The Mystical/Magical JewISH People – Just Pondering!




5857_Costumedg-350Gavriel Yehuda Twerski, Meir Simcha Singer

evil-sorcererJewish Man Praying

Jews Praying 2Wizard

Revelation 2:9 reads:

2:9 – I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty,(but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of THEM WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS, AND ARE NOT, but are THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.


Revelation 3:9 reads:

3:9 – Behold, I will make them of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, WHICH SAY THEY ARE JEWS AND ARE NOT, BUT DO LIE; behold, I WILL MAKE THEM TO COME AND WORSHIP BEFORE THY FEET,Β  and to know that I have loved thee.

Sometimes words are not a requirement, pictures alone can be capable of delivering the topic of the conversation.

Thanks to Aja and KingoftheTeddybears for some comments that you both made which lead to the inspiration for this post.


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Most High Bless

24 thoughts on “The Mystical/Magical JewISH People – Just Pondering!

  1. we all need to discern between the true jew and the evil Zionist wich claims a jewish heritage to hide behind!!!I wonder who will survive this time…and will we be duped again,,these Zionist kinds are of all religious denominations,and ofcourse the Zionist idealogy is deceptively kept hidden(Non existant,this is why they do not admit to this political ideology(EVIL)Adolf Hitler Knew exactly what he was doing,this time the true jews will have to stand up and discern themselves from the others? checkout the Greatest story never Told, a real eye opener, we wer’nt tought this truth when we were at school,


    • Renata Mateis,

      Well, I think that there are a few issues that need to be laid on the table first. Here is a picture of a real Jew:

      Those people who currently occupy the land of Israel today and not the real Jews, they are imposters who are pretending to be me and my people. This is a truth that the so called Negro is not taught in any schools. This is why Christ identified these fraudulent scoundrels in Revelation 2:9/3:9 by two main factors, who they were claiming to be and their place of worship.

      As far as I can see all of these JewISH people are Zionists as they desire to keep the real Jew aka the so called Negro from his land of origin. The JewISH people going into the land of Israel or what could also be called “the land of issue” en mass in 1948 has been one of the biggest conspiracies, cover ups and frauds to hit the modern day world.

      So, when we are referring to Jews, if we are not talking about black people then we simply are not dealing with “Jews” at all.


      • please ezcuse my grammatical errors,sometimes to much information in my head and i cannot get it out fast enough…im listening,i know there has been coverups of all sorts especially connected to this NWO and where the human species comes from who they are really etc,,,what I would like if you can help me understand is the black people take on this, I thought that the black in terms of African American were originally affricans,even at the beginning of this civilization 7 or 10 thousand years,m there abouts,and I am trying to understand as the current jews Hebrews, that are now in isreal,inclusive of the hacidic jew,are they not jews?,im not talking about the Zionist false jew! I believe that in part some are,yet I also believe that back about 7 thousaqnd years ago,the Egyptian(African) were hijacked by this alien orian belt reptilian species along with others!!! that are our current world rulers,British Royals and other connected royals as well as KGB personas wich were once Russian Tsars later known aKGB,are all of this species,its quit a complicated topic because it comprises of many earth lifetimes in the one civilization period, and before. What is happening today has happened before, but this time the earth is moving and spinning to a higher vibration,towards a 5th dimension heart energy,,my kind of thoughts and feelings on this subject are not quite accepted,and run more along the lines of(Conspiracy) wich I don’t believe in!!! please fill me in on your black stuff,im interested,you can rite to me on my email if you don’t wish to write on post, I am very interested in your view,and belief around black people, to me personally I see no difference as I have never been racist toward black skin,ever,but I am concerned with what is happening in the black communities,esspecially concerning god and sexuality, they seem to be pretty screwd up,and racist themselves,toward anything other that black,i have sometimes comented on you tube sites and wow I have had a backlash of insults,cos im not black I couldn’t know, and that kind of thing is very divisive,and this is exactly what these illuminati fuc….. want,im born in Australia of Italian descent,im not a practising catholic,and couldn’t care less, about such luciferian churches, yet being Italian also brought a lot of racism to us,especiall during the 40s when my dad and mum came here,so I don’t handle racism to well,yet I cannot understand why the black community has segregated themselves,into there hypocritical church beliefs,of course the demographics varie according to country…just like the Italians in Italy,there is something that these two communities have in common, one is the song of melody and voice…soul and the other is religious hypocrisy, as well as their”Living on the”DOWN LOW” i find this is also a major isue hidden as it may be!!!i do have an understanding in this area but rather coplicated and not the time and place,but orthodox religion is the culprit!!!the music side is very strong especially with the neopolitan wich is really the soul and blues of Italian music,along with its related melodies and judeo Christian lyric in terms of language,so if you could enlighten me on this black situation from your experience and belief religious or other,i would greatly appreciate,thanks…


      • Renata Mateis,

        This is the basic history in a nutshell. The people that the rest of the world refer to as “blacks” or “Negroes” today are the real Hebrews/Jews. The so called Jewish people you see in the land of Israel today aswell as in other parts of the world are fraudsters. Because of our disobedience to the Most High, he scattered us out of Jerusalem and the land of Israel in 70AD under the hand of the Roman Empire. Shortly after the sacking of Jerusalem in 70AD the Palestinians who are really Arabs began to move into that same land, before they used to lived on the outskirts.

        In the 8th century the so called JewISH people still living in Europe converted to Judaism under their leader. Fast forward to 1948 and a deal was struck, as part of the payment for the US getting involved in WW2, the US,UK and the EU agreed to give the JewISH people the land of Israel. From 1948 onwards the JewISH people began to move into the land of Israel en mass and thus thereafter they formed their own state. The current conflict that you see taking place in the land of Israel today is because the so called JewISH people do not belong there, they are occupying a land that has nothing to do with them at all.

        So as it stands today we the so called Negroes are waiting for the Most High to place us back in the land of Israel, our rightful home. The so called Negro is the real Jew, the word “Jew” is short for the word “Judah”, indicating our tribe. The ultimate conspiracy here is the continuous oppression of the black nation through the main avenues of education, economics and psychology and these so called JewISH people are at the heart of this conspiracy.

        The “aliens/reptilians” that you referred to are actually devils/demons who are giving these JewISH people aswell as other members of high nobility such as the Royal family daily instruction, instruction which is primarily detrimental to the blacks because we are shortly to be the next rulers of this planet under Christ. This is another reason why the black nation is in the mess that it is in, a concerted effort has been put in place by the European/JewISH aristocracy to keep the so called Negro in the bottom barrel position that he is in, in order to prevent this world leadership change from taking place.

        Solutions and suggestions coming from Europeans are a very sore spot for the majority of black people seeing as it was the so called European man that has instigated and manipulated our negative circumstances and has kept us in the current decadent condition that we are in today, so I am not surprised that you have received serious pushback for commenting on black issues. You have to also remember that Australians and Italians in general are very racist towards black people, black people who live in Italy and Australia are treated like absolute crud by the white folks in these countries.

        Another illusion is in relation to so called “unity”, there never has been any unity between different nations on this planet, each nation has always look out for its own people. There certainly has never been any unity with other nations and the so called Negro, we have always been endlessly persecuted by every single nation on earth, echoing the words of Christ(ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake). This persecution will continue until the Most High brings a heavy judgement to every nation on this planet for the wickedness that they have executed against the real Jews, the Most High’s genuinely chosen people.

        The judgements on the nations of the world have already started and will continue to worsen as they continue to treat blacks like trash aswell as sink themselves into more decadent and atheistic philosophies ie humanism, evolution and moral relativism.

        If you wish to learn even more about the plight of the so called Negro then I recommend that you check out a documentary called Hidden Colors 3 The Rules Of Racism.


      • I understand, but I don’t want to be seen as an enemy of anyone black as I never have been,in Australia the situation is awful for the rigonies as they prefer or natives to this land and most immigrants that includes Europeans have had the same treatment,untill we started to kill them in the dozens every day, these are true stories never told by mainstream media, if those Italians had not started to kill these pathetic English we would suffered a whole lot more,so the dynamics are a little different here,being of a European descent like me is not a holiday here,even if things appear ok, they are not,back in Italy the story is different,and yes they are also racist im ashamed to say, they two have been brainwashed,infact most of the world has been either by false history truths!!! and other types of manipulation, but me myself I wont be a part of that,and nevr have been,but then im whats considered a radical, as I have always followed my heart,and get my head around that faculty before I act on anything,i don’t believe that any one particulare color nation or race was ever a chosen race of any God,Perhaps a chosen race for a Lord, and these two things are not the same, all current religions serve lords,and at this point in time it is saturn-satin,but we are at the end of that cycle,down here in this 3rd dimension there are no “Gods Chosen People”like i said thats a hijacked story, that will now turn the world as we know it upside down,The white Lion has begun his jurney,the white lion like blacks has been kept in cages, and in fact dissapeared, but they are now phisically appearing again, i myself am intrinsically connected to this process,and have a job to do, i dont say much about what is is or when, as i get the guidance,in installments, but what i will say, is that from 2016 and the following 7 years will be the darkes time for this planet,i have been overwhelmed with agenda 21 all that other stuff,it drove me crazy,i’d say the men in black are onto me,as i have had all sorts of unexplainable stuff happen especiall on my pc…yet im not that stupid, there is nothing on my pc that isnt anywhere else on somebodyelse so to say,i know that due to the pole shipts there will be natural disaster, but there will also be the ones afflicted by frequency manipulation( HARP)i have been working with frequency for years, the lower end of frequency technology is what we here call technology,but in truth its scope is GOD itself,MERKHABA,,it begins in the heart, that is what we all need to think with!!!and feel with, its very difficult as everything is done to eradicate this energetic, its the only higer frequency that can raise above any frequency manipulation that is afflicted apon human beings, none the less, these freaks in power are comming in for their last kill, remeber that they also have literally billions of etheric entities that they need to feed(Archon) and intend to give us up to their lord simmultaneosly”LORD”, thereis only one frequency that can overide any entity feeding off the human energy force field, this is the heart energy,if all of us dont pull together, as one, were in trouble big time,this means black white yellow and red, its the ancient wheel, and were on it together,….(7 year cycles 7 represents the temple. earth is also the temple as its structure,. 7 years,7 years 2016 0nwards,,im going to sleep now, goodnight all


      • Renata Mateis,

        Firstly it should be mentioned that there is a chosen people of the Most High, we never chose him, he chose us to be the example that the world ought to follow. This is the default template which is still to be put in its place and you will see it happen. If you do not believe that there are a chosen people then that is your belief, however your response to this possibility from a European standpoint does not really surprise me at all as this is the typical rebuttal that most white people give when they are presented with the strong possibility that black people are alot more special than the dominant society has made them out to be, especially through the media.

        You keep making mention of different dimensions and other miscellaneous bits and pieces, this has always been the way of the gentiles, to lose themselves and to be tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. This is exactly one of the main reasons why the Most High stated that we as the Hebrews were not to get involved in the affairs of the gentiles nor to follow after them.

        All of the things that you are talking about in relation to coming times of darkness the bible had already prophesied about from thousands of years back, yet you gentiles still refuse to give the scriptures credit where credit is due, instead you prefer to derail yourselves into some sort of new age philosophy whos foundation is very shaky at the very least.

        We Hebrews have been pointing out that this system is corrupt and needs to be replaced since its conception yet nobody has listened to us. Only now that the white shoe gravy train is coming to a close, it is conveniently at this point that European folks wish to come together with others including blacks to stop the madness. This is deception and wickedness to the highest degree. What happened to “coming together” when you and your people were living high on the hog and indulging in the cream and the fat?

        As I have previously stated, we as black people need to begin to withdraw ourselves from the problems and the issues of others and simply focus upon our own issues and contentions. I personally will not be falling for the Kansas City shuffle again, we already know the pattern, we help others however our own problems(caused by these same others by the way) continue to remain unresolved and on top of this we are given the middle finger by the rest of society when it comes down to returning the favour. This business about “we are all in this together” is not so. This is your system, not mine, as far as I am concerned it needs to be burnt to powder and thereafter carried away with the wind. I will not fight to preserve such a wicked and corrupt system, I will however fight to destroy it and that is exactly what I am doing.


      • No & they are not Native American either.They are subsaharan.There is some things we don’t know but what we do know is the bad wants us all mixed up & borderless & living equally miserable


  2. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    I always thought they looked like sorcerers

    Here are some more examples, these are catholic priests by the way

    They look so holy, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Their robes are similar to what the priests of Baal used to wear, coincidence? I think not. Pay especial attention to the man in the middle with his big fish mouth hat.

    A side view image, of the modern day priests of Baal and their white Jesus

    More priests of Baal. ..

    Now for the priests of Baal

    Pay attention to their head pieces and their staffs, coincidence, Yeah Right……..

    You may have to zoom in on this image

    A procession of modern day priests of Baal.

    I think that about covers it


    • KingOftheTeddybears,

      That is another very good point, the head gear that the JewISH people wear is exactly the same as what the Pope wears, why??? Because both groups are one and the same, they both come from Babylon and they both practice sorcery, witchcraft, wizardry, magic and any other form of deviltry that you can fit in here. This is why the catholics have a practice called “exorcism” as opposed to simply casting out devils, Christ told the devils to leave the person and they left, however these catholic priests continue to “battle” with these devils without success????

      No, these so called “priests” have made deals with these devils by which it would seem looking from the outside in that the Roman Catholic church is against the devil and evil, however the church only gives the appearance of fighting evil hence the big theatrics during so called “exorcisms”.


      • these so called β€œpriests” have made deals with these devils by which it would seem looking from the outside in that the Roman Catholic church is against the devil and evil, however the church only gives the appearance of fighting evil hence the big theatrics during so called β€œexorcisms”.

        It’s really funny you should mention that Verbs. Did you ever see the movie “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” it was based on the try story of a German girl named Anneliese Michel who was possessed by six demons. One of the demons name was Legion, Belial, the Demon that drove Cain to kill Abel, the demon that was in Nero, the Roman Emperor, the demon that supposedly drove Judas to betray Christ, and then there was Satan himself. Anneliese and her family were devout Catholics. The details are too fuzzy to remember but I do remember that the woman died after 10 months of exorcism rites.

        Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia about Anneliese

        “The priest Ernst Alt, whom they met, on seeing her declared that “she didn’t look like an epileptic” and that he did not see her having seizures.[5] Alt believed she was suffering from demonic possession and urged the local bishop to allow an exorcism. In a letter to him in 1975, Michel wrote, “I am nothing, everything about me is vanity, what should I do, I have to improve, you pray for me” and also once told him, “I want to suffer for other people…but this is so cruel”.[3] In September of the same year, Bishop Josef Stangl granted the priest Arnold Renz permission to exorcise according to the Rituale Romanum of 1614, but ordered total secrecy.[7] Renz performed the first session on 24 September.[4] Her parents stopped seeking medical treatment and relied solely on the exorcism rites. 67 exorcism sessions, one or two each week, lasting up to four hours, were performed over about ten months in 1975–1976.[3] Michel began talking increasingly about “dying to atone for the wayward youth of the day and the apostate priests of the modern church”, and she refused to eat towards the end.[4]

        On 1 July 1976, Michel died in her home. The autopsy report stated the cause was malnutrition and dehydration because of being in a semi-starvation state for almost a year while the rites of exorcism were performed.[8] She weighed 30 kilograms (68 pounds) and the previous day, she had broken knees due to the continuous genuflections and was unable to move without assistance, and was reported to have been suffering from pneumonia.”

        But I’ve always wondered Verbs, how do people become demon possessed in the first place?

        Here’s a link to the movie Wikipedia page……

        We live in a really f*&%ed up world. I really can’t wait for things to change……


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        67 exorcisms???? This is what I am talking about, the Roman Catholic church is a complete and utter fraud, as I stated before the so called “exorcism” is equivalent to a bread and circus act in which the “priest” gets to look like the good guy fighting off the particular devil involved, however we must never fall for that Kansas City shuffle, it is a collaboration like a scene in a movie that has been playing out for centuries.

        The easiest way that folks can open themselves up to possession is devil worship, rejection of the Most High aswell as involving one’s self in evil doings. Things that this world readily promotes as “cool” can also open up a person to become possessed, getting tattoos being a classic example, being sexually promiscuous is another, drinking alcohol in excess is another, smoking weed is yet another example. The main theme for possession is the rejection of the Most High coupled with the embracing of the world and its philosophies.

        Regrettably though because we are always taught to look at things from a “scientific” standpoint, things like demon possession we moretime refer to in today’s world as madness/insanity. The so called “science” readily promoted by today’s society is actually a hindrance to real progression and real growth of the human race.


  3. ” tattoos being a classic example ”

    I’m sorry I’m not quite following. How does getting a tattoo make one open to demonic possession? From what I’ve been made to understand, most people who get tattoos do it for artistic reasons, like self expression. Tattoos mean different things to different people. Some use it as a symbolism of something personal, for example some would have the name of a loved one tattooed on to them, a poem or haiku or something else, some have an innocent image like flowers or animals. Again whatever these images might mean to those individuals its all about personal conviction. I know that in some ancient and modern pagan practices, skin markings are sometimes used in the performance of dark magic rituals and so on but other than that its just an form of artistic expression. Hell I’ve even had a few tattoos myself. Nothing permanent, mostly stick ons that wash off and casual doodles with a pen when I’m bored. So I really don’t see the connection between tattoos and demon possession.


  4. To Renata and anyone else who may read this that it may apply to. let me preface this by saying, i’m not mad or trying to go off on you or attacking you, i’m passionate about my feelings and my thoughts and you are about to witness such passion.

    Here is where my mindset is when EVER i run across someone talking all that “we have to come together as one” nonsense and when someone says that benevolence comes from within and all that SHIT…where the FUCK was all that love peace ONENESS at when my people were being torn apart by dogs because they were slaves on a plantation ran by racist ass demonic seedline motherfuckers? See, I am not mad at anyone, in particular, i’m not ready to start cutting heads off of anyone, however…I don’t like to hear that black people have to come together with ANYONE that isn’t of Hebrew Lineage and Ancestry because BLACK babies were used as aligator bait in the southern states of the USA and used as foot warmers to southern slave owners. black people have suffered perpetually since brought to this country.

    I believe that The Most High is going to do what HE does and AFTER THAT He will bring out HIS people with GREAT SUBSTANCE. I am not trying to become one with anyone outside of ISRAEL…TRUE ISRAEL.

    i have to come hard though when i say this because the black youth is going to be on board with this “lets all be one and put our hearts together” and I just can’t get down with that. All this, aliens and super aliens that took over a certain race and people NOW no longer believing that The Most High has a chosen people(oh they believed it when they thought THEY were the chosen people but with so much drama in the LBC it’s kinda hard for the whites to believe in G…snoop dog joke)

    anyone claiming that there are these higher power beings that don’t have a chosen people but somehow just randomly chose negroes to get the ASS END of the stick while ALL OTHER NATIONS get to enjoy trades and goods and services; i feel that the story is convenient for your belief because you feel something isn’t right…for you but you will not accept that it’s an ending of your good times and a begining of restoration, redemption, return of the righteous to the righteous by the righteous one and that’s fine but don’t try to enlist my black ass to that bullshit you call UNITY cause like Verbs said, AINT no dam unity, never has been and it won’t be.



  5. to the Teachers on this thread : powerful thread as usual. Many points raised by Renata are often heard to try to push away the Scriptures and promote a) Jewishness against real Hebrews b) a belated fraternity between The Chosen and us from the Nations that are called to serve them in the Kingdom in righteousness c) trying to save the wicked kingdom. As Verbs (and others) are explaining : this is not written in the Scriptures and this is not plain justice even in Gentile meaning. In the USA today, it’s still “legal” to kill any Black man and go away without being indicted even less sentenced : who can – set aside Joan Rivers, Donald Sterling and the KKK – truly believe the Most High can let that pass without any Judgement ?


    • Servant2be,

      This is the problem with this system of white supremacy or to give a more accurate label, JewISH Supremacy that we live under today, the Gentiles have benefited and gotten rich from its fruits and so they wish to preserve it. The problem here is that this wealth has been directly manifested by perpetually keeping the so called Negro disenfranchised economically. Nothing has changed within this system, most black have now decided to chill in the cut and have gotton way too comfortable up under their new god of Babylon. The same way the Most High rumbled us uncomfortably out of Egypt is the same way that he is going to rumble us worldwide out of the positions of comfort most of us have now taken with regards to this JewISH system of oppression.


      • thanks sir. One long debated question remains : within the wicked and sinful kingdom, our edomite-controlled society, what space is left for The Chosen of The Most High to really “make a change”, if not a big one at least some change ? The “do-nothing” Obama presidency is another example that the system of white “supremacy” is resilient when only human beings are trying to put it down or just bring a small dose of Divine Justice in it.
        The Michael Brown case in Missouri is so “classical” alas.

        But it’s a true question of what The Chosen can do before the destruction of this wicked kingdom and the crumbling of the JewISH system brought ultimately by The Most High ?


      • Servant2be,

        To be honest all we can do as the chosen is small things, enough to sustain and manage ourselves. It is the Most High who is going to bring a a thorough and completely clean slate. It is simply down to us to do what we can for the meantime until we are activated to open up cans of judgement upon the planet.

        At the end of the day we can do small things, this Edomite kingdom is crumbling and we would be foolish as Hebrews not to take advantage of this.

        The main thing that we need to do first is set up our own businesses and trade amongst each other. This way we can establish our own economic base to where we do not need to rely on and go to the dominant society for our needs.


  6. there are also rumors that the Saudi Arabian Royal family are infact JewISH… it is no wonder they have such a close relationship with the west.


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