More Institutional Church Lies And Myths Exposed – WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL!




One of the most frequently sighted arguments that I hear from your average institutional church beast infrastructure member(especially the majority of those from the European persuasion) is now that Christ has established a new covenant through his death, no matter who we are we are now all equal under the Most High through Christ. This has been one of the biggest lies to spew forth from the rotten guts of the institutional church beast infrastructure. It seems that most folks in 2014 do not know how to read English properly, yet alone the scriptures. Let us now take a look at the most commonly used verses that are held up in support of this church beast propaganda. Galations 3:28 reads:

3:28 – There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

3:29 – And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

The “one” that Paul was referring to here was the fact that under Christ we are all supposed to be in agreement and we are now all supposed to be on the same team. Being in agreement and being on the same side does not now equate to being “equal” as many gentiles have been lead to believe, especially those who have caught wind of the information that the true Jews are in fact the so called Negroes and that it will actually be the gentiles who will serve us in the coming kingdom.  A soccer team consists of 11 players, they are all of the one team yet they are not all equal to each other. For starters there is a leader called a captain, he is in charge of the team, he gives out the instructions and advice for play, he holds a superior position to his team mates even though they are all of the same team and are “one”. Different players hold different positions, each player’s position forms part of the framework for the complete team structure.

Let us now bring it back to the scriptures, there is another scripture which also deals with this “one” topic. 1 John 5:7 reads:

5:7 – For there are three that bear record in heaven, The Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

Here is the “one” being mentioned yet again however this time in relation to the Godhead. Now we know that the Father is the ultimate authority in heaven and in the universe period, he is proceeded by his Son Christ and both the Father and Son have the authority over the Spirit. Yet these three are “one”? Once again the “one” means that all three of these entities are in union, they all work together as one block/one unit/one team, they are all on the same side and for the same cause. Being one with something does not now mean that you are all of a sudden now equal to that thing. I wish that folks would read the scriptures properly for themselves and allow the Spirit to give them direct revelations instead of listening to a jack legged preacher who typically comes off with a janky, mutated interpretation of the scriptures in accordance with the deceptive and evil institutional church agenda.

This “we are all equal” false doctrine flies directly in the face of numerous scriptures which clearly point to the true Hebrews being the heritage of the Most High and the people who will rule over all others in his coming kingdom. Two of those many scriptures that quickly come to mind are Isaiah 14:1-2 which read as follows:

14:1 For the LORD will have mercy on JACOB, and WILL YET CHOOSE ISRAEL, AND SET THEM IN THEIR OWN LAND: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.


We are also reminded of the superior position of the Hebrews through Paul who reminds us that the Gospel is for THE JEW FIRST and also the gentile. I cannot help gentiles who are butt hurt over the fact that they will not be holding the positions of authority that they believed that they were going to obtain in the coming kingdom. You gentiles who are still wrestling with the fact that the Hebrews are superior to you in the eyes of the Most High need to get over it and get in line if you truly wish to enter into the kingdom of the Most High. You need to accept the fact that we are NOT ALL EQUAL(I’m still waiting for the scripture on that one now that we have dealt with the “one” issue thoroughly and correctly). The reality of the situation is that despite the fact that many gentiles profess to believe in Christ, only a very small remnant will make it into the kingdom as most despite their so called “faith” still feel comfortable in holding onto the lies of the institutional church beast infrastructure aswell as the lies of national pride. As Christ stated himself, “THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST AND THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST”. The kingdom of the Most High does not deal with equality, it deals with different positions and functions/roles. As always……………………………………….


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


30 thoughts on “More Institutional Church Lies And Myths Exposed – WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL!

  1. Sir Verbs, it is one of the most troubling teachings for us edomites-heathens from the genuine Hebrew Israelites. It’s certainly going against not only the Beast Church doctrines but also against the secular society “values”. Only those of us so-called whites who are inspired by the Most High to see and feel the immensity of sins and harm done against the Chosen People, among them are The Elect and our future rulers in righteousness, only those can easily see how The Most High’s Judgement is fair. How can we edomites be equal to those we have so cruelly persecuted, those we’re still keeping down, those we have despised, mocked … those that were/are/will be the apple of the Most High’s eyes. Servitude under The Elect is a kind and fair Judgement. Far gentler than what Michael Brown has got in Ferguson.
    But most so-called whites are deaf and blind to these crimes of ours and still filled with a misplaced pride. We should learn meekness for the Kingdom of heaven.


    • Servant2be,

      As Yahchanan stated, the vast majority of your Edomite brethren are wicked to the core and full of evil. You are going to have to face the fact(if you haven’t done so already) that the vast majority of Edomites will perish, not only because of their wicked ways but also for the fact that they are unrepentant in their evil doings.

      Paul indeed warned the Romans(who were also Edomites) not to be high minded in relation to being invited into the Jews salvation, however as per usual the true nature of Edom will always bubble to the surface. Not only have your people boasted but they have also taught the real Hebrews that they are gentiles on top of upholding the false JewISH people as the Most High’s chosen.

      You are one of the few of your Edomite brethren who can see, who has accepted the error of his ways and has turned from them. A very small part of me feels sorry for the rest of your brethren yet on the other hand the heavy judgement that they will receive will be righteous and just.

      Continue to steer clear of the corrupt and evil ways of your white brethren and you will escape the coming sword of judgement.


  2. servant2be, you missed what the most high will bring to the gentile nation. The Most High brings a sword called judgement and it will be dripping with the blood of Gentils and the sinful Israelites that haven’t kept his laws ,status and conmandments. Your people are so full of murder, hate, pride, selfrightousness among many other things..And you need ti really examing yourself that you don,t receive the sword of judgement.


    • sir Yahchanan, I am aware that the Judgement is harsh and this wicked world will be destroyed and that “the blood of the Gentiles” won’t be spared on that day and that only a remnant of us be allowed to serve The Elect in the Kingdom of Heaven. Meditating on these crimes past and present is indeed very important for us. I can’t know if I will be among the remnant in servitude but I certainly distance myself as much as I can from the so-called white pride and oppression of the Chosen People.


  3. In regards to us Hebrews being taught we are gentiles, my mother used to attend an Assembly of God church and the pastor used to say “the transatlantic slave trade was a blessing in disguise because we would’ve still been in Slavery in Africa” and she used to parrot that doctrine ever so often. And the older I got, the wiser I became and I started to scrutinize that doctrine. First and foremost, our ancestors were doing fine in Africa until the Arabs rode in and started wreaking havoc (thanks to Europeans machinations which led to the spawning of the Islamic religion) and later the Europeans. And I ask the questions:

    1. How is being rounded up, placed in chains and packed like sardines onto a ship where you were so tightly packed that you had to urinate and dedicate in the same position, sleep in the same position and wake up in the same position a blessing?

    2. How is dying of disease and starvation and being thrown overboard to be fish food a blessing?

    3. How is being branded and sold like cattle a blessing?

    4. How is being forced to work in the blazing sun cutting cane and picking corn and being whipped a blessing?

    5. How is having your black babies used as alligator bait a blessing?

    6. How is having our men sodomized and dehumanized in the most unsightly manner before the eyes of your fellow slaves a blessing?

    7. How is seducing and raping our black women and spawning bastard half edomite offspring to create the institution of racism by pitying slaves against one another based on skin color a blessing?

    8. How is murdering our unarmed black men and women and leaving them in the streets dead for hours a blessing?

    9. How is creating Feminism which destroyed the black family a blessing?

    10. How is teaching our black boys and girls to hate themselves and each other through Eurocentric imagery on the TV screens a blessing?

    11. How is using and abusing our Hebrew brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry, luring them into illicit sex, drugs, Witchcraft and other deplorable practices for fame and killing them off like flies once they’ve served their purpose which includes but is not limited to pushing forward agendas that stereotype us as thugs and hoes and hoochie mamas, making us the object of scorn and ridicule a blessing?

    The list goes on and on Verbs but you get where I’m coming from. I wish I could see that preacher again and lambaste his chicken necked ass. Which proves your point all along about the institutional church. And to top things off, my uncle who’s an assistant priest at the Anglican church that my mother forces me to attend (not that I go) is being ordained as a full fledged priest after a year long tenure in Bible College. I have to wear a suit to that heinous ritual. Pray for me as I pray for myself.

    12. How is being


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      As long as there is breath in me I will continue to preach the same message over and over again, folks must leave these monuments of failure for their own good. The transatlantic slave trade a blessing, what on earth was this dumb money changer thinking about when he uttered such folly?

      These so called preachers always have some sort of diabolical message to palm off to their congregation members, it is a crying shame that the major of church beast members do not scrutinise the words and the deceptive message coming from these swindling buzzards. I’m like you, I am eagerly waiting to run into one of these money changers and keen to give him/her that good work. Knowing what I know already he/she will most likely utilise the technique of transfer almost immediately, this is what they do when they are confronted with the real truth and the proper facts.

      These decadent scumbag preachers will indeed pay for their treacherous actions. They ought to pay heed and great diligence to Ezekiel 34 and know that the Most High will roast their backsides without hesitation.


  4. Hey Verbs my dear bro, how’s everything? Well I hope. Brother, I can always appreciate posts like these because they stir folks up but plenty people love to dismiss it. Someone called “edom’s thorn” responded to me on my blog after I had found his blog. On his blog he claims that the white American Christians are the true children of Israel. I love it and perhaps I shouldn’t but I do, I love it when they say things like that because it makes me laugh on the inside. I don’t want to revel in this truth and knowledge. I actually have a pretty humble view of myself and life since learning this awesome truth. However, when folks like edom’s thorn begin to spout off that THEY are the true children, descendants and people of The Most High, it’s all the sweeter itll be when they are made to learn the truth. Footstools indeed.
    Now I’m sure I’m not discovering anything new to you Verbs, but for me, one of the most vital signs today of identifying who Esau/Edom is, is that arrogance, pride, conceit, haughtiness.
    Even my ex-girlfriend who “preferred” black men couldn’t and wouldn’t get behind the thought and idea of a black MessiYah. She said to me, if Jesus IS black then more power to him. Now, think for just a moment, this girl was wanting me to go to church with her, and I was going because I had been in church all my life but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep going cause the services were deplorable, but anyway, this girl goes to church and worships Jesus and says he is love, recognizes images of him whenever we are out somewhere so I believe she does love “him” but when I tell her history and truth, she turns dismissive and gives a “more power to him” comment. That’s cause she can’t believe it. That pride and arrogance is in white people deeply. Just like negroes have stiff necks, white folks have upward attitudes.
    Now this servant2be person, I would like for you to discuss what you feel and how you feel knowing this truth. Because I believe that white people don’t want to accept the truth because they are embarrassed to learn that they are going to have to go into servitude to “niggers” or “darkies” or “blacks” or whatever we are called by them when we are not around.
    They will call you race traitor and nigger lover if they haven’t already. But how do you feel knowing this truth? How long did it take you to accept it?

    Verbs, brother, you stay blessed my brother. Kingoftheteddybears, what up? Take it easy brothers.



    • sir Jonathan with a Y, it’s a long story … to respond to your questions. First of all I have Christian Catholic background and I was raised in a European context (not American which is making a difference) : hatred against The Chosen has never been an intrinsic part of my education as white Americans (and other heathens) are nurtured with. When I start travelling to the Great Babylon,I had to be taught by Black people the underlying intrisic rejection of Blacks even after 1964. Then I put these lessons in practice on our own European history and to progressively discover other veiled or semi-hidden tragedies in Africa, on the continent itself. Anti-Black prejudice is existing here too though in a different way than in Ferguson or with the LAPD or Fox disgusting news. Then on this road toward the truth, removing layer after layer of white prejudice, I stumbled on Youtube on videos of Hebrew Israelites. It was like a fascination and I was unable not to watch more and more and more, subscribe to many channels and keep watching, exploring … that is where I found sir Verbs’ own blog. It has been roughly 4 to 5 years now that I am reading and watching the teachings of Hebrew Israelites.
      My first surprise was that staying focused on Hebrew Israelites is like a magnet or an inner order ; even if what I see and hear about so-called whites being edomites and the devil, our destiny is frightening, I can’t do anything else than watching, learning more about the white horrors of the past and present, it’s a torment of the mind I feel The Most High is imposing on me. It’s like feeling “vertigo” every time, seeing a sort of bottomless pit, being confronted to new white lies and new white crimes all the time.
      oh yes I have been considered as a “race traitor” many times and a “N*** lover” too. That has never been a deterrent, on the contrary more a confirmation of what the Hebrew Israelite prophets are proclaiming.


    • Hello Jonathan I’m doing fine, school is about to start again on the 15th it’s gonna be my last semester at college


    • J.R.

      Always good to hear from you brother, life is good and well, Most High Bless. You’re average so called white person believes his/her own hype with all of their heart, they honestly believe in the “white is right” propaganda. There also exists a peculiar sect of white people in the UK who also believe that they are the children of Israel, trust me this nonsensical foolishness is not solely restricted to the US.

      You are spot on sir when you talk about the various vital signs to look for in identifying this Edomite character. I’m going to continue to reiterate the same thing over and over again, just because a person of European descent calls themself a “christian”, do not believe for a second that they will abandon their nation pride or that all of a sudden they are now open to real truth. Something else that I have mentioned before in one of my other blogs, the majority of so called white people do not have a problem with Christ and the Most High as long as they can continue to hold on to the belief that both of these characters look like them, its real simple. However as you have discovered through your own experiences, you bring forward to them any information that rumbles their belief system ie that indicates that the true identity of Christ especially is that of a Negro, immediately the defence systems erect rapidly and all hell breaks loose literally.

      The uppity attitude of the so called European man in general is exactly what is going to send him and the majority of his people on the one way express with a single fare ticket straight down to the bottomless pit. There is no excuse to hold on to lies, it is easy to run into the information that clearly indicates that Christ is black. Its wasn’t until the Renaissance period that this deception as to the colour of Christ became an issue. Before this time everybody knew that Christ was black, this wasn’t even a issue to be raised.

      Something else that I have always been saying for a while now is that most white people do not feel comfortable with the knowledge that Christ is a Negro and certainly these same folks will be unwilling to serve black folks in the coming Kingdom, which is why the Most High states that Edom will be the nation hardest hit by his judgement upon this planet. The fact of the matter is that most white people in 2014 are really not down for the truth, especially if it goes against their world view/paradigm.

      You stay blessed brother, always good to hear from you. Stay in touch.



      • alas Sir it seems you’re right and that “they” will never learn. Here is an extract from an op-ed of the New York Times (8/30/2014) revealing shocking facts about the so-called white majority completely convinced “we” are right and that Black people are nothing. It’s appalling in the context of the Ferguson police new murder of a Black teenager.

        Here is the quotation :
        “MANY white Americans say they are fed up with the coverage of the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. A plurality of whites in a recent Pew survey said that the issue of race is getting more attention than it deserves.
        Bill O’Reilly of Fox News reflected that weariness, saying: “All you hear is grievance, grievance, grievance, money, money, money.”

        Indeed, a 2011 study by scholars at Harvard and Tufts found that whites, on average, believed that anti-white racism was a bigger problem than anti-black racism.
        Yes, you read that right!”

        “anti-white racism is a bigger problem” … even the edomite journalist was suffocating in reading the outcome of this edomite opinion survey.

        So I can fully see why the Judgement of The Most High will be terrible.


  5. @ servant2be

    Indeed, a 2011 study by scholars at Harvard and Tufts found that whites, on average, believed that anti-white racism was a bigger problem than anti-black racism.
    Yes, you read that right!”

    “anti-white racism is a bigger problem” … even the edomite journalist was suffocating in reading the outcome of this edomite opinion survey.

    It’s funny that your edomite brethren would think that way, it’s Karma finally coming back to bite them in the ass, for the havoc they have wrought upon the planet. The white privilege they enjoy @ everyone else’s expense, that gravy train is slowly coming to a halt and when it does I hope it explodes


    • Sir it would be the beginning of the Judgement if it was true. But alas it is deceitful. Just as deceitful as the Jewish guys who are screaming they “defend” themselves in murdering Ishmaelite women, children and old aged people by drove over 2100 people killed when only 68 jewish soldiers were shot in the war zone.Great Babylon media and also in Europe (less) are whining and weeping at the Jewish aggressors’ “pain” and “fear”… The 2011 study is just the same type of deceit. so-called whites scream “racism” when they/we are those who constantly bring down the Chosen People.

      Because their/our red asses are not biten in the least and it’s easy for all to see who is ruling the financial system, the IMF, the big trusts, to see how many Black people in Congress etc. Unfortunately the “gravy train” is still running and pouring its $ cargo into so-called white wallets and hands. Some whites are losing their jobs, especially in Europe but the edomite elites and amalekites in particular are still in charge and making super bonus.
      The Ferguson murder case is a perfect example of pretended “post-racial” America which is as much Babylon the Great as it was.

      Sir is right if it is like an anticipation of the future for us edomites and that indeed the gravy train will slowly come to a halt and will explode bringing down this wicked kingdom and paving the way for the Kingdom of Heaven where the Elect will rule over the nations and the remnant of us who will serve thee. It is like an anticipation movie when we are assuming, the remnant, our right place at the bottom of the rug.


  6. Verbs, me again. I know this may seem off-topic but it’s a tradition in New York to host a West Indian Labour Day parade on Lane Avenue Eastern Parkway, a predominantly JewISH Neighbourhood. Now every year, there’s a shooting at the parade, this year was no different, one man is dead and four others were wounded. I understand these fake JewISH monkeys are the synagogue of Satan, but to back track a moment, something doesn’t seem quite right.. A parade, attended by mostly Black Caribbean Nationals, passes through a white JewISH neighbourhood and every year, there’s a tragedy. Do you start to see where I’m getting at? The JewISH people in America have their own neighbourhood police, and what’s strange is that with every shooting, the shooter’s name is NEVER revealed. Do you think it’s some crazy Satanic sacrifice these people perform every year around this time? I believe it but I’d like to know your thoughts on it………


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      I believe that you’ve hit the nail on the head, that is exactly what this sounds like, some sort of satanic ritual that takes place in which any given person is sacrificed to their “god”. It also sounds like the location may play a particular role in these sacrifices, possibly the neighbourhood lies on a ley line or upon some area of evil energy where sacrifices used to take place a long time ago, thus there most likely will be the presence of many evil spirits there. The particular time of year that this so called “parade” takes place I also suspect has some sort of occult meaning behind it.too.

      I guarantee you that anybody who begins to take a deeper look into these strange occurrences will get that friendly phone call at midnight telling them to cease their investigations immediately if they know what is good for them and their family. This is how the synagogue of satan rolls. Most folks just simply will not accept that these JewISH people are the most diabolically twisted people on the planet. Christ called them out for who they were yet your average institutional church beast infrastructure member cannot connect the dots for his/herself. It wouldn’t surprise me and I very much suspect it to be the case that these JewISH people are performing these murders themselves.


      • Indeed and yet my mother spins this theory that, “people have beef and sometimes they wait till you’re in a crowd to take you out” so I’m sitting there wondering, why wait until a parade can’t you handle your beef any other time? Her theory seems utterly foolish to me


    • Hey NO FAIR, I wanted to ask that, but since you did I wouldn’t put it past those Jewish Freaks


  7. Verby, me again……

    Verby, do you think that as negroes, we Israelites have any sort of solidarity to Africans? In other words, do you believe that Israelites should intermarry with Africans? Because I heard sometime ago, this guy by the name of Uriel Ezra, that said that Israelites should not intermarry with non-Israelites. Now I understand it’s a very risky deal especially where Edomites (Europeans), Ishmaelites (Arabs) etc are concerned. Now before I go further Uriel Ezra also said something about If An Israelite mates with a non Israelite then their children will have no claim to Israel’s inheritance. He even went on to use Isaac and Ishmael as a reference and said that since Ishmael was not born of Sarah but of Hagar then he had no claim to the inheritance that Yahawa promised Abraham, Now I did somewhat see his point as Isaac later became the father of the Israelites (us) and Ishmael the father of the Arabians (who are the one of our chief enemies). But then there’s a counter argument to that because, Rahab who was a Canaanite prostitute, remember she helped out Yahawa’s spies by hiding them on her rooftop to evade capture by the Canaanite police for lack of a better term. Didn’t she eventually become like an honourary Israelite, like she repented and adopted our Ancestors’ customs and all. So here’s my question, Yashua, our Messiah traces his maternal lineage back through Rahab seeing as she married an Israelite man. So I’m thinking, if the offspring of a non Israelite and an Israelite has no claim to Israel’s inheritance then wouldn’t Yashua legitimacy as our Messiah be automatically negated since his maternal lineage wasn’t purely Israelite by virtue of Rahab? I mean think about it. So anyways he also went on to reference Moses and his Kushite wife Zipporah who had a son named Gershom and that we read nothing more about Gershom in the scriptures because he had no legitimate claim to Israel because his mother was not an Israelite woman.

    OK, I seem to have gone off track here, ok back to my original question. Now before I discovered I was an Israelite and even to today, I still consider Africans to be our kin, I mean look at them and look at us, the same dark complexion, the same woolly hair and the same features, basically we look alike? So I don’t get how one can justify disowning our kin…… I mean aren’t we all a black nation?

    Anyways I’d love to know your thoughts


    • Chrystal Emma,

      As we are now under a new covenant, who a person decides to marry is completely up to them. This business with regards to Israelites not marrying Gentiles was part of the old covenant. The Most High gave our forefathers this commandment under the old covenant because he knew that if intermarried with the Gentiles, we would soon walk astray, begin to serve their gods, walk after their customs and begin to follow their traditions.

      This is the problem with many Hebrew Israelites teachers today, they walk according to the old covenant which is according to works of the law and the flesh and is not according to the Spirit. Thus they continue to stumble and fall on simple issues such as this. The new covenant is not about works, it is based upon faith and belief. The majority of these brothers are just not getting it yet.

      In terms of forging some sort of solidarity with the native Africans as a whole, the Most High has already forewarned us that all of the Gentiles are our enemies as a whole, ALL OF THE GENTILES.

      We have to vet the Gentiles on an individual basis. There are individual gentiles with whom we can form a confederacy with however do not make the mistake of extending your hands to complete groups as your hands will be bitten off. Just be careful who you extend your kinship to.

      Despite us all being black the Most High most definitely differentiates between us and the other dark skinned nations in Africa, so even though we share the same skin, hair and physical features, we are not all the same. As for dating an African person, there is no problem with this, as I stated before we are now under a new covenant.


    • Chrystal, were you by chance referring to this guy?

      I was watching his commentaries a few days ago, he does make sense to some degree and in some regards but in others I just find it straight up confusing… Like he’s teaching old and new testament covenant doctrine as one convoluted thing. Like on one hand he’s saying to believe on Christ and another breath he’s teaching strict adherence to the old covenant laws. It’s like he’s basically speaking from both sides of his mouth.

      I would say, in the future if and when you do decide to lend our ear to some of these Israelite commentators, have a fine teeth comb with you to kind of sort sense from nonsense. I would agree they do make sense to a degree, they do speak some truth but then they just become so hard to follow because they become so confusing and convoluted when they mix up all these old testament and new testament teachings and most times they go so completely out of context it kinda leaves you conflicted. Just some advice for the future…….


    • Also there’s another Israelite commentator on YouTube by the name of Yash Qaraah. His commentaries deal mostly with the entertainment industry. For the most part he’s easy to follow cause he speaks alot of truth however his biblical views seem to favour the old testament covenant but as I said before sort it through with a fine teeth comb…


  8. Oh yes, I almost forgot about that post Verbs, thanks for bringing it up. Verbs Are you Familiar with ICUPK? Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge, it’s located in Pennsylvania in the USA, one of it’s Elders name is Tahar and the other’s name is Ari-Yah, (I think that’s how you spell it)…. Apparently some Israelite groups have this doctrine that Hispanics, like Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Central and South American Latinos and Native Americans are Hebrew Israelites, well this false doctrine originated with Ari-Yah and Tahar. According to Uriel Ezra, they spun this doctrine because they do not like black women, they apparently expelled all black women from their organization and the only women are Hispanic women because they want to have sex with these Hispanic women so their sons and daughters can have “good hair”… So that’s why in the 90s and even today you have all these Israelite groups are on the street corners cursing out black women, and why whenever you see them videos of them on youtube it’s always them in a confrontation with someone yelling at the top of their lungs and using profanity and so on. The videos are hardly edifying and it’s gut wrenching (albeit entertaining) to watch. But I enjoy when Edomites are getting put in their place. So if you’re ever curious about why these Israelites act like this, it’s because many of them have been indoctrinated by the teachings of Tahar and Ari-Yah. anyway I must be boring you with my rambling


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      I have very much heard of ICUPK and in the beginning when I discovered that I was a Hebrew, I too believed that doctrine until I put two and two together and realised that this was yet again another attempt by the so called Negro to include everybody on the ship in order to try and gain acceptance, yes that same acceptance that we are never going to see until the Most High brings a heavy judgement upon all of these nations first. That was one perspective that I looked at that false doctrine from anyway.

      I’m certainly not down for going off on black women for nothing, I believe that it is important to give a full breakdown and explanation as to why I rake black women over the hot coals everytime I bring a reprimand their way. It is normally because of some nonsense or stupidity that they are currently involved in or because of something foolish that they have done in the past. I can understand their stance when it comes down to black women to a degree as it is the black woman who has singled handedly run the black community into the ground for the last 50 years.

      I would say that the darker skinned peoples of those lands have more of a chance of being Hebrews just like us, not the majority folks who occupy those lands today who look no different to exotic looking Europeans. I don’t believe that there is anybody here who is not familiar with those gutt wrenching street vids, you are right they do bring up some home truths however their delivery does indeed leave a lot to be desired(on certain issues).


  9. I have a question for servant2be. Servant2be, have you attempted to tell your fellow white people aboutt this truth; have you told them about what the word says about esau? What do your people say to you when you tell them of the truth?


    • Sir it’s a difficult question because as an edomite, I’m not supposed to teach anything to anyone and certainly not usurp the rightful place of those Chosen who are called to prophetize and teach.
      What i have done so far is to support the Chosen who have been given the light of the Most High in various venues, forums etc.
      I’m also trying to support the Chosen in my daily life when the occasion is happening that i can be useful in my professional environment.
      On the Forums when I support Hebrew Israelites, the general reactions are : a) I am a fool because “DNA” is supposedly “proving” the jewish guys are heirs of the original Hebrews b) i am a “nigger” pretending to be a white person.
      But I feel in my social environment, the Truth would be completely rejected and the idea that “Negroes” are our next Masters in the Kingdom and will rule over us in righteousness is totally off the white minds in my country.
      Sir can write to me at servant2be at gmail dot com if you like.


  10. Shalom Hebrew brother in Christ;
    Not to make a long commentary here, I have such a bad habit about writing too much & too long. I’ve mentioned briefly about the bride of Christ & how The nation of Israel and the Church of Christ plays their roles in it. Now, Israel was espoused to Father AhaYah; but committed adultery, set aside as an adulteress, & eventually be restored as His bride in the future (Isaiah 54:6-7; 62:4-5). The Church of the resurrected Christ consists of the body of saved believers is espoused to YashaYah Ha Mashiyach for the future wedding to take place in heaven (Revelation 19:7-10). Also, The New Jerusalem will be adorned as a beautiful bride ready & presented to YashaYah Ha Mashiyach (Revelation 21:2). However, YashaYah Himself will first complete/conclude His bride’s cleansing process; of course without our help (Judgment/Bema seat of Christ Romans 14:10-12; 2 Corinthians 5:10; 1 Corinthians 9:4-27; various crowns/rewards 2 Timothy 2:5; 1 Corinthians 9:4-27; 2 Timothy 2:5; Revelation 2:10; James 1:12). Now, this finalized cleansing/Marriage Supper of the Lamb & The Church of Christ (Revelation 19:6-9) seems to all take place in Heaven before His second return to planet earth to judge the world/nation. The Holy Spirit had moved me to first set a precedence before I comment about the main topic regarding The Nation of Israel & The Church of Christ/New Jerusalem as brides in my next commentary.


  11. Shalom again Hebrew brother;
    I was moved by the Holy Spirit to give the aforementioned scripture as precepts because I like for others to read/study those scriptures for themselves. I have been pondering about the idea about the bride of Christ consisting of all save/redeemed believers regardless of nationality & tongue. Now, I still believe that, however since I started learning about the true Hebrew Israelites; OT or NT, I’ve seem to hit a wall regarding saved people of other nations. Christ’ & His 12 disciples earthly ministry was to reach only the lost sheep of Israel only (Matt. 10:5-6). Many Hebrew Israelite teachers/preachers often use this verse to justify their beliefs about Christ’ ultimate salvation/redemption of souls are available to only the 12 tribes of Israel & not anyone outside that. OK, I thought that scripture gives reason why Christ & His disciples did such because Israel as nation fell from AhaYah’ grace by committing adultery (transgressing AhaYah’ laws/statutes/commandments Dan. 9:11) against Him. Israel was temporarily separated because of her adultery/idolatry affairs, but to eventually be fully cleansed & restored as a bride to AhaYah in the future (Isaiah 54:6-7; 62:4-5). The Nation of Israel was struck with partial blindness when salvation/redemption was opened to the Gentiles to provoke Israel to jealousy (Rom. 9, 10, 11). Many Hebrews love to say that Apostle Paul were really for the Israelites who were lost (Gentiles). Now, how could an Israelite also be a Gentile; but yet these same preachers/teachers say that Gentiles could never be Israelites? Sounds kind of one sided. Of course, either case is true, but scripture mentions that salvation/redemption to the Gentiles has been prophesied in the OT (Exodus 12:48-49, Isa. 49:6). The Nation of Israel had their Messiah YashaYah Ha Mashiyach crucified (Mark 15:13; John 19:15) which set in motion the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD (Matt.24:1-8) Israelites places Christ’ blood upon them & their children (Matt. 27:24-25). I must end this commentary; I’ll continue in the next one.


  12. Shalom Hebrew brother in Christ;
    I hope anyone of you don’t think I’m trying to confuse the difference between the Hebrew Israelites and Gentiles in their respected positions in the order set by The Most High AhaYah. I just want to humbly clear some troubling conclusion made by Hebrew Israelites exclusiveness and the Gentiles inclusiveness. As a Hebrew Israelite, I humbly understand that israelites are supposed to rule with Christ as the head over other nations. I would more easily willingly be just a servant to Israel when I was in my ignorance, to be quite honest. I found me being a Hebrew Israelite difficult because I can find myself to be prideful of that alone. However, I get humbled by the Holy Spirit by my sorrow/grief over the utter failure of Israel being the light to the rest of the world. I’m sorry about this, but Israel must be dealt with first because The Most High requires much from us (Luke 12:48) as a nation & individuals because of the covenant/promises/terms made with our forefathers (15:1-3). I’ll deal with the Gentile teachers/preachers’ many fallacies regarding these matters later on, but for right now, judgment must begin in the House of the Lord (House of Israel 1 Peter 4:17). I’m fully aware of the many convoluted and replacement theologies taught be many Gentile & Hebrew Israelite ministries because of all the confusion originally bought on by the Israelites dereliction to their divine calling as the righteous nation over all others & their partial blindness. Many ministries tend to ignore Israel’ prophetic divine position of primacy by including all other nations in the covenant exclusive to only Israel. But, lets backtrack about the divine weddings (AhaYah & Israel and YashaYah & His Church of believers). Well, both of these events comprised of parties of interests/VIPs & guests (Israel as the bride of AhaYah & sin remitted Gentiles as guests Genesis 12:3; Psalm 22:27; Isaiah 42:4; Isaiah 49:6; Isaiah 56:3-7; Isaiah 60:1-3; Jeremiah 16:19-21; Zechariah 2:11 and The Church age believers as the bride of Christ 1 Thessalonians 4:16; 1 Corinthians 15:52; 2 Corinthians 5:1-4,8-9; 1 Thessalonians 4:14,16-17; Philippians 3:20-21 & The Great Tribulation Saints as guests Rev 13:7, 10, 15; Rev 14:12-13). Israel as a nation & individuals has fallen from AhaYah’ grace and Christ was sent to the cross as a result of it. Many Hebrew Israelite teachers ignorantly/willfully fail to teach these scriptures that clearly states that AhaYah never excluded the Gentile desired to be righteous, salvation/redemption. Boy, are these Hebrews are in for a great surprise; multitudes from all nations/tongues not numbered redeemed from the world. Satan hates both Hebrew Israelites and Gentiles and using both of them for his evil bidding against The Most High AhaYah. Like I said before, much was given to the House of Israel, so AhaYah requires much from her: The House of Israel will consist of only a remnant (Romans 9:25-33) of people because many will suffer AhaYah’s wrath. I’ll stop right here. Take care and Godspeed to all my spiritual family.


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