Pro Blacks, Please Explain This – Part 2!


I think that it is time to open up the can a little more on just how far the modern day black woman has fallen. Please check out the links below, brace yourself and please take precaution because many of the images are of a sexual nature. What black women will do for their white liberal slave master. Well pro blacks, do you have answer for this one? Enjoy:

Remember pro blacks, these are your modern day “black queens”. Yes white women take part in these kind of sexual activities aswell however their race is never brought into the equation, with them it is straight sex and sexual activities and that’s it. Black women on the other hand are so willing to take things to the next level in order to obtain the approval of their white father, Lord, master and saviour. I still stand by my statement, the modern day black woman for the most part is a goner, a dead duck, a train that has derailed and hit the sand drag, the majority of black women cannot be saved and need to be walked away from. As always………………………




13 thoughts on “Pro Blacks, Please Explain This – Part 2!

  1. Verbs,
    I was shaken to the core by the video on the last post and I don’t even want to see the images on this post. While I have long been aware that we as a people need to make a lot of changes, I wrongly believed the males were the root cause in nearly all cases. The scales have fallen of my eyes, in large part due to several Internet sources, including this blog, as well as my own observations-mainly what has happened to other black males. There is a lot of stuff that can’t be blamed on us men and this video is just one example. While there are still a lot of really good black women out there, too many women are acting out like this.
    There is, as has been said, a double standard. We guys get openly criticized as a group when some of us do very negative things but there is no condemnation at all for the actions of women who do these degenerate things. Nearly everyone, including the black and white liberals and “pro blacks”, will go after us black men for bad decisions made by some but they have nothing at all to say about those women who do stuff like this. While I mostly wasn’t aware of this due to my growing up in a black community with traditional values, being in a different environment, as well as some Internet sources, has opened my eyes and I am a lot more aware. A lot of black women(I don’t know about most) do not prioritize black love and in fact put other men first. While I value black love, I have had to come to that conclusion based on what I have observed. Pro blacks must accept that many black women do not want black men as mates. However, we men cannot accept the type of behavior shown in the video or these pictures.
    Don’t these women know what they are setting black women up for in the future? They are literally doing their part so black women will become victims of mass sexual assault by other groups.
    PS I remember what you said that black women who act like this are possessed. After watching the video in the last post, I believe that.


    • N.S,

      Indeed sir, I will always stand by my statement that I believe the vast majority of black women are possessed by evil spirits and I also believe that the point of possession took place in the 1960s when black women decided to abandon the black family for feminism and welfare policies favourable towards them.

      Possession in my strong opinion is the only way to make sense of the off the planet, degenerate, decadent behaviours that the majority of black women engage in on a daily basis. Another problem here is that the majority of black women who are supposed to be “different” from the ratchets don’t check the rabble black females on their folly, therefore by their silence by default they are in agreement with the foul behaviours that ruffian black females engage in.

      The modern day black woman is the Agent Smith of the matrix, she is the Terminator programmed by Skynet to wreak havoc and destruction upon the black community, she is being sponsored by the state aka the white liberal to produce as many bastard children as possible whom she will then groom to become monsters themselves, thus the possession cycle continues.

      Things are now beginning to change though, many black men such as yourself have broken the spell of paying homage and giving respect to black women unconditionally. The grilling, sizzling and roasting of black women upon the stove of accountability has now begun, this has been long overdue.

      The majority of pro blacks will never accept the true state of black women in 2015, they will always reference the ideology and the image of black women from a time period in the past when black women were a much better class of people. Do not expect any major change from the majority of them despite the blatant evidence which shows most black women today to be decadent, lazy, reprobate, violent slobs. The pro blacks will also still continue to go after black men as this is what pro blacks and white liberals are best at doing, the modern day black woman is the asset of both of these management teams, therefore she must be given a pass under all circumstances.

      Even though getting sex from black women is easy, for your own safety I would suggest that you stop dealing with them in that department aswell as in the realm of dating. The only reason black women deal with black men is because men of other nationalities do not want them, therefore we black men are their consolation prize or the “it will have to do” type of choice.

      You are right, black women are setting themselves up to be sexually assaulted and sexually abused en mass and I for one do not feel sorry for majority of them in the slightest. The only black women who I do feel for are the very few decent ones who are now having to deal with the fallout created by their decadent fellow sisters.

      I have stated this before and I will state this once again, the number one enemy of the black man and the black nation in 2015 is the modern day black woman, the mountain pile of evidence clearly supports my position.


      • Wow. You,sir, suggest that I leave them altogether? I heard another Israelite brother suggest that younger black men in the U.S. look to other black women in the hemisphere, East African women, or dark-skinned women from other races. Even though he believed his home city was one of the last strongholds of black love, he knew that for the majority of the young men coming up it would be very difficult to find a good woman otherwise. Do you, sir, think this is good advice on dating? Or have the majority of our sistas to the south and in Canada been infected with the same madness? I would love to settle with a black woman, especially of my own tribe, but a lot of them here are married/in committed relationships- and I am definitely not going to do anything the weaken the relationship between my brothers and their women- and the non-married ones are hard to find. I hold out hope but then again I have heard this advice from people with more experience than I have.
        Also saying it is for my own safety…Now that I think about it, a lot of these women really have absolutely no regard for their black men. Some of the men I know have been victims of unprovoked, violent attacks. Even when I went back home, there was a very sad incident when a man was killed by his ex-girlfriend because she did not want him with anyone else. Even when it comes to things not involving violence, they do everything they can to hurt him emotionally, financially, etc. They seem to have no conscience. It is not all black women but way too many.
        Yeah, you are right about us being the last choice for so many. The way many of these women treat and talk about black men as well as the attitudes they have show they are only tolerating us. Black love is nowhere near as strong as it used to be. I don’t think things will get better soon.


      • N.S,

        That is a good dating suggestion if you can manage to locate women who come from a background where the man is held up as the head of the household and where family values are still held to a very high standard. The infection with black women I’m afraid is an international one, it isn’t only black women in the west who have been contaminated, African women are also beginning to go the way of western black women, having begun to take on the same traits of this Babylon system.

        It is not impossible to find a decent black woman in the west, however because of the decadent actions of reprobate black women, decent black women are now suffering from a lack of attention being shown to them from black men(and all men in general if we are honest) and in turn because of this rejection they are also now being radicalised in their mindset to the dark side.

        As I stated before, the hatred black women have for themselves and towards anything that reminds them of how they naturally look runs very deep, in 2015 a black woman is more likely to do a black man harm rather than good, this is a sad fact to accept but none the less this is a true fact that cannot be contended with.

        The vast overwhelming majority of black women are walking devils who are looking to devour black men and black children, the risk is very high for those who wish to wade through the trash in order to find that golden nugget.

        Terminating a relationship with a black woman on average is never straight forward, you normally have to go through an all out battle with her before she will finally decide to go her separate way. Black women today are much more violent than black men, Youtube and Worldstar Hiphop have proven that to be true and accurate.

        Again, the spite that black women show towards black men comes from the devils within them, once black women volunteered their services to the European man to break up the black family, I believe at that point black women brought a curse upon themselves and thus evil spirits were now able to inhabit them easily and direct their ways towards even more skull duggery and even more evil.

        Black love is simply dead, the black woman is the biggest traitor towards her own race and because of this amongst other things the Most High is going to deal with black women in the most severe and harsh ways possible. Black women believe that they have gotten away with murder and still believe that they will continue to do so by using God and Christ as their shield, however the Most High and Christ are not their friends. In the same manner as Christ will deal with these institutional church beast infrastructure pastors, he will also turn to the majority of black women and say “I don’t know you, depart from me you cursed women who did nothing but work iniquity and wickedness”. The day of reckoning for the vast majority of black women is already beginning to unfold.


      • To wish rape and molestation on women is beyond sick. You really are a disgusting diseased individual, tapping away at his keyboard and brainwashing followers. Enjoy the wankfest.


      • Hate Speech,

        As per usual black women and their advocates are experts as taking commentaries out of context and misreading data, you dishonest, disingenuous buzzard, are there no levels that you will not stoop to in your quest to justify the savage, beastly actions of certain black women?

        Again, your attempts to bring shame upon me have failed utterly, I am not a simp, those who need to held accountable will be held to account, black women are in no wise exempt from that fiery furnace.


  2. A harlot is a harlot no matter what nation she is from. But if a woman wants to go this route on her own so be it and she shouldn’t complain about it. Simps and women worshipping men need to stop feeling sorry for women like this, God made women (and female creatures) a degree below a male but that doesn’t mean they are stupid.

    Women who do this are looking for attention, they will get it, SHORT term that is they will never be a wife. Whether a man, Israelite or not, likes this stuff or not he is only going to look at her as a tool to use and discard when finished.

    Last thing, it is understood and important for a wife to keep her man pleased, especially his sperm. But what many couples in Western society find out is there is more to it than hitting it or fantasies because that is short term relations. Thus why West has family issues. Many Jake women in the West purposely don’t want to be real women.


  3. After reading a lot of your blogs you remind me of a youtube guy by the name of David Carroll. I will say a lot of what you have mentioned is very true. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and I swear when I would watch youtube videos about the disfunction with the black people of today I said to myself “no not true, not in the new age” but sad to say, it is at an all time high around my way. What is crazy is that it is not to many people I can seriously discuss this info with.

    I will say from what I have seen the south is full disfunction at its finest. This is why I have became a stay at home mom who homeschool my children. When I mention this to other black females they look at me crazy state they don’t see how I do that, they don’t know what to do with there children.

    I see other females who like to boast about there little job position and they really feel as if they are doing something. All I can do is just laugh.

    I am in my 30’s and what I am thinking is that the grandparents were duped into intergration thinking it was better this is what gave birth to what would be my parents generation full of nothing but pimps,whores,and cocaine. Which gave birth to my generation of “thugging”.

    Now my generation gave birth to the youth we see today with no morals nor any real elders to guide them. The elders are to busy trying to be young. The sad fact is that black people really need to wake up soon before it really is to late.


    • Danielle,

      With most black people today it is all about upholding and maintaining the victimhood status at all costs. David Carroll is on point with his analysis of most black folks and their dysfunctional state.

      Do not be surprised at black people looking at you sideways when you talk about the dysfunction in black society, people like ourselves are now in a minority group, most blacks both men and women are complete and utter goners.

      Your homeschooling move is the best strategy, most folks have been conditioned to leave their children in the hands of complete strangers. Once upon a time when the going was rough we taught our own children successfully.

      Black women on the whole love the state because of the benefits that they receive in return. There is no way to escape the fact that black women as a whole have brought the black community down into the depths of the abyss and today are still continuing to drag it down even further down in order to please their white liberal father.

      You are right, today there is no true leadership in the black community, older folks simply do not want to grow up, that is what the mainspin media puts out, that it is hip and trendy to be perpetually young even though in reality this is impossible.


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