I Told You So – Pro Black Umar Johnson Embroiled In Scandal With A Stripper!

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See, as long as black folks continue to search for “the one” to lead them and refuse to slot into their own purpose in life and thus lead themselves, they will continue to be hoodwinked and bamboozled by those who declare themselves as leaders over them time and time again. The pro black, back to Africa pundit known as Dr Umar Johnson has found himself at the center of a scandal involving his “honourable” self and a stripper by the name of Khym Ringgold who also goes by the name of “Conscious Stripper”. Take a look at the details for yourselves:


To be honest all of this comes as no surprise to me at all because I have been stating for the longest while that so called “pro black leadership” is full of nonsense. Again, remember that this is the same Umar Johnson who told a young man who had been shot and who subsequently managed to work his way out of poverty and move him and his family out of the ghetto, that he should have remained there and help build up the community. Albeit, what did you expect from somebody who clearly displays such a janky mindset?

Just to set the record straight, the sex is not the issue here as I have talked many times about the fact that sex is a necessary and a natural part of life, the caliber of woman whom he chose to have sex with is the real problem here, a stripper, really? Are you trying to tell me that this pro black leader who is very well-known in black circles couldn’t have chosen a better candidate to engage in sexual relations with?

Now Ringgold has exposed a plethora of screen shot steamy messages exchanged between herself and Mr Johnson during the period of their “relationship”. It would seem from the messages that Umar Johnson wanted nothing more than sex from this woman, yet Ringgold clearly indicates that she was seeking something more from him.

Obviously he couldn’t be seen in public with this woman as such a union would fly in the face of his so called “conscious” facade. Indeed it has, this has demonstrated yet again that the pro black movement is a farce and its leadership is a complete and utter joke. Many folks are also alluding to the fact that Umar Johnson declared in a radio interview that he was celibate. Obviously we now know that this was a lie. Of all the people to sleep with he would go for the bottom of the barrel, sleazy scum of society.

This is a reflection on black men in general, flash 50 inch buttocks in their faces and most will lose their marbles and bow down to the “booty” immediately. In addition to this according to the article a NFL player who was in the process of donating $1,000,000 towards Mr Johnson’s forthcoming school withdrew his offer after he conducted some research and discovered that Johnson was embroiled in a scandal with the stripper Ringgold. Whether this is true or not we don’t really know, Johnson could have made this account up just to get people to feel sorry for him and thereafter dole out some cash.

Why I have to laugh here is because this goes to prove my point about black women not having the best interests of black men at heart and how they will go out of their way to sabotage any constructive efforts black men make to build something of value because this is a direct threat to the leadership position that has been bestowed upon black women by their new Lord, saviour, master and father, the white liberal.

Here he is standing up for black women yet who was the one to shaft him, a black woman. Remember that this is the same Umar Johnson who is vehemently opposed to interracial dating, the same guy who refused to participate in Tommy Sotomayor’s up and coming documentary film A Fatherless America, simply because at the time Tommy Sotomayor was involved in a relationship with a white woman. Oh how the mighty have fallen, isn’t that right Umar?

These pro blacks will talk about Africa all day yet where is Mr Johnson going to build his school, that right, in the good ol USA. The back to Africa talk that these pro black pundits spew is only theoretically based, it is never carried out in practice, never. In fact I must give more credit to the Hebrew Israelite groups because at least there are plentiful examples of them claiming that one should relocate to a different part of the world and many of them are actually practicing what they are preaching.

The reality is that if Umar Johnson had gotten with a white stripper or a non black stripper, this exposure would have been less likely to have taken place simply because white women and other non black women do not have an axe to grind against black men. I wonder how Umar feels now having been shafted by the very woman that he stands up for and protects? And to think that he actually referred to Ringgold as a “queen” and an “empress”. Is this now the standard, where even strippers can now be elevated to royalhood, nobility status?

This should serve as a lesson to black men in general, deal with the modern day western black woman at your own risk, however if you still decide to “go there” and are bitten, do not complain because you have already been forewarned.

Finally the vast majority of proponents and supporters of Mr Johnson will indeed forgive him for his “transgressions” as long as he continues to preach the victimhood, woe is me, blame it all on the white man, whitey is the enemy, white supremacy position to them. Remember however that it is not white supremacy that has dealt Mr Johnson such a huge blow, no, this damage to his reputation has been brought on by none other than a black woman. I guess non black women do not seem such a bad choice after all eh Dr Johnson?


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

51 thoughts on “I Told You So – Pro Black Umar Johnson Embroiled In Scandal With A Stripper!

  1. Well I must say I’m rather shell-shocked, as someone who is a staunch follower of the pan-African movement and a very big fan of Dr Umar Johnson….

    “The reality is that if Umar Johnson had gotten with a white stripper or a non black stripper, this exposure would have been less likely to have taken place simply because white women and other non black women do not have an axe to grind against black men. ”

    This is where I will disagree with you. Bearing in mind that Dr Umar is against anything interracial, he wouldn’t be caught dead with a white stripper, secondly, if that had been the case, it would’ve been a volcanic eruption within the pan-African movement…

    Secondly, interracial marriages between black men and white women have very high divorce rates and don’t think for a second that just because a white woman beds a black man that she’s not an enemy, cause she is, she’s just a more subtle one. Being a black man’s fuck buddy in no way abates her inherent racist mindset, cause when the shit hits the fan, she’ll be calling the police and saying “come get this fucking nigger outta my house” oh yes it has happened…..

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    • Yanni,

      You are correct, Johnson would not touch a non black woman, which is why this situation with him has erupted. In his efforts to “keep it real” he has shot himself in the foot. I see the same pattern over and over again with black women going out of their way to shaft black men when things do not go their way. Black men do not have any friends on this planet, all other nations are against us and sadly even our own women have also been trained to see us as enemies. Again, black women hold no loyalty towards black men, they instead serve and worship their white liberal slave master and his government.

      This business about black male/white female divorce rates being very high is an urban legend that has been circulated by black women in order to discourage black men from dating non black women. The figures actually show that it is black women who have the highest divorce rates over all and throughout all ages.

      You talked about white women having an inherently racist mindset yet in the majority of cases where black men have and are being shafted, it is a black woman at the wheel. Black women are the vast majority responsible for placing black men in jail, black women are the vast majority responsible for the death of black males, when a black male is attempting to build or achieve something of worth the majority of the time it is a black woman who will attempt to sabotage and derail his efforts, not a white woman.

      These are the unfortunate facts that many pro blacks refuse to look at, as I have mentioned before in 2015 a black man is much safer dating and marrying a non black woman than he is “sticking to his own” and “keeping it real”. This is not me saying this, that is the daily detrimental actions of black women against black men speaking for themselves. We have to look at the evidence and call out the data honestly regardless of how uncomfortable the results may make us feel.


      • Now if you are suppose to be for Israel why would you even state that in 2015 black males are better off with non black females. I have to disagree with you on that statement I do feel there are some good black females out here. What is going on is the so called “media” is feeling peoples head with this bull crap. You have nasty females in every group of people. So to say black females are the worst is an outlandish statement.

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      • Danielle,

        Being for Israel does not mean that I am going to lie for Israel, nor will I coddle Israel. The good black women out there are now few and far between, they have been heavily swamped out by the decadent, no good, dysfunctional, ratchet black women. I do not have to quantify my statement as I have already been through the history several times of how black women sold out their people years ago through the white homosexual feminist movement, their acceptance of fatherless home welfare policies aswell as their acceptance of middle management employment from the government.

        Black women are posting their ratchet behaviour on social media by themselves at an alarming rate, the mainstream media isn’t involved there. Where I would agree with you that there are nasty females in every group I would then have to say that this is not relevant because nasty females from other races are not the majority culprits shafting and destroying black men, black women are.


  2. I disagree with both what Umar did and your claim that her being black had something to do with her outing him. Your statement below is false:

    The reality is that if Umar Johnson had gotten with a white stripper or a non black stripper, this exposure would have been less likely to have taken place simply because white women and other non black women do not have an axe to grind against black men. ”

    Your claim is false.
    1. Remember Tiger Woods and his dozen paramours? Who outed him AND benefitted except white women!!!???
    2. Remember Bill Cosby and his 40+ accusers!!!? Aren’t they mostly white women!!!?

    A LOT of women in this age of social media would do jump at any opportunity to be in the media by means of a sex scandal. The woman’s race has little to do with this.

    This is an era of decadence. Both men and women of all races lack morality, by and large.

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    • Kosh,

      The fact that you were only able to provide two measly examples of black men being racked through the coals by non black women in reality demonstrates that my statement about black women being the majority culprits shafting black men is actually true. Billy Cosby is not even really a solid example to use because evidence has yet to be brought forward to prove the accusations against him are true and the white women who came out against him were paid off, white women have never had a genuine agenda against Billy Cosby.

      Black women however are shafting and destroying black men on the daily and have no problems having a brother put in jail for whatever reason they feel justifies it. No sorry, race has everything to do with it, black women have sold and are still continuing to sell out their own men, there is no soft talking or tap dancing that can erase that fact.

      Finally, I am dealing with what is happening with the women within my own race, men from other races can take care of their own women, they don’t need my help.


    • Yanni,

      You are spot on, these institutional church beast members do not have a clue about being a true believer in Christ. The type of foolishness above is exactly what they are taught by the church beast system and most of our people will continue to support such an institution of reprobation and failure. I too was repulsed by what I read, modern day christians in 2015 are so weak and spineless.

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  3. it seems like brother Yanni beat me to the punch concerning that love letter…. Like I said on another blog it’s like Marcus Stanley bent over and let that boy {fill in despicable action here} that’s how disturbed I was by that not even 48 hours had passed after that shooting and the family members of the deceased were babbling about “they forgive him” and even one of the victims even said so before he took his last breath. Can you believe that? And about spinelessness, I swear a slug would be embarrassed. The killer actually stopped and reloaded his gun and one of the simps stood there asking “why are you doing this”……. no one tried to subdue him at all…….This is utter nonsense, some of our people are so blind, deaf and dumb it’s not even funny. The boy’s own uncle himself said that if he get’s the death penalty he would happily be the one to administer the punishment…. imagine that


    • I agree. The Facebook post was not close to being appropriate and he should only have expressed sympathy to the family, friends, and community at large. Any other group would be calling for justice, not forgiveness, for the guilty. No matter what happens, there will be fewer black Christians after all this is over. It is a hard time now.


    • Nidotopian Warrior,

      I find this whole situation suspicious within itself to be honest, especially the fact that these “killers” who commit mass murder always seem to be taken alive by the police. The guy who shot up a load of folks in a cinema a while back was also conveniently taken alive. It wouldn’t surprise me if this Roof guy was an operative working for the CIA or some other black ops intelligence, off the record agency.

      In relation to modern day christians, I remember writing in one of my earlier blogs that pastors train and domesticate their flocks to be defenceless and passive towards dangers around them. Pastors typically teach their parishioners that any form of aggression and self defence is violence, hence why most modern day christians will typically allow themselves to be assaulted and killed.

      Roof is a devilish piece of trash who deserves to go down to hell on a one way express ticket, this is not the time for love letters. The fact that the mainstream media is all over this story also makes me highly suspicious of this whole escapade.


      • Something never seemed right with me regarding this story even when I read the initial reports of the shooting. I believe more than one person was involved. The MSM has been bad. Among other things, it is inappropriate to use this tragedy to push for new gun laws. Someone is trying to provoke race riots or a race war. Blacks definitely need to get away from the church beast as it is misleading them.


      • another thing I would like to point out, if the roles had been reversed, if it was a black man that shot up in a white church, best believe no one would be talking about love and forgiveness, and I bet you, neither Joel
        Osteen, Crystal Lewis, Rod Parsley, John Hagee, Joyce Meyer or Jesse Duplantis would be posting love letters on facebook. Better yet, that black man’s body would be laying in a morgue and every activist group, politician and white politician would be holding press conferences galore and blasting black people left right and centre.

        Another thing I’d like to point out, that dickwad would’ve never been able to pull that off in a Nation Of Islam assembly or a Pan-Africanist congregation cause first, he would not be allowed in there, and if by some magic trick he managed to gain entrance, his ass would have been ripped to shreds.


    • Roof should rot in prison until his earthly death. Death penalty is FAR too lenient in his case. Then he will see the Most High is black.
      The forgive him call by this lady was simply insane : she should be examined by a doctor.
      Surprising indeed how these white killers are never harmed by the police when unarmed black younth/men are systematically wounded, brutalized or simply slaughtered by killer cops. Without being indicted etc.
      It’s important to recall that the devilish edomite supremacist manifesto of Roof is explaining the murder of Trayvon Martin and the simple indictment of killer Zimmerman was his “race awareness” moment and that’s when he began his mass killing plan against the Chosen People.

      The all-white jury that gave Zimbo a free pass to kill should be “happy”. Just like the grand jury that set free the killers Darren Wilson and Pantaleone… the Cleveland DA who is not moving a fing in the document slaughter of Tamir Rice etc.
      The devil seems to have started a massive assault on the Hebrew Israelites.


  4. After re-reading your post about Umar and how these so called Pan
    African Leaders. I wanted to know your thoughts on The Black Authority,Tommy Sotomayor, Tariq Nasheed. The reason I ask this question is they were all suppose to be together and then TBA and Tariq split ways with Tommy.

    I do believe Tariq and TBA are Egyptologist who have not came fully out yet. I googled TBA and found a picture of a black male in front of a pyramid. Now as for Umar I believe he is a Mason. This is why I believe so many of these people go against the writings in the bible and always talk about economic power but never tell black people how to be rightous

    Umar does need to be careful about calling these black females “queens”. There was a video on YouTube where Umar debated a gay feminist and stated that she was a “queen”. I’m thinking “queen” she is gay and more for female empowerment. I thinking to myself “I thought queens ruled land and empires. The way he makes it seem as if all black females are “queens” no matter how messed up they are.


    • Danielle,

      On TBA, I simply cannot follow a man who does not want to present himself to the camera. There are other black youtubers(Painlessrisen, MadBusDriver) who place themselves in front of the camera but who hid their faces which is understandable when you are dealing with black folks and the truth, black people can act very stupid and do dumb stuff when you tell them something that they do not want to hear. He could do that but he still refuses. For all we know he could be a white man pretending to be black, it isn’t as if we are not familiar with this sort of thing happening within our circles. In short his work may be good however I refuse to pay attention to a shadow.

      On Tommy Sotomayor, he is one of the few black men who does not give black women a pass on their stupidity, their buffoonery and their ratchet behaviour. I will admit that at first I wasn’t a fan of his type of delivery, that was until I took a deeper and more focused look into the history of our downfall and how black women on the whole have sold us out in exchange for the treats and benefits of the state. Now I fully understand why he goes in so hard on black women, they hate Sotomayor because he exposes them as the destroyers of the black family unit and the black nation as a whole, he is also deprogramming black men who have been raised in single mother households from the years of indoctrination and brainwashing that they have received at the hands of these same black women.

      Sotomayor if I remember correctly in addition to his radio show and Youtube videos is a counsellor of some sort, therefore he also deals with other mental issues within the black community that most blacks are afraid to talk about for fear of being ridiculed by their peers. In short, Sotomayor goes into areas that others are afraid to venture into. Black folks despise the man because he will tell them the ugly truth about themselves without the sugar coating. Sotomayor has certainly helped me put the pieces together pertaining to many things that have happened in my life.

      On Tariq Nasheed, Nasheed in my opinion is simply a fraud and a pimp who sniffs at the wind in order to gauge where he can next dig in his hustling roots. When you listen to Nasheed’s earlier material, it was very much like Sotomayor’s current content, Nasheed was going in hard on ratchet, irresponsible black females, warning them that their days were numbered and that they needed to change their ways. In fact I listened to a debate from back in the day between Nasheed and a woman named Pearl Jr, he went off on this woman much in the same way as Sotomayor would.

      Fast forward to 2015 and now all of a sudden Nasheed is pro black and down for the causes of black people. This pitch I used to believe until he called Tommy Sotomayor crispy black and a black turd, why, because Tommy Sotomayor rightly pointed out that in all of Nasheed’s Hidden Colours documentaries, he had neglected to mention the fact that the real Jews were and are indeed black. Obviously we now know why, it turns out that Nasheed has had some JewISH help in the promoting and the distributing of his films.

      How can you claim that you are down for black people yet refer to one of your own who happens to be a darker skin tone than you as “crispy black”? What, is Nasheed down for black folks who are up to his skin shade and anybody who is darker than him can get stuffed? That episode was his fraudulent exposure for me, though I should have seen it earlier from many other signs. Of course Nasheed preaches the victimhood position to his people but at the same time he refuses to deal with black on black violence and will refer to anybody who raises the topic as a coon aswell as place them on his “coon train”.

      In the case of Sotomayor Nasheed went further and created a puppet after Sotomayor, named the puppet “crispy” and thereafter created a crispy series of 5-7 minute skits mocking Sotomayor. It is interesting to note that Nasheed has never gone in this hard on the very fellows whom he claims are white supremacists, men like Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling received an extremely light grilling which wasn’t even worth toilet paper. His behaviour towards Sotomayor however goes to show how the majority of black folks are only brave and courageous when it comes down to fighting against our own people.

      Tariq Nasheed is no different to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, black pastors and any other individuals and organisations who take advantage of and merchandise black people. The problem yet again is the fact that most black people are followers, they are afraid to lead themselves and thus slot into their own purposes and destiny in life.

      The only folks who are not taking advantage of black people are the ones who are telling them the truth about themselves, these are the folks that are not merchandising black people yet black people as a whole hate them, Sotomayor, David Carroll, Akwesi 100 just to name a few. The majority of black people today have no problems handing their hard earned money over to a merchant, just along as that merchant continues to tell them that they are a victim and that nothing is their fault.




    • Sister Solove,

      You two bit decadent so called “conscious” stripper does not reside here. Yes, I will throw black women engaging in decadent, reprobate and irresponsible activities under 15 buses as I want nothing to do with them. I’ll be sure to visit your contaminated youtube channel and voice my feelings there aswell.


  6. This article is Interesting….. It’s clear from the text between Doctor Johnson and Ms. Ringgold, he was playing her. I do not think it was ever her intentions to bring him down . What I as a women read into what the sister was saying was that she had had 2 previous relationships with men where they would lie lie lie she was upfront with Dr. Johnson regarding her 2 previous relationships one with a well known rapper the other she didn’t mention but in both relationships she noticed a pattern of lying. Dr. Johnson, assured her their was no one else and in fact he loved he and wanted her to be his women. Apparently , Dr. Johnson was not forthcoming with her because she noticed this same pattern of lying in him. I believe she was looking for a good man and a positive black male role model for her son and hoped she found it in Dr. Johnson .
    As we know she didn’t , perhaps The Most High used her to shine a spotlight on his activities he was clearly hypocritical about? After all The Most High is waking up His people throughout the four corners of the earth.
    Some years ago I was blinded by men like Eddie Long and the cheesy gospel they peddle. It wasn’t until the Eddie Long scandal my eyes were open! What you said about “the stripper” bringing Dr. Johnson down the same can be said about the men who Eddie Long was sleeping with and exposed him! As a black women married to a black man for 24 years it pains me to read anything written by a black man degrading all black women or casting us as some type of villains and are out to get black men. That’s just ridiculous and indirectly promote black men mixing it up with the other nations… What about ALL the white women who has brought white men down? Or the white women throughout the ages who has setup white men for the kill?

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    • Lisa J.Johnson,

      The writing is on the wall pertaining to the modern day western black woman and with whom her loyalties lie, it certainly is not with the black man. I am glad that she exposed Umar Johnson because I had been noting some anomalies in certain things that he had been saying to others before this scandal hit the headlines.

      However, as per usual the modern day western black woman typically never thinks about a good father and a good role model before she decides to open up her legs to passers by, it is always after the fact.

      You example of Eddie Long being exposed by the men he was sleeping with is a poor one simply because with the majority of black men today who have been shafted, a black woman is typically been behind the wheel. Most black men in jail, in prison or who are dead are in those positions because of black women, black women have been trained by their white liberal father to see black men as an enemy and in exchange for the dainty treats of the state, black women will go out of their way to feed black men into the judicial system, this is the deal that has been struck between her and her white father.

      Again, there is not one place in any of my posts where I have degraded all black women, at the same time I do not have to continue repeating the fact that it is not all black women, the lots automatically fall upon the guilty parties. I would say that it is the majority of black women who have gone over to the darkside, your long term marriage to a black man is a beautiful exception to the rule however it is not the general trend in 2015.

      Well unfortunately it is the truth, the modern day western black female as a whole is a terrorist and a decadent, lazy, violent slob who is only out to kill, steal and destroy and regrettably her number one target is the black male, there is no way that you can circumvent this when you examine the facts. I am not dealing with fairy tales and nice gestures, I deal with the truth here.

      Western black women are the biggest downfall of black men bar none, I have posts on this sight where I have already gone through the history of certain decisions black women made in the past which have lead up to where we are today. The only viable ways forward for black men in 2015 are marrying and dating outside of their race or dating and marrying foreign black women who come from cultures that are still based upon a patriarchal system ie the system that works and has always worked.

      White women and other non black women do not have an axe to grind against black men, however black women do. As I have stated before, a black male in 2015 is far safer dating outside of his own race than he is sticking to his own kind and “keeping it real”. This is the true reality and the position of the black male in 2015, it is not a nice reality however it is a true one.


      • You keep repeating that black women are the reason why black men are in the state they are in because the black woman is lead by the white man. And I have seen this being said by Tommy Sotomayor and many other anti-black women YouTube channels. I only have one question. How do you explain the failure of the black man in other areas of the western world who don’t have to black woman worshiping the white man and selling out black men excuse? In other areas in the Americas the black men are still procreating with women and leaving them high and dry. They are still heavily involved in criminal activities. They are still forcing women to take them to court for them to help with taking care of the children they create. There is still a 80:20 ratio in tertiary level education when compared to women. The problems in america are the same problems in Jamaica, Trinidad and everywhere else that you have black men. Are those black women to be blamed also, even though they don’t have a white “daddy,” as you say?

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      • Dandilyonz,

        Folks like myself and Tommy Sotomayor are not “anti black woman”, we are simply against the ratchet, dysfunction behaviour that the majority of westernised black women have subscribed to. There is no area of the western world where black women are not worshipping white men, I challenge you to name me one western country where black women are committed to black men and do not put white men on a pedestal. The deadbeat father propaganda is just that, a myth, the recent study by the CDC put that rumour to bed:


        Black fathers are more involved in the lives of their children than any other race of men, thus your talk about black men leaving their children “high and dry” is a crock of nonsense, so is your talk about women being forced to take black men to court, black women are under contract with the state, that is their obligation, to run black men through the judicial washing machine in exchange for the treats and the benefits they receive from government.

        Well, who is teaching black men to be criminals, the same folks who have been raising them for the past 50 years, black women. However because black women have an agreement with the state they under the law have a degree of immunity, this is why black women typically get away with crimes that if a black man were to commit he would immediately be sent straight to jail for. Let us also not forget that the court system of the west is feminist, thus men are automatically viewed as the enemy and 2nd class citizens.

        The education of the US black woman equates to nothing because at the end of it all she still only has a net worth of $5 in comparison to the US black male who is net worth over $6000. Black women have all of this education behind them yet the black community is still falling apart. Of course things would be the same in Jamaica and Trinidad, those countries are English speaking countries hence a western influence is present.


      • I cant speak to Trinidad but I can speak for Jmaica because thats where I have lived all my life. There is no white daddy there to influence black women to have a rift with black men. Our population is mostly black so ofcourse black women are with black men, no two ways about it. But we still have ghetto communities and rampant cases of child abondonment by black men. My sister has kids for men and she has never taken a single one of them to court for child maintainance but those men stil had no problem abandoning those kids. You have situation sin Jamaica where mothers cant get support from fathers for their kids unless they have sex with the men. Black men tie the woman’s vagina as part of the package of taking care of their kids. This is a reality, not something made up. Just the other day there was a womans story on Fb, the moment she told her man she was pregnant with triplets, thats the last time she saw him. The state didnt tell him to abondon her and the kids. He did that of his own free will. In Jamaica, nothing is more important to a man than a fresh tight pussy and they have this myth that when women have kids their vagina stretches and doesnt go back to what it was so in most cases even before the child they created is born, they have already moved on to a fresh new pussy. Femisim isnt even a thing in Jamaica but Jamaican women for years have had to stand up to the plate to provide for their kids because these men just abandon them. Taking a man to court for child maintenance is also a more recent phenomenon. Even without white supremacy in Jamica, Jamican men still find themselves in gangs, commititng and advocating for crime, violence and drugs. The majority of black men are still lazy and want to get rich quick by any means necessary and they are still womanizers and dead beats as in america. How do you explain that. BTW speaking English isn’t an argument for why they behave this way. There is no white superpower in Jamaica.

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      • Dandilyonz,

        What are you talking about, have you forgotten who colonised Jamaica, the British. What, do you believe that they departed the country and didn’t leave their system in place? The system in Jamaica is westernised, this is the reason why the country is falling apart, on the contrary white supremacy is alive and well in Jamaica. Any English speaking country where black people reside is under the thumb of the white supremacist infrastructure, Jamaica is no exception.

        I have seen the way that many Jamaican women behave, they exhibit the same violent tendencies as black women in western countries, they are no angels by a long shot, they will give a man the same grief as the black women of the US do to their black men. The system of socialism is automatically anti family thus the man is relegated and forgotten. The richest people in Jamaica are white, what about the Rollins family, they once owned Montego Bay airport until they sold it back to the government. The Rollins family owns the Rose Hall estate and several water treatment plants in Jamaica.

        You need to conduct some thorough research before making the claim that there are no white super powers in Jamaica, I would suggest that you look again only this time take your time and don’t rush the investigation. Jamaica has become even more westernised than before, this is the reason why the country is going to the dogs.


      • I do agree that Jamaica has become more westernized since the influx of american media in teh country but the Rollins and the Issas and whomever owned the spending power of Jamaica currently still held in fiften, twenty years ago and people werent acting like how theyre acting now. Women in Jamaica dont get handouts from the state when the father is absent from teh child’s life, which is a recurring theme in your explanantion of the mans current position. Women sold out men to the states, what state have Jmaican women sold Jamaican man out to. In Jmaica neither the black man nor the black woman has any benefit to gain from the government. But that hasnt stopped the breakdown in the family. That hasnt stopped men from promoting nough gal and gal ina bungle. Did women tell men to be unfaithful and be whore mongers. How can the family unit be strong when you have nough gal and gal ina bungle. All that does is create fatherless homes, immascultaed men runnign from their responsibilities and hurt women and children. Its teh same problem everywhere black people are. Men are interested in as much ass as they can get and the women are left on their own to rear kids. The Government has never given handouts to Jamaican women. the majority of the Jamaican population is black so there is no white man to lust after. The white population in Jamaica are a minority and they stay by themselves so no one is there lusting after them. You don’t find rampant racial mixing in Jamaica even though there are several different races settled there so who exactly have Jamaican women sold Jamaican men out to?

        Liked by 1 person

      • You know Verbs, I am from Jamaica, and although jamaica is a 85 percent black country, it is run by non-blacks. The richest people in jamaica are white and arabs, followed by chinese and east indians. Black jamaicans dont own or run shit. Jamaica is garbage and rubbish. Just alot of sun, some good music and some fast runners and thats all. Jamaican women are just as fucked up as black american women if not more!!!!!!! jamaican women are dangerous to good black men but not to thugs/gangsters/rudeboys.they might “have their own country” in comparison to black americans, but jamaicans are still dominated by colonialism and still have the british colonial system in place.

        Liked by 1 person

    • There is a thing called unequally yolked. I don’t see a stripper with a GED and three kids being a suitable partner for a man with 4 degrees including a Doctoral Degree and in the position Dr. Umar is. No she isn’t less of a human because of her situation but she in no way has anything of value to offer to this man’s life and I am sure she knew that. So for her to blast the man online about her wanting a relationship and he wanting just sex is just ridiculous. You’re a stripper for crying out loud. If you want to be seen for your brains and not your body, stop taking off your clothes all the time. This whole mess is just unfortunate and both are to be blamed. her for having ridiculous expectations and believing in fairy tales and he for not picking a better candidate to have such relations with. A man’s sexual relations has nothing to do with his understanding of what happens in the American school system. Knowledge which he gained from experience. So this shouldn’t discredit that. He lied about being celibate, so what? I have listened to many of his teachings and even the advice that he gave black women about dating men is solid advice. This stripper is an example of one who didn’t take his advice because if she did she wouldn’t have ended up in bed with him the first time they met up. Men will basically have sex with anyone who makes themselves available. When she was meeting with him after midnight at a hotel, I’m sure she didn’t believe they were meeting for bible study. It is my duty first and foremost to protect myself so I am not gonna go out with someone at a certain place, at a certain time, wearing a certain thing, by myself because even though that shouldn’t be a reason for bad things to happen, more often than not it is. We all know that nothing (good / but booty) happens after midnight.


  7. as usual, instead of placing the blame where it belongs, which is with the lies and conduct of the man… u want to blame the woman for exposing him. NEWSFLASH: had he not had the behavior nor the lies, there would be nothing for the woman to tell!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carolette Punkin Meadows,

      Black women do not require the inappropriate conduct of a black man to shaft him, more time black women simply make stuff up and they have the backing of their white father’s media system to make sure that the reputation of black men is continually dragged through the mud aswell as his judicial system to ensure that black men are severely punished whenever black women feel the need to exercise their wickedness and spite. Black women shaft black men as an occupation, thus I am not surprised at all by Ringgold’s actions.

      In case you haven’t read the post properly I suggest that you read it again but with more diligence. I am holding Dr Johnson to account for the fact that he has been shafted and rung out to dry by a stripper, indeed more fool him, he should have known better and he most certainly shouldn’t have proclaimed that he was celibate, that move right there was asking for trouble.


  8. Yeah I like a Umar. I met the brother a few years ago. He was real cool dude. I like a lot of his ideas. But he really got caught slipping on this one. Yes the stripper had a fat ass and all men can have a “moment of weakness”. Some say this woman set him up from the get go. Could be true. I know how Cointelpro gets down. Maybe others are not too hip to the game. But whether she set him up or not…it’s still not a good look for Umar. And then of course all the people who are NOT Pan African,Pro Black or conscious will use this to throw stones at him. Many od them don’t give a damn about black people anyway so this is the perfect opportunity to say “See,he’s a fake like the rest! Just like the gay preachers! The pimps in pulpit!. Don’t be pro black,just stay ignorant! Believing in black empowerment and black economics is not the answer.” I’ve seen this play out many times before.lol Very interesting post though. Peace.


    • Kushite Prince,

      His transgressions do not personally affect me because I already know who I am, I walk as an individual and as a result I have found my own purposes in life to fulfill. One of the few things that I would use his slip ups to illustrate is the fact that black folks need to be leading themselves instead of always looking for “the one” to save them and to lead them into the promised land. He isn’t going to be the last to be exposed as a dodgy bloke, these occurrences will continue to take place.

      I believe in black empowerment and black economics however where I differ with the Pan African, pro black, red, black and green squad is in relation to how both of these should be implemented. We are a broken community therefore the most viable way forward in my personal opinion is to build as individuals, build small, sustainable and manageable, each man should have his own purpose to fulfill.

      Groups get too easily infiltrated and destroyed, this is why the group route has not worked thus far and cannot be implemented successfully. Group movements prior to the civil rights era worked because we were together as a people and black women hadn’t sold out the nation. Seeing as the tide has changed it would be smart to implement alternative strategies in accordance with the current conditions.


      • Yes I see what you’re saying. We have been infiltrated in almost every area. MLK had agents. Malcolm X had traitors in his midst too. And of course Cointelpro was all over the Black Panthers. It’s a real uphill battle to get a movement going when traitors and agents are always coming in. I take ideas I like from certain people but I don’t follow anyone blindly. My father always told me to be my own man and stay true to myself. No matter how much I might admire a certain speaker if he/she says something I don’t agree with I’m not scared to call them out on it. The agents in most groups are there to cause confusion. As we all know….confusion is the enemy to revolution.

        “We are a broken community therefore the most viable way forward in my personal opinion is to build as individuals, build small, sustainable and manageable, each man should have his own purpose to fulfill.”
        I see your point however there is no such thing as individual power. Groups have power. Black people have bought into this belief that one who has individual power means your GROUP has power. Not true. The reason people respect and fear whites is because of white power. If they had no power we wouldn’t care about what they say and do. This goes in line with groups economics and power as a community. This is what Jews,Chinese,Italians,Indians and others do. This is what we MUST do if we want to get out of this problem. I’ve met many blacks that are successful that have nice homes and cars.Many have the attitude “I got mine brother. You get yours.” This attitude wont help us much. Not while others are working together and moving past us. Our problem is we have all these different ideologies and religions. Some don’t want to work with someone who has a different religious faith. I Don’t have that problem. I will work with any brother or sister that wants to uplift our people. I’m an open minded person so I’ll give a person a chance. I draw the line at homosexual/lesbians though. I’m not cool on any of that sexual perversion/transgender nonsense. But other than that I’m open to hearing a person out. We have to figure a way to work as a cohesive unit to move forward as a people.


      • Kushite Prince,

        Allow me to clarify what I am saying thoroughly, the reason why the black community is still struggling to form some sort of alliance is because most of us still believe that everybody has to come together and perform exactly the same functions as the next person. Observing everyday things in life will clearly illustrate that this form of action will produce no results whatsoever.

        For example, a car has thousands of different components performing different roles, yet they all work together to enable the car to function. Your body is exactly the same, your hands perform separate functions from your feet, your eyes, your nose, your mouth etc, there is nothing that you observe in everyday life that works where all of the components involved perform the same functions.

        The point is we have different body parts for different purposes, thus this must be the same example and model that we ought to translate to the black community in order to generate some sort of movement. Everybody cannot be doing the same thing. My blog for the most part deals with different topics to yours, however because we are both dealing in truth and seeking for the truth to be told, we are automatically working together towards the same cause even though we are not physically next to one another or in regular contact.

        We do not have to perform the same functions in order to work together, this is the formula that most black folks do not understand. This is why I encourage folks to stay individual ie, think and reason for themselves aswell as slot into their own purpose in life. Slotting into your own purpose in life comes through knowing who you are and being honest with yourself, regrettably most black folks today don’t know who they are because they are too busy following somebody else, they on top of this refuse to be honest with themselves and they cascade and reprimand to the highest degree anybody who tells them the truth.

        Most black people are goners, if you are looking for a mass group movement then you are going to be waiting for eternity because it isn’t going to happen, in small pockets here and there yes, however as a whole never.

        Now there is nothing wrong with folks coming together occasionally to carry out joint ventures for a brief period, however each individual must retain their own personal mission, this must remain the focal point of their life.

        You talked about group economics, well when you look at other races they do things in exactly the fashion that I have been suggesting, different people perform different functions within their communities, I do not understand how most black people cannot see this, it isn’t as though these observations are hidden, they are out in the open for all to see.

        Last but not least, if we are to build and move forward beforehand we must examine and deal with the root cause of our current destruction, yep you knew I couldn’t leave them out, black women. Now you saw the comment I left on your post dedicated to fathers on Father’s day, how I pointed out to you that the same black women who have so much to say on your other posts all of a sudden completely disappeared off the radar when it came down to this particular post.

        Very telling indeed, not surprising to me however, I and others before me have been stating for the longest while that black women in 2015 as a whole do not care about black men at all. If you are serious about building and taking our communities back then the modern day black woman must be completely left out of the building process as she will without a doubt attempt to destroy any construction of worth and value in order to maintain her leadership position and remain relevant to her white father.

        Black women are non remorseful ruthless traitors towards their own nation, I have been repeating this for a while now and your post pertaining to father’s day was a clear, in your face, indisputable illustration that what I continue to say about black women is correct. Go back and take a look at that post again for clarification, where are the black women uplifting black men who stick by their children, as I stated before nowhere to be found.

        We black men have no friends on this planet, NONE. Everybody is working against us INCLUDING BLACK WOMEN.


      • So you believe black women are all at fault. Or at least they should take most of the blame for our current condition. If so,what’s the answer? Do we try to change their mentality or is it hopeless? Or do we date interracially? Which of course is a dead end. How do we build a strong black nation? What is the correct rout to take in your opinion? If there is one.


      • Kushite Prince,

        Its a hopeless cause for the vast majority of black women, we should simply up our standards and refuse to tolerate any shortcomings from them. The problem today is that most black women are too busy enjoying their new found powers and delights. Also most black men today are too busy simping.

        There are a few black women that will see the light, yes I literally mean a few. We will never be able to build a strong black nation as a whole once again, as I mentioned before this will be achieved in small pockets here and there but it will never happen as a whole until the return of Christ(from the biblical Hebrew perspective which so far is proving itself to be correct).

        Lets be realistic and face the facts, black folks on the whole are continuing to trundle downhill at an alarming rate, could you imagine building up an nation in which the majority of its people were decadent, lazy slobs, this is exactly what would happen if we could build a black nation as a whole today.

        We should simply do what we can where we can and we also ought to drop the high expectations, this way we won’t be disappointed and hurt when black folks fall short(which is happening continuously).

        On the dating issue, it is up to the individual what route he wishes to embark on, all we can do is place the evidence and the facts on the table and allow the individual to make up their own mind. I certainly have my own views on what are the most realistic ways forward in light of our women, however it is the individual’s life and therefore they are the ones who need to make the choices.

        Remember your hell and high water journey to find a decent black woman, after much blood, sweat and tears you finally accomplished your goal. I’m sure that this was a number of years ago now, you found your diamond in the haystack so to speak, can you imagine what black men behind you are going through today, hell and high water probably 5 times worse than what you suffered.

        This is why as I mentioned to you before I am not hard on black men who decide to exercise their options to the fullest and date outside the nation, my journey here in the UK to find a decent black woman was a failure, I had to venture elsewhere for my woman. UK black women on the whole just like their US sisters are contaminated with the same corrupt western ideologies, they are also a lost cause.

        Before I could go in hard on black men who decided to date out, I would first have to reflect upon my own journey and how hostile the environment I travelled through was, from there I could at least understand their decision even if I didn’t agree with it.


      • Yes it is up to the individual. I’m not in the business of telling people what to do. I do give advice when family and friends ask. But ultimately the decision is up to them. I just try to be as honest with people from my own experiences. Thanks for the comments. I guess the debate wages on…..


  9. It’s so unfortunate Dr.Umar Johnson made a bad decision in having relations with someone he’s not equally yolked with. Especially,when the media or writers like yourself will prove what most already know,is that he’s human and has flaws. How dare you blame his indiscretions on black woman or subtract from his strides to unite and liberate black people’s mindset to not become victims to white supremacy. It’s also alarming that you would question his action plan when indeed he has one that would naturally start on the turf he lives on before expansion.


    • TammyKNY,

      This type of failure continues to play out among so called “black leaders” time and time again and everytime without fail black folks will come out and defend these same leaders instead of holding them to account for their actions. As a result black people are the laughingstock of the world and have been for the longest while, the rest of society and the world can see that we haven’t got a clue about getting it together as a people and so they simply relax and get on with their own exploits.

      Black women are currently the number one enforcers of white supremacy, black women commit the most amount of abortions when compared to women from other nationalities, this is part of the white supremacist Eugenics programme to reduce the black population. Black women are also the main cause of the majority of the black men who find themselves in jail and in prison, again as per the instructions of her white liberal slavemaster.

      You talk about not questioning Johnson’s action plan however nobody as of yet has seen it, he hasn’t shown anybody any sort of schematics or a blueprint of what he wishes to accomplish.

      The bottom line here is he should have known better than to cavort with a stripper and he most certainly should have been honest and not declared he was celibate on a radio show. He put his trust in a black woman, he “kept it real” and was shafted by this same “black queen”.

      As I stated before, the actions of skull duggery on her part I am not surprised by because black women have been shafting black men since they decided to abandon their own people and forge an alliance with their white father through the state.


    • He did after he shafted her email, phone calls and such. You think one sided, he should have been upfront on his feelings instead of lying to her. Hey, I just wanted a booty call not long conversations on phone playing with emotions. God does not sleep, I’m not going to bash black men or promote dating people biblically considered my enemy. Africa has some of the poorest people but you don’t see the men crying about bad black women is the problem, you look weak as men even mentioning women. If she didn’t expose him man, he lied to you and black people! You dudes “brotherhood” ain’t real, pro black lying anti-feminist okay to lie to each other if you don’t get caught ass. He lied to the girl, you and the black community and gets a pass. of course misogynist like you will blame black women.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Let the role be reverse, she should be strong, close her legs, a man is a man, you guys are so blind. I can’t wait until Yaweh comes and checks ya’ll. Even prostitutes will go into heaven before you. You are not getting in with hate and keep refuting your roles as leaders (if you like it or not) instead of shifting blame. Your strategy really should be studying the root of why do you feel you can shit on your women, call her bitch/hoe, dumb, stupid and expect loyalty in return.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Slayingevilwesternblackwomen,

        You seemed to have missed the point of this particular post, I’m not stating that what he did was the fault of black women, however I had to point out through Ringgold’s actions that black women typically are the ones who will shaft black men. I have stated in the post that I believed Umar Johnson was a suspect individual from before and that these recent events have now confirmed my suspicions.

        There is no one sided agenda here. The reason why African men don’t complain about black women is because unlike the west, Africa for the most part has not embraced the edicts and the philosophies of feminism, though I will admit that in many parts of Africa where black women are beginning to subscribe to the western culture and western ideologies, they too are becoming contaminated.

        On the contrary, black men continuously skipping over black women and giving them a pass even when they are in the wrong makes us as black men look weak in the sight of others. The precise reason why western black men(predominantly lead by the black male of the US)are the laughingstock of the world is because they do not have the balls to put delinquent, unruly, destructive, rebellious black women in their place.

        Umar Johnson gets no pass from me at all, as I have written in responses to other people aswell as in the post itself, he should have chosen a better caliber of woman and he should have been honest from the beginning about his sexual status when the issue was raised. The whole post is about Umar Johnson being at fault, however as a side note through this event the disloyalty of black women must also be placed on the table and scrutinised.

        I am not part of the pro black, pan African movement, however as I have already pointed out(something that you missed again) the pro back squad will indeed give him a pass on his behaviour as long as he continues to preach the woe is me, victimhood status to them.

        On the contrary again, since the black woman’s betrayal towards black men and the black nation through conspiring with her white liberal father, black women are now the “leaders” of the black community, it has been this way for at least the last 40-50 years, therefore it is you that Christ will roast first when he returns, not us. Our current state as black men today is a directly result of your negligence and irresponsible decision making from the past.


  10. Hey conscious women who read this blog, this how our black leaders think. We are the problem for black declined! As long as the issue is when a black man uses a black woman, its primary the women’s fault in our western community. She should keep quiet and wait until a black man catches any public figure of ours does wrong so they can hid his lies for him/ How dare that be! You know black female or any stripper should be more discretion on who they select, lol. President Bill Clinton almost lost his presidency for stepping out of his marriage, white man are like damn that whore Monica Lewinsky, you know what we should not date white women anymore since they are not loyal, let’s go marry black chicks, lol.

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  11. Lmao I guess everyone forgot about Tigers Woods scandal not one single woman was black and they all spilled the beans. For once stop blaming the black woman for what the black man does.No one forced him to have sex with her. Ifyou don’t practice what you preach you get exposed simple as that.

    Liked by 2 people

    • NotSoTruthfulBlackWoman,

      Firstly it should be noted that Tiger Woods is mixed race. Secondly, is this the only example you could provide? Is this your best attempt to nullify the innumerable cases of black women shafting black men on a day to day basis? If that is the case then I would suggest that you return back to the proverbial drawing board.


  12. Dr Umar Johnson is a hotep hustler and disrespecting black women .Good points.What he doing at 38 ,two kids out of wedlock and fucking strippers.Like I would want my son to listen to a black man who disrespect black women.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Betty,

      It depends on what black women you are referring to. Dysfunctional black women are certainly not to be respected at all, these are the types of black women that I talk about and deal with in this blog. They have brought much destruction upon black society and rightfully they should be called out and reprimanded for their destructive behaviour.


  13. Pingback: Dr Umar Johnson Still Refuses To Read The Writing On The Wall – Black Women Are NOT Interested In “The Struggle” | Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

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