Israel Vs Palestine? Not Interested Mate, Keep It Moving – Quick Note!


Palestine Vs Israel

This will be a quick post explaining why we as blacks should not be interested or concerned in the slightest with regards to the current Israel/Palestine conflict apart from observing what is happening from a prophetic standpoint. To be honest both of these nations are just as wicked as each other, even though the majority of the world seems to be in the corner of the Palestinians, I feel that some home truths need to be reignited when it comes down to both of these groups. I am not a heartless man but by the end of this short blog you will understand exactly where I am coming from. I will reiterate the same thing that I stated in my previous post(Trigger Point Part 3), we as black people need to STOP GETTING INVOLVED in everybody else’s problems and we need to start concentrating on our own issues exclusively and putting them first. Again, you will notice that everytime we as black people run to help others, when the favour is needed in return we either get excuses or more time we receive the straight middle finger from these other nations. We as black people continue to get suckered in by these scoundrels because of our quest to be accepted by them. We have to stop this type of buddy, buddy behaviour and wise up to the fact that we will never be accepted by any of these nations on the planet, they will have to be judged until they are reduced to rubble and ashes before they will accept us as a people, and this is the route that the Most High is going to take with them.




In the blue corner we have the JewISH people or Israelis. Notice how these characters do not refer to themselves as “Hebrews” or “Israelites”. This is because the JewISH people who are currently occupying Israel are of the STATE of Israel that was established shortly after 1948. THEY ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DESCENDANTS OF THE LAND OF ISRAEL, THEY ARE NOT TRUE JEWS NOR THE TRUE HEBREWS BY BLOODLINE, HISTORY OR HERITAGE. I feel that this needs to be made clear from the off set. These scoundrels are occupying a land that does not belong to them and on top of this they are in that land pretending to be us. It should also be mentioned that it was these same JewISH people who enslaved the so called Negro and placed him onto ships in accordance with Deuteronomy 28:68. Most black people are confused and frequently blame so called “christians” for our time of slavery, however a more detailed look into the history of slavery will reveal that it was actually these JewISH rat scallions who were the ones responsible for our 400 years plus of misery. In fact it is these same JewISH people today who are the ones behind the scenes pulling the strings that are aiding in keeping the so called Negro on the bottom and economically handicapped continuously.

It could be argued that most of these JewISH people do not know that they are not the real Jews however like the rest of the nations on this planet they do not desire to see us blacks rise in stature and those that have researched the history and have found out that we are in fact the true Jews haven’t uttered a word or made any steps towards justice for us. Note also that these are the same JewISH people who have been on the stealth sterilising the black women in their country from Ethiopia and other African nations. This are the same JewISH people who treat black people like utter crud not only in their state of Israel but also worldwide. The Most High rightly labelled them the synagogue of Satan. This is why I couldn’t give 2 hoots about these JewISH people and I’m sure that given more time, I could think of plenty of other reasons why not to care about them. Now on to the Palestinians.




In the red corner we have the so called Palestinians. First of all it should be mentioned that the so called Palestinians are really Arab people. These are the same Arabs that moved into the your homeland of Israel shortly after the Most High dispersed us from the land at the hands of the Romans in 70 AD when Jerusalem was sacked. Previous to this time they lived on the outskirts of the land. The Arabs and the JewISH people have been warring in the land of Israel from before I was born, we as the true Hebrews know the real reason behind the war, the so called JewISH people have come into and occupied a land that does not belong to them and the Arabs in that same land have shown their disapproval via war. The irony of this is that the Arabs do not belong in that land either, the land belongs to us the real Jews, however because we do not have a strong voice in the media, our claims thus far have been rejected, ridiculed, laughed to scorn and fantastically mocked.

Some other pieces of note worthy information that should be mentioned about these Arab people. Let us not forget that it was the Arabs who first began the trade of enslaving black en mass starting from the 7th century under Islam. I believe that the Arab enslavement of black folks continued for over 1400 years, this is more than 3 times the length of the slavery that we suffered at the hands of the so called European man. The Final Call/Nation of Islam brothers do not like to talk about this subject at all as it places a huge spanner in the works of “the white man enslaved us” line. Ok, well what about the Arabs? If you say that the bible is the white man’s book and that we are turning to the religion of the same man who enslaved us for so long then what do you Final Call/Nation of Islam brothers have to say in relation to those same Arabs whos book you are following, huh?

It should also be noted that these Palestinians not only recognise that the JewISH people are not the genuine people of the land of Israel, these same Palestinians KNOW that we blacks are the real Jews and the rightful owners of the land of Israel but yet and still they in like manner as their JewISH counterparts do not make mention of that fact nor have they lifted a finger to help the so called Negro in his cause. This is why I say that both of these nations are just as wicked as each other. There is not one atrocity that they can show me on television involving these two groups that has not already been carried out on black people nor is not currently being carried out on black people.



Palestinians Children Killed

The westernised mainstream media and the so called “advocates” for peace and resolution will never fail to show you film footage or pictures of children who have died in this conflict. They know full well that showing pictures of dead children will tug on the emotional heartstrings of the general public and they in turn will be “emotionally” riled into getting involved and taking action. However, we have a huge problem here, people will readily protest the killing of innocent children as a result of war and conflict(which is the right thing to do), yet when it comes down to the pre-planning of killing innocent children in these various assassination chambers aka abortion clinics, all of a sudden there is no longer a problem with the murder and the death of innocent children, all of a sudden the death of an innocent child is now viewed as humane and acceptable?!?!

So let me just get this straight, if you pre-plan the murder of a child then this is acceptable however if children are being murdered under unexpected and miscellaneous circumstances then this now becomes an issue!?!? This world with its hypocrisy is absolutely incredible. This is one of many reasons why the Most High is going to reduce this planet to nothing but rubble and ashes, tearing down these nations for the wickedness that they have wrought. This is why I am yet again encouraging you Hebrews NOT to get involved in the world’s affairs as you will end up looking like a blatant hypocrite just like them and they will take great pleasure and honour in throwing your blackside under the bus while looking out for and protecting their own kind. Do not fall for the Kansas City Shuffle.


This was just a brief summary as to why I do not care for either of these nations and just some of the reasons why I will be refusing to get involved in this situation. By the way it should be mentioned that if you visit countries where Arabs reside, you will witness for yourself firsthand the barbaric treatment levied upon black folks up to this day, in fact in 2014 many Arabs still enslave black people, this is a common practice within the Arab culture. Conduct your own research on this issue if you do not believe me, go to Youtube and type in “Arabs Enslaving Blacks” and be prepared for a barrage of information. The Israelis and the Palestinians/Arabs can both kick rocks as far as I am concerned, my concern as a Hebrew is for my immediate needs and for the needs of my people. As I stated before, these nations already have the resources to sort out their own problems. Hebrews, once again do not be emotionally driven and distracted by this aswell as other problems going on in the world, sort out your own problems first and release yourself from the burden of believing that you have an obligation to worry about other people’s problems, YOU DON’T, SO STOP DOING SO FROM NOW!


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless






14 thoughts on “Israel Vs Palestine? Not Interested Mate, Keep It Moving – Quick Note!

  1. “It should also be noted that these Palestinians not only recognise that the JewISH people are not the genuine people of the land of Israel, these same Palestinians KNOW that we blacks are the real Jews and the rightful owners of the land of Israel but yet and still they in like manner as their JewISH counterparts do not make mention of that fact nor have they lifted a finger to help the so called Negro is his cause”

    Brother Verbs you are so right, on that front. Even the former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in his 1952 address, when he spoke of the State of Israel, said this “you will not be able to live in peace here in the land of Israel because you left here BLACK and you came back WHITE and we cannot accept you this way”.

    Also in regards to these so called black Muslims, every time I see a black man or black woman in Islamic attire whether it be hijab, jalabiya or kufi, I just have to shake my head and I feel nothing but the utmost shame and sometimes contempt for these blacks. Alot of these deluded blacks who sing the praises if Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan who might I add are devout Muslims have no idea the level of racism that exists within Arab culture, or in the Koran. In the Koran their beloved prophet refers to blacks as monkeys, slaves and raisin heads. I remember a few years ago, Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe caught hell when she in one of her songs referred to the black Egyptians as monkeys.

    As much as I’m hearing you on the “Handling our own issues front, I can’t help but sometimes wonder about alot of the African Nations and what will become of them. Because as another black blogger Kushite Prince (I believe I gave you a few links to his website) so eloquently put it, White Supremacy is a GLOBAL epidemic. For as long as I can remember I’ve always considered Africans as my brothers and sisters, yet I wonder why we are so different from them. I mean we look the same right? So technically I can’t help but feel for them when I hear of calamities striking them. Anyways I must be boring you with my rambling.

    Once again another butt-kicking (or arse kicking, for the sake of your British accent)…………


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      Thanks for pulling out that paragraph, there was a typo in there that I needed to go in and correct,lol. You are right on, I remember that quote from the former Egyptian president very well, this is the theme of the whole conflict however the mainspin media will not allow the true reasons behind the war to be brought out into the light. So, they simply state that the issue is over land(which does have some validity and truth to it), however they refuse to break down the full history of the conflict and what is really going on.

      Islam is a racist religion to the hilt, however in order to build up it recruits the harsh nature of Islam has been softened or put to the back of the bus temporarily. The general public only witnesses the followers of Islam going to mosques to pray aswell as taking part in a few of the other “public friendly” acts strategically brought to the forefront to deceive the majority. Islam runs on a cast system in just the same manner as Brahmanism/Hinduism in India, the darker your skin the less worth you are considered to be within society(we have to always remember that the religion is the lifestyle and the culture for the people who follow it).

      These nations are simply building up a stronger case against themselves daily with their racist behaviours and actions. Remember, the Most High has and is still recording every skull duggerous act that all of these nations have committed against the so called Negro. When the tables are turned and the black attack commences, they will all know what time it is and they will all fully understand the high level of judgement being dished out against them and why.

      Western propaganda and comfort is what has kept black people worldwide divided. For example I know that when Africans travel to the US, they are told to not mix with African Americans. The Most High is going to make black people very uncomfortable worldwide so that we will be forced to work with our own in some capacity or another, even if it is in small groups.

      Indeed, the system of white supremacy is a global issue, however the way to begin to deal with it is at the local level. Blacks worldwide need to start dealing with the white supremacy in their local areas instead first, then expand nationally and automatically over time all of our national efforts against white supremacy will become international. We all work as individuals in our parts of the world to combat white supremacy yet our goals are united as one.


  2. I’m glad you did this post because I always felt like that. I never understood why we should be concerned with them or Israel when it’s defiled and it’s no longer our land to inhabit. I remember my crazy former pastor used to always say that we need to get back to Jerusalem, our home land and of course I was super brainwashed and considered it also also but something in the back of my mind also thought about that if we needed to get back to Jerusalem what was NEW Jerusalem for then? I heard that they don’t treat us well over there and that you have to serve a year in their armed forces before they allow you to become a citizen and the cost of living over there is super duper expensive. There is a book out there called the invention of the jewish people and it was written by one of their own and he goes into detail how the jewish people came to be. It really do makes since that they are the ones pulling the strings with everything because when you have stolen someones identity you will do whatever it takes to keep the lie going especially when they have gained so much from it. I also wondered about leaving the US because I hear so many people talking about leaving the US before the grits hit the fan but I truly don’t believe any place will be safe at that time, what are your thoughts? I thought about this a lot but I have come to the conclusion that the lord will make a way for his people.


    • Aja,

      You have to marvel at the deception that the world has chosen to embrace, you have many folks including so called “christians” who will support these fake JewISH people to the hilt like a bunch of blinded sheep, yet on the other hand they will willingly persecute, ridicule and mock the so called Negro who happens to be the real Jews that they should actually be looking out for,lol.

      There are many black people who have gone over to Israel from the US, they are quite frankly walking into a very difficult predicament as that place is to be turned into a ruinous heap and a pile of rubble before we set foot back into that land under the power of the Most High and begin rebuilding. I am very familiar with the book called The Invention Of The Jewish People, I have the book myself. I am sure that you are familiar with the book called The Thirteenth Tribe also. Yet another JewISH person admitting that his people are not the real people.

      To be honest the US will also be reduced to a pile of rubble however those of us in the Most High do not need to be concerned as the Most High will provide places of sanctuary for us wherever we are. If indeed you want to move from the US to a different part of the world for various reasons then there is nothing wrong with taking that course of action. Many folks including myself are tired of the rat race fast paced living of the west and desire an easier and more basic lifestyle. Another country can provide a slower, more relaxed and a higher quality of life. It is something well worth considering in general.

      Regardless the Most High will look out for his people, its the atheists/humanists that lead people to believe that trusting in a higher power is a coward’s journey however these characters trust in this Babylon system and have embraced it as their lives, however this system is NOT the be all and end all of life, it is only a system. Most folks lose track of this fact and become overwhelmed by this system’s power, however Babylon does not have infinite power and as we read in the scriptures, Babylon will soon fall and sink.


      • the first and third video wishes I had Vampire fangs so I could rip their heads off…. When I visited the USA in 2010 and 2011, I notice these people breed like roaches, wherever you’d go and you’d see them, and their families, they’re all dressed in black, have tonnes of strollers infront of them and behind them their flanked by even more children. In 2010 I saw 3 of them walking down the street and the man in the middle had on this big flowing cape and you could tell he was the alpha male cause he was also taller than his other 2 companions. If I did not know better at the time who they were, I would’ve sworn they were like Dark Sorcerers like the Death Eaters from Harry Potter


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        You are spot on, remember their real religion is practiced out of the Talmud, these JewISH people are mystics and sorcerers, they practice magic and enchantments, hence if you see video footage of them praying especially at their wailing wall, they are continuously rocking in a back and forth motion. Check it out for yourself when you get the chance.

        Their dress code is very, very close if not the same to that of a wizard/sorcerer/magician. Black and white, the freemason’s chessboard indeed. They themselves have loads of children while they promote abortion and the propaganda of overpopulation to the rest of the world via their mainspin media outlets.


      • Aja,

        These guys are nothing but trouble makers and instigators of evil, and they have the cheek to use their main spin media outlets to slam labels on us????? Hypocrites they are to the fullest.


  3. This reminds me of that movie called The Possession about how this girl was possesed from this Jewish box that held a demon inside and when the girl opened the box she released the demon but it got into her and it just so happened the dad had to go to a Jewish rabbi to help him get his daughther back and I remember that he was rocking back and forth speaking in another language when he was performing whatever ritual to get the demon out of the daughter but mind you they never casted the demon out but only got the demon put back into the box after it jumped from the daughter to the father and the Jewish rabbi ended up leaving with the box wrapped in a white sheet. Oh wow since you said that I got a creepy feeling about that because they do put you in the mind of socerers and magician….oh wow


    • Aja there is an extremely dark practice among the Jewish people known as Kabala. It deals with dark occultic things like demon channeling and human sacrifices and possession, and there’s nothing to tell me that the imagery in the movie was steeped in Kabala. Music industry mogul, Clive Davis who used to manage Whitney Houston, he’s a practitioner of Kabala, as is singer Madonna, she performed the sacrifice ritual that led to Whitney’s. Check out Madonna’s superbowl 2012 performance…… As Verbs pointed out, these people truly are the Synagogue of Satan. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this saying that everything that goes wrong in this world is the fault of the Jew(ish)s I used to think that was “Anti-Semitic” slander according to western media but now I’m starting to believe there is truth in that statement, that the Jew(ish)s are the problem…..


      • You know what kingoftheteddybears I forgot about Kabala. I saw that ritual she performed. I truly truly belive too that they are behind every stereotype in the black community since they have the money to push any agenda they want. Im convinced that they are evil and my former pastor say we have to be a Jew to be saved???!!! Can you believe it. He’s pushing this whole you have to obey the laws statues and commandments agenda to be saved. He is crazy.


  4. I live how you paint all Arabs with the same brush – if that’s not pure racism , I dont know what is.

    One day everyone will be just like you & it will be a perfect heaven, won’t it

    God bless you racist


    • An Arab Christian,

      The barbaric treatment that my people have suffered at the hands of Arabs is beyond description, this is a pleasant narrative of the atrocities that Arabs have and still are committing against blacks. Have you forgotten how blacks are now being slaughtered on mass by the Arab folks in Egypt and Libya?

      I can paint all Arabs with the same brush because I’ve yet to see and meet an Arab who doesn’t view black people as slaves, as the scum of the earth and who treats black people with respect. It is simply not in your average Arab’s nature to treat black people with dignity and respect, it is in their nature however to exploit black people to the fullest and to treat them worse than dogs. I still stand by my statement and will continue to stand by it until I begin to see different among this nation of people.

      By the way, the true definition of “racism” is actually a “system of oppression” in which a group or certain groups of people are held back and restricted from growing and prospering economically, deliberately by others. Black folks cannot possibly be racist as we do not have the power to disenfranchise another nation of people financially. I suggest that you conduct some research before resorting to hammering out kneejerk responses.


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