More Institutional Church Beast Trickery – False Representation!

Jefferson Bethke


The institutional church beast infrastructure will simply continue to do what it has always done best, that is lie to the people. One thing that you have to be aware of is those who attempt to approach you from a different angle, yet really they are of the same ilk as the church beast infrastructure. Now, as I have stated before one of the major lies being propagated out of the church beast is that sex before marriage equals fornication(please see my blog on this subject for more clarification if you haven’t already).

Meet Jefferson Bethke, an “evangelical christian”. This man shot to fame with a video entitled “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus”. Now from this guy’s videos he would have you believe that he is genuinely against religious structuring and for the Most High and Christ, however as I keep having to warn folks, do not under any circumstances be fooled by the different gimmicks and slogans that these guys use to approach you with. Let us take a look at one of Bethke’s videos named Sexual Healing and let us see if he is pushing the usual institutional church beast rubbish pertaining to sex before marriage:

Do you see my point, there he is spouting off the same religious false information and propaganda that he claims that he is not a part of. I thought that you hated religion eh Bethke? Of course he and his supporters will never ever question the false doctrine of sex before marriage that has been pushed by the church for 100s of years, instead they will call me ” a devil” or ” a man carrying out Satan’s work”. I have written about this in my up and coming book, how your average institutional church beast member cannot think and reason for themselves, the pastor performs all of their thinking and reasoning functions for them, thus any information that is presented to them from a “foreign” or an “unapproved” source is immediately rejected, even if that information is true and accurate.

The other issue that I have with this video is that he is attempting to paint women as permanent victims. In 2015 the idea of women always being the sole victims of coarse sexual encounters is a fallacy. What about the large portion of women who have falsely claimed that they have been raped only to find out years down the line that the man had committed no such actions(Brian Banks), eh Bethke? Why didn’t you mention that in your video? What about the countless women who deliberately lead men into thinking that they are going to engage them in sex only to cease operations at the last-minute, why didn’t you mention that eh Bethke? This guy would attempt to group all women together rather than choosing to represent the best caliber of women by themselves and at the same time eliminating the scum.

Funnily enough, one of Bethke’s mentors is an institutional church bank manager by the name of Tim Keller who runs a bank in New York City by the name of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Do you see how people who are following Bethke believing that they are breaking free from the shackles and the chains of religion are circling right back into the clutches of the institutional church beast system? The thing is men like Bethke will never debate the true meaning of the word fornication according to the bible and not according to his pastor. They will conclude that men such as myself are a distraction from them executing “God’s will”. This is a typical reaction from church beast infrastructure members, do not be surprised.

Look, the Most High is dealing with INDIVIDUALS, he is not dealing with groups, teams, churches, famous pastors, evangelists, historians, theologians, bishops, reverends etc, he is raising up INDIVIDUALS who are nobodies in this world to do his work. Do not be swooned in by fancy poetry and stirring speeches, this guy Bethke and his mentor Keller are disingenuous buzzards who are still forwarding the institutional church beast infrastructure agenda. Show me the works as these are what Christ told me to look out for, do not attempt to entice me with smooth words.

By the way Jefferson, let us just say for argument sake that fornication does indeed equate to sex before marriage, isn’t it easy for you to toot your own horn now that you are married, huh? What about the men and women who are not married and who have to deal with the urges of sex everyday, what is the solution for them? Of course the institutional church never hands you down a solution, they simply instruct you to “pray and trust in God”.

Of course another main issue here is that yet again these Gentiles still continue to walk proudly and behave as though they are the chosen people of the Most High and that somehow we the true Hebrews have been rejected and forgotten of him. The Most High has NOT forgotten us, it is scoundrels such as Bethke who continue to promote the same old ICBI(Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure) doctrines which for them continue to keep the real issues at bay.

One last thing that should be mentioned is you will notice with these characters that they are always appealing Christ to you through emotion. Making the decision to accept Christ must always been done from a logical and unemotional(sober) mindset. These puffed up fellows are no different to sellers in markets, Christ is the product to be pitched and to be sold to consumers.

See, if they were to carry out actions as the bible has instructed and let the works speak for themselves then the message of salvation would make much more sense to observers, however because these ICBI clowns have only words to show and no works, they look stupid, foolish and ridiculous and it is for this very reason that they have no other choice but to resort to pushing the product Christ at you through emotion ie music, poetry, stage plays etc. LAME.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

10 thoughts on “More Institutional Church Beast Trickery – False Representation!

  1. powerful as usual sir Verbs, I smiled at the expression coined ICBI : are they 1st target for ICBM ? Lol. In the end, you address a point that is different from “individuals” that the Most High considers the “nations”. As an Israelite and maybe one of The Elect, your destiny is different from mine being a Gentile that is accepting the Judgement.
    Individuals yes but “nations” first : am I correct or wrong ?

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    • Servant2be,

      Lol, writing “institutional church beast infrastructure” all of the time can be tiresome. The abbreviation looks pretty cool huh? I start using this abbreviation about 2/3 of the way into my book(should have started from the beginning really but oh well).

      I hear what you are saying, the Hebrews are indeed first. What I mean is that the Most High is not dealing with these fellows who think so highly of themselves in the modern day fast food Christian realm. I’m going to have to begin turning up the heat on calling these jackals out, I’m sick and tired of these high minded buzzards thinking that they are now the focus because they dominate the bible circle. You will not suffer judgement as they will, you need not continuously condemn yourself as they that believe in Christ ARE NOT CONDEMNED.

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  2. Bethke, sounds like a Jewish name…… these smug hipsters, much like their, melodramatic, bible thumping, pulpit roaring counterparts really grate my coconuts…….

    read this and tell me if I am making sense,

    there is this guy, let’s call him “William”, he met this lovely woman and he was flirting with her, trying to get to know her better and then, she invites him out to a party and as it turns out it was a church function. And here’s the bombshell, she is the pastor’s daughter… so now “William” being blindsided by this, confides in a close friend as to what he should do and his friend tells him that he should do like Flash and start running in the opposite direction… I think this is really sound advice because from my experience, Pastor’s Kid’s parents tend to have unusually and unrealistically high expectations of the people their children associate with, also they tend to be extremely judgmental at best, and in some cases, downright chauvinistic at worst. There are some pastors in particular who believe that if your dream isn’t to be roaring at the congregations from a pulpit for the rest of your life, then you are of the devil…… and you are a heathen… can you believe it?


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      Wouldn’t surprise me if this Bethke guy is Jewish, these guys always seem to conveniently pop up as “leaders” to steer the sheeple in the “preferred” direction, preferable for the JewISH sect that is. That ICBI spirit is very strong, when I was watching this guy’s crappy videos, they took me back down memory lane to my days in the institutional church beast, that was a very scary moment, lol.

      On to William, these church folks always do the Kansas City shuffle when it comes down to inviting folks to events, you never really know exactly what you will be attending until you get there. The pastor’s daughter huh? She will definitely be looking to induct him into the ICBI fold, no doubt. Running in the opposite direction is sound advice, her father will most likely be wanting William to follow in his footsteps. You’ve seen my breakdowns on these pastors so you know what to expect. It wouldn’t be so bad if he could date her and her father would respect his position outside of the church beast but alas you know that this can never be the case with these local bank managers, they have to control you.

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  3. So, sex outside of marriage is not fornication? I fail to see how you came to this. perhaps you could educate ya bro?


  4. So, sex outside of marriage isnt **sin? sorry, but I fail to see how you came to this. perhaps you could educate ya bro?


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