Institutional Church Beast Techniques Of Trickery – Information Overload!



Your average institutional church beast infrastructure member is simply a dummy, he/she has no mind and holds to no opinion of their own. As I have stated many times before on numerous occasions, your average institutional church beast members has their thinking and their reasoning done for them by their pastor. This is why when you ask them a question on any particular topic, they will immediately spew out answers that can clearly be identified as pre-loaded. These answers have been pre injected into them by their local bank branch manager. You will also find that when it comes down to secular subjects, your church beast member cannot not take the conversation very far without bringing in scripture(even if scripture is not relevant to the topic at hand) or attempting to divert the conversation into an area that the particular member has knowledge in or feels comfortable with(even if this also has nothing to do with the topic at hand either). Church beast attendees are simply not taught, trained nor educated on the basic issues of everyday life, places where people are eagerly looking for and require genuine answers and solutions, thus your average church beast attendee becomes about as useful as a car lacking its 4 wheels and the engine.

This is why I call your average institutional church beast infrastructure member a dummy. I speak from experience, I was once one of these “dummies”, I couldn’t engage anyone in a conversation that didn’t have anything to do with the church and the bible and when I found myself in a situation where I was cornered or lacking in knowledge, I would proceed to spew forth a whole load of irrelevant scriptures and miscellaneous information in order to bring about confusion to the discussion/debate and thus attempt to save face from public embarrassment. This is one of the most commonly use techniques within the church beast system. Listen to your average sermon and you will immediately see what I am talking about, note how the pastor will jump from one scripture to the next scripture to the next to the next and so on.

This deceptive technique of trickery and distraction is what I simply call “Information Overload”. This method is designed to bring you into a state of confusion, bewilderment and hopelessness to where you will eventually give up trying to figure out the information itself and will accept it wholly on the merits of the distributor. This is one of the easiest methods used by church beast attendees and their managerial pastors to hoodwink and bamboozle those in ignorance to their manipulative methods of deceit. Put in its basic form, when you are dealing with an institutional church beast pastor or a member of the same, you are dealing with a trickster and he/she/they should be treated as such.

Remember especially with your institutional church beast attendee, he/she was an empty vessel and this condition was utilised to the fullest degree by the money changer of their particular monument of failure. This is the primary reason why your average church beast member is unable to give you their own personal opinion on any given topic, they do not have one, what they have in its stead is a load of information that has been fed to them by their pastor. This is a very scary time to live in, you are being frequently surrounded by literal zombies who continuously are having their thoughts and their opinions shaped for them by either the mainstream media or a church pastor, in many cases it is both.

And what makes the situation worse is that many of these folks are so far gone that they will look at you like you belong to another planet even when they are proven wrong and the evidence is placed before them, why, because they have been programmed to only accept information when it comes from an “approved” source. Any information that approaches an institutional church beast attendee from a so called “foreign” or “unrecognised” source is immediately rejected, even if it is 100% correct and on the mark.

By the way, it should also be mentioned here that this technique of Information Overload is frequently used with another trickster technique which I refer to as Dissection. Dissection is another technique of trickery, what happens is the institutional church beast infrastructure member or pastor rather than dealing with the topic as a whole, they will instead pick out one element of the discussion and focus in their hardest on that particular micro issue.

Be most careful with this technique of dissection as what can happen is if you are not cautious and knowledgeable on this trick, you can get lost altogether in the micro issue instead of dealing with the main issue and thus the main issue can be lost and forgotten. This of course is what your average church beast attendee desires, remember they have lost their own reasoning and thinking faculties and they must save face at all costs when in trouble or when questioned on a particular subject matter that they are not familiar with.

Please be careful and be aware of these institutional church politricks when engaging in a conversation or dealing with a church beast trickster. I will continue to expose and bring more light to the dodgy dealings of the institutional church beast infrastructure as and when they come to mind. It is through the continued process of deprogramming and decontamination that I am able to identify the trickery of the church system for what it really is and thus speak out about this and other pertinent issues from a clear and unrestricted standpoint. This institutional church beast infrastructure has caused much damage to many people and it is about time that it begun to receive its recompense/reward according to the fruits of its labour. As always…………………………………

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

6 thoughts on “Institutional Church Beast Techniques Of Trickery – Information Overload!

  1. “. I speak from experience, I was once one of these “dummies”, I couldn’t engage anyone in a conversation that didn’t have anything to do with the church and the bible and when I found myself in a situation where I was cornered or lacking in knowledge, I would proceed to spew forth a whole load of irrelevant scriptures and miscellaneous information in order to bring about confusion to the discussion/debate and thus attempt to save face from public embarrassment”

    This very same tactic is a favorite of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Seventh Day Adventists. But other denominations are notorious for using it also. One of the common responses and institutional church beast member would use when faced with a difficult situation is: WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? Like really? I mean Jesus lived in a different time than today, and we don’t know what Jesus would do since the scripture says it’s impossible to know the mind of God since his thoughts are higher than our thoughts and his ways are higher than ours.

    Whenever you’d confront them with issues such as teenage pregnancy or bullying. I don’t remember getting a real answer from them. The most common response to teenage pregnancy would be some long winded lecture about fornication and shame. And we both know those two arguments are void. And in the case of Bullying, they’d almost always quote some scripture about being persecuted for the sake of Christ. Now at first glance you’d think those scriptures speak directly to your situation but in actuality they do not. When those scriptures speak about persecution they were referring to believers in Christ, and those who spread the Gospel through out the world and they would most time be met with doctrinal resistance and counterattacks and in extreme cases, straight up violence. Now if the bullying situation revolves somewhere within those parameters then perhaps those scriptures would be relevant. However most kids today are bullied for trivial things like their physical appearance for example, their hair may be too nappy or they are not as good looking as some people, or even for their weight whether they’re too fat or too skinny, their clothes aren’t the latest fashion, I could go on and on. Then there issues like a physical and/or learning disability, maybe their IQs are not as high or something, or their personality is different from everyone else like they’re to introverted or extroverted, their interest might slightly deviate from the norm, even socioeconomic background. Then there are more complex and delicate issues like sexual orientation and medical issues, this especially is a hot potato cause I remember there was a story with this kid that had a type of blood cancer and the students would bully him constantly telling him things like “Why don’t you die” or “When are you inviting us to your funeral?”
    Now incase you’ve become lost those were all just a broad spectrum of topics that relate to bullying. So the question is, what scripture can you quote to situations such as those, that would make them all better? There is none. The institutional church has you believe that every question can be answered with the scriptures when in reality they really are not. Sure the scriptures are useful for addressing some issues but not everyone. Which brings me back to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, when I used to study with them, they had this book that they used to use to coach you on what type of responses to give when people come to you with questions from the scriptures and most of their responses were merely their twisted doctrinal opinions. Anyways I’m rambling. So yeah those are just my thoughts


    • KingoftheTeddyBears,

      These institutional church beast attendees are supposed to be the “light of the world”, yet when questioned on simply everyday life issues, a cloud of darkness immediately enshrouds the scene, they have no answers, the are like literal robots, programmed as you stated to quote miscellaneous scriptures or rattle off random slogans and phrases as if these knee jerk empty responses have somehow answered the questions raised. The institutional church beast infrastructure member called Mark who has come on this site and attempted to defend these monuments of failure and decadence is a classic example of the typical void responses you will receive in response to simply everyday questions of life. To a certain degree I actually enjoy him coming on this site and rattling off his foolishness as he jogs my memory and reminds me of additional issues within the church beast system that I can and need to document. This information overload technique of trickery is one of them.

      As I stated before, I was one of these dummies once upon a time and looking back I am so thankful and grateful to the Most High showing mercy upon me and pulling me out from the institutional church beast infrastructure mess. I am glad that the Most High is beginning to pull down these so called “churches” and I am happy to be used by him as a vessel to aid in their destruction. The church used to be a beacon of hope, a place of refuge and help for the community, now it has been reduced to a money making monument of failure and a cesspool of iniquity.

      What makes me laugh is that when you talk to your average church beast attendee, they will swear blind that their church is somehow different from the rest of them, however as per usual upon investigation you soon find out that their church is just as much a cesspool and a monument of failure as the next. The so called church of today has no solutions to anything and it was set up to be this way by the JewISH sect. I can never set foot into one of these dens of reprobation again, I get cold shivers just thinking about my past experiences in that place.

      WWJD??? What Would Jesus Do??? Are these chicken necked attendees for real? Is this their latest slogan?? I have seen it all now. This is just one reason why I am fully justified in calling your average institutional church beast attendee a dummy, they really do not have a clue about everyday life whatsoever. They are akin to the physicians of no value that Job talked about. I know for certain that I will never set foot into one of these monuments of failure again unless as I stated before it is for a funeral.


  2. It reminds me of the Amish. They only educate their children up to the eight grade, and they do it with their own teachers, inside their system. So basically what they do is keep each other ignorant.
    By doing this a dependency is created on others for knowledge. And, that person, or group of people becomes a prime target for any new idea being introduced and not questioned.
    This is the exact thing that takes place in the church. Keep them dumb. Tell them anything b/c they will neither question it or seek out validity on it. In that lies the danger of people becoming a victim to bad teachings, error, and truth be told, teachings that are dangerous not only mentally but physically.
    The sad part is in the American church you have people in there with advanced degrees from universities, and we all know that at college you are forced to think critically and analyze something from all angles.
    However, these same people put all of that aside including their common sense and then before you know it they are swearing by teachings of Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland.

    Yes folks, this is real. I lived it.


    • The Free Woman,

      I wouldn’t agree with your statement about being taught to think critically and from all angles within the education system, a prime example of this would be taking a class in Evolution. Try and mention in that class the possibility that the earth and the things therein may have been created by some sort of intelligence and you will immediately be mocked and laughed to scorn.

      On the contrary, the more educated a person is the easier it is to brainwash him/her. Education and common sense are not one and the same. This is why streetwise folks are the most difficult to indoctrinate, because the vast majority of them haven’t been “milled” through the various educational programs. Intelligence and education are not one and the same either. Being “educated” simply means that you are able to regurgitate the information that has already been passed down to you. The higher the grade achieved the more efficient you are at this process.

      Intelligence is different however, intelligence stems from the ability to be able to figure things out with little to no information being given to you beforehand, this is where critical thinking skills also come from.

      I would say that the least “education” that you have is the better chance you stand in life as it is that education process that forces you to think in a linear fashion and not from many different angles, though most people involved in education believe that they are thinking in a non linear fashion because of the volume of information that is bestowed upon them. Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland and two prime examples of greedy swindling tricksters and money grabbers. As I have stated before, the vast majority of these so called pastors are simply actors who have been set up and taught by the JewISH sect to run fantastic game on folks.


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