Black Women Do Not Know How To Raise Children, Period – Short Post!

African American woman screaming and pointing her finger


Please take a look at the following video below:

Black women in 2015 have no clue how to raise children properly. In terms of dealing with their offspring the only solution that the modern day black woman will bring to the table is that of violence and abuse against the child. Black women are completely clueless as to the way that things work in the real world, they believe that embarrassing and beating on that child in public is some sort of noble act. Err, no, the reason why your daughter is out checking for men at such a young age is because you never showered your daughter with the adequate amounts of love, care, attention and affection when she she was a young girl.

Children require much reassurance when they are young, the hugs, kisses, affection, love, care and attention are part of forming a stable foundation. If your child does not receive adequate amounts of the above he/she will simply go looking for attention, love and affection elsewhere once they are able to do so, the formula is really simple. However it is blatantly obvious that black women do not understand this part of the child rearing equation. This rejection of fundamentals is part of the feminist religion that black women have adopted to its fullest degree.

You placed your own daughter in a headlock, exactly what positive results do you expect to come from this course of action eh black woman? Then you want to complain about the fact that this 21 year old man was talking to your daughter, its your fault that your daughter is seeking attention, love and affection elsewhere, don’t blame him, he had no idea that your daughter was only 14 years old. Black women as a collective run their houses like concentration camps, the children of the house are constantly in fear of setting a foot wrong and having to deal with the wrath of ‘momma” thereafter. Black women are cold and ruthless towards their children at all times.

I have to give the 21 year old some credit, he attempted to do the right thing and prevent the mother from assaulting her daughter further. This is more than can be said for the idiot black male who was recording, he was the one who snitched on his female cousin to begin with, why, because black males in 2015 are just like the dumb black females who raise them, they flock towards drama, violence, beef and contention. Notice how the dunce behind the camera told the young man not to stop the mother from abusing the daughter, go back again and watch it for yourself. Putting her daughter in headlocks and pulling on the child’s 19″ taky yaki weave(this is another sign that shows how this black woman has failed as a parent), black women love to destroy the self esteem of their children, especially their daughters whom they will often try to compete with.

There is also an underlying current of jealousy and envy at play here, the mother everyday she looks upon her daughters is constantly reminded of how she used to look and the vast amounts of attention she used to receive when she was younger, thus the spirits of resentment, jealousy and envy begin to take root in the mother’s heart. Remember that this black woman is enforcing the edicts of feminism upon the child, “I don’t have a man, I don’t need a man and neither do you”. Feminism hates men and masculinity, don’t ever allow feminists to tell you otherwise, observing the fruits of feminism is all the evidence your require to understand what this religion really stands for.

I have to give the young man kudos again for exercising restraint when it came down to the mother assaulting him, the minimum that this woman would have received if she had taken the same action against me is a slap, You cannot deal with violent women in a non aggressive manner, women who exhibit violent traits must be checked and put in their place immediately via physical aggression. I have written about how physical aggression when faced with violence is a survival mechanism. This is how violent women start off, a slap in your face leads to a punch in your face which leads to a frying pan in your head which leads to a knife in your neck/back or a gun shot to your chest. Whenever violence is displayed against someone, the  person at the receiving end must react aggressively in return regardless of the gender of the aggressor, this is your life that is now on the line here.

Did you notice also how the black woman attempted to throw her own daughter into the river? Black women are suffering from deep psychological trauma that they received at the hands of their feminist mothers when they were younger. The young boy though he may have been ‘hungry for some pussy’ as some of the comments in the video stated was right to continue following as this woman is clearly unstable in the head and did indeed attempt something stupid thereafter, an attempt to throw her child into a deep river. Black women as a collective do not care about children, the nurturing instinct they once had many years ago has completely disappeared and has been replaced with a wild, uncontrollable appetite for wanting to see nothing but death and destruction around them(all thanks to feminism). This is the main reason why black women slaughter so many unborn children, they love sacrificing innocent lives to their new lord, saviour, master and father the white liberal.

Again notice through all this how the simp black male continues to record even when his aunt attempts to throw his own cousin into the river. Black males in 2015 are a bunch of soft, weak, milk toast cowards who can only show aggression, courage and iron fortitude when going up against another black male, the wild, belligerent black female savage and her buffoonish antics however he gives a pass to everytime. I am ashamed to be associated with such weak garbage. Notice how when the bigger men stepped in to stop this mother in her stupidity the simp had nothing to say, why, because he knew that these bigger brothers would have immediately checked his irresponsible blackside.

The above video is an example of the standard template that the majority of black women worldwide use in disciplining their children, this is one of the main reasons why black girls typically move away from home at a very early age, this is the hell that they have to put up with daily. How long would you last in an environment such as this? The kicker here is that we as black people have been taught by these violent scoundrels that this type of behaviour is normal in the black community. Notice how this violent harridan calmed right down once the big boys came to intervene.

The woman in the above video is simply an idiot, from the sound of her accent I detect that she comes from somewhere in the Caribbean(from the shirt she is wearing I will assume Jamaica). This epidemic of black women equating violence and abuse against their children to love and care is an international problem, black women in Africa are just as bad if not worse when it comes down to discipline, don’t believe me, just take a look at this horrific encounter:

Did you notice how this Ugandan woman was not satisfied with one strike? Also did you notice how she purposely used the hardest part of the shoe? This is black women in a nutshell, vindictive, reprobate degenerates who are constantly scheming and thinking of ways to inflict as much damage as possible on the unfortunate recipient, regrettably the people who tend to suffer the most at hands of her evil are her children. I counted at least 11 strikes against the child. Notice also how she had to force the child into position once her daughter began resisting because of the immense pain, this is your queen black men, look at her, you claim this beast as royalty? Black women have no clue about discipline, beating your child for minutes at a time completely removes the reason why the child is being punished to begin with.

Your average black woman in the 21st century is nothing short of being an unbridled, dysfunctional savage, in attempting to solve any problems brought to her attention, violence must be always factored into the equation, and you black men still want to deal with this woman? You are free to do as you please, however by engaging and interacting with the modern day black woman, you do so at your own risk. Therefore do not complain if your backside gets bitten by one, take it on the chin, accept your responsibility of the situation and keep it moving.

As I have stated before, the modern day black woman of the west and westernised black women are simply very poor candidates for dating, companionship and motherhood. The above videos explain some of the reasons why black women are the last choice when it comes down to dating and marriage, when you display such savage behaviour as what we have seen here, what man is going to be attracted to you? Also, would you want these animals raising your children?


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Most High Bless



80 thoughts on “Black Women Do Not Know How To Raise Children, Period – Short Post!

  1. Shalom brother;
    I must respond to this commentary as thoughtfully, thoroughly, intelligently, and biblical as possible. Now, as a Black woman myself, I do no wise approve of any ratchet behaviors, lewdness, debauchery, nor any other wickedness from anyone; whether male or female. Gender does not matter, only good or evil; righteousness or wickedness matter when it comes done to choices people make.
    Now, I going to get down to real business in addressing this Black women bad behavioral problems: For starters brother, virtually all these Black women that you’re speaking against are lost souls that need to be saved from damnation in the eternal lake of fire. Their horrible parenting and general wicked nature are only symptoms of much bigger problems than feminism. The main problems you’ve missed to mention are as follows: 1) the strong influence of Satan and his demonic hosts on these wicked worldly Black women; 2) generational curses passed down resulting from the sins of forefathers and fore-mothers; 3) males corrupted manhood and failure to take full responsibility/accountability; 4) females corrupted womanhood and failure to take full responsibility/accountability; 5) males failure to watch out for and protect against any dangers. As I’ve mentioned in previous comments, the men in each household, community, and nation are really more responsible/accountable for the ultimate success or failures of society since they are supposed to be the ultimate head of them: Again, how in the hell can the women who are supposed to be followers/helpers of men be more responsible/accountable than the men who are supposed to be the head/leaders of women for the ultimate outcomes of how whole societies; good or bad? Further, does this seems backwards logically that the subordinate suffers a heavier penalty than the leader for the same crime committed by them both? You’ve wrote many articles about the bad behaviors of Black women here, but you really have not provide real solutions that may help these women. I’ve been noticing a pattern of a growing number of Black men talking about all the problems of Black women and how they are mainly destroying our communities, but very seldom offer real solutions. I truly understand that many Black women do the same against Black men as well. I’m not excusing any of the wickedness committed by many of the Black women. To be quite honest, both the Black men and Black women are almost equally at fault for the downfall of our race and communities. David Caroll spoke on the many problems regarding the dysfunctional nature of both the Black men and Black women on YouTube. I hate to say this but many Black man are no better than many Black women at all. In fact, many Black man are not fit to rule because of their dysfunctional nature. Many of these men that spend much energy and time bashing Black women are unfit to rule anything because they are just as bad and wicked as these Black women if not worse. Why would I want to submit to the leadership of anyone who can’t even control one’s emotions. Many of these men are hyper-emotional and out of control. Look at Tommy Sotormayor, AKA Harris as a prime example; he sounds and behaves much more bitchy than the ratchet hair hatted Black hooligans virtually all Black women that he talks about all the time. Tommy also talks against all Blacks and even encourage White racist supremacy groups to kill/slaughter all Blacks that may pose a threat to them; that include me and you, Verbs2015. He also made death threats to other YouTubers for unjustifiable reasons. His followers does the same thing; they hate Black women and Black people in general before the great laughter of the whole world. It’s quite disturbing to me that we are the only race that air out all of our dirty laundry and each gender bash in extreme hatred against each other in front of the other races and they’re laughing their asses off at our drama. Other races are even profiting hugely off our dysfunction as a people. The other races find it quite entertaining to see Black men and Black women hating/despising each other. They just love love that! A Youtuber named Prophetofdoom008 have made many videos warning Blacks about our dysfunction as a people and how that would be our ultimate destruction. He warned that Blacks will end up back in chattel slavery or dead. He does offer some excellent solutions about fixing our own problems; however, he’s a lost soul without Christ though. I strongly believe as a saved believer in Christ that The Most High’s salvation plan and righteousness are the only real solutions to the Black women’ problems and the redemption of the whole Black race. Verbs2015, I’m not saying you’re a dysfunctional Black man at all. However, I must encourage you to provide some real solutions that may help save/redeem at least some of our lost sisters out of the wicked Babylonian matrix and the eternal lake of fire. MANNN, THEY ARE ETERNALLY LOST!!!…Unless we, as believers in Christ would preach/proclaim/teach the gospel of The Most High’s grace via faith in His only begotten Son alone; Ephesians 2:8-10. Then once their souls are saved from eternal damnation; these same women could be properly taught The Most High’s righteousness and holiness. For one thing, you should not expect lost Black women of the wicked Babylonian matrix to really necessarily act righteously because the Holy Spirit does not reside inside them. Yes true, lost Black women can behave morally at times, but they are still without hope until they are born again. Now, I can expect saved Black sisters to live as holy women, though. And no, I’m not encouraging to join some church organization to clean up their lives; that seldom work long term. These desperately need eternal salvation and learn/be guided by The Most High’ righteous word by the Holy Spirit; that’s what the need very badly. All one can suspect of these sort of Black women are as follows; their lost/hopeless condition, their generational curses, their upbringing/experiences, and even their influence/possession of demonic entities. We believers must earnestly pray for as much of our sisters as possible to be eternally saved and come out of this demonic Babylonian system to truly live as The Most Designed them as holy women to live. Brother, no disrespect from em at all. I hope I help you understand that Black women’s wicked behaviors and feminism are not biggest problems; it’s really Satan/his wicked hosts spiritual works of darkness that are. Satan/his wicked hosts are using these Black women/mothers to do their bid because they hate/despise them and you men as well. I must go for now; I’ll be back to write down several biblical scriptural references/solutions to the Black women/wives/mothers’ problems because talking about problems without real solutions will not make things better. We were are born in sin and shapen in iniquity; Psalm 51:5. Shalom.


    • Candice Sparks,

      I will try to deal with as much as possible in relation to your comment as you have written quite a lot. I have to wonder what bible you are reading from when you state that gender is not a factor. The Most High proclaims judgements against black women in Isaiah chapters 3 and 4 and in Ezekiel 13:17-23, to say that gender is not a factor is blatantly a statement of error. The Most High does not work in general terms, he calls out specific people for specific deeds that they have committed, have you forgotten Ezekiel 34 where the Most High states that he is specifically against the shepherds and will subsequently judge them for feeding themselves instead of meeting the needs of the people? Yet in the same chapter he further goes on to state that he will also judge the people for the wickedness that they have wrought among themselves. The first two chapters of Amos the Most High calls out specific nations that are in line to be judged for specific evil works that they have executed against others. The point here is that we read throughout the scriptures that the Most High deals with folks specifically, not in general terms.

      All of the issues that you said that I missed out on in this post I have already covered before in other posts, you should look at this post as a continuation of the rest pertaining to black women and their decadent behaviour. In relation to responsibility, black women were the first ones to act irresponsibly when they decided that joining the feminist movement and accepting fatherless home welfare policies from the state would be a far better option for them than maintaining a strong family structure and helping the black man to uphold the community through responsible child rearing. You cannot make judgements from the present standpoint, I have mentioned this before, you must go back into the past in order to locate the culprits responsible for the current degenerate state of the black family and black society as a whole. Black women are now reaping the whirlwind of the irresponsible choices that they have made in the past, this is nobody else’s fault but theirs. If you lose something in a park the first thing you will do is retrace your steps to where you were before you reached the present point in order to try to find whatever has been lost. This is why black women have to continually be placed in the spotlight, when we retrace our steps to the point in time when the destruction of the black family started, guess who we keep running into time and time again without fail, the black woman.

      You still don’t seem to understand that the majority of your sisters have sold out to this Babylon system, they are not interested in redemption, they are not interested in Christ, they are certainly not interested in the Most High and the things of him, they serve Satan, they enjoy serving Satan through their daily sacrifices and worship of the state, they enjoy the benefits that come with serving the state and they wouldn’t have things any other way. Again, what scriptures are you reading, the bible informs us that a REMNANT of our people will make it into the kingdom. A remnant means a small minority of people, therefore the vast majority of our people both black men and black women will perish, there is no way to circumvent this, what is written is written. Have you forgotten the words of Christ pertaining to the narrow road and how FEW there be that find it? You need to allow the reality to sink in that you cannot save everybody and that most of our people will perish. There is also another point to be made here, the majority of black women engaging in these wicked acts already profess Christ and most of them attend church, exactly what new thing are you going to introduce them to? Have you forgotten how the scriptures talk about how most of our people will remain blind, this is for a good purpose, the Most High is currently purging out the dregs and the scum of our people. Or would you prefer to have to deal with the same ratchet Negroes again in the new kingdom?

      The reason why solutions do not need to be mentioned here is because the solutions are obvious and are already bolted onto the problem. Folks have a brain and thinking capacity by default. If you want to go out to the shops and it is raining does anybody need to tell you to take an umbrella with you? If the weather is cold does anybody need to tell you to wear clothes that are going to keep you warm? If one of the tyres is deflated on your car does anybody need to tell you to inflate that tyre? If you have run out of eggs does anybody need to tell you to go out to the shops and buy more? If you clothes are dirty does anybody need to tell you to clean them? If you are hungry does anybody need to tell you to eat food? If you are thirsty does anybody need to tell you to drink water? Can you see where this is going, the solutions for black women are simple and instinctive, they do not require the mind of a rocket scientist to work out. Black women already know what is required of them, however because they are so infused and intoxicated with the fumes of this system, they are simply not interested in anything else.

      Of course, I fully agree that the majority of black men today are no better, however we already know that this is because of the irresponsible decisions black women made in the past concerning feminism aswell as their current stance on continuing to accept fatherless home welfare cheques aswell as other state benefits. In the case of David Carroll, he makes the good argument that people who request for solutions are simply attempting to get the scrutiniser to stop talking about the problems and that they are not really looking for any genuine solutions to begin with. As for Tommy Sotomayor aka Thomas Harris, he is a man that receives an incredible amount of heat for his position, not to mention the fact that people keep messing around with him and his family using the internet as their shield and hiding place. I really have to wonder how much heat I could take from strangers just for voicing an opinion before I would snap. His stance on black women as a collective is accurate, I personally have never heard him state that all black women are ratchet, you would have to show me the video evidence for that. When scrutinising and examining any particular people, you do not have to continually reiterate that you are not talking about all. There is no time to be nice about things anymore, besides if the nice approach was a solution then it would have worked from a long time ago. Black women as leaders are continuing to destroy the black community at the behest of their white father, how can anybody possibly be nice when dealing with this type of emergency situation?

      The problems in the black community are in plain view for everybody to see because black people are already at an incredibly dysfunctional stage, the laundry basket is broken, our clothes have already spilled out onto the street and the other nations are laughing at the fact that not only do we refuse to deal with the issues affecting us as a whole, but we also are carrying ourselves as if our problems are still hidden from outside eyes. You talk about redeeming the lost, however it is the Spirit’s job to redeem those whom he chooses, have you forgotten that it is the Spirit that draws the man not you or I? We are only supposed to sow the seeds, nothing more nothing less. Also remember that Christ stated that many of our seeds would fall on ground that would not be conducive for growth. The ICBI teaches that we are supposed to do more than sow the seed however this is not scriptural. Again, you have to accept that it is preordained according to the scriptures that the vast majority of our people will perish, there is no way that you can get around this and getting frustrated at seeing most of your sisters lost and heading straight down to Hell is not changing anything. You cannot rewrite prophesy.

      I fully recognise the spiritual element at work here however you need to understand that Satan uses the mechanisms here on earth in order to ensnare people, if you can break the earthly yoke then you can automatically be free from his spiritual grip. Black women have been cursed through an earthly system, that system must first be broken in order for them to be free. Albeit black women have become so attached to this system and are so in love with the benefits it brings that they first must be utterly broken in order for them to want to think about redeeming themselves. Finally on the solutions issue, once again as I clearly demonstrated to you before the solutions are obvious and instinctive, the real issue here is the fact that most black women as it currently stands would prefer to wallow in their own filth rather than clean themselves up.

      Most High Bless


      • Shalom Brother Verbs,

        I have been waiting for the longest to see a post like this. I have seen your other post but this is much more personal. My mother was born in West Africa and she came to England as a teenager without her parents but stayed with relatives. She then had me shortly after. She split with my father shortly after my birth and I was subsequently raised by my father until the age of two from the age of six months. He could not cope with working and paying for childcare (single father in the 70’s) and so he sent me to his/my mothers’ family back in West Africa. I had a wonderful time there (I remember from the time of aged three). Both sets of my grandparents were amazing, as were my aunts and uncles etc. I then return back to England at the age of four and it was hell from there. By then my father had re-married and I would stay with him from time to time (he and his wife again were absolutely the best parents) but my mother who regained full custody of me had a “boyfriend”, which did not last and then he had several others until I was seven. The hell came from my mother. She was the most ultra-violent woman I had ever met in my life. She was cold, intolerant, negligent, foul mouthed, and extremely sadistic.

        For minor infractions I would be beaten mercilessly or have something even worse done to me. She would strut about, high chested, “pushed out lipped”, letting everybody know “how well” she beat be. To everyone around, it was assumed that I was the worst behaved child on the planet. People would give me disapproving looks and would shake their heads and tut, as they thought that yet again, I must have done something terrible to warrant a good, flesh flying, beating or worse.

        “Crimes” I had committed in the home:

        Age 4 to 5:

        1. Being unable to figure out some of the mathematics she set for me, fractions especially was my weakness. Long division, long times tables, long subtractions. (I would be punched and beaten almost unconscious).

        2. Getting confused with writing p & q out of context or b & d etc. when practicing writing sentences or general “abc” type lessons. Spelling something incorrectly. Getting my some of my English comprehension wrong, as I had to read something everyday, and answer questions in writing about what I had read (same punishment as above).

        3. Getting to grips with telling the time using the clock (same punishment as above).

        4. Using incorrect grammar or dropping t’s in words such as water etc. (innocently trying to copy the cockney accent and not speaking the “Queen’s English).

        In fact, my mother did far worse to me than beating alone for all of above and below. If you are from a certain part of West Africa and a girl (woman now), someone reading this would know exactly the type of specific punishment I am talking about.

        5. Forgetting to brush my tongue or being too scared to thoroughly brush teeth because gums are too sore and bleeding from mothers’ sadistic remedial previous intervention.

        6. Being too scared to thoroughly wash privates for the same reason as above. How would she know, you may ask? As I am only aged 4 at the time, she had to supervise the washing of myself anyway. However, when I am done, she would run her finger along my front passage and have a smell and do the same along my back passage and have a smell. If either or both renders a screwed face, I would be forced to lie down and she would use a green kitchen scourer or the metal wired pan scourer to give down there a good scrub to teach me a lesson of how to keep myself clean. I would then have to endure days of having cotton wool soaked in neat surgical spirit or TCP or neat Dettol being squeezed and dripped down there to “heal” the raggedness she has caused down there and round the back.

        Age 6- 10

        7. Not being able to do the housework to hotel standard cleaning. One piece of fluff found on carpet after hoovering caused a smack around the head with the metal hoover pole.

        8. Being unable to get shoe dye stains out of white socks when washing socks or underwear by hand. (having head pushed into dirty soapy water bucket to “explain why water was not the colour of the stain on sock)”

        9. Not being able to say the Lords prayer in my West African language. Not being able to quote scripture as easily as an adult.

        10. Peeling too much skin of a potato/yam/plantain when first shown how to do it (I had my finger nails peeled/sliced off with a Wilkinson Sword blade, you know, the old school disposable ones you slotted in to that plastic BIC disposable armpit shaver thingy).

        11. Getting a school report saying “I was bright, but did not have confidence to speak up in class”. The beating I got “for not having confidence” made me believe that I had been “naughty in class”. I did not even dare ask what the word confidence meant, as I thought it was a negative comment that warranted severe punishment, when the teacher was only trying to encourage more of this “confidence” because she thought I was bright and did not need to be scared to make the odd mistake.

        There is a whole books worth of terrorism my mother single-handedly meted out on. I then do not appreciate then hearing one day from my dear brothers from GOCC saying to us, that we must honour thy mother and father regardless of what they have done to us as children because of the fact it is in the 10 commandments.

        My mother to this day, believes that what she did was right and in fact, believes I had it too easy and felt that what she had done was not enough punishment. “If you were back home, you would be dead” is what she used to say proudly but sadly, as she wished she was back home so that she could get away with “killing me”.

        Look, I will go for the jugular here. My mother used to “rape” me (with the insertion of ginger and scotch bonnet pepper, all mixed with chilli power, and push it far into my front part and back part her finger nail catching on the way up, for not doing or doing all of the above so-called crimes. From the age of 4 until 15. I left home at 17. Of course, I was not perfect. The worst I did as a child was to lie and steal. The lying was to try and conceal something I had done wrong, which did not actually require punishment but teaching. I was just after a while, terrified of what would happen to me if she felt I had been “naughty”. The lying or deception was actually what I had created that did not need to be there in the first place had I not been punished so severely for nonpunishable things, and that was the actual sin that I should have got severely punished for and I certainly did, on top of what she deemed to be bad behaviour.

        I also used to pretend to be speaking in “tongues” as it was a requirement in my mother’s house. If she could not hear it during prayer time, she saw this as the devil himself in her house and would then embark on a reign of terror, and accuse me of being a witch and then you can imagine what happens next………………

        This all comes from a woman who still today calls herself a born again Christian who is without sin and forced her daughter at the age of 11 to watch that “rapture” series you know, when that girl wakes up to hear the guy on the radio saying that people have disappeared and she goes into the bathroom to find the abandoned electric shaver in the bathroom sink and she screams, and then you hear that haunting song ” I wish we’d all been ready”…………..

        Mr Verbs, it’s over to you…………..tell me what in the Bible allows this?…………………I have waited 36 years to say all of the above so I have to say sorry mate, as nobody on this earth helped me and now I realise that all the while it was the Most High who has preserved me all of this time. It will still take me a while however, to ever believe that The Most High will forgive my sins though….

        Thank you,

        Your blog is spot on


      • Oh I forgot to clear something up in my last post. The list of things I have written below or above were considered terrible behaviour. My mother believed that I should be beaten like an animal for things I have listed and much, much, more. The lies that I told was very wrong of me but at the time I was trying to preserve myself from being tortured or beaten, or at least biding myself some time before being caught out for my so-called wrong doing.

        I will give you and example of this mind twisting technique as a child trying to survive. Please see this from a child’s mindset and not from me saying that I was right (as I am now speaking as an adult). Bear in mind that this mother is and was also a so-called devout, evangelical, born again, Christian.


        Constantly being brutally beaten and humiliated for being unable to get a irremovable stain from a sock I had done nothing to cause (as in I was not playing in grass or running around with just socks on. It had been raining and the dye from the material in my shoe had stained my socks blue/grey around the ankles because the rain had seeped in so it left a blue/grey ring I could not remove unless with bleach or something like that). I was not allowed to use bleach to aid the removal of this stain, just pure hard graft and elbow grease with my 5/6 year old hands and a tiny sprinkling of washing powder in what seemed like a gallon of water. I had about seven socks, one for each day of the week and each night I would have to wash one before bed and put it on the radiator to dry and wear a fresh one for the next day. Aaany waaay, as I had had enough of the evening beatings for this inability to remove the stain, I hid the pair of wet socks I was trying to wash one evening, in the bottom of my mothers kitchen bin, wet pair of brand new socks, which I stole from my mothers draw (which she stored for a rainy day when my old socks became worn out and holey) and put them on the radiator and and went to bed, think I would no for once get beaten for that particular thing. When my mother got home that night, she would usually wake me out of bed with a brutal beating because she would see the socks on the radiator with the stains still on them and she felt that it was a punishable offence. This time she saw no stains on these particular socks but saw straight through my deception immediately and I got the ginger thing punishment, which was always carried out anyway when I had not done anything wrong per se. She initially thought I had used bleach. At that time however, I did not know that bleach removed stains as I was only a little girl. I was then forced to tell her that in fact, I took a brand new pair of socks from her draw.

        You can imagine her glee when she saw my elaborate deception. Yes, how would a five year old child learn how to tell such a lie and steal on top all in one go? I know that answer to that now but then, I could not articulate to my mother that I was worn out from all the beatings. I could not tell my mother that making a spelling mistake was not a punishable offence. I was not taught that I had to practice to get it right. In fact. I did not have the right to practice anything, I was expected to get things correct there and then. I not allowed to make mistakes at all. So I lied about them to bide time. Please remember that I would never ever encourage a child to ever lie or deceive their parents or anyone for that matter. But I do understand why a child in that situation would lie. Secondly, if that wicked parent is religious, that child may be drawn to suicidal thoughts as they think that they are going to hell anyway, so they have thoughts of wanting to die or even go as far as hoping their own parents do not wake up in the morning, as I felt by the time I was 15. Because of my lies and deceit, as a child, (to protect myself), I have, to this day, thought that I should not speak out about what happened, as God will believe that I got what I deserved anyway. All of this, my stepfather witnessed and did absolutely nothing and because he did nothing, I was unable to tell my real father, as I thought he might agree with my mother and do nothing also. I actually thought at the time that it was normal for a child to be treated that way, especially as an African so I thought it was a waste of time sharing this with my secret African friends (I was not allowed to have friends either, as they were all “non believers”). Something in me at the time knew that I was not a naughty/bad child at the time, but I had to do something “naughty/bad” like lie or be deceptive in order to save myself an hour or so from torture. What a mind…………!!?

        in the 1980’s because smacking your child was fine as a form of punishment even in school, it was difficult to tell anyone about the fact that it went further than that, especially if you were an African child and everyone thought that Africans were savages anyway……………….

        Oh my, I need to say a prayer………all of this has brought back the enormity of the wickedness in my childhood but I only have God to ask for help, but I am too scared to in case he rejects me…..and this is because I lied and stole as a child when I should not have and therefore think that although the punishments for the things that were not naughty/bad was extreme, the fact that I lied to hold off the beatings, I can’t complain………….

        This has in some way been a counselling session for me and I thank anybody who reads this, for their patience with me………for taking up all this space to tell my story……..


      • Lilian,

        The west African mother is typically one of the most inhumane, barbaric and brutal savages on the planet, I should know because my mother comes from Nigeria, home to some of the worst black parents to ever walk the face of the earth. Its funny, not so long ago I had a discussion with a number of friends who are also Nigerian about how nasty Nigerian mothers can be, they all have some sort of horror story to tell though I have to admit that what you have told me has to be the most horrific account I have heard yet. I went through the wars with my mother, however my suffering was never to this extent.

        West African women pride themselves in how much damage they can inflict upon their children, I’m surprised that they do not have a think tank which is constantly thinking of new techniques of torture to execute. This goes back to what I stated before about the mother being jealous of the daughter, they hate the fact that the daughter is in the prime of her youth while the mother is growing old and miserable. What happened to you is a classic example of your mother taking out her self hatred frustrations, her jealousy and her envy of your position out on you. Again, I will stand by my statement that the majority of black women today are possessed by evil spirits. This is the only way that this type of lunatic, psychotic, psychopathic behaviour can be explained.

        One thing that I can say about Nigerians is that they revel in stupidity and proclaim it as intelligence. Everybody has to conform to the janky traditions and customs, they pride themselves in their stupidity and anybody who does not conform to the program is shunned and shamed. I have a Nigerian friend who used to get beaten by her ex husband, yet she was always expected to apologise to him as if she had been in the wrong. West African customs are a pile of rubbish because west Africa especially Nigeria has been westernised. Pre 1970s Nigeria was actually a decent place and the women were the same, today however it is a cesspool of decadence and degeneracy.

        Like I mentioned before, west African women pick the most horrific blueprints for disciplinary action available. They would be right at home in a torture chamber. Black women especially African women love to claim the born again christian title, they believe that attending church every Sunday will somehow negate the iniquities that they involve themselves in during the week. Here is an extract from my up and coming book on the Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure, this paragraph comes from the chapter I wrote pertaining to the black church and how it is completely dead:

        “Hell is enlarged daily to receive the souls of those black women who deceived themselves into thinking that church attendance alone without any genuine change of heart somehow would admonish them of their day to day wicked deeds and transgressions. They soon find out that this is not the case, as soon as they wake up on the other side a single first class express ticket to the bottomless pit is immediately slapped into their hands and before they can utter “Lord Jesus” a not so friendly servant of their father Satan escorts them swiftly down into the center of the earth where they will spend the rest of their days being tormented, wallowing and suffering in pain until that great day of judgement, much like the pain and the torment they themselves inflicted upon others when they walked upon earth alive.

        The Most High holds no respect of persons and black women are in no wise exempt from this declaration. I have always believed that those who decide to use the gift of life given to them to inflict pain, misery and suffering upon the lives of others out of nothing more than spite, hatred, envy, jealousy, bitterness and a plain evil mind, do not deserve to live themselves”.

        There are no scriptures that condone what your mother did to you, contrary to popular belief honouring your father and your mother is conditional upon them bringing you up in the correct and appropriate manner. A person is under no obligation to respect and honour their parents if the parents treated them like absolute garbage for the time that they were in their care. Black parents especially African parents truly believe that they can treat their children like rubbish and that their children are supposed to accept the rank treatment simply because they are the parents. I really have to laugh when they claim to believe in Christ.

        Black women worship and pay homage to the state, they are under instruction from their white liberal slave master to destroy their seed, this doesn’t always mean via abortions, it can also mean destroying the minds of her offspring. Being beaten so badly and heavily can tire you out, I remember how I felt after being ‘disciplined’ by my mother, the pain coupled with the tears were enough to beat any exercise program. I can also relate to being woken up by blows from an iron rod, a slipper, a wooden stick or anything that my mother could get her hands on. This is what black women call parenting. I remember watching a boy from the Caribbean being beaten with a shovel by his mother.

        One of the worst things is the relatives of the mother(aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters etc), they will back the mother regardless of how degenerate her actions are and it is you that is expected to apologise to her. I am reading your account and so many things are coming to mind. Black women get more enjoyment out of punishing you than they do seeing you do well at school or doing well at some other activity, they lack the ability to praise their children for the good that they have done, they are much like a terminator, always looking for an excuse to complain or to beat you up. Black children have it so hard in the home, harder than any other race of children on the planet.

        Your perception of the Most High is not accurate and is clearly based upon the ICBI interpretation of him, under no circumstances would he forsake you or punish you because of what you did in the past having already repented. Unlike man the Most High look as the entire history behind specific events, this is why his judgement is righteous. The institutional church’s image of the the Most High is of a power who can walk out and abandon you at anytime. The Most High is not pleased with the institutional church beast in the slightest, it has not performed the function that is was supposed to, therefore the Most High is pulling down all of these churches for not fulfilling their full responsibilities.

        There are no restrictions on this blog, you are free to write as much as you want. What you have recalled is the typical life of a black child, and you are right, we are lead to believe that this type of torture and punishment is a normal part of black life. This is one of the reasons why I go in so hard on black women, they have much to answer for. They believe that they can destroy the black community and then go off into their corners believing that no judgements will come upon them, the majority of black women have a rude awakening coming, especially due to the fact that they believe that they can be wrong and strong.

        My mother too believes that how she treated me when I was younger was appropriate. She has now fallen to ill health and I honestly couldn’t care less anymore, I cannot and will not tolerate those who cannot be honest, even in her sickly condition she still cannot be honest and genuine about the hell that she put me through, this is most black women today, nobody can tell them anything, they are never wrong about anything and every wicked deed that they execute is somehow justified. I have been studying black women for a while now so I know exactly where you are coming from. This is one of the main reasons why I deal with black women as little as possible, because they have become such a cancer and a curse upon the black community.

        The sad thing is that the pro black, back to Africa squad will still continue to uphold this brute as a queen and stand proud to call her the backbone of the community. Even they are unable to call this woman out on her debauchery. I have said this before and I will say this again, well to do, intelligent, progressive, honest black folks must separate themselves from the frauds, how pro blacks can never call black women to task on the evil that she is carrying out day to day is beyond me, it is almost as if they have a glitch that is built into their minds to where their brains will immediately reset themselves whenever they see their ‘queens’ up to no good.

        This is yet another example of what we are taught to accept as normal behaviour in the black community, I’m sure that you may have come across this video already:

        Stay strong, the deprogramming and decontamination process continues. Your account simply confirms exactly what I have been saying about the majority of black women, they are a bunch of devil possessed, wild, uncontrollable savages who are heading straight down to the bottomless pit. Much appreciation goes out to you for sharing your account, more youngsters need to know that such savage abuse from their parents is not normal at all.

        Most High Bless


      • Shalom brother;
        Thank you for your timely response. I do appreciate your concerns about the most important issues at hand. I may just hold off on the scriptures for now to reply to this specific post. I agree with you that The Most High does not always use general terms when it comes down to gender, nation, and spirits, etc. However, I never said that everyone could be saved. I realized that the majority of Black women would never be saved because they are going to do whatever they want to do anyway. I am still hopeful and do pray to The Most High for the few Black women that are hopeful to get saved and come out of their wicked doings and lifestyles: For the few souls to be saved from damnation; only The Most Host Highs truly knows. We don’t know everything about His overall working; our understanding is quite limited. I sometimes wish I was a different nationality because I’m very very tired of being a part of a group of people who are looked at as the most ugliest, meanest, savaged, wretched, and wicked in the world. You’re right, unfortunately, far far too many Black women; at least 85%-90% worldwide have became these disgusted stereotypes viewed by the rest of the world. I’m coming to the point where I’m beginning to dislike being a Black woman anymore because it has became too painful to me. It pains me so much to hear all this damn negative/awful things said about Black women in general, especially from far too many Black men. I as a Black woman myself cannot help to personally feel this tremendous pain because of how messed up far too many many Black women are to the point of virtual hopelessness. I may soon make a public denouncement of being regarded as a Black woman and just declare myself as a Hebrew Israelite woman. I must try hard to publicly separate myself from the European created Black woman if all possible to find some peace with who I am in The Most High. Too me, Black is just a color lacking real power for human rights sake. I accept full responsibility for being a Black woman which is living a lie within this Babylonian matrix for many years. I’ve been working on undoing all this ugliness about being this Black woman. For one thing, the European powers-to-be created the Black/Negro/nigger man/woman in order to uncivilized them into domesticated animals. As far I’m concern, the European created Black/Negro/nigger man/woman are the real savages, not the true Hebrew Israelites. The Prophetofdoom008 Youtuber made many points about the difference between Blacks/Negroes/nigger/other European given by-words and African people categorized by tribes/nations. I’ve actually came to the same conclusion about the European created Black man/woman years before I came across the Prophetofdoom008′ channel. Blacks/other European given by-words are considered 3/5th humans/subhumans and Africans categorized by by tribes/nations are actually a people according to The Most High: The former is counterfeit & living in lies and the latter is real & living in real truth. These ratchet ass Black women had accepted the counterfeit position and lies by personally deciding to continually behaving in such shameful and savagely ways. I cannot accept this counterfeit classification; the Black woman anymore because it really embarrasses the heck out me as such.
        “The reason why solutions do not need to be mentioned here is because the solutions are obvious and are already bolted onto the problem. Folks have a brain and thinking capacity by default”(Verbs2015): I TOTALLY AGREE!
        “As for Tommy Sotomayor aka Thomas Harris, he is a man that receives an incredible amount of heat for his position, not to mention the fact that people keep messing around with him and his family using the internet as their shield and hiding place. I really have to wonder how much heat I could take from strangers just for voicing an opinion before I would snap. His stance on black women as a collective is accurate, I personally have never heard him state that all black women are ratchet, you would have to show me the video evidence for that” (Verbs2015: Yes, Thomas Harris receives an incredible amount of heat for his position and people keeps messing around with him and his family because he brought much of that on himself. For one thing, I used to feel very sorry for him for all the pain and abuse he went through growing up as a child: Further, he mentioned how his mother and other some adult females had abused him when he was a child. I do feel with him on that because I was betrayed by my mother many times and ceased communications with for years: That took me a while to come to that conclusion. I was also often ostracized by many family members & other Blacks for not being Black enough for them. However, there comes a point of time where one must grow the hell up, get over it, and move on. I no longer feel sorry for Tommy, because he has proven to be one of the biggest hypocrites, an habitual liar, and a total fraud from many of the videos I’ve saw about him. He is also a major flip flopper and actually in love with the enemy (White supremacists who want Africans back in chattel slavery & killed). For one thing, I despise his kind because he defrauded many unawares and actually provoked many Youtube fights with many other Youtubers; not to say that others didn’t do him any wrong. Another thing, why in the world would I even trust someone who would betray or even have you killed by murderous blood-lust/thirsty enemies a drop of a hat over very petty child-est BS anyway! You asked me to send you video evidence of the idea that he said all Black women are ratchet; Honestly, I may be unable to provide you with such video evidence. But, there are far more than enough proof/evidence of his hypocrisies, lies, frauds, and fights he actually started himself unprovoked: I’ll be more than happy to provide them to you here. I hope you stay as far away from his spells as possible because he is extremely poisonous, unstable, and dangerous. I hope I can upload several video evidences here with much ease. If I succeed, you may find yourself angry and outraged against him after viewing these. I’ll get to work and I may have to upload a limited number of these videos because they are far too many. I will also provide titles and Youtube channels for you to feel free to visit. If after you view enough don’t convince you the blatant hypocrisies, lies, frauds (Fatherless America documentary?), bestrayals of this devil, Tommy, to count him wicked and unworthy then I could not see your defense of him as good because he clearly proven to be what he is. He have the blatant audacity to always readily criticize others about the faults/wickedness when at the same time he is no better or even worse so he is in no position to correct others when he fails to look in the mirror himself. I despise what he has become so I can never side with such a person at all. I’m sorry, but I lost all respect for Tommy even if many things he said about Black women are true. He’s a grown ass man, so he needs to grow the hell up first before he can tell others how badly they are behaving. It’s one thing if he was a decent Black man like David Caroll or another brother by the Youtube channel name TheAdviseTV, speaking on the ratchet and wicked behaviors Black women, but Tommy is way out of their league. He sickens me to my very core. Believe me, it took me a long while with great pain/disgust to come to my conclusion about Tommy. I’ve watched plenty of videos about this devil and he had better turn from his wickedness or else WOE ON TO HIM AND HIS VERY SOUL! I’ve said enough on him. I do respectfully apologize for misunderstanding you on many points I made on my last commentary, but I will not/cannot apologize for what I’ve said about Thomas Harris because he has brought great disgrace on you Black men and more people are standing against him for his wickedness. My heart was very heavy and aches much as I was writing this whole commentary because my beloved Hebrew Israelite people are in grave danger for much death and destruction; I oftentimes do not like knowing the truth. But you’re right, the majority of my beloved Hebrew Israelite people are hopelessly condemned to the eternal lake of fire. Shalom and stay steadfast in the truth. Be abundantly blessed always.


      • Shalom Mr Verbs and Candice,

        Why is it that our mothers always like to quote that verse in Proverbs about hating the child if you spare the rod?

        You know what my mother did on my first day of school? It was not that tender moment of the teary eyed mum waving to her child at the school gates, wishing her all the best etc. on her child’s first day. No worries about whether her child would make friends or avoid bullying. NO. My mother took me roughly by the hands, and marched me straight to my new headmistress and pulled out of her bag, a duck tape-up thick wooded spoon
        (small version of what one would use to cook fufu or pounded yam or banku) for those who are not African, it’s just a small version of a rounders bat or small version of a baseball bat. This particular wooden spoon had been snapped several times whilst used to “discipline” me over the years so by now the handle had been taped up and put together with brown tape or duck tape. Aaany waay, she went up to my headmistress to introduce me and herself. She then proceeded to tell my new headmistress about my tendency towards being a “very baad girl” and that she should take the wooden spoon to use to beat me if I “stepped out of line”. My new headmistress, nervously laughed, telling my mother that, “surely that won’t be necessary, I am sure your daughter will behave like the little angel she resembles. I’m sure we won’t need to take such measures, we pride ourselves in teaching our children right from wrong with lots of lovely stories from the Aesops fables and from our daily reading of the children’s bible, and from the examples set by our older children.”

        Was that good enough for my mother? NO. She stood in the corridor shouting and threatening to remove me from the school, as their disciplinary approach was too softly, softly, and that someone like me needed to be ruled by an “iron fist”. The headmistress discreetly, begged my mother with as much polite, red faced reassurance, that there was no need to take such drastic actions and told her that none of the other children had ever had more than a “tiny” tap on the back of their hand with a ruler if their behaviour got out of hand but never in the history of the school, had a child required such “colonial battery.” I look back and hear those words and I can only laugh………..”colonial battery” that’s a good one. Even she, the white woman, knew that even her forefathers were wrong in the way they treated the likes of my mother’s ancestors during slavery and did my mother notice such a “put down” comment from this white woman? NAH. My mother forcefully pushed the spoon into the heardmistress’s hand, insisting that she had many more of those spoons at home.

        When my mother finally calmed down, no thanks to the headmistress’s attempts, my headmistress took me by the hand gently and walked me to my new class, leaving my mother standing there like a fool in the corridor. I turned around to wave at my mother and the headmistress squeezed my hand gently, saying, you will be safe here my dear, your time here will be the best days of your life. As we turned the corner, she stopped, snapped the spoon in half accross her leg and dropped it into a bin and continued walking. She was right, school was the best time of my life, as I always burst into tears once the bell rang at the end of the school day, knowing that my evening would be the night from hell.

        My only regret is that I never told any of my teachers in primary school what was going on at home, as corporal punishment in school was still legal at the time. They did notice terrible scars on my back, arms and legs but there is no evidence I can find now, that showed that anything was done about it. When asked how I got them, I simply said “I was naughty again” and the teachers would leave it at that.

        It’s funny though, as I had shared everything that had happened with me with my school friends at the time, they were too little to know or understand horrific and serious nature of the situation, and I know now that they too had similar experiences, so we all thought at the time that it was unfortunate, but normal within our black community. DisturbIingly, every morning of the school week, we would show each other our “war wounds” from the night before and try to make light of the whole matter by laughing at “who got the most licks”, who’s mum used what furniture. There were some kids who became “proud” and it became a competition as to who was able to “survive” the worst licks with the worst weapon of the week. There were constant comparisons with much outward laughter, but I bet most of us were dying inside. Honestly, we were like the crew from that horrible film, the Deer Hunter or worst still, Platoon. We even, more disturbingly, had competetions about whose mother had the worst temper ” Africa versus the west Indies”. It was alway concluded that the African mothers had the worst tempers of all and we were somehow sickeningly proud of our “mothers, almighty strength” . How shameful…………..

        Like Mr Verbs said, It’s as though the mothers seem more supreme by the amount of pain they inflict on their children, like they feel they deserve medals, and we as litle children, inflamed our mother’s pride by still clinging to whatever scrap of love we believed they had for us. The fact that we were alive from their abuse, was not good enough for some of these mothers. They would always say that if they were back home with us, they would kill us, throw us in a well or deep ditch somewhere and brag and lie to relatives that they sent us overseas to get a “better edication”.

        I must say that I made a mistake when I said that nobody on this earth helped me with my problems. When I was writing the post last week, I was overwhelmed with much sadness and caught up in my sorrow that that statement was slightly untrue. It was not a deliberate lie at all. I meant that no ADULT in my family on earth helped me.

        My friends, however, when I got to secondary school, tried to help, which was amazing. One evening after school, my friends advised me to stay behind and speak to one of our female teachers and explain what was going on. She had to inform our head of year who was male (I make this specific point because I had to later learn the hard way, never to go to a man for help even when I was accompanied by a female. My mother would accuse me of “sleeping” with any man in authority, who made any efforts to help me in my situation), as our headmistress was in a meeting. He took a statement from me an my teacher and called the social services. The social services came to collect me directly from the school and took me to their offices. Here is where things got worse for me. They said that it was best that I stayed at home and endure things for a few years and then leave home at 16. They explained that going in to care would be the worst decision they or I could make for me but they did not explain why at the time. They simply urged me to trust them, that foster care or a children’s home was not an option. I did not know at the time but that statement was a blessing in disguise. If you watch the news nowadays, and what took place in Rotchdale recently, Lambeth in my day, and the Barnados and church institutes, those social services were scarily/prophetically right. Can you imagine that an instutution that are meant to have a child’s safety and wellbeing at heart, are telling a child to rather deal the devil they know that the devil they don’t? There is no way at the time I could get my head around their rationale though. I screamed and sobbed, begging them to therefore take me to a relative and there was no way I would be going home that night. They said that in order to do that, they would need to go to court first and that would take a day or two to organise. They strongly suggested however, that even if that were the action they’d take, I would have to “brave it at home” for one night first. They also said that there was no guarantee that a relative would be willing to take me in either. I begged them to contact my father, but they swore blind they had no way of getting hold of him and they were mindful of the fact that he may not be “allowed by the courts” to take me in. I then said that to be left at home with a parent who now knows that I reported them to the social services, could potentially cost me my life. They said they would drop me at the door and cross that bridge when they came to it. They did not seem to undertand that this would not make a blind bit of difference. They were still leaving me there. They then said that I would just have to pretend that the London transport was delayed or lie and say that I stayed on at school to get help with homework or something.

        I just ran out in tears and went straight to the police station, which was again a massive waste of time. They, in fact, took me home and sided with my mother about her method (she lied and told them I only got a slap from time to time and that I was overreacting) of discipline and attributed it to “love”. Because, thanks to me, my mother’s house was immaculate. Her house was also nicely furnished, the police assumed by that alone, that “I was mad to want to leave such a lovely home”. That I should be happy for parents that were “fiercerly protective of my wellbeing” and there are parents out there who do not give two hoots about their kids………………….they too said that if I hated things that much, I could “hang in there” until I was 16 then leave………. You can only imagine what my mother had done to me once the police left………………..It is only a miracle that I am here to tell this story today.

        I never got over my terrible childhood for many years, as I always believed I deserved everything I got and that somehow, I was “just not getting it” regarding the difference between abuse and discipline. The bible was always used to justify such savagry from my mother, that I grew to accept it in a “numb” type of, “zombie” like way. Family members that did know what was going on, could not imagine that my mother would take such drastic measures to discipline me unless I had done something terrible. They assumed that I was telling lies against her and too embarrassed to confess the things that I had done. They would talk to her just to say that she should not let her temper get the better of her. She would always somehow manipulate them into thinking that she was “doing her best” by me. The family members would just sombrely walk away with parting lectures about how “lucky” I am to come from such a lovely home and that the children back home would “kill” to be in my place……………….

        I also believed, but still learning not to believe that because of the sins I committed to “preserve myself” from the constant abuse, I should not speak out ever against my mother’s treatment. In west Africa, they think that no matter what your mother does to you and the odd mad father, you have to let it be, as they are your parents and it is unheard of to speak against your parents no matter what. Soem also go as far as saying it is “Gods will”

        Has any one been accused of being a witch or warlock as a child?……………………..


    • this is the most stupidest racist post i have ever read I am a black woman and no way in hell is anything true about me what you put in this post I dislike this post another attack on black women I can’t stand this stuff. This attack against black women started in Genesis with lucifer . this is not true for all black women


      • Propeshynewsandviews,

        Had black women been responsible and accountable creatures from the start, there wouldn´t be such a backlog of iniquities to deal with in the present day. The modern day black female´s day in court is soon approaching, they will be held responsible and accountable for the skulduggery that they have wrought upon the black community with their own two hands and there is nothing that they can do to escape that coming judgement. In like manner, I hold a heavy disdain towards black women who continually manufacture excuse after excuse for their transgressions instead of owning up to their wrong doings, saying sorry and thereafter making changes for the better. This is why I stated in the book Negro Wars that the modern day black female much prefers death over life.


      • so you hate black women understood. are you even black yourself ? Even if you are is this the way you view your mother and your grandmother and if you are you have fallen heavily under the Willie Lynch syndrome turning black men and women against each other


      • Prophecynewsandviews,

        False divinations and lying enchantments every step of the way, it is the modern day black woman who has been using the state and the western feminist system against the black male for the last 50 years. The Most High has been pressing it upon me to warn black woman of their coming wrath and judgement if they do not abandon their mission to destroy black men and black society in general at the behest of their white liberal father. The daughters of Zion have become traitors and hard headed heartless assassins in order to be able to indulge in the scraps and the crumbs falling from the white liberal´s table.

        I don´t hate black women, I simply understand them, the wicked plans and schematics that have been handed down to them by their white liberal father in order to keep black society fragmented and what black woman are truly all about. Sorry, exposing the wicked and evil deeds that black women are partaking on the daily does not equate to “hate”. Black woman already turned against black men with the advent of feminism aswell as the welfare state, you are 50 years behind the times. What does my mother and my grandmother have to do with the daily gross misconduct of black women as a group?

        The emotional, nonsensical “your mother is black” argument will not fly here at Slaying Evil, nor will the false “you hate black women” rhetoric either.


      • you have called my vision false divination . Divination is witchcraft in which I do not practice that is blasphemy . The Spirit of the Living Ahaya (Most High) lives within me so I guess that ends our conversation. I guess you think that black men are all good. I will leave you to that thought sin comes from both sides let’s be fair . you sound just like adam oh it is that woman that you gave me that is what he told the Most High . Black men have no wicked and evil deeds in your book ? how one sided that is . You sound like you got really hurt by a black woman. and you are lumping them all in the same group . that is evil I don’t know what more to say to you. sounds like racism. and willie lynch


      • Prophecynewsandviews,

        Witchcraft and enchantments are exactly what you are dealing with when you conjure up a vision which conveniently gives black women a pass(as per usual). Black men have always been held to account, black women haven´t and as long as things have remained this way black women haven´t had a problem. Now that true equality is being brought to the forefront and black women are finally having their feet held to the fire of accountability for their transgressions, all of a sudden there is a problem. Black men have been scrutinised, examined and criticised from day one, its now the turn of black women to be placed under the microscope, be thoroughly examined and deconstructed.

        Exactly what part of the modern day black woman´s behaviour would Christ be pleased with, twerking anywhere and everywhere, vandalising property, stealing weave, stealing from other shops, assaulting people for being different, having bastard child after child, leading the world in sexually transmitted diseases, abusing their children, killing their children whether born or unborn at an alarming rate, sleeping with so many men and not knowing who the father of her child is, are you seriously trying to tell me that the Messiah had nothing to say to you pertaining to the delinquency of black females?

        You should read the book Negro Wars where I deal with all of the excuses and deflections black women use when they are being examined, all of these deflections you are using here I have already deconstructed in the book. Because I refuse to associate with the female bad apples of my people, this now makes me a pusher of the Willie Lynch syndrome??? Typical black woman, you inject words that have not been mentioned in the conversation. There is not one place in this conversation where I have condemned good black men and good black women and lumped them in with the scum buckets.

        Black women could have run the “mistreatment and abuse” line successfully maybe 30-40 years ago, however today the tables have now turned, black women have become the most violent and prolific hooligans on the planet bar none and because of their extremely violent nature nobody will take them seriously when they claim they are being physically abused. In 2015 black women have now become the principle abusers, not the ones being abused. Youtube and other social media outlets are great places where this fact can be illustrated.


      • I am a black woman and no I do not believe in partying taking advantage of people never have and never did. but now I understand what you are trying to say . This should be said about any abuser . No I am not a diviner. and No I do not defend people who are wrong it does not matter if they are a black man or black woman wrong is wrong and yes sin needs to be corrected . But what I also see is many who are discovering that they have Hebrew Israelite heritage on the streets screaming at people . When we all need to examine ourselves first and fix ourselves before passing judgment on others . but I understand sin needs to be addressed no matter where it is coming from and it needs to be repented of


      • and i did not conjure up anything see a false dream and a vision is dealing with witchcraft and I ain’t no witch … As I told you I do not condone sin . I repent and move on . I am not practicing witchcraft by telling you about a real vision that is not made up . at the time I had this vision . I was not even thinking of anything of this nature as far as black women or men . The Most High gave it to me and for that I will not apologize I am filled with The Holy Spirit . So you are bordering on blasphemy calling me a lie because I am not a liar I hate satan and his fallen angels. I’ll take on a serpent by his neck . I know who I am in Christ and I am not ashamed of my Savior . When God tells me to do something I do it . If it will help someone and for that I will not apologize


      • I love my dad dearly but I am one who was raised without him because he abused my mother I had a very bad memory of it at 2 years old and you are calling all black men good and black women bad . not to mention my mom had been through a brain injury from a car accident just months before . and you say black women are not victimized and mis treated please…. spare me posts like this stink to heaven with God


      • by the way i want to stress I ain’t mad at you because you might have been hurt by someone really bad . and for that I am real sorry.


      • and maybe you are the person that I am to share this with . I had a vision of the Messiah in West Africa he spoke with me how he shared the scars that his brothers in America have but he showed his sheer displeasure at how they treated their women. He was not pleased . I tell you this that a woman is the glory of the man . When the black man dishonors his glory how does he look to those who hate him anyway. I hope me sharing this vision he gave me help you in some way blessings


    • BLAH BLAH BLAH and on and ON Black females and their Jesus worship and blaming of others is just tiring. I had to peruse the above article written by this female who labels herself as Black which is just another way to say Nigger. Blacks on the whole require a what to read list gosh. And as she outlined the tenets of Feminism she preceded said outline with a denial that Feminism is the cause. READ MORE BOOKS PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE not just an adulterated form of the Bible but real actual information on how the “race” which allows themself to be referred to as Black came to be in this current position. Grants Fanon, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Neilly Fuller PLEASE


  2. Shalom brothers and sisters,

    Broher verbs my mother is from Ghana………..

    Sister Candice,

    We should quite rightly pray for our brothers and sisters, but the compassion for them is wearing thin on my part. When people like them see a post like this, they will think that we are all praying for them so they can/will continue their crap. It is, of course, extremely embarrassing to know that our race seems to be the only ones who cannot simply stop and take time and reflect on their barbaric behaviour and STOP IT right now. When Jesus saw the community about to stone an adulterous woman, in spite of his telling everyone to cast their first stone if they felt they were without sin, his still acknowledged HER sin and told her to GO AN SIN NO MORE. If you have a belly ache after eating a certain meal, it is highly unlikely that you will eat that specific meal for a while or ever again. Before that decision is made however, you will investigate what caused you to have the belly ache in the first place, such as checking if it was cooked properly, had it gone off, and so on an so forth. What I believe Mr Verbs is saying in all his posts ultimatley, is that these women will stop IF they want to stop. No amount of prayers we say on their behalf will make a difference unless they actually care that they are wrong and change their lives subsequently. No one needs to pray for someone to remember to replace a loaf of bread in their fridge when it runs out, no one needs to pray for someone to remember to brush their teeth in the morning……………..and only God truly knows the hearts of these black women and their weak minded men. So we have to leave it to him to take care of if he himself wants to take of it. We are the ones in this blog who know not to treat people in a nasty and disrepectful way and in fact, so do the nasty disrepsectful people. I would like to ask, however, if anyone of us have the courage to approach a parent who is beating their child in public and tell them to stop and call the police if you have to. I have taken the risk of being beaten up by a parent on my estate by telling them to cease from treating their child like trash. She asked me “or what”?, “I do not know what her child did for her to be punished, so I should mind my own business” she says. I told her from what I could see, she felt her little child was lagging too slowly behind her and she was dragging the child to keep up. The foolish cow then say’s “yeah and?” “he needs to hurry up cos I’ve got things to do”. I told her that her one stride is four for him and he practically has to run to keep up with her, as he is only a little toddler. I asked her what was it that she had to do so urgently that she could not leave earlier to accomodate for how long it would take for her child to walk the same distance as herself but with smaller legs? “Cha! mind ya business woman before I box you”, is what all she could think of to tell me. The child had done nothing wrong at all. The child was just small and could not handle the walking pace of an adult. That adult, his mother, could not give a toss.

    Candice, the way this woman dragged her child along the pavement and then pulling the child’s arm as though it would be dislocated. Even garbage men take care when hauling trash into the lorry. The woman was going no where important, I can tell you for a fact. She would do this every morning after dropping her older children off to school and go straight to her mates after to get her smelly weave re-touched or at the very least, trying to get to the Jobcentre on time to sign on and lie to the staff that she still finds it difficult to look for work. They give her a hard time, she gives her little one a hard time, taking out her frustations on him.

    On the subject of Tommy Sotomayor. He is not coming from a biblical standpoint, and he does not need to, and I think that is why it’s hard for you to stomach what he says. A lot of what he says, he is actually being sarcastic to a point of insult but almost everything he says is actually correct. He has never ever said ALL black women are so and so. He makes comments based on the videos etc. sent to him and he simply SAYS what others should. Some of the nasty things he may say is just a non-violent version of what certain people in society deserve. He goes on about “snow queens”. I do not find it insulting in the context of which he is speaking. He is demonstrating certain decent standards we as black women should set for ourselves.

    Mr Verbs says that violent sadistic behaviour towards children is typical of west African women and he is dead right. White people are disguisting in their own right when it comes to certain things, but more often than not, we who are biblically and racially meant to be the so-called kings and queens of this earth are not deserving of that title. Even on the poor estate that I live on, it’s always the blacks that bring on trouble on themselves, the poor whites have their issues, but the women are not standing around slapping their children like rag dolls. It is in extreme cases you find poor white messing with their children and that’s when it hits the papers and the news. Whereas it is frequently and everyday that you see black mothers treating their children like trash. It is not just the violence, it’s their mouth also. I have not to this day, ever seen a poor black father who has the odd opportunity of being with his child, dragging his children up and down the street, slapping or kicking them. Not ever. I have seen black guys beat/slap up their wives but not their children. I have also come to the conclusion that unless the black guy is on drugs or having some sort of mental issue, nine times out of ten, if he lashes out against a woman, it is because of her abuse towards him in some sort of fashion. I have seen many west Indian/African women verbally insult their husbands for being “illiterate” and shout at the top of their heads for all to hear, how “stupid” her husband is, he is good for nothing, etc. This guy may have just literally just landed from the boat and finding his feet and you have this westernised girlfriend/wife of his who have not enough respect for him. Whatever happened to helping your man out? Why not teach him how to read, why not help him out with an application form? Most of these guys you will find that in spite of their being unable to read or write or speak proper English, are the best builders, electricians, chefs, plumbers, mathematicians, farmers, painters, decorators you can find, and could teach their son/daughter a thing or two if you gave him a chance. Yet we women keep our children from him, undermine him in front of our daughters, treat his son like an animal and we wonder why these men jump straight into bed with a white woman, another woman, or simply stay with us but give us sharp slaps from time to time (I do not condone domestic violence at all, but I can understand why some black guys get that way from time to time, its because that is the only language some black women like to communicate with/understand). It’s alright for black women to pick on their daughters or sons but it’s not alright for her husband to use the same correction method……………………hypocrites…………

    Sis, Mr Verbs and others like him, including Sotomayor, are right. The mirror we love to look at in the morning to style our hair etc. We should take another long hard look. We should Stop fufilling Willie Lynch’s wet dreams……………

    Sis, I have said all of this as a friend in Christ and not at all to critise anything that you have said because there are lots of things that at on point…………….I love you all as brothers and sisters and I come in peace with my comments. I have learned a lot from what you have said also. Wretten words seem much harsher when you cannot see teh friendly face of the perfson wrting it. Love to you sis, Lilian.



    • Lilian, after reading your other posts, wow, your mother sounds like a colossal BITCH, sorry to say, your are very blessed indeed to have made it out alive, I too went through some hell from my mother growing up, I’ve been punched, slapped, kicked, slammed into walls, thrown unto the floor, had everything from bottles to a stool thrown at me, even had my head slammed down onto a mahogany wood coffee table. I’ve been beaten with belts, broom sticks, mop sticks, keys, boards and my father (R.I.P) was no saint either, he used to beat me with extension cords, on top of that he was very abusive to my mother. I can definitely understand your pain. of course my mother has curbed her violent ways now, but I occasionally get cursed out by her………….

      Another thing, despite how fortunate you are to have escaped with your life some were not as fortunate, just last year, here in Antigua a young girl lost her life at the hands of her brutal and abusive grandmother
      feel free to peruse the comments section

      the grandmother is currently in prison but she was very well known especially by my step-dad’s family


      • I wonder why our mothers have sooo much pent up rage, anger and hatred? When you look at their wedding photos, they look so happy. Where did it go so wrong? And when you look at these women, a lot of the time, they are so tiny, short in height and petite. You wonder where they get such physical strength.

        It brings tears to my eyes because there is no need for their wickedness. What are they so scared of that they cannot let go of this? Are they somehow addicted to this powers? We, their children, are there to rape them, we are not there to break their hearts, we are no physical threat to them. What is it? How can you inflict so much pain on anyone let alone your own flesh and blood?

        Why do they refuse to seek help?

        It sends a chill through my spine each time……………


      • ” We, their children, are there to rape them,” What? what exactly are you trying to say?

        A lot of the rage and anger primarily are the residual effects of slavery and colonialism which lingers from generation to generation. My mother grew up in an abusive household, my grandmother had almost all her children by married men and she was basically the head of the household and she used to rule with an iron fist. My mother used to tell me growing up, that no one wanted to grow up faster than her, and her best time was either at school or when her mother wasn’t home. She also used to tell me of the many days they used to go hungry, nothing to eat because of my grandmother’s refusal to work. My grandmother is a devout Adventist Christian, and no one can dress like her. She’s got more clothes in her wardrobe than a Macy’s warehouse and she’s a total spendthrift and majority of the money she receives from her children goes toward clothes. When she visited us from Guyana in 2011, my mother almost fainted to see her at the airport, she looked frail and beat up, because she doesn’t eat well when the day comes, she’s in her mid 7o’s but after 3 months with us, she was looking like she was in her 50’s again. I could go into a dissertation that could fill encyclopaedias, but my mother was wise enough to realize that the abuse she used to inflict on me was a result of the abuse she endured at the hands of my grandmother, of course she saw the light after I “retaliated” against her one time, but the downside is, I still have to live with her, because jobs are so hard to find here….


      • Nidotopian Warrior,

        I used to believe the anger and rage being related to the residual effects of slavery theory until I conducted some research and discovered that the black family was 85% intact from the abolition of slavery in the mid 1800s up until the civil rights era in the 1960’s. The residual effects of slavery and colonialism doesn’t explain why these problems we are currently suffering had leap frogged previous generations and had decided to first land on the generation in the mid 1960s.

        If our current problems are related to slavery then the generations closer to the emancipated slaves would have been dealing with the same issues, but they weren’t. We also couldn’t have had such a high number of stable two parent households if black women were behaving in the same manner back then as they are today. This is a bone of contention that the pro black squad cannot answer for. Black women did not become dysfunctional individuals up until their acceptance of feminism and fatherless home welfare policies introduced by western governments. The root of the current problems with black women is recent.

        The way black folks dressed and carried themselves before the end of the civil rights era was far more respectable and orderly than they do today. Shirt, trousers and shoes was the standard dress code back then, don’t take my word for it, take a look at some photos online for yourself. The residual effects of slavery theory cannot work, it has simply been introduced by the pro black crowd in order for them to maintain their victimhood position and to be able to continue blaming the white man for all of their troubles. This is exactly why I cannot take them seriously when they talk about wanting to build, how can you build anything while at the same time maintaining the mentality of a victim?

        Victims typically are looking for handouts and sympathy, I have yet to see anybody construct anything of worth whilst still holding onto a victimhood mentality. I could understand blacks using the victimhood mentality if it had gotten us somewhere, alas we have assumed this position for the last 50 years and it has profited us nothing whatsoever, in fact we have been going backwards as a people instead. No, blaming feminism and fatherless home welfare policies doesn’t fit the pro black position of “woe is me, blame it on whitey, we are suffering from the residual effects of slavery”. I do acknowledge racism still very much exists, however I will not lie and apply racism where there is clearly another cause to blame.


      • Verbs, I know what I am talking about, remember, I grew up in the Caribbean, particularly in Guyana Feminism was virtually unheard of as a concept during its inception and a lot of the things that Lillian outlined in her commentary were actually pretty common place in many households, my grandmother was born in the late 1930’s and she experienced a lot of Lilian’s episodes herself from her own mother during the 40s and onward until she left home.


      • Nidotopianwarrior,

        I fully understand what you are saying, the point that I am making is that before the civil rights era these cases of abuse amongst black folks were not the general trend, they were exceptions to the rule, this wasn’t the common theme being played out in the majority of black households. Fast forward to 2015 and we see that the script has completely flipped, the majority of black household which are now predominantly run by single black mothers are literal war zones.


      • I am so sorry, I meant we, there children ARE NOT there to rape our mothers so what are they afraid of?……………..


  3. Candice Sparks – Lilian – Nidotopian Warrior,

    You’ll notice here that everybody has lived through a horrific upbringing, yet and still we were taught to believe that this type of violence was normal. This is the black community worldwide in a nutshell, and very few people want to talk about this pertinent issue. Here is another example of abuse this time courtesy of a mother from Trinidad:

    This is just one of the main reasons why I go in so hard on black women, they are taking the community deeper and deeper into the abyss and most people are still rallying around these lunatics, praising and exalting them as if they are not doing anything wrong. This is a major crisis and it has been this way for a long time, yet those who claim to love black people and want to look out for them will not touch these types of issues because black women are involved and “we have to respect and protect the black woman”.

    Well, common sense should tell them that not all black women conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy for them to be respected, in fact most black women in 2015 don’t. Black women as a whole simply have no clue how to apply the rod, beating your child for minutes at a time is not how to do it. I still stand by my statement, the majority of black women today have become a curse, a burden, a menace and a pestilence to the black community as a whole and not talking about the ills taking place within the community has not made the problems go away.

    Again, these are the fruits of feminism in full bloom. It funny, Advise Show tv did a video today about how many black men are angry because of the mistreatment many of them have received at the hands of their mothers:

    Had black men had a voice at the same time that black women did in the 1980s, 90s and early 2000s I don’t believe that things would be so bad today, however because black men have had to wait for the internet, there is such of backlog of things that we need to get off our chests, this is why it seems that all black men are doing is complaining about black women, we have only recently been given the opportunity to voice our concerns and set the record straight on the many lies that certain cadres of black women have spread about us.

    Funnily enough it was first a guy on youtube called Avenue Rants followed by David Carroll and Tommy Sotomayor who have helped me put the pieces together concerning the modern day black woman and why she is the way that she is. Certain folks want to talk about white supremacy all day, however they are afraid to call out and deal with this black female monster within our midst. Christ told us to remove the beam out of our own eyes first before concerning ourselves with the faults of other people.

    If blacks are really serious about building then they are going to have to decontaminate their own house first before they can confidently point towards an outside enemy as the cause of their troubles. The victimhood mentality is pervasive within black society. We have been blaming white supremacy for the woes in the black community for a long time now and where has it gotten us? The masses nowhere however those who have placed themselves as leaders over our people and have been merchandised our own have profited greatly from having us complain only and remain in the victim position.

    This is exactly why I stated before that there will be no revolution for black folks as a collective and that those who are serious about moving forward had better break off from blacks as a whole and instead look for like minded individuals who seek the same path. Black folks are indeed their own worst enemy, getting off your duff and actually doing something is frowned upon and scorned, yet sitting on your backside and constantly complaining is revered and respected. What kind of a decadent people have black folks become?

    We are the ones as it currently stands who are bringing the most woes upon ourselves, yet we are all too willing to blame the boogie man hiding behind every tree. Divided we stand and united we fall, I remember that Christ also stated that he came to bring a sword and division, hence the brewing civil war between the progressive crowd and the victimhood crowd.

    My church beast book is finished and should be available on Amazon within a week or two, my book on black women is also almost finished and should be available shortly after that. At this late point in time I could really care what names and slogans black women and their simp supporters throw at me for questioning their decadency, these issues need to be brought to the open in order to create a discuss and a dialogue. Black women believed that they could run amuck and continue their death ride unabated.

    As I have stated before, the pre heated grill of accountability is ready for its first service and black women are to be the first slabs and joints to be placed upon it for roasting. I do not hate black women, I simply hate the savage beasts and monsters that the majority of them have become and I also understand them enough to explain to others what is going on. Some jobs are not nice and involve going in hard in order to bring about change, holding black women accountable for their actions is one of those not so nice occupations.

    My advise to you all is to stay away from the scum in order to prevent yourselves from being contaminated. It simply does not profit any black person with a functioning brain, intelligence and common sense to stand up for black people as a whole anymore, there are way too many bad apples currently among us.


    • Shalom Mr Verbs,

      Shalom to Candice & Nitotopian Warrior,

      Mr Verbs,

      Again, you could not have put it better. I saw the clips you guys showed above from Antigua and Trinidad.

      It’s classic that you say that the internet has been a tool to finally get a lot of pent up stuff off our chests. Or parents are lucky we were not the type of people that picked up knives and guns and went on rampages, doing Columbine shootings etc. Our mothers are lucky we did not smother them at night. I am eternally so glad that our generation has finally woken up and speak out about it. In our childhood we had a kind of Stockholm syndrome going on with our mothers. We still loved them no matter what they did to us. That is the Most High’s intervention towards our sanity. I mentioned in an earlier post that many of us children would spend hours in the playground “comparing war wounds” when we should have been running around playing tag or skipping with a long rope or something, which we did too, but we were more pre-occupied of working out techniques of who to get our mothers of our backs, which sometime resorted to grand deceptions and advising one another to wear extra layers of jeans, or to wear long sleeves before being beaten. I saw many “sticks” being thrown out of windows secretly by children especially during the holidays. We found it funny at the time. I saw many torn up text books hidden near bushes so that their parent would not find the hardest maths equation they knew was too advanced for their child and that the child would be subsequently beaten for being unable to figure out the sums etc. I had one child tell me that their mother had a bamboo stick at the top of every door in the house so that she had easy access to it in whatever room the so-called crime was committed.

      One dangerous observation I made growing up with these mothers was in households of “step-fathers”. Oh my days, this was a breeding ground for rape and molestation especially for the girls and it was equally a breeding ground for boys who would be regularly punched, kicked, and battered by their step-fathers because these little boys were a reminder of who their wife had slept with previously so the step-father felt insecure and felt that the little boy “had to pay”.

      Even more dangerous is when the mother has not learnt from the previous reason of the break up of her first relationship and starts taking out her crap on the new man in the house. She also starts on the child already produced in the first relationship. If that child is a girl and BOTH the girl and step-father are being abused single handedly by this ONE woman, what do you think is going to happen? FOUR NASTY/UNGODLY THINGS!!!!!

      1. The step-father sets his eyes on the woman’s daughter for so-called “comfort”. He uses the young girls depression and vulnerability to “groom” her to eventually emotionally become dependent on this man. This girl starts to open up to her step-father about her feelings towards, her treatment in the home by her mother. The step-father encourages the girl to verbally vent her frustrations about her mother’s violence etc. The girsl th becomes bold enough to declare to her step-father about her intentions of leaving home as soon as she can…………you guys I am sure have heard lots of stories like the one I am stating here. The step-father grooms the girl to eventually “fall in love” WITH HIM and for the girl to see him as her saviour, so to speak. SHE starts to slowly hate and despise her mother. The step-father, over time, tells the young girl how beautiful she is, how strong she is to get through her mother’s abuse, promises to protect her, takes her out to but her clothes, takes her to see her friends, her friends comment how lovely her step-father is compared her mother. The step-father slips in that he will ensure that this young girl fulfills all of her dreams etc. NOTICE HOW THERE IS NO MENTION OF TRYING TO LOOK FOR THE GIRLS BIOLOGICAL FATHER! Over months the man leans in initially to offer hugs, and eventually it leads to small kisses, and stroking of the girls hair and done in a sly, mock, fatherly way………. then BAM one day, the girl come home from school and is essentially raped by that step-father who has “decided to take a day off from work”…………….. I say essentially rape because, over the course of the months, it is highly likely that the girl will NOT say NO to this beast of a man. Now rather that seek help for both himself and the young girl he takes advantage as a grown man and decides to embark on the paedophilia route.

      The girl in this situation will conceal this from her already beast of a mother who is herself abusing this child.

      2. A full blown affair can take place between the child/teen-aged girl and her step-father following years of grooming.

      3. A boy in this situation may find himself sharing a household with a violent mother and her new violent husband. Both parents are witnesses to one another’s abuse towards the child and do nothing. The boy can also be sexually abused by this man or be murdered.

      4. Either girl or boy may attempt to to commit suicide or murder their parents. They may join a group of unsavoury people outside of their abusive homes and become gang members or prostitutes. They may be taken in by the social services and abused in foster care.

      Do their mothers care????????? Absolutely not.

      I know men and women who have told me all of the above. And the common denominator in the whole thing is that when they initially told their already abusive mothers what was happening, the mother would side with the step-father. It is a lose, lose situation. Because the child is already living with an abusive mother before this beast of a man joins the household, the girls would actually/usually be accused by their mothers of seducing their husbands and the girl is thrown out on the streets to fend for herself….

      The boy does not fair well in that house either. He is often told by both his mother and step-father that he will end up like “his good for nothing deadbeat father”, he will amount to nothing in life, beat him, batter him, rape him, you name it. That bot runs away or is thrown out on the street to fend for himself.

      The step-father is in some cases abused by the child’s mother too. That is why he MAY set his eyes on the children of the house.

      THE TRUE scenarios I have stated above are even more so disgusting is that these were meant to be CHRISTIAN households…………….Can you believe this mess. This is from the home that is run by a BLACK WOMAN……….

      Guy’s it’s over to you…………….


      • Shalom sister;
        I must apologize for not responding back to you in a timely manner. I’ve been a bit busy and had to respond back to Verbs2015. I love and enjoy this blogsite. I’m so glad to non-accidentally happen upon this growing community. I do feel hurt at times on here when it comes down to things said about Black women. Much is appreciated of your input. I must say that I am extremely troubled and disturbed by all the abuses against children, especially little children in many single mother homes headed by many Black women. Let alone, all the depravity and debauchery committed by far too many Black women to just ignore. It hurts me to my very core to see so many Black women engaging, associating, and ignoring all the evil done by so many of us. Your personal story just touch me in many ways that would take too much commentary on. I will of course give more of my intake on these issues with Black women. You should comment on here more often because you have a lot of excellent input on this commentary. I’ll be keeping in touch with all you brothers/sisters in this community. Much love and respect to you sister. Shalom.


    • Oh, and another thing,

      Why is it that our mothers have all the time in the world to do all kinds of pointless things but have a favourite saying of “Do you think I have time to be sitting around teaching you how to do your homework? Do you think I have time to stand around cooking all day for your greedy self? Do you think I have all day to wash all your smelly clothes?, Do you think I have time to read you a bed time story? Do you think I have time to comb that nappy head of yours? Do you think I have time to be running around behind you? Do you think I have time to come to your school to speak with your teachers?

      Ohhhhh, but they have time to sit in the hair dressers all day doing their weave/braids/nails for Church,

      They have time to sit on the phone all day, cussing their husbands/children to their friends.

      They have time to be in the kitchen all day cooking for the pastor and his wife for Sunday but be damned to cook a nice meal for her husband and children.

      She can spend all day out shopping for herself (because “Lord I derserve be pampered)” but would angrily storm around the shop when it’s time to buy your school uniform and shoes.

      They have time to stand there and “beat” you all day……..

      But do not have time to stand there and cheer you on when you have graduated from school, take part in a school play, competing in a sports day event. They do not have the time to teach you maths, english, science homework. They do not have time to explain the meaning of the bible they force you to read as a child, they do not have the time to teach you small, small morals, proverbs or folklore like our grandparents did for us.

      They have time to beat you all day though……………………

      They would spend years reminding of of what you did when you wer 7 years old but forget that you have a schol trip next week and pretend that you did not give them the letter from school.

      They embarrass you by not paying your school meals for the week or the month but seem to find the money to visit someone “back home”………………….

      Please feel free to add to the list of the things these so-called Christian black women fail to do for us children.

      OOHH, and you see how it is that our wonderful grandparents were always there to rescue us, take us in when our parents messed up, yet as soon as WE start a family, check out the stinking attitude of our own parents, our mothers especially.

      They say things like, don’t look at me to babysit for your children. I do not want no grandbabies in my house (because she is still trying to look like mutton dressed as lamb)……..It is just disgraceful. They say, hmmmm, babies are so expensive, don’t be knocking on my door looking for food etc…………………

      This is how Indians, Somali’s, Arabs, Chinese/Japanese/Filipino’s etc. put us to shame. They insist that the whole family stay in one household. They insist that everyone pulls together for each other. They look after each other’s children. they take care of their parents. They want their children to do well in life and not suffer. They are the only types of races that are more than happy to work and send money to their relatives back home if they live apart. Try asking an African to send money home to their family and hear the vulgarity that comes from their mouth and then they turn up on a Sunday “looking for finanshaal break tru in da name of Jesos”

      I mean what??????


      • This post had me cracking up. Its hurtfully funny but I too can relate. But one resolve i have had as it relates to my parents and my children (if/when i should have them) is that I would never leave my child alone with my mother, father or stepmother. After how those three neglected our care and abused us for all our lives, i would not risk putting my child in any of those peoples care, not even for a minute. I remember how we were worked to the bones like slaves and beaten for the least little thing by my step mother, while my father said/did nothing and most cases justified her abuse because she took us in to our own family house when we were babies. My mother on the other hand was just walking distance from where we lived and she just turned a blind eye to what was happening to us, only later confessing how she would pray and cry to God for our deliverance while not lifting a finger to help us in anyway. When i remember the things we went through to this day I am traumatized. I am not a violent person as a result…thank God. But like Lillian, when we were little i thought we must be horrible little scoundrels to deserve this much torture and neglect from our parents but as I got older and started looking back I realized we literally weren’t doing anything that wasnt normal for kids or things we werent forced into because of our parents iron clad rules. I literally almost died on my way to school because of my stepmother, who wasnt working at the time, insisting that I turned back to wash kitchen towels before I go to school, hence making me late. I dont even think I can forgive her for this and its been over 10 years. I haven’t even told them that it happened. Other things I have forgiven, some I cant and the reason is their feeling of entitlement. After not lifting a finger to make life as a child in any way pleasant and my toughing out the hard times and doing as well as I could in school, I am now considered the success of the family. And they all credit themselves for my success, thus the feeling of entitlement to my pay check. No one has ever said sorry for what they have done, but they feel we are supposed to take care of them and reward them for what they did to us. I often hear that my step mother tell people where I grew up how ungrateful I am because I dont give her money every time she asks for it.
        My step mother was responsible for most of the physical and psychological trauma but my father had no problem partaking at times or allowing her to obliterate our psyche while my mother just prayed. None of these three people are better than the other. they are all responsible for ruining mine and my sisters lives. I have overcome some of what I experienced as a child but many of the scars still live on and affect my daily life.
        This is a link to a post I wrote about it because sometimes we just have to get the feelings out. I am often surprised by how many people have similar experiences to me because growing up I thought my life was the worst but we all thought that hence we all suffered in silence.


    • We also need to stand up for the current children of today that are suffering. We cannot be complacent and think that we have survived this ordeal clean. Our generation have children now. How would we manage a child who shows of her knickers on line? We have had years of believing that the Trinidadian mother’s method is normal even though we hated it ourselves. I bet, however, that our immediate instinct is to take a belt also and then regret it later as we have years and years, decades really of disciplinary indoctrination to wean off of…………

      Booy, what to do, what to do…………….


    • And last but not least,

      Although our own mothers did not go out there and show off their knickers on line (I mean the naughtiest thing I saw when I was little in the public medium was white women posing in page 3 of the news paper), our mothers, of course did not dance up on videos with all to see etc. What on Earth possessed that Trinidadian young girl to do such a thing? Her mother does not look like someone who would do such a thing herself………….in fact she looks as though the Trinidadian mother had her daughter in her 40’s. I honestly thought it was her grandmother beating her at first…….do we soley place the blame in the mother’s court on this occasion regarding the child’s behaviour? The mother did indeed have no reason to carry on so and for that long at all. I mean in the end I too nearly forgot why the child was being beaten in the first place and was pleading for

      BUT who are these people who stand theer and film these things and allow this abuse to happen.

      There is a book out there called “a child called IT” by Dave Pelzer. This is, however, about the abuse of a white mother to This white child who is now a man, Dave Pelzer. You thought my story was bad, read his……………however, years later, his younger brother comes out with a book making excuses as to why he did nothing to help his brother and even described how he often helped his mother in causing the horrific pain and downfall of his older brother and even confesses that he actually enjoyed it sometimes………….he tries to grasp some sort of symptathy however by saying that he was too scared to get the same treatment so he just went along with what his mother instructed him to do………..

      NOW who is the person filming the clip with the baby in Uganda being beaten and humilated by her mother, who was seduced at one stage by God knows what, who was filming the Trinidadian mother beating her child, and do you see the other young woman who comes in the shot behind the mother to get something out of the kitchen and walks off without batting an eyelid. They are no different than the brother of Dave Pelzer. They just have cameras and computers now, they have facebook and twitter, and none of themcan use those tools to call the police??????????????????????

      A black woman would be quick to call the police if her husband smacked her around for parading in weave all day, she would be quick to call the police if her husband decided to drag her down the stairs for taking too long to put on layers of make-up and false eyelashes, she would be quick to call the police if her husband punched her in the face for not doing the housework……….

      But let the child call the police on her mother and the mother is right there with a bin liner full of the child’s clothes waiting a at the front door……..saying “bring it on”…………


      • According to the Trinidadian mother, her daughter was a problem child who had been going off the rails since her father abandoned the family. Apparently, the young girl was very close to her father and after he left, they were never able to be in contact with him. So the young girl no doubt was looking for male attention and validation in all the wrong places, the mother also said that the beating was a last resort and that she had tried everything from getting her counselling and grounding her. The daughter has spoken in defense of her mother since the incident, it had received international attention and according to the mother, she (daughter) was coping quite well considering, but me thinks, the daughter was putting on a front for the camera and she was embarrassed as hell. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a facebook account back when I was in school.


    • Shalom brother;
      I have been thinking long & hard about a lot of things you’ve been saying; especially about the plight of today’s Black women. I must say that what you have been saying about Today’s Black women cannot be ignored nor denied at all because many are actually lost causes: As painful as it is to me personally as being considered a today’s Black woman myself; I came to the conclusion that I will no longer debate with you on this issue at all. This may just be your divine calling; not mines, so I must stay out of your way by not taking what you say about today’s Black women too personal. I know you’re not talking about all today’s Black women, but the majority of us. I confess, I’m just distancing/disassociating myself as far away from all the scum/crud as possible. Further, I will not defend anyone, including Black women engaging in any form of debauchery/decadence/depravity/wickedness at all. You’re right about how the majority of our people will perish at the end: I’m not speaking of just mortal death, but also immortal death in the lake of fire for all eternity. As far as I’m concerned, I’m over all this and will keep it moving. As far as Tommy Jerome Harris, a.k.a. Sotomayor of Fraudulent America; I’ve noticed that more videos exposing all his filthiness, wickedness, lies, deceits, ratchetness, and frauds are being systematically deleted/shut down because he don’t want this truth about to be exposed. But, it’s far too late for that. As an old saying goes something like this; as Tommy spend a lot of time just pointing his fingers at others, many more are being pointed right back to him for the very same things and more hes accusing others of. This bastard is extremely scandalous to the utmost degree. No need to say anymore on this liar: I will provide several titles/links to videos exposing his ass: A Fraudulent America (Sellouts Betrayal Fraudulent S.O.B Lien Scams Artist)/, Fatherless America Scam: Tommy Sotomayor’s Own brother goes in on him/, Tommy Sotomayor has a white baby mother and another son/ A fatherless America inconsistencies/, Tommy SotoMayor threatens yet another you tuber!!!/, & The End Of Tommy Sotomayor’s Career./ Now, I’ve provided both the titles and links for all 5 of these videos: I’m not as savvy as some of you are when it comes down to uploading the videos themselves on this blog site. This information is here for all to see for yourselves. You can even check public records out about this liar/fraud and how he has left his own children fatherless & raised by single mothers and failing to pay child support for them as well. You can check actual child support demand cases. He also was accused and charged/arrested for assault and battery against a so-called ex girlfriend; that also can be searched on public record as well. There’s much more bullshit on this damn coon. I hope that all the racist White supremacists that he sided with against Blacks turn against him as further proof of his baffoonery/coonery. All I can say on this is Tommy Jerome Harris Sr. is most definitely done with and a goner as far as I’m concerned. That’s all. Shalom.


      • Candice Sparks,

        Seeing as you are not involving yourself in the same decadent practices as the majority of black women, you have an obligation to separate yourself from the filth and to continue remaining separated from them. I understand the urge to defend your sisters, I talked about this in the book Negro Wars, however at the same time it must be remembered that the same reprobates you defend in love will turn on you without hesitation when it suits them. These same delinquents hold you in no honour nor do they respect you. It is a hard pill to swallow however you are going to have to accept that most of your sisters are contaminated and are going to perish. Remember, the Most High always begins with judgement at his own house first, hence the reason why I go in so hard on black women, they have no idea of the high level of wrath is coming down the road for them.

        As for Tommy Sotomayor, I cannot believe the outstanding child support claims at all because I have seen several videos where he has been stopped by the police or in one case where the police came to his house, his information was checked out and he was never arrested. If he had any outstanding warrants for child support then the police would have most certainly taken him to jail immediately. As for the other videos you posted, the likes of Tariq Nasheed and Jason Black have an axe to grind against Sotomayor, therefore I would have to take their information with a pinch of salt. Somebody may actually be showing you records of a person that has the same name as Tommy Sotomayor and trying to convince you that this is him.

        Be careful who you listen to and what bandwagons you decide to jump on. One thing I should warn you of, if Negro Wars or The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure become best sellers expect to hear a barrage of lies and unfounded fabrications dished out on me aswell. This is how this world works, in fact I dealt with the church and how it deals with folks who speak out against it through its propaganda machine in my first book.


  4. off topic, Verbs, are you following the Papal Visit of Pope Francis in the USA? the media is in a frenzy with all the various religions and their leaders playing part in the circus and in a few days Oprah Winfrey will be unveiling her new documentary called “Belief” which features Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and African tribal religions. something tells me, this is not a coincidence… what is the game here I wonder.. why now? any ideas?


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      I suspect with the fact that world is currently in such a state of disarray they are putting out the feelers to see how ready folks are to accept their new system of tyranny. I know that this particular pope is a complete piece of trash, everything this pope is calling for is anti human especially in relation to his stance on climate change. I also believe that he is also going to be the main cheerleader in attempting to bring all of the different religions together. He is now beginning to prepare the way for the Antichrist though most folks are too blinded to see what is taking place before them, they cannot connect the dots. Trigger point is coming soon, real soon.


  5. hey Verbs, did you see last night’s blood moon? interesting how it came a few hours after the pope’s final mass in the USA


    • Nidotopian Warrior,

      I’m am just about to check the blood moon out on youtube, Pope Francis is being revered like a superstar. This is exactly what I wrote in the Institutional Church Beast book, folks now worship clergy leadership instead of the Most High and Christ.


  6. Praying won’t do you any good. Never have, never will. The ills of our people are due to our sad economic state. After slavery & colonization, most African people had no other choice than being (or trying to be) self-sufficient. They couldn’t go where whites went, they couldn’t eat where whites ate, they couldn’t shop where whites shopped, so naturally, they had to provide their basic necessities for themselves. This is what caused the emergence of several “black wall-streets” in USA.

    Then, they/we (I’m Namibian) suddenly got the idea to integrate our money into their economy, instead of just staying separate (like Malcolm X said) and do for selves. When you don’t OWN & CONTROL what you consume, you’re just a consumer, and consumers are POOR. When you’re POOR, shit usually starts to happen (increased violence, children out of wedlock, crime etc) .. I’m not adhering to the “black woman is god” doctrine, but I ain’t religious either. The whole “Deut 28 curses” thing, if anything, is the epitome of self-victimization. The “fact” that a people is supposed to suffer 2100+ years after some guys chose not to follow a couple of commandments is preposterous, especially since there’s no archeological evidence proving the existence of those people.

    The fact is that those who are supposed to be the BUILDERS, PROVIDERS, PROTECTORS of our communities, our brothers, FAILED SPECTACULARLY. Women, regardless of ethnicity will usually FOLLOW the LEAD, if they know that their male counterparts are capable of doing such. That’s why you never see white women completely abandon white men, because they KNOW who helps them enjoy that white privilege at the end of the day. The white feminist movement ain’t going nowhere.

    Blaming the ills on the state of our community today on our sisters is just silly. And not only that, you’re WEAK and a COWARD. People follow people who LEAD BY EXAMPLE, it’s as easy as that, and I can honestly say that we, as black men, have FAILED SPECTACULARLY at that, the last 50 years. And that goes for the civil rights generation in USA, those who fought colonial oppression in Africa, and elsewhere in the diaspora.

    When you’re not self-sufficient, you’re at the mercy of those who ARE. Pure and simple. My tip to frustrated black men is to GET OFF YOUR ARSE, stop playing videogames, stop buying sneakers, stop protesting, stop praying, stop marching, and start BUILDING something for yourself, your sisters and the generations which come after you (presumably) . We’re lagging behind economically, and as a result, we’re lagging behind in everything which requires an economy to operate (science, technology, infrastructure, everything) . Stop being a coward, there’s no god that’s coming to save you, and to think that there is is nothing short of PERVERSE thinking. Nobody likes to talk about the collateral that this murderous god of yours is responsible for. Tens of millions being killed in the 2 world wars, the Armenian genocide, the Herero/Nama Genocide, the genocide of first-nation peoples in the Americas, the EXTINCTION of the Tasmanians, the genocide of the Australian aborigines and so forth. “I suppose their previous generations transgressed your desert-god too?”

    Come off the spooky shit and GET TO WORK before it’s too late.


    • Mandumeyandemufayo,

      Economics has very little to do with the current plight of the western Negro as there are poorer black folks in other parts of the world and they do not suffer from the same dysfunctional behaviours as western blacks. Poor white folks who live in trailer parks do not suffer from the same dysfunctions as western blacks, therefore the economic argument as far as I am concerned falls flat on its face. I agree with the slavery of blacks being talked about in the bible however as I have pointed out many times before the death of Christ broke any curses that were upon us. The majority of suffering that black folks are going through today is self inflicted.

      No sorry, the failure and the first cracks in black society were brought about by black women adhering to the white feminist movement aswell as their acceptance of fatherless home welfare policies. This are facts and history you cannot circumvent. Since then black women have continued to widen the gulf and increase the failure of black society through digging their heals even deeper into feminism aswell as continuing to subscribe to government assistance in place of a father. Simping for black women will profit you absolutely nothing whatsoever. I can place the blame pertaining to the degradation of the black community upon black women because they are the ones who have made the historic errors of the past that have lead us to this point in time.

      On the contrary, it could equally be claimed that you are also weak and a coward in that you can clearly witness the destruction black women have brought upon black society for yourself and yet you still refuse to check them on it. Soft, weak, lame, milk toast black men such as yourself are the reason why the black community continues to trundle down the toilet at a rapid pace, always giving dysfunctional black women a pass no matter what manner of evil they carry out.

      I agree with you on the fact that black men need to stop complaining and start building, which is exactly the reason why I have written the book Negro Wars, at least black men can finally begin to understand the true intent of the modern day black female and who she truly works for. You cannot move forward as a people without first dealing with your problems as a people. Believing that you can bring about a restitution to black society without first having to deal with the delinquent black female savage is simply a fool´s errand. There is a specific verse in the bible which talked about people such as yourself coming along in the last days and rattling off similar rhetoric. 2 Peter 3:3-4 reads:


      2 Peter 3:4 – And saying, WHERE IS THE PROMISE OF HIS COMING? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

      You position is nothing new, the bible saw your type approaching a long time ago. It is typical for God to be thrown out of the top window whenever societies begin to crumble and fall apart. If the world were improving then maybe I might be persuaded otherwise, however since this world is going to hell in a hand basket and mankind is becoming a dumber not smarter race of individuals, I will stick to believing in my desert God over ever changing worldwide folly thank you very much.


  7. Some of the things going on has a lot to do with the Deuteronomy 28 curses people need to return to Torah


  8. White People can be abusive too I seen it , black people can be abusive too I seen that, asian people can be abusive and so can hispanic people they can be abusive . I really do not know if this blog is posted by a real black person , because it does not seem like it looking at the response on the comments . There are some really bad white racist people pretending to be black online spewing venom on black people . Please remove all my comments from this blog posting thank you


    • Brother Verbs, I am sure, is black alright, as he has made numerous references that only black people know about. All he wants is for the guilty black men and women of the horrific behaviour they have displayed in life, is to stop. That’s all. If we are the chosen ones so to speak, to be the future princes and princesses on this earth, then our behaviour has to be that of someone who deserves that title. The Most High knows each of our individual flaws and he also is fully aware of our individual skills and talents, and as long as we acknowledge that fact that we are indeed NOT perfect and then allow and believe that the Most High will restore us to our former glory, then that frame of mind will indeed manifest into something great and beneficial for all of those around and and ourselves. It is harsh truth and there is no getting away from that. We cannot involve ourselves in the evil that others commit, but at the same time one has to make others aware of the evil out there, as we are living in a world now where “good” is deemed bad and a waste of time, and “bad” is deemed aaallll gooood. This will confuse our current and future generation of children and we have to ensure that their wellbeing, spiritually, morally, etc. is well maintaned and our priority, and in order to draw out evil, like a boil, we have to lance it in order that it is drained and no longer an infective component. This is essentially what I think Mr Verbs is doing. Lancing the boil of society and drawing out the infectious inhabitant that is making our society sick.

      White people have no qualms about “bringing out the evil” in their societies. I mean, they produce crime documentaries, and report crimes in newspapers etc. to show that they too do not tolerate serial killers, rapists, paedophiles etc. Asians too do not tolerate disloyal family members or, Arabs, are also overly strict about how their societies are run, and so on and so forth. Every race on this earth have some nasty characters and the decent people are the ones that do their best to put a stop to it. Just because we all make mistakes, does not mean that we should all just get on with it. We should all have our individual relationship with the Most High to address our own issues and deal with them appropriately. However, there are major issues, which are effecting our society on a major scale and there are a few people who are just sick and tired of witnessing such disgusting behaviour, behaviour which certain people absolutely refuse to stop and it is extremely shameful and damaging.

      Hardly anyone writes to the director of a documentary to complain about the crimes that have been committed in his community and the fact that he has documented them in film or in a book, and albeit the director may be getting paid for the exposure, I doubt that if any compaints that are made, are about the fact that he is a “white man” and “his mama white”, and his “siblings are white”, or “someone had serial killed your family for you have a problem with all white men” and all that foolishness. The director/author is also aware that not all white men are serial killers and not all white women are gold digging husband killers either.

      For those who have children, I am sure that before they leave the house, we have on many occasions, warned them of the type of people they need to avoid and even the neighbourhoods they need to steer clear of. We also sternly coach them regarding how they behave when they are outside, we teach them to have manners, respect, and we teach them “stranger danger” etc. Our children certainly don’t turn round and say, oh, don’t say that, black people live there too, or my friends are white, don’t be so horrible……………

      What I am trying to say is that Mr Verbs does not hate all black women, he just hates the fact that the majority of the horrible and AVOIDABLE/PREVENTABLE situations we face as a community, race, tribe, whatever you call it, are caused or continued by the downright wickedness, stupidity, stubborness, and hardheadedness of the black women who have the rare freedom to be at home with their children and not trapped in an office or such like, and refuse to be decent people. So what if some fool of a man has walked out on you and the children? It does not give any woman the right to abuse or neglect their children under any circumstances. Neither does it give women the right to run around like hooligans making everybody elses lives a misery because they are not happy with their own. Some men would not like to admit that they are ashamed of the fact that they have found themselves in a situation where they are unable to provide for their family adequately, or to protect their family, and some would foolishly walk away and abandon their family, believing that the wife and children will be taken care of by other means.

      Why do some women NOT have the common sense to take in work at home? They can cook food, take in ironing, sew clothes, take in washing, braid natural hair, cut hair, write story books for children, be a childminder, knit, do some home decoration for another female neighbour, write recipe books for other women, teach first aid for children, be a tutor in an academic subject they are strong in. Why can’t she use her “talking” skills or “organisational” skills to help her husband fill in application forms, or to arrange an interview for him or something. There may be many reasons other than a man just being a “dead beat” why a man is unable to provide for his family. He may be disabled following an accident, he may be illiterate but great with his hands, but is unable to advertise his skills………….women can help him rather than kicking a man when he is down. There are also so many decent ways a woman can earn an income if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves being widows or alone because a man was unable to cope with the enormity of his responsibilities. Good can be made of a difficult/bad situation, I think Mr Verbs is just aggrieved by what he sees and is begging for it to stop. It can be stopped in a minute.

      In order to clean ourselves, we need to know where the dirt and smell is coming from. If we are unaware of these telltale signs and someone points it out, naturally a normal well balanced person would say, “gee, how embarrassing, I did not realise, but thank you so much for letting me know, I can go and sort it out now”……………….

      Another example. Would you have a go at someone who taps you on the shoulder to point out that you have accidentally left toilet paper hanging out the back of your skirt or trousers? No, you would thank the person and remove it, not matter how embarrassing the situation is, and be glad that you did not spend the next hour or so with it hanging out for more people to see the mistake you made and not say anything but laugh behind your back…………

      Why therefore have a go at Mr Verbs?

      Mr Verbs is more than capable of sticking up for himself but to accuse him of being another race is quite silly and weak, and again avoiding the true facts about our problematic issues.

      Which is worse, our own telling us about ouselves, or a white man or woman, for real………………think about it.

      Shalom sister. PEACE & BLESSINGS.


    • Shalom;
      I must say that I’m checking out your website and am so grateful to The Most High I did. I guessed your blog name here has caught my curiosity so I just click on it and your website came up. I fully understand about how you feel about Verbs’ commentaries about the all the bad things of Black women: How he may come off as bashing and hating Black women. It really hurt to hear and read all the bad things said about Black women in general. I’ve felt that Verbs might gone a bit too far in his thinking at times, but he cannot being lying about the general horrible state of Black women because one do not have to look too far to see/witness all the debauchery and depravity of far too many Black women. I hate to say, far too many of our sisters have truly gone astray and lost in the wicked Babylonian (mainly European) system. Yes, you’re right to feel angry and pain over hearing others, especially more Black men saying awful and horrible things about Black women: However, a lot of this cannot be denied nor ignored at all because far too many of our sisters engaging in such behaviors/activities that are actually proven many negative stereotypes about us to be true to the whole world. We Black women who are not engaged in such must speak out aloud against all manner of evil and evil doers; even many Black women. True that many brothers are bashing Black women horribly and beating them down worse than dogs. But far too many Black women are provoking such and even bringing much trouble to the rest of us Black women. Please don’t allow what Verbs is saying here chase you away from the rest of us within this community. You have every right to disagree with Verbs though that won’t necessary disprove all his sayings. A lot of what he says are true. We righteous sisters must admonish, rebuke, and even separate ourselves from all evil doers. Please stick around just a little longer so others can visit your site as well. By the way, I do truly believe Yahushuah is actually The Most High Yah that came in the flesh to be thee living sacrifice for the sins of the whole world and rose from the dead back into His full glory. I also believe in the pre Jacob’s trouble rapture of the sealed saints in Yahushua Ha Mashiyach. I know many of us enlightened Hebrew Israelites do not believe in the pre Jacob’s trouble rapture and hold to the idea that the Church/Grace Aged Saints in Christ must go through that period. I must go for now. I’ll be back later to tell you more. Shalom.

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      • Thanks for your comment I do agree with what you said about our sisters but there has got to be a way to help them out of this cycle that was brought about by the abuse of slavery . this has affected our people for generations maybe it is time for some of us to teach some who need help to stop these destructive behaviors. There are still some good Hebrew Israelite women out there. and the good ones should help the bad ones who will listen to change from destruction to life. I was always a pre trib believer because of I Thess 4:1 – 18 and because Yahushua told us to pray to escape the things coming on this earth. I know that Jacob will be saved out of the tribulation because of what he told the church of Philadelpia in Revelation 3:10 I know that we will go in the wilderness and God will plead with his people face to face I look forward to that day. Much love to you and bless you for your kind words. I am not mad at Verbs I just want to find a way to network and help our people out of their condition . I had been deceived too i did not know a lot of things and would have chosen my life on a different path had i known if someone would have told me that I was hebrew Israelite. but i take my life and thank the Most High for it and I would like to help my people out talk to you soon


      • Shalom Candice,

        Yeeeah at last, the voice of reason has come back. Lololol!!!! I was laughing the other day, as I must admit, I was thinking why is Candice so obsessed with Tommy Sotomayor? I was shouting at the computer, saying “IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT HE SAY’S, DON’T WATCH HIS YOUTUBE CLIPS” lol!!

        It seems we have all calmed down a bit though, had a break, and we’ve all come back a little civilised lol!!! Missed you though sis.

        I hope you have been well. Subjects like this really do wind us all up but we have to be honest.

        I would like to say to everyone though. Let’s try this and see. If we see a woman or man publicly abusing their children, go up to them and tell them to stop. If the situation is dangerous, then discretely call the police. We should not stand there filming the footage and not send the evidence to the police or try and intervene ourselves.

        Look, no parent is perfect, especially those who do not know Christ or The Most High, and of course, this also includes those who do know Christ and The Most High.

        There is a very clear difference between discipline and abuse and there cannot be any blurred lines to be permitted in these situations.

        People who do not have this kind of knowledge are going to come on this site looking for answers and even help. What we CANNOT do is to be seen turning on one another. We will not always agree………………….

        I am laughing right now again, because I have seen typical “sibling rivalry” on this post. None of us are related of course, but we act like we are. It’s like Black America versus, Africa, versus The West Indies……………………….looooooool. But seriously, I have to say that even brother Verbs makes me laugh with his steely, calm, mule-like stance. He proper weathers the storm like an X-MAN for real lol. I like the way people will come with ANYTHING and he calmly and articulately responds like someone merely blew sand on his shoes.

        Candice you make me laugh with Tommy Sotomayor, what happened sis, I have to know (in fact we already do, I have seen your comments and the occasional proof that you provide to demonstrate what you are talking about). I am unsure if you are older or younger than myself………..but I am going to tease you about this for a while like a little girl……………so get ready for an annoying sister in Christ…………only joking but you are a “ledge” (legend in England) when it comes to your longstanding dislike for this guy.

        Back to seriousness though. No matter how much we disagree we are on here for the same cause and we should all be honest with one another on the subject in which we speak. We may not display our real names or real e-mail addresses for various reasons, but when it comes to important and moral things, we should all be respectful……………….

        Black women should unite for the right reasons. That is not to destroy our children or the men that helped produce them. If we see something wrong, we should trust in the Most High to take care of it………… brother Verbs said, “just like we leave our keys with a mechanic to fix our cars, when we know it’s faulty, we leave our lives in the Most High’s hand, because we know we are faulty”. I have not quoted him precisely, but those who have purchased his books and read all his blogs on this site, you will find that he has said something along the lines of what I just said……

        Blessings and peace to you all…………



    • Prophecynewsandviews,

      Stating that there are white racists online pretending to be black spewing venom on black people still in no wise excuses black folks from the decadent and degenerate behaviours that they are readily engaging in. I have produced two books to my name, my name is clearly Nigerian, how you can even state that I possibly could be a white supremacist pretending to be black in light of my obviously African name is extremely puzzling to say in the least.

      It makes no sense to continue deflecting with the “white people do it too” statement. Black folks namely single black mothers are the ones who are bringing the immediately destruction to black society, black women have taken over the roll of enforcing white supremacy upon black society from racist whites, this is a fact that I have documented over and over again in various posts aswell as my latest book Negro Wars.

      Exactly my point, if sin must be exposed no matter where it comes from then why would you attempt to deflect when it is the turn of the dysfunctional black female to be called out? Decadent black women must always be called out on their crass behaviour, yet it also seems to be a habit that other black females some of whom do not take part in such activities will still jump to the defence of these reprobate scum buckets.

      The number one enemy of black people as it stands in 2015 are black people. No other nation of people are inflicting nearly as much damage upon us as we are currently doing to ourselves and pointing towards others is not going to solve our own problems as a people. The difference between Asians, Whites and Hispanics and the Negro is the fact that they at least acknowledge faults within their communities, they will go about to fix the problems or at least separate themselves from from them if there are no immediate solutions available to remedy the issues.


      • Oh so you live in Nigeria so that explains that . Have you ever lived in America to see how some people are brought up ? how can you say our problems when you are brought up in Nigeria you could be from Ham not Shem. I do know that there are two types of Nigerians and I also know that some of the Hamites Nigerians sold us into slavery ! No I did not read your book so how would I know.


      • Prophecynewsandviews,

        I live in the UK and have been brought up here so I am very verse on how black folks are living in western culture. I don’t have to live in the US to see how people are being brought up, how most blacks are living in the US is in plain view for all to see, the current culture of the so called Afro American Negro is not hidden.

        My last name UMANAH should clearly indicate to you that I am a Hebrew by bloodline and not a Hamite. I would take the claim of there being two types of Nigerians with a pinch of salt, especially when the information is coming from the same Negroes in the US who are lost themselves and still walking in the flesh despite discovering their true heritage.


      • I’ll take what you are saying with a grain of salt to saying all black women are twerking that is nasty and that is a lie from the pit of hell cause you live in the UK does not make you expert on the blacks in America. We might have woke up and those that do change and realize some of the errors of their ways . How are you more superior than any of the blacks in america judging the females as a whole is wrong. Are you without sin to cast stones on folks . I know that there are some black females doing stuff they should not yes they should wake up and repent but it is black males as well it goes both ways . so if you talk about one don’t leave out the other because both Can be equally dirty. And yes you should know by history that hebrews did not sell hebrews and africans did not sell africans that is a racist lie but i am sure you know that i will give you the benefit of a doubt. These women who do these deeds know that they are wrong . a lot of these women do not know who they are that is why they do them. they need to be told bashing people does not help them . Most of the time bashing people make them not want to listen to what you got to say. The way to help is to tell them who they are and what was taken away and then tell them to repent. I am almost 100% sure that there are black women out there who feel lost and do these things for attention. and think disrespecting themselves is cute . mostly because they lost themselves and have no idea of who God made them to be . If people can reach out to them with the truth of who we are . then they would think twice about degrading themselves. They would have something to hope for and something to look forward to and know that they are more worthy of that . They just need to be told of who they are and under stand it .


      • Prophecynewsandviews,

        This is the problem with most black women today, I highlighted in the book Negro Wars how black women love to skim read and put statements into literature that are clearly not present. You cannot bring any sorcery and witchcraft to the table that I have not already deconstructed in the book.

        Please show me the post and the sentence of that post where I have stated that ALL black women are going around twerking, I’ll wait. Blacks in America on the whole are decadent, lazy slobs, I have been to the US several times and black folks there confirm what everybody else can clearly see for themselves.

        How are you bringing superiority into the equation? Black women in the US are debasing themselves without anybody else’s assistance. Afro American females post their debauchery anywhere and everywhere for all to see, black women want the type of attention associated with slack behavior, if they didn’t then they would stop behaving irresponsibly. Sorry, its not about being without sin, it’s all to do with calling out evil.

        I’m not dealing with black males as black females are the only group who have not yet been examined and scrutinised. It’s about time THEIR feet were held to the fire of accountability. Black males are always held to account, black females have yet to be.

        This business about Hebrews not selling other Hebrews is rubbish, this statement clearly illustrates that you do not read the scriptures properly. I suggest that you read Nehemiah 5 and then attempt to repeat that statement. Even today we have blacks who are more than willing to sell their own people out, so called black leadership, black pastors pro black squaddies and of course black women are just four examples that readily come to mind. Why do you somehow think that things would have been different during slavery?

        Sorry, knowing that you are a Hebrew changes very little for the majority of black that stumble across the information, most still remain decadent except now they now use the Most High to excuse their behaviour, rather like black women who say “only God can judge me” once they have been caught engaging in mischief.

        Christ didn’t instruct you to manufacturer a tailor made formula in order to reach people, he simply stated that we should plant seeds, furthermore he warned us that most of the seeds we plant would not prosper.


      • Well you made up your mind how it is no matter what anyone tells you and tell me are you married to a black woman because most of the time the men who are very judgmental of them are married or in relationships with women of other races.


      • Propecynewsandviews,

        Who are am involved in a relationship with bares no relevance to the facts presented. If I were merely spouting things off based upon speculation and reckoning then that issue may have held some relevance.

        I continue referring to your methods as witchcraft and sorcery because you are attempting to persuade me to do things in a way that the Most High has not instructed me to undertake, and when I refuse to harken to your wishes you simply resort to shaming tactics. This is a form of witchcraft and sorcery regardless of your faith.

        You don’t have to be an expert to state facts, nobody has to be an expert in order to declare that the sky is blue, this is a fact. The same is relevant for the current conduct of black women, what I have stated about black women are the facts, this is not my opinion.


      • Well you know what let’s agree to disagree you know what God has convicted you to teach on . I do not but I will not blasphemy the spirit that indwells you by calling you a witch either no one is trying to tell you what to believe or dis believe I simply do not agree with your point . I notice that you are the one very controlling not me . so what you can do is take my comments off of your blog . and let’s agree to disagree I will not be commenting on your blog no more i am sick and tired of your lying on me calling me a witch that is disrespectful I leave you in the hands of the Most High Almighty God.


      • Propecynewsandviews,

        You can comment on here all you want, there are no restrictions on this site, however you will not be persuading me to deal with delinquent, rebellious, violent black women any differently to how I have been instructed to.


      • Please take my comments off of your blog posts I do not believe that God condones railing and falsely accusing people of doing witchcraft who are not I would rather not . Do what God tells you to and let us leave it at that. My own husband don’t talk to me with such disrespect we respect each other . and I don’t rail on people I don’t know neither do I pass judgment let us agree to disagree I forgive your false comments against me please remove my comments from your blog thank you have a nice day


      • Prophecynewsandviews,

        The only comments that get removed from this site are those from spammers. Your comments will remain and will serve as a record and a testimony to others who will visit this site to the vast majority of things I have stated in relation to black women.


      • I kindly ask you to remove them . If you came to my channel i would remove them for you if you requested. You see I do not indulge in controling others that is witchcraft. I would appreciate it if you would remove my comments this is not up for debate. that is not why i came to your channel I wanted to share . so kindly remove them thank you I do not agree with the way you attacked me


      • Propecynewsandviews,

        It seems that you do not want to be held accountable to the words that you have spoken. OK, those are the rules for your site however those are not the rules for here, therefore you must respect the regulations that I apply to this site.


      • Verb I do not want to argue with you. You took everything i told you and twisted it . This is bordering on cyber bulling


      • Prophecynewsandviews,

        No, I simply recognised what you were doing, I have written the book about black women and extensively documented the techniques of manipulation they frequently use.

        You are simply used to executing this type of behaviour regularly and getting away with it, this is the case for most black women.

        I do not see how recognising a technique that somebody is attempting to use against me is bordering on cyber bulling.

        Here you go again back to the shaming tactics, which is exactly the reason why I stated before that you are practicing a form of witchcraft/sorcery.


      • Whatever you think keep the comments if they mean that much to you psychology don’t work on me and you keep calling me a witch and insulting to me . you must be the witch then satan loves to slander folks i have a blog just like you do and i do not appreciate being slandered so goodbye thank God I am free from the chains you are trying to put on me cause it don’t work . I am not in bondage you are trying to control people . if the comments are that important to you keep them have a nice life I hope God shows you better .


      • I would have preferred that you would have listened to reason and take my comments down . But that is okay if you need them for your research I understand . This also brings me to the conclusion for my blog postings that this sure might be my last year on wordpress. I also noticed something unusual about this site as well since i last spoken to you about taking my comments down but you know what that is okay I hope blessings for you anyway.


      • If you choose not to remove them I will go to the word press . I do not like false claims made against myself and do not want to be presented as a person whom you say have disrespected your belief or trying to convince you of anything I just shared what God had given me to say to you. You have disrespected me by calling me a witch I do not want my comments on your blog this is not control it is a matter of respect so as I told you and I ask you to kindly remove them .


      • Oh and by the way I keep telling you I ain’t no witch so stop calling me one I don’t worship satan. and yes it is about people looking at other peoples sins and not their own . It is called being self righteous we all got to be careful of that . So what you are saying is you have no respect for American black women and you are a Nigerian man who lives in the UK right?


      • I am a Negro woman by the way living in the United States who been through a whole lot of things and been put through a whole lot of hell If you don’t walk in no one’s shoes do not judge them . You being in the UK does not make you an expert on black people in the United States You Have No Idea.


  9. Shalom brother;
    I highly appreciate your timely commentary; however, I have zero respect for scums like Tommy Sotomayor and all other scums. I do not sympathize with him nor ever respect him as a real man of truth and integrity. He’s proven to be extremely unstable in all his ways and he’s not some innocent victim everybody in the whole world is after. Again, he brought much of his troubles on himself. I used to listen to a lot of his videos and I do agree with a lot of the things he says about the debauchery and depraved behaviors of many Black women of today. However, that will not get this scum off the hook of his own lies, frauds, thefts, nor his many other wickedness. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a flying damn about this scum at all. Yes, background information can be easily pulled up due to all the longer paper/electronic info trails thanks to our wonderful magical advanced technologies. Tommy always finds himself dishing out all the crap about others whether true or false, but when the hard truth about him stares right at him, he just goes postal/ballistic on anyone that may seem to threaten his persona/image: Well, he can’t take criticism as a good sport that he expects others to be. So, he’s a damn coward and bitch! I know his kind all too well because I’ve worked with and been around them for years. Tommy opened himself for much scrutiny and criticisms; not by me nor anybody else. He’s not the only one that I righteously hate/despise; I righteously hate/despise all avowed enemies out to destroy others by any means. Further, I’m not hating on Tommy because he’s bashing Black women in most of his videos; my hatred for people like him is far deeper than that. He’s proven to be a huge hypocrite and a devil which I hate/despise. You may say that I need to be careful for the things I say about him because the same can happen to myself. Of course, admittedly, I’m no saint, but I’m not putting myself out there as a scandal like he is. And I never had any personal contact with him and sure the hell don’t care to neither: No need for that because I’ve listened to plenty of conversations of those who confronted him with negative truths about him and how he just flies off the damn handle like a little bitch. This just shows me he’s just like or worse than the beastie Black women he often talks about. Like you said, I’m not associating with any scumbags because I’m not one and would never be. He is the type like a sheep-goat that would quickly turn an innocent one over to be killed/destroyed by an avowed enemy. If you insist on feeling sorry for and taking the side of this sheep-goat wicked devil then that’s your business. I will continue to watch and enjoy the utter ruin and destruction of all evil doers; male or female, Israelite or Gentile, great or small. Tommy happens to be one of the many that is self ruining/destroying himself. I make no apologies of all the things I’ve said about him at all. Enough said about him from my side. I must move on to other important issues such as Black mothers mistreating and abusing their children in such ways that I could not imagined years ago. I’ve viewed the above videos and I was extremely sickened in my very core. I must confessed, my mother wasn’t particularly a sainty mother herself, but she was not as bad as these mothers here are. Now, I do realize that people of other nationalities sure do seem to laugh at and enjoy the calamities and curses of Blacks: Far too many Blacks seem to willingly play right into the negative stereotypes given to Blacks by non-Blacks. I will be commenting about what really happened to us Black women and why many of us will never face the hard in-your-face truth about ourselves. Admittedly, the hard truth hurts many, but yet much needed. The major trouble is the hard truth is much needed by this dying wicked world. Many Black women are being systematically destroyed by themselves and others. You mentioned feminism and the European welfare system negative effects on Black women many times and revealed things that are hardly revealed by many others. I’m most definitely with you on the many problems with feminism and the European welfare system and how they relate to the state of many Black women. However, I am a staunch supporter of the real rights and freedoms of women because let’s face it, in many places around the world women and children are abused on a regular basis by mainly men; so I will not ignore that at all. I believe that women should be allowed to speak up and assert for what is right and just; even if she must confront men engaged in wrongdoings/wickedness. I happen to be one of these women who is not afraid to stand up to men/women who are engaging in wrongdoings. I may wrongfully be accused of being a feminist for being the way that I am: That is not the case at all. I have much respect for real men but I damn sure would not allow a man to abuse me in anyway without recompense. I will take a stand if the need arises, that’s for sure. Verbs2015, we’re not going to agree with each other on everything, but I do appreciate your honesty & respect and I likewise will work hard at respecting you as a man of The Most High and truth. I must depart for now. Much love and respect for you brother in The Messiah/Savior. Shalom.


    • Candice Sparks,

      You must remember that no matter what kind of history a person has, if they are dealing with irrefutable facts that cannot not be deconstructed then the person having a criminal record bares no relevance to the information being brought to the table.

      I understand that you don’t like Thomas Harris aka Tommy Sotomayor however I have yet to hear him state something pertaining to the modern day black female that isn’t true. Many folks indeed have a problem with his delivery however its must be quickly pointed out that the current state of black society is 1000 times worse than the type of delivery one man is using to describe the current state of the modern day black woman.

      Much appreciated for your support as always, I understand that many of the topics that I cover are uncomfortable to d,deal with, yet the prophets in the bible had to deal with the same things and they were also met with heavy resistance from their own people.

      This is why I created the post Divided We Stand, United We Fall. If we truly value our lives as black folks and we wish to preserve ourselves, we must continue to remain separated from the evil trash and the scum. Christ himself stated that he came to bring division and a sword not unity. This is for the purpose of determining who is truly his as opposed to those who are claiming Christ yet are actually fraudulent in their hearts.

      I agree, there is no rule that states we must agree on everything, that is not how things work in the real world, however I would say that opinions must give way to facts. If a person’s opinion is subsequently proven wrong through factual information that that person if honest with themselves must concede.


      • Shalom Mr Verbs,

        I really cannot understand what all the hoo haa is all about with these ladies who come on this site. I am clearly a black woman and I agree with everything you are saying and also recognise that you are not saying ALL black women are “such and such”. It’s not as though you have ever met the women who reply to you on this site. They do not have to use their real names either. I certainly do not but what I say is the truth. I cannot understand their mind set and it seems as though they are taking your comments personally. If one is NOT guilty about certain characteristics displayed that are monsterous or downright disgraceful, why is there an issue when someone is pointing out this type of disgusting behavoiur and simply saying it is wrong, unnacceptable, and should simply stop?

        I also cannot understand it when someone says one should “cast the first stone” if one is without sin. Only Christ was able to say such a thing because only HE was without sin. HE had come to take on our sins and have them burned and sacrificed through himself, so as to demonstrate that we no longer needed to make burned sacrifices to atone for our sins. Because it never worked. He was simply saying that there was no longer any need to “kill” another person because of the sin they have committed, if not the whole world would/should be dead.

        You, Mr Verbs are not kiliing anyone, neither are you trying to. You are simply trying your best to tell people to stop their rubbish before it’s too late………………I mean, most “rubbish” gets burned right? We just do not want it to be eternal.

        It’s also like saying that because we were naughty as children, we should not discipline our own children because we would be hypocrites. What kind of twisted mindset is that? Also what would be the point of our forefathers, say, the 12 Patriarchs and others like them, who gathered their children before themselves, before they each died, and told their children of the horrible sins they committed and showed their children scenarios they may/would encounter and how to deal with them or avoid them completely. That is because these men knew what damage it would do generations down the line and therefore implored their children not to endeavour on the same path/goal.

        Is the devil for real? He surely is.

        Lastly, I mentioned in a earlier post several comments above. When white people create documentaries or go to the newspaper reporting rape, serial killing, etc. carried out by other white people, and they too saying how disgusting such behaviour is, their fellow white brethren do not call he/she a “white sell out” or bombard him or her not to report such nasty behaviour because “his or her momma white” or make comments such as “oh this white person must have had a bad experience with his fellow white brethren, for him to pull us up on the nasty behaviour seen on a daily basis”.

        Arabs have extremely strict rules in their culture and punish those in breach of them, Asians have the same method, white people do also. That is because they will not tolerate behavior that will disgrace or bring down their nations/neighbourhoods, communities, AND they recognise the flaws within their community and stamp them out.

        Blacks? naaaaah.

        Verbs, keep on keeping on. I would rather someone tell me from the beginning that a shitty piece of toilet paper is hanging out the top of the back of my skirt than to walk another step further without rectifying it…………………. this is the attitude we black people should take rather than attacking one another for spotting an error.

        I think the likes of Candice Sparks, prophecynewsandviews, and Mandumeyandemufayo, need to stop and think hard about their commments, because they are fruitless. Candice, seems to be obsessed with the comments made by Tommy Sotomayor and is diverting from the facts of the blogs you have made on this site……………..she makes some excellent points most of the time but she just cannot seem to lay off this guy.

        Our mistakes have been passed down from generation to generation and it needs to be recognised before any type of change, if ever, is going to be made. By ignoring what is going on in our homes and communitities, we only have ourselves to blame when we receive continued hostility from other races as well as our own and eventual enternal damnation.

        If you truly hated black women, you would not pay them any mind whatsoever……………………

        “If you spare the rod, you hate the child”………….proverbs chapter blah, blah lolol………. I am not great at quoting actual chapters and verses but know the words/

        If we spare the rod from the nasty behaviour of our sisters and brothers, we truly hate the children produced from them, as we are allowing those children to go down an evil path that could have been avoided altogether ………..

        Blessings & Peace


      • Lillian,

        You at least have the common sense and the intelligence to not only recognise that you “do not fit the bill” but you also have the wisdom not to stick up for and defend the trash. The problem with most black women today is that they will stand up for and defend the dregs and the scumbags amongst them instead of calling out their below standard behaviour and separating themselves from them. This is one of the main reasons why the black community has trundled down the toilet and is still descending into the lower depths of hell, black women as a collective revere and exalt the dregs of black society. Additionally being the first transmitters of culture they pass down these same janky philosophies to their children.

        Most black folks are psychologically damaged to the point where they believe that the people who talk about the ills in the black community are worse than those who are actually engaging in dysfunctional behaviour, black women being the leaders of the community have instilled this upside down ideology into the minds of most black folks.

        Christ called out the evil works of the Scribes and the Pharisees, Paul did the same, yet in 2015 any black person who labels decadent works within the community as they ought to be is looked upon with heavy disdain and is hated. No, I am not killing anybody, however amongst black folks words of rebuke are viewed as worse than actual works of evil.

        Black folks especially black women will make up a million and one excuses in order to give themselves a pass on their degeneracy, I have never seen anything like this in the history of me existing on thia planet. Black folks fall short every time, you are right, white people do not praise criminals, thugs, whores and murderers, nor do they chastise those who call out these types of people. Black folks on the other hand are a completely different kettle of fish. Other races have their problems and their dysfunctions here and there to deal with however by and large their communities are functional because of the fact that they adhere to strict rules and they do not tamper with taboos.

        I don’t know what Tommy Sotomayor has done to upset Candice, as I mentioned to her before his past whether good or bad has nothing to do with the facts that he is stating. There are no prerequisites required to state facts, facts can come from any and all sources.

        As I will continue to repeat, black folks with any intelligence who have not been contaminated with the janky, dysfunctional ideologies and teachings of single black mothers need to separate themselves from the scum and the trash, keep themselves separate and thereafter look for and link up with like minded, progressive, forward thinking individuals like themselves. Most blacks are going to perish, they are too far gone to be saved and redeemed and hell is filling up daily with the souls of contaminated black people both old and young. I will continue to keep it moving, I most certainly will not be deterred and distracted by dysfunctional black females who are only seeking to maintain their positions as leaders of the black community in order to keep it in ruin as pr the instructions of their white liberal father.

        The day of reckoning is fast approaching for the modern day black female and there is nothing she can do to stop it. The Most High always initiates judgement at his own house, I do not want to be around the majority of black women when the Most High opens up his can of recompense upon them.

        Most High Bless


      • Shalom;
        Thanks my beloved brother. I hope you didn’t think that I was thinking too highly of myself when I said the things I’ve said about Tommy: And I said enough said about him. He’s not the only one I feel such a way about: I feel that way about anyone that is a huge hypocrite like him or worse. I’ll admit about my occasional hypocrisy because all of us has that sickness of the flesh. However, I can fully honestly attest to the fact that I’m not out there constantly pointing fingers at others for their wrongs and being found by others of me engaging in the very same things or worse: Such is the true meaning of hypocrisy and pride. For one thing, Tommy is a lost soul in need of salvation and to come out of his wickedness just like anyone else. Yes, Tommy is telling many truths about many Black women’s wicked behaviors and I concur; but that won’t absolve him of his own same or worse wickedness. I don’t hate someone just for nothing. This man’s spirit is just not right at all. He’s not right with The Most High Yah at all. What makes Tommy extremely dangerous is the fact that many follow after him because of the many truths he speaks of: However, Tommy’s spirit is leading many into death and destruction. Guilty convicted criminals can tell many truths about many areas, but that won’t absolve them of their crimes; they still must pay and do the times for their crimes/wrongs. I’m not concern about his alleged criminal background; I’m focused on his fruits of hypocrisies, lies, pride, and frauds of this moment. He is still committing these evils/wickedness on a daily bases. I wish I could say that I love Tommy and hope he get saved and right with The Most High, but I’m afraid that I can’t really say that from what I’m witnessing of him. He may just be one of the many reprobates without hope. He might of been past the point of hope in salvation long ago. I don’t know, only Abba Yah truly knows. To be honest, I really wouldn’t want my worst enemies to end up eternally in that awful place called the lake of fire. And Tommy is not even one of my worst enemies. He never done anything wrong to me personally; I’ll do my best to avoid that. I as only human can only judge another person’s words/deeds/behaviors that are outward; not necessarily a person’s heart. Of course, often times, what one says or does are connected to one’s heart. There are many losers on social media sites doing nothing good/helpful but constantly finding any and every faults/dirts of others, but are some of the filthiest most disgusting and worse scums on personal levels. Speaking boldly as a woman of The Most High am just calling a spade a spade. I find it quite difficult to just let Tommy go, but I must expose hypocrisy, fraud, and wrong done to others without prejudice. I hope to let him go and allow righteous judgment on him to run it’s course. Take and may The Most High continue blessing you. Shalom.


  10. How well a woman raises a child has got nothing to do with race. I have seen good, bad, and terrible mothers from every walks of life. Whether married or single, black or white and anything in between, the proclivity for being a good or a bad mother has got nothing to do with race. I find this article very offensive and racist so without any remorse, Fuck You and your life. YOUR MOTHER should’ve raised you better.


    • Anonymous,

      And this is how you mother raised you is it, to curse and to cuss out a grown man online because you disagree with a post that he has created? I’m not dealing with ALL RACES of women, I am dealing with the black woman because she is the one who affects me directly and immediately as a black man. Learn some manners from your father because it is pretty obvious that your mother failed to impart any to you.


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  12. Wow, is this how people stay? It is 2018, coming up to 2019 in just a months’ time, and quite frankly and sadly, nothing much has changed with regards to how badly children are being raised and treated. Verbs you are quite right, we can only speak clearly about our own race, as this is directly who we are. In fact, as the trauma we experienced as children were never addressed, the millennial generation are much or equally worse off, as many of this born in the 70s had never gotten over it subconsciously, therefore we are still stuck/frozen in time psychologically as the children we were but in adult appearance, if that makes any sense. It is not an excuse to raise your child the horrific way one was brought up, but by the time we were adults and could make a better difference in the lives of our future offspring, the powers that be took over and cannot raise our children nevertheless. We are the generation where mothers are again forced to work, fathers (black) are not given work to adequately provide for their families, the government are now the new husbands of women in this world, and in full circle, black men are forced to watch their women getting “raped” by the so-called white shining knight of a government/slave masters. Children are abandoned on the streets to be left to theirs and evil devices, as their mothers are not home with a warm love/smile and lovely food on the table. Our children are being taught that good is bad and bad is good. The suicidal rate of the millennial generation has rocketed, the mental health issues of the millennial generation is on Virgin Atlantic proportions, murders among this generation is apocalyptic, and the mothers and fathers are zombified to the point of so-called civil servants being brazen of their ill treatment towards children that when back in the day there would be riots and protests, about the above, now it’s common place to tell a family that they have to wait three months or longer to be able to put common food on the table, hence they create breakfast clubs, at 8.00 am in the morning where parents are hustling to get their children there and jump on the bus or train to go to jobs that pay for the paedophiles to raise and abuse our children essentially and when they get home there is no father, food, light or heat etc. Look at Rochdale for instance, struggling/poverty stricken parents accused of neglect, having their children taken into “care” and then passed around to depraved paedophiles and rapists and then to add insult to injury, these disgusting miscreants have the nerve to encourage one another to keep in contact with their victims and the children they enforced the creation of via rape……… women alike have been forced to leave their children with men who do not share the same DNA as their children, who will then murder or rape the child while their mother is out hustling……….exhausted and frustrated, black mothers take out their anger and disgust on their children and the story goes round and round and round in a dirty shit pile circle………………………………………………..

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