Bishop T.D Jakes Not Concerned With Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court Ruling!

T.D Jakes


Many folks refer to the man above as T.D. Snakes, from his brief commentary on the recent Supreme Court ruling pertaining to same-sex marriage I can definitely see why now. Take a look for yourselves:

Now, the reason why decadent Supreme Court rulings are able to be passed down and thereafter enacted is because useless jackals such as Jakes no longer stand in the gap and rail against immorality. Bishop T.D. Jakes and the rest of these cream licking preachers, pastors, evangelists, reverends, bishops etc are simply a bunch of failures.

It is my personal opinion that Jakes just like the rest of these 501C3 scoundrels is on the take, he has received his brown envelopes underneath the table, he has been informed not to talk about homosexuality and all things related and he has been further instructed to continue preaching the usual fluffy, wooly, greasy, lotion filled sermons in order to lull his congregation back to sleep.

Do you see the dishonesty of this unaccountable scum bag, he refuses to talk about the issue of homosexual unions being written into law even though the same bible that this fraud claims to believe in specifically states that marriage is to only be between a man and a woman and that furthermore this union must not be broken apart. Jakes simply couldn’t wait to move onto a new topic.

He talked about how the Supreme Court makes it decisions based upon the constitution, however the question must be raised, at what point if any will you step in and say enough is enough? He won’t, when the paedophiles and the “animal lovers” also have their grand day in court, Jakes’s response will be no different to his poor excuse of a speech above, “well the Supreme Court makes its rulings based upon the constitution”. That’s Ok Jakes, just take on the chin and keep your mouth shut if one of these pedophiles gets their hands on your children or grandchildren. As the famous saying goes, “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything”.

As I have stated before on many occasions, the Most High is no longer dealing with these high life preachers, pastors, bishops, reverends, deacons, evangelists etc, in fact he hasn’t been dealing with these liberty takers in a long while, the Most High is dealing with the individual, the nobody, the person of no reputation. These so called “men and women of God” were supposed to be preaching the true gospel and bringing order and harmony to the earth as per the instructions of Christ, yet instead they have chosen to live high on the hog at the expense of their parishioners.

I am not partial to anybody, as I have stated before, whoever needs to be roasted and held to account I will hold their feet to the fire. If nothing else Jakes’s ever so casual stance on this issue should illustrate to everybody how the institutional church beast infrastructure is nothing but a crumbling relic of no value nor purpose. Clergy leadership in 2015 stands for nothing of value and worth, they certainly do not stand for anything of decency and good moral standing.

Jakes seems to forget that even though he supposedly is not living like the world(though the opposite sure looks obvious to me), he still has to live on this planet, therefore any man with common sense and logic would realise that it does not bode well to allow things to slip by that could potentially bring the earth into a worse state.

T.D. Jakes is the correct and true definition of a coon, an uncle Ruckus, a Sambo, a sellout and a merchant, however those in the black community who claim to be concerned for the welfare of black folks will never call this man to task, why, because the black church is sponsored predominantly by black women and most black men are afraid of black women and thus they will never call out a swindling pastor when they see one for fear of black women revoking their access to easy sex.

As I have mentioned before, the Most High is going to war against these clergy leaders and their institutions of decadence. T.D. Jakes and the rest of these disingenuous buzzards ought to be preparing for war. As always…………………..


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



41 thoughts on “Bishop T.D Jakes Not Concerned With Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court Ruling!

  1. Keep them coming brother! Keep calling out these fakes and snakes on the pulpit. These men give the real people of God a really bad name and they are overshadowed by the behaviour of these cowards. Let us not be distracted though, for the kingdom of God is near. Let us be prepared and watchful.


    • Jabari Daniel,

      Their gravy train has come to an end, they really believed that their creamy high life express would continue forever. These jackals ought to start seeking alternative employment from now.


  2. TD Snakes is the right term for this guy. I never liked him. From the first time I ever saw him I thought he was phony. I just get a bad vibe from him. But those Christians love everything he says. They will fight you if you say anything negative about him. I’m not sure but I suspect he could be a closet faggot himself. I’m not surprised at all by this video. He’s in bed with the Jewish elite anyway. He will never go against his masters. I also believe he’s in the black Boule.


    • Kushite Prince,

      He was given his orders by his Jewish masters, he was told to shut his mouth and keep it moving. Yes indeed, those Christians do love him and as soon as they take their last breaths and close their eyes they will be placed upon the fiery express with their one way tickets to take them straight to hell to join him.

      The Most High is not playing around, dodgy pastors and questionable black leaders will drink down their judgement undiluted and burn for the transgressions that they have wrought upon the black nation.

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      • Snakes will always bow to his masters. He knows he has to stay in line or there will be hell to pay. I really can’t stand that low-life fat bastard. I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

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  3. Can you believe it, I am currently in a youtube war because I said “being a lesbian ain’t cool” I got called, homophobic, idiot, and not to mention the person I am at war with is a


    • Nids,

      Looks like you didn’t finish what you were writing, lol. Yep, typical homosexual tactics, they love negatively labelling folks who do not subscribe to the janky teachings of their lifestyle.


  4. The answer is simple really, he and his pork juice chugging colleagues are more concerned about their precious tax exemption status so they can continue to fleece their flock….


    • Yanni,

      They love rinsing their congregation out of all of their hard earned cash. At this point if people are going to be stupid enough to continue attending these monuments of failure then more fool them.

      The deception is obvious, folks today can do their own research at the touch of a button, there really is no excuse for ignorance unless it is carried out willfully.


  5. He has been very involved in the political process so he should know that it is still too early to say that is what the Constitution says. Just enough open gay marriage supporters were on the Supreme Court to get homosexual marriage passed. The reasoning is controversial, and the pro gay marriage side barely won.

    Also, look at this:


    • N.S

      The constitution has been in place for hundreds of years, why is it that the decisions that were made around it back in the day would more lean towards functionality, however now in 2015 somehow they can make dysfunctional decisions based upon the same document which hasn’t changed since its conception?

      The US is on its last legs and this janky decision has ensured that America will quickly slip into the abyss with no hopes of retuning.

      Used to attend a branch of the Potters House here in London about 20 years ago, the church is a straight up cult on steroids. A devil infested institution is that place indeed.


    • Dan,

      Folks such as yourself who continue to dwell in the realm of delusion always attempt to spread your calamity towards others. You so wish that the Bible didn’t condemn homosexuality, however the reality is far removed from your world of fantasy and make believe.

      Since you wish so badly to give homosexuals a pass on their abominable behaviour, you will burn with them. I hope you like it hot. News flash, homosexuality is immoral.


      • someone like you does not need to talk about ANY kind of self delusion.
        especially when you use the bible to spread hate. the MOST HIGH will get you


    • Brother, maybe you have not read Genesis 19:1-13, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and Romans1:24-27 (which states that homosexuality is a direct result of mans own choice). I do not hate homosexuals, I hate the act and we are all sinners in need of the salvation of Jesus Christ.


      • Jabari Daniel,

        Already been there with this guy, he still believes that homosexuality is acceptable to the Most High despite these scriptures which state the complete opposite, he continues to state that we are misinterpreting them.


  6. I am shocked by how strongly homosexual supporters are pushing us to accept this. You would think they would still be celebrating their victory since they have spent some time moving to get this law through. Instead, they are literally on every website(especially every black one) telling blacks that they should accept this. Well, they didn’t do K.P.’s, but of couse he has let it be known in no uncertain terms he does not support homosexuality. I have been an argument with 6 different people on two stories since I let it be known that the majority of American blacks,at least publicly, were not supporters of homosexual marriage and did not like being compared to homosexuals. They pulled out plenty of tricks. I responded to their attacks. They gave up. One finally said blacks need to “get with the times” so we can “move forward” with the rest of the country and I told her blacks supporting homosexual marriage would not help the country move forward. The other called me a troll for backing up my argument that the majority of blacks were against homosexual marriage and did not want to be compared to blacks. There was a lot more to this case than what it seems.


    • N.S,

      Homosexuals and their advocates at this point are simply a bunch of idiots, unlike everybody else who can accept that not everyone is going to like or be interested in what they partake in, homosexuals and homosexual advocates cannot and it seems do not want to grasp this concept. Your average homosexual is a dunce, the same can be stated for their supporters, this is a clear example of what happens when folks immerse themselves into decadent and dysfunctional lifestyles, the mind becomes warped and janky, paths of detriment are now viewed as normal and acceptable ways of living.

      Musicians, artists, comedians, games manufacturers, electronics manufacturers etc, all of these people understand and aim for their target audience. Somebody who produces indie music doesn’t go about harassing and pestering people from the heavy mental community into accepting their music, in fact you can use any examples you want to illustrate the point.

      As I have stated many times before, the homosexual simply cannot keep his lifestyle to himself, it is a must that he spread his lifestyle towards others, homosexuals are particularly fond of pushing their lifestyle in the faces of people who are opposed to it and who are not interested in it. They in more recent times have decided to focus their onslaught of homosexual propaganda upon the very young, many schools in western society countries including the UK, US and Canada are teaching homosexuality to children as young as 5 years of age.

      In terms of “getting with the times”, sure I have no problems getting with the times on things that are productive and that are going to benefit people, communities and societies as a whole. However why should I “get with the times” concerning homosexuality, not only for the reason of not liking the lifestyle but also for the reason of homosexual rights not benefiting me as a heterosexual male at all?

      Homosexuality is a selfish piece of trash lifestyle and the fact that they have used black folks to elevate their agenda is disgusting. As I mentioned before, black women are to blame for this because they are the leaders of the community, thus this treachery has occurred under their watch. Of course not forgetting what you mentioned before, most black women because they subscribe to feminism possess significant lesbian undertones, hence the reason why they have allowed homosexuals to swoop in and align their “struggle” with the life struggle of black folks.


      • Yes. A lot of blacks weren’t happy over the court’s decision nor the comparisons here but we, as you have pointed out, need to look within as to why the homosexuals can get away with falsely comparing themselves to blacks. The black feminist(the ones who are running round calling themselves that) support for homosexuality…I can only shake my head. I am sure you will go in on it whenever you finish your book but I am starting to see why you have so much to write on the negative effects of certain women in our community.

        The homosexuals are trying to twist the Bible when everyone who can read the KJV sees that it condemns it. According to one of my opponents(who reportedly learned this from college), the Leviticus prohibition came about just because the Levites wanted to separate themselves from the Babylonians who had their homosexual rites. The Levites didn’t “understand sexual orientation back then.” Paul also wrote Romans because he believe non-Christians were made homosexuals by god as a punishment when the verses clearly say and that God made them homosexual as a punishment(it clearly says otherwise). She then said they didn’t understand sexual orientation. All of this is plainly untrue from the Bible itself,not to mention history. Yeas, the extent to which many homosexuals want everyone to say they accept homosexuality is hard to believe.


      • N.S,

        The lies and the propaganda that some people will manufacture in order to make homosexuality seem normal and feasible are off the chain. The backlog of trangressions that have been committed by black women is the reason why I must continually go in on them, because they have never been held to account, their sins remain untouched and fresh so to speak. The homosexual is a black woman’s best friend, this is why homosexuals choose to mimic black women over all other nationalities of women.

        People are becoming increasingly dumber as time passes on, I find it very difficult to believe that folks in Paul’s time aswell as the Levities didn’t understand sexual orientation. It azames me how humanity today is the dumbest that it has ever been in the entire history of the planet yet somehow some folks in 2015 still believe that they are the smartest and the most advanced people of all time. Not so, not so at all.


  7. TD Jakes has formed an alliance with the world, her name is Oprah Winfrey. It should come as no surprise that he is not agitated by same sex marriage. When you walk with darkness you lose your righteous indignation.
    Pastors were looking for a strong leader to stand up against the moral decline of America. No MLK’s here.


    • Mephyve,

      Not one of these mainstream pastors has come out yet and demonstrated a defiant opposition to same sex marriage being drafted into law(as far as I have seen so far). Pastors, bishops, reverends, evangelists and such like have either been awfully silent on this issue or have opted to support it. Simply youtube “church leaders same sex marriage” and you will see what I am talking about. Clergy leadership have sold out their people, they do not care about their parishioners, clergy’s only concern is to keep the money rolling in through keeping church beast members in a trance.


      • As the bible says, friendship with the world is enmity with God. No man can serve God and mammon.


      • Nidotopianwarrior,

        God said to love everyone?? What scriptures could homosexuals and their advocates possibly use to demonstrate that, lol?


      • john 3:16 but I have a hard time reconciling that to the scripture in esdras where the most high regarded the other nations as spittle and also the scripture in Matthew 15:24


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