More Institutional Church Propaganda And Lies Deconstructed – Sin Explained Properly In Accordance With The Scriptures!


Crumbling Church


One thing about the institutional church beast infrastructure that really ticks me off is the way that it makes its members feel condemned and hopeless when they make a mistake and slip up. The church beast infrastructure as I have stated before on numerous occasions deliberately keeps its members in place and in check through fear. This makes no difference with regards to what type of institutional church branch you attend, Methodist, Anglican, Catholic, Potestant, Pentecostal, Baptist, Apostolic, Seventh Day Adventist, Johovah´s Witness, Evangelical etc, no matter what the flavour of the church beast branch the techniques used to keep the members under control and in line are always the same and the most commonly used technique utilised by all of these bank branches is FEAR. The term ¨paralysed with fear” comes to mind when dealing directly with the church beast system, folks are literally bashed into line and kept in position because the church is deeply afraid of independent thinkers and those who have the ability to reason and to investigate things for themselves aswell as it losing its financial foundation. I remember the feeling of not being able to make mistakes when I was attending one of these monuments of failure and I also remember the extremely heavy feeling of condemnation I experienced when I  so called “fell into sin”. The so called church is simply full of garbage and nonsense and it has indoctrinated its members very well, so much so to the point where they are the ones who will automatically police each other come down on you the heaviest if you happen to stray across “the line”.

This is one of the major reasons why the Most High is pulling down this institutional church beast infrastructure, the church offers absolutely nothing in terms of solutions to the many problems that plague it and its members, yet the so called church and its members are highly efficient at condemning those who make mistakes. We have all been there, we have made errors and we have been more afraid of the reactions that we would encounter within the church rather than the actual act executed itself. You have to understand the mentality of your average institutional church infrastructure member, they constantly feel like trash because they cannot attain to the righteousness of the “church” no matter how hard they try, and so when they see you “fall”, they immediately jump on your case in order to make you feel 10 times worse and in doing so they can automatically feel better about themselves. Understand, their condemnation towards you is simply a reflection of their own miserable state. I remember years ago an old friend of mine confided in some institutional church beast members with regards to so called “fornication”. Of course knowing the information that I know today, his behaviour was far from fornication, however that didn’t stop the whole church from talking about the issue and making him feel like complete and utter garbage. Then on top of that the pastor decided to go in on him harder and threatened to kick him out of the church. Yes, this is an example of the so called “solutions” brought to the table by the institutional church, there are no solutions that the church brings to the table for any problems, those of us who have experienced the church beast infrastructure for ourselves already know this and many of us including myself have learned this the hard way. Their so called “solution” is to condemn and to make a person feel as if the world has just ended for them at that very moment. Of course you know already the pattern as per usual with these swindling, hypocritical money changers, that years down the line it was discovered that this same said “hard line” pastor had not only been cheating on his wife with one of the members of the congregation but he had also been using his wife as a punching bag and had been using her to practice his MMA skills. I still remember seeing his wife at a BBQ years back and noticing the heavy layers of make up that she used in her attempt to cover up the bruising. I also noticed the fact that she was shaking quite a lot and couldn’t efficiently carry or manage the food. No doubt before they had reached the venue he probably had beaten her from pillar to post a few times in order to ensure that she kept in line at the BBQ. Here is another clear example of that fear being utilised once again.

I remember the day that this scoundrel money changer dirt bag was exposed very well, my old friend began to walk up and down the church with his chest sticking out and rightly so, this same scoundrel who had gone in heavy on him years before had now been exposed as a fraud, an adulterer and a hypocrite himself. It should be noted that at the time the deputy pastor also gave my old friend a hard time with regards to this so called ¨act of fornication”. Since that time there has been a heavy turnover of pastors within that church, the church is suffering greatly from no leadership and as per usual sexual dysfunction is at an all time high within its gates. I am not afraid to name the particular beast branch that I attended because these monuments of failure need to be taken down and folks need to experience true liberty with the Most High as INDIVIDUALS. The name of the church I attended is called The Potters House, this particular bank branch at the time was based in Walthamstow, East London, however there are many Potters House Branches not only in the UK but also worldwide. Here is the link to their website, go ahead and take a gander for yourselves. Please note that this construction of decadence has now since moved to Leyton, East London.

This church right here is a typical example of a monument of failure and the propaganda contained within is the usual rubbish used to gode folks into the church beast web. Notice how the majority of these churches always use the term “revival”. Many folks are tricked into believing that grand things are going to happen during these periods of “revival”. You should have the understanding by now that these churches are not founded upon the true church that Christ spoke to his disciples about, these monuments of failure, constructions of decadence are nothing more than businesses. Do not be fooled into thinking that these scoundrels are carrying out the will of the Most High, remember the post that I did where I give you the proper definition of what taking the Most High’s name in vain was really all about, this site right here is yet another example of using the name or the title of the Most High and Christ to make monetary gain. Was Christ all about slick advertising and information filled leaflets when he was going about promoting salvation and the kingdom of the Most High? Far from it, Christ kept his message simple and plain. There was no fluffiness or lotion added to the message, this is one example of how you know that the Most High has absolutely nothing to do with the vast majority of these churches. Do not be fooled by the slick internet pages, the glossy posters, the barrage of events listed, the slickster grinning pastors with their equally slickster wives, the familiar words, terms, slogans and phrases used etc, remember as I stated before these are mechanisms that are used to not only draw you in but after you have been captured into the web, to make you feel small and insignificant, to have you think that it is all about the particular bank branch concerned and most of all to make you believe that the Most High resides within that building. In reality the Most High has nothing to do with buildings made with hands, you have read this already within the scriptures for yourselves. Let me now go into “sin” and explain how the Most High looks at it. You will find that his view on things is very different from the view that we have been lead to believe based upon the propaganda that has been handed down to us via these institutions of mockery.



Chain Breaking Hebrew


Firstly, we all are aware of what sin is, as Paul stated it is the transgression of the law, in terms of the new covenant this would mostly be dealing with the laws surrounding morality. Secondly it should be pointed out that the Most High looks at sin from a very different perspective when it comes down to somebody who has submitted to him through Christ as opposed to a person who has stuck two fingers up at the Most High and who enjoys living a life of decadence and a life lacking morality. It is extremely regrettable however that the institutional church beast infrastructure does not explain this when dealing with the issue of sin. Here is one simple scripture that clearly shows us this. John 3:18 reads

3:18 – HE THAT BELIEVETH ON HIM IS NOT CONDEMNED but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath NOT believed in the name of the only begotten Son Of God.

The scripture above clearly states that if you believe in Christ that you ARE NOT CONDEMNED. THE NON CONDEMNATION ALSO INCLUDES THE TIMES THAT YOU MAY MAKE MISTAKES OR FALL SHORT DESPITE WHAT YOU ARE TOLD WITHIN THESE MONUMENTS OF FAILURE AND DESPITE THE WAY THAT YOU ARE TREATED BY THE PASTOR ASWELL AS THE REST OF THE CONGREGATIONAL MEMBERS. I had to put that in bold so that people begin to understand that the Most High is not sitting at the ready waiting to lash you down if you fall short once in a while. He most certainly is not looking to strike you down and codemn you if you are dealing with issues and dysfunctions within your life that need remedying. The only people that need be concerned with condemnation and being dealt with harshly are those who reject the Most High and Christ altogether. As I have stated before on numerous occasions, once you break free from the institutional church beast infrastructure you realise that the your walk with the Most High is so different to what you have been lead to believe it ought to be like. I will continue to tell you that these churches are constructions of mockery that need to be taken down in everyway possible.

Those who submit to the Most High are treated very differently to those who are outside of the family. The clue here is repentance. The institutional church has you believe that if you are suffering from issues or fall once in a while that somehow you have to re-repent and start again. No, remember that with dysfunctional issues within your life, the Most High is dealing with them in his own time and his own way. Remember, contrary to what you have been told by the church, you are not to do a thing when it comes down to dealing with issues in your life, the Most High will deal with everything, however the church has you believe that somehow you MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE REPARATION PROCESS and that if you are not doing something or contributing towards the betterment of your life in general, that you are somehow being lazy, decadent and that you run the risk of being condemned to the bottomless pit. This isn’t a person who has rejected the Most High that the institutional church is talking about here, this is a person who has already submitted to the Most High though Christ. Can you see how diabolicol the church beast doctrine is? If your son or daughter done something wrong against you you would treat them very differently as opposed to a stranger who were to wrong you, this is logical, however as we are fully aware the church beast does not deal with logic, common sense, independent though or reason. The so called church goes out of its way to make these attributes seem like some sort of plague or cancer and promotes instead the ways of conformation, group think, blind trust in the pastor and so called “blessings” through financial contributions.

Let us not forget a clear example of mercy and forgiveness. Remember the woman who had been caught in the act of adultery in John 8, notice how unlike the Scribes and the Pharisees who represent these modern day churches and their members and who were also ready to put this woman to death at the drop of a hat, notice the position that Christ took. For starters it takes two to commit such an act so why wasn’t the man brought forward also? Secondly, Christ saw that the woman was genuinely repentant of her deed and so he forgave her accordingly. Tell me, when have you experienced such forgiveness within the prison bars of these churches, especially within the charasmatic and pentecostal institutions? The true fact is that you have never experienced any mercy within the institutional church beast infrastructure regardless of what flavour church that you attend. Again, remember that what is called the church today is a defunct bastard replicant or an imitation of what Christ originally established. This modern day institutional church beast has been established by Satan and I am not afraid to call it out as it is. If anybody still believes that these churches are of the Most High then I await the scriptures that support this infrastructure and the programmes that these churches have built themselves upon. Answers on a postcard please, I´ll wait. It should be noted that I have already confronted a very knowledgeable brother who decided to return back into the institutional church beast system about the scriptures that support this current church construct. I am still waiting for the scriptures to be brought forward but if anybody else would like to give it a go them by all means go ahead.

John 12:44-48 reads:

12:44 Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but on him that sent me.

12:45 And he that seeth me seeth him that sent me.

12:46 I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

12:47 And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.

12:48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.

Notice clearly that the position for those that believe in Christ is far different from those who decide to reject him. If you are truly in Christ then there is nothing to be concerned about, the institutional church beast infrastructure however likes to have you on your toes constantly and lead you to believe that one foot wrong can take you straight down to hell immediately. I think about the many believers in Christ whether Hebrew or Gentile who have fallen for this fear tactic, have died in that same state only to be greeted by angels and be lead into heaven. When I constantly refer to the institutional church as a beast infrastructure you can see exactly where I am coming from with regards to the indoctrination, the fear and the training that it instills in anyone unfortunate to be ensnared in its web. Let me repeat this again just so that it can sink in, REGARDLESS OF WHICH FLAVOUR CHURCH YOU ATTEND, THE TECHNIQUES USED TO THE KEEP THE CONCERNED CHURCH BEAST MEMBERS IN LINE AND IN CONTROL ARE ALL THE SAME AND ARE USED ACROSS THE BOARD.

The reality of such bank branch managers such as Paula White, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Matthew Ashimolowo, Todd Bentley, Joyce Meyer, Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Ted Haggard, Bill Hybels, Tim LaHaye, Ed Young, Eddie Long, James Meeks, John Hagee and too many others to mention including the pastors of your local small bank branches will be told by Christ, “I never knew you”. Again, do not be marvelled, fooled and swayed by the grand buildings, the size of the particular bank branch, the vast array of events and functions and the grand organisation that goes into running these constructions of decadence, despite their seemingly solid appearances, these monuments of failure regardless of their sizes will still all be brought down and will be reduced to piles of rubble. These and other pastors have fed people the purest A grade cow manure for the longest while and have gotten rich and prosperous off of the support and the trust of their congregational members. This is not what the kingdom of the Most High is all about.

Again, never forget that the institutional church beast branches come in many different flavours, even though the characters that I have mentioned here are from the charasmatic/pentecostal department of the institutional church beast infrastructure, be sure to throw in the most influential heads of the Catholic, Anglican, Seventh Day Adventist, Johovah’s Witness, Apostolic, Baptist, Protestant, Methodist churches aswell as any other flavour churches that you can think of and their leaders. Also I already know that when I mention the church beast infrastructure, most folks immediately think of English speaking preachers, however this is a worldwide organisation. Do not forget your various countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Angola, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, México, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, The Solomon Islands, Panama, India, Japan, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Antigua, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina, Chile, Iceland, Russia and any other countries around the world that you can think of where the church beast has established itself. I have thrown out these countries at random just to deprogram you from thinking of the institutional church beast infrastructure as an English only speaking construction, this institution has its tentacles across the globe, we may tend to forget sometimes that people who do not speak the same language as us are also suffering under this same church beast system.





I will continue to tell you folks that the institutional church is a giant web and the pastors, preachers, evangelists, reverends, bishops are simply your modern day sorcerers, wizards, magicians, enchanters and warlocks who are put in place to keep your average church beast member mesmerised, hypnotised and under the spell of the church beast until that particular member’s usefulness to the church beast  has come to an end. Most folks who attend these monuments of failure do not really want to believe that this is what the so called church is really all about, they truly believe that these so called “pastors” are genuinely called to preach and are placed there by the Most High to do his will, they believe in the pastor, the church building itself they believe holds special power and that outside of its confines it is not possible to have a fruitful, prosperous and stable relationship with the Most High and Christ. You have to remember that at the death of Christ when that veil was torn in two, it signified the end of needing a priest or a middle man to approach the Most High on our behalf. Now through Christ, his death and his blood we can approach the throne of the Most High directly with boldness and with confidence, bank branch managers are so not needed today in the grander scheme of things.

Remember the words of Christ himself concerning who he would reveal the things of the Most High and his kingdom to. Luke 10:21 reads:

10:21 – In that hour Jesus rejoiced in the spirit and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, THAT THOU HAST HID THESE THINGS FROM THE WISE AND PRUDENT, AND HAST REVEALED THEM UNTO BABES: EVEN SO, FATHER, for so it seemed good in thy sight.

I simply have to laugh when folks begin to quote information from these fraudulent preachers, historians, theologians, evangelists, reverends, bishops etc because Christ stated that the Most High has seen fit to reveal these things unto those who seem the most insignificant, those who do not have the so called theological “qualifications and degrees”, those who are not viewed as pillars and somebodies within this bastard infrastructure. Believe it or not, the small men and women such as ourselves are more important to the Most High and his kingdom than these big name, medium name and even small name preachers, pastors etc. The Most High is not concerned about them, he is concerned with us as individuals, he is concerned with the “little people”. This is why the Most High is currently raising up the small men and women to deconstruct and to take down this institutional church beast infrastructure that has taken many of his people hostage. The institutional church should prepare for war as the Most High is going to bring this beast down by hook or by crook. It is duly noted that the church beast system will certainly not go down without a fight and those whom the Most High establishes as warriors to go against this system it will attempt to heavily demonise and will even go to such lengths as to state that those same said individuals who are genuinely performing the Most High´s work are working for the devil. They did the same thing to Christ, they will do exactly the same to you and I.

It is time for this institutional church beast infrastructure to be taken down, the Most High has had enough of these so called churches whether great or small taking advantage of the people who put their trust and their money into them, the people receive absolutely nothing back in return, they are indoctrinated and programmed to believe that the measley crumbs that they receive from their pastors are full course meals packed with nutrition, nothing could be further from the truth. These swindlers pick out one or two scriptures and then proceed to tell you things about these verses that you could have figured out for yourself without their help. The programming is so deep, the pastors make you feel as though you need them in order to understand the bible, I am sure that you must be seeing now why I call them modern day wizards, worlocks, witches, enchanters etc.

The reality here is that many could already see these things for themselves, they simply needed the confirmation that what they were involved in was a load of crap. I am here to not only bring you the confirmation but to also bring some real solutions to the table. You want to be free from the lies and the deception of the institutional church beast infrastructure, you want to experience a true personal relationship with the Most High through Christ without the same old mundane rituals of church, you want to break new ground in your individual walk with the Most High and experience genuine changes and new things, then you know what you must do, LEAVE THE CHURCH AND WALK WITH THE MOST HIGH AS AN INDIVIDUAL. There is nothing wrong with like minded individuals getting together themselves and organising their own things without having to go through the bread and circus, minstrel show theatrics of your average modern day institutional church. If you want to do it online or in person then so be it, how you choose to congregate is entirely up to you. Remember that Christ stated that where 2 or 3 are gathered in his name, he is there present in the midst of them. It doesn’t matter how the gathering is executed or what medium is used to forge the coming together, Christ is always there and present. We ought to start really believing what Christ states instead of continuing to listen to these dodgy preachers and being afraid to challenge them when we know that they are talking out of their rear ends. For those who are still attending these monuments of failure, my words to you are these, the so called “church” is dead and the Most High is now proceeding forth with its destruction. Save yourselves now, leave these monuments of failure and decadence, walk with the Most High as individuals and begin to exercise true faith and belief or become a casualty and a victim in the up and coming war and carnage between the Most High and this fraudulent monument of death called ¨the church” that will ensue.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

14 thoughts on “More Institutional Church Propaganda And Lies Deconstructed – Sin Explained Properly In Accordance With The Scriptures!

  1. Another whammy Verby Poo lol hahaah sorry I couldn’t resist… lol

    Anyway ,let’s get down to business. Yes, reading this, definitely brought back some memories. I remember some years ago, this man had just got out of jail, and he decided to give his live to the Lord and he decided to go to an institutional church and the reception he got there was, well let’s just say, it made the north pole look like a sauna. This particular woman was sitting behind him and she kept sucking up her teeth and cursing under her breath calling him a jail bird and hurling a lot of insults and slurs at him and since that day, he never went back.

    Another thing, In my mother’s home village in Guyana there is this Adventist Church. The people of he village are heavily religious, but oh so hypocritical, there was this lady (she’s deceased now) let’s call her Lynn, now Lynn was fierce church goer, every Saturday, she used to prance down the road in her best attire, bible on her chest, and had this haughty “holier than thou” attitude she used to cop. The “church” doors couldn’t open fast enough, she was one of the first people there, and for the whole of that Saturday, she was humble as a lamb, can do no wrong, all holy and righteous, but from time Sunday dawns, lemme tell you, if you saw this woman on a Saturday and interacted with her and then witness her on Sunday to Friday, you’d swear it wasn’t the same person, she was a full blown ratchet, she used to curse out people on a whim, and if that’s not the worst of it, she was carrying on an affair with her “church” sister (best friend)’s husband in secret and used to hail her friend bright ever time she saw her. And as to her own husband he used to work on a ship so he was hardly ever home but when he did come home she was always sick but she was pretending of course, had her head all tied up and smelling some fumes and all covered up in bed, the whole rigmarole. And this is not the worst of it, this same woman, Lynn, poisoned and killed one of my aunts and her mother who is still alive is a witch, an Obeah woman……… There was another woman who attended the same church, every Saturday, just like Lynn, she was a peach, the holiest of angels but on the week days, this woman used to frequent a witch doctor/Obeah man’s place. Though this drama and dysfunction was not limited to these two women, it was the whole congregation. And the pastor used to preach this tripe that “if you pray on Sunday, God won’t hear you, so you must pray on Saturday”. My Grandmother is a hardline Adventist, but she is the most dysfunctional and hypocritical person I know, (though I still love her) she and my mother do not speak to each other at all.

    Oh an by the way, my uncle was ordained, last Sunday but I didn’t go, I had come down with a terrible cold, coincidence maybe….

    “This church right here is a typical example of a monument of failure and the propaganda contained within is the usual rubbish used to gode folks into the church beast web. Notice how the majority of these churches always use the term “revival”.”

    In regards to this point, I remember a sermon that the priest at the Anglican church I hardly attend now had preached, about “Selling Church” I don’t remember all the specifics of the sermon, but in a nutshell it reflected the point I quoted above, basically you have to market “church” church as if it was the Garden of Eden. And I remember the priest make reference to a scenario that one of his congregation members, apparently her grown son doesn’t go to church anymore and she curses him out and berates him about it all the time, and the priest said “No that’s not how you do it, you have to sell church in a positive way” or something to that effect. so anyways, a great article full of hot, spicy, flavourful Jamaican curry chicken facts from start to finish, keep up the good work..

    Yahawah Bless.


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      Lol. This is the problem with the modern day western black woman, she believes that she can behave in whatever manner she pleases and that somehow the Most High is going to give her a squeeze on the day of judgement. Nothing could be further from the truth. As soon as she closes her eyes and takes her last breath upon this earth, she will immediately be confronted with the recompense of her evil ways. There is absolutely no forgiveness within the prison bars and gates of the institutional church beast infrastructure, I found this out the hard way. In many ways you would be better off throwing yourselves into the hands of atheists and asking them for mercy rather than pleading for mercy from your average institutional church beast infrastructure member.

      This illustration of “Lynn” perfectly proves my point about the current miserable state of decadence surrounding the modern day western black woman. They honestly believe that the Most High is going to pat them on the back, shake their hands and welcome them into the Kingdom with open arms, those who love to revel in their own decadence have a very rude awakening approaching.

      These monuments of failure simply serve no purpose to anyone, folks need to begin to walk from these churches in droves. .”Selling church”, that is a new one that I haven’t heard of before and is more ammunition for the book. At one point I was actually contemplating about attending some of these constructions of decadence for research purposes only, however I realised that I do not have to put myself through that horrifying pain(thank the Most High) as Youtube is aloft with these court jesters aka pastors and their folly.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This post confirmed a lot of things I have been thinking about. It is sad to know that so many people are spiritually lost in the church, and how they are scared to leave the church because they think they aren’t saved if they don’t attend church. The pastor becomes their god. They lose the ability to think for themselves. What really bothers me is paying tithes. I know people who give their last amount of money to the church thinking it is going to multiple in a miraculous way. Once you know the truth, it is hard to conform to the church and the way of thinking within the church. I am so surprised sometimes how people are still being deceive despite the evidence that is available to show that the church is not advancing their spiritual lives, but is creating a cycle of fear. People start serving the Most High out of fear instead of love. The programming is deep! Thanks for the encouragement about allowing the Most High to work on our issues by himself without our help. This is something that I am learning to allow in my own life.


    • Jaz,

      That is probably one of the number one techniques of manipulation and wizardry that the church utilises upon its beast members who happen to “go astray”, make those who do not attend one of these monuments of failure feel as though they are heading straight for the bottomless pit. I once upon a time was one of these fellows, I served the Most High from a position of unhealthy fear, believing that he at any moment could strike me down if I set a foot astray.

      I now know better and fully understand that I was being manipulated and kept in fear by the local court jester of that particular construction of decadence and mockery. The Most High is looking down from heaven and he is angry with these so called “pastors” daily. The fear that the Most High instills in you is far different from the concoction brewed up by these money changers. The Most High’s fear instilled in you as strange at it may seem brings peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, love and an eagerness to serve him because you want to, not because you feel forced to.

      These so called pastors need to start preparing for war because the Most High is going to take down everyone of these decadent monuments. The folks who still continue to attend these crumbling relics had better begin to start founding their faith truly in the Most High or most certainly they will become casualties and victims in the destruction of the institutional church beast infrastructure. These same so called “believers” are the very ones who will be first in line to accept the mark of the beast because their pastors will instruct them to do so.

      The so called “church” is dead, it is now just a matter of demolishing and taking down these buildings.


    • Nidotopianwarrior,

      This is typical of the institutional church beast infrastructure bank branch managers. Always remember to keep in mind that the current church system that you see set up today was founded by Lucifer himself, therefore we really shouldn’t be surprised at stories such as this one. This is only the tip of the iceberg.


      • Nidotopianwarrior,

        Just read the chapters and commented on your blog also. Great stuff, like I said to you before I cannot wait for the book to be completed. Do you have any idea when the work will be finished?


      • between my studies at college and limited free time I have these days and not to mention the occasional writer’s block I honestly don’t know


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