Pro Blacks And Their Folly – Negro Wars!


Take a listen to this short radio clip involving the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green, the white man is the enemy Negro by the name of Omar Johnson:

Did you hear what this numbskull Johnson stated? He stated that even after being shot the brother concerned should have remained in the dangerous ghetto environment tolerating the perils and the dangers therein and keeping his wife and his children in a volatile situation in order to “help” other black folks, most of whom have given up on improving and bettering their lives anyway.

How can you remain contaminated in an infected environment and help decontaminate others around you? Do you see how the merchant Johnson refuses to use logic and common sense here? Common sense tells us that in order to help decontaminate other people you must first bring yourself into a position of decontamination. Decontamination would involve MOVING AWAY from the source of infection, this is basic common sense.

Do you see why I keep informing you that these pro blacks, black nationalists are full of nonsense? Now, as also pointed out in the written commentary at the end of the video, by the logic of Umar Johnson his close friend Tariq Nasheed is not a “real man” either because Nasheed moved out of the ghetto and now lives in an upscale neighbourhood in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles.

These pro black, I hate white men but not white women, back to Africa Negroes are simply merchants who benefit from the ignorance and the comatose state of the black people who follow them. You see, there is a civil war going on at the moment within the black community, in the red corner we have the pro black, blame it all on the white man, woe is me, white supremacy is the boogie man, our enemy is without, simp, blacks unify, red, black and green, back to Africa, incense burning Negroes who wish to hold onto the status of victimhood permanently, then in the blue corner we have the thinking black folks who believe that they can do better for themselves, who see the pro blacks leaders for the scam artists that they truly are, who recognise that the people who have cause the black community to be so violent and fragmented are single black mothers, who want nothing to do with the lazy blacks that have decided that playing the victim is their preferred role and who recognise that a separation must take place between both groups in order for the blue corner blacks to move forward and build something of value and substance.

Now this isn’t the first time that this pro black fraudster has put his foot in it and shown his true colours, I remember watching a video with him giving a talk in which he encouraged the people of Ferguson to continue with the looting and the destruction of their own area, take a look for yourself:

Now, notice how even though he was encouraging the people of Ferguson to continue destroying their own area, he was not willing to set an example and to be out there with them in the streets participating in the chaos. Whenever somebody encourages you to carry out destructive actions but they are not willing to set the first example themselves, this is a serious red flag and that person should be marked and moved away from as far as possible.

Notice also how these pro blacks do not deal with the issue of single black mothers churning out the high volumes of bastard children and bringing them up in the arts of thuggism and violence, thus these violent children grow up to terrorise their own neighbourhoods. Some end up in jail, others end up in hell.

Notice also that these same pro black Negroes refuse to call out black women on the open war of genocide that they are committing against black people in the form of abortion. Pro blacks are very quick to call out Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood and other abortion establishments, yet they refuse to call out the black women who are rolling into these abortion clinics freely and using the process of abortion as a form of contraception.

I will keep repeating the same thing, there is a merchant around every corner who is looking to profit from the current decadent state of the black community and black people for the most part are too ignorant and too trusting of these same charlatans who always present themselves as folks who are “concerned for the welfare of black people”.

One thing that I really despise is dishonesty and trickery and these pro blacks for the most part are full of dishonesty and deception. They must keep their followers asleep at all costs in order to have them remain in a position to be freely and easily merchandised. I understand how this situation works, regrettably though most blacks folks haven’t got a clue as to what is really going on whilst others wish to remain in ignorance so that they can continue to have somebody to look up to and to follow, them being afraid of leading their own selves.

As I have stated before and will always state repeatedly, black folks need to start decontaminating their own backyard first before they can confidently point towards an outside enemy as “the problem”. At the end of the day the truth is the truth. As always………..


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



19 thoughts on “Pro Blacks And Their Folly – Negro Wars!

  1. You know Verby, I went back over your back and forth debate with Jericho, on your previous post and it seems to me this person really pushed you over the edge for this post of all things to come out of you, not that what you’re saying is wrong, you’re right infact. And now that you’ve brought these facts to light I just feel more lost and confused than ever before…… Did you know that in the bible or apocrypha whichever one it was, there is a verse that says: with knowledge comes heartache or something to that effect. Basically the more you find out the more depressed you become…

    tell me Verby, why is the truth so much harder to accept than lies? when I was growing up, my mother always said a thing “Let lies hurt, not the truth” yet as I go through life it is the opposite that happens……what do I do Verby? this is becoming very tiresome, when will it all end like ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry it’s just I have been so emotional these past few weeks..


    • The pro black movement is simply one big racket, these pro black “leaders” have lead most blacks to believe that we have to take on board and be responsible for ALL black folks if we are to move forward as a nation. This is a blatant lie, you cannot move forward and build successfully as a community while still habouring irresponsible black women and their simp followers.

      This is exactly why I work by myself, I know my own integrity plus there are too many black folks out there who claim that they are down with the truth, however when certain truths especially pertaining to black women and their current decadent state are continually pushed, you soon see their true colours emerge.

      I decided 10 years ago that I would accept the truth no matter how harsh, I haven’t looked back since. Folks especially black people need to make up their minds as to how they wish to live their lives, by lies, deception and hypocrisy or by the truth. I personally know from my own life that living by the truth is far more profiting and fruitful to one’s life.

      Black people cannot say that they are down with the Most High but then dismiss the blatant truths about why the black community is in the state that it is in and who is responsible(black women). Its not as if people cannot see for themselves that black women have destroyed the black community and are out of control, its in front of everybody’s face in plain view for all to see.

      The Most High expresses a particular hatred for people who are dishonest and who are liars, the more I encounter dishonest black folks is the more I understand exactly where he is coming from. I cannot stand liars and dishonest people period, that is not the way I live my life and I will not hang out and associate with people who engage in that type of behaviour.

      This is not me promoting myself as some sort of upper class snob, this way of life for me has been grafted from experience. Those who wish to progress and move forward will have to accept that we have been lead astray by certain people who wish to serve their own interests whatever they may be, the modern day black woman is at the top of the list of culprits.

      Citte Du Jericho failed to refute the information that I brought to the table, in the end this person had to resort to emotional rants and name calling because that is all he/she(I personally suspect Citte is a Negro simp) had. You cannot argue with the facts though some Negroes still believe that this is possible, why because they have been trained by the illogical black woman.


  2. Shalom, Shalom Hebrew Israelite Brother-In-Christ;
    Now, you really struck me in the heart about one of my all-time favorite lecturer; Good Ole Dr. Umar Johnson. Awawawaw! LOL! Man, I love me some Good Ole Dr. Umar Johnson. He be talking bout good stuff. You cannot be talking about thee Dr. Umar Johnson? Are you? LOL! I’m just having too much fun reading your wonderful commentaries because you keeping bringing on so much truth regarding the wretchedness and foulness within the black communities and in particularly the modern day black woman. I’m not trying to make fun of this grave situation within the black communities. But, sometimes I have to laugh at the rash silliness on how so many of our people continues to deny our pathetic state before the whole world. Sorry to say this; I strongly believe that our people collectively would never get it together until our Lord/Messiah/Savior Christ physically returns to this earth to set up His everlasting kingdom. I will attempt to show in scripture about how The House of Israel, particularly The House of Judah will be unable to completely unify before Christ’s second return: Here some scriptural examples: (Matt. 24:30-31, Mark 13:26-27), these two verses talks about
    Christ will send out His angels as reapers to gather His elect; Israel, esp. Judah from the four corners of the earth during His return. We Hebrew Israelites had attempted on many occasions to unify as one, but failed every time. We had leaders (so-called black messiahs) from time immemorial who had tried to unify us blacks as a nation of people, but were unable to do so according to the following scripture: “And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you” (Deut. 28:68). I’m not saying that the Old Testament prophets, New Testament disciples/apostles, nor certain judges/kings over Israel/Judah has failed in their parts; the people themselves failed to humble/submit/yield to The Most High God via these various men/women. Yes, folks there were even women of The Most High God were appointed as judges and prophetesses. But, back to the point; the Book of Deuteronomy’s verses themselves are very telling on the impossibility of so-called blacks actually unifying under strong leadership that is unbreakable by others. Actually, The Most High Himself weaken the power of His people and empowered other people to over power the Hebrew Israelites. Here are some more verses from The Book of Deuteronomy 28; verse 25 The Lord shall cause thee to be smitten before thine enemies: thou shalt go out one way against them, and flee seven ways before them: and shalt be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth. Verse 27 The Lord will smite thee with the botch of Egypt, and with the emerods, and with the scab, and with the itch, whereof thou canst not be healed. Verse 28 The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and astonishment of heart: Verse 29 And thou shalt grope at noonday, as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways: and thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled evermore, and no man shall save thee. Verse 30 Thou shalt betroth a wife, and another man shall lie with her: thou shalt build an house, and thou shalt not dwell therein: thou shalt plant a vineyard, and shalt not gather the grapes thereof. Verse 31 Thine ox shall be slain before thine eyes, and thou shalt not eat thereof: thine ass shall be violently taken away from before thy face, and shall not be restored to thee: thy sheep shall be given unto thine enemies, and thou shalt have none to rescue them. Verse 32 Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people, and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day long: and there shall be no might in thine hand. So much information the state of our people, so I Will just say read the rest of Deut. 28:33-68. See, folks, other nationalities may have their issues, but at least they have strong lasting leadership. They are not suffering at thee bottom of the barrel like the so-called Negro. I’ve noticed that all our so-called messiahs; Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, and many others were not based on strong foundation nor lasting. Even The Most High Himself mentions in verse 29 that our people would ever fight & hate on each other to no avail and some leader/s attempt to get our people together to no avail. Verbs, you may know all about this stuff, but I want to lay it out for others to view and come into their own conclusion. I’m going to end this here. Verbs, I will reiterate what you’ve mentioned about the black women (Daughters of Zion) in my next commentary here. Shalom.


    • Candice Sparks,

      These pro black, back to Africa clerics are no different to the merchants that Christ threw out of the temple. I am going to be on these guys at various points from now on because I realise that they aswell as irresponsible black women are keeping the black community as a whole from prospering. Ezekiel 34:10 reads:


      I used to believe that this verse was only in reference to pastors, how wrong I was. This verse is pertaining to any person or people who have set themselves up as leaders over black folks and who are merchadising black people and their fallen position for their own gain. Let us bring another scripture to the forefront, 2 Timothy 3:13 reads:


      This is exactly what is happening today within the black community, more and more people are witnessing the gullibility of black folks, are jumping on the bandwagon and taking advantage of the “Merchandise A Negro” gravy train. You are spot on when you talk about black folks not being able to get anything together as a whole until the return of Christ. Jeremiah 30:12 reads:


      It is not as if the scriptures haven’t warned us about dodgy fellows with half truths rearing their ugly heads more and more in the last days, 2 Peter 2:1-3 reads:



      2:3 – AND THROUGH COVERTOUSNESS SHALL THEY WITH FEIGNED WORDS MAKE MERCHANDISE OF YOU: whose judgement now of a longtime lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

      What doctrine do most of these pro blacks push, the look towards Egypt/Kemet doctrine. The deception is sinking into most black folks already. Now this Tariq Nasheed fellow is coming out with a Hidden Colours 4 documentary to do with religion. Do you believe that there may be a few digs at Christ and the bible packed in there, I suspect so. Another issue that shows me that Nasheed is a fraudster is the fact that in none of his films has he mentioned the fact that the real Jews were black. 3 films strong and this fact has been omitted from all of them. How much of our hidden history is he actually covering and how could he miss this information out?

      Black folks have offered themselves up as a welcoming mat for everybody to wipe their feet on aswell as walk over. This is confirmed in Isaiah 51:23 which reads:


      The point blank refusal of these merchants to check ratchet black women is yet another example of the disingenuous nature of the pro black clerics. This modern day black women is the main obstacle holding us back as a whole, if she can be dealt with then we can move forward and prosper. However it seem that these pro blacks would prefer her to remain in position as to continue providing a case for their “pro black false diagnosis”.

      They continually talk about blacks coming together yet the very culprits within our midst who are keeping us divided and bringing about further division they refuse to oust.

      On your breakdown of Isaiah 3 I would have to disagree with your analysis that the scriptures concerned are referring to more than black women. Not only does the Most High clearly state “the daughters of Zion”, but then he also talks about the things that they wear(chains, bracelets, earrings, foot jewels, nose jewels), these items are clearly recognised as women’s apparel, not mens. There is also another problem here, the fact that a loss of hair has also been mentioned as part of a recompense, we see black women losing their hair through the wearing of weaves and wigs, this hair loss phenomenon is not happening with black men.

      I do not disagree with you that a judgement is coming to Israel as a whole, however I do not believe that Isaiah 3 is a good example of that(clearly being gender specific). I believe that there are more appropriate scriptures that can be used to show this.


      • Shalom Brother-in-Christ;
        Thank you kindly for your timely response. I will do further study on Isaiah 3 regarding The Daughters of Zion. I for one do not want to just jump into a matter, especially when it comes down to scripture without proper knowledge. I see so many teachers/preachers speak on matters either with partiality or with too many errors. Well, The Book of Proverbs 18:13 says it best “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.” I’ve couldn’t say it any better. I must be very careful with my emotions when it comes down to handling scripture and truth. Many preachers/teachers are too emotional and insert too many of their own feelings and opinions in their sermons. For one thing, I would not trust in a leader who is too emotional, self-exalting, shifty, and one whose doctrine is based on one’s feelings/opinions: Such a leader can be very dangerous and bring much harm on others. By the way, I will get back into reading/studying The Book of Proverbs as my daily council. Of course I won’t ignore the rest of the Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE). I agree with what you said about these so-called Black conscience leaders and a lot regarding the modern black woman. It saddens me to realize what many black men are saying about all the horrendous and awful stuff about black are mostly truthful. I said mostly truthful because many of these men are too emotional and opinionated with little to no self control. Just look at guys like Tommy Sotomayor and many others like him. Guys like Tommy Sotomayor may speak a lot of truth about the awful state of black women, but he shows much instability and double mindedness also: Should anyone in one’s soundness listen to such a person and rely on them for much sound advice when he/she is so screwed up in the head themselves. What about many of these Hebrew Israelite preachers/teachers who often exhibit the same behavior. I know you don’t listen to them much anymore. I don’t either, because they are not preaching The Gospel of The Messiah Christ and no souls are being saved by their messages. They are actually charlatans who are robbing the souls of many by failing to obey The Most High commandment in preaching the everlasting kingdom gospel of His Son Christ according to Matthew 28:16-20. I have several YouTube videos proclaiming the gospel to the world and will do more such videos and make gospel tracts to pass out. I’ve noticed hardly anyone is preaching the gospel for souls to be saved. But yet, much is being preached/taught about all other areas and that’s fine, but those other areas are not getting souls saved. Proverbs 11:30 says that “The fruit of righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth soul is wise. Preaching/teaching the laws statutes, and commandments is not proclaiming the gospel (Ephesians 1:7, John 1:17, Galatians 3:23). There are many more such scriptures that further prove this. Yes, I do agree that everybody needs to know who the Hebrew Israelites are today which is extremely important. But, lets not neglect proclaiming the gospel of Christ towards each other and to other nations. We Hebrew Israelites should be doing that! What good would knowing about the true Hebrew Israelites, black women cleaning up their acts, and black men leading with authority if no souls are being saved/justified? Regeneration of the soul/renewal/circumcision of the mind/heart shall spare souls from The Most High’s wrath, but reformation/circumcision outwardly won’t. I’ve been praying to The Most High for raising up more Apostle Pauls since we are under the New Covenant of Christ, because the real gospel/good news is rarely proclaimed these days. Quite honestly, the Apostle Paul-like preachers/teachers may be scarce. This is so sad to me. Hey brother, I won’t battle you like this character Jericho cause I don’t need my arse whup. LOL. I enjoy writing on here and thanks-a-trillion for allowing me to share my 2 cents on here. LOL. But on a serious note; I will make it my priority to proclaim the everlasting gospel of our Messiah Christ whenever I write to allow others the opportunity to turn to Him in His full glory and righteousness; because all credit belongs to Him alone. Much love to you my brother and may The Most High continue to bless you. Don’t forget about the everlasting gospel; use your blogsite for that or I will. LOL. Shalom.


  3. being a staunch pro-black myself, I find this very difficult to digest and being (well I wouldn’t say an avid follower) but I do listen to some of Umar Johnson’s commentaries from time to time and I will be honest, I do kinda see where he’s coming from with the whole “Real Men don’t move from the ghetto” rhetoric, as arbitrary as it sounds, I think the whole point that he was trying to make is that, it is right to want to better yourself and move on to bigger and better things but then some of us are so caught up in trying to be accepted by the system and into the system and keeping up with the Jones etc. that we end up losing our selves along the way so to speak, we tend to turn our back on where we come from and the people we grew up with because that and them were part and parcel of shaping us into who we are in some way. And I think the point that he was trying to make is, don’t forget the people you left behind, give back in some way, don’t burn your bridges. That is what I gathered from it, that’s my interpretation, but on the flip side, Tariq Nasheed presents a stronger argument in regards to safety and quality of life and I agree with him. I wouldn’t want to raise a family (If I wanted one that is) in such a negative and dangerous environment and I think the point that Umar misses is that you can only want so much for someone, you can only want to help someone for so long but if they don’t want it, it ain’t gonna happen, and I think a very good example to draw from is to look at Yahshua and even the other prophets in the bible, they received very little to no support from their own people and always found it with others. As sad a fact it is….

    Am I beating around the bush?…. sorry if I am not as articulate as some people….

    As to the Ferguson situation, yeah I agree, torching and looting your own area was not the brightest idea in the world.

    There is more that I would like to say, but I think it’s best I leave it here for now.


    • Nidotopian Warrior,

      The major problem that continues to crop up when these pro blacks speak is hypocrisy. Here is Johnson suggesting that a man who has already been shot should continue to put his life in danger and on top of that should also put the lives of his wife and children at risk aswell. This is complete madness and irresponsible at minimum. As per usual Johnson will never lead by example, does Johnson live in the ghetto? No, just like the young man in question, Johnson in like manner kicked out of the ghetto as soon as he stacked his money up, what is wrong with this picture?

      The continual hypocrisy of these guys as far as I am concerned is a major problem. Another point that should be mentioned here is that living in the ghetto is akin to living in a war zone, this is not a natural way of living, folks are not supposed to be in an agitated, concerned, paranoid and frightened state of mind all of the time.

      The idea of saving other black folks en mass would be a feasible plan if the black community wasn’t a ruinous heap and wasn’t divided. My job is to look out for myself and my family, as the young man stated, he pulled himself and his family out of the ghetto and nobody helped him. This has been a long standing problem with black folks, we as a people are always looking for a “handout”.

      Another problem with these pro black leaders is that they are always the experts on how somebody who has made it out of the ghetto should spend their money. If there are individuals who actually helped you to leave the ghetto then I see no problem with giving back to those individuals only.

      The ghetto is a dog eat dog environment, why would you give back to people who at one stage were looking at you as their next victim or meal ticket? Loyalty is way over stretched in black society, this is another reason why we have gotten nowhere over the past 50 years. The problem with most black folks today is that they still do not recognise that most black people cannot be saved, the crusade to try and save most blacks is a fool’s errand.

      Also don’t forget that the betterment of one’s life doesn’t automatically equate to wanting to keep up with the Jones or wanting to be accepted by the system. My take on this clip is that the young man’s self achieved exit out of the ghetto doesn’t fit the “white supremacy is the enemy, the white man is holding us back, we are victims” status, thus Johnson’s hypothesis on blacks being held back by whites now seems very questionable.

      Though these pro black leaders do bring some truth to the table(which is what they use to draw folks in), they are still merchant traders who are looking to make a buck from somebody else’s fallen position and black folks at present are always the prime choice candidates. I do not pay attention to what these pro blacks say, I do as Christ recommended and look at their fruits ie their actions instead.


  4. Shalom; I’m back:
    Now before I go into scriptural understanding of how The Daughters of Zion; the black woman has fallen from grace: I will first briefly address some of Deut. 28 verses that is unique to the so-called Negro. Verse 15 speaks of the pronouncements of our curses from The Most High because of our forefathers/foremothers’ disobedience to His words. Verses 16-27 speaks of the ongoing futility of our efforts in whatever we set our sites on to no avail/remedy. These curses were placed upon our people by supernatural means from The Most High Himself: So, how can natural man/woman can solve supernatural problems placed by The Creator of all things with natural solutions when there’s no remedy other than Him and His Only Begotten Son Christ? If The Most High cannot be moved by any other force, how can anyone change that. Only way the conditions of this world could truly change for the better everlastingly would take the hands of The Most High via Christ. Yes, we can be renewed in the mind/spirit and reformed in the flesh; but we our wicked/sinful by nature/flesh (Psa. 51:1,Jer. 17:9, Rom. 3:23), so our own righteousness in themselves are inconstant and not lasting. Both men and women are equally sinful/wicked in The Most High’s eyes. Of course, each of us has proclivities to certain sins/evils. Like you mention about the debauchery/ratchet state of the modern black woman.
    Now, as for The Daughters of Zion, often times many preachers/teachers take Isaiah 3 either out of context or speak of it with partiality or narrowness. Yes, it is true that the state of the modern black woman literally fit much of Isaiah 3, but this chapter also speaks symbolically about The House of Jerusalem/Judah as a woman as well. Many Hebrew Israelite preachers/teachers attempt to explain the full contextual meaning of Isaiah 3, but yet only with a carnal/fleshly mindset. This is a huge plague in many ministries, assemblies, and camps because many fail to see this scripture from a spiritual standing. Many other scriptures has double/multiple meanings and applications that are often times ignored or glossed over by many preachers/teachers. No, I’m not speaking of scripture with ambiguity at all. All the meanings within each scripture are clearly defining in their multiple contexts and applications. Again, The Daughters of Zion scriptural doctrine is not referring to just black women, it is also referring to The House of Jerusalem/Judah (men & women of Judah). In the spiritual contextual meaning, The House of Judah was that woman that was snobby, cocky, prideful, disobedient, ungrateful, conceited, and spiteful. I will leave it at this for now. Now, I must go. But, I’ll back later to further explain my take on this. I know, this may be hard to swallow; even quite frightening to many people egos. Shalom.


  5. you know, I have been deep in thought lately and I just came to the conclusion, that I can’t do this anymore, I can’t live like this anymore, I have had enough of this, of everything…. 400 years and yet here we all are, broken and ruined. Violence toward each other, self-hatred. We are the strongest people on this planet, or atleast that’s who we’re supposed to be and yet we are damaged beyond repair we live without hope, yet we are dead. we are the definition of cursed. Always and forever, I never asked for any of this, I never asked to be brought into any of this and I have had ENOUGH.. Which is why I have come to a decision, I am going to end it all… Goodbye Verby, and everyone. peace be with you all….


    • Chrystal Emma, I understand how you feel. I too get depressed from time to time whenever I think about everything our people have been through and are continuing to go through but there is none more resilient than us….. Do not ever make the mistake of believing that we are without hope because its not true. We DO have hope. It’s the most high in Christ.

      You said you’re going to end it all? Now call me crazy but that sounds like you’re planning to do something drastic. If so, Chrystal I implore you to reconsider your actions, harming yourself I not the answer, you have way too much to live for. Don’t throw it away. These feelings come and go don’t give into them…

      If you decide yo read this message, here’s my email address

      If you wanna talk, you can message me cause I’m here for you… Peace sister


    • Chrystal, I know it seems as if everyone hates us, especially our own men. Don’t do anything rash, sweetheart. Just pray. We are a broken people. We are so broken that we don’t realize how sick we are. The words on this post could be used to heal Black women, but most of the time they are used to hurt under the guise of “education” and moral superiority. Some people act as if they’re own poop doesn’t stink. Don’t let it get to you. This is all part of The Most High’s plan to weed out the tares and then harvest only the good wheat. Hang in there, the enemy tries to get us constantly at out throats, but I REFUSE to play the gender wars because I know where it stems from. Our forefather’s disobedience. We are reaping what they sowed. But do NOT let the harsh words of others separate you from The Light that is the Most High. I am female, I love the Most High, and I try to educate our people in a way that doesn’t mimic our 400 year oppressors. After 400 years of evil, we need to show each other love. I love you sister, though I don’t know you. If you need to talk, I will send you my number. I am not hear to help beat down an already broken people. I am HERE for you and we can pray together till you pass this rough spot. Chrystal, I have links and ties to wonderful women in the Hebrew Israelite community.
      Despite what this blog pushes, there are actually a great number of women turning back to the faith. To their natural hair. Returning to The Most High. Be part of it. It is easier to read these types of hateful words and digest them when you have a support system built on truth and love. When you have brothers who try to uplift those who are broken. I will check back, just let me know. Hang IN THERE! DON’T do anything! What may seem like darkness today can beam sunshine tomorrow.


      • Darqbeauty,

        What I find funny is that in every other situation of wrong doing, the standard recommendation is for that person to receive some sort of punishment or castigation, and rightly so. Only when black women are involved in evil doings are we then asked to consider “a different approach” everytime without fail.

        You are right, this is part of the purge, those who involve themselves in evil activities aswell as their supporters will both be cast into hell fire. This gender war was initiated by black women when they aligned themselves with the feminist movement aswell as their acceptance of fatherless home state welfare policies. Nobody wants to talk about these issues though, instead we are supposed to be “healing” black women.

        Black women declared open warfare upon the black community 50 years ago and they are still warring against the very community they claim to care for today. These are the Negro Wars, 50 years of being cordial to black women and adorning them with the title of “queen” has changed nothing for the better. This is a battle, I recognise this time for what type of period this is, the Negro Wars have begun.


    • Chrystal Emma,

      There is no profit in ending your life, you have to decide who you want to be, part of the remnant who will be saved or part of the majority of our people who will be destroyed. You have to recognise the situation that you are involved in, this is a civil war within the black community. It had to come sooner or later, I for one will not be ruled over by the likes of decadent, lazy, sluggardly blacks who wish to hold onto the status of victimhood. The Most High has commanded me to put my voice out there in order to bring about a change, this is what I have to do.

      The problem we have is that irresponsible black women have been left to run reckless for so long that the problems within the black community now seem like monstrous behemoths. Black women in general need to be placed on the pre-heated grill of accountability and roasted to the highest degree. 50 years of feminism clearly hasn’t worked, however black women on the whole are not willing to give up their positions of power, therefore those of us who clearly identify her as the main problem will have to go to war against her and her protectors.


    • Chrystal Emma,

      On the same note as Verbs and Nidotopian:

      Sirach 11:23
      23 DO NOT say, ‘What use am I? What good can the future hold for me?’
      Psalms 91:7-9
      7 A thousand SHALL fall by thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand.; but it shall not come nigh unto thee.
      8 Only with thine eyes shall thou see the reward of the wicked.
      9 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is thy REFUGE, even the Most High, thy habitation;

      Don’t give up.


    • Shalom Hebrew Sister-in-Christ;
      I must say, I can truly understand your plight as a black woman myself. But PLEEEEEASE don’t do anything rash, there is no use to end it all. I know all too well about all the stuff that are exclusive and unique to black women. It seems as though that everybody is out to get us as a group. However, we are The Daughters of Zion; a special group of women of The House of Israel by bloodline. Due to our special position, everybody else has their eyes on us in such a unique way. So whenever we do something whether good or bad; big or small, it seems as though that all the other people of nationalities pay close attention and scrutiny on us. Black men have been under similar inspection and scrutiny as well, so don’t feel alone. In order for any real healing/cure to take place, there must be a lot of pain/scraping/harshness/roughness/toughness/ugliness of the plain unadulterated truth be delivered, heard, acknowledged, accepted, and applied first. Yes, truth is not so comely, appealing, nor attractive, especially to the masses. Truth is sharp and cuts through anything it touches. It has no respecter of things, places, opinions, nor persons. Truth does not tie with emotions, philosophies, theories, nor dogmas; it stands on it own without any help at all. I’ll be honest, I don’t like the way truth often feels, but I’m learning how to handle it better. We must realize we all have faults that we should acknowledge and then fix over time. Reparation/healing does not normally take overnight, but often take a long time. I pray to That The Most High provide you sufficient grace to stay steadfast/strong and avoid Satan’s trap of any form of self-harm. May The Most High bless you sister and please don’t give up the hope in His Only Begotten Son Christ. Shalom.


  6. Thank you for writing this post, Verbs2015. I completely agree how ridiculous it was for Umar Johnson to demand that guy to stay in the ghetto. Is Umar Johnson doing that? For goodness sake, this guy was shot at. Sometimes I wonder to myself, why is it that these people demand such things but are not supportive at all when you get screwed over for trying to help other people who do not care about their own situation. Some of these people are too far gone AND will never change. That is a fact!


    • Kowaba,

      You have to understand that the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green movement is based upon a collective mentality/mindset, in other words it is Orwellian, you must think of the needs of the group above your own personal necessities at all times. Of course if this guy had died not one of these pro black Negroes would have contributed money towards his funeral, nor would they have given his wife and children any money towards expenses.

      The pro black movement is simply a farce, the wrestling comes with accepting what actions you actually see taking place within the movement vs the ideologies and the glossy edicts and doctrines which are commonly heard about but rarely are ever executed. Ever notice how the majority of these pro blacks talk so much about Africa but yet they continue to remain in their countries of residency?

      Again, the key here is to walk as an individual, to lead yourself and to find your own purpose in life, this way it is impossible for you to be placed upon the merchandise chopping block by the pro black merchants who are always looking to make a buck in some way, shape or form.


  7. I have been saying the same thing about these so called “back to Africa people” there are many of them. Umar has already been deemed a fake I actually believe he is not a decendant of slave like he claims to be.

    My thoughts about the Ferguson situation do you not realize you are tearing down the community you live in. They will be the ones who will have to wake up and see that mess. Not to mention no business will wont to come there after the destruction. So now down with property values. Did they not watch “Burning in Mississippi”.

    Another should be called out is the Irrated Genie, The Black Authority, Professor Griff, and many more just to name a few. These people always talk about black people condition but what are they really doing. I posted a comment on The Black Authority channel and called him out on a radio broadcast he did about what was going on in Baltimore.

    I stated how he has been doing this broadcast for so many years and can always tell black people what they should do yet has he invested in land to get the ball rolling and how Tariq is always bragging about how he stays in a mostly “white neighborhood” and how “white people are cool” but yet always ranting about “white folks”.

    I have concluded that these people are agents and even though they will give you a little truth they make sure to twist a lot of things also. They really enjoy denouncing the so called “bible” every chance they get, This is why the Most High told Ysrael to come out of Egypt or Khemet. As you can see in today’s time Ysrael continue to run into Egypt every chance they get.


    • Danielle,

      Ol Umar certainly messed up here big time. He is simply a merchant of black folks just like the rest of them. Again, there is a merchant on every corner looking to capitalise off the ignorance of black folks and most blacks simply volunteer themselves up to be merchandised. Again, this is the main reason why I teach the idea of walking as an individual, this way you perform your own thinking and reasoning functions and you will never find yourself in a situation where you are being used.

      Most black folks are suffering from a form of madness, I personally believe that we can take it one step further and say possession by evil spirits, this as far as I am concerned is the only way to explain their crazy, nonsensical, outlandish behaviours. What exactly is achieved by looting and burning down the very same shops that you will want to turn to after the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared?

      I asked the Black Authority why he was choosing to conduct his work from within the shadows, I never received a response. I do not follow ghosts. There is a black male Youtuber by the name of Mad Bus Driver who is an advocate of black men dating interracially. With every video he does he wears a motorcycle helmet and covers the inside of the visor with a vale so that people cannot not see his face. With the way black folks carry on today I do not blame him for doing this yet at least he presents himself in front of the camera, at least I can see that he is black like me.

      Tariq Nasheed as far as I am concerned showed his true colours when he referred to Tommy Sotomayor as “crispy” and a “turd”. What part of being pro black is that? Even if you do not like the man, why make fun of his skin tone being a black man yourself?

      Tariq Nasheed is a white supremacist, the very definition of the people he is claiming to be fighting against. How can I say this, it is because he aswell the rest of the cohorts that you mentioned continue to preach the victimhood, woe is me, blame it all on whitey doctrine, in other words they wish to keep blacks in a position to where they can be merchandised over and over again.

      Yeap, they love taking digs at Christ, the Most High and the scriptures too. Somebody misusing the bible for their own greedy gains is not the fault of the bible, just like it isn’t the fault of the gun for somebody who decides to use it for wickedness. These guys conveniently drop logic and common sense down the toilet when it comes down to the bible everytime.


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