Feminism Is A Dead End Street!



Yes, you have read the above sub headline correctly, women cannot run things or at least cannot run things as good as men can. Men on the whole to their detriment have been tolerant of the idea that women can perform the same duties and tasks as efficiently as them. No, women are not as intelligent as men, women are not as smart as men, women are not as skilled and talented as men, men have been the ones who have been responsible for all of the great inventions and great discoveries of history.

What empires or civilizations have women built? I’ll wait. What life changing discoveries and inventions have women stumbled across that have benefited all of mankind? I’ll wait. The fact of the matter is that women have not been built to be discoverers or inventors, nor have they have not been designed to build and to construct. A woman’s true purpose in life is to be a nurturer, a person who is to aid the man in keeping his lineage and his family continuing.

However the feminist has performed a slap up job of making a women’s natural functions seem weak, insignificant and inferior, therefore in their folly women in general now strive to compete with and match the performances of men instead of recognising the vital importance of their ability to bring forth life, nurture and raise children. Women who hold onto their femininity are far more valuable than those who go out of their way to copy, match and enter into competition with men.

Of course the feminists and all of the nay sayers will be quick to label me as a misogynist, sexist and a male chauvinist. I deal with facts and the truth(both of which feminists and some women generally despise) therefore the slogan slinging and labelling techniques I automatically recognise them for what they are, they mean nothing in general and nothing to me personally because the feminist in like manner as the black woman and the homosexual has adopted the habit of misappropriating titles towards others who do not subscribe to their philosophies.

I personally know that feminism is a crock of nonsense, a system that cannot possibly be successful and a philosophy that was created to be destructive from its very conception because of the black community. Any person who would attempt to persuade another to sign on to the feminist movement need only be shown the dysfunctional fruits that it has festered within black society.

The black community is run by women, the majority of whom subscribe to the edicts and the philosophies of feminism. It has only taken black women 50 years to turn the once functional black family and black community into a ruinous heap, a pile of ashes and rubble. So I know from looking at my own community that feminism is a system of destruction, it was never meant to be about equality, feminism is all about superiority and diminishing the natural roles and responsibilities of men and women.

Feminism and homosexuality are two sides of the same coin in that they both seek to remove both sexes from their natural functions aswell as aim to demonstrate that tasks, roles and functions specific to one gender can also be carried out by the opposite sex. Homosexuals in their confused state still acknowledge and recognise via their actions that the male/female dynamic is the standard and the norm for a relationship, hence why one man in the relationship will be masculine while the other will exhibit feminine traits.

Feminism is also the main reason why most black women today display strong lesbian undertones, because black women have taken on a leadership role(which is masculine in nature), the masculine by nature will seek out the feminine, thus it is not uncommon to find many black women participating in homosexual relations. Black women ought to examine themselves first before conversing on down low black men as the epidemic of homosexuality amongst black women is no doubt much worse seeing as they have taken on a masculine spirit.

Feminism is dying the death and is currently on its last legs of vitality aided by life support. As I have stated before women on the whole in this modern-day are stupid because they have rejected their intelligence base which is their men, this is especially evident within the black community where black women have been behaving in the most foolish, illogical and outlandish ways for at least the last 50 years.

I always have to scratch my head whenever I hear feminists complain about “this system of patriarchy”. Feminists are in reality a bunch of hypocrites as they never seem to have any problems accepting the benefits and the privileges from the very same system that they claim is oppressing them. What are you talking about Verbs? I’ll show you!

These same feminists live in houses and apartments that have been built by men(a symbol of patriarchy), they use electricity in these same accommodations, all of which is generated and supplied by men(patriarchy again), they use mobile phones, computers, laptops, televisions, stereos, mp3 players, all of which yet again are built by men(there is that patriarchy once again), they sleep in beds which are made by men(patriarchy rears its head again), they use cars, buses, trains, planes for travel, all of which once again are built by men(that evil patriarchy is here again), many of these feminists claim benefits and subscribe to the welfare policies of the state(we definitely know that this is the case for high numbers of black women), a state by the way that was founded by men, yet and still with all of these benefits and privileges at the feminist’s disposal, they will still complain and claim oppression.

What I also find disappointing is the fact that many women who claim to be against feminism will not hesitate to dip their feet in the feminist pool when it is convenient for them. In other words what I have observed is that some women hate being labelled with the feminist title, however they still enjoy some of the benefits and the privileges that feminism brings.

In view of how black women have destroyed the black family unit and the black community in such a short amount of time, could you imagine a world in which the roles were reversed and women were responsible for the majority of operations currently in the hands of men? This world would be completely dysfunctional and on its head. As WWE superstar the Rock says, “Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth”. Despite the delusions of grandeur sung by Beyonce claiming that girls run the world, the reality is that women run very little in this world and for very good reason. Again I only need to point to the destruction of the black community wrought by the black woman’s hands as my evidence.

Feminists are in reality decadent, lazy slobs who are simply looking for a hand out and an easy ride through life. They do not want to work for anything, as far as they are concerned they are perpetual victims who feel that they ought to be waited on hand and foot by everybody else. Most of them are bitter, angry individuals who at some point in their lives have either had some bad experiences with men or on the flip side of the coin the men they were attracted to simply paid them no mind whatsoever.

Normal folks accept bad experiences, learn from them and move on, they additionally accept rejection and move on from that, however the feminist has a different format of thinking, as far as she is concerned all men from here on out must pay for the pain that she has suffered at the hands of a miniscule number of male individuals. Feminists genuinely do not care about women, if you do not believe me simply look at the way feminists treat women who do not subscribe to feminism. As another exhibit of evidence, observe for yourselves how feminists will brutally attack women who openly declare their enjoyment of being feminine aswell as carrying out their natural womanly functions.

For you feminists, if you are truly against this regime of patriarchy then why are you not selling up the things that you own(which are MAN MADE), buying a plot of land and building upon that land under and according to matriarchal principles? Of course you won’t do that because you firstly do not have a clue, and secondly you are all full of rubbish and nonsense. Therefore, since you are unwilling to put your money where your mouths are, why don’t you in turn do everybody a favour, shut your mouths and keep it moving! As always………………


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



42 thoughts on “Feminism Is A Dead End Street!

  1. “OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!”
    hhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe oooooooooohhh
    I can just hear the stampeding herd heading this way. It’s gonna be a Word War Royale, oh yes, better get some pretzels, some sandwiches and chocolate bars and some fruit juice. This is gonna be good


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      I am ready for these scoundrels. Let the feminists step up and defend their folly. I’m especially looking forward to debating black women who have subscribed to this movement which has profited them absolutely nothing.

      As you know already I do not deal with emotions, I deal with facts and the truth. If women or feminists disagree then they are quite welcome to come here and put forward their views.


      • You twisted it to where feminism equals superiority over men not equality.

        I can see your Sotomayor agenda.

        Okay feminism is about respect, fair treatment and opportunity. When Yaweh approached the woman at the well whose had five husbands, did he say go back to them, no! He present himself to her as a supporter as well. Not everyone woman should be under a man there isn’t even enough men. Women do need to be able to get a certain level of independence from man. With those limitations before, most women would probably end up in prostitution if no father or not married since she (if widow) can’t get a job. We both bring strengths, but you can’t play innocence as if men haven’t abused rights of women. I do not believe women should have rights of leadership yes.

        But not to get a job, have a bank account or the ability to provide for themselves is ridiculous. Women having to cover their face to not entice a man is stupid. Thank Yaweh, for allowing women to choose their mate in the US and the ability to get out of situations if necessary.

        Keep it real, what are the statistics of abuse in our community? We are so angry to the point we can’t talk to each other without being offensive or shifting blame.

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      • Slayingevilwesternblackwomen,

        1. In the event of a marriage or a relationship breaking down the women will receive automatic custody of the children even if her financial situation is worse that the man’s, what part of feminism’s “equality” is this? Looks like superiority to me.

        2. A woman can accuse an man of rape and he can be placed in prison with no absolutely no evidence against him, only her words are the requirement, what part of feminism’s equality is this? Again, this looks like superiority on the woman’s part to me.

        3. A woman who rejects her responsibility towards her children is never held to account, yet a man who does the same is labelled as a deadbeat dad, what part of feminism’s equality is this? The woman comes out on top yet again.

        4. A woman can have a child and turn towards the State for welfare assistance yet a man cannot do the same, what part of feminism’s equality is this? Women 4 : Men 0 so far.

        5. A woman can place any man on child support without first having to prove that he is the biological father via paternity testing, on top of this it is now the man’s duty to prove that the child is not his and even still he can still be forced to pay child support towards a child that doesn’t belong to him, what part of feminism’s equality is this? Women 5 : Men 0.

        6. Women can apply for certain rights an grants that men cannot because women are classed as a minority, what part of feminism’s equality is this? Women 6 : Men 0.

        7. Women who commit the same crimes as men almost always receive punishments that are far more lenient than those handed down to men, what part of feminism’s equality is this? Woman 7 : Men 0.

        8. Women can legally murder their children, men cannot, what part of feminism’s equality is this? Women are still winning here.

        9. In the event of a divorce or a separation the woman is typically given the house/flat, the man is still required to pay the mortgage on that property while he is forced to find himself alternative accommodation at the same time, what part of feminism’s equality is this? Still looking good for women at this point.

        10. Women are typically treated with kid gloves and given a pass on almost every irresponsible act that they commit, men on the other hand are held to account immediately and told to “man up” to their responsibilities, what part of feminism’s equality is this? Women 10 : Men 0.

        I do not fall for the public friendly edicts and the fluffy philosophies that the feminists put out there to make their religion seem viable and beneficial to all, I instead closely observe the works and make my judgements based upon them. We live under a feminist system and this so called “equality” that you talk about is non existent, in fact at every corner men are the ones who are being disadvantaged and disabled.

        A woman is supposed to remain under the authority of a man, under her father until she manages to get a boyfriend and/or is married, that is the natural order, it is only this western system that has provided women with other “options” that seem viable on the surface but in reality are detrimental in the long term.

        My point here is easily proven, women today are less happy and satisfied than they were 50 years ago. The independent religion many women have subscribed to has shafted them to the hilt, however most women are not honest and therefore will never admit that they have been bamboozled and deceived by independence avenue.

        Nobody said anything about a woman having to cover her face, however how this western system has enticed women to sexually agitate a man’s already naturally high libido with such provocative clothing is a mockery, a great tragedy and a disgrace, yet these same women will be the first ones to cry foul when they are “catcalled” or in a worse case scenario raped.

        This is exactly what I talked about before, most women want to be perpetual children, very few women actually want to be like adults, in fact in 2015 very few women behave like adults.

        There is no such thing as shifting the blame in the black community, black women have never been held accountable for the skull duggery that they have wrought upon the black nation period, this is precisely the reason why the black community is still continuing to trundle downhill.

        When black women begin to acknowledge and take responsibility for the janky decisions they have made in the past that have placed the black nation in its current predicament, then and only then can we begin to genuinely move forward on the whole as a people. Black women are always whining about being blamed for everything foul with black society, yet they had no problem dragging black men through the mud during the 90s and early 2000s using the media arm of their white liberal father.

        I simply do not engage with black women who cannot be honest and admit that the reason why we are in this condition is because they sided with the feminist movement, accepted fatherless home welfare policies and thereafter accepted government created employment some 50-60 years ago.

        In the same manner that I will not give black men a pass on irresponsible behaviour, black women in no wise will receive a pass from me either. The problem here is that there currently is no system in place that forces black women to be responsible and accountable for their actions, hence why most will continue to roll in denial and continue to play the role of willful ignorance and victimhood, this is what the current western system of feminism allows, black women on the whole love this and they for the most part wouldn’t have things any other way.


  2. Here is an interesting article by a black feminist. If you want to use it later in whatever way that’s fine:

    I have my disagreements with the “hotep” crowd but not over any of the points here. Also, the video in number 3 is the hollaback video.

    Feminism…at this point any good it has done has to face the increasingly strange turns it is taking. It has long since reached the point that it is very easy to argue that it is making things worse for everybody, especially women. There are a number of males of other ethnicities who flat out tell each other to stay away from any feminist here.

    I am all for women being recognized for what they have done and treated correctly but this stuff is going way over the top. Men who are literally at the points of having to sign consent forms in some places, “trigger warnings”, guys getting thrown in jail despite state paternity testing showing they are not the fathers, poor girls being made to say the F word in commercials to bring attention to women’s rights…

    I will not be able to say anything to you over the next three days if I can’t catch you within an hour or so, but this is another subject that one could spend a long time on. I think that feminism will be here for as long as the US. is. I think that it will be here for as long as this world is, and in even stronger form.


    • N.S,

      I checked out that link that you posted, this is typically the kind of women that turn to feminism. I scrolled down to the bottom of the article and clicked on the author’s photo, of course it would be a black woman who looks like a car wreck, wearing red lip stick looking like the Joker. This is some of what is wrong with black women thesedays, they have no sense of colour coordination and they always seem to wear makeup that makes them look like freaks of nature.

      You will rarely find a good looking woman within the feminist movement, most of them resemble road kill, again as I pointed out in my post the men that they were attracted to paid them no mind and we can clearly see why. You have to positively laugh at black women who have joined the feminist movement because as I have stated before, they have gained absolutely nothing from feminism, nothing.

      Feminism was a ready made skateboard of destruction from its conception, check out this quote from Queen Victoria on feminism, even in her day she saw and recognised the decadency of feminism for what it was:

      “I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of “Women’s Rights,” with all its attendent horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were woman to “unsex” themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of begins and would surely perish without male protection.I love peace and quiet, I hate politics and turmoil. We women are not made for governing, and if we are good women, we must dislike these masculine occupations.”


      She states exactly what I have already written, that women are not meant to lead and be authority figures, they are meant to follow men and aid the man in his leadership position. She was right in her position despite that fact that many may claim that her views are outdated for today’s society, look at the state of society today in its attempts to equalise women with men.

      Even the great scientist Nikola Tesla had a few things to say about feminism and how it would destroy men(which is exactly its plan):


      Feminism must be shunned at every corner, especially for black men that would also include defending black women unconditionally. See, many black men claim that they are against feminism yet they will never hold black women to account for their foul deeds, this is exactly what feminism does, it turns the person concerned into a perpetual victim who can never do any wrong. Therefore in reality most black men today are feminists by default even though they may not know it or think so.

      Feminism is one of the main reasons why men are increasingly turning to non western women, men have had enough of the rubbish, black men in increasing numbers are getting their passports and heading down to places such as Brazil where the black women there are many times more attractive, they for the majority part do not sport weaves and those that do are laughed at and mocked instead of being praised and honoured, they treat men with respect and they still hold to the traditions of patriarchy and the family structure(traditions that have proven themselves to work).


      • Yes, I have heard women here have an increasingly negative image to the rest of the world and feminism is a part of that.

        I don’t think it is really the looks that makes them turn feminist. There have been plenty of people who have found great spouses who are not the best looking people and, contrary to stereotypes, a lot of black men just want someone who is right for them and they will pass over prettier ones for that woman. I don’t know if there is any hope for black men who are still feminists. They don’t need to be fully aware of what is about to happen but if they haven’t realized that, to put it mildly, feminism and black feminism are not good for them, I don’t know if they ever get it.

        Someone else pointed this out, but these feminists are hypocrites when it comes to men looking overseas. They love to complain that black men only want white women but when they go find a black woman overseas, she is just wants a green card, is a prostitute, or she is not “strong”. Strangely, black feminists say the same thing about strong women about white men going overseas or to women who aren’t black or white. I think most men would love to marry someone from their own tribe and within that specific culture but there are problems with many black women here. I am thinking of sticking it out but I don’t blame my brothers who look outside the country.

        The problem with the later versions of feminism is that their arguments and causes are so blatantly false, that I doubt that any person could finish replying to them in one book. There has been so many accurate responses to it that it is almost a truckload, but there are still many more areas that haven’t been touched. It would take a whole series with many books to respond to the later versions of feminism, and the authors could still leave out many objections.

        Black feminists say a lot of things that horrify me. They claim to be different from the regular feminists and they are, but they think and act the same(well not really- feminists in some cases use common sense). They need to, for their own good, drop the term sexually liberated when referring to themselves. There are a lot of other things they need to stop doing but that is at the top of the list.

        There are no two ways to say it. Black women have been in control across the country for decades. Many of us black men have our faults but a lot of black women also have to look at themselves.


      • Shalom Brother Verbs,

        I thought I’d give my self a break from your other blog about black women being unable to raise children properly. All of you on that site were immensely helpful and I thank you all incessantly for all the advice and shared stories. I learned so much. I am working with the Most High to eventually get over that part of my past but to also essentially help me and my King (hubby) teach/advise/god our own son and our daughters how to manage such situations should they ever have the misfortune of witnessing or experiencing them outside of our home. I feel a little confident now to speak or out effectively or do something useful, if I see a child being mistreated by ANY adult as well as their black mothers. Thankfully, we have never had to lay a hand on our children as a form of discipline in our household, and although initially we did not deal with the Most High as we do now, our children still grew up to be decent, people. A stern look and warnings were all it took to get our children back on track. The Most High worked in our lives regardless of our lack of acknowledgement of his capabilities back in the day.

        On the subject of feminism, I just wanted to donate a newspaper article link about the stupidity of the invention of and the eventual negative consequences of the feminism. It does not, however include black women per se but it is still a useful addition to agree with you that you are indeed correct about every, last, thing you have said on this blog:

        Here goes:

        Copy and paste this in your website address search engine and you can read the whole article.

        Blessings in the meantime


      • Lilian,

        Take your time and the Most High will works things out smoothly in your life. Not being within the clutches of the Institutional church beast infrastructure will most certainly help a great deal in rebuilding your life.

        This article that you submitted is exactly what I am talking about, women are not cut out for the hard, rough and tumble tasks in life, it is not part of their function. The man is built to be the warrior and the fighter not the woman.


  3. I would like to know what are your thoughts on this Sandra Bland case.
    I heard Professor Griff making a statement that if people think she was gay or not she should still be supported. I thought to myself is he serious. I do feel that most black people have become a very hypocritical group.

    Black people no longer look to people who are doing right. It is about siding with people who are doing wrong and making excuses for them.

    I do agree with the feminism agenda. Most black females will not see this because to many are to busy trying to be like the white woman who in return clearly has no admiration for the black female.


    • Danielle,

      Its funny, I was aiming to stay out of this Sandra Bland case. Here are some of the issues that I have with this situation:

      1. Black folks seem to care about and pay attention to black lives only when they have been snuffed out, where was the due care and attention for Sandra Bland before she died as it has been reported that she had suicidal tendencies(she is supposed to written about this herself).

      2. Of course as I have mentioned before the black lives matter campaign shows black people to be a bunch of blatant hypocrites because if black lives really did matter, the black community would be reprimanding and grilling black women first for the 1876 abortions they carry out daily(in the US). Of course most black men are afraid of black women therefore instead they will go along with their illogical stupidity and foolishness.

      3. As you mentioned in your comment, it always seems to be the criminal or the belligerent Negro who ends up in trouble with the police, where are the law abiding black citizens who are continuously clashing with the cops? Practically nowhere to be found. And what you additionally mentioned is true, black folks always stick up for those who are a menace to society, yet at the same time they will shun and clown those blacks who are productive and doing something constructive with their lives.

      4. Had Bland cooperated and not run off at the mouth in the typical black woman fashion when she was stopped, she would not have been arrested and she would have been with us today. She agitated the situation that lead to her arrest. To be honest I have no sympathy for the woman, I do not deny police brutality at all, however if you know that the police are more likely to rough you up because of your skin colour, that is all the more reason to play things cool when involved in encounters with them, sure never waive your rights however you can exercise your rights in constructive ways without creating a scene.

      I believe that she did commit suicide, however even if she was murdered by the police, the amount of black lives taken by police still comes nowhere near to the amount of lives black women terminate in abortion clinics everyday. The US black population has not increased within the last 20-30 years because of the abortion epidemic taking place amongst black women, this is part of the white supremacist agenda taking place right here in people’s faces that black folks refuse to focus on, hypocrites they are to the end.


      • What is also interesting about her case is it was stated how she called a guy to bail her out, but he told her he would be there in an hour but days had passed on and no one showed up. Yet the sister and the mom wants to claim foul play. How can it be foul play when no one wanted to bail her out. It is on youtube with her stating she did suffer from mental illness and how black people do not like to talk about things like this. I also found out she was in Sigma Gamma Rhoe. This is why they wanted to keep the protest and marches hushtag.Now why did they not come help her. Who knows it could be something more deeper than meets the eye.


      • Danielle,

        See, this is what I am talking about, black lives only matter when they no longer exist and there is some sort of political and financial gain to be made from the deceased ie Oscar Grant, Freddie Grey, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland etc. Nobody gave two hoots about these folks when they were alive. This is what the black community has been reduced to, honouring dead folks over those who are still with us. If this is not a sign of our people being lost then I don’t know what is. The western black nation is the laughingstock of the world and has been for the longest while.


      • I haven’t had time to follow Sandra Bland too much since I have been busy with something. I don’t think she committed suicide and her death was very sad but I am not happy with the way many blacks have covered it.

        She was not killed because she was an activist. She apparently was involved with Black Lives Matter, which was founded by Soros. Black Lives Matter is a bad phrase for too many reasons to list. I don’t think it has really been a success among other communities and not many communities here. Black Lives Matter has become even more strange, with the stunts to remove the flag, including the Charleston flag removal protest where they were one of the few blacks there, and the woman climbing the pole to take down the flag.

        Though I think what happened to her was wrong, I am getting frustrated with many black commentators. What is going on is bad, but it should be clear that someone is trying to push us into mass attacks on others and a race war and martial law and who knows what after. That is why we keep seeing these pictures of dead and injured blacks on TV. I am not happy how many commenters are really going after this case.

        Those people really seem to want to have something down here in the South, including this state. I don’t know if these commenters are just ignorant but we also have a certain multi-state drill going on right now and they definitely should have heard about it. I have no idea what the drill really is about I don’t like how the commentators are trying to get us riled up here. If things get out of control many of those commentators who, unlike me, do not live in these states and will not be part of the aftermath. Those commentators need to stop it.


  4. Shalom;
    I’s been quite a while since I’ve commented on your ministry blog. I’ve just been dealing with some health issues lately. I have been reading your articles, but I am also working on some projects myself. This is kind of interesting because you wrote about how feminism has greatly contributed to the destruction of society. You’ve mentioned that a system under patriarchy is the natural order of things. However, patriarchy in the natural order of things could not exist without the matriarchy component. I mean properly placed patriarchy and matriarchy work in harmony according to nature created by The Most High Himself. The Most High did not create patriarchy to exist/stand alone in the complete absence of matriarchy. I must respectfully disagree with you when you said that women are not as smart/intelligent nor as inventive/creative as men. Just because much of the things were invented/innovated by men does not make them smarter/more intelligent than women in the entire sense. Yes, men and women have different roles in the order of creation: Men were meant to lead overall & build and women were meant to help, nurture, & facilitate. One side could not function without the other. Another thing; if patriarchy is operated dysfunction-ally and disorderly than matriarchy and everything else would be out of order. I strongly believe the real root behind all this dysfunction is due to improperly administered patriarchy done by men who are against The Most High. Yes, women follow right after men in the disobedience of The Most High’s laws. Please don’t think I’m making any excuses for the feminists decadence and ratchetness. Not to place all the blame on the men; but I must say that if the men are suppose to be the leaders/builders of overall society while the women are suppose to follow/help/nurture: Then how can much or all the blame be placed on women for the problems and breakdown of society? My next question is based on Luke 12:48: If men were given more responsibilities than women, then how could the women bare more of the punishment if they were the followers? It just does not make any sense that them that were given less must bare more of the cost than them that were given more. This logic goes completely against scripture and even the natural order. It’s like Satan and his angelic lieutenants face less judgments than mankind; although Satan and his lieutenants are high ranking beings in the heavenly realm while mankind were relegated as stewards on the earth. Again, if the men were given more responsibilities than the women, then the men who abused the order set by The Most High would be given a much more punishment than the women found guilty as abusers. That is righteous justice from on high. Mankind’ form of justice is the complete opposite: Leaders/authorities/wealthy people often receive more favorable treatment from their wrongdoings than subordinates/poor people. Since you believe in facts, just look at the statistics about the worldly justice system. Sorry, must go for now. I’ll comment more.


    • Candice Sparks,

      A system that is run by men has been proven throughout history to be the only type of system that works. A woman’s role in the system is to nurture and to raise the man’s children. The black community is in a mess because for the last 50 years it has been operating under the system of matriarchy, women are not built to be leaders, people of authority, inventors, discoverers, innovators etc, this is the man’s role. Sure you do get a woman every once in while who is an exception to the rule however the general trend is men for the most part hold this positions and manage them far better than women.

      You cannot have matriarchy and patriarchy running along side one another or in harmony because they are complete opposites. The Most High created man to be the leader and the ruler over the woman(Genesis 3:16, 1 Corinthians 11:3), the order of heaven is a male dominated Godhead, the Father(male), Christ(male), and the Holy Spirit(male again). There is no female authority in heaven, thus remembering what Christ stated about the Most High’s will being done on earth as it is in heaven, a system run by men is the order that must be reestablished in full on this planet.

      You can dispute my comment about women not being as smart or intelligent as men however the evidence speaks for itself worldwide. This is the way that things have always been, men have built and women have been the benefactors of the constructions. For example, a man builds a house, he has now provided accommodation for himself and the woman, the woman’s role comes in keeping the simple things of that house in order, cooking, cleaning, laundry, looking after the children, notifying the man of any problems in relation to the house etc. Women are simply not built to deal with complex mechanisms.

      In terms of the black community at least, the reason why black women will suffer greatly is because they have deliberately gone out of their way to destroy it by accepting welfare policies that exclude the father aka the leader. This has been offered to them by their enemies and they have accepted the deal so to speak without hesitation. No other nation of women have done this to their men and their people. Plus being the chosen of the Most High, the judgement is always given out the hardest upon his own house first because we ought to know better. I do not speak for other nations however when it comes down to the black community the black women will suffer more because as I stated before she has been the one who has brought the nation into complete ruin and is still destroying what little is left by the way.

      The fate of the black woman will be different than the fate of women from the other nations because non black women are not destroying the black community, black women are currently do that with the aid of their white liberal slave master. You have to understand, patriarchy and matriarchy are systems, it is not only about the male and female genders when dealing with the above. As I have stated before and as can clearly be seen, systems run by women collapse very quickly because women are not built to deal with the vast intricacies of operating systems/governments/societies etc.

      The elite agenda is to topple man from his position of authority and install the woman in his stead, this is already happening, again the black community is a prime example, women are in charge and the men follow, the same agenda is pushed in tv shows and films where the woman is shown to be the intelligent one and the man is portrayed as a nonce and numbskull. I do hear what you are saying, there are men who ultimately are in control of the feminist movement, however my post is dealing with the movement itself, its edicts, its philosophies and what it has turned society into.

      As I have mentioned before, the order from the Most High is for men to rule over women regardless of the quality of rulership men provide. White/Hispanic/Asian societies despite their set backs have not collapsed into a pile of ashes and rubble like the black community has because they still run their communities according to the male leadership structure, this is the order than has proven itself to work. Remember patriarchy and matriarchy cannot co-exist and operate side by side because they are complete opposites, again the black community is a classic example of this, a community that is run solely by women and where men are relegated to insignificant positions ie following women, this is matriarchy.

      The woman is there to help, however she should never usurp authority over the man nor should she lead the man, this is the problem with the black community today and the main reason why it is such a failure. On the issue of Sandra Bland, I will copy and paste here what I posted to Danielle:

      Its funny, I was aiming to stay out of this Sandra Bland case. Here are some of the issues that I have with this situation:

      1. Black folks seem to care about and pay attention to black lives only when they have been snuffed out, where was the due care and attention for Sandra Bland before she died as it has been reported that she had suicidal tendencies(she is supposed to written about this herself).

      2. Of course as I have mentioned before the black lives matter campaign shows black people to be a bunch of blatant hypocrites because if black lives really did matter, the black community would be reprimanding and grilling black women first for the 1876 abortions they carry out daily(in the US). Of course most black men are afraid of black women therefore instead they will go along with their illogical stupidity and foolishness.

      3. As you mentioned in your comment, it always seems to be the criminal or the belligerent Negro who ends up in trouble with the police, where are the law abiding black citizens who are continuously clashing with the cops? Practically nowhere to be found. And what you additionally mentioned is true, black folks always stick up for those who are a menace to society, yet at the same time they will shun and clown those blacks who are productive and doing something constructive with their lives.

      4. Had Bland cooperated and not run off at the mouth in the typical black woman fashion when she was stopped, she would not have been arrested and she would have been with us today. She agitated the situation that lead to her arrest. To be honest I have no sympathy for the woman, I do not deny police brutality at all, however if you know that the police are more likely to rough you up because of your skin colour, that is all the more reason to play things cool when involved in encounters with them, sure never waive your rights however you can exercise your rights in constructive ways without creating a scene.

      I believe that she did commit suicide, however even if she was murdered by the police, the amount of black lives taken by police still comes nowhere near to the amount of lives black women terminate in abortion clinics everyday. The US black population has not increased within the last 20-30 years because of the abortion epidemic taking place amongst black women, this is part of the white supremacist agenda taking place right here in people’s faces that black folks refuse to focus on, hypocrites they are to the end.

      Just to add a little more to the table, its funny how the white liberal has programmed the black woman to be a rebellious, belligerent individual, however even he is now having difficulty controlling his own creation.


  5. Shalom;
    I’m back on. I’m very disappointed that many of us women, including myself had subscribed to this feminist mindset because it has not made things better for us at all. I see that as especially true for the Black women because Black men in general used to not mind Black women helping out in building up and running the Black communities. Of course, both genders understood their unique roles within the order of creation. There were far less gender warfare between the two sexes in times past unlike today. This war between patriarchy (male gender) and matriarchy (female gender) was ultimately created by Satan himself when he beguiled Eve in the garden. Remember the curses regarding each gender?: Adam’s main curses were that he must work hard in great pain and sacrifice his own life as a provider and Eve’s main curses were to serve her husband and bear children in great pain. At first, their relationship was perfectly harmonious and none of all the gender warfare BS were even thought of prior to their fall. The main reason why both genders, men and women are constantly warring with each other is because both men and women are absolutely disobedient to The Most High’s laws. To be brutally honest, even in the absent of feminism, mankind is still in a fallen state and no male on earth other than The Messiah Himself could save the whole creation at all. This is not to deflect from this commentary’s main issue at all. Because men might of invented much of the great technologies and build so-called great infrastructures, but many of these have been used for pure wicked purposes and greatly contributed to much of the destruction to the environment and life. Let alone, many wars were started by men primarily; you said that men are the rulers of the world. As a saying goes; those who control the gold make the rules. So, who do you think originally created feminism? Another question; if women are not the rulers, then how could they make the rules and control society? Men have not really allowed women to control anything. Women might of been able to persuade men to allow them some room to exercise certain privileges given to them, but never actually ruled anything. So honestly, I don’t feel that this world would be a better place if rule by all males and all women followed them because all mankind is at a fallen state and all are destined to utter failure. Only The Most High and His Only Begotten Son The Messiah can and will bring back perfect order/harmony, righteous justice, and peace. No man nor woman in our fallen state could ever bring any of these things at all. You may not agree with me on many of my points in my commentary and that’s fine with me. We must respectfully agree to disagree at times. I’m not trying to fool you at all on this gender warfare because I find myself struggling with really fully accepting the proper roles of men and women within society according to The Most High’ order. I don’t claim to be perfect in my thinking on this highly sensitive issue. Part of my reasons include the following; many men that advocate the patriarchal ruler-ship tend to feel that patriarchy is the God-ordain in the absence of the properly placed matriarchy within the order. Also, many of these same men feel that women should have less rights than men or no rights at all. That mindset can be extremely dangerous and can cause great harm to many if unchecked and unchallenged. Men are supposed to be the law-givers as a direct righteous representation of The Most High instead of trying to rule in their own ways. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where fleshly men rule the world unchecked and unchallenged by a divine authority. I damn sure wouldn’t want to be under the ruler-ship of an unchecked/unchallenged mass psychopathic murderous male/female ruler. Jezebel wasn’t the only wicked ruler in history. She is actually an anomaly in comparison to all the wicked male rulers in history. She sure wasn’t the worst neither. Men rulers on the whole have not been good stewards of this planet at all. This is just not good at all. The horrible results of men’s ruler-ship are plentiful so I am not convinced at all that if men would take their so-called proper leadership roles would make the world better if they’re not in their right mind; there’s just no way. There are a lot of men who are unfit/misfits who advocate patriarchal without the matriarchal component. This mindset is unbalanced and completely out of touch with The Most High’ divine laws and nature. One cannot function without the other. I make no apologies about this and please don’t take offense on this because men and women are liars, thieves, covenant violators, contentious, backbiters, prideful, and murderers; so why would I place too much trust in anyone to make this world a better place at this point. Lastly, what is your personal take about Sandra Bland’s case and today’s Western Black women in relation to it? Take care and check with you later.


  6. Shalom;
    It’s me again; hey brother, no disrespect here: I am not at war with you nor any other male at all; saved any who are my mortal enemies. I read nidotopianwarrior’ commentary and saw what he said about several possible feminists coming on here to engage in verbal warfare with Verbs2015. Well in-spite of my disagreement on several points made by Verbs2015, it does not mean that I’m engaging in warfare with him. Hell, I don’t agree with every single point made in his other articles. I’ve read many of your articles and do agree with much of the things mentioned, but may not necessarily agree with all point. I may love and respect your ministry blog, but I want to make it quite clear to other commentators here that I tend think more independently on issues and never find myself blindly agreeing with every single point of those that I love and respect. Make no mistake, I do not want to follow the ways of feminism, but I also will not allow any man to get away with abusing his patriarchal (male) authority on others neither. Just as feminism should be challenged/check should patriarchal leadership under men be challenged/check. Trust me on this for all you men out who are so anxious of taking back control of ruler-ship; if any of you abuse your leadership role in this world, the stakes are extremely costly when you face the ultimate authority, The Most High to judge you. No creature is above The Most High’s divine laws, so if some of you men think that y’all can properly rule society without being properly aligned with and guided by The Most High’s righteous ways, you are surely going to fall. That’s all for now.


  7. LOL @ women going back and forth arguing against AND agreeing with someone who thinks they are more stupid and less than someone else who has testicles. LOL You women sitting here agreeing with someone who thinks you have less creativity and intelligence than ANY male. This is great…I don’t care about what this man says. He hates Black women and hopes we all burn in hell. I don’t concern myself with his Sotomayor antics of everyone being in the wrong but the penis….BUT the replies top this post! It’s awesome to see you try to speak respectfully to someone who has told you that you are, in so many words, stupid! LOL!!!!! I love coming to this blog every now and then. Good times….then I go back to YouTube and listen to the REAL word from REAL brothers who want to see ALL of Israel saved, and who don’t wish the dark skinned, nappy haired women of Judah death or eternal torment. REAL men who wish to win souls. The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” Proverbs 11:30. Not just throw females to the fire like they are the only ones who sin. Where in the Bible is that??! LOL Nevermind, back to watching someone degrade you and call you unintelligent like they aren’t in sin themselves! LOL Wooooow!


    • Darqbeauty,

      You are not even original in your rebuttal which simply adds more credence to my argument that men are more intelligent and more creative than women. Apart from the rolling pin can you please point me towards something significant that women have created? I’ll wait. When you walk the local streets and observe the infrastructure it is obvious that creativity and intelligence has been mostly distributed amongst men, we hold the majority bulk of it. The fact of the matter is that men build, women do not because it by and large is not within their capacity.

      Here you go again with another false argument, the usual “he hates black women” but always failing to define which particular type of black woman I have a problem with, I thought that women were just as creative and intelligent as men, if this is the case then why are your regurgitating the same arguments and also failing to quote me correctly? Just as intelligent as men huh?

      Why did I state that women on the whole are stupid, because they have by and large rejected their intelligence base which is the man. At the end of the day looking at the black nation black women have destroyed the black community, I have been through how they achieved this feat many times before, why should they not be held accountable for what they have done, why should black women be give a pass on their destruction?

      The majority of women who regularly come to this site unlike yourself are intelligent because at least they recognise that everybody must be held to account for their wrong doing, that would include women and especially black women. They can look around them, see that the majority of things around them are built by men, they can clearly see that men are the majority problem solvers, the majority innovators and the majority inventors, these are observable facts that everybody can see for themselves.

      Talking about creativity, black women as a whole create, they create destruction, mayhem, chaos, death and evil in general, lets check out some of the fruits of their “creations”:

      These savages are the fruits of black women but I am not supposed to call out these reprobate scum bags? What other race of people do you see going around in packs attacking other people for fun, ransacking establishments as a hobby, looting, robbing and destroying? The real brothers that you subscribe to are the soft, weak, lame, milk toast slobs who are afraid to call black women out and hold them accountable for the destruction that they have brought upon the nation.

      Keep laughing, you won’t be laughing when the Most High opens up his judgement upon these slobs and their supporters. Have you forgotten that the Most High always begins the judgement process at his own house first? I would suggest that go and read Ezekiel 9 before you start skipping back to your smooth talking “real” brothers. Sorry, there are no black women exemption, non accountable status gold cards being handed out here.


      • So you speak for God now? The Hebrew God? Lol

        Oh man, you know history is littered with souls like yourself who thought they knew God and knew all the answers and they all left a trail of destruction in their wake. No fruit, no sustenance, no love, just hate. No brother, you do not know God. Your vision of God is as limited as your intellect.


      • and one more thing son. I grew up among strong regal black women who fulfilled their dreams and aspirations. Beautiful examples of humankind. Women who nurtured me into the success I am today. You on the other hand…


  8. You are one sad case bro. But I am not your psychiatrist. Internal self loathing and hate projected onto other groups is a hell of a thing. Sort yourself out first okay? Just from your post I am guessing you suffer from Mommy issues. I ain’t even gonna try to make you empathize. So many gifted black people out there struggling and you here picking fights and highlighting the worst behaviour you could find to justify your messed up world view. I read you and all I see is hate brother. Not love. And that’s a dark place to be.


    • Johann,

      You seem to be exhibiting the traits of a simp and a mangina. Common sense should show you and tell you that black people within the nation who are a small problem today will become a much bigger problem tomorrow. In the same manner as women who cannot deal with the truth, their simp/mangina advocates will do 1 of 6 things or combine a number of them together when confronted with irrefutable observations:

      1. Laugh.
      2. Crack jokes.
      3. Use sarcasm.
      4. Attempt to clown the messenger.
      5. Rattle off vestigial statements.
      6. Play the victimhood status card.

      Adding to this such a simple term as “self hatred” the Negro still cannot understand and define correctly in 2015. The ridiculous notion that most black people hold to of focusing on the positive in order to make the negative disappear you think they would have abandoned by now seeing as this new age technique is a complete failure, thinking away evil is not how things work in the real world.

      Whenever you are ready to refute anything that has been written here, at that point I will begin to take you seriously. Accusing me of wallowing in self hatred is not discrediting the clear observations that can be seen in everyday life. The women who “nurtured you into success” are exceptions to the rule. Even if what you are saying is actually true, the “exceptional women” that you have mentioned still would not buck the general trend, you should know this. Strong black woman is normally code for violent, belligerent and rebellious, therefore it does not surprise me that you would defend the reprobate actions of decandent slobs and traitors. I do not hate black women, I simply understand them.

      I’m not even going to deal with your comment about my knowledge of the Most High as you clearly have not registered that he always brings about strong correction to his people when they go astray and commit evil, unlike yourself the Most High does not give wickedness a pass.


    • Yanni,

      I’ve got that dvd and I forgot all about that part of the animation. Its as clear as day, this is what feminism does, removes the woman from her ultimate purpose and where she will find the most fulfilment, raising a family and serving a man.

      Feminism shames women who love and express their femininity, feminism has only enslaved women, it has not liberated them in the slightest.

      Feminists hate children hence why black women have no problems murdering on average 1876 unborn children per day State side. Women have now been persuaded to look upon the power of the womb as a liability and the contents thereof as irritants and pests, a travesty indeed.


  9. I agree you have some valid points that isn’t fair but to subjugate women all women under a man is not right you are it’s like you’re saying that all men are able to take care of children and women it’s not right also what happens when a father dies husband dies brothers died in war who’s going to take care of the woman there needs to be a way a woman can sufficiently be on her own in case of those matters. If most men were that responsible this one even be a situation not only in black culture but its all cultures.


    • How many of you can honestly say that your father took care of you that he was there for you many black boys especially in America can’t say that so that she is not going to fly stop using women as excuses for your groups lack of responsibility own it and move forward stop blaming women for your problems be a man and take responsibility for the state of your community.


      • You cannot go to heaven spreading evil about your brother or sister. Get the plank out your own eye. Please people do not let this man turn your heart against your brother and sister when Jesus comes he is going to bring us together and people like him are going to be left behind do not join him love your neighbor.


      • Slayingevil,

        As per usual with black folks, those who merely talk about the deficiencies within the black community are deemed worse than those who actually engage in destructive behaviour against their own people. To the black community the drug dealer selling poison to his own brethren is the hero to be exalted, yet the person who points to the drug dealer and calls out his wrong doing is the guy who needs to be shut down and gotten rid off.

        People such as yourself Christ will not even deal with because as per the usual behaviour of the majority of black folks you are attempting to excuse the wicked behaviour of your people and further attempting to shame those who wish to shed light on our current situation. This is decadency and wickedness 101 in a nutshell.

        You false accusations and attempted shaming tactics against me still change nothing, the longer black women refuse to woman up, stop acting like perpetual children and begin to take personal responsibility for their actions is the more they will continue to sink into the mire of their own filth and degradation.


    • You cannot go to heaven spreading evil about your brother or sister. Get the plank out your own eye. Please people do not let this man turn your heart against your brother and sister when Jesus comes he is going to bring us together and people like him are going to be left behind do not join him love your neighbor. Half truths are still lies


      • He is angry and instead of going to the people that causes him it the most he wants to attack the only person that he can which is his woman instead of going to God he wants to attack women.


    • Jessica,

      The variables that you have presented are obviously exceptions to the rule and ought to be dealt with as and when they occur according to the individuals concerned and their personal circumstances. Women just 60 years ago would be ashamed to even think about self sufficiency, it is only as society has begun to tumble downhill have many people begun to incorporate dyfunctional behaviours into their lives and attempt to hold up these dysfunctions as somehow being normal, independence avenue for women being one of these dysfunctional paths. Dysfunction simply breeds more dysfunction, no good can come from the already decadent religion of feminism.

      As for your second comment, the blame lies where the blame lies, the reason why the black community is in a mess is because of the janky decisions black women made in the past in relation to the feminist movement and fatherless home welfare policies, this is history that simply cannot be skipped over just because some women may feel uncomfortable with their backsides being held to the fire. The black community community as a whole will never be able to move forward until the transgressions of its women are addressed and rectified.


  10. Feminist are biggest hypocrites of world and feminist law are based upon suppression of males .First in most of the countries males as husband and father would have to pay money to wife and children but law does not recognize what rights males would have as husbands and father against wife and children ? Husband is bind legally to pay maintenance to wife but wife is not bind legally to obey the husband in return .While the husband has to work outside .wife has no duty towards husband in law which he can enforce against her .Women want free thing.They want their maternity leave as paid to be paid via the males employees .but do not want to recognize the rights of father and males .Women claim equal pay for equal work but not claim equal work for equal pay .Having same post does not mean equal work .Pay has to be proportionate to work and if males are doing higher work they must be paid more.


  11. Shalom Brother;

    I just want to showcase a few great Women inventors who actually greatly contributed to the advancement of overall society via certain technological applications that billions of people worldwide take advantage of.
    Black History Month: Honoring Black Women Inventors
    Have you ever wondered where the idea of curling or straightening hair through heat originated? Or, even who made it possible to see a caller’s identity before picking up a phone? Maybe you would like to know where holographic or some gaming imagery originated? Did you ever want to know just who was behind the technology that restored or enhanced sight? Just who should we acknowledge for making us feel safe in our homes today?

    It is black women inventors that developed these great technologies. This month in black history, I would like to honor them. I did not notate all of our black women inventors, but I think I compiled a decent list.

    Sarah E. Goode was born a slave and the first black woman to receive a patent in 1885. After the Civil War was over, she moved to Chicago and became a furniture store owner. Her invention was the Folding Cabinet Bed. Space was limited in some homes so her invention enabled folks to store their beds. When the bed was folded, it looked like a desk. The invention itself had several compartments for storage.

    Miriam Benjamin was a D.C. school teacher and the second black woman to receive a patent. She received a patent in 1888 for an invention called a Gong and Signal Chair for Hotels. Customers were able to summon their waiter from their chairs. The button on the chair would alert the waiters’ station. A simple light on the chair would let the staff know who wanted the service. The invention was adapted and used by the United States House of Representatives.

    Sarah Boone developed an improvement to the ironing board, patented in 1892. The board was far more narrow which enabled users to iron and fit sleeves. Plus it was reversible. Prior to this, users used flat plank sized boards or tables.

    Madam C.J. Walker was a successful self-made millionaire from selling hair care products. At first it was the Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower then the Walker Hair Care System that grew her wealth. She worked tirelessly traveling and making house calls early in her career. She ultimately opened and operated 200 beauty schools across the nation.

    Marjorie Joyner was the granddaughter of a slave owner and a slave. In 1916, she became the first Black woman to graduate from the A. B. Molar Beauty School. She developed the invention called the “Permanent Waving Machine, which permed or straightened hair by wrapping it in rods”, patented in 1928. She never profited directly from the invention because she was an employee of Madam C. J. Walker, a beauty entrepreneur and tycoon. Walker owned the rights. She served as the National Supervisor for Walker’s 200 beauty schools after her death.

    Bessie Blount was a physical therapist that served during WWII. She invented a feeding tube device that enabled wounded soldiers to consume a mouthful of food upon biting down on a tube. The patent was developed in 1951. She also received another patent for a modified version that consisted of a smaller tube that could be worn around the patient’s neck.

    Marie Van Brittan Brown along with husband Albert Brown invented the first video home security system, patented in 1969.
    Virgie Ammons patented the Damper in 1974. The Damper stays lock, thereby preventing debris, dust and cold air from entering in the chimney, then entering in the house.

    Valerie Thomas is an American scientist that worked at NASA. She is the inventor of the Illusion Transmitter, patented in 1980. A transmitter makes it possible to see three-dimensional illusions in real-time.

    Dr. Betty Harris is a scientist and expert in chemistry of explosives. Her invention is a spot test for identifying of explosives in field of environment, patented in 1986.

    Dr. Shirley Jackson is the first African-American woman to receive a Ph.D. from MIT in nuclear physics. She is the 18th president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the first woman and first African-American to hold this position. Her inventions include developments in the portable fax, touch tone telephone, solar cell, and the fiber optic cables used to provide clarity in overseas telephone calls. She has also helped make possible Caller ID and Call Waiting.

    Dr. Patricia Bath is an ophthalmologist. She was the first African American resident at New York University. In 1975, Bath became the first African-American woman surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center and the first woman faculty member at the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute. She has become famous for the invention Laserphaco Probe, a surgical tool that uses a laser to vaporize cataracts. After using the Laserphaco Probe to remove a cataract, the patient’s lens can be removed and a replacement lens inserted. She received her first patent for the device in May, 1988, followed by another in December, 1998. She holds four U.S. patents in all for innovations related to the Laserphaco.

    Janet Emerson Bashen is the first African American female to hold a patent for a software invention. The development was LinkLine, a web-based application for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) claims intake and tracking, claims management, document management and numerous reports. It was patented in 2006.

    This list may not seem significant to many who feel that the greater bigger things are what move this whole world. This list is non-exhaustible. But being a military veteran; I’ve learned many times that it’s the small things that really matter. I also learned that in order for one to successfully develop and build great things, one must first pay strict attention to details from the smallest to the largest components. If one attempt to build something big without paying strict attention to details; than that something would ultimately fail at the end. Within the European vernacular, the man is regarded as valuable to life while at the same time women is regarded as insignificant and just some plaything to the sexual pleasure of men; such is totally against the natural order of creation and would not be tolerated in The Most High Yah’ kingdom. Within the natural order of creation, both the male and the female are equally important in order for the world to properly function. Again, I totally agree that men were meant to lead the overall charge of things and women were meant to follow, nurture, and facilitate within this natural world. Patriarchy and matriarchy are supposed to compliment and serve one another not work against each other. One cannot exist nor function without the other. All parts are vitally important for the body to survive and function properly. Many men, not all men, view the role of women in overall society as only vestigial parts and are more expendable instead of actually extremely important. Well, I guess raising and teaching children must be expendable while leading the overall charge is too vital to expend. However, The Most High carefully designed the roles of both genders to serve each other within His order. He never made one more important than the other. The feminist mindset is completely wrong and disastrous. This feminism did not liberate the women from the so-called bondage of serving men; it only placed women in more bondage. I have much respect for the role of men as the leaders and builders of overall society, however, I would in no wise ever place them in such high regard as if they are much closer or even equal to the Creator at all. Men, like women are only servants and stewards to The Most High’ overall purpose, that’s all! So the brain (male headship/builder) is no more important than the heart (female followership/nurturers/facilitators): without either, the body would just die, period! As for you ladies who hate The Most High’ ordained of male headship/builders, you really need to check yourselves on this because you are in rebellion to The Most High’ order! The Most High set it up this way to fulfill His true purpose whether we understand or not or like it or not. Verbs2015 made many many great points this commentary: I may disagree with some of the things he said, but he’s right on point about how so out of order todays’ Black women are. Yes, it really hurt me to read some of the things that Verbs2015 said and how he may come off as insensitive; but he actually cares about us Black women. In his seemingly harshness, he cares far more about us than many men who remain silent to the awful and grave state of today’ Black women. Yes, sisters I know of some Black men take much joy in constantly berating and dogging Black women; but I cannot say that about Verbs2015 though. Like Verbs2015, I’m damn tired of seeing so so so many Black women behaving like animals/wild ass savages. The women who do not behave as such must stand against such women and not allow this decadence to continue to be ignored. Verbs2015 is working on a book to address many problems of today’ Black women. Sisters, before you write him off, just at least hear him out on the valid points; no you don’t have to agree with every single point he makes. He’s only human for God sake. Lastly, sisters, if you want to be respected by the brothers for your proper but extremely important roles as helpers/nurturers/facilitators to society by the brothers, you must first earn it by stepping up to the plate of your proper roles as real matured/wised women! That’s all for now.


    • Shalom Candice,

      Hope you are well. I just wanted to add to what you wrote because you are right. You have kindly and resourcefully listed a few things that women have “achieved” and I am definitely fully aware that you acknowledged that some may not seem significant.

      This, also, however, just proves Mr Verbs point makes throughout about a certain and the main aspects of the redundant nature of the feminist movement. Some of the lists of the inventions of the black women were done alongside of their husbands. But ultimately, a man, is/was required in the involvement of almost all aspects of the women’s lives and the women’s so-called achievements. That was The Most High’s Intention in the beginning (I mean women being created to be the help of her man).

      We women can sometimes be very much like the homosexuals in the way that we force ourselves upon others to be “recognized” and “accepted” for something were or were not created to do and then make the “lack of recognition” of your way of life an illegal offence.

      Men may advertise their skills to show and offer people their services, such as carpentry, masonry, fishing, farming, etc…….

      We women, however, do not need to constantly run around saying I did this, I did this, I did this. WE KNOW. Our main focus is to ensure that we do not “muzzle the ox in any form”. We are supposed to be a help to our men and not in any way a hindrance. Is it not good enough for us to know that it is/was “through” our bodies that these wonderfully wise, righteous, healthy, skilled, strong, talented males (and more females) were brought into this world and that it is our role to ensure that all of the wonderful attributes of the fruits of our loins are to be maintained, nurtured, encouraged, nourished, the skills we were given as women naturally to carry out? To successfully execute these tasks requires meticulous organisational skills and the patience of Saints…………………..lets just get on with it…………we, unlike, the homosexuals, were “born this way”. So no need to parade the streets asking for rights we have no way of executing when we are meant to be busy doing what The Most High Created us to do.

      Men have never complained about their roles in life they just naturally got on with it.

      Men never went on a protest EVER that they were UNHAPPY about going to work to take care of his family.

      Women, however, have many, many,public protests about BEING UNHAPPY about staying at home to look after her family, which she would have no choice but to do anyway, hence “Maternity Leave”. It does not make sense.

      We now have this BS where these women who love to have their cake and eat it. They want to take up valuable space and time in the office or on the railways, or on territorial front lines to embark on a “career” because they “don’t want to be tied to the kitchen sink bare footed” and also have the audacity to complain that they have to spend all day with no adult interaction because of the “burden” of looking after a newborn baby. Yet when time comes that they get pregnant. Watch and see their demands, which requires their stay at home, which they did everything they could to avoid in the first place. They demand maternity leave, maternity pay, their exact original work role to remain intact for their return back to work after a year. They get back to work and then start complaining that they miss their children, they want to stay at home etc. etc. OK, so they stay at home. Some of them stab their husbands in both their hearts and their backs by being unfaithful “because their husband is never home”. What do these women really want, do they then want their husbands to then down tools, stay at home for the women to then call their husbands, what people say in England, “waste man” or in America, “dead beat dad”. On top of that, women also want their men to come home after a hard days work to help with housework etc. which she should have been doing herself. She wants to works so much outside of the home and when she comes home and then finds she has to cook and clean, she embarks on some “nuclear” rampage and terrorises her family with physical and verbal abuse.

      I have never in my life known a bunch of real men to parade the streets “demanding EQUAL rights to work as a hairdresser, or a seamstress, or a midwife/nurse, secretary etc”. I have never seen a man get angry and have a public protest about not being able to play “netball” for instance. Yet women demanded to start doing boxing, football, golf, cricket, darts so forth…………

      Mr Verbs, Candice, the baton goes back to you, lol ……….

      Peace and blessings


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