Street Harrassment Revisited – Yet More Propaganda Spews Forth From The Feminist Camp

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Yet again the dying feminist movement and its cancerous propaganda machine has decided to churn out yet even more garbage in order to keep the rotting corpse of feminism relevant to a majority of people who are not only no longer interested in it but who are also beginning to clock onto the serious damage that it has caused to the relationships between men and women. Feminism is an unnatural construct which therefore means that in order to maintain itself, it must be forced onto unwilling hosts and suck off their life force. Please take a look at the latest street harassment propaganda video not only designed to make men look like harassing monsters but also aimed at demonising the so called Negro because as you will notice in the clip, most of the so called “harassers” are black men:



The name of the woman aka so called “harassment victim” featured in the video is Shoshana Roberts and the video was produced by a so called “non profit” organisation called Hollaback. You can check out their website right here:

Enjoy wading through the propaganda and tons of rubbish which does indeed look convincing on the surface and does give you the false impression that so called “street harassment” is an epidemic that must be dealt with immediately. This Hollaback organisation is not a grassroots movement despite the claim made on the site, this is a top down movement. A woman by the name of Emily May is one of the co founders of the Hollaback movement, when you see this woman’s physical appearance it is easy to see why she would be easily persuaded to take part in a movement such as this one, nuff said. I personally do not believe that she has anything to do with the founding of this organisation, my opinion is that there are other folks with much deeper pockets in the shadows who founded this movement and who have placed Emily May at the forefront as the mascot and the cheerleader for this movement. On to the video.

The first thing that struck me is the fact of how weak a case for street harassment this video actually is. Apart from the 2 guys who followed Miss Roberts down the street for a little time, all of the gestures and comments made towards her were standard, reasonable and quite fair. Nobody accosted her, grabbed her or hindered her from going on her journey. The second thing that struck me and I believe is the most important issue here is the way that she was dressed, tight jeans that purposely emphasised her backside and a tight top that brought out her bust. Personally Miss Roberts is a dunce for even taking part in this foolishness and this declaration also applies to women who subscribe to stupid and idiotic experiments such as this one. She claims that this type of so called “harassment” is an everyday occurrence for her yet what exactly was harassing about folks saying hello to her? Is this what is now viewed as harassment, saying hello to women on the street? Besides, this is part and parcel of living in a city, get over it.

This is one of the problems that I have with western women in general and why I refer to them as dunces and children, they want all of the privileges and the benefits associated with being a woman yet at the same time they wish to shun the responsibility that comes with these same benefits and privileges. When you walk down the street in a tight top and some tight jeans exactly what else do you expect to happen? Had this same Miss Roberts walked down the street in some muslim type garments, she most definitely would not have received the same level of responses. Nor would she had gotten the same attention if she had dressed in a more conservative manner. There are so many points to mention here, the fact is men have always attempted to grab the attention of women on the streets, this phenomena is nothing new.

The problem here is that your average feminist who more commonly looks like a freshly prepared road kill has more time never gotten the same attention as say an average looking woman or a good looking woman has. Therefore these same bitter feminist scoundrels have taken it upon themselves to exact their revenge on men by attempting to demonise a common behaviour men use on the streets in order to approach and communicate with women that they are interested in. And herein lies another reason why I say that the modern day western woman is a dunce and a child, only a few women are stepping forward and speaking against this nonsense, most women are either staying silent on the matter or are actually in agreement with the flawed premise. This is the ultimate goal of feminism, to separate women from men completely thus giving lesbians and homosexuals the choice pickings of both men and women without challenge. Do not be fooled for a second by the surface smooth edict that these feminists put out there for public consumption about what their so called “mission” is, always look beneath the surface, conduct your own research and investigations and put the pieces together for yourself. Always remember that feminism and the homosexual movement are one and the same.

As I stated before in my previous street harassment post, when you as a woman dress in a certain manner then you had better expect certain attention. This fallacy that women can dress how they want to without receiving that same attention which is directly proportionate and linked to the clothing that they are wearing is an old wive’s tale and a fable that has been created by feminists, simps and manginas in order to accommodate the foolish impulses and the childish mannerisms of most western women today. It is these same silly feminists who have also been the masterminds behind the Slut Walk movements and as per usual your typical dunce of a western female for the most part has swung right into line with the agenda without properly examining the cause and looking at the ramifications in supporting such a movement for herself in the future.

The fact of the matter is as it stands in 2014 is that men in general are afraid to approach modern day western women because not only do men feel uncomfortable having been emasculated, ridiculed and castrated for the last 50 years by the feminist movement but they also do not trust western women in general, feeling that simply attempting to talk to a woman whom they find attractive could be more trouble than it is worth in the long run. This is why many men are increasingly turning towards women who come from different cultures as the traditional approaches that many western women are “complaining” so much about seem to fair better among non western and non westernised women. Here at least men feel that they can freely communicate with women without the feeling that that the woman has a hidden and secret agenda afoot.

It is a great shame that things have come to this, the feminist movement has created such a huge rift between men and women. As a result both men and women in general are sexually frustrated and are not getting their sexual needs met, men in general have been and still are being emasculated to a very heavy degree by feminist propaganda and on the other side of the coin we have women have been tricked into believing that their natural roles/functions are inferior to that of men and thus women have been persuaded that they now need to “challenge” men in their masculine roles, thus this has left women miserable and unsatisfied with men and with life in general.

All because of what, this all started around 50 years ago with a bunch of lesbians who decided that it would be their sole mission to have all women hate men just as they did. For the most part the feminist movement has been a success, though the point must also be raised that a huge number of men and women are seeing this artificial construct for what it is, a dead corpse on the side of the street that must be disposed of as quickly and as conveniently as possible. I already know that thinking men and women will see straight through this ridiculous nonsense and foolishness. The problem as always are the feminists and their advocates, both men and women who will continue to peddle propaganda and rubbish such as the video above in order to push their janky agendas forward. I for one will continue to stand against this rubbish as I know the true agenda behind the feminist movement and I know exactly where this scoundrels want to take us both. As always………………………


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



8 thoughts on “Street Harrassment Revisited – Yet More Propaganda Spews Forth From The Feminist Camp

  1. Sir Verbs, it’s always good to hear from you : I guess you’ve been writing a lot for the book project.
    Indeed this video is a summit of grotesque : it’s a movement launched in Belgium to criminalize any word from a man to a woman in a street. Typically Feminazi lesbianism.
    The worst being the new “men” screaming louder than the feminazis themselves.
    Strangely I witnessed this very evening a “bus harassment” that is not recorded in any video. A girl (30ish ?) went directly to a man asking to touch a fetish shark tooth or something he was wearing on a necklace : and she did that in public. Can you imagine the reverse ? A guy patting the necklace of a female between her b**bs ? Holla back would be roaring up to planet Mars …


    • Servant2be,

      The general public is continually fooled by these simpleton edicts and deceptive mission statements handed down to them from the feminist camp. Those who can use logic think and reason for themselves must understand that the end goal of feminism is to completely separate men from women period. All of these so called “issues” that the feminazis raise are mere pigeon steps under a stealth mode of operation towards this decadent goal.

      These so called “cases of harassment” that the feminist camp loves to bring up are nothing short of jokes and urban legends. They fool people into thinking that there is a real issue afoot via simple repetition. Women who have some smarts about them had better start preventing these feminist scoundrels from standing up for them by default.


  2. Hey Verbs, I was beginning to think you had retired lol. Great to hear from you again. Did you enjoy Halloween? Lol

    Kick ass post again, right on point like you always are.

    Now this may be unrelated to some degree but there was an incident here where I live. At one of the secondary schools, three girls held down a guy and raped him. And here is the twist, he was shamed for it and called a punk and a loser because he complained about it. Now had the roles been reversed you know what would happen.

    Another thing os that some women love to come on to men but when that particular man rejects their advances they go around telling people how the guy is Gay just to get revenge.

    Anyway, aside from that I know I haven’t written anything new on my blog, I’ve been busy with assignments, and midterm exams hopefully this weekend I will post two new chapters.


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      Lol, I’m still here, I tend to not force the topics, whenever they come that is when I will write about them. Glad that this Halloween nonsense has finished, this world loves revelling in deviltry and decadence.

      This feminist system is a real beast. Women can get away with practically anything and men are just supposed to sit there and accept whatever is thrown at them. This is the so called “equality” that feminism brings. Women will complain about the high sexual libido of men however women are just as depraved and eager as men are, the only difference is that the focus is constantly on us, therefore women automatically get a pass and are able to do the same things they say men do but they being women go unnoticed.

      Women are emotional creatures, so that type of foolishness they do when rejected is expected. It is not nice to be on the receiving end of an accusation like that but we know the routine when it comes down to women in general and being rejected.

      Don’t force the writing, take your time, don’t place yourself under any unnecessary pressure and the ideas will flow. I’m still here, just been preparing to wack out this book and expose the institutional church beast infrastructure and its wizards, warlocks and witches called pastors.


  3. So I suppose men are supposed to walk around with blinders on? This is just silly. Besides, my grandmother always told me that it is what you DON’T show that makes you appealing. Dressing ladylike has always gotten me positive attention in a polite manner. I have men make comments to me on the streets, but they are more among the lines of “you look nice today” than “hey baby whats up with you let me tap that”. Dress respectfully and even the hooligans will act like they have some sense or keep their distance. She didn’t even really receive any real harassment. She should move here to San Bernardino.


  4. Man… The average Feminist is NOT necessarily ugly these days… they’re just feeling guilty and shamed into solidarity with other women (possible empathy, even… shame it can’t extend to men). Or they feel no guilt and simply take advantage of the privileges of biology PLUS ‘Equality’ (Orwell’s Animal Farm indeed). Laughing at men for being stupid enough to fall for it, which only typically happens in the first place due to the man’s fairly-inherent BIOLOGY. Which has had two billion years (history of sexual reproduction on planet Earth) to become both time-tested and quite intractable.
    Yet they want men to do the impossible and suppress themselves all the time – except for the few socially-acceptable occasions when the woman wants to manipulate sexual power for sexual reasons. Or greedy, lazy reasons. Which men CAN do (I’m a good-looking man, I’m sure I’ve had some advantages in a similar manner, albeit few) BUT men are FAR more likely to White Knight and be helpful, right? Some just can’t help it.
    Equality is not “ten times more testosterone than women, thus ten times more effort to suppress themselves, thus ten times less energy for everything else after that is done on behalf of the woman” – yet this is lied-about by omission. Which is still lying. Which is still abusive. So fuck a Feminist who can’t even have the courage of her convictions and state the truth about men’s issues – and women’s WITHOUT ANY TABOO WHATSOEVER. They DO exist, mind-you (e.g. Camille Paglia is interesting).
    The vast majority don’t have the guts when shit gets real. Or they claim to, up to a point – but compared to a strong man, are contemptible. Exceptions get my love and respect, as they stand out even more. I live in London, England, densely-populated and a large sample size to measure rough cultural-behavioral statistics here.


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