Institutional Church Beast Pastor Strikes Again!

Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo


I should have written about this merchant sooner, my apologies. Say hello to the minstrel, buck dancing buffoon by the name of Olugbenga Oladejo who has the cheek to call himself a pastor. This shoe shining buffoon heads a bank branch called Complete In Christ Church UK(CICC UK) which is based in Peterborough, England. Within the last week this bankster has hit the news big time because of a few videos that he produced in which he has claimed that christian couples who engage in oral sex practices aswell as different sexual positions are going straight to hell.  He claims that these revelations are directly from Christ, I strongly beg to differ simply based on the fact that he was unable to produce the scriptures to solidly support his janky doctrines.

What scriptures he did bring forward were so clearly taken out of context that a five-year old could critique his position without breaking a sweat. This man resorts to insulting the intelligence of people in order to make his circus clown doctrines seem viable and feasible. Of course this joker comes from Nigeria, home to some of the worst so called “pastors” on the planet. A large portion of Nigerian pastors cannot even be called that because it is obvious that the vast majority of them have simply bestowed themselves with the title of pastor in order to make money and in order have sex with their female congregation members.

I personally believe that Oladejo is no different, it is very possible that he is priming his female church members for sex with himself down the line, this is exactly how these pastors execute their wizardry. As we have seen many a time before, it is very safe to assume that this jackal is not practicing what he is preaching, very few pastors do in 2015.

There are no scriptures that condemn the practice of oral sex and there certainly aren’t any scriptures that speak against engaging in different positions during sexual relations. I would suggest that this “pastor” should read Song Of Solomon before rolling off the production line with such Tom foolery.

Again, here we have another situation of an ICBI pastor attempting to micro manage a person’s life, in this case this shoe shining minstrel has taken it one step further and now he wants into your bedroom. It is exactly stupid and outlandish doctrines such as these that have led to the sexual decadence and dysfunction within the church.  This is exactly the reason why the church is full of folks who are addicted to pornography aswell as closet masturbators, when you place restrictions upon actions that are natural, the end results will always be dysfunction and chaos.

What next, will the pastor put on a striped black and white shirt, demand to be present when you engage in sexual intercourse with your loved one, blow a whistle and hand you both red and yellow cards or even fines as penalties because of things that you are “doing wrong”? “Five strokes too many before ejaculating, that will be a £10 penalty please, you are thrusting too hard, I’m giving you a yellow card for excessive force” etc.

In reality most of these pastors are perverts, they would simply relish that type of scenario and would even go as far as to ask you to stand aside while they would “show you how things ought to be done properly”. As I have stated before, you walk with the Most High is an INDIVIDUAL WALK, it has nothing to do with anybody else, this would also include your sex life. Oladejo has no business sticking his nose into the sexual affairs of other people and to make things worse, he has implicated Christ in his twisted thinking which is a complete travesty.

No punk, Christ has nothing to do with your ratchet sexual teachings, this is all on you, stop hiding behind the Most High and Christ, stand up and represent what you believe in by yourself. Here are the fool’s videos for you to see for yourselves, enjoy:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

18 thoughts on “Institutional Church Beast Pastor Strikes Again!

  1. And just when you thought these charlatans couldn’t get any lower, lo and behold, they surprise you……

    Just like that pastor in the USA that infected female members of the congregation with HIV, I think I shared that story with you sometime last year if I am not mistaken…

    and what’s worse those dogs are up the road from my house barking at the top of their lungs,

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    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      The truth of the matter is that the majority of these “charlatans” as you so eloquently labelled them are sexual delinquents, they want in deeper into the personal lives of their members, that would include taking advantage of their members sexually whether they be the men, the women and in many cases the children too.

      I remember that particular pastor, he wasn’t the first and he certainly won’t be the last to do something like that, in fact I believe that there have been more cases of pastors passing on diseases to their church members through sexual relations.

      These pastors are simply jackals, do not be swooned in, mesmerised and captivated by their soft, smooth words and their supposed outward appearance of “holiness” at anytime.

      There is nothing worse than having an institutional church beast branch in close proximity to where you live, you have to listen to the banker spout off his nonsense even though you are not in attendance. I experienced the same thing while holidaying in the Dominican Republic one time.

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      • well the upside in your case, the Dominican Republic speaks Spanish, and unless you’re fluent in that language, the pastor’s rantings shouldn’t bother you that much if you can’t understand what he’s saying

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      • Nidotopianwarrior,

        Lol. If only it were that simple, the “pastors” over there use exactly the same style of preaching as the American and African jackals plus my girlfriend is Colombian so I understand a fair bit of the language. Remember, the institutional church beast infrastructure and its edicts are international.

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      • true that, I usually turn up the tv or put on my headphones whenever I hear them… my mother still tries to force me to go. So whenever she’s home on a Sunday and she makes plans to go and of course drag me along I pray for a spirit of deep sleep and tiredness to fall on her

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  2. sir Verbs that is amazing : they could image all kinds of crazy things but cannot preach the Scriptures like they are and so about the Most High, His Son and the Chosen People.

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    • Servant2be,

      As I have stated before, there is no level that these church beast jackals will not stoop to, yet and still they point blank refuse to enlighten the world as to who are the true Hebrews and teach the true gospel, not this GMO mutated, quarter pint, relegate gospel that they have infected the entire world with. When Christ died and the veil was torn into two, that signified the end of having to go through a middle man(the priest) in order to connect with the Most High and the beginning of the power and the authority of the individual through Christ. As I have stated before, the Most High is not working through these jackal pastors and their tumbling temples of condemnation, the Most High is getting the job done through the individual, plain and simple.

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  3. Shalom Hebrew Israelite brother-in-Christ;
    Hahahaha! I must say, you’re spoiling what your book is going to be all about, LOL! Well, I’m sure your book is still going to very good full of surprises and treats, LOL again.
    Now, I must speak quite seriously and gravely about this commentary. It is quite unbelievable how so many professing Christian preachers/teachers preach about such nonsense about an extremely private and sensitive area that is nobody’s business whatsoever! What business is it for anyone to pry into the bedrooms of couples engaging in sexual activities? I see as long as the Holy Matrimony is between a man and a woman in a Holy covenant with each other is between them and The Most High. As for intimate relationships outside of The Most High’s laws; well, He will deal with such acts according to His laws/statutes/commandments. So it is not up to us to judge on private matters of others because we are not all knowing. For one thing, majority of professing Christian pastors/preachers & lay people do not even know who The Most High & His Son Christ really is nor the true gospel message & salvation plan. For example; if you would ask 100 people what the gospel of Christ is and the salvation plan, you would be given 100 different answers and maybe, just maybe only 1 person out of 100 people would give the right answer. I believe that about 95% of professing Christians have yet to truly know and comprehend these extremely important areas because often times wrong doctrines, teachings, & information are passed down and regurgitated. I believe Satan have so many of these folks under a very strong spell. Heck, Apostle Paul said that The Most High God will send a strong delusion so many can believe a lie which would condemn many for accepting and loving unrighteousness instead of truth and righteousness (2 Thess. 2:11). Many of these preachers/teachers are some of the biggest liars and most unrighteous people around. Just look at all the whoredom, adultery/idolatry, rape/pedophilia, thievery, murder, and all sorts of foulness/vileness.
    We are definitely in the last days and upon “The Seven Year Great Tribulation” (Daniel 7:25, Daniel 9:27, Revelation 12:5-6, Revelation 13:5) just before the earthly return of Christ. To be honest, I am one of those who believe in the pre-tribulation rapture/caught up (1 Thess, 4:16-18, 1 Cor. 15:51-53); I know, I know, you don’t hold that view at all. You believe that those in the body-of-Christ (Church Aged righteous) will go through The Seven Year Great Tribulation period. Well, that’s fine with me because that will not shake up my faith/trust in Christ & it really doesn’t matter when the “catching away/caught up of the saints” event takes place as long as us saints in His body are spared from The Most High’ wrath that’s coming to the wicked.
    Now, I’ll give you my reasons why I take the pre-tribulation rapture position: #1 Enoch was a righteous man who walked with The Most High God Himself and was taken away (Gen. 5:24). #2 Elijah as a faithful prophet of The Most High was suddenly caught up in a whirlwind in a chariot. #3 Noah was instructed by The Most High to build an ark for him, his family, and the chosen animals before the worldwide flood took place to destroy all the wicked (Gen. 6-7). #4 The Most High Himself sent 2 angels to get Lot out of Sodom before the fiery destruction (Gen. 19). #5 The first two men mentioned were very righteous upright; the second two men were less than upright, esp. Lot. After all, all four men were righteous before The Most High in their generation, but were not perfect in their flesh, though. My point is that, I don’t see The Most High would allow His own righteous to stay where He delivers His wrath upon the wicked and the earth. The Most High has and is going to protect and spare all who are saved by the precious blood of Christ regardless whether taken away/up, caught up in a whirlwind in a chariot, raptured up, angels being sent to take the sealed, or whatever. I’m not rying to be funny here. It’s just that I won’t debate any pre-tribbers/pre-wrathers/post-tribbers/pre-millennialists/amillenialists/post-millenialists because such is futile. We all have differing views and beliefs, but God’s word is the only foundation from which I truly stand on. Only thing I can say is that endless arguments/debates will not stop the second coming of Christ at all. Unlike “The Left Behind” series, I believe that it will be quite insignificant and only a tiny number of people will go up in this pre-trib rapture, because in every single case in scripture, only a small remnant were spared God’s wrathful judgment. This pre-trib rapture is another one of the weeding out processes that will only expose all those religious hypocrites who thought they were righteous/upstanding in God’s sight but were not. If the rapture is pre-trib, I’ll bet that only about 10% or less of professing Christians alone would make it. All the rest would be counted along with the unrighteous/wicked. This can be a whole different subject for another commentary. So, virtually all Christians are sitting in these Laodicean (lukewarm) churches that would be left behind. And funny thing is, ever since I found out about my Hebrew Israelite ancestry has only strengthen/magnified my pre-trib rapture position because of the time of “Jacob’s Trouble”. You know that virtually all enlightened Hebrew Israelites either abandon nor ever held the pre-trib rapture view. So again, The Most High Must deal with The Nation of Israel first during the tribulation because many still haven’t fully trust in Christ yet. So again, here goes this weeding out process in The Nation of Israel first, then the other nations. Well, I know, I wrote such a long drawn out commentary here. Brother, keep warning the people about God’s judgment that’s coming upon the earth soon. It’s all good. Shalom and may The Most High continue to bless you in all your doings.


    • Malheureusement ma soeur cette “Rapture” doctrine is a crock of bullshit. This false doctrine was contrived by Jesuit Priest and sorcerer, Ignatius de Loyola. Now that I not yo say there won’t be a catching away so to speak. But this pre tribulation rapture is deceptive through and through. The book of Acts 14:22 states

      “Confirming the souls of the disciples and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the king of The most high.”
      The pre-tribulation rapture teaches that christians will be floated up into heaven to wait out the 7 year tribulation where the mark of the beast and the antichrist will make an appearance. Which is another deception in itself. Because

      1) the Mark of the Beast is here already. The RFID vhip.

      2) The Antichrist has been here since 1948 in the State of Israel.

      But that is a discussion for another day. The rapture deception has made christians complacent and it I a very cunning ploy used by the devil to have the strongest warriors not enter the battlefield.

      The catching away that the bible speaks of of when Christ returns to the earth in great wrath to make war with the nations.
      The dead in him shall rise first and all who remain shall be caught up with them and meet him in the air. It doesn’t say anything about them being caught away to be taken somewhere into heaven or any of the tenets that compose the pre-tribulation rapture


      • Shalom;
        I’m not going to argue nor debate with you on this. You are entitled to you personal beliefs; I’m likewise entitled to my own beliefs as well. I don’t understand why you have to be so damn rude from the get go. You don’t have to believe in the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine, but that does not mean it won’t happen!!! The Holy scriptures proven my point supporting the pre-tribulation rapture and I don’t give a G-damn about your rejection of this doctrine so don’t ever come to me with your F-king bullshit about your pre-trib rapture is a false doctrine because this is not the focal point of this commentary. I won’t give you the satisfaction like Verbs2015 by going back and forth with you; so you can take your whining ass bullshit elsewhere and never bother to even write me any further! GOOD BYE!!!


      • Shalom;
        I want to mention some scriptures that you are more than welcome to study:
        “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him” (Pro. 18:16-18). That scripture says enough about people like you. You gave a weak attempt to prove the pre-tribulation rapture of the saints by quoting Acts 14:22 which does not specifically talk about the great tribulation. First of all, that scripture in full contextual meaning (14:18-28); is about Apostle Paul being stoned by some Judaizers from Antioch and Iconium, they thought he was dead, but he wasn’t. The saints of The Most High have been persecuted and experiencing great trials/tribulation since time in-memorial, even during Apostle Paul’s time. Throughout scriptures, the true saints of The Most High were always encouraged to endure through trials/tribulation regardless of era/dispensation. So, by resorting to such ignorance of condemning a doctrine with so-called scriptures in attempt to refute it does not necessarily confirm you being right. Again, I’m not here for a debate because only the truth stands alone without any one of our help. I will only contend for the faith once delivered to the saints of The Most High (Jude 1:3). I’ve said in my commentary that if the rapture/catching away of the saints does not take place prior to the great tribulation, then my faith in Christ alone would not be shaken: I may be frightened at what I see or experience doing this hour of trial, but I’d much rather die than pledge my allegiance to the anti-Christ or any man/woman/being. For one thing, those in Christ are not appointed to God’s wrath here on earth (the great tribulation of 7 last mankind historical years) nor the hereafter (1 Thes. 5:9): Verse 11 speaks of comforting one another in faith, not fear, worry, and discomfort which many like yourself like to relish so much in. By the way, you mentioned that the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine causes many Christians to complacent; that is partially true, but that does not mean that all Christians are like that. For one thing, saints are exhorted to wait patiently for Christ’ appearance, not for anti-Christ or some damned RFID chip. Another thing you speak as though salvation has something to do with our good works instead of Christ’ righteous works via His Shed blood. If you trust in anything you did to save your soul from eternal hell, then you didn’t except The Most High’ free gift of salvation via faith/trust in His Only Begotten Son alone (Ro. 6:23). Our good works could never earn us eternal salvation regardless the amount because only The Most High via faith in Christ alone is due all the credit. If you’re one of those boasting about your unwavering ability of going through the great tribulation with flying colors, then go on with your bad self. I’m not boasting about such insanity. There are many folks out there boasting in their fleshly abilities of being able to endure the great hour of trial; yet don’t really know nor understand how grave and horrendous that period actually is. 99% of such people will perish during the great tribulation. So if you want to look forward to anti-Christ coming or as you said it, he’s already here since 1948; and the RFID chip, then go ahead my friend. I must warn you, you may not make all the through. If you don’t have the blood of Christ as you Passover, then you’re in deep trouble my friend. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with the pre-trib rapture doctrine; that’s not soul condemning at all. Debating over Biblical truth is not my cup-of-tea all. I’m only concern about just passing out the plain truth. Let’s be respectful about our differences and disagreements and not be so rash about them. If you want to prove me wrong via scriptures, then feel free without all the disrespect/rashness/foolishness: Thank you! I don’t want to argue/fight with you at all. If you want to engage in such childishness and stupidity, please take that somewhere else because I’ not the one and I don’t have the patience nor time for any foolishness! Peace/Shalom.


    • Just watched that video clip, not surprised really. Of course the dude had to have some sort of clerical position. This account simply bolsters my point that most of these folks who call themselves pastors are just really good actors who have been trained well in the art of conning others.

      Of course the stupid black woman(his sister) in the clip is a liar, she knew exactly what her brother was up to but black women will typically lie to anybody and everybody because it is their second nature.

      Disgusting, yet where are the pro black, hotep, back to Africa, red, black and green Negro leadership when you need them? Nowhere to be found on an issue such as this.


      • call it a protective instinct if you will, most black women are not that willing to sail their beloveds down the river in those kinds of situations. Growing up in Guyana I saw a lot of that, young men who committed crime in order to survive and their mothers were super protective of them. Of course in those days, times were hard and it was do or die, times are still challenging with all the current political unrest and elections so close. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a mess there. Our young men are being reduced to hired hitmen for those devious coolies (slang used to refer to Guyanese of East Indian descent) of course not the majority of our young men but it hurts me as a black nationalist to see that.


  4. OMG!!! is this…..this…..this jackass for real? You know what I’m lost for words. really I am… I just can’t imagine someone being that stupid, that’s worse than that girl on youtube who asked about whether dogs have brains.


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