Where Are The Pro Blacks? Shouldn’t These Women Rightly Be Labelled As “Coons”?

Black Woman At Laptop


Please check out the video below:



Now, I have many points to make here, the first point that needs to be made is the fact that the majority of the black women in these clips were either weaved up to the hilt, were wearing excessive amounts of make up or both. This is the stupidity of the modern-day western black woman as a whole, you will go out of your way to look like somebody whom you are not, yet you will expect men from other races to accept you and welcome you with open arms. How can they welcome and embrace you when you will not even welcome and embrace yourself?

As I have stated before, why on earth would a white guy go for a black woman who is trying her best to look like a white woman? This makes absolutely no sense………………………unless your thinking is like the modern-day black woman. Why would any person go for the copy of something when they can simply pick up the original? You black women honestly believe that you can attract non black men by attempting to distance yourself from your original physical features? This is exactly why I will continue to state that despite her high level of education, the modern-day black woman on the whole is the dumbest creature on the planet.

Once upon a time black woman would present themselves to non black men as they were naturally, this is the reason why non black men were attracted to and went for black women in the first place. Aswell as a huge number of black men, non black men are also beginning to abandon ship on black women because of the freakish, circus clown, transvestite look that the majority of black women have adopted in order to garner attention and attract the opposite sex. A word of advice black women, you stand a better chance of attracting any man by simply looking like your original self.

As per the words of the first black female minstrel in the video, the movement of black women dating and marrying non black men is called the “swirl movement”. I have to laugh at these clips because to be honest today’s modern-day black women on the whole are not bringing anything viable to the table to attract the attention of anybody yet alone non black men apart from their huge backsides. That is about the only credit black women have to themselves in 2015 and even then, once you have “tapped that rear end”, things normally start to trundle downhill rapidly from that point onwards if there is a relationship involved.

Why is this, what is the reason for the high failure rate amongst black women pertaining to dating and marriage? The answer is simple, black women on the whole have lost their femininity, their acceptance of a leadership position that should be occupied by a black male has opened them up to be possessed by a spirit of masculinity(feminism), hence why modern-day black women have the worst reputation for being the most violent women on the planet(feminism yet again). Some would even argue that today black women are the most violent people on earth period. I would personally agree that this statement would not be far from the truth in light of the mountains of evidence that black women will display willingly and openly for all to see.

As the video occasionally and rightly points out, where are the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green, one love, irie, black unity, brotha, sista Negroes? Why are they not calling out these black women as coons, black buffoons, sambos and sellouts? Will they speak to what these black women are declaring, probably not. The same point that I made in my post regarding the black plight I will make here again, while the pro blacks are busy giving these black women a pass and instead going in on black men who decide to make a stand and hold these women accountable, these same black women are making videos and writing books on dating white men. Where are you pro blacks now or are these women not coons?

One of the other things that annoys me here is the double standard of black women, when a black guy gets with a white women, a typical black woman will call him all kinds of sellouts niggers, coons etc and berate the man until she is blue in the face, however as soon as a black woman gets herself a white guy this is somehow viewed as a great and outstanding achievement. Yet the black woman with the white man is not given the same sellout and coon labels as the black man who dates and marries the white woman, why is this? The answer is simple, black women being the leaders of the community do not believe that they should be held responsible and accountable for any of their actions, therefore they simply move the goal posts and thus believe that they have the right to be hypocrites, in other words “we can do what we want”.

It is a pity that black women are the least desired of all races of women on the planet, black women would actually be more successful in dating outside of their own race if they were in demand and had the ability to “date out” on mass, the simple reason being that because black women hate themselves and anything that resembles them so much, they would actually feel more comfortable with a non black partner as this would assist them to escape from the reality of who they truly are.

Again, this is why black women will not give non black men the same attitude that they happily offload onto black men, black men remind black women of who they really are and black women on the whole hate black men for this.  The white man however is the image that black women are trying to attain to, therefore they will have absolutely no problems looking at, dwelling with and interacting with white men.

Black women in the “swirl movement” are simply clowning themselves and looking equally as stupid touting the illusion that somehow they are all of a sudden in hot demand. Black women have the lowest marriage rate of all races of women, they are also the least desired when it comes down to dating, I simply have to laugh and ask the question “what swirl movement”?

The majority of black women are goners, fit for the bonfire. There is however a remnant of black women throughout all this who have maintained their integrity, who actually love who they are and who have distanced themselves for the clown tom foolery of their sisters, recognising this outlandish stupid behaviour for what it is. Dating outside of your race in my personal opinion is not the problem, the problem is when you begin to celebrate and make a song and dance about it when you attain your goal, yet you will criticise and berate the men of your own race for making the same achievement.

Look black women, nobody cares about who you are dating, the thinking black man now knows that you are incredibly insecure and because you have very few options in term of who you can date, you want black men to remain on the plantation miserable and wait for you just in case your interracial dating adventure doesn’t pan out how you would like it to.

You black women on the whole have seriously messed up and every opportunity that I get I am going to hold a mirror to your face. You will not be able to escape having to look at how decadent, lazy and slothful you have become. Unlike what your backwards logic would tell you, this therapy is actually for your own good and it also provides for a testimony as to who actually took action in the attempt to remedy the situation and bring about positive change vs who was simply giving lip service.

Lastly to the pro blacks, it is easy for you to call other black men out as coons, however why will you not bestow these black women with the same designation? The answer is simple, because most of you have been raised by single black mothers who have brainwashed and programmed you into believing that you must revere black women unconditionally. Yet again here is a clear illustration of the lack of care and concern that black women have for you pro blacks aswell as black men in general. Are you beginning to understand what is taking place here or do you wish to continue in willful ignorance? This Negro definitely sees what is going on, the spell for me has been broken. As always………………………………..

Negro Wars Book

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

10 thoughts on “Where Are The Pro Blacks? Shouldn’t These Women Rightly Be Labelled As “Coons”?

    • Getovayourself,

      You made such an dumb statement, getting a black woman is easier than getting out of bed in the morning. The problem for most black men today is having to wade through the high volumes of trash and garbage in order to find a decent black woman, as genuine black women who are feminine, who do not hate themselves, who will submit to their men and who haven’t been contaminated by feminism in 2015 are very hard to come by.

      Since you were unable to rebutt any of the information presented, I believe that you are the one who ought to be “zipping your mouth shut”.

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  1. Shalom Hebrew Israelite brother-in-Christ
    First, I must say that you put up with a lot of crap on your blog site. I guess many people hate the raw truth. As a Westernized black woman myself, I can most definitely feel a lot of hurt and pain from the raw truth. You wrote a lot of commentaries about all the serious problems with many of us Westernized black women. I hate that you’re so right about much of what you’re saying about us modern day black women, in particularly Westernized black women. I am greatly disappointed and saddened at the grave state of the Westernized black women of today. To be quite honest, I didn’t even bother watching those videos on your previous commentary because I’m already disappointed and saddened and quite embarrassed by all the damn foolishness childishness coming from these women. I’ve watched the video here thinking that it was David Caroll speaking, but instead of it being him speaking, it was a serious of these Westernized women displaying childishness and BS. I almost click it off because I just did not want to hear such non-sense coming from these women, but I happened to reluctantly endure the whole 15 1/2 minutes of it. Its’ bad enough that so many of us wear weaves, blond bleached hairs, fake nails/eye lashes, and tonnes of make up all the damn time. They are self hating and trying to hide their true selves. But, being the leaders in such ratchet debauchery behaviors (wearing next to nothing, shaking asses, fighting/violence, acting/dressing like dudes, filthy conversations, what have you in the negatives). As you said in one of your responses in your previous article, many of the Westernized black women are demon possess and psychologically/mentally destroyed. Their spiritual state is truly warped and just plain beyond repair. These women are the epitome of people under a curse that can be cured of from only The Most High. But, these women must want to be helped/healed from all these demons/dis-eases. No amount of psycho therapy, drugs, talk shows, reasoning/rationing talks, nor any other secular remedies would solve any of these serious problems plaguing many of us black women. Lets’ not ignore many of the other black women around the world, because sadly, they are following the ways of the Westernized black women. I’ve said before that the Westernized black women are leading the way in such destructive behaviors. I am speaking from personal experience, I wore weaves/extensions once they became popular for a long long time myself, of course, it all started off with all the harmful chemical perms/relaxers/Jerry curls since I was born in 1970. I even once told my mother that the main chemicals in these hair products are main ingredients in bomb weaponry. I served in the military for several years, so I should know something about munitions. My mother of course, denied it. That sounds like many of us black women; we became expert deniers. But now, I’m wearing my own hair in its’ natural state right now. I’ve been natural for a straight few years. Its’ been a long long road to recovery. I want to grow my own hair into a huge beautiful afro because it is the most beautiful look out of all other textures to me; since The Most High & His Son has hair like lambs wool, makes it even more of a good reason to just be my natural self. My hair may not be long like I want it to be right now, but to be honest, I actually like my nappy kinky hair because I feel liberated and even feel more esteemed since I went the natural route. I personally hate perms/relaxers/weaves because they cause substantial damage to and loss of my hair that was given to me by our creator. These chemicals also caused me health problems; FIBROID/PITUITARY TUMORS as among several. So I’m into to natural health/wellness/fitness. I’ll write more on this on my next commentary later on. Shalom.

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    • Candice Sparks,

      You are a rare breed indeed, you are one of the few black women that I have come across who has the ability to recognise that because you do not fit the decadent demographic, you do not get upset at what is being stated, yet at the same time you have the rare ability to acknowledge the truth where most others would roll straight into denial and begin the all too familiar name calling and slogan throwing.

      To endure that video was difficult for me aswell but I had to do it in order to further understand the janky mindset of the modern day western black woman. As I have stated many times before, I do not bring these reports to the table with excitement and glee, however unlike as per the dysfunctional mindset of black people as a whole, ignoring these issues has not made them disappear, in fact the problems have gotten worse.

      I reasoned a long time ago that the majority of black folks are goners, these are folks who have amalgamated themselves into the Matrix system where they are quite comfortable with its miniscule handouts and crumbs. This condition of black women is a great disappointment, even more disappointing though is the fact that the majority of black men remain silent on the current reprobate state of black women and the foolish behaviour that they are engaging in.

      The modern day western black women is the ultimate self hating coon, who hates herself so much that she will go out of her way to look like somebody else and will fight anything and everything that look like herself. As far as most black women are concerned, the Most High should have made them white and thus he made a mistake in the production process.

      Despite what those in denial say, the weave wearing, the perms and the relaxing of the hair is a very serious issue as this is an indication of the mindset most black women have. Most black men do not get it, they date these women who wear weaves and tons of make up and they wonder why it is hell in a cell everyday of their lives. Its funny that you should mention fibroids as I have a friend who also recently went in for an operation to remove a large fibroid that had been giving her trouble for years.

      As I stated before most black women are complete goners, they believe that only dealing with positive things will automatically make the negative things disappear, then they are left bewildered when the negative things grow into much bigger problems. This new age think and talk only positive things is a load of old tosh, it doesn’t work. The only way to deal with negativity is to be honest about its existence and deal with it head on.

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  2. As hard as this was for me to read, I must at the same time applaud you Verby Poo because this is a topic that is hardly, if ever at all touched upon by many of us black nationalists. I take no pleasure in coonish behaviour whether from men or women. But I will say this, as my mother used to say, “When you know better you do better” unfortunately many of our brothers and sisters know no better. Since becoming a staunch black nationalist I have had to do some spring cleaning in my mind in regards to some of our sisters and to some extent our brothers as well. And part of this spring cleaning venture was coming to the realization that we were not born this way. We were programmed and conditioned into this way of thinking.
    As much as I commend your boldness in dropping this taboo bombshell I must say I disagree with your pessimistic resolve about some of our sisters. I for one have not given up the fight. I try my utmost to educate our brothers and sisters about the game that’s being played against us.


    • Chrystal Emma,

      This is why I struggle to take these folks who claim that they have a concern for the black community seriously. Any issues where an outside enemy can be pointed to are conversed about all day, yet those issues pertaining to certain sectors of black people damaging their own reputation via dysfunctional behaviour are kept in the closet.

      We as black folks are going to have to decontaminate our own backyard first before we can confidently point to an outside enemy as “the problem”. On the contrary, I have not given up the fight either, I have simply accepted that most black women are goners beyond redemption, after all Christ said it himself, “many are called BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN”.

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      • This is quite sad. I am an African woman who came to the U.S. at age 13. I grew up in the black American community but had trouble fitting in. I was made fun of at school for being different, wearing my natural hair, and having my own style. After a few years, I soon found myself succumbing to the peer pressure because I wanted to fit in, be like everyone else in order to be accepted. I soon realized in College that I was not like most of the blacks around me. My African values were different. So I left the black American community and haven’t returned since. Perhaps westernized blacks need to take a field trip to Africa and perhaps being there will expand their mind a little. However my #1 concern is that even the African youth living in Africa are being influenced by Western black celebrities. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw a young woman with a tattoo on her chest in Africa. Lord Jesus help us.

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