Where Are The Pro Blacks? Shouldn’t These Women Rightly Be Labelled As Coons? Part 2

I’d like to introduce you to a lady who goes by the name of Caramel Kitten, take a look at the video below:

Now it turns out that this Caramel Kitten woman also performs “private shows” on her website. Now, this is the pinnacle definition of what constitutes the meaning of a coon, yet your pro black, back to Africa, pyramid head Negroes are not calling out this black woman on her public buffoonery. Caramel Kitten’s twerking and buttock clapping public antics are not only a bad look for her, but also for black women on the whole seeing as the world likes to collectivise both black men and black women.

This is one example of why I cannot take the pro black Negroes seriously, this women gets a clean pass for her public minstrel acts. Instead the pro blacks will be masturbating to her “performances” and subscribing to her YouTube channel. Now I will be the first to admit that this women is very attractive, yet at some point we as black men need to stop thinking with the penis and actually think past the penis. In reality the pro black Negroes lust after women like this, they love the “nasty”, this deep in their hearts is the kind of woman that they desire.

Pro blacks masturbating to this woman’s performances is not the issue, the problem I have is that they are not calling out her behaviour for what it is, dysfunctional, breathing fresh life into negative stereotypes pertaining to black women and their sexual libido and a basic outright coon fest. Where is the honesty here? Again as I stated before these pro blacks will not call black women out on their dysfunctional behaviour for the fear of having easy sex withdrawn from them. Black men in 2015 on the whole are so weak it hurts to even think about it. Lets check out the next clip from a minstrel show called Basketball Wives:

Now, you saw in this short clip how black woman simply cannot agree to disagree. You would throw glass at somebody else just because you have a contention with them in regards to status? See, stereotypes are partly based around truth, can you see how easy it was for the black women in this clip to resort to violence over a difference of opinion? This is why black women on the whole are believed to be the most violent women on the planet. As I stated before in the previous post black women as a whole have lost their femininity, not even black men are this violent.

As we also saw in the clip the black women were weaved up to the hilt(re-enforcing European beauty as the standard=White Supremacy) and also were wearing the circus clown make up to ensure that you would notice them. Again, black women are attention starved creatures who will say anything and do anything in order to get some sort of attention their way. The angry black woman and the violent black woman stereotypes have both been fulfilled here in this clip. This is the state of the modern day black women yet the pro blacks will not call out these women on their foolish antics, why have these women not been labelled as coons?

Yet again these pro blacks who claim to care for black people and have a concern for the community are not calling this dysfunctional nonsense out for what it really is, a minstrel coon performance. Let us now check out another clip from another buffoon show named Celebrity Apprentice:

The black women who is running her mouth off in the clip is named Nene Leakes, I believe if my memory serves me correctly that Nene Leakes also stars in yet another coon fest of a minstrel show called The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Here we have a clear illustration of the angry black woman stereotype being fulfilled once again. Black women especially the darker skinned black women are known for causing a ruckus and making a scene with their voices alone.

I want you to also notice the behaviour of the white women in the clip, notice how they were silent and simply observed the altercation between Leakes and Jackson. They didn’t even get involved to try to stop the beef, they much preferred to stay out of the contention completely. White women are not stupid, they know that they themselves can become casualties and victims by merely attempting to be good Samaritans simply trying to prevent a fight from breaking out, they have the internet, they have YouTube, they have seen what happens to many of those who attempt to break up fights between black women.

Now this Leakes woman seems to enjoy getting into altercations as I have seen quite a few clips on youtube involving her initiating beefs and drama. Yet again, where are the pro blacks calling out this woman on her coon fest buffoonery antics? Nowhere to be found, why am I not surprised? Yet again we have the black women in the clip loaded up with construction site loads of make up and weaved up to the hilt. This is yet another woman that the pro blacks wouldn’t mind getting into the sack, hence predictably why they will give Mrs Leakes a pass on her childish antics. Let us look at yet more random videos with black women on their best behaviour:

Yet again black women will do anything for some attention. You black women will complain about how men call you “bitch” too much yet nobody uses the word bitch more than yourselves, that seems to be the only word in your vocabulary. Notice how the first thing that starts flying is the weave, black women have you no shame? When women from other nationalities fight you do not see piles of hair on the floor after the match has ended. This is a testament to how desperate black women are to separate themselves from their natural look.

You will also notice that when the black women began to fight in both videos that all of a sudden butt cheeks and bare flesh were exposed. Did this stop them from fighting, no, the beastly black women continued in their offensive buffoonery, after all as far as they are concerned some attention is coming their way so let’s make the most of it. I have to ask the question again, where are the pro blacks, why are they not speaking out against this nonsense?

This yet again is why I cannot take the pro black crowd seriously, your claim of care for the black community should include the reprimanding of black women who behave in a reckless manner such as those above. You’ll go in on men who you claim are cooning all day, yet women performing the same antics and worse you won’t even batter an eyelid at.

The pro black Negroes as far as I can observe fit into at least 2 camps, firstly you have the pro blacks who indulge in and derive pleasure from the depravity and the decadent acts that black women exhibit, therefore to correct black women would technically “spoil their fun”. Then there are the pro blacks who believe that today’s behaviour from black women is normal because most of them were raised by black single mothers who behaved in exactly the same manner.

This is how far the modern-day black woman has fallen, there are plenty of more clips where these came from. Cooning is part of the white supremacist agenda regardless of the gender taking part. I keep on telling folks, modern-day black women as a whole are the immediate local enforcers of white supremacy, white folks downed their tools and went to lunch a long time ago seeing how the black woman is doing such a slap up job for them. Your black women of today are the Agent Smiths of the Matrix. As I stated before, since these soft, lame, milk toast, weak black men are afraid to call black women out on their foolishness, I will step up to the plate and at every turn I will hold that mirror in front of your Negro face so that you will be continually reminded of your current state of decadency and how far you have fallen. As always…………………..

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The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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Most High Bless

10 thoughts on “Where Are The Pro Blacks? Shouldn’t These Women Rightly Be Labelled As Coons? Part 2

  1. you know what Verbs, I was literally laughing my ass off reading this post and watching those videos not because they were funny but because they were true and mostly at the irony of it all…… and in regards to the weaves, I could not help but think back to what my cousin had said to me about not having nice hair, but like I said I am waiting for her.

    I hate Housewives and Basketball wives, but my mother lives for those shows and there is another show on TV called Sisterhood of Hip-Hop I’m sure you may have heard of it, my mother lives for that too. then there’s LA Hair which glorifies weave wearing and anything that deviates from that is usually met with the lines “nappy headed hoe” or “nappy headed nigga” can you believe it?

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    • Nidotopian Warrior,

      She still needs to be dealt with verbally, that was a hypocritical statement that she made. Black women on the whole in 2015 are operating in a completely different dimension. I had to look up the bread and circus, minstrel shows LA Hair and Sisterhood Of HipHop as I have never heard of them before. I have completely tuned out from television, everything is digital but I am still using an old television to watch DVDs with. That high maintenance lifestyle does not interest me in the slightest, as far as I am concerned the simpler and cheaper the life the better.

      I do not know how folks can sit down and watch this reality television nonsense. Big Brother was the major stepping stone that launched this reality television minstrelism into the forefront. The people who participate in these foolish shows are simply stupid, they honestly believe that living a life of high expense somehow makes them better than everyone else. Black women are sick in the head, how can you sit there, brag, boast and be proud of wearing hair on your head that has nothing to do with your DNA? They will wear these mop tops on their heads 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and black women still believe that they are sane?????

      What makes me laugh is that when you look for one of these buffoon shows on Youtube, a whole load of them show up in the search. Here is some more clown foolishness, black men and black women on their best behaviour:

      Notice how when the bloke in the white shirt stood up to fight, his woman stood up with him ready to slug fest too. This is exactly my point, black women love contentions, beef, strife, they love to see black men beef and fight with each other because this yet again ensures that they maintain their leadership position.

      Black women will go out of their way to encourage fights whether it be between black men or between themselves. Check out the endless videos on youtube of black women or black men fighting and listen to who is encouraging the battles and stirring up the pot in the background……………….black women. Tell me that I’m wrong.

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      • you’re wrong lol jk no you are right on the money, when I told my mother about it, she was very offended cause she wears her hair natural, she used to have locs but she cut them off and is rocking a fro. the funny thing is, there were four other people at the wedding who didn’t have “nice hair” according to my cousin, there were the groom’s 2 daughters, my mother and an old woman with some thick grey locs but she wouldn’t dare say it to either of them and get this, not a single person had a negative thing to say about mu appearance, some people said I looked like I was the one getting married but like you said I am going to butter her trifling ass good, my mother doesn’t like her very much

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  2. Shalom Hebrew Israelite Brother-in-Christ
    Here you go again with these crazy videos displaying the insanity of us Westernized black women of today; LOL! I have to say that I think Nene Leakes is something else; that’s my kind of girl; LOL! But back to the dire seriousness of such a much needed topic. We black women are in an amber alert emergency that must be addressed by us ASAP! I say such because I see an extreme urgency of us black women en mass willingly stepping up to the plate of true personal/collective responsibility, accountability, and ownership for our behaviors/actions. It is often said that black men are an endangered species, I honestly believe we black women are an endangered species as well. We as a group are being slaughtered by many different ways. Especially via this beauty industry con game. Many black women are not aware that we are being targeted by the elites for utter destruction like the black men. Black men are no longer the potent target for utter destruction, black women are in a lot of danger. No, I’m not joking about this at all, I’m serious about this. Good example; the police are beginning to brutalize black women more without any consideration to her age, health, strength, and appearance. It does not matter how much education, money, or wealth she possesses, the police sees her skin color. We black women forgot about the numerous of black women in the past risked/sacrificed their own lives much like the black men did in history because both genders knew and understood that they were up against a common enemy. However, many black men and women of today have forgotten about that and really just don’t care about whats’ going on at all. Many resort to playing the blame game on each other which blinds either about what the common enemy is planning/plotting against us as a group. Hey, I have to go for now. I’ll speak on some solutions as promised here on my next commentary.


  3. Shalom Hebrew Israelite brother-in-Christ;
    I’m back! My biggest hint about the danger we black women are in; Germany’s propaganda machine against the Jew-Ish and other undesirables’ masses. Come on, does the United (Snakes) States of America’s propaganda machine against blacks regardless of gender. Media propaganda is so much an extremely powerful warfare weapon that military and governments worldwide use this as their main tool against an enemy. The United (Snakes) States government has always been directly against blacks in this country. Don’t let all the facade fool you. The powers-to-be have been and are on an all out attack against us black folks, especially now us black women. Oh gals, you thought that our guys were their only target. We largely use to glee at the idea our guys being attacked as the most violent criminals and thugs. Boy-oh-boy were we so wrong my gal-friends (LOL)! The media pundits are having their field-day on attacking us black gals from all fronts. Enough said on all our problems; now here comes some excellent solutions to our problems, gals: ARE YOU READY???
    We need to clean up our acts and images as a collective by reading and studying Proverbs 31 in the Holy Scriptures. Proverbs 31 gives full instructions on how us black women or lets say; The Daughters of Zion should conduct ourselves and dress. I’m having a whole lot of fun here. By the way, I’m proposing a blog site dedicated exclusively to The Daughters of Zion. Not leaving you black men out; perhaps Verbs2015 can help y’all on your side. On my blog site, I plan to feature mainly black women with afros, locks, and any other natural hair styles. They will also wear very modest apparel; prohibited items include bikinis, micro-mini skirts/dresses, daisy duke/micro-mini shorts, skinned tight clothes, revealing outfits, halter tops, manly-looking outfits, and any other offensive/debauchery outfits. Acceptable clothing include many blouses, skirts, dresses, and even some lady-like pants like The Cosby Show Show or other decent clothed people of the 1980s and other periods when people had a good sense of decent dress. To be be quite honest, even shows like Dallas and Dynasty showed much class from the women characters. I loved those shows because the women did not mind wearing plenty of beautiful classical fabrics that wonderfully covered and contoured their bodies. These women were also more lady-like in their conversations and dealings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning the wickedness often display on many occasions on such shows. I wanted to get into fashion designing back in the day, I still do. I missed much cloth worn by us women. Nowadays, much of us women want to reveal more of our skins than wearing anything, what a huge shame. I love wearing ruffled blouses, skirts, and dresses till this day because I think they complement me well. I don’t care about wearing revealing clothing at all. I’m also into wearing many so-called Western African; actually Hebrew Israelite culture clothes as well. I’m loving my afro more and more, also. I will also feature some of the most healthiest and fittest black women as well, because obesity is the biggest problem we black women have. I’m tired of seeing so many of us black as the fattest around. I’m not that big and fat, but I still have too much body fat at 30%. I’m working on reducing my body fat down to 18%-20%, because I consider any amount over 22% is too much for me. I don’t need nor want anymore body fat than 22%. I’ll put some before, in-the-process, & after photos of myself up on my blog site to me living by example. Right now, I am fine tuning, grooming, and sharpening myself according to the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs 31. So to all my black sisters out there, lets’ combat against all the bad media on us by displaying all the righteousness and positives about us. Don’t keep playing into the enemy’s stereotypes for their shekels (money) and many dainties (fame/wealth/luxuries) they put in your face. I’ll keep you all informed about my blog site. Must stop because no need to wear out my welcome here. Shalom.


    • Candice Sparks,

      I very much am looking forward to the site, on the contrary you are free to air any views on this site anytime, there is no limit to the number of times you can comment here. I believe that it is important to set up a web site this way as only then can you achieve a true balance. When you start placing restrictions on the amount that people can say and what people can say, you become no different than the mainstream media.

      The black community at present isn’t in its best condition and not talking about the negative aspects of it has not helped our situation at all. The new age “only think and talk positive” rubbish does not work, as we all can see when you fail to deal with problems when they are small they will grow and become progressively worse, hence the great heap of issues now plaguing the black nation today.

      This is an emergency situation that black women face, as far as I’m concerned the times for being nice have expired, it is now time to get serious and deal with the negative issue that plague us once and for all.

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  4. ok the first video, normally I would be amused and intrigued if she was doing that in private for me (behind closed doors, just to be specific) but this whole pro-twerking, twerkers gone wild is just out of hand, just out of hand and the fact that black women are running with this like it’s cool just shows the high level of brainwashing and hypnosis our women have succumbed to and it is sad….

    The second video, OY VEY

    The third video, now I’m neither a fan of Nene Leakes or Latoya Jackson and I normally do not condone Nene’s kind of behaviour but I will say this, I agree that Latoya had that tongue lashing coming. she is just annoying as hell, with her fake ass weave, pale skin, squeaky and holier than thou persona like her shit don’t stink, she acts like a 12 year old white girl, she needed that reality check.

    The fourth and fifth, DOUBLE OY VEY

    Normally I would be perturbed but here in the Caribbean, it’s even worse. The fights that some of these girls would get into would make these videos look like a slumber party pillow fight…..

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