Mike Brown – Ferguson – Alternative Media Cut From The Same JewISH Cloth As Mainstream Media!


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I have been following the situation in Ferguson with regards to the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by the name of Mike Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, and one thing that I have been noticing is that for the most part, the majority of the so called “alternative media” are using the same terms, slogans, phrases and words as the mainstream media. Within the last couple of days CCTV footage has come to light that supposedly shows Mike Brown shoplifting from a convenience store shortly before the fatal shooting took place. One thing that I am picking upon is the words that are being used surrounding Mike Brown and his actions before the shooting.

Firstly I am noticing that the mainstream media aswell as the alternative media are stating that Mike Brown “robbed” the convenience store. Wait a second, robbed???? Should the correct term be “shoplifted/shoplifting? You see, when it comes down to the negative actions black folks engage in, harsher titles, words, slogans and phrases are always used in relation to our actions in particular. However, when a JewISH person or any other member of the European nation conducts themselves in the same manner, the “correct” terms, words, slogans and phrases are used for them. This is a classic psychological technique being used to basically make black people as a whole look like scumbags and degenerate reprobates.

A ROBBERY normally involves a weapon, a high quantity of items being stolen, a higher value of items stolen such as cash, jewelry and other items of high value and a large number of people involved in the event. I do not have a problem admitting that theft of any sort is wrong and if indeed that is Mike Brown in the CCTV footage then what he did in the convenience store was indeed wrong. However, why is what he did being referred to as a “robbery” instead of “shoplifting”? Where was the weapon that was used during his shoplifting escapade, can you please point me to one? Also, can you please show me the high quantity and the high value of items that Mike Brown stole?

The reality here is that Mike brown was SHOPLIFTING, he was not robbing a store. when he walked out of that store he had ONE HANDFUL OF ITEMS, ONE HANDFUL. I have to personally call out the so called alternative media outlet named Infowars for also willingly rolling along with this propaganda. Alex Jones claims that he is bringing folks the alternative news yet here he is engaging in the same psychological propaganda operation as the mainstream media. Why would you refer to shoplifting as robbing? This is just one example of many that shows us in clear view that most of the so called “alternative media” outlets are cut from the same JewISH cloth as the mainstream media outlets.

There is also another issue of concern here, Mike Brown was a teenager, however yet again you have the so called alternative news outlet called Infowars referring to him as a “young man”. This is why I have to say that most white folks simply cannot be trusted, even when they appear to be upstanding and conducting themselves in a manner that is productive and conducive to good works, you still must always look behind the veil as more often than not these so called “acts of good will” or “philanthropic deeds” are masking other acts in the dark which are sinister and evil. Alex Jones who claims to be an alternative source to the mainspin media is actually involved here in facilitating the general demonisation of black people and he is also aiding the mainstream media in the spreading of their propaganda too.





Blacks need to learn and learn this from now, there is NOBODY in our corner apart from ourselves. As you have clearly seen even those who claim that they have good intentions one minute can quite easily stab us in the back the next. The shoplifting accusation is not the issue here, what does shoplifting have to do with the fact that a UNARMED black teen was shot 8-10 times? The mainstream media and the so called “alternative media” were and still are extremely adapt at amplifying the situation that took place before the shooting in order to attempt to make the shooting itself seem justifiable. This is simple skull duggery and evil trickery at work by those who claim to have our best interests at heart.

This situation here illustrates clearly why we need to start our own alternative media outlets, we cannot afford to continue to have our image minced, sliced and diced daily without end within the JewISH mainstream media arena. Also black people need to stop embracing race pimps such as Alice Charlaton(Al Sharpton), Messy Jackson(Jessy Jackson) and the NAACP. These dodgy characters and organisations have been pimping black folks for years and I am surprised that most black people haven’t clocked onto this fact yet. I am still sitting here puzzled as to how an unarmed black teen could have been shot 8-10 times for merely shoplifting WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

We as black people have been complaining about this system of systematic JewISH supremacy for the longest while and up until recently our pleas were ignored. This was because as long as it was not affectting them, the white population didn’t give two hoots about the welfare of the so called Negro. The white population in general still does not care about black people, however since their own system of JewISH supremacy is begin to bite them in the backside, they now have no other alternative but to stand up and take action themselves(for themselves by the way, not for us blacks).

We live in a racist world period, certain countries in particular the US and the UK would attempt to hide the fact that racism still exists and is very much alive and well within their shores. The US in particular has recently returned to the Jim Crow era and you black folks in the States need to urgently recognise this. One thing that I would criticise US black people for during these riots is why have you refused to go after the police who not only shot this young black teen but who are also protecting his killer? The fire in your belly should have been directly aimed at the police and not your own neighbourhoods. It is funny how you blacks particularly in the US have guns at the ready when you are dealing with your own people yet when the white police roll into your neighbourhood and shoot an unarmed black teenager or choke a black man to death, all of a sudden your weapons of warfare are nowhere to be found. We as a people have to come better than this, we have so much fire and venom for our own people yet very little of that venom will manifest itself when we are dealing with outsiders.

By the way, starting your own media outlet doesn’t take much at all, you can document news, set up a youtube channel and post your videos there or alternatively you can set up your own website where you can also post news articles and videos. All that is required depending on which direction you wish to take is a video camera and a laptop. Yes, that is how easy it is to set up your own media outlet. No, you do not have to start large, this is another misconception. A baby does not come out of the womb as a fully grown man/woman, a child grows and you should view and deal with your media outlet in the same manner. This is the problem with most black people today, they want to grow rapidly, hit the big time immediately and obtain large amounts of money instantly. This mentality has to stop now, we have to start thinking on a long term basis and we also must begin to strategically plan for the future.





The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual 

Most High Bless


10 thoughts on “Mike Brown – Ferguson – Alternative Media Cut From The Same JewISH Cloth As Mainstream Media!

  1. even the “shoplifting” is not proven in the least by the short video : to be a proof, it should show the 18yo teen – clearly identified which is not the case – going out with this box of cigars unpaid. There is also no record so far that anything was found on his dead body.
    Curiously nobody talked about any complaint before when the murder took place. Conveniently this non-proven accusation emerged several days later … as a pitiful attempt by Ferguson police to find a reason why they killed a Black teenager, unarmed and posing no threat to anybody.
    Ultimately I had no idea that “death penalty” was legal in Missouri for shoplifting …
    It’s the usual white Amerikkka media smokescreen to deflect the embarrassing truth : open white racism is still patrolling the US streets with or without a uniform.A couple of weeks before, a NYPD team killed a Black man with an illegal choke-hold and even more seriously the Emergency paramedics (white female in particular) did nothing to provide respiratory assistance. They bluntly watch him die monitoring … his pulse !
    All this horrible crime was filmed and so the usual police B.S. speech was exposed a the standard lie.


    • Servant2be,

      This is a serious wake up call for the so called Negro, we have been receiving wake up calls like this for the longest while now, however most black folks have gotten too comfortable in Babylon and have ignored the warning signs. As I have stated before, the Most High is going to rumble black folks out of their position of comfort.

      All of these killings are simply tests to see what can be gotten away with when it comes down to dealing with black people, black folks are about to get severely rumbled out of their comfort zone beyond their wildest dreams, this is the Most High’s doing in order to make a separation between the good decent blacks who desire true advancement and progression vs the reprobates who wish to continue to engage in and to excuse their decadent lifestyles.

      Jacob’s trouble has already started and it seems that the police are the ones who are really turning up the heat. In relation to Mike Brown, their aim now is to criminalise him by any means necessary in order to justify his murder. Watch out for the frequent use of criminalising words, terms, slogans and phrases against Mike Brown in the coming months.


  2. As servant2be stated, that whole shoplifting tripe is just that a tripe. That kid was killed a week ago and ask yourself these critical questions: Why weren’t there any reports about a 911 call being placed or the so called store cashier raising any alarm or even yet why weren’t there any reports concerning anything being found on him, say a pack of cigarettes? Why are these shoplifting allegations coming to the forefront only a week after this kid’s murder when in the beginning of this whole ordeal that issue was completely non existent? I know why, because the racist police department of Ferguson is trying to cover that murderer Darren Wilson’s ass. The racist white media must think we black people are stupid. Even that so called surveillance video is sketchy, neither Michael or his companion fit the description of those two. Now that the racist European has found himself in hot water, he engages the most obvious mechanism, blame the victim, vilify him just to make what you did completely justified. I think we blacks here in the west need to take a page from our brothers and sisters back in Africa. Did you know that a white Genocide is going on in South Africa? That’s right, the black South Africans are taking revenge, and I think we need to follow their example. The time for words has long since ended and the time for action is long overdue. And I’m not taking about Black Feminism or Civil Rights campaigns and committees, nor am I talking about letters to the president. I’m talking about cold hard action.

    Verbs do remember a scene from the X-Men The Last Stand film, when there was a large gathering of mutants inside an old abandoned church? The speaker was talking about how the mutants should form some committee and taking their complaints to the government, and then one of the mutants Psylocke, shouted in protest, “they wanna exterminate us!” and the speaker continues saying

    “this is not about war, this is about getting organized, bringing our complaints to the right people, no one is talking about extermination…..” and then Magneto interjects saying

    “No one ever talks about it, they just do it, and you all carry on with your lives ignoring the signs all around you and when the night has fallen and the air is still, they come for you”

    Then the speaker goes “Excuse me, you just can’t…………”

    And Magneto cuts him off by interjecting
    “Do you realize what you’re talking about, committees and organizing, make no mistake my brothers they will draw first blood. You have a choice, join my brotherhood and fight or wait for the inevitable genocide”

    Creepy huh?


    • Hello,
      I read so many blogs that you have posted and i couldnt go back to the post i wanted since i have a question concerning premarital sex. If i make love to my boyfriend (supposely get married in God’s eyes) and years or months after, we break up for good, does that mean we become adulterers if we then have sex with someone else who we engage into a committed relationship of years as well as any previous ones? I’m very confused with that. Also, what do you think of the page: divinerevelations.info ? They say they witness about people who don’t tithe and who don’t keep the Sabbath to go to hell. Sometimes i just wish to flee from religion. Is so full of laws instead of just love and voluntary desires ( from the heart ) please reply to me.


      • Truthseeker,

        As these questions are not related to the particular topic being discussed here, I will answer your questions in the “about” section of the site which can be found on the right hand side of the page under the title “pages”. You will see my response there.


  3. Ok Verbs I’m just going to start out by saying this is a long time coming.I live about 20 minutes from Ferguson and have coworkers and family that live there. Do you know that they are now saying that they are pending toxicolgy test to show if he was on drugs to justify the shooting. The fatal bullet that shot him was a GSW to the top of the head. It took them a whole week to release the cops name and to be honest verbs I dont think that’s his real name. The news went to the house of the cop and neighbors said him and his family were long gone.The racial tension around here has been super thick!!! I’ve got more to say but im off today and took a break from cleaning up.


    • very interesting sir. I’m reading in European media how nasty the racial situation in Ferguson is. It looks like a hotbed of Ol’ plantation KKK mentality kept intact : a white minority keeping a Black majority under its foot using the white police as an intimidation tool constantly.
      A terrible case of brutality occurred in 2009 and a Black man was brutally beaten up to blood by the same police team (probably not the Uncle Tom Captain they put in front for the cameras but who knows). He had been arrested by mistake because of he had the name of a suspect. The Ferguson police had the nerve then to sue him (!) for having stained their uniforms with his Black blood during the torture !!!
      It sounds incredible but that was reported in different media here on the “Continent” as the Brits say.


      • It’s really a mess servant2be. The media is calling it a strong arm robbery but as verbs stated he shoplifted not robbed the store. They were saying that if the cop do not get indicted then it will be way more to come……..and they they think looting is the worst of their problems


  4. Verby, did you ever see this video?



    • Chrystal Emma,

      Deuteronomy 28:28 reads:

      28:28 The LORD shall smite thee with MADNESS, and blindness, and astonishment of heart:

      Everything that you’ve witnessed in that video were the signs of a mad nation. The so called Negro is a lost and broken vessel. This is what happens when you subscribe to this Babylon system. This system is far from natural so it is not surprising that it would begin to send people bonkers, especially the so called Negro who is naturally used to a completely different way of life by default.

      I have very much noticed the rise in effeminate black boys and black men since this Dirty South hiphop became popular. East coast and west coast hiphop at least had a defined aggressive masculinity to it, not this dirty south stuff though. As the book of Zechariah states, 2/3 of our people shall perish and I guess that this does not include the rebels among us that the Most High is going to purge out himself aswell(Ezekiel 20:38).


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