The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure Exposed Book In The Making!

Just to let you guys know that it is time to take the attack on the institutional church beast infrastructure to the next level in the form of a book. I have realised that there is just too much to write about in any particular post when it comes down to exposure of this church beast system, its lies and deception. Obviously I am fully aware that taking this offensive to the next level is going to bring me far more persecution than just the odd person popping up here and there with their emotionally charged rants, however I feel that this is a need that I have not seen being met by anyone else anywhere.

I have seen various folks come forward and go against certain segments and various actions within the church beast infrastructure, however this is highly inefficient and is fraudulent as the entire church beast infrastructure is a piece of evil crud that needs to be taken down completely and Verbs is going to do his part to contribute to the destruction of this beast infrastructure.

The institutional church beast infrastructure members will no doubt come out in their droves and attempt to defend their monuments of failure, the constructions of decadence and their swindling pastors aka the local bank branch management, however as you have seen from many of my other posts and comments, I am more than ready for them. Yes, they will say that I am of the devil and that I am fighting against the Most High, however this is to be expected from folks who have been heavily indoctrinated by the same said church beast system.

I will still be posting in the meantime however I feel that some sort of permanent paper reference needs to be established that people can turn to at anytime. Also I realise that the Internet will not always be here in this free form forever, so it is time to turn up the heat and rumble the cage. There will be many casualties however the Most High is pushing me to carry out this mission as he wants to liberate genuine folks from this replicant bastard church system which many have been lead to believe is the same church that Christ founded, nothing could be further from the truth.

As per usual you already know what the key message of the book is going to be about, WALK AWAY FROM THESE CHURCHES AND ESTABLISH YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MOST HIGH ie you do not need to attend these monuments of failure and you most certainly do not need to listen to a cruddy sermon from a money changer. Much of what you have read here on the blog will be in the book, however I will be expounding more deeply on many issues so there will be alot of new material. This is a need that must be met asap.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

10 thoughts on “The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure Exposed Book In The Making!

  1. Sir I modestly feel it’s a great idea.

    Just one technical observation : do not put it exclusively on Am*z*n Kindle because some people can’t read with this software.


    • Jonathan an English accent is quite easy to imitate I can do one perfectly, though I sound white at times especially when it’s recorded. lol cringe city……………. so I deepen my voice and try to urbanize it, but it’s fairly to imitate


  2. Verbs, there is a show on Lifetime called. Ghosts inside my child. Its a paranormal documentary series similar in concept to Unsolved Mysteries or Deadly Women or Behind Mansion Walls. So anyway, the entire premise of the show is, parents believe that ghosts from the past come back to inhabit their children. Like last nights episode, a woman’s daughter was allegedly possessed by the ghost of a person who died in a plane crash.

    Basically I think it’s all just make believe but another part of me is thinking demonic possession is on the rise and Hollywood is pushing it like something cool. Like demons are going after children. It’s really sickening to think about…..


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