Some Bread With Your Circus And Minstrel Show Buffoonery Sir?

Crazy Looking Black Woman


Please take a look at the following monkey show buffoon fest video clip below:

This minstrel show is run by a decadent reprobate slob by the name of Danny R Ducksworth together wth his wife Rebecca G Ducksworth. This particular church beast branch is called CornerStone City of Refuge Ministries International based in Virginia beach, USA. The above example is one of many reasons why the Most High is no longer operating through these churches and is now dealing with individuals and persons of no reputation. The modern day church especially on the pentecostal, baptist, charasmatic side has simply turned into a sideshow bob entertainment department. The main reason why I have labelled “bishop” Danny Ducksworth as a reprobate is due to the fact that he would allow such chaos, dysfunction and disorder to take place under his charge. What manner of edification is this? What exactly is profited from engaging in such reckless, Tom and Jerry, childish behaviour apart from receiving a temporary emotional high?

From observing the video I can clearly see exactly why Paul the apostle gave the instructions that women should learn in silence, be obedient and submissive to authority and seek wise teachings from their husbands, this is exactly what happens when you allow women especially in the church a free reign, they run amock, they cause complete disruption and mayhem. This type of stupidity is typical within churches internationally, do not believe for a second that these types of behaviour are strictly reserved for bread and circus ministries based in the US. I wasn’t really surprised by what I saw in the clip, however I was highly disappointed when the men decided to join in at the behest of the pastor and his instructions. This is one of many reasons why the world does not respect black men, you black men attending the Cornerstone church beast branch would actually join in and follow these silly women in their folly and madness? The modern day western black male of 2015 is a soft, weak, lame, spinless, yellow bellied coward who is too afraid to check black women on the stupidity that they engage in, church being yet another example of this. Feminism is alive and well within the black church and most black men who still attend these cathedrals of calamity are only to willing to go along with the program.

Bishop Danny Ducksworth is yet another in a long line of merchant church bankers who have no problems pimping black women and the black women in that church clearly have no problems with being pimped and merchandised so long as bishop Ducksworth continues to preach meaningless rubbish and avoids holding them accountable for their foul behaviour. Ducksworth is the epitome of a plantation pastor, this behaviour is exactly the same behaviour that slaves would engage in during the church services on Sunday, oh how very little has changed. When I attended the Potters House church beast branch here in Walthamstow, East London before it was relocated to Leyton, this manner of behaviour was typical, though I will be honest and admit that things were not to this degree however it was not very far off.

This bread and circus, minstrel temple, monkey entertainment selection is what many people have been persuaded to believe that they must go through in order to connect with the Most High, again where is this type of behaviour found within the scriptures? Ducksworth is openly mocking the Most High and there will be a special place in Hell reserved for him, his wife and his parishoners. The Most High is certainly no fan of this type of gross misconduct and those who engage in this nonsense will have it hot, literally. Romans 2:8-9 reads:

2:8 But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath,

2:9 Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, OF THE JEW FIRST, and also of the Gentile;

The Most High always brings judgement to his own house first, this is one of the major problems that I have with pro blacks and black nationalists who refuse to call out irresponsible, violent, reprobate black women aswell as black men of the same on their decadent behaviour. For you pro blacks who recognise that you are Hebrews, if the Most High were to come to earth today, he would hand you a fiery sword and instruct you to slay the scum and the trash of your own people first, way before he would expect you to deal with white supremacy. Would you be ready for that? Just remember, while you are complaining and blaming white supremacy for your troubles, the Most High is looking down upon you and wondering why you are refusing to deal with and constantly excusing the destructive actions of those within your own camp. He is especially angry at the fact that you have refused to bring your woman into line and have allowed her to double down and dig deeper into her buffoonery for the last 50 years.

As I have stated many times before, absolutely no reparations and improvements will every come to the black community as a collective until black women are held accountable for their past transgressions and their reign of terror upon black society is brought to a standstill. However most of you pro blacks do not believe this and so you will continue to try and find ways for improvement without dealing with the irresponsible western black female. As you can see from your efforts thus far, they have been exercised in vain. Attempting to bring any betterment towards black society without actually dealing with the principle destroyer of black society is simply a fool’s errand.

The black woman is the only stone that has remained unturned in the quest to discover what went wrong with the black family and black society as a whole and it seems that everytime somebody approaches that stone in order to overturn it and see what lurks underneath, that person is immediately attacked and subjected to name calling, slogan slinging and a barrage of guilt tripping. Therefore it would seem that black women deep down are fully aware of the fact that the decisions they made in the past concerning their acceptance of fatherless home welfare policies and their forming of a coalition with the white homosexual feminist movement are indeed the causes of the downfall of the black nation. That is ok black women, since you still remain unwilling to be held accountable for your past transgressions, in place of being chastised and corrected, you  instead are now going to be smashed to pieces and destroyed. As always………………………………………………


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

18 thoughts on “Some Bread With Your Circus And Minstrel Show Buffoonery Sir?

  1. this is nothing, take a look at these,

    as to how this sister didn’t tumble down flat on her ass in those heels, it still remains a mystery

    this one now, it’s like a mental hospital on a full moon night lol


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      Minstrelism at its finest, this is exactly why I refer to these modern day churches as nothing more than bread and circus, monkey show, minstrel, buffoon fest entertainment centers. I at one stage believed that this type of behaviour was normal, however the Most High has been showing me that he is not pleased in the slightest with this rubbish either.

      Of course the majority culprits here engaging in the bread and circus folly are black women, they at present make up around 3/4 of the black church attendees and because they are the majority church members, church beast pastors will continue to churn out mind numbing stupidity in order to keep these idiotic women happy and not rock the boat.

      And folks wonder why I go in so hard on black women, they are a complete and utter joke and nowhere is this more evident than in the black church. Remember that the Most High always begins judgement and recompense with his own people first without fail. Hell is filling up daily with the souls of black women and because of their current unrepentant nature, as a group I do not feel sorry for them in the slightest.


      • bu—bu—but David danced before the lord until his clothes fell off……

        that’s the response you will get from church beast members, how do you respond to that? cause many people get blind sided by that


      • Nidotopianwarrior,

        The response to that is simple. The first thing that has to be brought up is the fact that the church according to the book of Acts is supposed to be the model for these modern day black churches, not what David did. Another issue that should be raised at this point is the fact that you do not read about this kind of activity coming out of the church as a normal thing, Paul was constantly checking various churches for this type of unruly, dysfunctional, wild, uncoordinated nonsense time and time again.

        Again, the most obvious evidence here is the fact that Paul instructed that women should learn in silence and should be obedient, therefore these women are acting out like a bunch of wild savages based upon what, the decadent pastor’s instructions and not according to the instructions given in scripture.


      • Lilian,

        This is what modern day black churches are in a nutshell, bread and circus, monkey show, minstrel, buffoon fest entertainment centers that hold absolutely no spiritual value whatsoever.


    • Yanni,

      I remember when this female delinquent first hit the headlines with this stunt, only the black woman would engage in such stupidity and decadence. This is the problem with most black women today, they always strive to associate themselves with the gutter trash characters of life rather than seeking to elevate themselves to a higher standard, a crying shame.

      More disappointing is the fact that her simp/mangina husband went along with the stupidity instead of checking this dunce and stopping her dead in her tracks. Yet again, the weakness of black men and their inability to check black women is demonstrated through this minstrel, monkey show buffoonery.


  2. Yes,that dancing is interesting. It is also,like you said, typical. For the video you showed, the pastor does not look good encouraging them on. Is the real problem, like the Bible says about other things like sacrifices and solemn feasts, the lifestyle of the people? I know there is something wrong with the dancing, but I can’t really see where it is in the Bible.

    Also, even though it should be pretty clear that something bad is coming for black people-and a large amount of responsibility is sadly ours-, it looks to me that it will be at the hand of others. Are you using the Bible and what happened in the past to say that will happen in your appearance of the Most High on earth,or does it mention anything like that in the future?

    Also, this is not really related too much, but I saw this story:–ik-enemkpali–seeking-sex–once-punched-man-he-thought-was-woman-132649952.html?bcmt=comments-postbox


    • N.S.

      The fact is that we Hebrews are supposed to be the representatives of the Most High, yet all the majority of blacks seem to keep doing is painting the Most High in a bad light and behaving like retarded children. Indeed, even the Most High himself complains throughout the scriptures about our people profaning his holy name amongst the heathen. Christ offered salvation to his own people first who rejected it, therefore it stands to reason that we will be judged first just as Paul confirmed in Romans. This is one of the main reasons why both Christ and Paul were sadden at the ignorance of our forefathers, they knew what recompense was coming down the pike as a result.

      Now our people have gotten themselves involved in the ICBI and have now turned the church into an buffoon fest entertainment center. I don’t feel sorry for these pastors at all, they will get it hot the most. The gravy train, the fun and games have now finished, from here on out it is a downward spiral for the church beast system and decadent church leaders both great and small.


  3. Personally, I have no problem with people dancing as a way to praise, but I strongly feel that the way people today do praise and worship nowadays is, in a few words, “prideful”, “fake”, “insincere”, and virtually “dead”. Even much of today’s gospel music can be described in those words too. Last week I was watching/listening to gospel music from 10, 15+ years ago and let me tell you, it sounds SOOOO much more genuine than it does today.

    One thing that black people as a whole need to start doing is getting back to the “old ways” of how we used to praise the Most High , how we used to value our relationship with the Most High above all else, when we didn’t care that other cultures thought about us because we knew what a powerful God we were serving. Black people more and more, especially youth, are becoming materialistic to the point it’s one of the main driving forces of us as a people becoming spiritually dead.


    • Energeia,

      Folks should save the monkey show praise and worship, minstrel theatrics for their own homes, dancing around like a headless chicken has no place in the public domain. This is one of the reasons why the Most High is no longer dealing with these churches, they have substituted the truth for bread and circus entertainment. The modern day church in 2015 is no different to the world, they strive for the same things, finances and materials. Black folks have a serious reckoning heading their way, both pastors and their followers will have some serious explaining to do shortly.


      • Yep, I fully understand the sentiment. Most churches now are about being a big circus show than genuinely praising the Most High Yah. I honestly don’t think that many blacks believe in the power of prayer, spiritual gifts, etc. like they used to either. The utter lack of reverence to Him is evident throughout ALL of modern black society. Because we’ve separated from Him, substituting Him for material goods, we’re totally lost now as a society. The only way we can survive the upcoming tribulations and begin to prosper as a people is getting close to Yah. That’s the ONLY way.


      • Aptly put, maybe they should not carry out services in stone buildings, they should pitch large tents, very much the same shelter for circus acts for real lolol!!!!!


  4. I can’t believe I forgot to bring it up, but did you hear about that pastor in Brazil 2 years ago who convinced his female congregation members to perform oral sex on him, saying his semen was holy milk?


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      Yep, I remember that account very well, couldn’t believe it when it first broke. It just goes to show you how gullible women can be, all you need to do is provide them with bread and circus, monkey and minstrel entertainment and they will go along with and believe anything the so called ‘pastor’ says. It is no wonder that men for a large part have abandoned these churches, the ICBI is simply a joke.


  5. Shalom Brother;
    You are so correct about all the foolishness that goes on in many so-called Christian churches. However, I’m not totally knocking the occasional shouting and making a joyful noise unto The Most High. I must confess, I am very guilty of praise dancing and making a joyful noise at home occasionally. I’m no longer a member of any church anymore, however, I may attend a service hit and miss at times just out of curiosity. My husband and I go to a Bible study group at a friends’ home. Our friends are tied to one of those ICBI churches They may be very nice people, but they are too caught up with their churchianity. I full sad and disappointed about them and the other members because they depend on their church organization instead of The Most High and His words alone. Some of the members tried to pressure me to join their church but I saw through all the bull crap. I told them I have no need to be a card carrying member of any church organization to serve The Most High Yah. They view those outside their church as not fully in the faith, but I made it clear that scripture; both the NT & OT does not support church membership. They attempted to equate church membership with Biblical fellowship. This church is far too worldly in their doctrine and services for my taste. By the way, the church organization is headed by confused Gentiles and fully support that synagogue of Satan; those fake ass Jews. Ironically, this church organization membership is 65%-70% so-called Blacks and of course, 60% women. I’m not against women in various ministerial leadership position, but I concur that women tend to be more gullible in religious and spiritual matters than men. I know this all too well because I’ve attended many many churches where the majority members are women. This churchianity religion tends to feminizes men and masculines women: It also neuters The Most High’s holy spirit power as well. I must go for now. I’ll be back with more later. Take care for now.


    • Candice Sparks,

      There are absolutely no issues with shouting and making joyful noise to the Most High in privacy of your own home, we are actually encouraged to do this in Ephesians 5:19. The problem comes however when folks take these same actions into the public domain, this is exactly what the modern day church has done. To be honest with the knowledge that you now have, attending church is really just a waste of time as you are now dealing with meat whereas the ICBI is still handing out milkshakes. I see that you are picking up the terms well, this is my aim, to explain things in a comprehensive and logical format that people can understand.

      You will find that this is the case with the majority of ICBI members, they rely on three pillars, the church building, the pastor and the other church members. Remove one of these foundations and you will quickly see your average member begin to crumble and breakdown. As I have mentioned before going to church requires absolutely no faith, everything is put in place for the CB member to the point where they will believe that the church and the pastor is totally accountable to the Most High on their behalf, albeit nothing could be further from the truth.

      I wrote about this in the book and I believe that I may have covered this in one of my blogs, how ICBI members feel very uncomfortable around those who are not part of ‘the fold’. Yes, they will chase you down and try to persuade you to join them at their local church beast branch. Yes, if they cannot convince you to join them they will often attempt to use guilt and shaming tactics to draw you in, I have definitely been there before. Indeed, they do not believe that an individual can have a clean, prosperous and fruitful relationship with the Most High outside of the confines of the church beast.

      The real church is simply the people, nothing more, nothing less, I covered this in the blog The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure vs The Body Of Christ. Remember the words Christ uttered to the woman at the well in John 4:21 which reads:

      4:21 – Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.

      Christ further went on to state the following in verse 24 which reads:

      4:24 – God is a Spirit:and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

      As Christ clearly was alluding to in verse 21, specific structures and set locations would no longer be a requirement to worship the Most High, worshipping the Father in spirit and in truth is now the requirement, however the majority of church beast members have refused to accept this memorandum. That is ok though, the Most High is taking down all of these institutional churches and many of their members will become casualties and victims in the up and coming carnage. CB members lean on their three pillars completely, therefore the devastation will be great and widespread.

      The whole purpose of fellowship is to come together, share with each other what the Most High is doing in individuals lives and to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of other fellows. The modern day church however in the case of Danny Ducksworth and many others instead decides to put on a bread and circus, monkey, minstrel, buffoon fest entertainment show and have folks run around the church building like Usain Bolt. The majority of these churches do and will continue to support the JewISH people because it was the synagogue of Satan who set up these monuments of failure to begin with.

      Men have been bailing out of the church because they need their minds stimulated and challenged, men do not want to be entertained all day unlike women, hence why the vast majority of black churches comprise of mostly women, women by the way who have no problems handing over their hard earned cash to the pastor just as long as he continues to provide them with bread and circus, fly by entertainment and refuses to hold them accountable for their transgressions and deliberate short comings.

      Always remember that when a person attends a church beast branch, they are actually serving the church, they are not serving the Most High. Many folks such as your friends make the common mistake of believing the these church beast branches have been established by the Most High, not at all. Let us not forget that the Most High does not dwell in buildings made with hands.


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