The Black Woman’s Recompense – Short Post!



Black women are the most fertile women on the planet, they do not have the same fertility problems that other races of women have to endure, however this position of blessing is about to change. Black lives matter? The truth of the matter is that blacks lives taken in accordance with the after actions of the black community are only counted as valuable when the killer is a white person or a white police officer. Black lives matter is one of the dumbest slogans ever to be launched and black people on the whole in their simple-minded emotional state accepted and embraced this foolishness without examining the implications of welcoming such a phrase.

The problem we have fallen into is that we as a people now look like a bunch of hypocrites, on the one hand we are stating that black lives matter, yet on the other hand black women are assassinating on average 1876 unborn black babies per day, that is 684,740 unborn black children per year. Am I the only person who sees a blatant position of hypocrisy here? If we are claiming that black lives matter, then why are so many abortions taking place among black women? Black Abortion=Genocide=Population Reduction=Eugenics=White Supremacy.

The fact of the matter is that black women on the whole do not like nor care for their children, they only bear children for two purposes, to use the children as a leverage weapon against the father and to garner financial benefits from the state. Black women for the most part have lost their nurturing instincts, black women in turn have pledged their loyalty and confederacy to the state and in doing so have sworn to wreak havoc within their own communities and present daily sacrifices to the altar of Babylon via high abortion rates aswell as young black men dying in the streets from gang related violence, young black men who were brought up and trained by black women by the way. Isaiah 4:1 reads:

4:1 – And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our REPROACH.

Because you black women have dealt so wickedly, treacherously and carelessly with the gift that the Most High has bestowed upon you to bring forth seed, He is now going to remove this gift from your hands. 2015 is upon us and black women are still skipping into abortion clinics, they are still using children as a weapon against fathers, in turn forcing fathers to have to jump through many hoops in order to see their little ones and they are still using children as a means to collect money from the government.

The modern-day black women has a new lord, saviour, master and father whom she idolises and worships, it is called The State. Not a problem, your reproach for treating black children like commodities, leverage tools and holding unborn children to no value and will be barren wombs and dry breasts. I hope that you enjoy your childless future and thereafter your swift descent into the depths of Hell where nobody will save you. You have been placed on notice.

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Most High Bless

30 thoughts on “The Black Woman’s Recompense – Short Post!

  1. Non non, absolument pas, cela ne peut etre vrai, you are wrong mon frere. African women have the highest birth rates in the world. I come from Mali and we have one of the highest birth rates in all of Africa. A few stupid women in America do not represent the majority of African women world wide….


    • Citte De Jericho,

      African women living in Africa are also engaging in abortions and there are also a large portion of them who also treat their children like garbage. This is an international crisis, not just a problem in the US. According to information that I stumbled across around 6 million abortions are taking place on the continent of Africa every year, most of them are being carried out illegally.

      Do not believe for a second that black women located in Africa are somehow exempt from scrutiny and judgement, they are donning the same weaves, using the same chemicals to bleach their skin and they are also spreading their own self hatred towards their children.

      Admittedly, American black women seem to be the worst offenders per capita at this moment, however they are not the only culprits who need to be held to account. That high birth rate you were talking about in the near future will shortly change, the Most High is not and will not be mocked.

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      • I also feel that the contraceptive pill and their equivalents are also a form of abortion. It is an abortion where you do not see a clinic but are killing the seed (sperm) of the man in “billions in one go” rather than the odd foetus here and there.

        I feel that contraception is like the female equivalent of the “mark of the beast”. That is indeed my “own interpretation” and not scriptural, I must admit, but true in concept. Women who are poor, or their husbands are poor, are bullied into taking contraception “to be responsible” and that to bring a child into the world in a dire financial condition constitutes as child abuse or child neglect. This is a worldwide plan to control the population with a scare tactic to make people feel guilty about being fruitful and multiplying. It is also the worldwide plan by the elite to completely remove the existence of the Most High and His Son……………hence they are gradually “doing away with his laws”…………


  2. Non you are wrong again, more children die from malnutrition, disease and violence than from abortion, enough with your fear porn…you are drawing your biased stats from a few Jaded women in the west.

    As a matter of fact, the high birth rates will continue, meaning it will increase and come 2050 Africa’s population will account for more than 1/10 of the world’s population.

    I know some women in Nigeria and South Africa use the weaves and the women of Sudan abuse the bleaching creams and relaxers but they do not represent the majority of African women. African women do not think like American women…. Family Values are very strong here in Africa. I sense you are becoming much like that monster Tommy Sotomayor. You are heading down a dangerous path. Turn back now before it is too late. Do not let the foolish actions of a few taint your love for your sisters. Do not linger on the negative small things lest your heart become bitter, instead focus on the bigger and more beautiful things and uplift that. God bless you brogher


    • Citte Du Jericho,

      This is the typical janky mindset of the modern day western black woman, the possibility that more children could be dying from malnutrition, disease and violence in no wise exempts black women in Africa from the 6 million assassinations of unborn black children they are executing each year. That works out to be 16,438 abortions per day, as a collective that is over 8 times worse than the current average US black abortion rate of 1876 abortions per day.

      Well, you can continue to believe this increase in birthrate hypothesis, however Isaiah 4:1 has something completely different to say and is abundantly clear that black women WORLDWIDE in the future are going to rejected by all men because of their reproach, the reproach being their inability to have children(barren wombs), after all the true Hebrews are scattered across the world. Are you actually picking up the bible and reading it?

      So I typed in South African women into and what do I see, among a number of white women, a load of weave wearing black women. Sorry Citte, the weave is an international trend amongst most black women of the world especially in places like Nigeria. Again, the self hatred of black women is an international problem, yes it is not all black women, albeit the vast majority of them are suffering from low self esteem and self hatred issues.

      On the contrary, African women on the whole are adopting the ways of western black women, hence why the majority of African women are now throwing weaves on their heads. Family values in Africa were strong, not anymore, not since the majority of African countries are now attempting to emulate and follow the ways of the west.

      Tommy Sotomayor is the equivalent of the man banging on the door of a burning house trying to get the attention of the occupants. Instead of black women paying attention to what he is saying, heeding the dangers around them and taking action accordingly, black women are more concerned with his delivery, shouting down from the window that he needs to “be nice”. Black women are at a dangerously critical point in history, the time for being friendly and nice has expired.

      As I have stated many times before, I do not hate black women, I simply hate the monsters black women on the whole have become. I have a responsibility to report the truth and to talk about certain issues regardless of how uncomfortable some may feel. When I stand in front of the Most High to give an account of my actions pertaining to waking up black women and warning them of the recompenses to come if they do not repent, unlike the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green Negroes, I can say to the Most High with confidence that I did try to bring the pertinent issues to the attention of black women and that I did try to warn them of the perils to come.

      This is not a “feel good, tickle the emotions” blog, I deal with the truth here raw, I will go into any and all areas that I feel lead to venture into. Also, do not forget that Christ stated that the Spirit would bring us into ALL TRUTH(John 16:13), not only the fluffy truths that we feel comfortable with.

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      • Pour un homme qui pretend de dire la verite tu ne sais pas rien de la verite. Your truth is nothing but your own biased opinions and misconceptions. Prenons par example que ton theorie de l’avortement est correcte, you do not know the suffering and poverty that many African children have to endure on a regular basis, you do not see the nightmare that many of them have to wake up to everyday (little to no food, unsanitary water, no clothes, no education) yet you puff up your chest and stretch your neck like a giraffe and you sit up there in your comfortable house the UK and look down at us. Can’t you in your hard of hearts consider that some of the women who decide to have abortions are infact doing their children a favour? I am not by any means condoning infanticide but put yourself for one moment into the minds of these women. Would you want to bring an innocent child into a world of chaos, and uncertainty. Could you live with yourself watching the life of something so precious and fragile waste away before your very eyes with the haunting reality of your inability to provide for and protect that child eats away at you… Could you?…. It is easier for you to speak on such complex and difficult matters, at least you know where your next meal is coming from but some of us don’t. It’s easier for you to speak because you do not have to wake up with an uneasy mind and worry if today is going to be your last. We do….


      • Citte Du Jericho,

        6 Million abortions taking place on the continent of Africa every year, that is not my opinion, this is actually taking place. Black women wearing weave and bleaching their skin, again that is not my opinion, this is taking place as we speak. See here is the problem, just like the black women in America black women in Africa also exercise irresponsibility when it comes down to sex, they are equally as promiscuous, this is where the problem resides and this is where it should be addressed.

        African women need to manage their sex lives better. Also, why would you put yourself in a position to get pregnant in the first place knowing that you are poor and your situation is desperate? This goes back to irresponsibility yet again. Assassinating a child is doing he/she a favour? If the child could talk I sincerely doubt that the child would want death regardless of how uncomfortable the surroundings.

        Black women are much like perpetual children, you know that your living conditions are poor yet you will still allow yourself to get pregnant, this is classic irresponsibility, African women just like their American counterparts want to have “fun” but do not want to deal with the consequences of that “fun” when they come upon them.

        Aborting children, setting children on fire and burning them alive, slashing childrens throats, placing children into the hands of strangers to be physically abused, raped, tortured, murdered, this is sadly the legacy of black women worldwide. Black women on the whole have turned into killers, monsters and lazy decadent slobs.

        Yes, I do know where my next meal is coming from yet I will still exercise responsibility, wisdom and caution. Black women worldwide simply have no excuse for these abortions, NONE. A recompense is coming, Isaiah 4:1 is a future prophecy revealing the final stage of collapse for modern day black women, this is nothing for me to “stretch my neck and be proud” about, this is a travesty which can easily be avoided if black women on the whole would simply exercise some responsibility instead of adopting the role of a victim who is completely helpless.

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  3. Irresponsible? What nonsense are you babbling? So because someone is poor they are not allowed to experience human desires or pleasures? Are we supposed to remain hermits? Not everyone has access to birth control or contraceptives as I am sure you have realized. Sure it is easier to a man to jump from woman to woman and he is praised for it, he is not called irresponsible, but a woman just has to have sex once and she is called every foul name under the sun. You are a hateful and demonic man much like this Tommy Sotomayor whom you erroneously venerate like some sort of Saint when he is nothing more than a devil who hates himself and his own people. That’s right it’s not just black women he hates, he hates blacks in general all because hs uses some isolated incident to paint all of us with the same brush. You are like a disgruntled elephant who was unable to find a mate during the mating season so you stomp and thrash around, rampaging insanely trying to blame someone else for your weakness.

    Yes I admit that abortions do take place in Africa but 6 million per year is a gross exaggeration, these numbers are far from accurate. And as I said to you earlier, more children on the continent die from malnutrition, disease and violence than from abortion, also our birth rates are much higher.

    You are a very deceitful man who speaks with a fork tongue like a serpent. You claim you do not hate black women but your words continue to reveal you for who you really are.

    You claim you care about black women but yet you beat them down and kick them when they are down instead of uplifting them. Your rantings have even drawn the attention of a white bitch. It surely says alot about you….

    You are a disgrace to African people everywhere and i pray you see the error of your ways before it is too late


    • Citte Du Jericho,

      I am 39 years old, I have engaged in sex, I have never used contraception and I do not have any children. I have exercised responsibility when engaging in sexual intercourse, it is not hard to do. I do not praise any man from jumping from woman to woman, you won’t find any praise of that behaviour here, in fact that type of behaviour is dysfunctional period.

      I do not hate myself, I represent myself as an individual first because there are too many ratchet black folks who continuously make us look bad as a collective. When black people were in a better position, we could represent ourselves as a group, now that black women have lead the black community into the depths of hell and have raised up delinquent black boys and violent black girls, it is time to self represent.

      I hate the scum of my people because they are exactly that, scum. Once upon a time black folks used to separate themselves from no good blacks, however today black folks instead choose to exalt the violent thugs and the promiscuous harlots as heros and furthermore protect both of these groups.

      How can you tell me that I hate myself, I am not walking around with a male European wig on my head, I am not trying to bleach my skin to make it lighter nor am I beating and killing children because they remind me of my true physical appearance, this is the true definition of self hatred, not merely highlighting the facts of what negativity is taking place within the black community, get it right.

      As I have stated before, I do not have to continually state “its not all”, this should be obvious by now but because most black women think in a simpleton like manner, things need to be repeated to them again and again and again. Its seems that you are making a lot of noise pertaining to this issue, are you one of the guilty culprits that I speak of?

      Obtaining a black woman for sexual purposes is so simple, black women are easy to get into bed because they are already looking for sex and attention because of their low self esteem.

      6 million abortions is a very feasible number when you consider the fact that Africa is a huge continent with a very large population, again children dying from other causes does not excuse black women from the 6 million deaths that take place via their own bloody hands each year.

      Black women are typical in their behaviour, you are in good favour with them until you begin to shine a light on their decadency, then all of a sudden the usual slurs, comments and accusations are brought forward, “you hate yourself, you are homosexual, you are a devil, how can you say these things about black women when your mother is black” etc.

      Your techniques of attempting to prevent the decontamination process from continuing are not working, this is not a fan club, I will deal with the topics that need to be dealt with, I am not here to tickle the emotions of anybody, I am here to talk about the truth, I am here to talk about what is going on in the black community and what we can do to change the situation. White folks and other nationalities already see the dysfunction within the black community, it is not hidden from their eyes. If black women on the whole do not wish to be looked upon in a certain manner then they simply need to change their behaviour.

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      • Verbal Abuse

        You are such a silly little boy. Self hatred doesn’t always have to be externally manifested through the use of weaves or skin lightening. You can have dread locks and wear a Kente cloth but anyone who pays close attention to your words can see just how white washed you are…

        One does not have to be a “guilty culprit” in order to be offended when someone makes unfair accusations against an entire group of people …..

        “how can you say these things about black women when your mother is black?” Yes that is a very valid question. How can you? Maybe your mother should have had an abortion and maybe you wouldn’t have turned out to be such s misogynistic swine

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      • Citte Du Jericho,

        This is one of the main reasons why black men are increasingly walking away from black women on the whole, many are realising that they have been lead by a bunch of idiots all of their lives who have no clue as to the meaning of logic and how it should be applied. How is pointing out the number of daily abortions that black women in America carry out and the number that black women in Africa execute equal to self hatred? The term “self hatred” means that you hate YOURSELF.

        Black women on the whole HATE THEMSELVES, this is why THEY go out of their way to look like SOMETHING OTHER THAN THEMSELVES, this is the true definition of “self hate”. This is yet again the hypocrisy of the modern day black woman in plain view for all to see, when I go in on and reprimand black men notice how black women will not call me a “self hater” then, in fact they will cheer along, clap and agree with what is being stated. The only time that black women will reach for the term “self hate” is when it is them being scrutinised and examined.

        Well, if you wish to identify with the trash, bottom barrel scum sector of our people then you go ahead and do so, however I am not obligated to do the same and I will not. They are certainly not appreciative of you sticking up for them and they will chew you up and spit you out without a second thought at any given time.

        “how can you say these things about black women when your mother is black?” Yes that is a very valid question”?

        That is a very stupid question and further illustrates the fact that the black nation is being lead by a bunch of idiots with absolutely no common sense whatsoever. How does being black and a mother somehow exempt you from scrutiny and examination? Let us not forget that all of these black children who are being aborted aswell as black children being killed in the early stages of their lives, THEIR MOTHERS THAT TOOK THEIR LIVES ARE BLACK.

        This is the dumb, ratchet thinking that has been programmed into the vast majority of young black men and women and we wonder why the black community has fallen apart. Keep on rolling in with the foolishness, I can take you apart all day.

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  4. Well I must confess myself a bit lost for words but I will say this, you have quite the talent for stirring up a hornet’s nest.

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    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      A purge is coming, as you know from reading the scriptures every so often the Most High would “clean house” starting with his own people. I encourage you to read Ezekiel 9 as just one of many references. Our music is being taken over by others because we have used the music to promote evil and not good, the same thing is coming to black women and their ability to bring forth seed. You abuse the gift the Most High will remove the gift.

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  5. There was something I wanted to add but it seems you got your hands full with Jericho here so I’ll come back another time…..


  6. Alright this has gone on long enough, Verbs and Citte du Jericho.

    Citte du Jericho, I think it is best that you quit while you’re ahead. You have debated well and have presented some compelling arguments but it’s obvious that you’re getting nowhere, please stop before you embarrass yourself

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    • Citte is either a black woman or a simp Negro male who still believes in defending black women even though they cannot stand his blackside and do not respect him at all as proven previously via the swirl movement videos that I posted.

      I’m done with this debate as I have more than proven my position. The title of one of my previous posts sums it all up very well, divided we stand, united we fall.

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      • Nidotopianwarrior and Verbal Abuse, this debate is far from over. I will not rest until this swine of a man eats his words. I will not sit idly by and let you besmirch the honour if our African queens. Maybe the reason, black women can’t stand your backside is because of the vitriol and venom that spews forth from your lips and finger tips. Ce ne pas fini, la guerre a seulement commence. Gird your loins and prepare to fight

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  7. It is true what you are saying. Black people as a whole are very hypocritical when we are called out on certain things we do. Black women don’t want to be told the truth about ourselves because we don’t want to take the responsibility to change our ways. We play the blame game. Since the black man is a reflection of us and our complement, we are literally running from him because he tells us the truth and we don’t want to face ourselves yet. Like you have stated before, the feminist movement has convinced us to get him out of our homes and out of our lives. We taught he is our enemy because he tells us the truth about ourselves. We running from the Most High and we are running from the black man’s words of truth as well. Trying to buy time to delay our healing process.
    Matt 13:15
    For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

    This is where we are. We are so caught up fighting the enemy outside of ourselves and outside of our communities that when the light is shined on our issues, we deny them and defend them or blame them on others. We are the problem(not all black women of course). We caught up in these same cycles that we should of been moved out of, but it is like we are addicted to suffering, and we feed these addictions everyday. so when a messenger from the Most High tries to show us our sickness, we reject them but all the while still seeking for someone to save us.

    As for the black lives matter slogan/movement, it is not that they don’t think or know our live matter but historically it is proven they don’t care. The black family structure as a whole is suffering so much and no one cares or is trying to help fix our situation because we are denying we have a problem, we are denying we have been given the tools already to fix it, and we are denying that we are the only ones who can fix it. Marching and protesting and holding up signs begging people to treat us like humans when we kill each other over elementary things… we are still fighting over blocks we don’t own, brothers and sisters are still killing each other over colors… it is simple things that are dividing us.

    Especially with the feminist movement. Satan went after the Eve first for a reason. When the women is contaminated, the whole culture suffers because women preserve the culture (men as well). A lot of women I talk to don’t get that they are being lied to and deceived. It is a trick. A kingdom divided can’t stand, but they have convinced the black woman to enjoy this division and defend it and to be against their men and their children. The black woman is the only woman that says that she don’t need no man and that she is independent because we have been spoon fed this lie and everyone is laughing at us. That is why even within the feminist movement(which I am not apart of and will never join) the other race of women that are involved in it go missing when things start happening to the black community, but we still look for unity outside of ourselves and our people. How can we unit with other races before our own people? It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Black women are not winning because we are so called independent, this is not the Most High will but someone else’s as a means to control the family structure. You know it is like no one cares anymore about the children that are coming up. What are we as a whole going to teach them? what are we going to pass done to them… more gender confusion and gender hate and division?

    Black women mentally have been manipulated, the race as a whole as been manipulated. but I don’t think we have anymore excuses for our behavior. There is too much info that was left behind by our ancestors fro us to be acting out of our minds and enjoying and celebrating our mental enslavement and defending it too. It makes me sad that our eyes are close and we don’t want to hear the truth. There is only going to be a few that will be ready to build a new earth in a sense and a new way of doing things or just returning back to what worked in the past.
    But it is a spiritual fight we are up against because the chains are invisible so people can’t even see their own still spiritually in Egypt.

    Thank you for speaking the truth. Black woman do need to take some time and mediate and think about maybe we are at fault, and we are in serious, serious, serious, serious, serious in need of a deep healing on a soul, spirit, emotional, mental, levels. It is very urgent if we want to turn things around. The real enemy is within us that we must first conquer. Like when Christ healed people, he would ask them: What would you have me to do? The people never lied and said they were cool and they didn’t need healing, but they cried out to him because they were serious about their healing without any pride. One man even broke down the root to get to Christ. We talk and debate about a lot of things but we aren’t that serious about our healing nor see the urgency on a SPIRITUAL level. We can unite for the Grammys and tv shows and super bowls parties etc, but not when it comes down to important things. We have the cure but don’t use it on ourselves and is looking outside of ourselves to find what is within “the kingdom of heaven is within you.” This is our hypocrisy.

    Peace and blessings.


    • Where is your honour Jaz? Are you seriously going to let this sick twisted chauvinist creature who pretends to be a man warp your mind like this?

      I contend that blacks are not perfect. That is true. But this man Verbs in his arrogance makes unfair generalizations against all blacks because of the misdoings of a few tortured souls and this isn’t right. Infact it is downright disrespectful. We must first understand that our enemies machinations have put us in this mess as a people. And everything from skin bleaching, wig and weave wearing to this infighting between black men and women where each side is blaming the other for their tragedies. This notion of black men blaming black women saying black women are monsters black women are the enemy black women are this and black women are that and then you have black women going on and on about black men are this and black men are that and black men are no good and that they are criminals and the list goes on and on… The point is, this needs to stop. All of this is the result of our enemy’s machinations and we do not seem to realize this as a people. We have forgotten who our enemy is and this is the price we pay for it.
      We must remember who our enemy is, we must remember who did this to us, once we begin to realize this then we can begin to heal as a people. We must turn our swords away from each other and towards our real enemy who is still on the outside looking in and breathing a sigh of satisfaction at his work.

      We must realize we are in a war for our very survival and only way we win is together not divided. And this is how we are, divided and that is why we continue to fall. Yet you have this Verbs creature bringing his backwards logic. I was right about you Verbs when I said you spoke with a forked tongue like a serpent. In one breath you say a kingdom divided cannot stand and then you are saying in another breath that united we fall and divided we stand… What foolishness……

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      • Citte Du Jericho,

        You back to Africa, white man is the enemy, red, black and green, pyramid head, clenched fist, black people unite Negroes for the most part are simply full of rubbish: Are these the women you would have me stand in confederacy with:

        Notice in that video that the black women are actually encouraging the fighting instead of putting a stop to the slug fest. By the way, if you say that this is a minority of black women and that black women have the backs of black men, then where are the masses of black women protesting the mass incarceration of black men within the prison industrial complex, huh?

        Where are the masses of black women marching and protesting daily for the black on black violence and the loss of life that takes place within their neighbourhoods everyday, huh?

        Where are the masses of black women marching and protesting against the high number of abortions that are taking place within the black community, huh?

        Why aren’t black women on mass discouraging other black women from carrying out these abortions, huh?

        Instead when you do see people marching against abortion, it is mostly white folks executing the footwork, those same white folks whom you claim are “the enemy”:

        The majority of you pro black are all talk and no action whatsoever, continuing to push the lie that this is a minority of black women behaving badly. It sure isn’t a minority of black women wearing weave, the majority of black women today are wearing weave and promote the wearing of somebody else’s hair as a good thing. You pro blacks are disingenuous buzzards, wishing for black folks to remain in the victimhood status position permanently in order for you to keep them in a gullible/merchandisable position.

        Yes, the intelligent black folks who divide themselves from the lazy, woe is me, blame it all on the white man, white supremacy is the boogie man, unite together Negroes, will stand united, that is the division. Christ stated himself that he came to bring DIVISION AND A SWORD(Matthew 10:34, Luke 12:51). Christ states that he came to bring division yet pro blacks claim that we should unite together, what is wrong with this picture???

        It doesn’t matter where on the scale of wealth black folks are, the behaviour is still the same as clearly illustrated. A few tortured souls my backside. By the way, you cannot fight an outside enemy without discipline and order within your own camp. That will only come when we begin to decontaminate our own backyard first. How can you go to war against “whitey” yet your women are bearing the image and visage of whitey who is supposed to be your enemy???? You pro black, back to Africa Negroes are lost.

        Just to add, what takes the biscuit even more is that a large portion of these pro blacks who claim to hate white folks so much are actually dating or are married to white women, some of them even having children by these same white women, hypocrites:

        Be sure to fast forward to mark 8:11 onwards to see some of these so called pro black Negroes with white women.

        Even the lip glossing, city slicking, pimperlicious mac Tariq Nasheed himself before his pro black Hidden Colours days was clearly acknowledging the decadency of black women, check it out for yourself:

        And low and behold this same all of a sudden pro black Nasheed Negro finds himself married to a mixed race woman. Pro black, yeah right. By the way clown, here are the abortion facts for Africa that you attempted to tell me were an exaggeration:

        Click to access IB_AWW-Africa.pdf

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  8. Do you think that you impress me with your many words and your sly vernaculars? If so then I am afraid you are sadly mistaken. If for one second you believe that these petty little squabbles that you have shown me somehow fortifies your position then you are even more delusional than I thought. As I have said to you before we Africans do not think in the same manner as you western blacks. We watch and observe you very well. Do you honestly believe that you breaking your feet trampling up and down the streets like toy soldiers, holding signs will change anything? When we Africans sense an injustice we put our differences aside and go into battle all guns blazing wreaking real havoc until we get satisfaction, not strutting around and crowing like a bunch of roosters in a farm yard discord. Of course you wouldn’t know about the whole story because your white controlled media won’t televise it…

    Also I do not give a flying fuck about white people, those demons can rot in the pits of hell for all I care. Their issues are of no concern to me….. Who do you think are setting up clinics for abortion and giving diseases to Africans, you guessed it correctly…. Those same evil whites you love to sing the praises of so much.

    These so called pro-blacks who have children with white women are not really as pro-black as they claim to be because you cannot uplift your own while sleeping with your enemy…

    I have read over the so called case file that you use to as ammunition in your abortion rants. And I saw that more than half of the reported cases, the abortion done to save the life of the mother. Oh I’m sorry would you preferred that she dies? OOPS I guess it never occurred to you that not everyone here in Africa has access to top of the line healthcare like you do over there in the UK. So you can sit up there and act all high and mighty perfect in every way but the reality is, you don’t live here, you haven’t walked a mile in our shoes so you couldn’t possibly understand our position.

    Le crapaud aime l’eau mais pas l’eau chaud. Tu es le crapaud


      • Pretending to be an African based in Africa when you are actually from the Caribbean. That is the lowest of the low, as I stated before, you pro blacks are some of the most dishonest and disingenuous people on the planet. Now I am really done.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Citte du jericho (he ? she ?) sounds like a Feminist and idolator of the “West” i.e. Edom/Esau. He/she was writing partly in French at the start but with some mistakes like in his/her chosen name : in proper French, it reads
        “Cité de Jéricho” one t, accents and de not du.
        Similarly it reads l’eau chaude for hot water, with a final e for the feminine.
        So he/she could come from an island where both French/créole and English are spoken like Dominique Island. Or the French Caribbean Islands like Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin.

        It’s amazing how these nasty Feminist ideas, mostly cooked up by lesbian white women like bisexual Simone de Beauvoir, are becoming today the n°1 ideology pushed forward by Esau. It’s coming in Europe full force these days with the aim of destroying manhood and family altogether. In France, the new secretary for Education is a full-fledged Feminist and she promotes dressing boys at primary schools like girls and vice versa.

        Men of the Most High like sir Verbs have to be listened to with attention and certainly not insulted on their own blogs. We are certainly grateful Sir for taking time to teach from the Scriptures against the wicked society in all its aspects.


  9. You are sad, resorting to baseless accusations now that you are unable to defend your position.

    As far as I know a person’s home address does not show up on a blog post when they comment so how could you possibly know where I am.

    The toad really does not like hot water


  10. wow, would you look at that!!!! K.O

    I don’t think Citte du Jericho is going to recover from this….. you certainly are as sharp as a double edged sword


  11. wow, would you look at that K.O

    I don’t think Citte du Jericho is going to recover from this….. you certainly are as sharp as a double edged sword Verbs. He/She/It which ever that person is, threw down the gauntlet and got a solid ass-whooping…..

    this is what happens when you bite off more than you could chew


  12. Shalom Hebrew Israelite Brother-In-Christ;
    WOW! WOW! This battle between Citte du Jericho and Verbs2015 is Waaaaay off the Hooook! You two actually sharpened your swords. I’m not trying to be funny about this at all. I must say, the exchange between the both of you has been more than a mouth full. Well, I won’t necessarily take sides with either of you because y’all brought out some very valid points from both ends. However, I must say that sadly, more and more African women are exhibiting much of same behaviors as the Western black women are displaying. To be honest, I thought maybe the African women were a bit more mature and decent and that would be us Western black women’ only hope for our feminine redemption. I’ve had a lot of African female friends and thought they were better to get along with. I also thought they loved their African blackness in general more than much of us Western black women. But, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy; was I wrong from what I have been seeing taking place with more and more African women. A feminine woman is not some weak ass pushover/floor mat type; a feminine woman is really a woman who can still be very powerful and stand her grounds if need be. Such a woman does not have to stop being a woman to exercise her power, strength, and authority. Here are some Biblical examples of feminine women who were very powerful, strong, leaders of authority, courageous, mean serious business, and quite outspoken: Miriam, Deborah, Ruth, Hannah, Abigail, Esther, Mary, The woman evangelist of Jn. 4:29, Lydia, Huldah, daughters of Philip, many others, and the woman of Proverbs 31. Truthfully, some of these women did far greater than much of the Hebrew Israelite men could ever dream of. These women never gave up their appreciation of being a woman. I honestly believe many men greatly envy and even condemn such women more so than some loud mouthed boisterous manly ratchet whore. Even many so-called enlightened Hebrew Israelite men condemn such women out of their wretched ratchet belief that these righteous women of The Most High would not submit to their foolishness. Such men preferred weak stupid silly women easily led by any ole thing, esp. wretchedness, folly, warp, and filthy abominable doctrines coming from these bitchy pimps. These sort of women are not feminine; don’t let their soft weak quiet non-thinking facade fool you. These women would likely tolerate (physical/psychological/mental/emotional/spiritual) abuse as long as they can please these bitchy ass faggots. I personally feel that any man who chooses such stupid silly ass immature women who cannot think intelligently, logically, and rationally; are weak, stupid, faggot, retarded asses themselves. This is a G-damned shame that so many of the Hebrew Israelite have such low expectations of women in general. Why would any woman in her sound and right mind would want to marry such men to father their children. I feel that us women need to take personal responsibility, accountability, and ownership for our own actions so we stop giving men excuses of talking negative and badly about us. Quite frankly ladies, I’m tired of hearing all this bad rapping about our grave from all these men. This got to stop, ladies. I’m serious, I I’m sick of these men being right about our general horrible state. I must go for now. Take care and may The Most High bless you. Shalom.


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