The Current Black Plight – The Truth Very Few Blacks Want To Hear – Short Post!



Since this is black history month in the US(black History month in the UK takes place in October)I thought that I would take the time to examine and analysis the current state of the black nation. This post will be an offshoot of a response that I gave to a brother concerning the conscious community and what my thoughts were on them and the black plight as a whole. The black nation is in some serious trouble, the problem is that there are many prominent figureheads within the black community who profess to care for us as a people, yet when their deeds are closely scrutinised, their actions yet again point to the merchandising, cashing in and taking advantage of the current decadency and degenerate state of black folks just like everybody else.

Remember what I have stated before, if you walk as an individual and refuse to follow men then you cannot be bamboozled, merchandised and used to benefit somebody else’s agenda. I am going to talk about black history, however I will only be going back 60 years. 60 years ago the black family was a solid unit, 85% of black families had a mother and a father in the home. Keep in mind that this was despite the persecution we were receiving from racist whites, from the end of physical slavery until the 1960’s the black family unit was a force to be reckoned with.

In the 1960s however things changed, black women were approached by the white feminist homosexual movement and encouraged to join their cause, which they did. Black women at this time were also approached by the state and presented with the option of welfare. The term and the condition of receiving this welfare would be that no father was allowed to be present in the home any longer. Thus black women jumped at this opportunity, some kicked their men out of the home while others simply moved into government housing.

At this same time the government created employment in middle management positions, they began funneling black women into this job vacancies but would turn down black men who applied for the same. Thus the black woman began to become the earner in the home and in turn raising children by herself, she would slowly over time become the authority and the leader of the family and the community.



Today in 2015 the black family unit is almost a complete and utter wreck, 70% plus of children in the black community are born to single mothers. Modern day black women in general see no problem with this situation, in fact most will actually brag about how it takes “a strong black woman to raise children by themselves”. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the modern-day western black women on the whole enjoys the position of authority that has been given to her over black men by her white liberal slave master, as it has long been her desire to be accepted by white society.

Now and only now in her eyes she now feels that she has some sort of value because of her newly appointed position. However, because a female leadership position is not natural, the black woman must maintain this position at any and all costs. Therefore the black woman will go out of her way to emasculate, effeminise, sabotage and destroy the black man, thus this position continues to be held under the control of her hands.

Here is how it works. In the red corner we have the ghetto hoodrat, she is poor, thus through the assistance of the government she will birth 10 different children by 7 different men in order to use both the men and the children as a means to bring in state funding. She is also violent, belligerent and rebellious, will fight anything that moves in the streets and will also perform the most outlandish and stupid acts in order to get some sort of attention. Thus because this woman has no threshold and is allowed to play the fool unchecked, the minds of her children are fragged and destroyed from a very young age. These same children then grow up to be the thugs that we are all too familiar with.

Then in the blue corner we have the college/university educated, corporate, middle class professional black woman. She is earning a 5-6 figure salary, unlike the hoodrat she has no need to birth children in order to garner an income from the state, therefore instead she chooses to murder the children before they are born in the assassination chambers we commonly know as abortion clinics. Black women in the US are murdering on average 1876 unborn children per day. This is why the black population levels in the US have remained the same for at least the last 20 years.



The truth of the matter is that the black woman has been the image and the enforcer of white supremacy for at least the last 50 years, in fact she has performed such a slap up job of destroying the black community alone via her own two hands that white folks have simply put down their tools and have gone to lunch. This is the truth that the conscious/pro black community do not want to acknowledge, these same black woman that they have been sticking up for and protecting have stabbed black men in the back more times than can be numbered. I can partly understand why black women in general have a disdain for black men, after all if we are going to be suckers and continually support and protect traitors and betrayers then we deserve everything that we receive as a result.

Allow me to show you an example of the treachery of the modern-day black woman, while these pro black, black to Africa, pyramid head, clenched fist, red, black and green Negroes are toiling night and day to defend and uphold the fallen reputation of this rebellious scoundrel, she on the other hands is making YouTube videos explaining to other black women how to get themselves white men, take a look for yourself:

Of course in reality black women look ridiculous making videos such as these as white men have had easy access to black women for at least the last 500 years, what is new about black women or what new thing are they now bringing to the table in 2015 that would cause white men to prefer them over their own women? A head full of somebody else’s hair, false eyelashes, false nails, false eyebrows, excess weight, STDs, 6 children from 4 different fathers(unless you are a professional black woman)? Are these the “gifts” that black women believe are going to propel them into being viewed positively through a new lens?

I really have to scratch my head, here you have the pro black crowd defending black women to the hilt yet these same black women show their appreciation towards you by making videos informing other black women on tips in gaining themselves a white man. By the way, there are plenty more videos where these came from.

The only way that the black community can turn itself around is if it begins to hold the leaders aka black women accountable for their janky actions and decisions. Regrettably though I feel that this will never happen because the pro black conscious crowd males are afraid that if they tell black women to pull their skirts up and beginning holding them to a higher standard, they are afraid that black women will refuse to have sex with them, this is the main reason why they point-blank will not check black women and anything at all, ever. This is how weak the western black male has become, to the point where we are so afraid of having our sexual privileges cut short if we demand that black women fix up.

As if you cannot get sex from elsewhere, but of course these same conscious brothers have snagged and shafted  themselves by vowing to “stay true” and “keep it real” for women who have done in the past and still do stab them in the back at every opportunity. If you want to know who has been responsible for the destruction of the black family structure and the black nation for the last 50 years then look no further than the Negro female. White supremacy certainly is alive and well, the only problem is that white supremacy for the last 50 years has always presented itself in the form of a black face, the modern-day western black woman.

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32 thoughts on “The Current Black Plight – The Truth Very Few Blacks Want To Hear – Short Post!

  1. you know, as a black nationalist, I find there are certain things that are very difficult to wrap my head around, this being one of them. I think these issues have gone way beyond your typical hot potatoes, these are flaming rocks falling from the sky….. Those 4 videos, although I didn’t watch them, make me want to hurl cause the titles speak volumes.


    • Nidotopian Warrior,

      This is the serious crisis that we face as a community, however as long as we continue to give evil black women a pass for their skull duggery, nothing will ever improve for the black nation. The pro black red, black and green Negroes to be honest have been co-conspirators in holding the black nation back as a whole by siding with irresponsible and reckless black females instead of calling them to task on their foolishness.

      There you have it right there, I continue to warn folks about the modern day western black woman however pro blacks such as Umar Johnson, General Seti, Tariq Nasheed etc point black refuse to deal with this aspect of the black female. White supremacy is always the scapegoat used by these guys to avoid holding the “real” leaders of our community accountable. However, now that it can clearly be documented and illustrated that this white supremacy they keep eluding to in 2015 has a black face, the face of a black woman, what will these guys say now?

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  2. This is a good post Verbs. You bring up some very valid points. Me and five of my male friends debate women quite a lot. We’ve had some really heated debates. Two of my buddies are single. Four of us are in relationships. I think sometimes people think I’m blinded because I have a good woman by my side. Nothing could be further from the truth. My woman is a college educated woman that actually can cook AND clean. Hard to believe right?lol She likes to go to out to dinner and sometimes she and I will go to the bookstore. She carries herelf like a lady and knows how to act in public. In other words,she’s a normal ladylike woman. Although when I was younger I dated the cute hoodrats in my hood. I’ve dated black women that had two or more kids. Women that had boyfriends in jail as well. I’ve dated pretty girls that had a stank ass attitude too. When I was younger I just went for looks. If a girl was pretty and had a fat ass…I went for it!lol My dad told me that looks weren’t everything. He said that the physical attributes of a woman doesn’t tell you what her inner spirit was like. It took me years before I understood what he meant.
    Living in Cali,many of my friends dated interracially. It was the cool thing to do in the 80’s and 90’s. Now even more so it seems. I had one Mexican girlfriend in high school. And I dated a beautiful Puerto Rican girl back in college. No white chicks though. They were cool women but there was always some cultural differences. By the time I was about 27 I swore off interracial dating. I decided to date only black women from then on. I’ve been trying to find a classy woman like my mother for years. It hasn’t been easy. My mother was born in the 50’s. That’s a very different era of women. My mother worked a job for eight hours and still came home and cooked and cleaned. A lot of sistas today wont do that. If they have a law or doctors degree they feel as though they don’t need a man. And if they do get a man they want to wear the pants in the relationship. That’s a real problem. Sistas have to let us be the MAN. Both genders have their role to play. That’s the way we are designed. We can’t both wear the pants.Many of these black women need to fall back and let us be their protector and leader. She should be the one to care for the children and give them guidance. I do agree with you that these brothers don’t address this issue enough. I just love my sistas so much I don’t want to come across like I hate them. I want to lift them up so we can have a strong nation. Hate them?? Far from it. I’m not some crazy anti-female basher. Although the women in these videos have a serious mental illness if they think a white man is the answer to their problems. They are very delusional.
    There’s a great book called Wounded Womb by Phil Valentine. You should check it out. It’s over 500 pages but he covers a lot. It talks about how women have become more masculine over the years. And he addresses the feminist movement and how it was started by the white elite. He says a lot of the same things you said. I know it’s hard for a lot of brothers out there. It’s not easy to find the right woman you really click with. They all have their faults. Some are pretty but too materialistic. Some have no goals in life and want some guy to just take care of them. Man,I’ve met them I guess I got lucky with the woman I’m with. Although it took awhile to find her. But there are some good sistas out there. But many of them need to change their “niggas aint worth a damn” mentality. And the “white man is my hero” mentality has to go as well.


    • Kushite Prince,

      We have two major problems today, firstly we have the simps who will defend the ratchet black women when they should be leaving them to be held accountable for their actions and then we have a minority of good black women(wherever they may be)who choose to keep silent on the ratchet and decadent activities of their fellow sisters. Thus by their silence they are condoning reprobate and outlandish behaviour. Not only that but because these good black women say nothing, they are automatically collectivised with the bad.

      Your woman sounds like you have found the proverbial needle in the haystack. Black woman like you lady in 2015 are a very rare find indeed. Another problem is many of the good black women who are left are being radicalised in their minds towards the darkside because of the increasing amount of black men who are packing their bags and venturing into new pastures having suffered from years of abuse at the hands of decadent black females.

      I hear what you are saying about sisters needing to allow us to lead, the problem is that the majority of black women have forged an alliance with their white slave master in their determination to take down the black male. This is a hard saying however we must look at the evidence around us(which speaks volumes to the agenda against the black man being carried out primarily by black women) and be honest. The other problem as I mentioned before is again most of these women actually enjoy the leadership position and will refuse to relinquish the power.

      These days personally for myself I am more relaxed when it comes down to dating, love and marriage. My girlfriend is half black and half native Colombian. She looks more black than anything else, I still wanted to get with somebody that looked somewhat like me.

      The prognosis for black women going into the future is very bleak, the majority do not seem to care about their futures, they are only interested in the here and now. All the best to those black men attempting to find a decent black woman, I will say that there are a few left out there, however it is a case of having to weed through tons and tons of rubbish in order to get to “the one”. Black men will individually have to decide whether the mission to try and find “that one” is worth the trouble, as each day passes the situation becomes worse and black women continue digging themselves deeper into the pit of darkness.

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      • Thanks for the response. I know this issue can be very divisive. Everyone has their own perspective on who to blame. It’s obvious to me that black men and women share some of the blame of our current situation. My uncle asked me an interesting question yesterday. He said that black women have their faults but what is the bigger issue? White supremacy or the mentality of some black women? Seems like an easy answer to me.


      • Kushite Prince,

        The real issue for myself here is that black women never get held accountable at all regardless of whatever percentage of blame they may receive. If two children are fighting in a playground, once the fight is broken up the teacher will make inquires as to what happened and will talk to any witnesses in order to determine who is to blame. The same can be stated in the case of an accident, you have to find out what happened in order to understand how and why the accident took place.

        Translating this now to the current decadent state of the black community, we have to go back to the past(60 years) in order to find out who is to blame for our current position. This has clearly been outlined in the post. The problem is though that even if black women are allocated 1% of the blame, nobody is bold enough to step up and hold them accountable for that 1%, therefore black women in general are always given a pass, even the guilty culprits.

        Again brother, I have to say that I agree with you on white supremacy being a threat to the Negro, where we differ is in terms of who the main enforcer of this agenda is today. On the abortion figures alone I can state without a doubt that black women are today’s main enforcers of white supremacy against the black nation. On average 1876 killings per day? That is a very significant figure of unborn black children being killed daily. 684,740 killings per year, if this is not straight up genocide, then what are we to call this type of behaviour?

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  3. I admit that I myself am a bit of a Simp when it comes to my thought processes about western black women, mainly because I want to believe that the ratchet, reprobates are actually the MINORITY that is so often overplayed and over-exemplified by the racist White media whereas the good black women who are the majority are being downplayed, again that is what I want to believe, seeing as I am drawing my conclusions from my experiences here in the Caribbean. Does that qualify as Simp-ish behaviour? anywho another, reason why a subject like this is so touchy and why I am often afraid to venture into these uncharted waters, is because black women on the whole, whether good or ratchet have this hive-mind, a sort of solidarity with one another, in that if you put fire under one, then you’ll have a domino effect where all the others will feel insulted and to them it would seem like you’re beating down black women all across the board and imposing more unnecessary dichotomies within the black nation and as some would put it, you’re just giving us more reasons to hate ourselves for being black.

    But as Kushite said, I love my sisters and I only want the best for them and of course wrong is wrong and we do have to expose bad behaviour
    and cut off the snake’s head whenever it appears if our nation is to go forward

    these are just my thoughts


    • Nidotopian Warrior,

      The actions of a simp lies in when he continually gives ratchet black women a pass on their bad behaviour in order to not jeopardise his chances of having sex with them at a later time. He will also rail against other black men who do have the courage to stand up and hold to account reprobate black females pertaining to their foul deeds.

      To be honest the mainstream media no longer needs to advertise ratchet black women as they are freely doing this themselves via social media. We tend to typically think of the ghetto hoodrat as being the ratchet example however we must never forget that the professional black women is also taking part in the degradation of her people, it just that she is doing it from a different angle.

      Now I remember that you mentioned to me before that you are not really a social person, therefore your belief is exactly that, a belief. You need to get out more in order for you to experience what I and other black men are saying about the majority bulk of western black women. You have to see and experience the damage for yourself first hand in order for the revelation to hit you.

      I hear what you are saying about black women and the hive mentality, you have to remember that the modern day western black woman is a child in an adult body, thus she must be treated as such. Let the chips fall where they may, unless you specifically state “all black women”, them assuming that you mean all is their problem not yours and this can be easily pointed out. You are not obligated to continually state, “its not all” as it is obvious that not all black women are ratchet. A mistake that we commonly make as black men is believing that we have to answer to black women’s assumptions, no we don’t. The lot will automatically fall upon the guilty parties, these are normally the black women who make up the most noise.

      As I have stated before, I do not hate black women, I simply hate what the majority of them have become. I cannot and will not accept this foreign image that they have adorned themselves with, fake hair(from blond to blue to green to red), fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake eye lashes, factory loads of make up, then on top of this you have to deal with the attitude, violence, bossiness, non submissiveness, anger etc.

      A sad and true statement is our sisters are no longer our sisters, they have turned their backs on black men as a whole and they are enjoying the temporary treats of betraying us from their new lord, master, saviour and father the white liberal slave master. I believe that this is the hurdle that many black men are struggling with, coming to the realisation that black women on the whole hate black men and have sold us down the river for a pieces of silver.


      • “I cannot and will not accept this foreign image that they have adorned themselves with, fake hair(from blond to blue to green to red), fake nails, fake eyebrows, fake eye lashes, factory loads of make up, ”


        it’s funny you should mention that because, yesterday I went to my grandma’s wedding (I currently sport an afro btw) and one of my cousins there she was wearing weave and tonnes of make-up and she said to me that I need to get a hair cut and that I don’t have nice hair, mind you, her brother is a preacher and this was at the reception that she made that remark to me, and just a few hours prior her brother was preaching all about how God doesn’t make mistakes, so I had to remind her that God didn’t make any mistakes when he gave me the features that he gave me, woolly hair included. Now I would have said more to her but I just ended up walking away shaking my head but I am waiting for her to approach me again so I can finish where I left off

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      • Nidotopian Warrior,

        And there you go right there Nids, the modern day western black woman hates the way that she looks and hates herself in general, therefore anything around her that reminds her of her true look must be vanquished, hence why all of sudden you must now get a “haircut”. Your cousin does not want to be reminded of her true self(the darker the skin of the black woman, the more the self hatred projects out). I am currently sporting an afro aswell because the weather over here in the UK is not very nice at the moment, though I normally cut my hair when I go to hot countries because I get hot very quickly.

        This is exactly what I am talking about, the more you begin to get out is the more that you will begin to see the self hatred that black women have manifest itself. Whats funny is that the same Afro that black women despise is the same Afro that non black women love, isn’t that a kicker? Yep, you will definitely have to verbally deal with her case when you see her again. Before she can tell you about your hair she should at least uncover her own first.

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      • lol and that also brings me back to a classmate I had in college she was the queen of weaves, and one day I went to the barber for him to give me a new style and he ended up butchering it and so I told him to cut it all off so anyway when I went to class the next day, my class made a remark, “oh he finally cut his hair” and I turned around and stared at her for a few seconds and then I said, “The horses called and said they wanted their hair back” lol lol lol

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      • Nidotopian Warrior,

        This is the hypocrisy of the self hating, weave wearing black scoundrel, she will forever know what is right for you to do with your own hair which is visible, yet she refuses to deal with her own natural hair which she chooses to cover up/hide under a European style bush. This is typical black woman behaviour, always trying to spread her self hate towards black men, thus the white supremacist agenda continues to be pushed through proxy aka the modern day western black woman.

        I have made this statement before and I am not afraid to say it again, I personally believe that in 2015 the vast majority of black women are possessed by evil spirits, I feel that this is the only explanation behind the wild and outlandish behaviours that they put on display on a daily basis. Wearing another person’s hair on your head permanently???? Science would correctly label this as madness, I will go one step further into the spirit realm and call it out for what is really is, possession by devils.

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      • “I believe that this is the hurdle that many black men are struggling with, coming to the realisation that black women on the whole hate black men and have sold us down the river for a pieces of silver.”

        The problem is our white blood.

        All African Americans are mixed-race people. The average African American is about 24 percent European.

        So, unfortunately, a lot of our people, both male and female, tend to lean more towards our white half than our African half. Most people with mixed European ancestry are like that.

        We have to rid ourselves of our white blood. That’s the only solution.


  4. Really, bro? This post makes me sooo sad! I can’t believe what I’m reading! Black Women are blamed for everything that is wrong with the called Black community! Proud, respectable, well mannered Black Women like me are held accountable for the actions of SOME Black Women. I know plenty of Black Women who refuse to give up on Black Men and the Black Community despite all the discouraging signs. Many Black Women are sporting afros with pride, yet are to by Negros boys that they don’t “like natural hair on women.” It is both the NEGRO MAN AND WOMAN who is responsible for submitting to the ways of the oppressor; there’s enough blame to go around starting with White Supremacy (racism). How are we going to eliminate white supremacy if these attitudes (from both bm and bw) continue?!?

    P.S. and again, really? Are you forgetting that Black Men are marrying out 3x more than Black Women?!?

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    • Tired Sista,

      This post is purposely meant to be sad as it illustrates how far we have fallen as a nation and who the primary culprits are to blame. You placed an emphasis on SOME black women being the perpetrators of evil works as if I have said anything different. There is nowhere in this post where I have stated that “ALL” black women are responsible for our current plight, that is an assumption on your part.

      Well, me personally I cannot deal with any black woman who sports a weave or any other fake apparatus on her face or on her body. The Negro male you talk about wasn’t looking for a black woman without natural hair until black woman began sporting unnatural hair on a permanent basis. Nobody is holding black women at gunpoint and forcing them to put these weaves on their heads.

      As I stated in my post, white supremacy in 2015 specifically aimed at the black community comes in the form of a black woman, if we are going to deal with white supremacy effectively then we are first going to have to deal with professional black women and their high rates of abortion aswell as single black mothers having 12 children by 10 different men and fragging the minds of these children because her only concern is the fact that they are bringing her money from the state.

      We would then have to move onto black women and their obsession with wearing hair on their heads which looks nothing like their own, this is a part of white supremacy right here, the vast majority of black women pushing the European look as the superior image to strive for. Again, who is forcing black women to do this? How can black women in general point to somebody else’s backyard when their own is filthy and decadent?

      Are you aware that black women commit more abortions per day than the yearly figures for black on black crime, whites killing blacks and police officers killing black folks combined in any given state? So you tell me which is more critical? Many black women seem to believe that because abortion is legal, somehow the term genocide is now abated from their actions, nothing could be further from the truth.

      On top of this white folks are rightly beginning to point out the hypocrisy in black logic, on the one hand we state that “black lives matter” yet on the flip side black women are executing almost 2000 unborn children per day. We are a laughingstock and the butt of jokes amongst all others. Am I supposed to simply roll along with this folly? Not at all, not this Negro.

      This is not about attitudes, this is about analysis of the raw data and calling the results straight down the line regardless of which group is shown to be the guilty party.

      You talked about black men marrying outside of their race at 3 times the rate of black women doing the same, agreed, but despite this recent change most black men who are married are married to black women still. The grand shame here is that most black women will not view black men choosing to marry non black women at a higher rate as a time to self reflect and self correct, instead as per usual they will simply look for any and everything else to blame for the problem.

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    • I agree that the problems and issues in the black community are to be Equally shared by both the Black Man and the Black Woman. I have spoken numerous times to the “rachet” women I know and it falls on deaf ears. I am sure that the black men pointing fingers at the black woman know “brothas” that they have spoken to concerning their “rachet” behavior have not heeded any of their advise either. So, what then? Do we both keep talking to these people OR do we change the people with whom we associate ourselves? You know, put a little distance between the rachet person(s) and you, or severe ties altogether? It’s so draining reading posts, viewing videos, overhearing conversations, in which the target of all the black man’s angst is the black woman, and vise versa. I have never been one to dog a brotha in conversations with women, but I see that some brothas will NOT hold their tongues about the black women that THEY have chosen to be in realtionships with, OR which they come into contact with. Mis-education is our problem, the “standards” of beauty in society are very mis-leading, and our communities are misguided across the nation (U.S.) and the globe. The easiest way to get to someone is not by attacking them with a club, but, SHOWING examples, so I have found that carrying images in my purse are helpful in bringing points together. Not all will “get it”, but, the nuggets of info that can be dropped are invaluable. There is a season for everything, as we are told in the Bible, and someone else’s season may not be your own. Not all people wake up at the same time.

      Signed: A sistah that does not have children, who has never had any abortions, doesn’t wear weaves, got rid of the relaxer, is pursuing her college degree, has a great work ethic, goes to work, pays her bills, cooks, cleans, reads, has a tight-knit family unit, has a mellow vibe, is helpful, has NEVER been married, loves her brothas, doesn’t tap dance for the Caucasians or anyone else, and is hopeful she will find one brotha who is The Perfect Match for her/Them. 😉


      • RightAttitude3,

        This equal share of the blame is a fallacy as black women are never held accountable for any percentage of blame. This is the reason why the black community continues to trundle downhill rapidly. You cannot hold both genders responsible for something that one gender started. 60 years ago black women began the destruction of the black nation by themselves, therefore they must be held accountable by themselves for this destruction.

        The purpose of these posts is to deprogram those that do not know what is going on and to give confidence to those who have suspected something was wrong but have been afraid to act on their instincts. Black women need to be shown that more folks are beginning to see that they are the ones currently and actively bringing woe upon woe to the black community.

        I distanced myself from black women as a whole a long time ago realising that most of them behave and act like spoilt children. Remember that the scriptures also state that we are to preach in season and out of season. Whether somebody understands or doesn’t understand at that particular point in time is not the issue, the point is that the message must be preached regardless.

        It is very pleasing to see that you do not fit the demographic of the ratchet black female, however you must understand that you are in a minority group. I wish you all the best in finding a decent brother, the search will be a very difficult one but nonetheless results can be achieved if you have the patience.

        Most High Bless

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  5. Valid points from both sides…here in NYC it’s painful to witness the results of the plot — walking the streets averting your gaze just to protect yourself emotionally from absorbing the negative energy projected at you from damaged sisters. The post-crack generation is splintered beyond repair and the economic plight has really only begun. Our parents (grandparents) KNEW hard times. What happens when those raised on mass consumerism have to contend with no funds? The modern-day plantation system will open its arms to receive them, supplied by blue uniformed thugs and the scourge begins anew.


  6. Shalom Israelite Brother-in-Christ
    I’ve read many of your posts on this site. I’ve esp. read much of your posts dealing with today’s black women. I must say that you’ve said some quite strong things about today’s black that has appalled me as one of today’s black woman, but is sooooo sooooo sooooo true! What a damn shame how so many of us black women have gone astray into oblivion. When I wrote my first comment on your site, I’ve mentioned that I am married to a Caucasian man. I have nothing to brag about that at all because I feel quite guilty in my share in the plight of today’s black women. I feel that I was a damaged good like many black women of today. I’m not trying to lay all the blame on my parents, esp. my mother, but I must be honest about my past to bring it forward. When I grew up as a young black girl, my mother has taught me self hatred in many ways. One of the main areas was about my hair texture and skin’s complexion. I believe that much of the problems of today’s black women stems from their upbringing in this white racist society. Many black women were taught to self-hate from their childhood. We were taught that the white woman was the ideal one for beauty and womanhood. Take a look at how the media keeps flashing images of all the white or whiter looking women being the most desired one and the black woman being the least desired one in this society. Further, I’ve noticed that the media portray black women as being sloppy, greasy, overweight, physically unfit, and unhealthy, while white women are portray as being neat, clean, slim, physically fit, and healthy. I mean, that is usually the case. More movies and television shows are making fun of black woman by portraying them as greasy fat mammies that no man in the would want. Many black women often reinforce those stereotypes by behaving in shameful and debauchery ways for the whole world to see. Hair weaves and relaxers are extremely harmful and toxic to us black women’s well-being and physical health. We have been literally committing suicide by putting all that filthy garbage on our hairs and bodies everyday. The beauty care, hair care, and even personal care industries purposely pushing all their deadly poisonous products that are literally killing millions of black women mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The fashion and fitness industries are also against black women in many ways. I myself about to work in the fitness and natural health industry soon. I’ve been working out at my gym and witness how white women are being upheld as the standard of health and fitness that black women and women of other nationalities look to attain. I’m very sickened by all this, and especially by how all the black women keep on reinforcing these stereotypes pushed out by the white majority system. Sorry for writing so long a commentary, but I’m tired of the deadly state of us black women. Shalom.

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  7. I feel that black men and women share the blame. As a happily married black woman I disagree with the characterization of women on this blog. Most of the comments are certainly bashing black women. That’s too bad. Black women are use to being the lowest on the totem pole so to speak, so many of us have decided to find out what makes us happy and go for it and forget what others think of us. We are called everything from angry to ugly by most of society including black men and that is a shame. The videos that I view on this site do not represent the majority of black women that I know.

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    • Robyn,

      Ok, well then some questions would need to be answered. How can black men share the blame for the assassination of 1876 US unborn black children per day? Black men are not forcing black women into abortion clinics at gun point, black women are walking into these places under their own steam and killing these children in cold blood.

      How can black men share the blame for black women walking away from them in the 1960s to join the white homosexual feminist movement? Again both black men and black women were being persecuted together, yet black women as soon as they saw that they could enter Babylon abandoned ship and left the black man floating adrift.

      How can black men share the blame for black women accepting welfare policies that threw the father out of the home? Again, this is a move that black women made by themselves, black men had nothing to do with this decision. The equal blame argument seems to make sense from a present day perspective, however it is a compromise that is totally ridiculous when you delve into the history of how these thing all began.

      The slogan “bashing black women” is commonly used by black women in their attempt to stop the conversation, especially when they are being shown to be the guilty culprits. Your “bashing black women” technique will not work with me, I have covered most of the techniques that you black women typically use for evading accountability here:

      Black women are on the bottom because they put themselves there. They believed that selling black men down the river for 5 shillings and amalgamating themselves to this Babylon system would profit them, however it has done the complete opposite and left black women on the whole destitute. What makes the majority of black women happy today is engaging in ratchet nonsense such as fighting, instigating beefs, stirring up trouble and spilling blood, black women feel happy wallowing in decadent behaviour.

      Exceptions to the rule do not buck the general trend. The majority of black women you said that you know who do not behave in a janky manner does not change anything in relation to how black women behave in general, in fact your exceptions actually prove the general position.

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      • Shalom Brother-In-Christ;
        First, no more need to refer to you as a Hebrew Israelite because I know you are one by now. Plus, it’s kind of too long of a greeting. Now, you keep scoring high on this dreadful truth about today’s black woman. I wish I could prove you wrong, but I can’t because this truth is just plain undeniable. I hate that so much because I am a today’s black woman myself. However, I’m very lousy at living a lie and denying obvious truths. I just can’t do well at that because The Most High seems to quickly check me on it. I’m so terrible a liar/denier that people can almost automatically see right through my bullshit so I just pretty much gave up on that. My question is; how can so many other people get away with such bullshit without being caught or checked soon enough. At times, I find myself envious about such. It’s funny, I found myself watching on Youtube some videos last night of guess WHO; TOMMY SOTOMAYOR! Yes, that’s right, I did! I really hate to agree with a lot of the things he was saying about today’s black woman, but he has some valid points. I can’t help but to think whenever I see black women wearing straight hair weaves, I cringe because, maybe, just maybe Mr. TJSotomayor is right about many black women looking stupid with those straight haired weaves on and lots of make up painted on their faces like clowns. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against wearing some make up, but I think too much of it is like one hiding behind all that facade from the world. You’re right, much of us black women willingly/knowingly sided with the enemies in many ways. I see that many black men are tired of our bullshit; they endured it for a while, but they are at a breaking point right now. Many black men are cheering at black women’s comeuppance for their general betrayal and mistreatment of black men. I’m not in total agreement with what many black men in their anger, frustrations, and glee are doing. I think it’s quite foolish for the black men to wallow in such behaviors too long because more harm than good is gained from such. As for many today’s black women, they are damaged goods beyond repair/hope and must be left alone to their own devices. I believe it’s time to let go on such irreparables/reprobates and keep it moving. There’s just no need to continue on reasoning with reprobates. It’s time to speak with those who really want to change for righteousness and positives and leave the reprobates to their own devices. Lastly and most importantly, all Biblical truths revolves around the true gospel of The Most High God’s free gift of grace/salvation via faith/trust in His Son Christ alone. Let’s not forget that most important part for one’s eternal soul’s sake. May The Most High continue blessing all of you in His grace.

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      • Candice Sparks,

        There is no profit gained whatsoever in lying to one’s self. The problem with this system is that the penalties for black women engaging in decadent behaviour are delayed, this is why reprobate sisters seem to be getting away with the most outlandish, foolish and reckless behaviours.

        Sotomayor may seem abrasive to many however the time for the nicey nicey approach has finished, this is an emergency situation that black women currently face and so at this point extreme measures are required to meet the crisis. I believe that many people are still caught up with the ideals and the image of black women from the pre civil rights era instead of actually looking at the black women’s present state in 2015.

        Black women all over the world are in a disgusting state, they perform the same weave wearing and clown face make up actions over here in the UK as well. For me personally the make up with women in general has become too much, even women who already look good as standard will rush to circus clown their faces and in the process actually make themselves look worse.

        This is another issue that many of the pro black Negroes refuse to face, they believe that those who are irreparable can still be saved. This “we must bring everybody on the boat” mentality is one of the reasons why the black community has remained stagnant since the end of the civil rights movement. Those who adhere to this doctrine aswell as their reprobate subjects of concern must all be discarded of and left behind.

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  8. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you on one point. The black woman has a responsibility being the educator of the children, however the “blame” falls on the head of the family which is the black man. It takes 2 to tango. When Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, God did not go looking for Eve, He looked for Adam! Taking the responsibility away from the man and silely placing it on the woman is a cop out. The black man’s inability or unwillingness to protect his female from outside intruders and threats is evident in the slave trade. No other race has been bullied than the black race. So my question is: where are the real black men or have they all been silenced or murdered or imprisoned? Because the ones that are walking around are either scamming the community in churches, idolizing the white female hence prompting black females to emulate them in order to be desirable to the black man once again, or they are wearing dresses a la Tyler Perry. Will the REAL black men please stand up????!!!!

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    • The problem is that the average black man DOES NOT love his female or children enough to die for them. And the female KNOWS this, rebels and acts out. The white female has been put on a pedestal by ALL men (Even Asians and Hispanics too). How many white men have died in battle to protect their own? The same cannot be said of the black man in modern times. If the black man uplifted his woman and took his rightful place as leader, she would naturally submit to him and his wishes.

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      • Papa Hadbhin K,

        The rebirth rebellion of the modern day black woman began in the 1960s, it was the black woman who chose to turn her back on her family and the black community in favour of the dainty treats and benefits from her white liberal slave master.

        As a result this westernised system has placed the black woman as the leader of the family and the community, if a black man attempts to establish his place as a rightful leader, an all out war will ensue because the black woman does not want to forfeit her leadership position and take her rightful place as the follower.

        Therefore this business about black women ready and willing to submit is a load of bunkum. You are the leaders of the community now, uplift yourselves, you don’t need a man to do this for you.

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    • Papa Hadbhin K,

      Wrong, you cannot blame the black male for the destruction of the black community, sorry, this is clearly the fault of black women when you go back into history. We are not dealing with Adam and Eve here, fast forward to the 1960s and there we will find the guilty culprits.

      There is no cop out, you obviously are not aware of the history of the black community and how black men have been subjugated not only by black women but also by the system of the west.

      The real black men you are looking for have been sabotaged, effeminised and emasculated by black women for the last 50 years, all the best in attempting to locate some. Again, you cannot exempt the modern day western black woman from the damage that she has wrought upon the black community with her own two hands, your technique of attempting to shame the messenger with claims of “copping out” will not work here.

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  9. Millions of people killed in the Congo and thousands more women raped. Who is standing up for the black woman’s honor? The black male has failed his woman on a global scale and these videos are proof of that. The black woman is lostI wandering aimlessly like a headless chicken because she has no head!

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    • Papa Hadbhin K,

      The above videos are the legacy of modern day black women. You failed yourselves when you accepted the benefits and the treats of the westernised system in front of the importance of raising a strong family and thus keeping a community together. This is the bed that black women have made, now they must lay in it.

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      • Damn, in Africa?!!!!!

        I’m sick of these uppity @$$ Africans acting the way that they do! They know that they come from $hithole countries, and that many of their family members are the equivalents of the American ratchets.

        Liked by 1 person

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