Another Book In The Pipeline!


This book will not be as long as the book on the institutional church beast infrastructure. It will briefly examine black women, how they have destroyed the black family unit and the black community as a whole and how they will be used as boots on the ground proxy agents for the up and coming civil war between decent, hard working, progressive, intelligent blacks vs the degenerate, lazy, violent sluggard Negroes.

I am currently on holiday until the end of May. As soon as I return then I will be dealing with the first book in terms of tidying it up and getting it ready for release aswell as writing the second book which shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks.

This modern day black woman must be placed upon the pre heated grill of accountability and roasted to the highest degree. This was a long time in coming, her time to receive her recompense of scrutiny is now and Verbs will be doing his part to ensure that this action takes place.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

4 thoughts on “Another Book In The Pipeline!

  1. Shalom brother-In-Christ;
    Bro, you must really care about black women, actually more than the many black men who take up for us. First, I’ll be looking forward for your first book about the institutionalized church system. Then, I will look forward for this book once it’s released because I must support your efforts of bringing this issue more to the forefront within the black community. However, I’m afraid that the majority of black women/men will not hear you on this because you are pricking at their very souls that would hurt them the most. Not saying that the “hurt” is bad, it’s just that most despise tough love. I’ll keep a lookout on your books. As always, I enjoy your commentaries/writings. Please keep up a good fight. Take care and may The Most High Bless you. Shalom.


    • Candice Sparks,

      The disjointed side of the black community believes that not talking about the issues that are moving us backwards as a whole is somehow better than conversing on these issues. The majority of black folks think with inside out, upside down, backwards logic, therefore they believe that the problems we are currently experiencing will simply disappear if they are not focused upon, obviously this is not how things work in the real world.

      Indeed, however my message has always been for the few, not for the many. I know most black women will be up in arms at the book and it is very possible that white liberals will sick their Negro attack dogs on me, albeit nonetheless the truth must be told. Much appreciated to you for the advanced support.


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