The Negro And Victimhood!



The above is what the Negro says when it comes down to the status of victimhood, he will refuse to relinquish that title, the only time that you will be able to pry the status of victimhood from his hands is when he is dead. I was just reflecting on the events that took place in Mckinney, Texas involving a group of black youth and the police. I’m sure that you all are aware of what took place, of course the liberal media is race baiting as per usual, nothing changes there. However, what disgusts me more than anything else is the lack of responsibility on the part of black folks in general.

Is it always a case of racism when you are involved in encounters with the police and white folks? Do you never engage in wrong doing at all? This seems to be the convenient pattern when dealing with black people. Of course many black people predominantly American blacks are jumping to wild conclusions based upon the video clip that is doing the rounds, however as per usual most black folks have failed to do their behind the scenes research to find out what lead up to the police being called and the confrontation thereafter. Here is the video for those who may not have seen it:



Here is the full story for those who still have the ability to think and reason for themselves. Those black youth in the video roamed into a neighbourhood that they did not belong to and decided to take it upon themselves to use the community’s swimming pool facilities without granted permission. They then commenced to blast out music and start their own party(yes, in a neighbourhood that they do not live in). When they were confronted by security and asked to leave, typically as black Americans do they became irate and unsettled, thus the police had to be called to bring the situation under control.

In the meantime a white woman from the neighbourhood got involved in a fight with one of the black females in the group. It was claimed that the fight began when the white woman told the group to return back to their section 8 housing. The police arrive on the scene and some of these blacks in the group decided to take it upon themselves to run, which is why you saw police running at the beginning of the footage. The video above picks up from that point.



The two parts of the video that are causing the most controversy are the parts where the young black girl is apprehended and placed on the ground by one of the police officers, also where that same police officer pulls out his gun on the two young black boys who were dancing around him in protest at the way he was dealing with the same black girl. Another issue that has been raised is the fact that all of the people that were accosted were black folks.

This event is a classic example of why nobody takes black people seriously, especially American blacks. There is a certain cadre of blacks particularly single mother raised black folks who seem to believe that they can do what they want and that other folks must simply accept it. You went into a neighbourhood that you did not belong to and you decided to use their swimming pool facilities, what kind of stupid and irresponsible behaviour is that? Oh, I forgot to mention that the group climbed over a fence to get to the pool, even more evidence that clearly illustrates that this youths were out of place.

This is the equivalent of me roaming into a strange neighbourhood, climbing over a fence into somebody’s back yard, setting up a BBQ and then becoming agitated and upset when the owner of the house asks me to leave his/her garden. Do you see the absurdity in this? This is exactly what happened in Mckinney, Texas, black youths invaded somebody else’s property and then became disgruntled and emotional when they were asked to leave.

On top of this you have the young 14 year old black girl who was arrested, when you examine the video she was continually asked to leave the scene and in typical western black woman fashion she decided that it would be better to stand there and run her mouth off to the police, this is your common garden variety western black female in 2015. Then when she is finally apprehended for being a smart mouth and refusing to leave the immediate scene, she has the audacity to complain and act as if she is innocent.

Then we have the situation where during this apprehension two black boys decided to run up on the police officer who was dealing with the black girl, they then proceed to dance around the officer and move about in a shifty and threatening fashion as if they are going to attack him. It was then he pulled his gun out on them and they decided to take off and run. If that police officer had shot them both, he would have fully been within his rights to do so, I would not have felt sorry for those young boys at all. You run up on a police officer who is trying to deal with a situation and you start jumping around him like wild savages displaying threatening behaviour, expect a bullet in your behind.

Don’t take my word for it, look at the video footage again for yourselves and see how they run up on the police officer, in fact the black boy on the left in pulling up his sagging shorts looks like he is reaching for something from his back, it is no wonder that the policeman pulled out his gun on them. Had these young black boys been shot, the “black lives matter” crew and the pro blacks would have rolled in with 21 cannons blazing talking about no justice, no peace and police brutality against black people. Its funny though that these same merchants are nowhere to be found when black folks injure and kill other black folks.

I have to give black folks over here in the UK at least some credit because in general we recognise that there is an issue with black on black violence in the black community, for the most part we do not attempt to dismiss it by pointing the finger at other races and the crimes that take place within their circles when the issue of black on black violence is raised.

Mckinney, Texas is yet another illustration of blacks behaving irresponsibly. If “black lives matter” then where were the black parents when this showdown kicked off? I noticed white parents were present when the police arrived but no black parents, what, were they not available? Also, the black girl who was placed on the ground by the police officer referenced her mother but not her father, this clearly illustrates that she is being raised in a single parent household, having seen her mother run her mouth and act the fool, she now believes that she can do the same.

Black single mothers on the whole are the bane of the black community, it doesn’t matter where you travel to in the world, where black women are raising children by themselves there is a higher level of crime and violence, this is no doubt the case in the UK and most definitely in the US. There are certain fellows within the black community who purposely wait in the wings for any situation between black folks and white folks to come up  just so they can scream “racism”.

Sorry Negro, I cannot side with you on this issue because you brought this whole situation upon yourselves. The moral of the story here is do not venture into places where you are not invited. I am not a victim, I do not hold onto the victimhood title like many of you black folks do, I will call out and declare the truth without bias or involving emotions, even if the truth shows me to be in the wrong. Well to do, intelligent, progressive, responsible, accountable black folks would do well to separate yourselves from the victimhood status, woe is me Negro.

It is a pity that for most blacks because we are such a stubborn people the only form of reprimand that we can understand is the rod of correction, in other words we have to feel before we can learn instead of learning first in order to avoid the pain.

As for white folks, I do not feel sorry for you in the slightest either because this is the beast that you have created. You believed that it was a smart move to destroy the black family via feminism and your welfare programs and policies, however now your chickens are coming home to roost, these dysfunctional blacks born out of your diabolical schemes of trickery and destruction are now finding their way into YOUR neighbourhoods. Don’t blame us for the fact that it is your white liberal brethren who are facilitating and sponsoring this continued terror via black single mothers. This is your recompense, I hope you enjoy drinking down your judgement.

As always…………………………………………..


The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

15 thoughts on “The Negro And Victimhood!

  1. For once sir Verb, I will partly disagree. The girl is arrested not in a pool or on the lawn of a private pool ; the video is not showing any pool by the way and i was puzzled by the name “pool party” on a … sidewalk though young people are in bathing suits.
    Excessive force and unnecessary arrests are also obvious : fortunately, the cops have not there shot and murdered unarmed, harmless youngsters but maybe because they were videotaped.
    Do you really believe that the same officers would have done the same to white teens ?
    Do you really believe that there would be the same absurd escalation from a simple order for supposedly intruders to leave into brutality and arrests ? I don’t think so.
    Texas is a well known Southern state, famous for targeting Black people.

    Now that American Blacks flee when any police uniform is in sight, even with Black cops (Freddy Gray was tortured and murdered by 3 Black cops among the infamous 6), it seems logical. In the American Black culture, everywhere from songs, novels, plays, one-man-shows, cop = potential danger, possible murderer. Chris Rock made a famous show about “driving Black” in the USA. Friends of mine told me how right it was and none of them are hoodlums. The distinguished Dr. Henry Gates was treated like this young girl in … his own house.

    So yes the initial behaviour of these youth was maybe wrong and there is no question then to condone it – honestly I haven’t read these infos before about a trespassing on private property – but in the other hand, I would not give a free pass to the police officers that have very poorly managed the situation. It was not a professional reaction.
    I fully agree that single parent families plus feminism are a plague/cancer of the so-called white society. Police brutalities targeted on Black people in the Great Babylon America are still without excuse.


    • Servant2be,

      What happened is the dispute which originally started at the pool area thereafter spilled out onto the street where the video picks up. We have to be careful not to get sidetracked by the after facts, this group of young black teens brought this trouble upon themselves because they were in an area that was not theirs, plus they also decided to use the facilities in that area as if they lived there.

      This is what started everything, had they have not decided to use other people’s property without permission then the police would not have been called, the police were called because they refused to leave and became rowdy. This is the problem with the video, it doesn’t show the background to the story.

      If you are going to place yourself in a position to where people need to call the police on you, then anything that happens thereafter is your fault, if the police come and beat you down it is your fault, if they shoot you it is still your fault, folks must take responsibility for their actions, this most certainly would include blacks.

      Again, we must always go back to the beginning in order to establish who the culprits are to blame, we cannot start to focus on individual actions that took place during the confrontation and start to give those actions priority. Those youths were to blame for everything that happened to them. I am grateful that nobody was shot nor injured, however as per usual with black folks on the whole, they must feel pain first before they will learn.

      Overall I would agree that the actions of that particular officer were poor, however I have seen much worse and as I stated before this should not be the main focal point. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, I simply cannot give these Negroes a pass on their irresponsible behaviour.

      Blacks knowing that the police have an automatic policy of “use lethal force” against them should be doing their upmost to avoid the police at all costs, however this rarely if ever seems to be the case because these single black mothers are deliberately raising their children under the edicts and the philosophies of thuggism, violence aswell as teaching their children to have a blatant disrespect for authority.

      One last thing, you mentioned Freddy Gray, don’t forget that Freddy Gray was a drug dealer. His lifestyle of dealing drugs does not justify his death at the hands of the police but at the same time the pattern with black folks being brutalised by law enforcement seems to be that black people who are criminals and up to no good seem to be the predominant targets. Blacks folks who are law abiding citizens are the lesser victims of police brutality.


    • There were at least 10 black kids in that footage. Are you telling me that 10 black kids were able to climb a fence unto private property unnoticed, swim in their pools unnoticed, long enough to start their own party before they were noticed? That doesn’t make any sense. If one person climbs my fence, I notice. So for the police to be called only when they started their own party, it shows that this story isn’t true. And No matter what even murderers and rapists aren’t treated as how those cops behaved towards those children. This level of violence used by cops when dealing with, the young, the old and the indifferent black person is wrong. Black people are to be apprehended for their crimes, but they should not be murdered or brutalized in the streets. A white guy shoots up a a building and kills half a dozen, he is apprehended and given a bullet proof vest and McDonalds but a black person who is stopped for a possible traffic violation, which isn’t a criminal offence, ends up dead. The imbalance is obvious. One of the duties of a police officer is preservation of life…of his life, of other peoples lives and for the lives of people in their custody. So it is unlawful for police to be murdering and brutalizing people in the streets no matter what their offense is or their color.


  2. I watched some Youtube videos on this and the story you give is different than what I heard. You should watch a guy who calls himself “The Advise Show”. Now what was stated in one video is that the female with the braids lived at the residence. She was suppose to be having a graduation party and gave out flyers. Now the residence would only allow two guest per member to be at the pool.

    I do think that those whites probably got upset at all of the other children coming and knowing that they were not suppose to be there. I think some words were exchanged and that is when the altercation broke out. My opinion I blame the parents in this case. The parent should not have let the daughter have the party to begin with knowing that she was going to have more people attending.

    With that being said I do feel they should have rented a hotel room where they could of had more guest and been able to have a little more freedom. Its sad though that the elders are not guiding the youth in the right direction instead they are being led in the wrong direction. Maybe this is from prior generations being led astray. Either way it is very sad to see black people moving backwards and not forwards.


    • Danielle,

      We would be dishonest if we stated that black people are not stubborn and do not get emotional and rowdy. There seems to be a few different accounts rolling about, however the reason why the police were called is the same, the group didn’t want to leave and they were also acting belligerent. We know this because even when the police arrived, they were still acting in the same manner that was claimed beforehand.

      I grew up around dysfunctional black folks like this so I would be lying if I stated that they didn’t exist. And who was rearing the vast majority of them, single black mothers.

      The black community will begin to rectify itself once the rewards and the incentives for single parenthood are removed from black women’s hands and black men are restored as the leaders of the community. Until then the community will continue to trundle downhill at a rapid pace.


  3. McKinney situation was strange. Still not sure what happened.

    I don’t completely agree with all that was said. I do agree that 1) the kids(not those black kids who were legally there) should not have jumped the fence; 2) they should have not made so much noise; 3) they should have left when security requested; 4) they need to think when interacting with the cops; and 5) their parents should have been present. The traditional black family structure definitely needs to come back and a lot of what we see is a result of that loss.

    Many blacks also need to learn that they will be punished more than others even when others do the same thing. Even though(I may be wrong on this point) white, Latino and ME kids also jumped the fence, the main focus was on the blacks.

    However, the one cop made the situation a lot worse and all the fault can’t be placed on the kids. The other policemen were professionally handling the situation but he escalated it. The way he took her down also involved excessive force. Waving the gun was unnecessary: he had other weapons and backup and-to be blunt- there was no way that his partners nor the community would allow a black male, in that situation, to harm him.

    To me, this is a local issue. The whole situation after the pool party incident was dealt with quickly and peacefully. The Texas black community has done a lot of things right. Furthermore, everyone understood something had to be done. There were white conservative, police supporters (some of them former cops) here who criticized that policeman’s actions. People in this state tend to think in certain ways, and-despite the stereotypes- there are positives in this mentality. There is other stuff involved but that’s the way things are in this state. Even though the town was 75% white and only 10% black, the police force did not support him because he was going against how Texas understand things should be.

    It appears someone is trying to start race riots or even a race war. At least the folks in McKinney did not fall for it.


    • N.S,

      Regrettably this is not like the 1960s where black folks were overwhelmingly the innocent victims of violence and aggression by the police aswell as white folks, thesedays the vast majority of altercations with the police and white folks in general, black folks seem to be the instigators of. There are hundreds of videos on youtube involving black folks grouping together in the hundreds and running through streets, shops and shopping centers, stealing, destroying property in addition to assaulting other individuals.

      In 2015 this is the pastime and the hobby that decadent black folks especially the youth like to engage in, however the pro blacks continue to act as if these types amongst our people do not exist. I will not align myself with and defend scum buckets of any kind, that would include the trash of my own race. Take a look for yourself:

      And just in case you thought that this was a problem only in the US:

      I cannot support such violence, from the overwhelming evidence presented here I know that those youths at Mckinney were up to no good. These type of Negroes are empty vessels possessed by evil spirits just like the single black mothers who raised them, they have no ambition nor motive in life to do good, they only know evil, destruction and shedding the blood of others, nobody is safe around these monsters. This is why I hold a heavy disdain for the pro black movement, because they refuse to talk about these occurrences yet are always quick to cry out when blacks are on the receiving end of violence, more time because they started it to begin with.


  4. That is just outrageous. Why are those girls twerking? Even worse, after the twerking robbery video played, the “play next” screen had multiple links that said “14 year old twerks”, “dance school twerks”,etc. I didn’t watch any but the links speak for themselves. What the heck? What are they thinking? Why is this on that website? Twerking is only for adult females, and preferably should be done with just their partners present. Black teenage girls are not grown women, not adults. Why are they putting themselves out on the Internet like that? They need to be kids and act like kids. Learn other dances. Not only are they debasing themselves by posting these videos and doing something they will regret later, there are a lot of pedophiles running around today. If I were a father to a girl, there is NO WAY she would even think of doing that. We can do better. All the kids can’t be doing this. What is going on?


    • N.S

      This is the result of single black mothers raising their children under the umbrella of feminism on steroids through the edicts and philosophies of thuggism, violence, irresponsibly, non accountability and dishonesty. These street savages and monsters are not born this way, they are made. Black women deliberately jinx their children to be failures, all at the behest of their white liberal father.


  5. I know this has nothing to do with this topic, ut i wondered if you could give me your opinion on a question from a discussion. ‘Did Ham sleep with his Mother when it says ‘he saw the nakedness of his father.’ (“You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father, which is the nakedness of your mother,” Leviticus 18:7) is Canaan from Ham’s Mother ?’ The answer give was that as his two son’s came in to cover him, that Noah was just naked.

    Please can you clarify why at Genesis 10:24 states that ‘what his son had done unto him’ which suggests something physically was done, and not just the act of seeing his father naked. It also says in verse 22 ‘Ham the father of Canaan’ as you can see throughout the chapter & in other books, the eldest son is usually written, whereas, in this verse it is Caanan the youngest son & not Cush. Would this not suggest that Canaan has been fathered by Ham with his Mother? The bible includes on numerous occasions about uncoverings the nakedness, therefore, if it isn’t that he physically didn’t sleep with his mother, then what did he do to warrant that his son would receive such a curse? Some clarity would be very much appreciated


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