Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of Same Sex Unions – Now Legal In All US States!

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As most of you must have heard by now, the Supreme Court of the US has voted to make same sex unions legal in all 50 States. Of course homosexuals across the United States have been celebrating and hailing this momentous event as a huge victory for the advancement of homosexual rights. Indeed history has been made, this decision signifies the end of the United States as we know it. This is the genuine tragic legacy to behold.

I honestly do not understand why homosexuals are celebrating so profusely, the US has been trundling down the hill for the longest while, what is the point of having all of these so called “victories and rights” if the country that you wish to exercise them in is being turned into a ruinous heap, a pile of dust and ashes and a dunghill?

Remember that the Most High has not altered his position on people of the same sex involving themselves in sexual relations, it is still an abomination in his eyes regardless of the rulings and the current trends taking place down here on earth.

The homosexual lifestyle is one of decadence and confusion. In a homosexual’s effort to rebel against the natural order of male and female, you will notice that unifying as two people of the same sex, they must still take on board and adhere to the schematics of the male and female construct in their relationship, when it comes down to two men you will always have a masculine male and a feminine male, the same standard goes for the women.

For some strange reason homosexuals cannot seem to bond with each other without taking on the natural blueprint of male and female. If they are truly about the same sex then why would one partner take on the characteristics of the opposite sex? Homosexuals are simply confused, decadent slobs who wish for the entire world to accept their reprobate behaviour. I simply find it funny that even within their dysfunction, homosexuals still recognise the importance of gender roles within a relationship, yet feminists and lesbians would attempt to tell you otherwise even though lesbians will adopt exactly the same male/female roles when they engage in same sex relationships. Go figure.

At the end of the day it does not matter what rulings the Supreme Court makes, the family was established by the Most High, a family will always consist of a man, a woman and a child. Rulings on pieces of paper cannot alter what the Most High has crafted and set through his own two hands, marriage will always be between a man and a woman, it will never consist of two people of the same sex.

Of course as I have stated before homosexuality is a reprobate lifestyle which is intertwined with pedophilia, incest and beastiality, why, because they all reside on the same plain of dysfunction. This will be the next stage of this decadent movement, the agenda to make sex between adults and children legal is already being pushed behind the scenes. Why do you think that homosexuality, oral sex, anal sex, orgies, fisting etc are being taught to children as young as 5 years old in western countries? What does a child of 5 years of age have to do with sex? They are priming your children, they are attempting to sexually activate your child at a young age so that they can then use this “activation” process as their catalyst to push through yet more slack jawed, decadent legislation.

Do not believe my words, you watch this space. Homosexuality was the big one to overcome, now there will be no holds barred on what must be pursued next. This is your Roman Empire all over again before its fall, you must never allow decadent behaviours such as these to grow and fester out of control, however there is big money and there are big players behind the homosexual agenda.

Notice however how Russia has refused to accept this rubbish and integrate this lifestyle into their culture, at least Russia recognises this filth and poison for what it truly is. You will also notice that the Russian male is known for being hard, tough and rugged, in other words a real man. This used to be the image of the US male, however as the US has adapted and accepted more of the homosexual olive branch, that image has been replaced with one of laziness, a slob, ignorance, stupidity, foolishness etc, these are now the typical traits of your average American male in 2015.

Like I have mentioned here before, the homosexual is not satisfied with simply dealing with people of his own ilk, he feels the need that he must spread his culture to others, especially towards those who are not interested and those who feel repulsed by same sex relations. Homosexuals are simply intolerant when it comes down to people not favouring their lifestyle, this is the main reason why they will typically resort to name calling, slogan slinging and labelling when going up against individuals who do not subscribe to the edicts and the philosophies of homosexuality.

I never have nor will I ever accepted homosexual relations and same sex unions, it is also unrealistic for homosexuals to expect the entire planet to accept their decadent culture. I have friends who participate in activities, interests and hobbies that I am not interested in, however in my non interest they are not forcing me to accept that particular part of their lives, nor do they label me negatively and call me names, we simply connect on those things that we like and agree on.

Homosexuality is a lifestyle that is in direct conflict with the Most High and his creation, homosexuals are in effect sticking two fingers up at the Highest and declaring that they sole aim is to undo what he has created in terms of marriage and the family unit. Homosexuality is also a population reduction tool and homosexuals are the useful idiots who are volunteering to be utilised for a bigger agenda that the majority of them have no clue about, an agenda that also aims to remove them from existence down the road shortly.

Obama seems to be very homosexual friendly, however this does not surprise me, with the earlier revelations from Larry Sinclair, a homosexual male who has made very credible claims that he took drugs with Obama aswell as engaged in sexual relations with him years before he became the president, then on top of that the heavy rumours that Michelle Obama is actually a transvestite(this was voiced by Joan Rivers who “mysteriously” died two months after rattling off that statement. She also alluded to the fact that this revelation is common knowledge within Hollywood circles), his movements are in reality predictable and certainly in line with the homosexual agenda:

Haven’t you also noticed that whenever somebody famous comes out of the closet or there is an issue involving a notable character and a sex change, Obama always has something to say about the matter, yet with other issues that are of more importance he is mysteriously silent on ie black on black crime and the incredible violence that takes place in poor black neighbourhoods?

Notice also how his “wife” is also silent when it comes down to single black mothers being irresponsible with their reproductive organs and using children as a means to garner an income from the state. Michelle or “Michael” as Obama once referred to him/her as is also silent when it comes down to the continuous onslaught of abortion executed by black women in the US at the rate of 1876 unborn children per day:

America has now really changed for the worse not for the better, I personally would begin to distance myself from those who hold and subscribe to the philosophies of the world, especially the homosexual lifestyle and same sex unions, as when the Most High begins to brings down the fire of judgement upon their chests, I absolutely do not want to be in the same vicinity as these people to smell the foul stench of their burnt remains, I would also suggest that you begin to do the same. This Supreme Court ruling is a great travesty for the United States.

You would dare use the rainbow, a sign that the Most High has handed down to man as a testimony that he will never judge the entire earth again via a flood, you would use this sign to signify your dysfunctional sexual escapades? Homosexuals who embrace this open blasphemy deserve nothing short of the harshest judgements at the hand of the Highest.

As I have mentioned so many times before, the lifestyle of homosexuality brings absolutely no benefits to a society or a community. As for homosexual rights, the only people that benefit from them are homosexuals themselves, in essence homosexual rights are selfish rights hence why I can legitimately refer to homosexuals on the whole as selfish and self centered people. They do not care about anybody else but themselves, they do not respect opposing opinions, they will only accept opinions, speech and information that aligns itself and is in agreement with their lifestyle.

Homosexuals in tolerant countries including the US are now going to have a field day with the legal system taking pastors to court who refuse to marry them. On the flip side however the Most High will also use these legal challenges as a means to bring down the institutional church beast infrastructure. It is amazing how the Most High can still use the most grim of circumstances to his advantage and advance his overall plan to bring down his kingdom and order upon the earth. As always………

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

24 thoughts on “Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of Same Sex Unions – Now Legal In All US States!

  1. Amen and Amen to this entire God filled truth article!!!!!!!! Yes the homosexual is high fiving one another as though they have won a great reward…..,and Yes they have it is called the vengeance of God that will repay those who chose to live away from His pure and Holy will! Romans 1:26-32 will clear up howGod feels about men with men and the like for He has given such a people over to as you have said in this article A Reprobate Mind and when God has His final say and He will the dunghill will be full. God Bless You for revealing the truth as Gods word speaks it!


    • Julia,

      Since western countries wish to embrace the homosexual lifestyle so badly, they are also going to have to accept the recompense and the judgements that come along side taking on board such a reprobate lifestyle.

      Of course folks such as “father” Carrozza will no doubt craft some sort of excuse for such decadent acts. When in Rome do not do as the Romans should be the correct slogan.


  2. Amurderkkka has shot itself in the foot. Goodbye Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots and Abominations, you will not be missed


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      Americans in their arrogance do not see things that way, they believe that they are being “progressive”, however you already know the famous saying:

      “The Road To Hell Is Pathed With Good Intentions”.


      • so true hahahaha, Here in Antigua the former government tried to legalize same sex marriage but of course it never fell through. They have legalized it in Barbados though. Anyway, when I was at the bakery yesterday, two of the cashiers were discussing America and the same sex marriage legalization, and I brought up when the former government of Antigua tried to do the same, one of the women turned and told me “they should have legalized it, then we would know who is who” Now on the surface, it did make some degree of sense, but then I got to thinking, and I voiced it “the pastors would kick up a big stink against it” but much to my surprise one of the women told me, a lot of the pastors are infact closet homosexuals. A lot of male homosexuals here in Antigua are largely in the closet but, it’s the lesbians that are more in the open, but no one seems to mind them much. Just last month infact, an all girls catholic school here (it’s called Christ the King High School) was embroiled in a scandal involving a lesbian love triangle, one girl stabbed another because she was convinced that the other girl was messing with her girlfriend. here’s the story

        Lesbianism is rife at that school.

        Speaking of Lesbians, two friends of mine, they used to be my neighbours, they are lesbian lovers. Now, they have two dogs, a male and a female. Last year, the female dog was in heat and a lot of older male dogs from our street were constantly coming by their yard and marking it with their urine, and one day, they were giving me a ride to class, and the their male dog was out on the road, just as they were ready to drive off, one of the other male dogs, tried to jump their dog, and one of my neighbours pushed her head out of the car window and yelled “STOP YOUR STUPIDNESS!!!!” at the dogs. Now as funny as it was at the time, it got me thinking, that was rather hypocritical of her to say, all things considered. It also got me to thinking, how is it Lesbians are seemingly given a free pass while male homosexuals are always shafted…. can you believe the double standards


      • Nidotopian Warrior,

        Many countries are forced to accept ratchet terms and conditions through the loans that they receive from the IMF and the World Bank. Countries where homosexuality is illegal will almost certainly be instructed through the terms and conditions of the loan that they receive to legalise it. The World Bank and the IMF enjoy grafting dodgy stipulations into loan contracts, especially ones that will destroy that country’s moral infrastructure.

        Barbados I believe is a British owned island so it doesn’t surprise me that they have legalised same sex marriage, it seems most islands owned by western nations tend to go that way to a degree. I will continue to stand by my statement, western black women though highly educated are still the dumbest women on the planet, that is why they would typically be the ones to suggest legalising same sex marriage. Yet these are the same women who complain about not being able to find a good black man, can they really be surprised, the majority of black men have been effeminised or emasculated by them. Morality should never be put in the hands of government, it should be down to the individual and the locals to deal with debauchery and immoral acts.

        On this school, anything to do with Roman Catholicism is going to bring out all manner of decadent behaviours, Roman Catholicism is really an ancient Babylonian mystery religion which uses the Most High, Christ and the bible to mask its true face. As I stated to “father” Carrozza, buggering children and sexual decadency is part and parcel of the Roman Catholic church lifestyle.

        Antigua just like the west is being run by feminism, this is the principle reason why lesbians are given a pass on their filth yet homosexual males are cascaded and forced to remain in the closet. I do not think that there is a country an island that is inhabited by mostly black folks where feminism is not the dominant force at work, however I must say that apart from South Africa, the rest of the African continent is doing well so far to stay the contamination of homosexuality and the liberal laws that come with it. I hope that they truly keep up the effort.


  3. Verbs,

    I have been in a kind of heavy mood over the past couple of weeks. I have really been putting things together over the past couple of weeks. I was going to argue with you over the points of a couple of things in your last post, but I couldn’t when I felt like it and then a lot was revealed to me. This is only a small part of what I have just realized that I am telling.

    On one hand, I don’t really care too much. We blacks have our own things to attend to. On the other hand, blacks have been used once again to push through this agenda. I have my own opinion on civil rights, but everyone can agree that whatever happened to gays is nowhere similar to what happened to blacks. Gays have put a VERY strong emphasis on comparing themselves to blacks and not just with civil rights laws. The insistence on using blacks constantly is suspicious. There is definitely a bigger agenda behind this. We are already facing a huge backlash and this adds to it.

    I really begin to see how the promotion of feminism, especially black feminism and womanism, is connected to homosexuality. There was an extremely good video on YT on what I am saying next but I don’t think I can find it. It is not the rising number of open lesbians that is the issue. The problem is that many straight black females-though this applies to a lot of other females in the society- regularly do things together that have extremely strong lesbian undertones but are not called out on it. While everyone has pointed out black male DL behavior and signs to look out for, why is it that there is no attention paid to any of those behaviors for black females? Add in the attitude many black women have towards black men, certain vulgar phrases they use when angry, and the higher level of support for homosexuals(black men in the U.S. are traditionally known for being strongly opposed to homosexuality) and we definitely have issues that not too many are addressing. I plan to eventually marry a black woman, but I have to also be aware.

    There is more I can say on this point but I have trouble writing what I want. Black American males need to use their logic and realize what they think is happening is happening.

    There has been some extremely inappropriate some of the stuff we have already seen. There was the president sending an acknowledgment of the need for gay marriage to a 5 year old, as well as the appearance of toddlers and elementary school children at rallies. No matter what one’s views are on homosexual marriage, children should be left out of this.

    I agree with you that everything else is next. Bestiality is already legal in 17 states. I learned that, in the state where I currently am, when the criminal code was redone 40 years ago, the prohibition for bestiality was left out. I already see the push for pedophilia(yes, it is happening and I think it is already out in the open) but it looks like it is going to be a little more sophisticated campaign than the one that was done for homosexuality.

    A lot of blacks still have their head stuck in the sand when it comes to the president. Blacks should already be aware of all and more that you mentioned with the Obamas but a lot of them still think he is on their side. There are a growing number of black Americans-though still a minority- who not only do not support him- or believe he is “down for the cause” who is “being held back”- but is against his policies. Strangely, most of these are men. There are women that way, but they are really only religiously conservative(Israelite, maybe some NOI, very conservative Protestant and Catholic churches) and maybe another group that I don’t think I can accurately describe. Black women, even more than black men, really believe Obama is on their side or at least not being allowed to “be himself”.

    No national official in history has pushed that abortion rights be pushed as wide as Obama,especially with partial birth abortion. That is why U.S. think tank groups called him the most liberal Senator during his first run. Not even Secretary Clinton is there.

    He threw blacks under the bus during his first presidential campaign when he told a black church the black community needs to stop being so homophobic. He has thrown blacks under the bus many other times but this one is relevant to the discussion.


    • N.S,

      With the advent of integration and the acceptance of the woe is me, victimhood, blame it all on the white man position, blacks have become their own worst enemy. This mentality has placed and kept us in a position to be used and abused time and time again. Black males have no friends on this planet, none. Black women have clearly sold us out for the privileges and the temporary treats of the state, they are clearly in bed with their white liberal father, there is no way to circumvent this truth though many black men are still finding this fact very difficult to accept.

      The reason why homosexuals have been able to compare their plight to that of being black even though the two are not comparable is because of black women yet again. Black women are the best friends of homosexual males especially black homosexual males, they enjoy intermingling with the fruits of their esmasculatory handywork, as the leaders of the community they have allowed homosexuals to use our plight to their advantage and the worst thing about this is that we have received nothing in return for services rendered.

      Homosexuality and feminism are two sides of the same coin as both philosophies seek to dethrone the man from his rightful position as a leader, seek to remove the woman from her natural position as a follower and a nurturer and also seek to promote the idea that both genders can take on each others roles in a relationship. Obviously we can observe the decadent fruits of these two lifestyles and clearly see that they have failed miserably.

      Black women who subscribe to feminism as simply a bunch of idiots who wish to retain their positions of leadership, feminism has certainly brought no benefits towards black women however it has without a shadow of a doubt mocked them and used them to take down an adversary, especially when the target in question has been a black male. Which black women do you hear about relinquishing their leadership positions, very few if any. Feminism on steroids is the standard practice in the black community and the majority of black women wouldn’t have it any other way, hence why there is no change.

      I have mentioned this before and I will mention it again, the majority of black women are cursed and possessed by evil spirits, this possession and the curses began as soon as black women joined the feminist movement and accepted fatherless home welfare policies. Thus the curses continue to this day because black women on the whole are enjoying themselves too much with the treats they are receiving from their government father, they enjoy shafting their own people in exchange for a few measly crumbs from the state. Thus as a result black women have a temporary impunity which enables them to evade being held immediately accountable for their evil deeds. In short black women through the power of the state have the rights to be hypocrites.

      If you still want to deal with black women then you are without a doubt going to have to find a black woman from a different culture, the western black female on the whole is too far gone, she cannot be saved. Dealing with a western black woman will most certainly result in disaster down the line. You already know my saying, you can go there however if you get bitten then you are going to have to accept the loss and not complain about it because you have been forewarned many a time.

      The black American Negro on the whole has been sabotaged by the black woman, the scriptures are correct when they state that most of our people will perish, I accepted a long time ago that most of Israel would be destroyed because of their wicked ways, their stubborness and their stiffnecked attitude. The reason why I continue to return to black women is because they are to blame for the entire mess that the black community resides in today, I must place the blame where it lies without prejudice or involving any emotions.

      Barack Obama has a serious recompense and judgement coming his way because of the evil that he has allowed to flow into the US, especially in relation to the homosexual and the abortion agendas. I checked out the bestiality issue, this behaviour is also legal in a few European countries, namely Romania, Finland and Hungary. Denmark only banned the practice this year. In terms of pedophilia I believe that the battle will be easier seeing as they are attempting to sexualise children from a young age, they will simply push to lower the age of consent the younger children begin to become sexually active. The global elites will not stop until there is no sexual practice that is viewed as taboo, everything must be made legal.

      Most black folks are forgetting that Barack Obama only has 6% of African blood in him, 94% of his heritage comes from white and Arab backgrounds. We already know about what Arabic people think of black folks and we most certainly know that we have no allies amongst white people as a whole. A homosexual president who has a transgender wife, this one will go down in the history books as the biggest mockery on the American people ever.


      • Yes father Carozza and other taught in the doctrine of men will always have a loop hole out of the sound doctrine of Gods truth. God Bless You Always.


      • Yes. I am and will always be proud to be a black American, but no other group would have supported the president at such a high level given that he really has done nothing for us.

        Interestingly enough, someone mentioned that during one of Obama’s controversial Father’s Day speeches, a crowd of women gave a standing O to the president after he compared black men to boys.

        I happened upon this video which I mentioned earlier:

        There will always be good black women no matter where they are, but those who are looking for a heterosexual Negro woman have to choose well.

        By western woman, are you going by what you call the modern day western black woman or do you mean those in the U.S.?


      • N.S,

        Black women on the whole will support anybody who demonises and denigrates black men, this has always been the case hence why Obama would be praised by cooning black women for comparing black men to boys. He won’t deal with the fact however that black women have sabotaged black men for the last 60 years, raising them under the philosophies and edicts of decadence, irresponsibility, non accountability, criminalism, the same tenets that black women live by, what exactly is to be expected with the end result other than disaster and a continuation of the same failures?

        I have been stating for the longest while now that feminism and homosexuality are two sides of the same coin, they both aim to dislodge both sexes from their natural roles and instead promote the idea that males can take on the roles of females and vise versa. Due to the fact that the black community is run by feminism on steroids and lead by black women who subscribe to the same, homosexual behaviours, teachings and philosophies are an intricate part of the feminist package, this is the main reason why you are noticing strong lesbian tendencies amongst the majority portion of black women today.

        True heterosexual black women are very few and far between, you have a much better chance of finding a heterosexual black women amongst those who have grown up around and who hang out with non black women. The contamination of black women is an international problem, not only amongst black women in western countries but also amongst black women who have westernised themselves or taken onboard western philosophies. For example black women in Nigeria on the whole are just as bad as black women in the US and the UK, they have also been contaminated because they have integrated western values into their lives, women of the Caribbean for the most part are exactly the same.

        There are not many places where you can find decent black women who have not been contaminated by the west and had their minds fragged by the feminist snake oil. It is a grim look at the current status of the black woman however me attempting to lie and make up fairy tales about black women would not alter the harsh truth.


    • Dan,

      When the pedophiles, those who wish to practice bestiality and incest begin their onslaught to push through legislation in their favour you will be defending them in exactly the same manner because you would have been primed beforehand to accept their dysfunctional deeds just as you have been with homosexuality.

      Dysfunctional, reprobate behaviours must never be allowed to flourish. The more these decadent, reprobate, abominable lifestyles are allowed to manifest themselves out in the open, the worst this world becomes, that is a fact.


      • I didn’t say pedophiles I said gays. you are using the bible to beget hate against a certain group of people what does the bible say about that,
        Revelation 22:18-19


      • Dan,

        I have no idea why you brought those two verses to the forefront, the bible by itself without any outside intervention clearly speaks against the act of homosexuality, it describes the practice as an abomination. Yanni raised a great point pertaining to NAMBLA, that organisation is a homosexual and pedophilia combination rolled into one.

        This is what sex education in schools is really all about, priming young children to accept and embrace the dysfunctional and abominable sexual practices that take place within society. Homosexuality, pedophilia, incest and bestiality all grow on the same decadent, dysfunctional, cancerous tree.

        If you are so pro homosexual then you ought to check out NAMBLA’S documentary called “Chickenhawk, Men Who Love Boys” or you can view another documentary called “The Kinsey Syndrome”. Both can be seen on youtube. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but when you fully open the can of homosexuality, all other dysfunctional practices accompany it.

        As I stated before, homosexuals are not satisfied with simply roaming their own territory, they love venturing into forbidden lands on conquest missions in order to conquer and convert.


  4. All of this is more proof that we are indeed in the last days. The countdown to destruction has already started. On top of that, Pedophiles are pushing for rights, have you ever heard about NAMBLA? It’s the North American Man Boy Love Association, a pederastic and paedophiliac association that is working in cahoots with Academics from Cambridge University to make paedophilia lawful. According to the academics at Cambridge, it is scientifically normal for adult men to be attracted to young boys or young children in general. These are some sick demonic fiends we’re dealing with here. Another point you made in regards to how confusing this whole homosexual thing is. I’d like to weigh in on that a little. It’s one thing when it’s two alpha male homosexual partners but then when you see some butch men going after fem-boys or lady-boys or even transgenders and then the relationship dynamic mirroring that of a heterosexual relationship with the dominant and submissive partners I have to wonder, why are these men even gay in the first place? Does that make sense? Hmmmmm


  5. These nasty butt pirates are relentless! They will stop at nothing until the whole world accepts this sexual perversion. But this has always been a part of European culture since the Roman empire. And even before that with the Greek freaks. Now I knew this would happen. Now they want their hands on our children.
    The pedophiles will be coming out everywhere now! This is what NAMBLA has been waiting for. This makes me want to puke! I can’t stand these fags/lesbians and transgender freaks! I will fight it tooth and nail.


    • Kushite Prince,

      Watch, the same people who are opposed to pedophilia now when the time comes around for the pedophiles to put their hand in the cookie jar, the majority of the general public will sympathise with them and support their cause because they would have been primed, programmed and conditioned well in advance.

      Talk a walk out in your local streets and tell me what you see, decadent slobs who hold to no moral standards and who are more concerned about Hollywood entertainment and celebrity gossip as opposed to what true dangers lie around the corner.

      It will come to a point where you will be forced to defend your children with the sword because these pedophiles once they are given their rights will go out in packs hunting children down like dogs.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Television is a vast wasteland. Nothing but mind pollution for the masses. I’ve covered it on my blog many times. I think television and films are great tools for brainwashing people into accepting abnormal things. I’ve seen in the last twenty years people slowly accept disgusting things as just a “lifestyle choice”. This doesn’t happen over night,it’s a gradual process. I have seen young girls(12-14) pose seductively in women magazines. Who are they posing for?? It was just priming us mentally to accept sex with children and babies. I hear many of the white elite are already doing these things anyway. They trade snuff films and pedophiles dvd’s amongst each other. They just want the masses to go along with it. I think they will try to drop the age of consent in the near future. God help us if that ever happens! We may need those swords sooner rather than later. If so….I’m ready for whatever. Just stay prepared.


      • Kushite Prince,

        The pedophiles along side the general public who wil support them will be a very dangerous force indeed. By default we must be prepare for the worst case scenario.

        What makes me sick is the fact that they always make up excuses and present their “lifestyles” as innocent and a necessity and most of the people get hoodwinked and bamboozled by the propaganda aswell as the fluffy sounding edicts everytime without fail.

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      • There’s nothing innocent about these demonic bastards! People really need to wake the hell up! They’ve bought the deception.

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