Dr Umar Johnson Puts His Proverbial Foot In It Yet Again!

Kymm Ringgold_Dr Johnson


It would seem that Dr Umar Johnson is continuing on a rampage to destroy his already shattered reputation unabated. Having already seriously railroaded himself following the revelations of his escapades with a stripper while at the same time confessing that he was celibate on a radio show, it seems that the good old doctor has also decided to voice his disgruntlement over the $250,000 that he has raised in 6 months, money that is supposed to go towards the purchase of school property in order for Dr Johnson to commence his new place of learning. Take a look for yourselves. The Advise Show host Phillip gives his commentary however I have a few short things to say of my own:

Now in the clip he talked about how the “new Umar” has now arrived on the scene, however this has always been the same Dr Umar Johnson, albeit he was able to mask his skull duggerous ways under the Pan-African, red, black and green banner aswell as a snake oil salesman smile and a gift of the gab. Now he has been exposed as a liar, there is no need for him to hold back and render a false impression unto the people, you could view his current actions as a kamikaze manoeuvre.

There is another problem with his statement, he mentioned how folks no matter what they have donated would be honoured at the honourary ceremony when the school opens regardless of how much they gave whether it be one dollar or one million dollars, however in the very next breath he informs his audience in no uncertain terms that a one-off donation is not sufficient and that folks need to donate continuously up until the target of 2 million dollars is reached. Can anybody else see a clear contradiction here? If one dollar is enough to have me honoured at the opening of the school then why are you now pushing me to donate more cash?

The next question here is who is Dr Umar Johnson that I should be making monthly payments towards “his” cause? This man has no kind of history or credentials in the realm of schooling, it isn’t as if he has done this type of thing before. This persuasion of monthly donations is exactly the same scam that institutional church beast pastors use to fleece their flocks, the strategy here is no different. Again, the contradiction is highlighted, according to Johnson I am “not done” if I have donated a one time amount of $25, yet in his previous statement I would receive an honouring at the school if I have donated $1 dollar. Am I missing something here?

Then he talked about the fact that the school would be a boarding school, are you serious sir? With the level of promiscuity that takes place already within the black community, it would only be a matter of time until Dr Johnson would be forced to also build a daycare center for the amount of “new attendees” that would be “popping up” frequently. This boarding school if opened would bring out all manner of sexual debauchery between students themselves aswell between students and teachers, why, because most blacks folks today have been raised under the dysfunctional single black mother household model, typically most black mothers played the harlot and as a result have several children in tow by many different men, thus this is the typical ratchet behaviour that they have passed down to their children.

Now I attended boarding school for a short while so I know what I am talking about, locked doors and security guards will not stop the onslaught of testosterone and estrogen coming together and doing what they know best. Even though I currently do not have any children, when I do decide to have them under no circumstances will my children be residing with strangers. This current system has encouraged parents to be far too comfortable leaving their children in the hands of unknown fellows, not me, not me at all.

Obviously Umar Johnson subscribes to the teachings of ancient Egypt, however as we read in the scriptures aswell as in the book of Jasher, the ancient Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews for 400 years, but I suppose that this doesn’t matter because the ancient Egyptians were the same colour as our enslaved forefathers right? I encourage folks especially those who now know that they are truly Hebrew by blood to pick up the book of Jasher and read about the nasty, horrifying, low down practices that the Ancient Egyptians executed upon our forefathers in order to attempt to cull our population levels.

Again, as the Advise Show host pointed out, black folks always want to start from the top, they never seem to want to build themselves up from scratch ie the bottom, everything with black people has to be grand and has to make a bold statement from the beginning. This is the problem right here, why can’t Umar Johnson for the meanwhile simply purchase a smaller building with a stack of land attached to it and then at a later time build out and extend as and when required? $250,000 is not a joke amount of money, this dodgy clown should be grateful, he could in reality use the $250,000 to get something started now.

I’m done with this bloke, he has been messing up for quite a while now with a number of outlandish statements aswell as crass behaviour, as far as I am concerned he should be written off. However as per the usual habit of most blacks, many will still continue to follow and support him instead of leading themselves and slotting into their own purposes in life, this is the main reason why merchants who wish to make a quick buck first turn their sights towards the black community, black folks on the whole are the most gullible and ignorant people on the planet when it comes down to being hoodwinked.

I will continue to repeat the same message over and over, to everybody in general but especially to black folks, the best person to lead you under the direction of the Most High is YOURSELF, it is insanity to believe that following somebody else can satisfy your purpose in life, however as I have stated before most people in this world are followers and not leaders.

Those who have ears to hear must learn to trust in themselves and regularly exercise that trust. So what if you make mistakes along the way, at least you can pick yourselves up and continue on instead of placing all of your trust in other men only to have that trust broken and your illusions of them shattered time after time. As I mentioned before most black folks will forgive Umar Johnson for his transgressions as long as he continues to tell them that they are victims and that white supremacy is the number one threat and concern. I have no favourites in this life, whoever needs to be held to account and roasted I will hold to that fire.

Negro Wars The Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

6 thoughts on “Dr Umar Johnson Puts His Proverbial Foot In It Yet Again!

    • A slave does not care about being effienct in his nor her forced labor and the last time I checked the building of the pyramids were done by people with mathematic and astronomy skills, and the pharaoh Amenhotep outlawed warfare, Hebrew slaves didn’t build anything in Egypt!!!
      Aka: Mansa Negus


      • Imhotep,

        There are no constructions nor infrastructures on this planet that have not seen Hebrews hands upon them, the ancient Egyptians were no different, they used the Hebrews to build up their kingdom just like everybody else has done since.


  1. i love this article check me out at mybosstycoon.com i will probably cover this man too, perhaps on video this umar johnson is a joke and the black race needs to wake up as a whole and support the real who actually have their best interest at heart



      Agreed, as Philip said in the video, “right plan but the wrong man”. Black folks at this point seriously need to wake up out of their trance.


  2. Umar is a joke. I remember I watched two different youtube videos in the first one he stated that Frederick Douglas married the white woman because the other half of him being white had something to do with it.
    Then in the other video he stated that his great-grand mother told Frederick to marry the white woman. After this my conclusion was to not pay any attention to him.

    I wonder did he lie about being a desendant of Frederick Douglas just to gain status.


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