Weave – The Modern Day Western Black Woman’s Rampant Addiction – Random Thoughts – Short Post



The jig is up for the modern day western black woman when it comes down to her latest and most gripping addiction, weave wearing. Once upon a time a large portion of black men genuinely believed the excuses that black women gave for wearing such a ridiculous appendage, however recently many of us have wised up to the folly and have seen your excuses for what they truly are, LIES AND FALSEHOOD. We know and can clearly see that the modern day western black woman in general hates herself and so wishes to distance herself from anything that reminds the black woman of her true form. This is one of the main reasons I might add why the modern day western black woman gives the black man such a hard time when they are involved in a relationship, the black male reminds her of what she naturally looks like and so in her rage and frustration to attempt to distance herself from any and all things black, any black male in a relationship with her will come under heavy fire as she is exercising her self hatred frustrations upon him. It has been a long time in coming however it is about time that the truth be told on this weave wearing addiction that the majority of modern day western black women have. One thing that I have noticed and that many other black men have pointed out is that the darker the skin of the black woman, the longer and more ridiculous the weave will be…………….and the modern day western black woman is so delusional and sick in the mind that she does not see anything wrong with wearing the DNA of another nationality of woman on her head.

The shame and the embarrassment of this whole situation is that most black men have given the modern day black woman a complete pass with this nonsense, few black men have the testicular fortitude to call out the western black woman on her stupidity, many are genuinely afraid whereas others are concerned that if they begin to speak out, their access to easy sex will be cut off. However this position can be understood seeing as how most black men for the last 50 years including myself have been raised by single black mothers who taught us to respect, honour and defend the black woman at all costs aswell as to always jump to the defence of a black women regardless of her actions. As a thinking black man who sees straight through the rubbish, I believe that the modern day western black woman ought to stand by herself and be held to account for her reprobate mannerisms, from the reckless upbringing of black boys who either go the route of the thug or the route of the mummy’s boy(effeminate), to the ridiculous lengths that black women are going to in order to alter their outward appearance, weaves, extra long fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake eyebrows, fake toenails, construction site loads of make up, red lipstick(which does not suit black women at all regardless of the skin tone, you look like the joker in Batman when you wear that stuff) bleaching skin etc.

I as a black man understand why you have ended up in the sorry and sad condition that you are in today, you happily sold the black man down the river in the 1960s in exchange for the welfare privileges of the state and in order to join the white homosexual feminist movement, a movement that had nothing to do with you whatsoever.  As a result of this treachery, you have been placed over us as the leaders of the black community and have been given unlimited powers to run amuck and destroy this same said community, which you have done with pleasure and glee. This is why I and many other black men agree that today in 2014, the number one enemy of black men is the modern day western black woman without a doubt. Now the simps and the mummy’s boys will always sharply disagree, throw on a super hero cape and swiftly fly down to the rescue of this modern day belligerent, violent scoundrel.

The modern day western black woman is so full of self hate that she believes that attempting to look like a white woman will be the solutions to all of her problems. Of course when the modern day western black woman is called out on her copy cat behaviour, her first reaction is to call the person calling out the inconsistency “homosexual”. If this doesn’t work then she will claim that you are “self hating”(a very strange claim coming from the very person who is attempting to hide their true look while at the same time trying their best to look like somebody else), and if all else fails she will say that “your mother is black”. This last reaction has to be one of the most retarded responses that black women give when they are being called out on their stupid, ignorant and violent actions. Spending 100s of pounds at a time to try and look like the white woman, the same woman by the way whom most of you claim that you are better than. Perhaps you can answer me this question, if you are supposed to be a “queen” then why are you constantly looking down to somebody whom you claim is lower than yourselves and copying what these women do? Why can’t you be original, why can’t you just be yourself and look how you are supposed to look? The sad thing is that black women with weaves look like transvestites, line up a group of drag queens along side your modern day weave wearing black women and it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between the two groups.

The modern day western black woman is a pathetic shell of her once former beautiful self. Now that she has nobody to love her, she is reduced to street brawling and twerking anywhere and everywhere in order to get the attention that she so desperately craves. Remember black women, you once had the attention of the black man who was by your side and down for your cause, however you decided that the dainty treats of this Babylon system would suit you better rather than sticking by your man. Now you have left yourself alone and destitute, this result has been achieved at your own hands, you have only yourself to blame for the current pitiful and decadent position that you now hold. Nobody desires you for anything past a sexual experience, not even the so called European man(your admiration, your father, lord and saviour), the same man who initiated your very destruction. Yet you still turn to this same man and will profusely coon and buffoon for him even though he has never and will never accept you into “his” fold. The modern day western black woman in 2014 is a sad case, a pathetic and lowly miscreant who is lost with no hopes of being found or even finding herself. In her mad state of mind she still continues down the road of destruction with arrogance and pride, behaving as if nothing is wrong and everything is proceeding as planned. The funny thing is that she is the only one that thinks in this strange manner, everybody else around her can clearly see that she is in major dire straits and is in need of immediate emergency assistance.

I really have to laugh at the excuses that black women give as to why they are wearing the hair of European women on their heads, the most common excuses being “protective styles” or that they are “switching it up”. With the second excuse it should be noted that no other nationalities of women are trying to “switch up” their hair styles to look like yours. If you were truly the queen that you say you are then other nationalities of women would be falling over furniture and flocking to try to make their hair look like yours, HOWEVER THEY AREN’T DOING THAT ARE THEY? With regard to the first excuse if there is any validity to this rubbish, it is quickly dispelled by the fact that you choose to put on hair that looks nothing like your own natural hair. If the issue was really about “protecting your hair” then why are you still homing in for the European style weaves and not an Afro wig or a weave that actually has black hair on it? In general the modern day western black woman is full of nonsense, so much to the extent that she will begin to believe her own rubbish and tripe.




Your excuses about “trying to switch it up” and “protective hairstyles” are a crock of nonsense, the conclusion is simply as stated earlier, you hate yourself to the core and you are trying your best to distance yourself as far as possible from how you look naturally. You have fallen for the media propaganda that has been pushed in your direction telling you that white is beautiful and black is ugly. You are suffering from a mental condition, you have a serious mental illness and you need help. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO BE FOUND ON THE MOST HIGH’S GREEN EARTH AS TO WHY BLACK WOMEN SHOULD BE WEARING THE HAIR OF OTHER NATIONALITIES OF WOMEN ON THEIR HEADS, NO REASON AT ALL. Now I can understand say a woman with a medical issue which may include issues to do with hair growth, I can understand her wearing a wig THAT LOOKS LIKE HER OWN HAIR. However, the majority of black woman do not have hair or medical conditions and even then if somehow this were the case, what plausible excuses would they have for wearing European type hair on their heads?

The whole weave wearing culture has turned into a farce of utter stupidity and foolishness. Of course another issue here that should be mentioned is the psychological impact that weave wearing has on the black woman’s offspring. Of course, the majority of black women who wear weaves and have children never think this far down the road as your modern day western black woman is a very selfish creature indeed. This weave wearing is one of the reasons why the majority of western black woman are and remain single, why is a black man going to go for a black woman who is trying her upmost to look like a white woman when he can simply go for the original and pick up a white woman from the beginning? Of course the bad attitude, the tattoos and the extremely violent nature also play a heavy role in the singularity of the modern day western black female.  As I have stated before, black women, at this point you look really dumb and stupid wearing somebody else’s type of hair on your heads. I understand that this message is not going to go over well with a certain cadre of black women who wear weaves, however I am not here to deliver a message of lies and falsehood, I will declare the truth regardless of who becomes uncomfortable and complains.

It is about time that the modern day western black woman was rumbled out of her carefree, reckless, irresponsible position of comfort and given some home truths about herself and the way that she looks. You black women who wear weaves, you look like an absolute disgrace, you never looked good from the beginning however you have taught us black men to simply go along with your stupidity and so the majority of us black men in our ignorance have…………………until now. Some of us have decided to step out as individuals and speak up about this addiction you have in the hopes that we can save but a few of you. I have already accepted the fact that most of you are simply going to destroy your own selves and perish in your stubborness, arrogance and pride. Not washing your hair for months on end is also a very serious issue indeed in terms of hygiene. How can you expect to attract a man to you when he can smell the foul odor of your unwashed headtop from 10 miles away? Did you ever consider the factor of hygiene when dealing with meeting a man and getting into a relationship? Sorry, those sprays that you purchase to apply to your tacky yaki can only go so far and do so much to buffer the foul stench.

It is also very self evident that the majority of black women who wear weaves seriously lack self confidence as when that weave is removed from their heads, your modern day western weave wearing black woman will scurry into the obscure darkness like a vampire exposed to the sunlight, this is quite a sight to behold. Your weave wearing was never accepted by me and I will never accept it, wearing white women’s hair on your head is an open and blatant declaration of self hatred, there is no way around this whatsoever. Somebody needs to call out this stupidity and foolishness for what it truly is. Where are the pro black, back to Africa, Hotep Negroes on this issue, shouldn’t they be in the forefront encouraging those black women who are wearing weaves to switch back to their natural styles? I though that these hotep brothers were about the preservation and the betterment of the black community, why are they not speaking out and speaking up on this issue? Why are they not calling this weaving wearing behaviour for what it truly is, metal illness and an addiction that need to be cured? The answer to this question is simple, the vast majority of these hotep, pro black, back to Africa Negroes are fraudsters, full of crap and only tell black women what they want to hear in order to sleep with them. They need the majority of black women to remain in a position of uncertainty and insecurity in order to ensure that there always remains a supply of women for them to have sex with, that is the bottom line when it comes down to most of these so called “pro black” brothers, they are some of the worst frauds within the black community.

As far as I am concerned, black women look better in their natural state ie without the make up, without the external appendages including the weave. The Modern day western black woman has turned into a creature that can no longer be recognised, your title of “queen” has been revoked and the titles of “monster, violent hooligan and belligerent scoundrel” have been put up as replacements, you cannot complain as this is the modern behaviour that you display. Now, as I have stated before in my other posts to do with the nature of the modern day western black woman, I do not need to keep on reiterating the fact that it is “not all black women”, this is already a given, the statements I make will automatically fall upon the guilty parties, they are the ones who will come out of the woodwork and expose themselves, they are the ones who will take offense at this message.

Fortunately though there is some hope, there is a very small minority of black women who are beginning to get it, who are beginning to discard of the philosophies of feminism and who are beginning to embrace the true ideal of womanhood. There is also a a growing number of black women who never left the fold to begin with who are now beginning to call out this reprobate black female for who she truly is. These are the black women that I support and respect. You black women who are not like this need to save yourselves, call out the ratchet females from a distance but do not associate yourself with them lest you become infected with their disease yourselves. I do not respect belligerent, violent, loud mouthed, prideful and stubborn black women who feel that I should respect them only because they are black, you types of black women can kick rocks as far as I am concerned. Here is a video of some black women who “get it”, shut your mouth and learn something for once and maybe you might be able to begin to change your current position of decadence and squalor for something better. Start changing your lives for the betterment of yourselves first and others later and stop expecting praise and admiration whilst you remain in your sorry ratchet state because you will certainly not receive any from me:



The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless






50 thoughts on “Weave – The Modern Day Western Black Woman’s Rampant Addiction – Random Thoughts – Short Post

  1. Verbs I wish your post can be published and distributed all across the world. Your post have helped me in more ways than one…………..Now about the subject at hand. I’m glad this is being said because not too often you hear a males perspective other than a spouse or significant other. i thank the lord I was

    never a weave wearer but I did relax my hair which i think is even worst. I remember when I had gone natural,almost 10 years ago, my family gave me grief. I went from wearing long flowing hair to allowing my hair to be in it’s natural state, now mind you I could still achieve the straight style with a flat iron but I loved my natural hair I never straightened it. I was called nappy headed, bride of frankenstein (which I still laugh about to this day) and Shonuff (the guy from the movie The Last Dragon), Verbs I can go all day about the names but you know it made me hold my head up high because I was becoming the person the Lord intended and I actually felt really good about it. I get a lot of stares still on the street but I don’t take it as negative anymore, I see myself as a rare form. I was tired of trying to fit into this box that go by their standard of what they think beauty is. I had an incident at work where this white chick asked if I stuck my finger in a socket……..I was heated but i politely said nope my hair just have a lot of body and I stared at her stringy frail hair and she said I know my hairs flat, I could never have body like that….I thought to myself, you are absolutely right,(lacking body in both ways).

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    • Aja,

      This European standard of beauty that is continuously pushed into our faces is nothing but a technique of psychological warfare. The sad thing about it is that most black women have now thrown in the towel and conformed to this so called standard. The prevailing kingdom will always promote its own as the pinnacle of beauty and success.

      The blacker the hair looks, the more stares and comments you will get. I have heard of white co workers being very slick with their comments, especially towards black women, if it isn’t a comment about how your hair looks then its them wanting to “touch your hair”. You have to watch out for slicksters who try that disrespectful nonsense, though towing the line between a firm reprimand without upsetting them to the point where you can get dry snitched on can be very difficult.

      This simply goes back to what I was saying before, we have to slowly withdraw ourselves from the world’s problems and issues, focus on our own and put our own needs first instead of being good Samaritans to everybody else while getting nothing in return. We have clearly seen that no matter what type of hairstyles we wear, we have been and will still always be called niggers, coons, porch monkeys, wogs etc by the dominant society, admittedly the dominant society has given us the impression that if we made certain changes then they would accept us. Obviously this has been a lie from the very beginning and acceptance of us on their part will never happen, so the key now is to abandon the “acceptance” route and deal with our own business.

      This weave fooishness has to stop, it has gotten well out of hand, purple weave, blue weave, red weaves, yellow weaves, green weaves, any kind of weave period, black women are wasting billions of pounds and dollars buying this crap, walking the streets like circus clowns looking stupid when that same said money could be put to much better use ie towards starting and running their own businesses. This is the problem with most black folks, we spend too much time putting our hard earned money into the koffers of other folks when we should be buckling down and spending our money in house.


      • I LOVE when black women rock natural hair. I am an Italian woman and stare in jealously when I see a fro!! I want one!!


      • The Free Woman,

        I wish that most black women had the same admiration for their hair as you do. I’m rocking an afro at the moment and I love it, though when I’m in a hot climate I tend to cut it off because I get very hot quickly.


  2. Oh btw, I hollered at my desk when you referred to weaves as ridiculous appendages, I’m still laughing as I type this LMBO!!! I never heard it referred as that LOL


  3. ok…..I apologize for my many comments but Verbs how is it that you can make me laugh and cry in the same post, no kidding. I looked at the video that you had at the end on my phone because I couldn’t view it on my computer and Oh my God that was BEAUTIFUL!!!! *sniff*

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  4. I have to admit this kinda hits a few buttons for me. I remember growing up, I was made so much fun of by black and white kids alike because I didn’t have straight flowing hair. All black girls mothers used to relax their hairs like crazy, and I was always laughed at and called ugly because I had thick plaits. One boy even told me I look like I had corillas growing out of my head

    this ought to give you an idea.

    Everyday I used to go home crying because of the bullying and then when my parents transferred me to a catholic school, the witch of a headmistress made me had to relax my hair otherwise I wouldn’t get in, and my parents were determined to make me attend despite my protestations and so my mother relaxed it. Through out most of my formative years I was always led to believe that natural black hair was ugly and long straight flowing hair was beautiful and that it was Good Hair…. I had relaxed hair for most of my life and even had a few weaves in on special occasions like formal functions, A few years ago I heard this song

    and decided to go natural. I wore my hair in braids but then in Afro Puffs, I remembered I caught so much hell from my boss and co-workers because according to them I looked unprofessional, I used to work in a Bank then. I was told that I would be fired if I didn’t return my hair to its former relaxed and flowing style. After a week, I quitted and I was unemployed for a while before finding work in a black owned drug store. It doesn’t pay the 5 figure salary like the bank did but it gets the bills paid either ways.

    I weep for a lot of my sisters who are caught up in this weave wearing epidemic but there’s another side to this. I don’t think many western black women willfully hate themselves on their own accord, many of them were taught to do so, they were brain washed by either their mothers, society, peers, the media etc… it’s a sad state of affairs. I think many western black women are victims of a terrible mind game. Many have bought into this post racial society crap and well, it’s just sad but I don’t think we should give up on them, I think if we just be a little patient and more voices like us speak out then maybe we can make some headway, (no pun intended)


    • Chrystal Emma,

      What is happening now is that the modern day western black woman is reaping the whirlwind of the bad decisions that she made 50 years ago when she decided to abandon her man in favour of the white supremacist homosexual feminist movement aswell as the welfare policies of the state. As much as I do not like to see anybody suffer, the issue here is that the majority of black women have hardened their hearts to such an extent to where they can no longer be honest about their present state, therefore those who refuse to be honest and change must suffer and drink down their recompense in full.

      I also remember being hassled by the black children at my school when I was young because my hair was tough and not soft like theirs. Surprisingly growing up in the UK I never really got any hassle from white children with regards to my hair, it was always the black youth who would take the mickey.

      I know the situation all too well when it comes down to wearing your hair natural in the workplace, I have talked with so many black women who have had the same experiences with catching heat from white management and white co workers. This is simple, the natural state of your hair reminds them of your blackness(which they despise), you could say that presenting your hair relaxed or wearing a weave dilutes down your blackness and thus the white folks at your place of employment feel more at ease. They wish to see and work with somebody who resembles them or they at least want to see that the so called “standard of beauty” in the workplace is being adhered to. Office environments are really bad for this kind of hairstyle terrorism.

      One thing I have learned when it comes to spreading a message of truth is that most folks who the message is actually for will ignore it and perish in their decadence. The same applies here to most black women, a sad reality but a reality that must be faced, most black women will destroy themselves or be destroyed and there is nothing we can do for them. I look out for those women who can see the light and who recognise that change must happen for the better. Regrettably however, this constitutes only a minority of black women.


      • Verbs2013 on August 8, 2014 at 21:33

        Chrystal Emma,

        What is happening now is that the modern day western black woman is reaping the whirlwind of the bad decisions that she made 50 years ago when she decided to abandon her man in favour of the white supremacist homosexual feminist movement aswell as the welfare policies of the state. As much as I do not like to see anybody suffer, the issue here is that the majority of black women have hardened their hearts to such an extent to where they can no longer be honest about their present state, therefore those who refuse to be honest and change must suffer and drink down their recompense in full.

        I also remember being hassled by the black children at my school when I was young because my hair was tough and not soft like theirs. Surprisingly growing up in the UK I never really got any hassle from white children with regards to my hair, it was always the black youth who would take the mickey.

        I know the situation all too well when it comes down to wearing your hair natural in the workplace, I have talked with so many black women who have had the same experiences with catching heat from white management and white co workers. This is simple, the natural state of your hair reminds them of your blackness(which they despise), you could say that presenting your hair relaxed or wearing a weave dilutes down your blackness and thus the white folks at your place of employment feel more at ease. They wish to see and work with somebody who resembles them or they at least want to see that the so called “standard of beauty” in the workplace is being adhered to. Office environments are really bad for this kind of hairstyle terrorism.”

        The reverse is also true when it comes to black men.

        We are expected to either bald our heads or keep our hair super short where as the whites, Asians middle easterners can keep theirs at any length they choose. Do you remember the hassle we used to get from our teachers and mothers to get a hair cut? Constantly cause it doesn’t look good, was their mantra. But white kids don’t get nearly as much if any hassle at all. Even in the work force, lets take corporate for example. Do you notice how majority of the black men in corporate jobs always have bald heads whereas their white counter parts are free to wear theirs how they please? And to echo Chrystal Emma’s point with the India Arie song there is a version that featured Akon there’s a verse he rapped at the beginning:

        See I can kinda recall little ways back
        Small tryin’ to bawl; always been black
        And my hair I tried it all – I even went flat
        Had a gumdee curly top and all that crap, now
        Tryin’ to be appreciated
        Nappy headed brothers never had no ladies
        Then I hit by the barber shop real quick
        Had em give me little twist and it drove them crazy
        And then I couldn’t get no job
        No corporate wouldn’t hire no dreadlocks
        Then I thought about my dogs on the block
        Kinda understand why they chose a stealin’ rock
        Was it the hair that got me this far? (uh-huh)
        All these girls these cribs these cars (uh-huh)
        Hate to say it but it seem so flawed
        Cause success didn’t come ’till I cut it all off (uh-huh)

        And another rap in the song

        Who cares if you don’t like that
        With nothin’ to lose post it with a wave cap
        When the cops tryin’ to harass cause I got waves
        But he’s sayin’ nothin’ like that, not in my days (noo…)
        Now you gotta change all feeling’s
        Based on one another by their appearance
        Yes, India I feel ya girl
        Now go ahead talk the rest of the world

        This makes me think back to 2010 when I was in New York. I saw this white man on the train. He had on an Armani suit and a briefcase in his hand, but here’s the twist he had dreadlocks running down his back, nothing to tell me this man wasn’t a corporate tycoon. But I would bet all the minerals in Guyana that a black man wouldn’t have been as lucky as him. Hell he wouldn’t get past the interview without being told to cut it off otherwise he could forget about getting employed. I was reading an article a few years back about this black guy at a black business school in the USA. The young man wore locks. Apparently he was kicked out of his business major by his black professor when he refused to cut off his locks. I think that’s how the story went. And before that he was advised by the one of the councilors to cut his hair off, in order to land a corporate job. So black men are also taught to believe that their own natural hair is not good hair and that bald heads and super short hair is the way to go. Even my own mother gets on my case to cut my hair and she and I always butt heads over it. I wear mine in a nice afro. Another thing I might add is that there is a growing trend Amoung the black youth, with hair texturizers in France. Some of them go to the extreme to the point where their hair even resembles that of their European counterparts.


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        This is all the more reason why we need to stop relying on corporate America, UK or wherever else the white corporate infrastructure resides and start doing our own things, this way we can rock whatever hairstyles we want without being penalised. I believe that the Most High is allowing this persecution of natural black hair to take place in order to move black people out of their position of comfort with chilling in the cut as second class citizens.

        It is time for us to step it up as a people. I acknowledge that most black folks are scared to do things themselves because of what happened to our businesses in the past, however this system is now crumbling and we now have an opportunity to shoot up through the appearing cracks. We need to begin to forge our own system and now is an ideal time to do so.


  5. Verbs, the self hatred epidemic is not unique to western black women. It’s also a big Issue in places like South Africa and Sudan. but for the sake of this post I will focus on Sudan. Now Sudan is considered an Arab country even though the overwhelming majority of the people there aren’t even Arabs only a miniscule minority and some are African and Arab mixed but not the majority. Anyways back in ancient times Sudan used to Nubia divided in to three Kingdoms, Nobatia, Alodia and Makuria, but then sometime in 640 after The Arabs conquered Egypt they pressed forward into Nubia however they didn’t conquer Nubia the same way they did Egypt because the Nubians were too strong for them so anyway the Arabs resorted to more stealthier means of conquest, by entering Nubia as merchants and tradesmen, they soon intermarried with the native Nubians which helped to facilitate the spread of Islam and then there was a Baqt treaty before that which the Arab rulers of Egypt drew up with the Nubian rulers in which Nubia had to send 400 slaves every year to Egypt, call it a kind of Jizya because as long as the Nubians sent slaves, the Arabs wouldn’t attack Egypt, anyways I must be boring you with the history lesson, so fast forward to present day, Sudan is obsessed with being a full blooded Arab country, their women bleach their skins like crazy all because they want to look like The Arab Women of the Middle East and even worse, that country is trying more and more to become like the Gulf Arab states by adopting their draconian Islamic practices.


    take a look at this article and you will see just how far fallen we as a black nation has become. both in the East and West.

    The problem of Self Hatred with black people is a world wide Epidemic, even here in the Caribbean where I live, There are some girls in my class at College who as you look, they’re wearing some new weave, whether it’s from Brazil or Asia or even from Horses, and not to Forget the Remy Goddess…… As Chrystal Emma stated, western black women are victims of a terrible mind game that needs to come to an end.


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The history you have just described sounds exactly like what these same said Arabs have done to Somalia, this is why the Somalian people look the way that they do. I’ve heard about Sudan, it is a complete mess over there. Islam is a nasty religion, the so called “religion of peace” slogan is only for the surface enquirers, as I have stated before Islam will present itself as a pious, peaceful religion until it gains a foothold in a particular country or area, from then on the gloves are off. Even Muslims themselves are suffering under the iron hand of Islam.

      The so called Negro is catching some serious heat in Islamic countries such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc. These blacks also reside in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They are referred in these countries as the “siddis”. They look exactly like you and me however they are not talked about much and they live in the poorest of conditions.

      Indeed the self hatred is worldwide, my parents come from Nigeria and even there the majority of the women have succumb to the weave virus. This is why I say the modern day western black woman because even black woman from other parts of the world have westernised themselves and accepted the European standard of beauty.

      I definitely know that the weave epidemic has hit the Caribbean hard, especially countries such as Jamaica aswell as the other so called “ex british colony countries”. This weave epidemic is coming to a close, regrettable most black women who are indulging in this foolish fetish will lose their hair as their reward for partaking in such idolatry.


      • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so they wear weaves in Nigeria and Jamaica??!!! That is crazy how wack western culture is infiltrating other countrys like that and people are taking this mess on. Our people need help!!!!! We are in a lot of trouble as a race.


  6. You know what, this thing is a real tragedy…the condition of black folks in this world. I mean, I understand why, from a spiritual aspect, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is still a pretty sad sight to see how screwed up we are as a nation and people.

    there was a woman working in a gas station and she looked to have had a natural hair style. I told her that I appreciate her hairstyle and that it looks nice…I appreciate the natural look. she said, “I paid for it, thank you”. I was shocked. Here I thought she happened to have grown her hair out and she had bought a weave and then styled it in a way to make her appear to have a natural look. I said, “well it looks nice” and I was on my way. I mean it did look nice, it fooled me. Yet, she obviously was wanting the look of natural even if only for a style but here is my question: I have a brother and a sister in my family. Why is my brother able to grow his hair and my sister not? i’m not talking, “allowed” i’m talking ability. I believe it’s because that my sister has permed her hair so much that her ability to grow her hair is limited. she could have other complications such as stress cause she is a single mother of two and is struggling to make ends meet and stay sane. so it could be stress as well as why her hair doesn’t grow but she continuously color’s her hair blonde. THAT i don’t understand either. Now my brother has long flowing locks and he’s grown his hair out for about 2 years.

    I’m agree with you King when it comes to black men as well. we are demonized for growing our hair out. I was growing mine out and my parents talked about me so badly(i’m well into my grown up life mind you) talked about how I looked black and ugly(some color purple shit) and how no one is gonna wanna hire me cause i’m big black and all this hair on my head, i look like a gorilla monster. Hurt my feelings to the bone and I gave in and cut my hair. I was brought up getting hair cuts so it looked good to me but I missed my hair, i missed how i felt with my hair. It basked and bathed in the sunlight and smelled great when the sun fed it it’s solar power. I loved my hair.

    I hear women complain saying that if a woman were to go natural, most brothers wouldn’t look their way. I have to disagree with that statement because unless the woman is just plain unattractive, natural will ALWAYS trump manufactured or someone else’s crown on your scalp. I’ve seen women who are natural and again, unless they themselves are just not my type, theses women are beautiful. Darker skinned sisters going natural are beautiful if they are beautiful period and if they are, then going natural just makes them complete obliterators of european beauty standards…they destroy constructs that were made to classify and control beauty. and let me clarify, darker skinned women dark skinned women, light skinned women, fair skinned women…aka, BLACK WOMEN PERIOD, if you are attractive and yeah, beauty is in the eye and all that, anyway, if you are attractive…your natural look TRUMPS DESTROYS OBLITERATES DECONSTRUCTS PUTS TO SHAME BLOWS OUT…all other beauty…period.
    So, saying that most brothers wouldn’t look your way, when you go natural is NOT a statement of truth.

    NOW there is this new hair style phase that i wish black women would stop participating in. That style is the shaved one side and full flow on the other. WHY? WHY BLACK WOMEN? All this, “to change it up, switch it up” reasons you give and I still don’t understand it. The black girl from the movie “12 years a slave” she has a short hair cut and they are like she is gorgeous and all that kind of stuff. Yes, she is beautiful, but will you still love her when her hair grows into a fro? I don’t get the faded look on black women. but again, just like my original statement, black people have a whole heap of things wrong with us and going on with us.

    I think about when white guys wear doo-rags, knowing full well that their hair will NEVER wave like our hair does. They wear it as a style but they have absolutely no beneficial purpose of wearing it. It’s not a sweat band, it doesn’t keep their hair tight nor does it style it for them. They wear it KNOWING that it doesn’t do anything other than serve as an accessery to their apprarel. I think the same about the coloring of a black woman’s hair…especially the blonde color. But,that’s how I feel about it.

    o.k. long post over.



    • J.R.

      Those black women who have subscribed to the European form of beauty yet who can still be deprogrammed and decontaminated are the ones who we have to reach out for, the others we are going to have to accept are lost causes. Black women in general have become too reliant upon external appendages, this is really a problem with women in general however there is a large segment of black women who take things to the extreme when trying to look attractive and stand out from the crowd. You are right, how messed up we are as a nation is a sad sight to behold.


    • Hey J.R. just to answer a couple of things regarding your sisters hair, she basically needs a moisture/protein regimen to keep her hair from breaking and to maintain the growth even if she had been relaxing her hair for a while. One week she’ll do a deep conditioning treatment and the following week she will do a protein treatment Shea butter is the best form of moisture for our hair and jamaican black castor oi,grapeseed oil or coconut oil and water as a sealant to hold the moisture in the hair. Never use

      shampoo to wash the hair since our hair strands are more delicate, and easily dry and break but use conditioner to wash the hair which already have cleansers in them but not as harsh as shampoo. This work wonders for our hair because our hair craves moisture.


    • Hi, I just wanted to give my opinion about the comparison you made between your brother and sister’s ability to grow their hair. Just to clarify, everyone’s hair does grow (some slower, some faster) unless there is a serious medical condition. The problem a lot of black woman face is retaining that growth. Relaxers break down the bonds that make the hair strong. Relaxers put the hair in a vulnerable condition where simply combing the hair causes breakage. So, the hair is breaking at the same rate/or faster than the hair is growing. This is the reason black women couldn’t grow their hair past a certain length (so they get weaves to make up the difference). Add to that, many black women didn’t have the knowledge to care for their hair properly before the natural hair movement took storm. As a result, your brother could easily grow his untreated hair longer than your sister’s because his hair is in a healthier state.

      Now make no mistake, some black women can grow their hair longer with relaxers. That is only because their hair can take it. They have a combination of hair properties (texture, strand thickness, etc) that isn’t easily damaged. Basically they have coarser (thicker individual strands…much like Asian women), stronger hair. They also do positive hair practices regularly, like protein treatments, to strengthen the hair. They also only get relaxers sparingly. I don’t believe the majority of black women have this type of hair, however.

      I don’t mess with relaxers either. Ever since I saw a video by IUIC where they featured a video by Doc Akilah where she gave the reason she stopped relaxing her hair. Long story short, she discovered that the chemicals actually do reach the brain. The chemicals cause black spots, corrosion, and makes the brain spongy with tiny holes. Basically it’s eating away at our brains! The mortician said that it was common in black women due to the relaxers. Very scary. I believe the relaxers are actually causing mental problems in black women. Anything that eats away at the brain is cause for alarm. There is a price we pay for going against the Most High.


  7. As Aja pointed out, the video is very beautiful and a good reminder as well. It made me cry too because of how black women are programmed to hate their hair and everything about themselves and black men as well. The self hatred is passed down from generation to generation. It takes a lot of work and inner strength to deprogram your mind from viewing your hair as ugly or nappy. I went natural because I had a lot of heat damage from pressing my hair every two weeks. I make most of my hair products at home using all natural ingredients. Most black women who wear weave don’t want to take the time out and educate themselves about how to properly take care of their hair, but they will spend a lot of money on hair products for the weave versus finding out how to take care and love their hair. It all comes down to a lack of self love. Taking care of your natural hair will teach you patience. Some of the weave obsession has to do with following/emulating celebrities too. This is another excuse also. I’ve never wore a weave and I never will. I find it disgusting how you have to like worship the weave’s softness or good hair type curls and length… it is ridiculous. The Most High blessed black women and men with the most beautiful, versatile hair. Another thing that is going on is that white women are now trying to “go natural” or they want to be included in the group of natural black women while some black women are trying to conform to their image of beauty. Black women have a lot of power to heal themselves (of course with the Most High’s help), their communities, their families, their husbands, and their children once they realize they are beautiful just they way they are without fake hair, eyelashes, butt, bleached skin, etc. Once the black woman returns to her feminine, nurturing role and embrace her natural beauty, she can help reverse some of the generational self hatred that is internalized by her people.

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    • Jaz,

      Beautifully put, again there is nothing that I can add to what you have stated except for the deprogramming and decontamination process indeed does continue and is not an easy process.


  8. Verb i would like to meet you one day or stay in contact you print truth our people need to hear and also i have been trying to teach you taught me a lot i did not know thanks to the most high i understand more things don’t upset you as a hebrew male when you know why you are hated by the world even your own women the black female hit me up at my email hemmingsc@gmail.com we are going to have to come together someday soon all who believes and hope that God can use us


  9. sir your video is stunning ! I’ve been in the USA for 2 weeks in a Black environment and what I could see in the streets and in the supermarkets in terms of Black women’s behavior was very far from these apologetical ladies. The Black feminist ideology is just as negative and damaging as its white “model”, even worse sometimes. Also when I left the city (East Coast), a very young child had been shot down in a shocking “driving-by” murder when the child was playing on his parents’ own porch : all this in a Black neighborhood and with a Black mayor.

    Incidentally the links provided for the”Nubian Tempest” chapters are not working anymore : the files have been removed.


  10. I think it is a very dangerous generalisation to say that all women who wear weave or extentions hate themselves. Firstly many women wear long weaves because we have been brain washed unto thinking our hair can’t grow, and when you ask most men they will say they prefer long hair on a woman. In general long hair is a symbol of beauty. Therefore of course women are going to try and attain this this through weave because the extra length so they can feel beautiful too…for them they are scared of showing their ‘short’ hair in fear of being shunned by others who will not deem it beautiful. My mum was born and bred in Africa and it is a cultural truth that they only way to maintain our ‘tough’ hair is our mums is through relaxing. My mum relaxed my hair when I was 5 and so growing up it never even crossed my mind that ‘natural’ hair was a possibility for an African. Maybe for a Caribbean but not for me as none of my immediate or external family had done so. I missed out on 16 years of handling my natural so when I made the choice to return natural I was super scared because it was the unknown for me. This is the case for many black women I come across, they would like to go natural but have insecurities about not being able to handle the texture and styling it properly, and also the fear of not being accepted by their own community as natural hair haired women are still a minority. For most it is fear not hate (from a UK and African perspective, I cannot speak for the US.). It also the easier option as straight hair is definitely more straightforward to look after.

    I have been natural for 2years now and love it, there definitely is a feeling of liberation from western I deals and am proud of my African heritage and so I wear hair out as much as I can. This however is not always the most ideal as my hair does tangle easily which then leads to breakage and things like the cold weather also make it brittle so sometimes protective styling is used to minimise the manipulation of my hair.. 6months of protective styling really does make a difference in health and length retention! I personally don’t believe in spending hundreds of pounds to buy Brazilian hair.. Why should I go broke giving my money to someone who is capitalising of the black woman’s insecurities? When I see black women spending their last penny or child support on these things it graves me deeply. These are the women that are so insecure that they can’t go outside without these weaves hence why they are spending so much when they have little. When I am financially freer though, when £300 is a small amount to me, I may consider getting straight hair simply because i changing my hair style is something I like to do every month ..I just refuse to go broke doing so. I think it’s okay for a black woman to wear her hair straight as long as it doesn’t become a uniform she relies on to feel beautiful. My wearing straight weave, would just because I wanted a change and wouldn’t want to apply heat to my own hair and damage my lovely kinks.

    I am a British born African who loves my skin, hair and heritage but you must understand the hurdles of insecurities I had to jump to get here. you need to be a bit insensitive to the reasons why black women wear weave, because there are numerous reasons that aren’t always our fault, they were placed in us at a very young age so you can’t criticise only encourage and empower.. Help to give them confidence., telling someone that they hate themselves will just make the, switch off and not take you seriously because you have already misunderstood.

    (Thought you might find it cool to know that there are companies offering black textured weaves know too, not just European so we can still maintain our textures but have the extra length and protect our hair from the harsh elements 🙂 check out heatfreehair.com. )

    Love your blog, it is very thought provoking! I never leave comments so you are doing something right xxx


    • Abigail,

      I’m going to have to step in and make a correction on your part here. I didn’t state that all black women hate themselves, I made a general statement which is very safe to do as the particular accusations levied will automatically fall upon the guilty culprits. Generalisations can be used in cases where are large portion of folks fit a particular profile. I will still stand by my statement, most black women do indeed wear weaves in an attempt to distance themselves from their physical features. There are other well known prevalent behaviours that go along side the weave wearing that add much credence to the accusation.

      Long hair is supposed to be on any women, that is a women’s default look not only for identification purposes but also for beauty. This is not to say that some women with short hair do not look beautiful, I am simply saying that a women’s beauty is amplified to the maximum when she has long hair.

      There are some exceptions to the rule however these in no wise alter the general trend. Your account given here is one of the exceptions however the general trend is that most black women do not like how they look physically and it is not only the weave wearing that is an indication of this.

      I am hearing the predicament that black women face however this message is not for the many, it is for the few as the majority of black women will run themselves into oblivion. It is not about softening the message, it is simply about delivering the truth. There will be those who heed the message and those who shun it, that is just part of life. When you begin to alter and soften the truth you begin to compromise the message and I refuse to do that.

      Glad to hear that you are rolling natural. Black women look much better with their hair natural, the weave makes your average black woman look like a transvestite. The weave truly does make black women look like freaks and circus clowns. Much appreciated to you for the positive response.


      • The only truth is the word of God. There is no other truth. I am one of the black women who say that all of you are satanic liars.

        The Lord said that he destroyed us. Who are you to say anything different?

        Its a curse. Not because of something we did but for something our forefather’s did.
        Every word you speak will testify against your own soul on the day of my Lord.


  11. I have relaxed hair and not ashamed of it. I did however wear hair weaves back in the 90’s and I quickly discovered that hair weaves weren’t for me. Fortunately, I didn’t get/wear hair weaves because I desired hair like another race. When I was much younger, like 6th grade, a black woman told us that we’d never, ever have white girl hair because we were black girls. I’ve realized up till this very day that no matter how straight or what color (especially blonde) black females wear their hair, they will never be white.

    Allow me to tell you this: The hatred SOME black men and women have for each other began way before the popularity of fake, packaged hair. The civil rights movement, feminist movement, and the black men and women who participated are more to blame than the white race, racism, and slavery put together. It was blacks who drove the point of hate/self-hatred home. Ignorant, elderly blacks watched white people and children on television and wished they and their children were born white. So that alone made them hate themselves and their children.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, blacks were filled with so much hatred and at the same time f**king each others brains out only to produce more children to hate since they weren’t born white. Then black folks had the audacity to blame black children (and whites) for the problems they brought on themselves.

    For example, there existed married black men who cheated on their wives with Lord knows how many black women. These men produced out of wedlock children outside of their marriages. All kinda confrontations broke out: fighting, shooting, stabbing, etc. Sometimes black men and women agreed to not even tell their children the identity of the father. Somehow, these folks would find a way to blame everybody else, including children, for their own f**k ups.

    Nowadays, black men aren’t getting sex because he accepts black women who wear hair weaves. Black males are having sex with black women


    • Relaxed Woman,

      In typical fashion you attempt to distribute the blame across the board instead of laying the blame squarely at the feet of the very culprits who began the ball rolling by accepting welfare policies that subsequently threw the black man out of the home and by joining the white homosexual feminist movement, the culprit here of course is the modern day western black woman. From these two manoeuvres this is where the majority of the woes in the black community stem from. There is no getting around this fact though black women in general will try ro evade any blame most of the time because most do not have any sense of responsibility, accountability and honesty.

      This point is also where the self hatred was reignited. It is black women who have always been the ones to talk down to and talk down upon their own children but at the same time treat non black children with love, care, delicacy and respect. The black family was 85% two parent home intact up until black women decided to chase after the dainty treats of the European man’s system in the 1960s. This isn’t something that cannot be documented, these are the facts as they panned out.

      Bkack women began the degradation and the destruction of the black family unit single handedly by themselves. It is black women who have and are still instilling the self hate into the up and coming generations and the weave wearing is just the latest trend being used by black women to drive the self hatred message home loud and clear. After all, I do not see black men walking on the streets with European style wigs on their heads.


    • You are a damaged young woman. Stop self hating. God said that every race on the planet will hate us. So why help them? Don’t put your people down for nobody. You don’t see white people doing that to one another, yet they are the demonic race Christ warned us about. They stick together the way God commanded us to. This is why they hurt our people and get away with it continuously. If we stuck together no matter what and love one another, you would see the type of fear on Esau that only the Lord himself can cause.

      God said woe to the person that harms his brother with words. None of us have room to talk. God didn’t say that some of us would be destroyed, he said that every one of us would and if you got all that time to put your own sisters down because of her curse, then how much worst is the curse that you’re hiding?

      God was sure right when he said; my people suffer for lack of knowledge.
      Y’all ain’t tired of this shit yet? Y’all ain’t tired of living this way and watching Esau kill all our kings up on a daily?

      Well I’m tired. And I understand that Christ will not return until the Church (us) gets it together. Peace.


  12. who wear weaves because they can and its what they want. It doesn’t matter that her hair is fake and he can’t run his fingers thru it. All that matters is that he puts his sexual organ into her private parts. Black men sound silly when they complain about hair weaves/extensions but yet will have sex with these women. In fact, the females can be bald-headed crackheads but as long as he’s getting some type of sex, hair and looks have absolutely nothing to do with it.

    You have men married to or living with women who wear hair weaves, extensions, and/or wigs. If these men were so against weaves, why get married? Why become involved with someone who wears fake hair? Believe me, it could be more than just the sex. Actually, its all about the black woman has been taught about hair from older black females and what she knows about black hair as an adult woman.

    I have to stop here but I shall return because I have more to post.


    • Relaxed Woman,

      Of course, the weave has nothing to do with the sex, black men will still have sex with black women despite what head gear black women are wearing. The issue with the weave comes down to not wanting to deal with these weave wearers in anything serious such as a relationship, as many black men are figuring that any woman who is willing to place the hair of another nationality of woman on their head is obviously not right in the head. In relation to those black men who still deal with black women who wear weaves, it simply comes down to the indoctrination and the programming that they have received from their single black mothers with regards to how black women are the best and his obligation to honour and respect the black woman no matter what she does. Because of this spell binding most black men are afraid to go against the grain and decide to stay put despite the disrespect and the hell that they receive in return.


  13. I do not really understand the point of “relaxed woman”. I don’t think many Black men are totally opposed to weaves because indeed it would not be such a fashion in the USA. Besides according to Hebrew Israelites, 2/3rd of the Chosen are completely deaf and blind to the truth.

    What I recall now is what older Black Americans told me : the hair question is not only a Black female issue. Before the 1960’s Black men too were pushed to use horrible creams and burn their curly hair in order to look like “white”. Some had damages on their skin and this caused also hair to fall in the long term. The “fashion” to wear stockings on the head seemed to come from that time and it was used at night.

    Very few Black men today are using these nefarious products but the weaves, the terrible bleaching creams are popular among Black women in Northern America and in the West Indies and it is spreading in West Africa. It seems that the desire to be “white” or “look white” is far more pregnant, no pun intended, among Black women than Black men today. Something different from pre-1960 where both were influenced by this edomite “culture”.


  14. It was the Lord that said he would destroy our people and only he would mend them.
    How could you blame a people for something their God did because of something their ancesters did?
    You are the reason that God said he would do a new thing and allow women to compass men. He gave us position over y’all in these last days because he knew that the end time Hebrew men would be bitch made just like you.

    Again, God said that he has destroyed us and ONLY he can heal us.


    • Julie Moore,

      This NEW wave of destruction within the already broken black community has not been brought about by the Most High, it has been introduced and maintained by the modern day western black woman herself aswell as her co-conspirator the so called white man. The Most High has nothing to do with the modern day destruction of the black family unit, the fault lies at the feet of black women in general.

      I always find it funny that when black women raise concerns and talk about their observations and experiences surrounding black men that these must always be considered as legitimate and that everybody must immediately stop what they are doing and listen attentively. However, when the situation is reversed and it is the turn of black men to voice their concerns and to talk about their observations and experiences concerning black women, all of a sudden we should not be taken seriously because according to these same said black women we are “bitching” , we are being emotional or we have been “hurt”. This is the hypocrisy of the modern day western black woman, she is permitted to critique others all day long, however others are not allowed to do the same.

      Enjoy the newly found position that the so called European man(your new lord, saviour, master, father and wannabe lover) has given you as you will not be holding this position for that much longer and the majority of you will be destroyed for your treacherous and evil actions not only against black men but against the black nation as a whole. I hope you like it hot.


      • What new wave of destruction are you referring to? We have been destroyed by GOD since 70ad. God said that he would utterly destroy us. Utterly means completely.
        Now how can any man destroy anything that Christ has already completely destroyed?

        Let me make this clear for you. I absolutely, completely and totally in love with my black brothers.
        Me and many of the sisters cook, clean and cry and pray for them when they go out to the valley of the shadow of death to minister. We respect them, we submit to them and we take care of them but they are God’s real sons. They’re real men.

        They took us by the hand and read the word with us. They made us understand what happened to us and what they are willing to do to help us to see who God created us to be. They did this out of love for us and for Christ. Now our jobs are to teach it to the young ladies.

        God know his true children and we know one another. Because we build one another up, not tear them down. We say words that heal, not hurt.

        You said that I will be in hell with Esau but I wonder why, since I show my God I love him daily by obeying all his commandments and laws and keep the holy days.

        You should really be careful with judging the elect, that’s very very dangerous. God said what he has brought together, no man can take it apart, therefore it is shaft to say; what God has broken apart, no man can mend back together.

        God said that he destroyed me
        You said that I destroyed me.
        One of you are lying.

        You better check yourself
        Before you wreck yourself.


      • Isaiah 3 describes why Israelite women have issues with their hair. It also explains that the women will rule over the men. Perhaps you should read it sometime before putting yourself in the position to teach others.

        The point is to accept our punishments with a humble heart, return to Him, and obey His voice. Then He will set all things right. The point is not to get on an arrogant, mud slinging high horse…though that behavior is predicted in Isaiah 3 as well.

        After reading several posts I can now say that this blog is dangerous because it mixes truth with untruths. I say that with sadness because NOW is the time of us to awaken from our folly. Please be careful because you will be held accountable for everything you are teaching. Make sure it lines up with His Word and not your beliefs and opinions.



  15. As soon as I went to college and got away from my mother, I borrowed a pair of clippers from a male friend and shaved that creamy crack infested hair off of my head. It felt wonderful and I’m glad that I did, because I have children now and I can’t teach them to love themselves and be weaved and strung out on perms trying not to look like what I obviously am. Black women look crazy with weaves and fake lashes, we don’t need it. And you are so right, the darker the woman the longer, and sometimes blonder, the weave. I have been natural for twelve years, but I have to say that even though I have had some slick white women try to slip in an insult it has been rare. The majority of insults have been from black men. I even had a black man behind me stick his hand in my fro and tell me how ugly and crusty it looked, and then take pictures to post on YouTube so he can talk about black women and nappy hair. Self hate goes both ways, but where did it come from? Black women. We went from proudly wearing a fro in the 60s and 70s, and then once we had a chance to fling our hair around in a juicy Jerry curl we jumped on it. In less than 30 years we have erased our real image, and now we want to go back and a lot of blacks aren’t going for it. What a mess.


    • Candice,

      Black women such as yourself in 2015 are a very rare occurrence indeed. Most black women today will defend the decadent lifestyle of wearing weaves and everything else fake upon themselves to the bitter end. I really do not understand this culture as if they are trying to look physically attractive for men regardless of the nationality of the male they are attempting to appeal to, then they would still fair better retaining their natural looks.

      Black women with weaves look very funny to me now, I simply cannot give the weave a pass. You are not the first black women to state that she has gotten push back mostly from black men, I have heard this repeated numerous times now. This is a crying shame, the brainwashing as to the European visage now representing the so called “relevant standard of beauty” has been executed upon both parties.

      I would gladly take the woman with the wolly textured hair over the hair hatted hooligan any day of the week. Its a travesty that more black men do not think in this fashion and encourage black women to retain their natural looks.


  16. I don’t agree with this post. I am a mixed woman, and I have seen it all in my family. All white family members wanting fros or weaves. And all black members wanted natural or perms. The Latina side wanting thick coiled hair. Ive heard it all in my family. I was born with thick curly/coiled hair. And I’m not ashamed of it, but I like weave from time to time. Not because I hate myself, but because I lost my hair from cancer and it started growing back but after a while since I knew braids made my hair grow faster I got braids and sew ins as protective styles, only until my hair grows to my desired length. Just because a person wants to be versatile doesn’t mean they hate themselves or has to do with race. If it’s all like that, then should other races feel that way about someone in their own race wanting a certain type of something that another race predominantly has? People are so caught up into races and European this or Africa that. Let the people like what they like. If you don’t like it, OK that is respected but don’t go trying to tell people that they feel this or that way because of something they want to do for themselves. No one can tell me how I feel about myself or who I am trying to be. I love both natural and added on. I feel like instead of telling women about how disgusted you are about weave and etc., you should be speaking on self hate as a whole for women and men. Speak against that instead of connecting a person’s choice on what they want to do with their hair and etc. to self hatred.


    • Anayah,

      Black women especially aswell as other advocates of weaves typically always have to hand a million and one stupid reasons and excuses as to why they should wear the dna of a different race of woman in their heads. The stupidity of wearing weaves cannot be justified in any way, shape or form.

      No other nationality of woman on this planet is walking around en mass wearing hair that does not belong to them, this is how you know that those who wear weaves are suffering from a serious degree of mental illness. This “protective styles” excuse is the biggest load of crock that I have ever heard. Its funny, when weaves weren’t in high demand, nobody was talking about “protective styles” then. Wearing weaves brings about nothing but destruction to a woman’s hair.

      Almost every black woman I see wearing this crap in her head, her hairline is typically at least 3 miles back from where it ought to be. If you want to grow your hair there are plenty of natural products out there for that purpose. One of the main components for growth is sunlight, it is a fact that hair grows quicker and thicker when exposed to copious amounts of the sun.

      The modern day black woman in 2015 has simply become a lazy, decadent slob, she has an excuse for every decadent, lazy action that she executes, being lazy with her own natural hair is simply a sign of her current fallen state.

      Again, the weave is a classic sign of self hatred, it is the black woman’s attempt to alter her physical features in order to come more into line with her European cousin. It is also her attempt to distance herself from her own natural look. Black women are the biggest sellouts and self haters on the planet, however because they have been strategically positioned as the leaders of the community, they are free to move the goal posts whenever their own self hatred is demonstrated and brought into plain view.


  17. .”Who taught you to hate yourself” – Malcolm X.

    I don’t care how you spin it. There is a lot of self hate going on with Black women and their hair. Black women are the only women on the planet that wear hair of women from other races. What does that say about how you feel about your own hair? Is this straight hair you cherish so much from India really “better” than you own? Did you know that the Indian hair you wear so proudly probably came from a terrified, poor, Indian girl that was made to get her head shaved by her parents as a religious sacrifice.
    What if Black men started getting Indian men’s hair stitched their heads, how would that look? The eurocentric brainwashing is alive and well in America. Another thing that many fail to mention about women with weaves is that they don’t WASH THEIR HAIR ENOUGH. On hot days watch out! You will smell grease and sweat coming from under that weave. You know what I’m talking about. If a woman spends $500-$1200 on a weave. She’s not gonna wash it anytime soon and mess it up. I understand this, but it’s still kinda nasty. I had a woman sleep over and her unwashed weave was on my pillows all night. In the morning after she left my pillows smelled so bad I had throw everything in the washing machine, sheets, pillow cases, comforters, everything. I haven’t invited her back. I know some sistas go WEEKS without washing their hair. Cornrow wearing girls are guilty of this too.
    White people have asked me why do black women straighten their hair? Why do so many young black women wear weaves? It’s a very complex answer, too long to cover here, but I’ll say this:

    1. Pressure from trying to conform to the beauty standards of white society.
    2. Pressure from job market place.
    3. Looking for a low maintenance styling alternative. Black hair is very high maintenance, especially if it is long.
    4. Lastly, a healthy dose of self hate.

    Black women have been fed an continuous diet of eurocentric hair propaganda since day one. They’ve been seduced by long flowing hair of blonds, brunettes and redheads shaking out their tresses in shampoo commercials and they want to do the same, but strong African genetics say otherwise. Black women need a hair revolution! Self hating weaves are not the answer. Scalp burning relaxers are not the answer either. Constant weaves over a long period of time can cause scalp alopecia (baldness). Learn to love what momma Africa gave you! Go back to natural hair. That may be the only sensible option.


  18. Brother Brother Brother! Thank you!
    and keep holding up the banner! I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and brothers my age and older rap about this subject constantly! My older brother told me as a kid that a man can’t grow a good crop with bad soil. And bad soil has become the black woman! I have been married nearly 40 years and after all these years I still have to do battle with this woman yet I have always told her “I refuse to live in a house with another “MAN”! So as a practice I don’t deal with the black woman! I avoid her at all costs! Thanks Brother! Black Men Unite!


    • Gcolemansr79,

      You’re welcome sir. The modern day black woman is severely contaminated mentally, physically and spiritually. For the preservation of one’s own health, security and sanity the westernised black woman must be avoided at all costs.


  19. Thanks for this blog, and videos! It’s great to see black women appreciate the black man, and a black man appreciate the natural black woman. With that said, I hate weave. Im saddened that so many black women think they look better with a busted weave than their own hair. I understand the desire for long hair, however, growing it yourself is more satisfying than sewing in another woman’s hair! I wear my hair natural, but when I straighten it, it’s almost waist length, Every single person (including my mother) asks if it’s all mine. I hope one day that is not the first thing that comes to mind when people see black women with hair past a certain length. You know the issue is out of hand when black women are now killing for hair weave! That speaks to a special kind of sickness. These women need professional help, but sadly many won’t get it. I see us making progress, and it’s a beautiful thing. I just really wish that black women wouldn’t look at black men as the enemy. We are two sides of the same coin. We shouldn’t be just Sex buddies or baby mommas/daddies to each other. What happened to family building? We are much stronger together than apart. That has been proven! I also don’t place all the blame on black women. Black men have had a hand in the destruction of the black family as well. He falls victim to the same propaganda black women do. He also tries to run away from his blackness. Even before the weave epidemic he placed more value on dating “out” than staying “in”. With that said, the time for the blame game is over, the time for solutions is now. We need to humble ourselves and move forward together.


  20. I just found your post so I might be a little late. But, I was wondering, what is your opinion with braids using extensions then? Would it be also part of everything you said about weaves?


    • Cassandra,

      From the information I have discovered as of late extensions and braids are not good for the hair either, to a lesser degree than the weaves nethertheless they are still detrimental towards keeping hair healthy.

      The goal ought to be to abandon all hair attachments completely, for one black folks are not getting rich from selling these hair products, non black people are however.


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