMALL PRINT, YOU SIGNED THE AGREEMENT OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AFTER ALL”. Lol!

        I am still reading your first book and this time I am taking my time. There was huge excitement to get it and I dove straight in to have sneaky previews of each section that I, have at some stage, made you repeat yourself when it is indeed in your book already.

        Give me a few weeks and I will write a review if you’d like!!!!!!

        I cannot say well done enough to yah!

        Peace and blessings


      • Lilian,

        Much appreciated for the response and I am much appreciative of your support in purchasing both books. The current situation with black women in 2015 is a detrimental one which requires immediate addressing. I have to go in hard on black women because black women have deliberately placed the black community in between a rock and a hard place at the behest of their new lord, saviour, master and father the European man. You will find that black leaders and those who claim to care for black women really don’t give two hoots about them, if they did they would also be tackling these issues head on.

        Instead what we encounter from black leadership and so called pro blacks are a load of excuses and a deliberate creating of avenues in order to aid black women avoid being held accountable for the evil that they have wrought upon black society(white supremacy being one of the most common excuses used to give decadent black females a pass). As I have mentioned before, the black community cannot rebuild itself without first taking care of unfinished business, the modern day black woman currently being the biggest file on the table as we speak. This is why nobody can argue with me about black women from a standpoint of logic, reason, common sense and intelligence, they know what I am saying is true because they can see this all for themselves, yet unlike them I have the courage to call out the foul actions of black women for what they truly are.

        Common sense should tell the pro black crowd that not all black women carry themselves in a way that warrants respect yet even those black women who continually fall short of the mark the pro black squad still will not call out and reprimand. You cannot rebuild the black community without first dealing with the black female leviathan monster and destroyer within its midst. I’d like to know how the pro blacks and black leadership aim to go about rebuilding black society without first castigating black women and pulling them into line because thus far their attempts to do so have utterly failed.

        I document case after case on my facebook page pertaining to black women from all over the world behaving badly, I even have video of a riot that took place in Walthamstow about a week ago that was instigated by two black girls from two different local colleges fighting over a man. be sure to check out the page when you have the time:

        Once again, thank you for the kind words, I will continue to do my part in exposing the menace which is the modern day black woman.


      • Yeah, I saw the artical in the Daily Mail. You will find the the road that the girls were fighting on was quite aptly named Hoe Street.


        Peace & blessings.


      • Shalom brother Verbs,

        You mention on page 54 of Negro Wars the barbaric behaviour of some West African mothers towards, their children and their obsession with fiddling around with their childrens provate parts………brothers and sisters, let’s not forget about FGM, (female genital mutilation), which is usually carried out on girls from a muslim religious background or tradition. This happens a lot with Somali girls, Eritreans, and other eastern, northern African girls. This is not in fact carried out as a punsihment, but as an act of so called cleanliness and to ward off the wrath of a future husband who might think she is not “tight” enough down there, so to speak (told to me by many of my eastern, north african friends)…………….. check out this subject online.

        You will be shocked, however, to find that if ever you speak to these girls on a personal level, you will find that it was not actually their their fathers, grandfathers, forefathers etc. who had ordered the excecuton of this type of so-called cleansing ritual nor had they ever originated it, it was in fact, the MATRIARCHS, of the families (what one would call old wives tales in this day and age) who had advised their female family members to do such a thing. You will nit find this admission on the internet or in a book, one woudl have to talk to these women personally. Secondly, the men before it became globally knowm had no idea waht was going on, as typically and naturally, they do not get involved in women’s business unless it is to procreate and find out in the first process if she is a virgin or not ( blood on sheet). All the rest of things such as raising the child, looking after the home and nourishing the family with what he brings to the table so to speak, he keeps well out of, as at least in those parts of the world the man firmly knows his place/role just as equally as the woman knows hers.

        Some have said that those women back in the day, had tried this technique following child birth, “as the husband wanted her to be as she was” when he first took her to be his wife, others say that they were often accused of sleeping with another man whilst her husband was on his long travels so a elderly lady was sew rather than cut the vagina to make it tight again when in fact. The vagina or clitoris being cut was a technical evolution that made its way into the ritual as time went along.

        It has nothing at all to do with Islam or Hebrewisms or any other type of ancient african/edenic spiritual practice, and whether the personal stories are true or not regading the rationale behind the FGM rituals, it does not sound to me an act of “clean/pure” living in any sense of the word. I have never ever heard of female circumcision until I heard it about 15 years ago from who was then a woman when she told me.

        Have a look into it………………..

        Blessings & peace


      • Lilian,

        I touched upon the genital abuse black women inflict upon their children in general when I mentioned them using the genital areas of their children to conduct some of their unusual practices. I suppose genital mutilation would come under that general statement. I was thinking of covering the subject in a bit more depth however seeing as it has been covered by many others I decided against it. My main focus was to lay a basic foundation in the minds of folks pertaining to black women and their perverse mindset when it comes down to their children.





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  2. Indeed Sir Verbs, reading the 1st comment, though being an edomite, I scratched my skull asking myself what is the world Mr Sam Wilson is describing ? In the Great Babylon in particular, where are Black men given the “leadership” in their own families, cities, in colleges, in the media, set aside the “Obama media bait” a “Clarence Thomas in the White House” as it was said recently ? The favorite game on every TV channel is exactly the “Black male bashing for all and everything”, something he is reproducing in a moderate way.
    Sam Wilson is thinking from a 1950 state of the Black men/women social status as if we were still living in the 1950’s and that the mutual respect were still favored and existing. It’s though completely obvious that the US society has radically changed : white feminism has corrupted the whole society and many Black women have been lured into its lethal network. It’s even a great success of Satan to have put the Black man as the n°1 enemy in the Black woman’s mind.
    In exchange Black women have been given crumbs fallen from Esau’s table : much less in prison than the Black men, less exposed to open shooting by murderers in blue uniform (though Sarah Bland and others are also shot down/murdered), a greater percentage of higher education, Oprah and a positive role given in the Satanic media.
    Just like in Genesis, Adam sinned no doubt and has to change his ways but Eve was the agent of the Serpent. Present days in the Great Babylon and in little Babylon (Europe) seem perfectly described in the Scriptures IMHO.


    • Servant2be,

      This is what I talked about in the book Negro Wars, how black women have not only derailed themselves but also the entire black community through their full acceptance of the feminist creeds, edicts and culture. As I state in the book modern day black women in 2015 now serve Satan through his Babylon system and in exchange for its treats and benefits they have no problems in sacrificing their own people. Lucifer is the black woman’s god and she wouldn’t have things any other way. You have to scratch your head and wonder how black women have accepted the religion of feminism to a far deeper degree than the very people who introduced it to them to begin with.


  3. Shalom brother;
    Finally, you finished both your first books. I plan to purchase both of them soon, but I must confer to my husband so he is not left in the dark. Oh, I have not forgot about posting videos exposing Tommy Harris, a.k.a. Sotormayor’s frauds, lies, debaucheries, buffoonery, and hypocrisies. I’ve been taking care of some issues with my natural healing of chronic illnesses and other things. I just now getting around in my homework of collecting these expose videos on one of my Youtube playlists. And trust me, there are for too many and more and more videos exposing this jerk/dweeb. Some of them have been deleted/shut down, maybe because he’s been caught in far so many lies, frauds, hypocrisies, and other disgusting things around. Well, I must say that being a Black woman and seeing far too many Black women behaving and supporting such low forms of activities really hurt me to the point where I must basically denounce my past Black woman syndrome and continue to press forward from inside out into a completely new creature according to the Bible and model after the Proverbs 31 Woman (Virtuous Woman) as best as I can. I am studying her very closely and rehearsing in her role in my own life. I’m even given up many Western/European ways and dress code to fully embrace being the Virtuous Woman in my own right. Yes, she’s very strong, but not according to the feminist points of view. You keep doing what you been doing in exposing all the evils, problems, and vile things that many Black women are engaged in no matter how bad it may hurt some of our feelings. This just may be your calling, is to give commentary that’s uncompromising hard hitting and in-your-face! Take care and may The Most High continue to bless you in your works/ministry. Shalom.


  4. Hello
    In reading your stance I do agree we have issues in the black women community. But have we forgotten the same mind rape and propaganda that was committed in the black man was indeed committed on the black women. Your statement that the black women is responsible? You Too must read your bible again.Remember we are in the place of our captivity because of our forefathers NOT our women our black man would not listen TOTHEMOSTHIGH. Personally the change that must come to the black women will never be heard by a black MAN, but a black holy women that can show them the way back home…A black man can never relate to the many different layers that it will take to bring them back to Queen status you are not equipped.
    But as we as a people are waking up to the truth so is the black women slowly but surely..let us remember black man The most high holds you totally responsible for your tribe your community the women and children follow your lead, and if you are Not leading and the foundation is Not in place there will be chaos. AS a mentor to young black women I myself is trying to bring them back home, the forces and wicked spirit of this world is strong. STRONGHOLDS of wickedness. And for the man who commented on going to other nations of women you better read your bible again because that is one of the reasons THE Most High was wrought with you in the first place…not obeying his commandments..
    While shedding light on the truth is great but I would encourage you to see how our father dealt with women in the bible that will give you a reference on how to reach them..exposing general facts will not BRING lasting Change we are looking for in this generation of women.


    • Su,

      There simply is no successful excuse that can be erected as a defence for the current debauchery and decadent behaviours that black women are engaging in.

      These degenerate behaviours that black women are voluntarily picking up and running with is a recent phenomenon. This has nothing to do with where we as a people are located because the blacks of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s weren’t engaged in such destructive behaviour. Most black women are going to burn in hellfire, they cannot be redeemed as most of them have been too heavily contaminated and corrupted to be saved.

      If indeed it is your mission to save black women then you first need to accept the fact that only a small remnant will be salvageable, most enjoy wallowing in their own filth and destruction and thus will perish as a result.

      The black woman performed the same dastardly deed as Eve in the garden of Eden, she was offered trinkets and temporary vain benefits from the state and she abandoned her man in favour of the crumbs and the putrid scraps falling from the white liberal’s table. The up and coming judgement that the Most High is going to unleash upon black society will first be meted out upon the women not the men.

      The Father showed his people what they were doing wrong and chastised them for it, I am simply doing the same. The point here is that the black woman now has the only outstanding warrant for arrest and trial. Nobody will receive any special treatment from me when it comes down to correction, black women are not exempt from this condition.


      • Wow if the father was like you we would all be exterminated, no one is beyond repair. As long as you have breath in your body you have another day to turn your life around.
        Black women are not voluntarily picking up deeds?.just as black men were kicked in the backside by their slave masters so are black women. Cant you see the forests from t he trees?
        What are the powers that be doing now to the black women? Didnt the bible say she will be lifted above the man? They are doing the following: giving her programs, grants, loans, access to programs our black men cant have, pride, fashion, pride of life, etc…lifting her up so high that in her mind she can do what she want and feels she dont need a man, etc…It is the same propoganda but how a women responds is different on how a man would…this debauchery you will call it is the same all over our community..
        Yes eve took the bait but who did Themosthigh hold responsible? Adam because he was right there when it happened. I AM NOT saying they are not responsible for their choices BUT our women must get in line but they must be deprogram just like the men and your approach wont bring about change But heated discussions that will further put her on the defense because she cant see the error of her ways…
        We holy women of wisdom must come together and teach our women and daughters that will listen about how to be a women set aside for the fathers use and sanctified for marriage. I agree they dont know how to be a women a wife, chaste..You cant teach them that only women can . I AM not saying special treatment but a different approach because as you know our father has created us different your tactic Will Never bring about long lasting Change. Yes the fist step in anything is exposing the problem Now what is NEXT? Name calling for a women is a wound that sends her subliminally into the abyss we react by images of words and if you knew that you would NOT use the adjectives you use to describe them or their actions if you were interested in Change.
        Yes a small remnant will be saved women and men no one knows that count but we all must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling…Just another perspective my Brother…


      • Su,

        Black women are partaking in the fruits of the system, the same system that they have sold black men out for, black women are certainly not suffering as they ought to be.

        When the Most High confronted Adam and Eve on their disobedience he dealt with and punished them both, unlike today where in this western society it is only the black male who is bearing the immediate brunt of wrong doing. The black woman’s penalties have been temporarily postponed because she is the one who is currently being used to destroy her own people.

        The truth simply is, Christ did not instruct us to manufacturer tailor made programs in order to put the truth out there, he simply told us to plant seeds.

        Most black women will continue to be disobedient, rebellious and disorderly regardless. Appropriately labelling women who engage in decadent actions will have different effects depending upon the condition of the heart. Mud and butter exposed to the sun perform very differently. The seeds do the reaching, not the methods you employ in your attempts to make your message seem viable.


      • I think we will agree to disagree, regardless of your book the state of the black man and women will be the same until our Saviour comes back and until all who repents. THE sad thing about this book is that some edomite will use it to educate our community as they have always done to validate their hatred for us. You may have facts, opinions and videos for your stance but I don’t see any wisdom in your approach..


      • Su,

        No problem, we agree to disagree however remember that black women have already put their debauchery out on front street, my book is merely collating data that black women have already made public.

        Here is wisdom, the blame lies with those who are actually engaging in these things, not with those who are merely pointing them out. Doers of evil are far worse than commentators.

        Most High Bless


    • Shalom Su,

      I hope you are well. I have just read your comment and the part about women and children following the lead of the “the black man”. We should not BLINDLY “follow the lead”. If we see that we are being led in the wrong way, we MUST speak out against it and change direction immediately. If we are wives for example, being led by an unruly man, a virtuous wife must appeal to the Most High to intervene in the situation, as the Most can see at that moment in time that something has gone wrong. The Most High can see everything so as women or men for that matter, we cannot simply turn a blind eye because the Most High will know of it. In most cases we cannot do anything about the bad situations we witness, but we have to believe the Most High’s intervention and to thank him faithfully for it. Like he has done in the past, he can reveal corrections, solutions, etc. via various sources, if only we truly believe that it will get sorted by him.

      Our own examples that we set should be of a good cause. When people see that there are better alternatives to dealing with horrible situations, then a good seed has been sown and our faith in that seed will grow beautifully.

      People by nature like to see results and not just hearsay.

      I think that rather than coming on here saying that we “disagree” with such and such and such and such is a waste of time and we should really only comment if we have a beneficial suggestion to make about the subject matter. If it is a subject we are unfamiliar with, then we should do some research on the subject or if you want, simply leave it alone…………………..

      We are here to help one another and we should strive to do that. If we were perfect we would not be talking about how to make ourselves/communities better.

      Exposing wickedness is not a bad thing. It gives everyone the opportunity to put a STOP to it.

      Peace and blessing sis………………


    • as far as I can say a word, I noticed many contradictions in the initial statement of Ma’am Su though she is referring to the Bible but with a spirit that seems (to me) to try a compromise between the Scriptures and feminism i.e. an edomite philosophy.
      a) first contradiction : the Most High is taking Israelite men for accountable right but then why is Ma’am Su claiming these men can’t teach now any women and even they are useless if we follow Su and Hillary Clinton and the feminazi network (not the Bible) ?
      I quote : “a black holy women that can show them the way back home…A black man can never relate to the many different layers that it will take to bring them back to Queen status you are not equipped”. So the Men of the Lord, his Prophets, in history were not “equipped” ? Maybe the Son of the Most High is not equipped too ?
      i get the idea of Ma’am Su that Israelite women have a model role with Israelite girls but the phrasing casting away the black man literally like trash sound more (edomite) feminist than biblical.
      b) second : are there so many prophetesses in the Scriptures ? Where are the “priestesses” of the Most High ? We need some Scriptures to support this feminist idea that women can lead men to the Truth and preach …
      c) third : the word Queen with a capital Q is highly common among feminists and pro-feminist men. Some camps prefer to use the word Princesses to avoid any idea coming from the egalitarianism prevalent in the wicked kingdom.
      d) women that are presented as examples in the Scriptures are never claiming to be “holy”, Leaders, Queens but humble maids doing the Most High’s will : they never boost any ego against men, on the contrary.
      I leave aside the controversial question of wives/concubines but there are numerous quotations and major examples that show a difference between the two groups and that other nations women can be among the concubines. Plus we have the situation now within the wicked kingdom edomite-ruled and the situation tomorrow in the Kingdom of heaven.


      • Servant2be,

        Today’s black women as a collective are at complete odds with the scriptures. Black women confess a love for Christ and the the Most High with their mouths, however in reality they worship Satan through the state and his western system.

        The man is the head of the woman, this is what the scriptures state therefore I have no idea how Su arrived at the conclusion that a black man couldn’t redeem black women back to a somewhat noble status. I find this same pattern with black women who subscribe to the philosophies of Egypt, they will always attempt to exalt themselves aswell as mesh ancient Egyptian mannerisms with modern day feminism without fail.

        Black women are always referring to themselves as queens even though most of them behave like grade A riff raff of the lowest order. Also how can there be so many queens, typically a kingdom has one king and one queen? Most of the people in a kingdom are either servants, hand maidens, concubines or part of the common masses. Even the common masses of an ancient civilisation would be shocked and disgusted at the way most black women are conducting themselves today.

        In relation to white supremacists using my book as a weapon Su failed to acknowledge the fact that black women are already being used by white supremacy to destroy the black community, they have already destroyed 3/4 of it and they are still proceeding ahead to deal with the remaining 25%. My book Negro Wars is simply a trumpet sounding showing people namely black men what is really going on.

        You have to remember that the modern day black woman is a master witch and sorceress in that she will always use words and slogans in a certain fashion in her attempts to bring shame and guilt to the scrutiniser/examiner.


  5. On an additional note, I do not see how any edomite group can use sir Verbs’ books as a weapon against Black people and the genuine Israelites, as a tool against the Most High’s will and commandments.


  6. Shalom brother;
    I have a question; I wonder if there would be a difference between both the male and female gender when we who are truly in Christ are in our glorified heavenly bodies? Right now, we are in our fleshly bodies of death and Satan is working very hard to divide both genders to always war against each other. Of course, there are plenty of scriptures that support the positional differences between the Hebrew Israelites and Non-Hebrew Israelitess in the 1000-Year Millennial kingdom and eternity. Plenty of scriptures also talk about the shared inheritance of the kingship/priesthood as joint heirs with our Lord/Messiah/Savior Christ without regards to gender. However, I have a hard time finding scriptures regarding my question. Maybe you can find scripture that may specifically answer my question. No hurry; feel free to respond at your own leisure. Thank you in advance. May the Most High continue blessing you. Shalom.


    • Candice Sparks,

      There will be a difference between the male and female, for example we read in Isaiah 60 how kings will be bringing us riches from their kingdoms. A king is obviously a male position. Though there are no direct scriptures pertaining to this issue we can look at many of the scriptures that talk about the future Kingdom aswell as other random scriptures and put the pieces together that way.

      The roles will not change in the new Kingdom, men will still be the leaders and women will be dealing with the issues to do with the home, nurturing, supporting the man, feminine functions etc. Also the fact that Satan is attempting to blur the lines between the genders is indicative of the fact that a separation of male and female lines is important and according to the specifications of the Most High. Remember he which made them in the beginning made them male and female.

      Most High Bless


      • Shalom Hebrew Israelite Brother;
        Your timely response as usual has just reminded me about the 144,000 chosen Hebrew Israelite end time gospel witnesses and the two Hebrew Israelite olive trees witnesses are all men as scripture clearly mentions. Now, I must say, I don’t know nor claim to know everything about The Most High’s ultimate plans for the world to come. I can say that if it’s true that Hebrew Israelites are going to co-rule with The Kings of kings/Lords of lords; I can only guess that the Hebrew Israelite women may serve as the royal princesses/priestesses in support of the Hebrew Israelite men counterparts as the royal princes/priests together under Christ over all other nations. Yes, a male (Christ) will always be the ultimate leader in charge of the overall operations of the kingdom, but He would appoint all others of their appropriate positions and duties of administrations pretty similar to what we see in the kingdoms & governments of this world. To be honest, I believe that only a few out of the many would be rewarded of the premier positions and titles in the kingdom to come because far too many are only concern of fulfilling their own interests/lusts instead of The Most High’s will and interests of others. Our great Apostle Paul spoke of serving The Most High with a sincere heart to earn/qualify for the various rewards/crowns in the kingdom to come. Christ also address a similar topic to His disciples who were more concern about being rulers of the kingdom to come for their own self interests/lusts instead of as servants of The Most High under His Son Christ. Christ said that if anyone desires to be a leader/ruler must be the greater servant unlike this world where subjects must serve austere/oppressive rulers/leaders: Such rulers/leaders usually could care less about serving the needs of those they rule over. Christ will not tolerate any such austerity/oppression of any such in His kingdom of righteousness/justness at all. He’s going to rule over all; Hebrew Israelites & other nations with a rod of iron. A lot men of The Most High that feel that their male-hood would automatically qualify them of leading/ruling in the kingdom would be in for a rude of awakening when the time of rewards come. Many will forfeit such rewards/crowns of honor and receive little to nothing due to their self aggrandizement. I truly desire to serve The Most High under His Son Christ in great honor in the world to come. I’m less concern about holding a high title. This is not about the greatness of male-hood; it is all about The Most High and His Only Begotten Son Christ. Only Christ is worthy of all honor and glory, not any other man, period. Thanks for your response. Much love and may The Most High continue to bless you in your work. Shalom.


  7. I cannot believe what I’m reading. As a young black girl in America who has always felt the often subtle disregard for black people period- and on top of that, the underlying fetishized image of black woman only as a sexual pleasure, this hurts- BAD. IT seems like whatever the intent of of this topic, its becoming a blame game and hate parade. There are way too many systemic forces against the black community as a whole to blame one whole gender in that certain community. What is your motivation for this? It almost seems like your taking maybe some rough personal experiences and plastering them to a group of peoples as a whole. Im just so heartbroken, I dont even know what to feel. What is this??? Before you try to decode a system understand it first. Have you ever tried to have a decent conversation with black women with a solution of community as a whole? It seems like more segregation within the black community is what you’re supporting. I just cant believe it. SMH


    • Aytchschondra,

      The blame is laid at the feet of those responsible, calling it a game is a typical deflection tactic black women frequently use in order to try to shame the scrutiniser. The westernised black women has offered herself up to be used as an instrument by the white supremacist infrastructure to destroy her own people and she has had no qualms about carrying out that destruction. Show me a black male who hasn’t had a rough experience at the hands of a black woman, It is the norm for black women to treat black men like garbage, this isn’t my opinion, this is clearly observable to anyone. From mother to son, girlfriend to boyfriend black men have had to endure some of the most evil behaviour from these women who would dare to call themselves “queens”.

      The solutions are simple, firstly if black folks are truly serious about wanting to restore the black nation to what it was then the black woman must be completely ousted from the building and restoration process. Secondly the black woman must be completely broken in order for her to be redeemed, she has gone too far in destroying black society and thus she must suffer the consequences for her iniquities alone.


      • You can’t be serious. I’ve written my peace about your awful book below. I just can’t believe someone dares think this way….. You have failed our community. With this book, you have failed us…. With your words, you have played a part in the destruction of our race.


  8. Hi Verbs,

    I commented on your post in 210 on definition of “fornication”. I still follow you since … I’m black, african raised in Belgium … Who date ONLY black mens.
    Congratulation for your book cause no one did it like that … I mean mens from the industry who married/dated woman of color … They are so under silenced because of the grand white master !!! As woman of color who has sister married/dated whites, I never understood their attraction at them … My father is a Sidney Poitier like beauty, intelligent generous and always had the ambition for his children. My mom was devoted to him as it was a strong couple and they were cuddling a lot in front of us.

    Today black woman are completely under the sex revolution system … You’re black with money “Its ok but … There will be some conditions to date you”, you’re a white with money “I got the jackpot” ! So sad and so true !

    All my brothers and sis are divorced from their white soul mates today … Sad for them but so predictable. What so ever, the society is selling free sex, money and independence over the globe since the 60’s and nowadays Africa is just like the US …
    Woman dream money, breath money, want money and love money ! And would do ANYTHING for !! And our silly sisters are convinced that a better life could only be achieved with a white man with money ! This is actually the dream of young girls in Africa !!!

    The ridiculous part of this is that black woman believe that whites are more faithful than black mens … Let me lough at this !!! They believe they’re better mens, more tender, more sweeter, they can give better foreplays etc …

    But the real problem is what a woman can give today while the only goal she has in mind is RECEIVE ??? Here read a sentence from a woman of 28 years old from Congo ” If the guy treats me right, buy me some clothes, jewels, perfume, I’ll open my legs, otherwise, I’ll date a white” … Let me precise that she talks about her men she lives with … So if she spoiled by her black man properly, she will have sex, he is UNDER CONDITIONS. But the white will fuck her daily because she believes he won’t go wrong

    Sad, sad and sad again … African woman want whites cause they supposedly need tenderness as our black brothers cannot gives apparently … But how about “to give to receive” ??? The black woman most of the time don’t kiss their children, they are not tender, they are not sweet and they’re sucking in communication.
    I attest it cause most of my ex told me more than once “Your like a white woman, sensitive, tactile sweet, generous etc …” Why ? because it’s true .. They’re maybe sweet from the start of the relationship, but as soon the chick doesn’t have what she wants to get she goes wroooong ! Because you fail to provide the material things she expected !

    I believe in black community and black couple, but there’s a virus inside our net destroying all we built in our culture …

    I hope many woman will buy your book as I will do … The black men has to recognize his fault though … There is a disfunction, a lack of interest from both sides … Your book as I have to buy it is surely underlines where’s the problem emanate from.

    But I’m supporting you in your approach and hope that our brothers and sisters agree or not agree, will spread the link everywhere !

    God bless you !


  9. You are doing the white man’s work. Congratulations. Marry a white woman and dilute yourself out of existence. You despise black women.


    • Truth,

      This is the response that typically comes from either a black women or a pro black simp. Yet you won’t check black women who are actually carrying out the white man’s agenda through their actions, no, instead you choose to focus upon those who are talking about and exposing what she is doing and claim that they are “doing the white man’s work”. Illogical foolishness on its face.

      There are so many varieties of women out there before white women that a black man can choose from including non westernised black women by the way. I despise dysfunctional, irresponsible, non accountable and dishonest black women. It’s a tragedy that westernised black women as a whole come under all 4 categories, however that is not my fault, I am not obligated to accept such a low brow standard of black female and I won’t.


  10. I don’t understand how this author has the audacity to say that the criticism of Black women in America was a stone left unturned. Are you kidding me?! We have been ridiculed, shamed, blamed, made fun of, and bashed since our arrival to the forsaken place we call the land of the free. And for this author to place the blame of the state of the black community solely on us is illogically and factually incorrect and dispicable. I’m disgusted.

    So, it’s all our fault, right? As if the very country that fed you this nonsense hadn’t played a part in the destruction of our community. And still does!! Where’s your damn book on that??

    Where’s you book on how this country systematically breaks our community mentally, spiritually, economically, and emotionally?

    This author had to be out of their cotton- picking mind. And I use that term because you are still a slave to the nonsense that is constantly being spewed about our Black community. I have no respect for you, and quite frankly you disgust me.

    Don’t care if you value this comment or not.


    • Briesha Taylor,

      A black women by the name of Shahrazad Ali mentioned the same thing in her book A Black Man’s Guide To Understanding The Black Woman in 1989, 27 years ago. Black women have aligned themselves to the state, the state is now the new husband of the modern day black woman and thus the state does not hold her accountable for her action, in fact the state rewards the black woman for acting irresponsibly.

      As much as you would prefer to circumvent the history concerning black women, single motherhood and their betrayal of black society alas it cannot be done, the facts are set in stone and cannot be erased. Yes, it is your fault, the modern day black woman in confederation with her white liberal father has systematically reduced the black community to a pile of ashes and rubble over the past half a century.

      The black woman is the instrument that has been used to cripple black society and she has been a willing servant in the advancement of her white liberal father’s plans to destroy the black nation completely. In 2016 black women are the main enforcement arm of white supremacy in the black community. Your attempts to shame me out of laying the facts on the table will not work, you black women should be utterly ashamed of yourselves in view at what you have done to the black nation.

      We black men can see with our own eyes what you have done to black society, this isn’t about listening to rumours and old wives tales, we black men are eyes witnesses to the atrocities, the curses and the pestilences black women have unleashed upon black society. The black woman’s terror has gone on for far too long, it is now time to bring her reign of destruction to a close regardless of who may not like it.


      • Your enitre answer is absurd. If you are going to blame a person for the downfall of the Black community, then Blame us all. ( Although, it is not at the fault of our black men and women, but at the hands of the governmental institutions aimed at our downfall)

        For one, I know for sure Black women didn’t decide on their own to take government assistance as opposed to having a strong and capable black man around to pick up the slack. If It did happen more times than not, it was a mutual decision on both parties side. Secondly, the black women who did decide to take governmental assurance were sometimes left by the Black man or even encouraged. I know all about that ideal that Black women decided to take governmental assistance over the Black man and credited it to our downfall it’s a load of crap. If I were to blame the whole ordeal on just the Black man ( which I wouldn’t do because it isn’t the Black man’s fault) I would say instead of making the decision to relieve their responsibilities of maintaining a household by consenting to this government assistance, they should have been the man they claim to have been and stayed. Fought to protect the family. It seems they just laid down at the foot of the institutions aimed at our destruction. How dare you not see how wrong your book and answer is! You claim to be a scholar, but fail to analyze all aspects of our downfall.

        And yet, you didn’t answer my question. Where is your book on how the government robbed us of our selves, economy? Where is it? If you want to pace blame, place it there!


      • Briesha Taylor,

        You Kansas City shuffling and all of these magic tricks you continue to pull out of the hat are no longer effective against us. Black men are now fully aware of the pivotal role black women have played in the destruction of black society, you cannot warp, twist and bend time, space and reality, the history is documented and you cannot circumvent around the facts of your treacherous past.

        Black women work side by side with the government, they are the instrument being used by the state to keep black society in ruins and to further break down what remains, I have to laugh when black women talk about white supremacy and government oppression, they behave as if we cannot see that they are the very ones being sponsored to oppress us.

        I deal with the cause behind the destruction of black society, black women conspiring together with their white liberal father in exchange for the treats and the benefits of the state. You black women are the weapons being used against black men and black society, disable the black woman and the black nation can begin to repair itself.

        I’ll remind you that the westernised black woman is the problem and the cause of concern, black men can quite easily maintain and rebuild the black nation joining together with black women from non westernised nations, in fact this is already happening as we speak. The westernised black woman’s judgement is upon her, she is a cursed individual, a reprobate of the highest order and a pestilence upon the entire black nation, this is evident for all to see, not just black men.


      • Not only that, you decide to believe the bullshit that this damn country used to show non-POC Americans that the institution of welfare is low- class and sucking the society of it’s resources. HOW IDIOTIC! Firstly, the white race are the predominate recipients of welfare, yet the propoganda they spew and yourself is FLASE! Have you done any research or is this coming from your own shallow beliefs?! No factual and illogical.


      • Lastly, bringing about the destruction of Black women, will be the destruction of our race. If you want to see that happen… By all means… Just know you will be at fault, and all the others who have your same way of thinking. And by believing these trash rumors, you are the lap dog to the “white man” you claim black women are cleaving to.


      • Oh I see, you have no intelligent responses to my argument and are deflecting the issues with bullshit. Okay, I see, I’m talking to an infant and that may be an insult on infant’s behalf. Carry on with your views. You are lost anyway. Toodles.


      • Briesha Taylor,

        Here you are attempting to argue against the documented history surrounding the modern day black woman’s betrayal of her own people and you have the audacity to accuse me of being unintelligent and infantile????? To the left with that nonsense, as I stated before black men are beginning to awaken and see the black women for who she truly is. As I wrote in Negro Wars, the jig is up for black women, their government gravy train is now coming to an end.


  11. So.. the fact that you black men can’t stay out of prison, or that you’re undercover fags, and are less educated has Nothing to do with the state of the black family? The number 1 cause of black women having aids or an std is their cheating black male mate! It’s ok because white men and Spanish men love us. So goodbye dear. I hope your rhetoric sells a book or two, it literary bullshit. You’re jealous of black women. Our strength scares you!


    • Tonia Female,

      You should’ve known better than to come to this website with that garbage and honestly think that such lame arguments would be able to stand against me. You black women always look at situations mid stream, you rarely if ever examine a situation from it’s point of origin especially in relation to the current condition of black men because the cause of the black man’s downfall can easily be traced back to the black woman, yes you black women are the cause of many black men being in and out of prison.

      Were you aware of the fact that most criminals come from broken homes, upwards of 80% of black children are born and raised by single mothers. Because black women lack a moral compass, they raise their children in exactly the same manner so it comes as no surprise to see prisons packed full with black men.

      On the issue of black men being undercover homosexuals I suggest you look at this video before opening your mouth on this topic:

      You may also want to check out an article I wrote about black women and their love of homosexuals and homosexuality:

      Black women are the biggest homosexuals in black society by far, however you continually talk about black men and homosexuality in order to remove the spotlight from yourselves. The number one cause of black women being the most disease ridden females on the planet has nothing to do with cheating black men and everything to do with the fact that the overwhelming majority of black women(90%) are attracted to the same small pool of sexually irresponsible black men(10%).

      Black women love these low brow men because they have “swag” and are sexual deviants, that’s why most black women walk around like diseased rats. I don’t see a multitude of white men chasing down black women, if anything swirling between black women and non black men is on the decrease due to black women continuously engaging in dysfunctional behaviour and as a result further throwing their image and reputation down the toilet. In 2017 past sex very few white men desire black women, outside of black men you are the last choice of mate on the non black male’s companionship list.

      Jealous of black women for what, what exactly do you black women have for black men like myself to be jealous of??? If anything the opposite is true which is why black women yourself are so quick to call black men sellouts, Uncle Toms and coons whenever they see a black man with a non black woman(especially if she is white).

      Black women are angry and bitter at the fact that black men have much more reach and power when it boils down to interracial dating, black women wish they had the same advantages when it comes down to them dealing with non black men. What strength??? Black women as a collective are extremely weak which is why they are always trying to copy and emulate white women. You are the only group of individuals who walk around wearing the hair of non black females on your heads, and you have the audacity to call black men weak???

      You black women have chosen your path(feminism, big government and state welfare), we thinking black men have chosen ours(abandon black women and expand our dating and marriage options to non black females).


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