I believe the position has been clearly established that more than illustrates the fact that the vast majority of black women in 2014 simply cannot handle the truth, especially when it comes down to home truth concerning themselves. 50 years of leadership without any obligation of being held accountable for their actions, the black woman has also been given a free reign without any responsibility and through a serious lack of these prerequisites she has adopted and almost fully adjusted to a lifestyle based upon lies, dishonesty and wickedness. I must say that I am extremely disappointed at the way that black women in general have conducted themselves with little to no thresholds in place. These is why I have absolutely no problem referring to the majority of black women as beasts, because that is what the majority have turned into, unchecked and unchained monsters.

I have stated before on numerous occasions that the modern day western black woman and the so called European man are two sides of the same coin and I will prove it to you right now in this quick report. It should also be noted that I am not the only person who has reached this conclusion concerning western black women, so this conclusion by no means unique to me, I am here simply sharing my own personal revelations through my own personal interactions, experiences and dealings with western black women in general.

The modern day western black woman behaves no differently to the European man and his owned and controlled mainstream media. She has a 1001 techniques at the ready to evade being held accountable for her actions of decadence aswell as to slam the truth.  When the western black female is confronted with the truth with regards to her foul history of betrayal or even her current state of decadence, she will immediately launch herself into a mode of “denial” as one of her first strategies. If the denial technique fails her then she will next resort to the following strategy of “distribution of blame”. If this technique fails her yet again she will then resort to a heavy smear campaign in combination with attempting to defame the character of the person asking the questions and critiquing her. If this fails yet again and she sees that her techniques of evasion and deflection have still failed, she will then resort to deceivingly asking the questioner for the solutions to the problems at hand. You have to understand that most black women do not want any solutions to the problems that they have, they simply wish rather that you would stop talking about their problems as they enjoy living in their state of decline as this means that they can always jump into the position of a victim when required. Failing this showdown she will then resort to the technique of using heavy profanity and this is commonly followed by physical violence.

This is the modern day western black woman in a nutshell. I do not take pleasure in making this declaration, however due to the damage that this woman has caused to the black nation as a whole, it is high time that the black woman is thrown off of the throne of leadership by force and the position be correctly appointed to the rightful heirs, black men. Regrettably however the black woman has done such a bang up job of destroying most black men from the point of childhood, therefore as a result there are very few black men today who are fit enough and ready to be placed into positions of leadership.

Most black women will hate me for giving this analysis and they will attempt to trash the report, albeit all attempts will be in vain and will fail miserably as the facts are not hidden, they are in the open for all to see and to verify for themselves. Look over the techniques used by the majority of black women to escape being held accountable for their reprobate actions and irresponsibility and tell me that these are not the very same techniques used by the so called European man and hia mainstream media outlets to shut down views of opposition, to demonise those who go against the grain of the status quo ie those who think independently and conduct their own investigations and research. There is no way around this, I do not call the modern day western black woman a scoundrel for nothing, it is her uncouth actions that justifiably warrant s such a title towards her.

The sacred cow so to speak that has been protected by her new lord, saviour, master and father the so called European man for the last 50 years, in order for the black nation as a whole to move forward the profaned shrine of this unholy female must be torn down and smashed into powder and dust. This is beginning to happen as more and more folks muster up the courage to call a spade a spade and a duck a duck. The modern day western black woman however will not go down without a fight as her position in this system of Babylon has been appointed to her and despite her selling out for temporary crumbs and scraps, the fact that she has been rewarded with miniscule trinkets ie nothing of real value still has not caused her to review her position and to repent for what she has done.

There is also another problematic situation to overcome when attempting to take down this modern day belligerent monster, simp black men. These are black men who will defend all black women to the hilt including the black women who have become a cancer and a liability to the rest of the black nation. To defend good black women who are speaking out and standing up against the corruption and the evil ways of reprobate black females is an honourable and a noble duty, however when these same black men begin to defend those who rightly ought to be discarded and abandoned by the wayside we have a very serious problem at hand.

These black men are a very serious problem, in fact just as much of a problem as the problematic black women that they defend. They defend foul black women from an emotional standpoint and fail at every turn to apply wisdom, logic, reason and common sense when analysing and dealing the situation as a whole. These black men will also have to be abandoned. As an individual in order to better yourself you must break ranks with the dumb philosophies and the folly that has been fed into the black community by black women. Black men for at least the last 40-50 years have been raised on foolishness, stupidity, ignorance and emotion by western black women and at the same time black women still have the audacity to complain about there being no decent black men to choose from. Duh, look at how you have raised black men by yourselves(because you wanted to do it by yourselves, you welcomed adopting the position of independent woman with open arms) for the last 50 years, these no good reprobate black men walking around today are the result of your own handy work, behold the fruits of your labour black women, embrace them and stop trying to escape being held accountable or trying to distribute the blame towards other parties for the errors that you have made by yourselves with your own two hands.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


  1. Hi there, Slaying Evil… would just like to invite you over to my blog. Link is contained within my username. Peace.

    Oh, and before I go… take a look at this video over on YouTube, because it relates to your latest post.

    There’s many others I love — although I don’t agree with everything these guys say, but much of it I do — but there’s some channels on YouTube with videos of food for thought. Here they go:

    -Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time
    -TNN Raw Uncut

    Cheers. 😉


    • Common Horse Spiritual Sense,

      Thanks for the invite to your blog. I’ll be sure to check out your material. On the youtube channels I am already very familiar with all of those channels. Thanks.


  2. Hey Verbs, it’s me KingoftheTeddybears, Anyways I started my own WordPress blog, to post my stories on, however I can’t seem to get it to register on Google search engine, it always comes back blank as a result I’ve kinda scrapped the blog so I’ll circumvent and try to find some other place to post my stories.

    So anyways back to the topic at hand, as much as it saddens me to say and admit, yes you are so right and it makes me worry for the future of our community. Did I ever show you a blog by this freelance writer named Shawn James? Where he talks about the Black Mangina and the Negro Bed Wench? Definitely worth the read. So anyways I want to believe that our sisters can be saved. So much prayer must be done for thhem


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      I’ll be sure to check out your blog. On the issue of the modern day western black woman, many folks have attempted to marginalise the problems in the black community down to certain groups ie the Negro bedwenches, the manginas and the simps only, however the problem is with black women and black men as a whole across the board regardless of what group they slot into. This is because both black women and black men for the most part are psychologically damaged and are suffering from mental illness, which at its true origin is possession by evil spirits. Yes, most black folks today in 2014 are possessed by devils. This is the aspect that we have conveniently been taught to omit via today’s European standards.

      In the same manner as Christ I will only pray for those who can and will be saved on both sides. Prayers towards the majority of black women and black men who are already gone and who cannot be redeemed are simply wasted. A harsh truth to face yet none the less a truth that must be accepted.

      Yes, I remember you posting links to Shawn James’s material from before. Thought provoking information.


    • Chrystal Emma,

      Verby poo, lol. Indeed, I remember seeing that report a while back. Black women in general signed a deal with the devil in the 1960s, these are just some of the fruits of that deal in 2014, a lost generation of women who are possessed by evil spirits, hence why very few black women are open and honest about their mistakes and their wrong doings and why most black women will carry out some of the most outlandish deeds and still attempt to justify the folly. A crying shame indeed.


  3. If you are a Black Man with a fully developed mind, having strength of character, who knows his worth, why obsess over women of any race. If a woman does not measure up to your standards, (regardless of her race) leave it be. Of course you must have standards, which the simps and manginas don’t. Live life on your terms. I am such a Black Man. I couldn’t care less what simps, manginas, and hair hats do. I do protect myself from them, and when I must, I defeat them when they invade my existence. Be the best you, you are capable of being. There are a lot of messed up people about. You can not save them. Save yourself and create your world better. If enough of us do this, it will have major impact on all things.


    • Black Manhood,

      I hear what you are saying, however this message isn’t for the black man who knows who he is and who isn’t wavered by unstable black women, this is for those black men who are still trying to find themselves and who are still looking for answers as to what has gone wrong with the modern day western black woman.

      This has to be about race because it is my race of women who have become dysfunctional. It should be noted that other races deal with and have a specific corner for their dysfunctional women, all except the black nation. Waiting until they land on your doorstep has been the very reason why things have spiraled out of control. The key now is to go on the offence.

      I am also trying to give the younger generation of black men a heads up so that they can be well prepared from the offset. Remember, the message here is not for the many, it is for the few, so in light of those few I will talk about and deal with issues such as this one.


  4. Truth, truth, truth. When I think about most of the no good men that I meet, they were raised by single mothers, or I should really say half raised. I do know some good men that were raised without a father, and the difference has always been the mentality of the mother. A good mother, if she is single and the father is no longer around (which she will try her hardest to have him around in the first place as a first choice), knows that she can be a good mother but she can not be a father. Women cannot raise men. So she will make sure that he has positive male influence from family or friends. I asked one of my best friends how he turned out so well, and he said that he had real men around in his family to look up to, and he never had time to mess up.Between school, tutoring, sports, and music lessons he didn’t have time to hang out on the streets. I think the first thing single mothers need to realize is that the idea of a woman raising a man is insane. I have also seen the horrendous effects of men raising women. Women will admit that that shouldn’t be done but for some reason cannot admit the same for themselves.
    Another thing that I have always found interesting is that whether the mother is single or not, her poor parenting has a much deeper effect on the child than the father because they spend more time with them. You get some messed up men from these situations too. My ex husband was unfortunately one of these characters. He was raised in a two parent home like I was, but my mother was a good woman. I noticed early in our relationship that he had some trust issues with women, but it got way worse when we moved back to his home state close to them. All of the women in his family except for his grandmother were some lying, scandalous women. I was completely shocked at their behavior. They were also very vain, materialistic, and lived outside of their means in order to put up a front. He was treated sometimes as if he really wasn’t part of the family, and when his grandmother died, who was the only one he had a connection with, they didn’t even bother telling him. We only found out because we happened to be over there when someone called about funeral arrangements. I found out so much stuff about his family, from him being molested to his mother locking him in the closet. I don’t excuse his abuse, drug use, infidelity, or abandonment, but I understand him. I still wish that we could have gotten help and could have worked out at least for the children, but his infidelity led to a whole other family on the side. I know this was long, but this is the kind of stuff that women with no moral compass can produce. That is why there is the saying that a nation can only rise as high as th women, or something like that. Our race is messed up because the women are messed up and don’t know how to be women. When white women came with that bull about marriage and children=oppression black women should have shoved Proverbs 31 in their face and kept it pushing. Being a wife and mother is an honor, and it does not mean you sit at home twiddling your thumbs while ten kids crawl over you and hang off of your nipple. A real woman does work, but she takes care of her family too and has her husband’s respect because of her good character. The older women are lost for the most part, but hopefully the younger generation still has some hope.


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