The Purpose Of The Believer!



The reason why many people are no longer interested in so called “christianity”, Christ, the bible and the things of the Highest is because the people who are supposed to be leading the charge in “preaching the gospel” and bringing healing to the world have failed completely. So called christians in 2015 are more interested in gaining material wealth and living high on the hog lifestyles like their decadent clergy leadership. The main problem with so called believers today is the fact that they bring no remedy to the table and no answers to the things of everyday life. I remember very well when I was within the clutches of the ICBI, asking people around me basic questions and not being given the adequate answers I required.

This is a serious problem, this is why I will continue to repeat the statement that the church brings absolutely no solutions to the table, the church at this late point simply performs the function of a merchant commerce center, the congregation members are the people to be merchandised and the so called “church leaders” are the merchants who are only too glad to accept continual “good tidings” from their parishioners. Of course if people at this point in time cannot see the writing on the wall then that is their business, the evidence that clearly demonstrates the dishonest and the disloyal nature of ecclesiastical clerics is in plain view for all to see.

The purpose of a man or woman who believes in Christ is not just to “preach the gospel”, it is also to fill needs. Allow me to remind you of some wise words uttered by Christ when he walked the planet. Matthew 6:10 reads:


Heaven has order, the earth as it currently stands has disorder, disarray and chaos, the believer is supposed to bring order and remedy to the planet through the area of expertise, the gift/talent/skill that the Most High has revealed to him/her. The problem with the modern day church is that it has been deliberately set up to stifle and restrict one’s natural talents, abilities, skills and gifts for being used to forward the kingdom of the Highest. Obviously since the institutional church beast infrastructure has been set up by the devil himself, these types of obstructions and hindrances should be expected.

The church preaches a meesage that at one time seemed to be legitimate, however there are no works behind the message. Christ preached the kingdom of heaven and he also brought mighty works to the table to prove his authenticity. Informing the average person that Jesus loves them and that he died for their sins means nothing in this day and age, if you claim to be a follower of Christ then what works are you bringing to the table to show folks that you are the genuine article? The understanding that most folks have of Christ and the Most High is completely off because of the backward teachings and the false hope so called “christians” bring to the conversation.

Modern day christians have failed, until they start to bring genuine and authentic works to the table I do not want to hear anything more from them at all. Christ brought remedy to the table, he healed the sicked, cast devils out of many people, he fed the hungry, he performed other great miracles yet what do we see from the so called church today, nada. The modern day church simply wishes to enroll you into one of their many church beast branches where you can be merchandised, used and abused until your usefulness has ended. With the church beast it is not about Christ, salvation and eternal life, no the church beast is only interested in filling its coffers and maintaining a financial foundation in order to meet its overheads including the high on the hog living standards of its clerics.

This problem is cross denomination, it matters not whether you attend a Roman Catholic church or a Pentecostal piece of trash, the techniques of persuasion executed and the methods of merchandising are still the same. I will continue to preach the message of individualism ie having your own specific purpose to fulfill instead of riding the coattails of others(something which the church is always encouraging people to do which is clearly not good and is definitely not what the Most High desires from those who believe in him).

If you are not sure what the Most High wants you to do for his kingdom then simply WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS, you will not be penalised for doing nothing in the meantime, this is very unlike what the church teaches, the church would have you believe that if you are not doing something for the kingdom immediately then you risk going to hell for being a slothful servant. With this fear in mind this then pushes many folks to jump into things that are not part of their purpose in life, they carry out these things for a short period time before they eventually drop them by the wayside.

I experienced a wilderness period of doing nothing for 5 years, I returned to the Most High in 2005, however it wasn’t until 2010 that I started this blog and even then at the beginning my subject matter was random. The Most High used that 5 year period to clean up certain issues in my life aswell as to prepare me to go to war against the institutional church beast infrastructure. Most never experience that wilderness period because of the fear that doing nothing will cause them to be sent to hellfire, however nothing could be further from the truth. Even now the Most High is still cleaning up my life, the process of reparation does not occur overnight and until the return of Christ this is the way that things will continue to pan out.

So for all believers out there whether you be a Hebrew or a Gentile, wait for the Most High to reveal to you what the specific purpose you are to carry out for his kingdom will be and continue to ignore the institutional church beast infrastructure dogma.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

8 thoughts on “The Purpose Of The Believer!

  1. Dear Ma My name Kayode Tiiye. I read your blogs Thanks for this mail. I used to be in the Institutionalized Church; but i am now also in a wilderness just as you also experienced. Nevertheless, I WA BROUGHT OUT INTO A FATHER-SON LIFE. I feel led to share this with other believers in a blog. Could you teach me the technique of blogging? Thanks



      There are no real techniques per say, You simply have to talk about the topics the Spirit presses you to deal with. I deal with a variety of topics on this blog site, however my main focus is on the institutional church beast infrastructure and on the side negative issues which are occurring within the black community especially with modern day black women. Allow the Spirit to show you your expertise and simply roll with it.


  2. these churches would have you believe that miracles are a thing of the past…. Growing up in the church, I always heard pastors talk about “reaching new levels in God”, and “God has a plan and purpose for your life” and God is saying this that the tar and the other and the truth is, you’re just in the same position, just more confused. They think the be all and end all of your spiritual life is coming to church every sunday, singing and jumping around, giving your hard earned money to the pastor and holding some spiffy and shallow corporate position in the church, like youth pastor, youth coordinator, treasurer, secretary, Senior pastor and what have you


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      I believe the negation of miracles in the present and the near future is one of the most annoying doctrines to come out of the church beast system. You simply cannot reach new levels in God attending a church beast branch, sure you can reach new levels and gain promotional advantages in the church, however the church beast and the Most High are not one and the same.

      The institutional church beast system uses the “God has a plan for your life” mantra continually to keep folks believing that the special day will come where the Most High will use them in a powerful way, but that day never comes. That time can only come if you are walking outside of the confines of the church beast. Remember that proverbial cow on the treadmill being milked that I talked about a number of posts back, always think back to that analogy whenever you hear that common church rhetoric.

      In a way I have to rate these so called “church leaders”, they have really done a number on folks to where most church members believe that repeating the same ritual each and every week somehow equates to spiritual growth and progression, however we as independent outsiders can clearly see that this is simply a crock of nonsense.


  3. Very interesting article. I was also caught up with “Christianity”. Once I realized I had to find my own way my life has been a lot better. It is sad though that black people especially in today’s time are able to be mislead by this false religion. Not many want to come out of the sleep that they are in. When I found out the truth I went to my family and they were not trying to hear it. I believe they think I am crazy or something. Who cares though I would rather be called “crazy” than stuck on stupid.


    • Danielle,

      Walking with the Most High as an individual with your own purpose revealed through him is the only viable way forward in these times of great deception. It is very sad how in 2015 most of our people have been hoodwinked and bamboozled by the vain words and the empty promises of tricksters and charlatans who dare to call themselves spiritual leaders.

      Indeed Christ was spot on when he stated that most go the way of destruction. There is also a verse in Proverbs that talks about a way that seems right to a man but the end of that path leads to death. The entire world has gone insane.


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