The True Purpose Of The Institutional Church – Short Post!



The true purpose of the institutional church beast is break and destroy a man/woman’s faith in the Most High. Church being boring and repetitive has deliberately been built into the institutional church beast infrastructure model, it is no accident that nearly all church regardless of denomination operate in more or less the same mundane fashion. If I were a person going to church with the critical mind that I have today, I would automatically think that the Most High was a boring old fart who does not want people to live their lives to full capacity.

Of course I would be wrong, as I have stated before the Most High is not in these modern day churches. You do not have to attend a church in order to connect with the Most High and see him move within your life, in fact it is pretty much guaranteed that if you attend a church beast branch, you will see very little if any movement from the Most High at all. We clearly remember that the Most High stated that he does not dwell in buildings made with hands, therefore to promote the idea that the Most High resides at church A or church B would be highly disingenuous.

However this is exactly what church beast pastors, bishops, reverends, evangelists, preachers and other clergy leaders promote, the idea that “God is in the building”. Just listen to your average pastor preach and you will hear them frequently state that they feel the presence of God in the church building, however nothing could be further from the truth.

The Most High certainly in my experience does not work through fixed schedules and repetitive programming, he has clearly shown me that the more random the situation, the greater the chance of him making a move. The church does not really believe in the power of God because if they did then they wouldn’t place restrictions upon how he can manifest himself in any given situation.

I have confronted so many church beast members and asked them to show me the current configuration of how these modern day churches operate out of the bible, I am still waiting. Now I have had many of them reluctantly admit that the current programming, scheduling, formation and operations that these modern day churches have adopted cannot be found as a model within the scriptures. This is exactly what I have been stating for the longest while, therefore at this point the question must be raised, why are folks still “going along with the program” so to speak?

Having read many of my posts by now you should already know the answer to this question, the majority of church beast attendees have given up the ability to think and to reason for themselves, instead their clerics perform the thinking and reasoning functions for them. In the church you are deliberately taught not to think, this is for the main purpose of keeping congregation members in a position where they can continually be controlled, manipulated and moved in a “preferred direction” by their leaders when required.

The Most High is very displeased with the institutional church because through its boring, repetitive and ritualistic model it has caused many people to view him in a negative and non favourable light, can we really be surprised at the amount of folks in 2015 who without hesitation have absolutely no problems giving the Most High the middle finger?

I will continue to promote the message of the individual, as I have stated many times before it is the individual, the nobody and the person of no reputation whom the Most High is now working through to push forward the agenda of his kingdom. The institutional church has had its chance and has failed miserably and on purpose in order to derail believers into ineffectiveness and non interest.

Those who are still attending the church yet who see this monolith for the bread and circus, buffoon fest, minstrel show it has become and who have been looking for confirmation of their thoughts and feelings, I encourage you to walk away from the church and establish your own personal relationship with the Most High as an individual without the interference of greedy, deceitful and manipulative pastors and church leaders.

The fact of the matter is when you attend church your relationship with Christ and the Most High is NOT personal because everybody in the church wants to know your business and seeks to uncover it, let’s just be honest here. This couldn’t be more evident than with the classic example of the Roman Catholic Church and its decadent “confession box”.

To those who have already experienced liberation from the clutches of the church beast system, I encourage you to continue forging and working out your own salvation just as Paul instructed the Philippians, continue to discover who you are as a person and continue to allow the Most High to show you what talents, gifts and skills you have and can use for his kingdom, can use to earn a living from or both.

The bottom line here is that church attendance kills your faith in the Most High, it does not aid it in any way, shape, form or fashion. By the way, the same principles definitely applies when we are dealing with the various Hebrew groups out there as they operate in exactly the same manner as the institutional churches, nothing but rules, regulations and more rules to follow. The new covenant is not about rules, regulations and old covenant laws, it is about faith and belief, I have mentioned and clearly demonstrated this fact so many times before in previous posts.

You should have noticed by now that these same Hebrew elders encourage their followers to join groups, they also heavily discourage folks from walking the individual path which is a major red flag. Those of you who have discovered that you are the true Hebrews by bloodline, do not escape the institutional church beast frying pan only to jump into the many Hebrew Israelite groups burning fire.

Special thanks to Nidotopian Warrior and Danielle for the inspiration and the idea behind this post. As always………………………


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

10 thoughts on “The True Purpose Of The Institutional Church – Short Post!

  1. This was a very interesting read. I also do not understand why so many people are still caught up in the “church scam”. Its as if people are under some type of spell still in 2015 and don’t won’t to break it. This is why I do what I do and if there is individuals who want to understand I do talk to them but for the most part still most do not get it.

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    • Danielle,

      You have to remember what Christ stated about seeds falling on certain types of ground, our grounds are open and fertile to truth but poisonous, hostile and non receptive to lies and deception, it is because of this that the seeds of church beast deception never had a chance to take root in our lives, other folks however are not so fortunate.

      You are right, most folks wish to remain attached to the spell, I say leave them alone and only deal with those people who are looking for truth. As time goes on you will see even more people being deceived and even less people gravitating towards truth and liberty. Most folks are simply followers by nature who allow others to think for them.

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  2. Wow you really took em to church Verbs, lol (I know, poor choice of words)…….

    “You should have noticed by now that these same Hebrew elders encourage their followers to join groups, they also heavily discourage folks from walking the individual path which is a major red flag. Those of you who have discovered that you are the true Hebrews by bloodline, do not escape the institutional church beast frying pan only to jump into the many Hebrew Israelite groups burning fire.”

    I don’t know if I shared this with you, I think I did, but I’ll just tell you either way. A few months ago I was watching one of IUIC’s in the classroom sessions and they were discussing marriage and divorce according to the old testament, so anyways they said that if a sista was divorced by her husband, then she was not allowed to marry again, so one of the deacons said that if that sister tried to leave the congregation and run to another camp to “start anew” then they were gonna put her business out there, they were going to pass her name and picture around to every camp and let them know “that sistah is A HOE”… In essence, she can run but she can’t hide. Another thing, I remember Elder Nathanyel saying that if a brother or sister was suspended from the congregation, I forgot for what offense, but he said that particular offense would get you suspended for a year and during your suspension you were still supposed to send them tithes and offerings… Now, from time to time I still peruse their youtube channels to glean whatever knowledge I can from their videos but noway in hell I was joining. They are terrifying, stone faced, rigid and if were possible, they could kill you with a look. One of their deacons, Deacon Asaph, I swear I’ve seen saltwater crocodiles with less teeth than him…

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    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      The major problem with the majority of these Hebrew groups is the fact that they operate in exactly the same fashion as the institutional church, one rule after another you must follow. There is absolutely no room given by them to explore and to find your own path which is exactly what the Most High is looking for from his believers, this is one of the major ways in which true faith in him is built.

      In the same manner as decadent church leaders these same Hebrew group Elders and deacons are certainly running through sisters like there is no tomorrow, remember that they are operating in the flesh because of their rejection of the new covenant. I remember coming across a video some years back in which the GOCC leader Elder Rawcha was confronted by ex members of his church pertaining to his extra recreational activities with certain female members of his ministry, so IUIC aren’t fooling me at all with their supposed chased standards.

      Its a crying shame, these groups bring the knowledge to the forefront pertaining to who we are as a people yet at the same time they attempt to place a yoke of bondage upon the same folks that they have liberated. As I stated before, the Most High is using the individual, he is not interested in groups whether they be from the institutional church beast infrastructure or from the Hebrew Israelite movement.

      Funnily enough I watched one of IUIC’s videos in which Elder Nathanyel berated anybody thinking about walking with the Most High as an individual, I believed that he may have come across my blog or somebody might have shown it to him or one of his members because I am the only Hebrew out there as far as I can see who preaches the new covenant, faith and belief and walking with the Most High as an individual ie having your own purpose, retaining your own thinking and reasoning faculties and knowing who you are as a man/woman.

      Those who wish to place a yoke of bondage upon their necks are quite welcome to follow these groups, them informing me about who I am was sufficient enough for me. I remember at one point where I was constantly wrestling with faith and belief according to the new covenant vs the old covenant laws which these slave driver Hebrew elders were and still are promoting, never again. I know exactly what time it is now.

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  3. “I remember coming across a video some years back in which the GOCC leader Elder Rawcha was confronted by ex members of his church pertaining to his extra recreational activities with certain female members of his ministry”

    Yeah, but Elder Rawchaa has already addressed and vehemently denied those allegations. He said that his accusers were liars trying to destroy his ministry. To be honest, he sounded quite convincing to me. But ultimately I don’t know the entire story, so I can’t say for certain


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      The video I saw was done by Light And Body church(if I remember the group’s name correctly), they confronted him on the street after they had finished preaching, asked about his liaisons with various said women, he said that he didn’t want to talk about it and he walked off.

      Because he is a black male and I know how the majority of black men are when it comes to females, I cannot give him the benefit of the doubt. I’ve met the guy in person, he is a good orator, however just like every other Hebrew elder he is operating according to the flesh because of his rejection of the new covenant, therefore these types of allegations do not surprise me at all.

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  4. EXCELLENT post! Especially with what you said about how even Hebrew camps can be found preaching so much error that Christians can (pretty much) easily call them out on it! I think that 99% of the Hebrews I’ve seen online preach about following the old covenant, which the Word itself says differently.

    By the by, I was wondering for a long time what you thought of these two vids by YAHsaves777. I like the info he has in his vids for the most part of SOME stuff feel a tad iffy to me.

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    • Energeia,

      Apologies for the late response, I’m currently in the process of proof reading my book on the institutional church beast. Let me make my comments on the videos. The first thing that needs to be addressed is this name business, I have already written a post on this issue, the name of the Most High is long lost, it seems that everybody believes that they have the true name of the Most High, however nothing could be further from the truth. Yahsaves777 is no closer to knowing the name than anybody else. Remember any information that we are managing to run into is coming from the JewISH people, thus it has already been contaminated.

      The other issue here is the fact that nobody today knows original Hebrew that our forefathers spoke, nobody. As the the Most High stated in Jeremiah 17:4, we would lose our entire heritage, this would include our original language. On the Esau issue, I characterise Esau as being people of Caucasian descent from the characteristics of him given to us in the scriptures. Not only that but remember the Apocrypha informs us the Esau is the end of the world and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth, we are at the end of the world now and look who is in charge, case and point proven. There is also the vivid description of Edom, his thoughts and his achievements in the book of Obadiah.

      He claims that Japheth is the white man, however we are not given any characteristics of Japheth anywhere in the scriptures, however the ones we are given for Esau match the behaviours of the so called white man today. The instruction to not hate an Edomite is part of the old covenant, it is not part of the new covenant. He attempted to use 1 John 2:9-11 to support this claim however these particular scriptures are specifically dealing with our brothers in Christ, not Esau.

      What he stated about the tribes being scattered throughout the world is spot on, Hebrews are everywhere, not just in the US. The point about the new testament is exactly what I keep talking about on this blog, 99% of Hebrew groups reject the new testament and the new covenant and are teaching folks that we need to return to the old law, this is pure error, in essence they are actually rejecting Christ.

      In the second video he attempted to make the claim of the gene pool being mixed up and that there is a possibility that the JewISH people could be the real Hebrews by blood, however we already know that Christ has called out the JewISH people as liars and the synagogue of Satan. One thing that I will say about the tribes is that we ought to be looking for people who match our features worldwide, the so called Negroes are who consist of the 12 tribes. The information on the 6 pointed star is spot on, we are simply not to deal with any images and symbols as they automatically lead to idolatry.

      I do not like the fact that he attempted to minimise the knowledge of knowing who you are, though he is correct on the fact that believing in Christ is the qualifier for entering the kingdom of the Most High, at the end of the day there will still be an order in that kingdom, the Gentiles will serve the Hebrews(Isaiah 14:1-2, Isaiah 60 plus many others). This is the institutional church relegation gospel that he touting when he attempts to dismiss the importance of knowing one’s heritage.

      I simply take no notice of the constant references to the supposed Hebrew because as we already know this is not the original Hebrew number one and number two I can read the English perfectly well, referring to the Hebrew is not a requirement. You are right, most of the information presented was correct, however there were some errors here and there.


      • No prob with being late in responding! And thank you SO much for clarification! And you’re absolutely right about the book of Obadiah and the fact that we don’t have a solid clue on how Japheth actually looked like (but we can PROBABLY infer that Japheth was a so-called “black” man even though the Word never explicitly says so, which I personally believe, is because he looked like any other ordinary “black” man and the Bible most likely thought that describing his physical features wasn’t really important because well, because maybe his physical features wasn’t all that unique if you apply it to how men looked/dressed back in Biblical times).


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