Black Male Privilege???


Can somebody please explain to me what black male privilege is? Whilst reading through the comments on a post written by a blogger by the name of Abagond discussing radio personality and Youtuber Tommy Sotomayor, I came across a comment made by a black woman in which she stated that black men have black male privilege. Is there a memo that I have missed here? This is why I will continue to make the statement that the black woman in 2015 is the dumbest creature on the planet, this is what feminism has accomplished in the minds of the majority of black women. If you are looking for an example of feminism running at hyper speed on steroids, look no further than black women and the black community that they have so graciously destroyed.

Then again I could be wrong, perhaps there is something that I have missed or perhaps I am not looking at things from a particular perspective. Anyway I am putting the question out there in order for others to submit their suggestions. I personally don’t believe that we have any privileges as black males, the fact that a black woman would say something like this was such a surprise to me, yet I shouldn’t really be surprised at all, this is exactly what happens the longer you wallow in dysfunction and decadence, you become more contaminated to the point where you will begin to subscribe to all manner of outlandish stupidity, foolishness, lies and falsehoods. Anyway, you thoughts please.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay individual 

Most High Bless

34 thoughts on “Black Male Privilege???

  1. Smdh, that’s the kind of mentality that destroyed the black family structure in the first place. The black man has never…and I repeat…the black man has never been in any position of power and authority to oppress his “woman” (I put that in inverted commas because they’re no longer on my check list), nor has he been in any position of authority and power to have any privileges. You’re correct Verbs…this woman has no idea of what she’s talking about and is just delusional as hell. Matter of fact, the black woman is the U.S. has been given more “privileges” than her male counterpart…privileges to destroy her community i.e.


    • Jabari,

      This is exactly my point, black women are the protected assets of the European aristocracy not black men, it is black women who have reaped the vast majority of benefits from this Babylon system in exchange for their continued destruction of black men and the black community as you have correctly pointed out.


  2. Indeed sir Verbs, it’s edomite foolishness and it’s not a big surprise that some black women are playing the plantation game again, joining up with the so-called white massa. In fact it’s one feature of the wicked society that black males are deprived of their Biblical status and rights, privileges that they received from the Most High.
    In this case, it’s pure mockery : Freddie Gray has seen all his 25yo black male privileges when severely wounded for no reason and let to die without medical assistance in … police custody in a city with 2 successive black female mayors.

    Sociological studies show that in the Great Babylon, black men are at the bottom and black women not very high for sure but some steps above.


    • Servant2be,

      You are spot on sir, black women seem to believe that they have one up on their black male counterparts, however a rude awakening is coming down the pike for them shortly. Black women are already beginning to find out that their “privileges” are soon coming to an end. When their gravy train runs out of fuel I hope that they have a contingency plan because I am not it.

      Black men have been catching serious heat for the longest while and black women for the most part have simply looked on and smiled at our suffering. In the Freddie Gray case I cannot understand how his leg was broken and 80% of his spinal cord was severed through an arrest.

      That is indeed correct, black men are on the bottom so this business about black male privilege is a crock of nonsense, utter rubbish and garbage.


      • sir this quotation I just found from Jesse Jackson at the funerals of young Freddy Gray :

        “In his remarks at the funeral, Mr. Jackson spoke of that context, and reflected on the conditions that plague our communities and leave our youth destitute: “Our boys are the least educated, the most profiled, and the most jailed, do the most prison labor, the most unemployed and have the shortest life expectancy,” Mr. Jackson lamented.” (New York Times)

        “our boys” he said, not our girls.
        Plus he could have added, a disproportionate percentage in death sentences in the USA.
        But maybe the lady considers all these facts as “black male privilege”.


      • Servant2be,

        Sir, What is also very interesting about Messy Jesse’s comment is the fact that he talked about the effects but yet he refused go into and talk about the cause and the number one culprits behind the dysfunction of the majority black men, single black women, namely the single black mother.

        Messy will never go that far because he merchandises dysfunctional poor Negroes at every opportunity available, therefore his stock must be kept in ignorance as to the main cause of the woes within the black community in order to remain in a merchandisable position.


  3. the idea behind “black male privilege” is that while blacks are the bottom of the barrel in this current society, the black woman is the very lowest and that it’s easier for a black man to get ahead than it is for a black woman. That’s just the idea in a nutshell as asinine as it sounds


    • Nidotopian Warrior,

      This is exactly what happens when you reject your men, you reject reason, common sense, logic, rationale and intelligence. This is one of the main reasons why I will continue to state that black women even though by and large are highly educated, are still the dumbest and the least intelligent creatures on the planet, this is why you will find more intelligence amongst other nationalities of women, because they for the most part embrace their men and the above qualities that come with them.

      We cannot even state that black males have a male privilege yet alone a black male privilege. Black women frequently rattle off some of the most outlandish folly known to mankind and they will still pat themselves on the back and liken themselves to an Einstein or a Pythagorus.


  4. Greetings Verbs,

    Black male privilege is a stupid idea. While things are definitely not peaches and cream for black women doing the right thing, it should be obvious that that the ones bearing the brunt of racism are black men. The prison industrial complex, media propaganda, police brutality, bad medicine, etc. all most heavily target black men as a group. Society has not allowed black men to have any actual advantage over a woman today.

    I am suspicious of most of the black feminists. While these women claim to represent and want the advancement of blacks, they spend most of their time bashing us men for our people’s drug use, crime rate, education issues, “colorism” (TJ Sotomayor demolished the argument that men are the most important perpetrators of this), parenting issues, youth conflict, self-hatred(do I really need to say anything?), the negative image of black women, and relationship problems. They often ignore racism and focus on black men. They refuse to see that women could primarily be at fault for any issue or give any real credit to men for what they do right. The feminists throw all negro men under the bus. They, in most cases, run to the mainstream media to do it. The mainstream media, of course, has already blasted black men, on every type of level, to a huge degree. There a very few feminists who genuinely respect black men and I think these are there by mistake but the majority of the women are either foolishly or intentionally attacking black men.

    Here is a link to a great article that debunks part of the black male privilege list:

    I don’t know if you ever read the full black male privilege list( which was apparently created by a black man). I don’t really know it is worth reading all the way through but if you want see it you should probably avoid it until you are fully ready to work. The list made my head spin: he listed close to 100 one-sentence arguments, most of which can easily be disproved. The others are just irrelevant. This list is a perfect example of someone who is thinking the wrong way on this issue:


    • N.S,

      What you have stated is definitely true, black men catch the most heat by far. The idea is completely bogus as black women have access to way more benefits than black men through their new lord, saviour, master and father the white liberal.

      Black women as a whole do not care for black men at all, they simply give us the illusion of care in order to continue to blind sight us so that we remain in a vulnerable position where we can still be easily merchandised, ruined and destroyed…………….by them. Black women are the number one thugs in the black community, they are the ones who have raised up these same black men who sell drugs in the neighbourhood whom they complain about.

      Tommy Sotomayor is a God sent to the black community, those who wish to continue wallowing in decadence and destruction are the ones who hate him aswell as simps who simply do not know any better. It funny though how no one has ever confronted him on any of the issues that he has raised and told him that he is not telling the truth.

      Tommy Sotomayor is spot on with his analysis of the black woman, certain cadres of black women do not like him because he is waking brothers up and showing them that they do not have to put up with the rubbish that black women bring to a relationship………………only when they are with a black man by the way.

      Black feminists are full of crap, I will not apologise for being male, nor black and I certainly will not grovel at their feet. Black feminists and their supporters whether male or female need to be marked and distanced from, I have no time for feminists and their lying selves.

      Went through some of that list, what a crock of nonsense, not even worth a response. The guy who drafted up that list(if it was a man) is a hardcore SIMP who is looking to gain favour with black women. Ok, all the best gaining favour with your number one enemy. Black male privilege, some black folks continue to sink further and further into the stupid zone with no hopes of return.


  5. I’ll break it down for you.

    we black men have the privilege of being last hired and first fired

    the privilege of being shot first and then asked questions later

    the privilege of being disproportionately incarcerated than our white counter parts who commit more crimes than the common black man.

    the privilege of being unjustly vilified in the mainstream media be it anything from crime to drug use to sexual promiscuity

    the privilege of being guilty until proven innocent

    I can go on and on and on and so on and so on.


  6. Shalom Brother-In-Christ;
    I totally agree with you about how the so-called Black men are actually non-privilege and the so-called Black women are being used by this extremely wicked ass system to further destroy them. I’ll go even a step forward by saying Black men are pretty much ruined and the Black women are now being targeted for violence and death just like our male counterparts have been going through on a mass scale. If you pay attention to the news lately, more and more cases of Black women are being incarcerated, beaten, and killed by police and White racist criminals. It seems that the chickens are coming home to roost on us Black women. I strongly believe that these devils are coming after us Black women just like they been doing to the Black men very very soon! Sisters must be warned about what’s coming down the chain for us. We as Black women had better wake up out of our various foolishness and fuckeries because we are in grave danger as a group and we will not have any real protection from what’s coming. There are far too many of us taking the sides and on the nature of our enemies. Our enemies don’t give a flying damn about us Black women at near the same intensity of our Black male counterparts. I really implore all us Black women around the world to wake up and repent to The Most High God of all our sins and keep moving forward towards divine righteousness and holiness. I’m taking a stern stand with The Most High behind me against all wickedness of this filthy worldly beastly system. I’m hating this worldly beastly system more as time goes by. I will not stand in the way of its’ utter destruction. I will actually help hasten the destruction of this filthy wicked system for sure because I despise it to my very core! I’m telling all the Black sisters to stop supporting this system as much as possible. That’s all I’ll say here. Take care and may The Most High continues to bless you.


    • Candice Sparks,

      All this system has wanted to achieve in relation to black folks is to destroy the family unit by separating black men from black women and for the majority part it has been a success.

      Regrettably most black women are going to burn in the very same system that they sold themselves out for, most black women still refuse to read between the lines even though their new lord, master, saviour and father has now begun to turn on them.

      As I stated before, black women are going to have to be placed upon the pre heated grill of accountability by force and be roasted to the highest degree. This has now begun to happen. The dainty treats of the state are coming to an end for black women, they have served their master well, however as we already know white folks on the whole are two faced, the Native Americans pointed this out when dealing with them hundreds of years ago aswell.

      Black women are now receiving their recompense for their treacherous actions against black men and against the black nation, as the Most High states, “you reap what you sow”. The gravy train for black women is now coming to an end, now it is time for payback.


      • Shalom Brother-In-Christ;
        Thanks for your timely reply as always. However, I’m quite disappointed because you have been slacking off on your excellent commentaries about many issues at hand. I want more of your great works. LOL! I know, I know; you’re working on your books. You write some excellent topics even as painfully truthful as they often are. There are so many things to discuss that it’s quite overwhelming these days. Well, anyhow, you keep bringing on important topics regarding this world and the world to come. Take care for now and may The Most High continues to bless you in your good works.


      • Candice Sparks,

        Fear not, new material coming within the next couple of days because the books are now almost finished. The book on black women I thought I was going to start once I got back from holiday, however it seems that the Most High had other plans.

        Most High Bless


  7. The constant bashing of black women on this blog is sickening. The writer obviously has his own personal, deep rooted issues with black women, which has manifested in to hate. It’s pathetic. Now you speak of writing a book about black women. Get a life you hateful weirdo.

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    • Hate Speech,

      This is the problem with ratchet black women and their advocates, they are always misappropriating terms and throwing labels on people that are not warranted and that make no sense. If you really want to deal with “bashing black women”, nobody bashes black women more than black women themselves, go on youtube and you will see thousands of video clips of black women bashing and physically beating down other black women. There is your “bashing” right there.

      Your abysmal attempts to shame me have not worked, it is typical for black women and their cohort supporters to label any criticism of them and their behaviour as “hate”, I have already dealt with the stupid tactics used by sluggish black women and their useful idiot assistants in a previous blog, what you are attempting to bring to the table is nothing new.

      If you are going to defend savage black women then at least bring forward something new, you cannot even defend black women on new ground, you just like the rest of the slobs who love these black female savages and their foolishness keep coming back with with the same nonsense. It won’t fly here, sorry!

      As I have stated before, the pre heated grill of accountability is ready for service and modern day black women are going to be the first joints to be placed upon it for a hard grilling and roasting, like it or lump it stranger.


  8. Here comes the gibberish!

    The hateful words spewing from your soul are both sad and disturbing. Where is all this coming from? What’s the real issue here? Have black women been turning your advances down? Did your mother beat you too hard as a child when you misbehaved? You are the type who will one day, probably end up beating and sexually assault a woman out of rage. You are an angry imbecile with a diseased mind. You need help you pathetic troll. I will however look for your book about black women online. The writings of an angry black man who just can’t get pussy.


    • Hate Speech,

      The author of the blog is more than capable of defending himself and his position but I would like to make a comment. If you had read the material you would know that his criticism is directed only towards women who do certain things. As he and others have said, why is it acceptable for people to criticize black men all the time yet when ANY black women are scrutinized the critic it is just hating? You can’t disprove anything he said and you are just making up the personal attack.
      Also, Verbs said that there would be liberal attack dogs on him for writing his book. The tactic of accusing someone of wanting to physically and sexually assault someone because he doesn’t 100% agree with what the MSM and radical feminists say about women and men is a liberal attack that doesn’t make sense and is frankly reprehensible.


      • If you agree with the writings on this blog then that’s your right. But somewhere deep down you all must see that the man is also unhinged. and make no mistake his rants run deeper than just wanting to expose “ratchet black women” for the good of the nation.

        One day he will either end up hurting some poor unsuspecting woman, or better yet himself.


    • Hate Speech,

      This is exactly the ignorance that I have been alluding to, not an ounce of a rebuttal to any of the points made, only name calling and slogan slinging is what you are capable of achieving. Therefore because you have failed to deconstruct any of the points raised, by default what I have stated about black women must be correct.

      You are a bright and shining example of what I have been saying with regards to black women and their advocates not being able to accept correction or criticism of their savage actions.

      In 2015 black women on the whole are so desperate for attention, it is not very difficult at all to get a black woman into the sack. I actually believed that you would break new ground in your defence of these sabre toothed black female savages, how wrong I was.

      Don’t worry, I am going to deal with your other comments aswell and I would advise you to brace yourself for the book because it is going to go in harder and deeper, much more than these posts. No stone shall be left unturned when I deal with the menace known as the modern day black female, especially these black single mothers churning out bastard child after bastard child.


      • Oh another essay. Keep them coming.

        How many black women has a lunatic like you managed to get in the sack? If we are flinging it about, it sure as hell isn’t with you.

        You are talking out of your anus.

        So according to you EVERY black woman on earth is “ratchet” and bad news? I guess that would include the female members in your own family then?

        Just tell me this, what was the catalyst that set you on the path of becoming Britain’s answer to the Internet’s biggest troll Tommy Sotomayor? A man whose sole purpose is to be controversial and to generate YouTube views. What triggered off this need to put all your energy into trawling the Internet for negative videos of an idiotic minority of black women fighting? What triggered the long essays and countless posts about black women – ‘black women are guilty of this, black women are guilty of that, black women deserve to be sexually assaulted’.

        Which black woman turned you down on countless occasions and then suggested a spell in a psychiatric unit?

        And what does your partner ( if you have a woman) think of all this?

        I am in need of a good laugh so bring on this book.


      • Hate Speech,

        At this point in time it is actually detrimental to a black man’s life to deal with a western black women. I’ve had my fair share of dealings with black women in the past when they weren’t so contaminated with so much hatred and venom towards their fellow black men.

        There is not one place in any of my posts where I have stated that ALL black women are bad news, I do believe however the figure is an overwhelming majority because you not only have black women who exercise ratchet behaviour but also those who will jump to the defence of the scum buckets aswell as those who keep silent.

        Like clockwork black women and their advocates will always make reference to the examiner’s family members as if that changes anything. If I had scumbag family members who were up to no good then they would equally be dragged through the coals. What does my family have to do with scumbag black women brawling, street fighting, twerking and churning out bastard child after bastard child in order to garner money from the state?

        Call Tommy Sotomayor what you want, I do not see anybody making videos proving him wrong, all black women can do is stalk the guy and his family, they have yet to prove him wrong on any of the information that he has reported on.

        You will criticise me for “searching the internet for negative videos”, yet you and the rest of your creed will fail to reprimand the irresponsible and the attention seeking black women for putting these videos up on social media to begin with, crawl back into your dark corner coward. Besides, what search is needed to find black women engaging in outlandish stupidity, simply step outside your own front door and you are meet with a pack of weave wearing hooligans seeking attention anyway they can.

        Black women in 2015 cannot be sexually assaulted, black women are more promiscuous than their black male counterparts, this is how black women can embarrass themselves by going on nation television and not knowing who the fathers of their children are.

        Claiming that I have “deep rooted issues”, that I am insane or angry has not deconstructed any of the points that I have raised in my few posts dealing with scum bucket black females. All you are looking for is an effeminate, slippery, emasculated, lotion boy to take charge of this issue because you know that this type of individual would simply beat around the bush and deliberately skirt around dealing with these beastly black females.

        Next time you attempt to defend scum bag black women at least try to bring something new and of substance to the battle and bring some extra help for goodness sake, your failure here was a complete embarrassment. By the way, black men are indeed over represented in the mental health system but then we would only need to take a look at the degenerate single black mothers who have been raising them for the last 60 years to understand why. Black women on the whole are the worst failures on this planet when it comes down to raising children right bar none.

        I’ve more than dealt with your questions, your slogan slinging and your name calling, you still have failed to deconstruct any of the points. No scoundrel, I will continue to hold decadent black beastly monsters to account as long as they continue to bring black men aswell as the black community into the lowest depths of the abyss.

        The black community is in complete ruins and black women namely single black mothers are the primary culprits responsible for its fall.

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  9. Hate Speech,

    He makes valid points about women and the only real disagreement I may have with him is how many women are involved.

    How is he unhinged? We as black people, and black men, have a right to criticize what is going on in our nation. Why is it that some black women can be all across the media for years and do nothing but talk about how black men are useless, worthless, thugs, on the DL, stupid, brutes, weak, bad leaders, low quality etc. and these women are mentally ok but a black man make some criticisms of negro women, in a blog that covers a lot of other subjects and criticizes black men(not that is really relevant to my point, but he has some tough words for black men too) and he is “unhinged”?

    Once again, stop making these accusations. You have no proof of what you are saying and you are just using the same liberal tactic of falsely accusing him of being a degenerate. “Better yet himself”.
    Just tell the truth. You don’t like what he is saying but can’t answer him and you want to see him hurt. Well, that is not going to happen.


    • “Hate speech” is truly spewing hate on Verbs and trying to smear his name with nonsense.
      The smearing tactic could be tried on the Most High because His Word is what Verbs is commenting.
      The deceiver is … yes we know his name.


    • Everyone has a right to their opinions and is free to criticize, but it’s plain to see that this man has deep rooted issues. These aren’t the writings of a totally sane individual. If you are looking for a spokesperson who shares your views on black women then at least find a black man who hasn’t allowed his anger and troubles with women to turn him in to a raging nutcase.


    • N.S and Servant2be,

      I have written about these very same underhanded, slickster tactics in my book. The name calling, slogan slinging and attempts to shame me simply do not work anymore. I can see right through the black woman’s trickery, the spell of feeling guilty when holding their feet to the fire has been broken.

      Notice how this scoundrel failed to deal with any of the points raised in the post, all he/she could do was attempt to shame through negative slogans, terms and words. Black women hate black men who exercise intelligence because they simply cannot run a number on them, this is the reason why they love and opt for the vagabond, scruffian, pant sagging, gold grill wearing, violent black males instead, as they are the ones who can be controlled and manipulated easily.


      • What would be the point in doing that? It would be a total waste of time breaking down and dealing with your warped points.

        Notice you haven’t answered any of my questions.

        Look, do yourself a favour, stop worrying about black women and worry about yourself. Find a woman, ANY WOMAN (White, Asian, mixed), and live happily ever after. Also perhaps you and the single mother who raised you should visit a counsellor together. You are damaged.

        I can’t wait for this book.


      • You rant on about the single mothers. What about the men who LEFT them to raise those children by themselves? Any words for them? No probably not.

        You are a joke and a diseased waste of space. Men like you should she locked up and evaluated.


      • Hate Speech,

        Your shaming tactics are still non effective against me. As I have mentioned before, black women and their cohorts are incredibly efficient at spreading rumours, old wives tales and urban legends pertaining to black men walking away from their children en mass. Save the rubbish, we now know that in a large number of cases these black meanies will purposely keep the fathers from seeing their children, therefore your attempt to paint black women as perpetual victims has fallen flat on its face.

        Also, of course looking at the situation of the black family from a present day perspective, it would seem that both parties are at fault(black women’s logic), however as I have quickly discovered, black women and their supporters hate going into the past because the finger points directly at them for initiating this entire mess, do not forget the 3 detrimental moves that black women made in the 1960s which sealed the fates of the black family and the black community down to the deepest fiery pit forever:

        1. Black women chose to align themselves with the white homosexual feminist movement and take onboard issues that were not affecting black people. This is where the initial cracks stem from.

        2. Black women welcomed and accepted fatherless home welfare policies, they couldn’t wait to boot the geezer out of the home so that they could indulge in the dainty treats of the state. Fast forward to 2015, black women are still doing the same thing in western societies, “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man” rubbish, knowing full well that without the money from the state they are as broke as a joke.

        3. The state also offered black women middle management jobs which yet again black women in their desire to be accepted by white society jumped at with open arms. Black men who applied for the same positions were immediately rejected.

        So, when you go back 60 years it is easy to point black women out as the number one culprits behind the demise of the black family, the black community and black society. The modern day black woman, the biggest traitor, self hater, coon and sellout on the planet. No other races of women have done so much damage to their own people like black women have, none of them.

        You want to call me a monster, what about the countless number of unborn children that black women are slicing and dicing on the daily in abortion clinics, no, too much of a coward to call them out huh, but yet I am supposed to be the monster and the sick individual? Black women will surely be held to account for their skull duggery and I will do my part to ensure that the process takes place.


  10. Just another example of why sadly black men are over represented in the mental health system. One day you will open your eyes and see this man actually needs help and less applause. God speed. I’m out!

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