Pro Blacks Caught Slacking Again!











It never ceases to amaze me how the pro black, back to Africa male and female can always be caught in their hypocrisy. Blacks would have the rest of the world believe that they have a problem with the Confederate flag, however if this is so the case then how would you explain the above images eh black folks? The above images come from a site called The site is predominantly dedicated to group sex between normally a single black woman and a number of white men.

Now what is interesting about this site is the fact that these white men whilst engaging in sex with these black women are all wearing confederate flag t-shirts. So my question to you pro blacks is this, how come you are so willing to clash with and cascade white people over the confederate flag in the streets, yet your black woman who has no problem engaging in sex with white folks who are wearing confederate flag t-shirts gets a pass? The modern-day black male especially on topics such as these loves to engage in selective outrage.

This is why nobody takes black men seriously in 2015, this is yet another situation where black men are afraid to call out the black woman on her debauchery and slack behaviour, yet will have no problems going in on me for pointing out their shortfalls. How can you claim that you are offended at the confederate flag yet your woman who is mixing with white folks wearing confederate flag t-shirts gets a pass?

The reason why nobody can argue with what I say is because the majority of the information I bring to the table is based upon an observational standpoint which others can also see for themselves. This is something that black men can see for themselves, however yet and still they will refuse to check their “sistas”. As I have repeated many times before, the modern-day black woman is a traitor and a sellout to her own nation, the bigger shame of this whole situation is the fact that black men upon seeing her traitorous ways will immediately lock down and go into flux mode, this black woman has performed such a slap up job of indoctrinating and derailing black men that they will literally short-circuit whenever black women’s feet are held to the fire of accountability.

Black women who claim to be conscious are also guilty, why are they not checking their “sistas” who are willingly involve themselves in these kinds of activities? The truth of the matter is that black women hold to a creed amongst themselves to where they will never call out one of their own regardless of what heinous behaviour her fellow “sistas” are involved in. A confederate coalition, black women who engage in debauchery with whomever they wish and weak black men who have been castrated and who don’t have the balls to call her out on her rubbish.

The western black male for the most part is a dunce and a numbskull, he honestly still believes that he can restore the black nation to its former glory without first holding the black woman accountable for the skullduggery that she has wrought upon the black community and black society, well we can clearly see how “successful” this plan has been so far.

Call me back when you begin to make some sort of progress Negro, in the meantime I will be over in my own corner building just as other well to do, intelligent, forward thinking, progressive folks are doing.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

26 thoughts on “Pro Blacks Caught Slacking Again!

  1. Ouch. I am not too happy with the Confederate flag situation. I am in that general region. It is complicated, and blacks here have said NO to taking down that flag in at least a couple of states in the past and even at the Charleston flag rally the only few blacks who were there were Black Lives Matter people, but I did not want to be a part of that and at least here in the South, most blacks did not. Blacks here have always understood that next to everything else we have to deal with, it is a small issue.

    The flag removal, among other things, was part of the plan to increase racial tensions and move everyone to a race war. Any black commentator who was pushing for the flag to go down was not thinking at all. Even Minister Farrakahn was confused by them taking that flag down. Blacks have too many problems to even be bothered by the Stars and Bars.

    This is hypocritical. I have seen how black men who go after whites are shunned and have to deal with the anger of even black women who aren’t interested in them but there is a lot of cover up for this kind of stuff when it comes to the women. And I think at a certain point, most black men see stuff along this line where a woman strongly rejects black males but is willing to degrade herself with whites. I am still young and I have seen something like that. The thing is, I believe many non-blacks secretly talk amongst themselves about the stuff some black women do with other races. I definitely have to choose carefully if I want to find a woman here and this is another factor I have to think about.

    The pictures are hard to look at, but you are trying to bring home a message hard, and I think it is to us men.

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    • N.S,

      Another factor to take into consideration here is time, the longer you wait is the more black women will become even more contaminated. I personally believe at this point that you should look abroad at black women outside of the western hemisphere. The black woman at this stage is finished, I was walking through the market today and it was a travesty to observe just how low black women have sunk. Fake eye lashes, drawn on eye brows, a head full of weave, building site loads of make up, tattooed up to the hilt, black women in 2015 no longer look natural and she believes that this unnatural look is the future.

      Plus black women have to ensure that they are heard by everyone around them, so they will go through the streets projecting their masculine voices in order to turn heads. I believe that I have stated this before, deal with the modern day western black woman at your own risk, however if you get bitten its your fault, take it on the chin, accept the L and move on.

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      • What a shame! Vile despicable images of women being degraded period. To the person responsible for this article the World is a better place without you. All you’ve chosen to really show the world is depth of how horribly bad the human heart is and how sorely deeply ingrain, depraved man is without regeneration. Whatever you have darkly attempted to teach about the societal instability of another race you’re jus as much as the case of as well as your whites, your Latinos, all races running through the blood of Adam and EVE ARE STAINED!… May you you be swiftly judged for what you’ve tried to do you radically depraved devil.. 😠😠


      • Waln Christ,

        This is the problem with the overwhelming majority of you so called “believers in Christ”, you never actually want to deal with the real issues in the world and you think that ignoring such problems will make them go away.

        That is NOT how things work in the real world, this article isn’t dealing with all races, it’s specifically geared towards the modern day black female who has become the scum of the earth. Luke warm trash, we are clearly NOT cut from the same cloth.


  2. Shalom;
    Ugh! What on earth is going on with so many Black women these days. Should they practice discreteness in their sexual relations/affairs? I’m tired of this foolishness. I’m also beginning to dislike being a Black woman as well because no matter how hard a decent Black woman tries to be good; she is still lumped up with the ratchet ones. There are far far too many of us Black women involved in such foolishness and filth and I despise it. I can wear a long dress and an head covering and still be lumped with whores; many long dress/veil wearing women are actually whores in disguise. What a huge shame! Black women in general are receiving a very bad rap from many Black men and men from other races. We as a group are losing out because of so so many of us sisters proving these men to be right in what they have been saying. I just want to claim another nationality because of all this bad reputation of Black women; what a shame, what a damn shame. Well, I have no further comments on this one.

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    • Candice Sparks,

      You will be fine Candice, just stay away from the reprobates in order to avoid being contaminated by their foul behaviours and their debauchery. This is the problem, most black women have a guild to where they will refuse to call out their fellow sister even if she is dead in the wrong. So by their silence good black women condone the reprobate actions of their decedent fellows. You’re right, the contamination is spreading, even good black women are now going over to the dark side because of the fallout due to the deliquent actions of what were at one stage a minority of people. It is a hard saying but a true one, the modern day western black woman as a whole is finished, I understand now what the Most High meant when he stated that only a remnant of Israel shall be saved, of course, most of our people are going to be destroyed because they serve this system and have turned their back on the Highest. The pictures above are just a sample of that departure.

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      • Shalom Brother;
        First thank you so much for hearing me out on my points. I’ve watched the latest videos you’ve posted on your response to Cahntel’e Marie. I’m totally sick of all the ratchet ass videos displaying Black women as the most violent savaged people in the world. I’m most disturbed about the video where two Black deaf women ended up nearly killing each other while others were watching in humor. Hardly anyone intervened at all. I just can’t see how two blind women can just nearly kill each other over some BS: They’re considered legally disabled by societal standards. I just don’t get this at all. Well, my natural reflexes of intervening would more than likely kick in; of course, I must use extreme caution in doing this. I’m training to be a well trained prepper and fighter because there are far too many insane folks on the streets and SIATHTF! I may have to physically fight more than one person or end up defending others, especially the defenseless. I know I’m a woman, but the way things are heading, I will no longer be unprepared because I never know who or what I may run into. Plus, in case my husband is not around or not in the position to fight, I must be capable of fighting if need be. I don’t want to have to physically fight anyone at all and prefer to avoid as much as possible, but I damn sure don’t want to be totally defenseless at all. This may sound a bit un-lady-like, but I’m engaged in heavy weight lifting and about to take combat self defense/possibly hardcore martial arts to train and prepare my hands for BATTLE according to Psalm 18:34 & 144:1 and 2 Sam.22:35. Me and my husband will become well trained preppers and fighters together because it is extremely important to us. This may sound quite funny and backwards; but I’ve been BEGGING/NAGGING THE HELL out of my stubborn husband to do more weight lifting along with me. We have a gym membership and even weights at home. Men and women of other races are doing heavy weight training, prepping, weapons training/handling, combat/martial arts training, First Aid/CPR, and surviving off the land. They are seriously training and preparing for crisis/battles. The majority of Blacks, especially Black women are not even thinking about stuff like this. I refuse to fight along with a bunch of ill-prepared disorganized people; Black people are largely that as a collective. That is truly frightening to me that so so many Black people are not prepared for even a small scaled disaster. I want me and my family to leave the city life to set up and establish a homesteading/special economic community cooperatively/collaboratively with other like minded people. I really want to live off-the-centralized grid as much as possible because I do not want myself nor my family too dependent on the government nor the wicked. Believe me, I planned to be well armed as well as well trained to fight & kill. My husband thinks that way as well. We will enroll our children; sons and daughters in martial arts, weapons training, and hardcore weight training at very early ages. This world is extremely dangerous and far too many people, especially Black are severally unprepared. I want to raise our children in a homesteading/special economic community so they can learn the most valuable skills in life. I’ve had enough with city/big town life because most people tend to be lazy and dependent on others to provide them everything. Developers and local officials of big cities/towns tend to cause many people to be more parasitic by building more and more mean-less businesses that call for more wasteful consumption; I’m Over This! So, screw the big cities/towns. Unfortunately, Many many Black people will just DIE when SIATHTF!!!


      • Candice Sparks,

        Black women as a collective have become a menace not only to themselves but also to society as a whole. It is now approaching the point where very few people wish to interact with black women because of the dysfunctional lifestyles that they have willingly taken on board. As I have stated before I believe without a shadow of a doubt that most black women today are possessed by evil spirits and that it is these evil spiritual forces that are driving the outlandish behaviours that black women currently participate in.

        This is the only way that you can explain the weave wearing, then on top of that the many different colours they put in the weave(red, green, gold, blue etc), the tattoos, the bad and excessive makeup, the fake eye lashes, the fake nails, the fake eyebrows, the permanent abrasive attitudes and treatment towards their children, their eagerness to want to engage in violence constantly, the loud/I am here behaviour that most black women have to put on display wherever they go, their lack of manners and decorum, their outright rebellious nature, the fact that most of them are miserable, most of all their inability to be honest, responsible and accountable for their actions.

        This is the grand price that the modern day black woman is paying for selling out her own people in favour of the temporary treats and the benefits of the state. Mainstream media isn’t even a requirement anymore to paint black women in a bad light, black women in their desperate need for attention are uploading their decadent acts to social media themselves. As one of the few black women who understands what is happening, I will continue to recommend that you keep your distance from contaminated black folks, do your own thing and make your own preparations.

        Indeed things are beginning to heat up, everywhere these council estate/project housing blacks go they bring their reprobate behaviour with them. I have noticed that as of late western governments have been paying construction companies to build new houses and flats in decent, well to do neighbourhoods, they then move in the scumbags and what once was a decent and orderly area to live in soon begins to resemble an uncaged zoo.

        I have purposely held off from having children here in the UK precisely because the system here is anti family, socialism has bitten Brits in the backside too well. I too am looking to move out the countryside, however certainly it will not be here in this country.

        Keep doing what you are doing, there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep yourself fit and prepare for the worst, however the Most High has out backs, in the time of trouble he will not leave us high and dry, he will enable us to defend ourselves, our families and other loved ones.


      • Though it’s not high on my bucket list, I think that the last place to find a black woman with some common sense and a sense of family is African women(most preferably Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Ethiopia). It’s an international problem, but atleast in those countries the idea of a man being the head of the family is still upheld….and might I add…the women in these countries tend to value education more and alot of them are absolutely gorgeous.
        Outside of all of that however. I don’t see much to hope for in these mordern day black women in the west…it’s not all of them but it’s far too great a number. I don’t think I don’t blame black men too, we have ourselves to blame because no matter how ratchet this western black woman gets, we never seem to call them out on their bullshit because a majority of us have been raised around very high levels of oestrogen.


      • Jabari,

        If I had to choose from women out of Africa I would much rather go for the women from the east coast countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea, west African women are almost just as gone as western black women, Nigerian women should be written off as they idolise African American females through the Nollywood culture.

        This is exactly what I have been stating for the longest time, the problem with black women is international and the mascot who is spearheading this campaign of debauchery is the black female of the US.

        Indeed, black men have deliberately been bred to be weak by black women, of course this is for the sole purpose of ensuring that black women will remain as the leaders of the black community and thus continue to be relevant to their white liberal slave master.

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      • Funny how you said that and I’m watching a Nollywood movie right now and seeing everything you talk about lol. But you are most definitely right with the East African women….I have never heard anyone complain about them and they seem to have very strong family values. They are the type of women you want to build with.

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  3. At this point I’m thinking long and hard on whether or not I’d date another black woman. They have literally become the world’s jezebel and the most illogical group of people on the planet with the ones from the U.S. leading the way. Some people claim it’s only the American ones but that’s a lie….I’ve seen it outside the U.S. Black women outside the U.S idolise American black women and that’s a fact. It’s not all if them at all, but way too much of them. In my own family I have aunts who pride themselves on literally being assholes and being obnoxious and equating that to being strong. They also sit and squabble all day about their SIMP husbands…it’s horrific. Idk if I can deal with that…even my own parents have told me that they don’t mind me bringing home a woman of a different race!!

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    • Jabari,

      It is a very sad state of affairs, The western black woman has reduced her value down to less than a morsel of bread. It really is not hard for black men to look at women from other nationalities as black women by their unnatural and masculine tendencies are automatically pushing black men away by default. Why would any man with sense thinking about the future want to settle down with somebody who at this stage is clearly unstable? The modern day black woman on the whole has become nothing short of a decadent savage who revels in destruction, chaos, mayhem, misery, blood and death.

      Black women as a group are so attention staved and they did it to themselves by selling out their men aswell as the nation. I wonder if they would have made different decisions 60 years ago if they could have looked into the future and seen the destruction that would be wrought by their own hands? You are right about this problem with black women being an international one, black women here in the UK are just the same, London hosts black women from Nigeria to Jamaica to Antigua to Ghana to France to Germany to Belgium to Italy, it doesn’t matter which direction you turn in black women all over are behaving like insane idiots and indeed, their role model is the Afro American female.

      The pro blacks cannot deal with this, they will simply push this situation under a very thick carpet. What makes me laugh is the fact that the back to Africa, red, black and green squad will go in hard on a fellow brother for his transgressions, yet black women who commit the very same acts are given a pass, and the pro blacks expect me to believe that they are serious claiming that they want to rebuild the black community? How can you rebuild without first dealing with the flaws and the issues within black society that are causing the greatest problems?

      As I stated before, most black men are cowards, they do not have the testicular fortitude to confront black women on their debauchery. Don’t hold out for a restoration of the black community, it isn’t going to happen because the decadency of black women these pro blacks will never address.

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  4. Your article title implied to me that the women engaging in this activity were themselves Black conscious or pro-Black. But these are porn stars – this is what they do! Slackness. We live in a world of free will and that means there will always be those that engage in behaviours like this – from different races! It’s unfair to call out all Black people based on the behaviour of PORN STARS!


    • Chantel’e Marie,

      The article is demonstrating many things including another example of the continued hypocrisy of black women aswell as the fact that so called “conscious” blacks continue to turn a blind eye to such blatant hypocrisy.

      I do not deal with other races because they can and are quite capable of dealing with themselves, they do not require my assistance as an outsider to tackle their own problems.

      The problem in 2015 is the fact that slackness and destruction is all that modern day black women seem to want to engage in, I do not see black women partaking in any constructive actions, works to help build and better the black community, instead all I observe them doing is engaging in behaviours that are conducive towards death and destruction and at the same time attempting to still hold themselves up as women who wish to be respected.

      Again, the main point of the article is demonstrating how black folks on the whole are claiming that they have a problem with the flag of the confederacy, yet when black women are caught engaging in decadency involving this same flag of contention, not a word is uttered.

      There is a plethora of evidence available that shows the perpetual hypocrisy and the willful destructive nature of the modern day black woman, the examples above are merely drops in the ocean.

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      • Your article is based on your observations, but there are many examples of black women who are partaking in constructive actions and works to help build and better the black community!

        There are those who let the black community down, but it’s important to look more deeply into WHY some black people degrade themselves.

        I don’t agree that conscious black people turn a blind eye to this. There are many in our community who are tackling these issues and finding solutions.

        You made the point that there are black people that have a problem with the flag of the Confederacy, yet are not voicing concerns on ‘decadency involving this same flag.’ I believe this is two separate issues.

        One is about the historic racism related to the flag, while the other issue relate to sexualization, exploitation and degredation within the porn industry.


      • Chantel’e Marie,

        Only my observations huh? I can show you better than I can tell you:

        I could continue on for days, it simply doesn’t matter what end of the spectrum you visit(professional black woman vs hoodrat), the pestilence, the slack behaviour and the savagry of modern day black women in general is in plain view for all to see, this is clearly not just from “my observations”. Black women on the whole are doing nothing to uplift and rebuild the black community yet on the flipside of the coin are doing everything in their power to continue perpetuating its destruction and degradation. I would very much like to see these many examples of black women working towards building and bettering the black community you talked about.

        The answer as to why some black people(the vast majority being black women) degrade themselves is simple, black women have become the biggest sellouts and traitors in the history of mankind, their love for their white liberal father, lord, saviour and master has far exceeded the loyalty and the commitment that they had towards the black family and the black community. No other race of women have brought so much destruction, chaos, misery, blood and death upon their own people as modern day black women have.

        Black folks really do not have a problem with the confederate flag, they were simply looking for another avenue to use in order to avoid being held responsible and accountable for their own destructive behaviours. When Bill Clinton ran for president in 1991 he used the confederate flag as part of his campaign, black folks weren’t complaining about the flag back then, they voted for him in record numbers inspite of this so called “symbol of historic racism”.

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      • I’m not disputing that there are some black women who behave in a ‘rachet’ way. However, there are countless black women who are doing amazing works for the community and black diaspora as a whole… I’m more than happy to give you examples of this and will work on putting something together!

        I will also use it as an opportunity to challenge some of the other points you’ve made…

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  5. On August 19th, 2015, Chantel’e Marie said that she’d offer some examples of black women doing “amazing works for the community.”

    It is now January 19th, 2016.

    ‘Nuff said,


    • Sean Coonery,

      This is exactly the point that I am trying to make, if black women were genuinely doing positive for the community then these things would reflect upon black society. Instead, what do we see, the continued chaos, destruction and death of the black nation. The black women has become an extreme curse upon black society not a blessing.


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