Trigger Point Part 3 – Revenge Of The Negro – The Coming Wrath Of The Hebrews Upon All Others!



Yes Negro, it is our fault as to the reason why we in the current predicament that we are in, it is our fault that the world is right now on the brink of World War 3, it is our fault that the so called European man rules over us with an iron hand and forces us to labour with hard rigour, yes it is our fault that there is injustice in the world and nobody seems to be in a hurry to fix the problem, yes it is our fault that many people have no adequate access to water and food even though there is more than enough to go around the entire world many times over, yes it is our fault that everybody on this planet is suffering at the hands of a select super wealthy few.  These things and many others are our fault and I will show you why. You see, when we were under the rule Most High and roamed the earth under out own power, the plan that the Most High had in mind was to place us as the top nation of the world so that we could be seen as the light and the example for all of these other nations to follow(this is still the plan by the way and it WILL come to pass). Deuteronomy 7:6 reads


We are supposed to be the top nation on this planet, the world is in the mess that it is because of the fact that we are on the bottom. I do not apologise for this statement, I never said it, the scriptures have already declared that the so called Negro is supposed to be the leader of the world by default in order for this world to function normally and be at peace. This default template is still in place by the way, we the Negroes are supposed to be above everybody else in order to show other people the pinnacle examples of righteousness and prosperous living. Of course we decided that we were more interested in what the other nations were doing and we made up our minds to chase after them and their gods. At a point in time we were the untouchables, indeed no other nations could challenge us or rail against us. They knew that we had the living Most High Power as our strength and our fortress and because of this factor the other nations simply couldn’t wait for our downfall. The prophet Jeremiah documents the glee of the other nations to see our defeat in Lamentations 2:15-16 which reads:

2:15 – All that pass by clap their hands at thee; THEY HISS AND WAG THEIR HEAD AT THE DAUGHTER OF JERUSALEM(that is you blacks by the way in case you haven’t figured it out yet), SAYING, IS THIS THE CITY THAT MEN CALL THE PERFECTION OF BEAUTY, THE JOY OF THE WHOLE EARTH?


Again, the downfall of the black nation is what all of these other nations have been longing for and they now have in part what they want. Their real desire however is to see us wiped off the face of the planet completely. What many of you blacks do not seem to understand is that when these nations look at us, it reminds them of that great power above, that great power who has seen and recorded all of our afflictions, that great power above who has not missed any of the injustices that have happened to us, that great power above who already knows that the rest of the world is scheming against us and desires to see us all exterminated. King David talked about the same thing in his time in Psalms 83:1-4 which reads:

83:1 – Keep not thou silence, O God: hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God.

83:2 – For, lo, THINE ENEMIES MAKE A TUMULT: and they that hate thee have lifted up the head.

83:3 – THEY HAVE TAKEN CRAFTY COUNSEL AGAINST THY PEOPLE(that is you blacks being mentioned again by the way), and consulted against thy hidden ones.


This is the grand conspiracy right here, to see us completely eliminated from off the face of the planet. This is why I am slowly beginning to draw away from this so called “working together” with other nations as it seems that they only want to work together with black people now that their dreams and their lifestyles are turning sour. It should be well noted that when they were indulging in the cream and living high on the hog, at the same time we were complaining about the cream not being distributed in our direction, we were simply called niggers, we were told to shut our mouths and told to return to our porches. I have noticed particularly from the dominant society that they will frequently use the term “divide and conquer” in attempting to rally others to fight for “their” cause(the real goal is to restore things to their former glory, that means you back in chains Negro, that is the real vision of their glory).

Yet we must already acknowledge and be honest, we are already divided. White folks live mostly among themselves, black folks are the same yet if black people begin to move into affluent white neighbourhoods in large numbers, white people will put their houses up for sale and leave the area as soon as they can. So where is the so called unity then? Again, the so called “unity” is only for the purpose of seeing through “their” agenda, the unity is illusional. There will be no sort of justice or equality at the end of it for the blacks, none. It is not that I despise people within the dominant society, it is just that they have shown a history of betrayal time and time again and there comes a point in time where black folks should start to learn from the mistakes of the past.




One thing that must be said about a large portion of black people is that they have no patience, they have gotten lazy and have willingly accepted their position as last class citizens in this Babylon system. It is because of this current situation that most black people will suffer together with the man that has enslaved them as they have now adopted his system of injustice and called it their own. Today, as long as your average black person has a house/flat, a 40 inch flat screen television and a supermarket down the road then he feels that this is good enough for himself. We are a nation that has become reliant upon other nations to survive, the Most High has seen this and for this cause he is going to rumble the black nation out of its position of comfort. You see, believe it or not between the time when slavery ended up until the 1960s, despite the persecution black folks were suffering we had more to our name and we were prospering greatly in comparison to now. The Most High is going to bring back the persecution as he does not want his people relying on anybody else but himself.

Many of you black folks really cannot connect the dots, you assume that because the Most High has not made a move to deal with your oppressors according to your contentions and your own personal timetable, the assumption is that this now means that he has forgotten about his people and so many of you have turned to other paths seeking the power that you so long for. Time is going to show you that the only way that you are going to receive power is through the Most High and Christ. The Most High told you that NO MAN will redeem you from your position of hard bondage(Deuteronomy 28:68). The reason why all of your genuine black leaders have been assassinated is because of that very scripture above, when the scripture state that “no man is going to buy us” ie redeem us from our bonds, it literally means that, no man. The Most High himself has appointed this task to himself, he personally is going to be the one that is going to deliver us out of the hands of these other nations and they will know about his power and his anger when he really begins making the major moves to free us from their yokes of bondage.

You blacks who have rested upon Babylon and its poisonous treats, you will be dealt with severely. This is exactly the same occurrence with your forefathers when they came out of Egypt, they exhibited exactly the same behaviours, complaining, never satisfied and longing to hold onto what they fore knew, even if it was to their own detriment. You black folks who are also trying your upmost to be accepted by the dominant society via cooning and buffooning will also be swiftly dealt with. Have you forgotten the very words of Christ when he stated that “you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake”? You are never going to be accepted by the dominant society, however most of you still hold to hope that this will change and therefore you are going to have to indeed learn the hard way.

Just this month there was an incident in the US involving a police officer placing a black man in a chokehold and constricting his neck to the point where he couldn’t breathe and he subsequently died. Though there were plenty of black people around, some watching the incident while others recorded the incident on their phones, not one Negro stepped in to put a stop to the excess force that was used by that particular police officer against this man. This is exactly what I am talking about, westernised blacks have become sluggards, lazy, cold and decadent. Now the pro black, back to Africa, Hotep brothers constantly talk about “the black community”, however it seems to me that the so called “black community” is dead as how can we observe one of our own being killed in broad daylight, being recorded on film and do absolutely nothing to stop it? This is exactly what the Most High is talking about aswell, most black folks of the west have become complacent and have set up this Babylon system as their new God. However, the Most High just as he shook your forefathers out of Egypt with woes, destruction and great wonders, black folks particularly of the west are going to be rumbled and shaken out of their positions of comfort as I have stated before.

There will be more killings on the streets of innocent black people by police, white supremacists and other nationalities until black people begin to stand up for themselves. Cowering in the corner and thinking that this type of behaviour is going to subside, you can forget it. What happened to that man in New York was a test run for the police and the white supremacists to see how weak black people have become at this point. Trayvon Martin and others like him have also been test cases. I cannot believe how weak and complacent western blacks in general have become particularly in the US, what on earth is going on with black people in the US? As I stated before, the Most High is allowing these kind of incidents to take place in order to weed out the no good, decadent, lazy, sluggard Negroes from the black folks who hate this system, who are longing for a change and who want better for themselves aswell as their fellow blacks around them.

This killing yet again raises another issue that has become prevalent within the so called “black community”,selected outrage. It seems that black on black killings get a pass among black folks, black killers roam the streets of their area terrorising the locals and few if any lift a finger to take action. However when a black person is killed and the killer is non black, all of a sudden we have the most energy to kick up a fuss and make alot of noise, march, sign petitions, organise collections and anything else to hand. This is hypocritical and this foolishness has got to stop. We should be outraged at all crimes against black folks regardless of who the guilty party is. The same fire in our bellies that we have for the likes of George Zimmerman we should have also for Ray Ray when he shoots up the neighbourhood, Leroy when he is selling drugs on the corner and Gilbert who just killed a man last week in broad daylight but because nobody wanted to say anything, Gilbert is still walking the streets a free killer.

Now there are a few blacks who have raised the idea of black on black crime being exaggerated and blown out of proportion and I believe that there may be some validity to this claim, however I also know what I see and experience in real life on the streets aswell. I live in the United Kingdom and I can tell you that black people here have absolutely no unity whatsoever except when it comes down to clubbing and mischief. I also know that many of the young black youth here are feuding in what has become known as “postcode wars”. Postcode wars are simply battles and feuds between rival gang members in different areas particularly in London. Everything may seem hunky dory, however the problem has been amplified by the fact that gangs on all sides are beginning to target young people who do not come from that particular area and who do not even belong to a gang. Innocent youths are dying on the streets here for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than the fact that they comes from a different zone of London.

Black people in general have a stronger hatred towards one another than towards other nationalities, this is one of the reasons why we will not do business and buy from our own people before handing our money over to Europeans or Asians first. I will openly admit that with the postcode war situation there are a variety of different nationalities involved in them, however the difference between them and the blacks is they can and have the ability to put their differences aside when it matters the most, we have lost that ability, this is one of the main factors that makes us vulnerable, we cannot work together. What is an irony here also is how we we use references amongst each other such as bro, bruv, cuz, fam etc yet we will war against one another quickly and without hesitation over the most dumbest issues. It is not all but most blacks who are like this, these are the sluggards that will be dealt with ie eliminated. The Most High is not playing about, he warned us in Amos 9:9-10 which reads:

9:9 – For, lo, I will command, and I WILL SIFT THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL AMONG ALL NATIONS, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth.

9:10 – ALL THE SINNERS OF MY PEOPLE SHALL DIE BY THE SWORD, which say, the evil shall not overtake nor prevent us.

Sluggard blacks are heading straight for the chopping block, the sifting that the Most High is referring to can also be understood to be a purging of the so called Negro worldwide, this is happening right now as we speak. You blacks worldwide who have subscribed to this wicked system, enjoy your last fleeting moments while you still can. You will never be accepted by this system and the owners thereof, no amount of wearing skinny jeans or donning weaves is going to permit you acceptance, accept this now or learn the very hard way.




I sometimes have to wonder about the so called Negro, despite the fact that the scriptures clearly state that you WILL have your day of revenge upon all of these other nations for what they have done to you, you have still turned you back on the Most High and turned to other avenues in hopes of obtaining power from them. There is no power for the so called Negro other than that power that comes from the Most High. Please note that books such as the Quran and the Book of the Dead to not prophesy about the so called Negro in the near future warring against the nations that once oppressed him, overcoming them and then using them to build his kingdom in like manner as we were many a time used to build their kingdoms. The bible and its associated books are the only ones that prophesy that the so called Negro will have his revenge…………..and what a revenge that is going to be. The recompense that the Hebrew aka the so called Negro is going to unleash upon all of these other nations is going to be so severe that the Gentiles will talk about the Hebrews for 1000s of years to come. There is not one person who shall escape the wrath of the Hebrew when the Most High fully opens the can and releases us into the world unchained with great power, his power.

This is the day that the Gentiles are dreading. See, the Gentiles have always known that there is something special about the so called Negro, however most have never been able to put their finger on exactly what. Because of this uncertainty there is been a fear in the hearts of the gentiles with regards to the true Hebrews and up until recently the stunts that have been pulled against us they wouldn’t have even dared to try before. They incorrectly perceive that through their recent persecutions of us, we are weak. They do not understand that their persecution of us is part of the Most High’s plan ie part of the purge. They(the gentiles) also do not understand that the Most High is deliberately allowing them to perceive that we are a weak people. Have you ever heard of the saying “play fool to catch wise” or the term “playing possum”? The gentiles are deliberately being brought into a false sense of security as this will be the ideal weapon that will be used against them and will catch them fully off guard when we the Hebrews unleash our fury. I compare this sudden change of of tide and fury to a cartoon character such as Bugs Bunny agitating and antagonising a male lion which is inside a cage with the cage door shut one minute but then by the next minute you see that the cage door has been unlocked and is fully open. Call it a surprise attack if you will.

The gentiles will continue to taunt us, attack us and persecute us in arrogance and in pride, however there is a day coming very soon whereby one day at the click of a finger, the tide will completely change and these gentiles who once puffed out their chests at us and mocked us will be running for the hills and seeking out every nook and cranny to hide in, in order to evade the wrath of the Hebrews. So when these gentiles call you names such as nigger, coon, monkey, wog, darkie etc, don’t even sweat it as their recompense will be handed to them undiluted and at full strength and we are the ones who are going to hand it to them. Allow me to now take you through some of  the scriptures that clearly detail your coming moment of revenge. Do not be persuaded by institutional church beast infrastructure members who would try and tell you that these scriptures mean something different, they are simply cowards and are afraid to face the fact that the chosen people of the Most High are going to bring such heat to this planet that will be talked about among future generations forever. Many of these scriptures I have mentioned before however I feel that folks need to be reminded of them a fresh as we can and do forget. Firstly allow me to show you that the Hebrews are going to bring wrath to this planet for its wickedness. Micah 4:13 reads:

4:13 – ARISE AND THRESH, O DAUGHTER OF ZION: FOR I WILL MAKE THINE HORN IRON, AND I WILL MAKE THY HOOVES BRASS: AND THOU SHALT BEAT IN PIECES MANY PEOPLE: and I will consecrate their gain unto the LORD, and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth.

Daughters of Zion is us blacks by the way. Also notice the metals that are mentioned here, iron is a very hard and strong metal and brass is also a strong metal that is frequently associated with very hard judgements within the scriptures. You are also told here that “you will beat in pieces many people”. Many people is just not referring to humans by the way(in my opinion), there will be all kinds of other strange creatures that you will be dealing with aswell as we already know from the book of Enoch and the book of Revelation.

Many black folks ask that all important question, “what about the white man?” Since most Hebrews are afraid to deal with this controversial subject and fail on purpose to deal with this topic, Verbs will. You see I am not afraid to open up the scriptures and show you the direct interpretation and the direct meanings of things, regardless of who gets offended. This is not about people’s feeling here, this is about truth and will be about truth every single time. It would stand to reason and is a law of the universe that whatsoever a person sows, that shall they reap in return. However when it comes down to the so called European man, he generally feels that this law does not apply to him and because of his current position of power he feels that he can circumvent this universal law. Obadiah 4 tells us something completely different, it reads:


Futhermore verses 8-10 go on to say:

8 – Shall I not in that day, saith the LORD, even destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau?



It makes perfect sense that as the so called European man has lived prosperously through the death, destruction, pillage, rape and murder of others, so this same recompense should be returned unto him. You will note in verse 9 that we are informed that Esau will be dismayed. Remember what I mentioned earlier about the Most High bringing the gentiles into a position to where they believe that we are weak, remember what I mentioned before about the “surprise attack”? This is why Edom will be dismayed, the same people that he thought that he was going to rule over and bully forever all of a sudden have power bestowed upon them, are picking him apart and this same Edom is completely unable to put a stop to the onslaught. Note also in verse 10 the main reason mentioned for his judgement, HIS VIOLENCE AGAINST US the so called Negroes. I have to laugh at you Negroes who keep on stating that the bible is the white man’s book when the scriptures clearly point to the destruction of this same white man at your own hands(that I will get to shortly).

This same sentiment of Esau perishing via blood and death is also echoed in Ezekiel 35:1-6 which reads:

35:1 – MOREOVER THE word of the LORD came unto me, saying,

35:2 – Son of man, set thy face against mount Seir, and prophesy against it,

35:3 – And say unto it, Thus saith the LORD God; Behold, O mount Seir, I AM AGAINST THEE, and I WILL STRETCH OUT MY HAND AGAINST THEE, AND I WILL MAKE THEE MOST DESOLATE.

35:4 – I WILL LAY THY CITIES WASTE, AND THOU SHALT BE DESOLATE, and thou shalt know that I AM the LORD.



The Most High has appointed Esau unto blood and death because this has been the very lifestyle that he has forged for himself in order to move ahead and make gains in the world. Most of you blacks have been unfaithful, you believe that because the Most High hasn’t reacted to the injustices that have happened to you at the hands of the so called European man according to your own personal timetable, that this now means that the Most High has abandoned and forgotten about you. Lets us see what the scriptures have to say about this, is this true, has the Most High forgotten us? Romans 11:1 reads:

11:1 – I SAY then, Hath God cast away his people? GOD FORBID. For I am also an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.


It would seem that more the reverse has happened, as we read throughout the scriptures that the so called Negro has forgotten the Most High and has turned to a lifestyle of laziness, decadence, selfishness and evil works. in general this is the so called Negro today, these gentiles whom he once proclaimed to be better than, he has now sunk to an even lower standard than they.

Now I am going to show you that it is you Negroes who will be the very ones to meet out the judgement of Esau. Ezekiel 25:12-14 reads:

25:12 – Thus saith the LORD God; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance, and have greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them;

25:13 – Therefore thus saith the LORD God; I will also stretch out mine hand upon Edom, and will cut off man and beast from it; I will make it desolate from Teman; and they of Dedan shall fall by the sword.


There are a few things to note here, notice again the mentioning of the fact that Edom has been relentless in his persecution of us. Also notice how we see again the Most High talking about “stretching out his hand” against Edom. When the Most High states that he is against you, you are in some very serious trouble and nothing can redeem you out of the recompense to come, nothing. Verse 14 is self explanatory, we the Hebrews are going to be used to exact revenge against the so called European man. You want to know what will happen to the so called white man, there is your answer right there, YOU FAITHFUL HEBREWS are personally going to deal with the so called white man. Remember that what goes around comes around, there is no escaping this law.

Now many folks would at this point state that this is unfair, hate speech and blatantly racist. Well, I would then say to you that you ought to levy these same charges against the Most High first as he is the one that has declared these things, not myself. I am merely repeating what he has already stated. The so called European man has shown the so called Negro no mercy whatsoever, every turn that he has made has been to the detriment of black people, it is only fair that this same Edomite should be recompensed in full for his evil works. Of course it has to be stated here that it is not just the so called European man who is going to feel the wrath of the Hebrews, ALL NATIONS on this planet will be dealt with by us as all nations on earth at some point or another have had a hand in oppressing us and using us as slaves to build their kingdoms, again so it is only fair that they also receive their return payments in full. Allow me to show you that you Hebrews are going to be used by the Most High to take down these arrogant nations. Jeremiah 51:20-23 reads:





Notice again how the Most High states that we are his battle axe and weapons of wars, we are the ones whom he will use to subdue and bring judgement. Also notice how the Most High continually states that he will use us to break in pieces aka smash everybody from the old to the young, from the shepherd to the captain, from the ruler to the ordinary man and woman on the street. Again as I stated before, there is no person that will escape our wrath, NOBODY!




people crying 500Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs


I am sure that many of you here have heard of the term “panic in the streets”. This is exactly what will take place when the Hebrews will be deployed to deal with the world and its evil. It should also be mentioned here that when the Hebrews are unleashed, there will be no solutions available to the other nations to combat the so called “black attack”, none. When I say no solutions available I really mean no solutions available. This does not mean that they will not try different things in order to combat us, however any and all means to defend themselves will be in vain. No military department on this planet will be able to shake off or stop the wrath of the Hebrews, no one of them. Remember what the Most High stated about making “our HORNS IRON and our HOOVES BRASS” and “BEATING IN PIECES MANY PEOPLE”? Remember what you have just read in Jeremiah about the fact that we will be breaking in pieces all manner of peoples including captains and rulers? That would include the military, the army, the navy, the marines, the national guard, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd infantry and any other force that you would like to put down on the list.

Aswell the Hebrews being given the ability to literally smash the other nations to powder with ease, we will also be given the ability to burn to cinders any and all things around us. This ability is talked about in the book of Joel 2:2-11 which reads:

2:2 – A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of think darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: A GREAT PEOPLE AND A STRONG; THERE HAVE NEVER BEEN ANY THE LIKE, NEITHER SHALL BE ANY MORE AFTER IT, EVEN TO THE YEARS OF MANY GENERATIONS.


2:4 – The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen so shall they run.

2:5 – Like the noise of chariots upon the tops of mountains shall they leap, LIKE THE NOISE OF A FLAME OF FIRE THAT DEVOURETH THE STUBBLE, AS A STRONG PEOPLE SET IN BATTLE ARRAY.



2:8 – Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path: AND WHEN THEY FALL UPON THE SWORD, THEY SHALL NOT BE WOUNDED.


2:10 – THE EARTH SHALL QUAKE BEFORE THEM; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the stars shall withdraw their shining:

2:11 – And the LORD shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word: for the day of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it.

Let us look at the points in big letters. The scriptures clearly show us that we will be literal walking lamps of fire and will destroy everything around us to a crisp, including those who would attempt to engage us in battle. It also clear shows how we will have the ability to run at a much higher speed, much faster in comparison to today’s standard. We are also given an indication that we will be able to scale walls and house as if they are not there. This would indicate that we will be given the ability to somehow circumvent gravity or at least that gravity will not be such a burden on us as it is currently. The scriptures also talk about the earth quaking before us, this I have explained before in Trigger Point part 1 where I stated that we will be able to smash mountains and big hills into powder, literally. When you begin to look at all of these factors, who really will be able to stand against the Hebrews, who? Answer, NOBODY!

The Gentiles need to be fully aware from now that when we are unleashed upon this earth to bring judgement, the time for apologising and trying to make things right would have already passed. There will be no room for “we can change” or “please give us another chance”. At that particular time apologies will not be accepted under any circumstances or conditions. The time to make things right and start treating the Hebrews with respect is now, it will not be for when you are just about to be smoked. We already know that the majority of the gentiles would rather perish as opposed to repent and treat black people with dignity and respect. That is their problem, I do not worry about this as unlike what the institutional church beast infrastructure teaches, you cannot force people to take the straight and narrow path, all you can do is highlight the way to them, it is down to them to decide which is the path that they wish to take.




There are many other scriptures that deal with us as a people once again rising and taking our default position as the leaders of the world however I decided to only bring a handful of them forward here because I have already brought forward many of them in my first Trigger Point post, I wanted simply to refresh you with the idea that we will be given the right of revenge and highlight the fact that the Most High certainly has NOT forgotten us at all. On the very contrary, we are in the Most High’s mind and sight all day and all night. There is not one thing that the gentiles have carried out against us that has not been recorded and logged, not one.  I assure you that all of the wickedness that they have executed against the Hebrews has been noted. The gentiles will pay in full for what they have done to us and those treacherous Negroes who have decided to set up this Babylon system as their new god aswell as afflict those of us who are attempting to stand against this evil system in order to bring about its destruction and thus make way for something completely new, you sluggard, decadent blacks will be dealt with in like manner also.

So, what do we do in the meantime? We need to start building things for ourselves, we need to start relying on ourselves and begin to wean off of going to other people for our basic needs. You don’t need to build up the biggest business in the world, it is now all about building up something that can comfortably sustain you however building up your own business is really not an option at this stage in the game, it is a necessity. I have stated time and time again that black folks in general have gotten too comfortable and too complacent with the slave master’s crumbs, however we are now moving into a time where the slave master is beginning to boot the so called Negro out of the plantation and he is now turning his sights to hiring the gentiles instead. The so called Negro is quickly being rendered into an obsolete workforce. We have to start to build our own businesses regardless of the state of the world. Remember, the gentiles have more to lose than us because we simply do not have anything of our own. I am not saying that we should not work with other people, what I am saying is that working with each other and building ourselves up first should be our first and primary goal. These gentiles have done absolutely nothing for us but yet and still they expect us to jump to command and get involved in their problems when it suits them. Not anymore bub, not anymore.

Of course when the Hebrews begin to build the other nations begin to get nervous and start to attempt to sabotage the works via any means necessary. Our forefathers saw the same sort of obstructing when they attempted to rebuild the wall at Jerusalem after their captivity had come to an end in ancient Babylon. Read Nehemiah 4,5 and 6, observe the behaviours of Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem and compare it to the dramas and nonsense that we as blacks go through today when trying to build something for ourselves. The exact same rubbish, first mocking, then attempted infiltration and then if that doesn’t work then go to a higher authority and make up lies in order to try and shutdown movement. Please read these chapters for yourselves, they will provide you with very interesting reading indeed.

I also recommend that we begin to withdraw ourselves from other people’s problems and start focusing on our own. These other nations do not require our assistance to remedy their problems, they have their own resources for that, let them fix their own issues. Too many times we as the good Negroes that we are too readily volunteer our services to other people, we need to become colder and focus in on our own issues as the Gentiles are not our friends, neither will they become our friends just because we have helped them on certain things. This comes down yet again to the “trying to be accepted” technique. I know that many of us are afraid because of what has happened to us and our businesses in the past when we have attempted to build for ourselves, the difference between then and now is that this Babylon system is no longer standing as iron clad as it was in the earlier 20th century, the cracks are not only appearing but are also growing larger and larger by the moment. Remember, the objective for us is to think sustainable, not for us to think big. If enough of us build sustainable businesses then we will automatically have a behemoth economic foundation from which we can begin to branch out and deal with the other issues within the nation.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


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  1. “Yes Negro, it is our fault as to the reason why we in the current predicament that we are in, it is our fault that the world is right now on the brink of World War 3, it is our fault that the so called European man rules over us with an iron hand and forces us to labour with hard rigour, yes it is our fault that there is injustice in the world and nobody seems to be in a hurry to fix the problem, yes it is our fault that many people have no adequate access to water and food even though there is more than enough to go around the entire world many times over, yes it is our fault that everybody on this planet is suffering at the hands of a select super wealthy few. These things and many others are our fault and I will show you why.”

    um, correction Verby Bear, it is OUR ANCESTORS’ FAULT. THEY ruined it for us. WE HAD NOTHING to do with that, we were only born into this whole mess and quite frankly and honestly, none of us ever asked to be. I don’t think it’s fair that we are factored into an equation we never asked to be apart of. Doesn’t the scriptures say, that a son should not suffer for the sins of his father? Then why is it, subsequent generations still have to bear the burden of what our predecessors did? It’s so totally unfair and I’m tired, VERBY I’M TIRED of all the bullshit that’s been hitting our fan……………………

    11:1 – I SAY then, Hath God cast away his people? GOD FORBID. For I am also an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.


    Despite the reassurance, some times I feel like we are really forgotten. Somedays I wake up and wish I could make myself disappear………


    • Chrystal Emma,

      I’m going to have to step up and correct you, what I have stated here is correct because seeing the mistakes our forefathers have made has not made black folks of today repent(as a whole) and turn from their wicked ways, instead the so called Negro as a whole has decided to dig himself deeper into the pit of iniquity and distance himself from the Most High even further. We few here are the exceptions to the rule, however our few numbers do not nullify the general trend, that is black people as a whole deciding to bury themselves deeper into decadence, idolatry, violence and laziness.

      We are actually already on the road to redemption, however we think that the process hasn’t started yet because we are still on the bottom of the totem poll. However, if you will notice there are other nations who are now beginning to descend that same poll to join us down here aswell, the future does not look so gravy for them right now either. All of these nations falling one by one is the work of the Most High who is at the same time making room for our rise. What may seem like doom and gloom around you is actually working for your benefit and in your favour. You have to look at things from a spiritual perspective and not through the eyes of the world.

      However the Most in his grace and punctuality is beginning the purge of the so called Negro worldwide in order to weed out the decadent slobs quicker and keep the redemption timetable on time and on track. The Most High can and has circumvented any obstacles that would cause a delay in our redemptive process, the only thing is for us it seems like it is taking a lifetime to come to pass.

      So, you do have a point with regards to our ancestors, however as a whole we as blacks are suffering today because of the iniquities and decadent lifestyles that WE(as a whole) are continuing in TODAY and the worst thing about it is that anybody who steps up to the plate to attempt to call out the decadence is shot down, vilified and dismissed, rather like the prophets in the times of our forefathers would warn the children of Israel to turn from their sin, except they were killed by their own for telling the truth and condemning evil works.

      You need to take a load off, the first thing that you need to start doing is to stop getting sucked into the mainstream media circus of worrying about different people around the world. At the moment it seems to be the people of the Ukraine and Palestine that we are being told to worry about now. Stop worrying about all of these other nations, their problems are not your problems, chase after your own business, worry about your own people only, that will release a huge burden from off your shoulders.


      • Thanks Verby Poo, that really means a lot to me, the world’s problems are not my own………. I’m done with putting myself out on the line only to be cut down with all my weight each and every time.


  2. Thank you thank you thank you for writing this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering about this for a long time and was feeling kind of bad because as we were “taught” to love all people since everybody is Gods people. (I don’t agree with that since some of the edomites i know are some nasty mean people) Now Verbs I am not going to lie I have been battling this issue for a long time.

    I remember telling a church beast member how we should focus on our own people since other races have the resources to help them and that we are the ones that need the help but I was told that I shouldn’t think like that and that everybody needs help. Ok, so as you know by now topics like this gets me fired up if nothing else do because I don’t see how we are supposed to be nice and respectful to them when they look at us as not even being human. My husband and I are working on getting our own business because the older I get the harder it gets for me to work for them and with them. Now we got our eval’s at work and I normally get an exceeds standards because I mind my own business, don’t kiss tail and do my work……well I get a meets standards this year because the raise I received requires snitching and I didn’t snitch on anybody!!!!!! Can you believe that??!! I refuse to because of course it’s the blacks they want us to snitch on. I’m telling you Verbs I was teary eyed recently thinking about the treatment our people have gone through and still is going through,watching this documentary and I thank you for instilling in us to keep the faith because I am about ready to fight at least 3 of them on my job. Am I wrong to feel the way that I do? I’m not justifying how I feel but it just don’t seem right!!!!!

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    • Aja,

      Firstly I don’t know where the institutional church gets this doctrine of “love everybody” from. The scriptures do tell us to love our brothers and sisters ie those in Christ who are genuine however this “love everybody” doctrine is utter rubbish. If this is truly the case then why didn’t Christ show any love towards the Pharisees and the Scribes? He was angry daily with these groups because they were their using evil works to keep the common man and woman locked into a perpetual cycle of going nowhere. This is why Christ’s death is so special, now we can approach the throne of the Most High DIRECTLY by OURSELVES as INDIVIDUALS without having to go through the process of involving a third party who may try and rip you off or scam you because of his/her position of advantage.

      This “love everybody” is simply a crock of delusional rubbish, it is not part of the scriptures and doesn’t factor in reality which clearly shows us that there are some damn right nasty and evil people out there who we need to stand guard against and not love. I like the fact that you are picking up the lingo(church beast member),lol. To be honest us as black people “trying” to help other people has been a fool’s errand because we have no resources to help other people to begin with, what exactly can we bring to the table for them? ZERO, that’s what, absolutely nothing because we have nothing.

      What we as Hebrews all need to start doing is simply start focusing on our own agendas and making them a priority, as I stated before I am not saying that we should completely isolate ourselves, however we have to start putting ourselves first instead of being the sacrificial goats for everybody else who couldn’t give a monkeys about us as we have all clearly seen for ourselves. Starting your own business is most definitely the way forward for all black folks, though it will only be a select number who will take this route, the point is that we need to establish our own economic base so that we do not have to keep going to other people for handouts.

      Snitching at work, is that how they are running it now, through bonuses and wage rises? Damn, that is some serious business. These workplaces today are simply turning into back stabbing gauntlets, yet another reason to start your own business. Back stabbing and snitchery is all too common in the workplace thesedays, crabs in the barrel mentality yet the sad fact is that the gains made out of the treachery committed are only temporary.

      On how you feel, the Most High made you with a range of emotions, it is normal to go through THE ENTIRE RANGE range, it is not normal to be in one mood all of the time and to suppress emotions. I am not happy about the way that black people are being treated either and I will make it known that I am not happy, there is nothing wrong with this whatsoever.

      I hear you with regards to chicken necked decadent scumbags in the work place, my suggestion is to only interact with them as much as you need to, stack up your money where possible, start up your own business(you don’t have to start big, just something small will suffice at the beginning) and bounce as soon as your business is bringing you in enough money for you both to sustain yourselves.


  3. “The time to make things right and start treating the Hebrews with respect is now, it will not be for when you are just about to be smoked.”

    Actually I would much rather they did not….. I would rather them wallow in their delusional arrogance, cause it will make my revenge all the more sweeter when I burn all those cutsie pixies and traitorous witches off the face of the realm for good…….forgive me if I sound like a maniac. lol \

    About starting our own businesses, I was waiting to see if you were gonna come around and mention it. Brotha Wolf and Kushite Prince have been saying it, Negress preached it, Dr. Umar Johnson and now you too verbs. yay. Anyways the issue of starting our own businesses take a much deeper nose dive, because also, we need to be taking charge of our children’s Education as well, because for far too long, we have allowed our young black children to be manipulated and programmed by our enemies.

    here’s a link to Kushite’s most recent article about black children, and the geniuses there of

    European Education is poison to the black mind. Now call me crazy, but too often, whenever I hear about black kids being accepted into Ivy League institutions, whether they be elite private schools like Dalton Prep, St. Jude’s or maybe even universities, like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, before time I used to marvel but now I feel the utmost dread because now I know that very rarely a lot of those brilliant black minds, once they pass through those brain factories, they come out as fully reprogrammed, soldiers ready, willing and able to serve the white supremacist power structured society. Sure many of them parrot the same tired old mantra of black power and black unity and black community building when in actuality, those philosophies aren’t worth the papyrus their printed on. Very often these Edomite programmed puppets work against the very community they claim they so care about. Examples?: Republican Sellouts like Herman Cain, Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, Tim Scott, Mia Love (negro bed wench, Mormon and former mayor of Saratoga Springs Utah) and don’t forget Barack Obama, who for the matter hasn’t done a damn thing for the black community, not that we’d expect him too at this point since even Ray Charles can see that simp isn’t calling the shots. Quite frankly, He has as much power as a new born baby with Down’s Syndrome, no offense to new born babies with down’s syndrome, not that they would take any offense, since they’re too mentally retarded to understand, sadly anyways I’m rambling, now to get back on point. Also don’t forget that arrogant, wannabe white boy Ben Douglas from over there in the UK, pretty sure you know about him.. Shaun Bailey, who advises David Cameron (I wonder just how much his word his worth, given the high reeking donkey piss DC has discharged on the UK as of late. These are just to name a few to reiterate the part about some of us blacks who have latched on to this Babylonian system like a lamprey to a fish. You might wanna check out this blog also, very compelling, hard hitting and downright true….


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      You will receive your wish in full because the Gentiles will continue to treat us like garbage and persecute us more harshly as things become worse for them. The majority of the people of this planet simply cannot connect the dots, they do not see that the woes that they are currently going through are directly linked to how they are treating the Most High’s chosen people, the so called Negroes. Since the world has decided that the best way to treat black people is to bestow upon them a status less than animals, the troubles will continue to flow in their direction and increase with their increased persecution of the Hebrews, hence your MH17 plane crash, the civil war in Ukraine, Palestinians(who are really Arabs being killed), various famines and floods worldwide, strange weather anomalies in different parts of the world etc, the majority of the gentiles simply cannot see the connections because they do not have a spiritual foundation in the Most High, most either subscribe to false gods or they set themselves up as gods(westernised living).

      I am hearing you on the education front, I have been a strong advocate of home schooling for a while now or at least setting up our own schools to teach our own children. The JewISH people have been doing this for years aswell as the people from the Middle East. In terms of business, we can clearly see that the advancement in magic or so called “technology” has been a detriment to the black nation, starting our own businesses now is a must, we do not really have any other options available to us as a people.

      I am very familiar with the likes of Ben Douglas whos backside got burnt not so long ago when he was stopped in his car, harassed and stereotyped by police, the same police whom he had been singing praises for in the past. The thing that has blinded many a black person is hope that this wicked system will change. When black people came over to the UK in the 1960s they were very cautious and they knew at the time that this place was only supposed to serve as a temporary pit stop. However these same blacks who now have a flat/house, a flat screen television and a main street supermarket have now put down their guard, have become satisfied with Babylon’s scraps and crumbs and thus have now taught subsequent generations after them to also adopt this evil system as their new standard.

      Apologies for your comment not showing up immediately, the wordpress system automatically puts comments that have multiple links attached into the spam section first, this is to ensure that potential spam does not get posted in the comment section or folks trying to advertise themselves or their products on the blog in your comment section without your consent.


  4. this post was excellent. HalleluYah! I am thankful because it gave me a request for prayer and made me rely on The Most High instead of asking my fellow man about this request. As for all the other stuff…it seems like this also came at the right time because I do, at times, wonder if this is even going to happen in my life time. I wonder if I am going to be enlisted as His weapons of war. This system does suck and is corrupt and I am seeing how it’s harder and harder to work for someone else.
    there are times where I am just like emma, I just want to disappear, I don’t want to be here anymore because it’s hard and frustrating and lonely, this walk and this life. Yet, i know that we actually have it way better than our ancestors in this country but i also feel that it’s that technology and convenience that makes this life harder and more complicated today…the irony of it all. But yeah, I do sometimes feel as though The Most High has chilled back a bit and let all kinds of foolishness happen but I am still blessed and protected so I am highly thankful for that.
    I want to complete confidence that you have Verbs, when it comes to the belief of these powers. You are excited and comforted knowing that they are coming someday. I read and I’m still, STILL deprogramming my mind to 1. put black faces on the people doing the damage and becoming super-powered(too many influences on movies and tv growing up and even now…all the super heroes are white and the biblical heroes are white the media and thus every now and again in my mind) 2. put MY face as one of the super heroes doing the work of vengence for The Most High. 3. Believe that it is going to happen, i mean, IT’S IN THE WORD but my mind goes right back to number 1. this is always… I mean I know we are the true Israelites, I believe in my heart for sure of that. Anyway, like you say, the deprograming and decontamination process continues until it’s completion.

    what do you think about the Tetrad? I mean, I didn’t even know the first blood moon had transpired in April of this year. I am aware of what it is but I wasn’t making a big deal out of it because of the fact that I didn’t want to be harped up on thinking that something was going to take effect right after the tetrad happens. I wondered if The Father would come back right around then or not…actually i wondered if we’d be awakened by the end of the tetrad, just a thought i had pondered on. nothing truly focused on. I know that white preachers and all those who feel as though Israelies are the true jews, they feel like something is going to happen but they believe it will be for the people over in jerusalem. again, just wondered what your thoughts are.

    well Verbs, The Most High bless you with peace, prosperity and protectiong in this life. I pray for you and all my brothers and sisters that visit this blog and have positive things to say and take away something enlightening.



    • “1. put black faces on the people doing the damage and becoming super-powered(too many influences on movies and tv growing up and even now…all the super heroes are white and the biblical heroes are white the media and thus every now and again in my mind”

      not all of them are white, there are some black superheroes. like John Stewart, The Second Green Lantern, Victor Stone aka Cyborg, Ororo Munroe aka Storm, T’Challa aka Black Panther, Vixen, Azrael, Steele. Jax Briggs, Cyrax, Sheeva, Kali and Tanya from Mortal Kombat (not sure if you would refer to them as Superheroes..

      And did you know that the original Superman was actually a black Egyptian god named Heru?

      So you see. the white superheroes of pop culture are not entirely the White man’s creation. They stole them from black Culture and white washed them….


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        The problem with these superheroes is that they have still been given to us by the dominant society and they are not the most powerful characters on the books. Despite our current position, we are the most powerful people on this planet, the Gentiles are about to find this out the hard way and we need to invent characters ourselves that reflect this great power and position.


    • J.R,

      You will definitely see all these things happen in your lifetime. You have to come to certain points of revelation in order for the baffling and the confusing pieces of the puzzle to begin to make sense. The same thing that I said to Chrystal is the same thing that I will say to you, you need to take a load off and stop being persuaded by the media that the problems and the issues in the world that they are reporting on are also your problems. They are NOT your problems, you need to focus on and deal with your problems and your problems alone, the world can fix and deal with its own issues. That television is a beast, it seems that everywhere you go there is one staring right back at you. The majority of pubs in the UK have televisions in them now, large screen are now being set up on the streets, I also know from personal experience that the majority of bars and restaurants in the US have televisions in them now too, it is simply very difficult to escape the one eyed devil.

      So called “technology” could be useful if the people behind the rediscoveries were not trying to use it to enslave us. As I have already stated, we have to start our own businesses from now, I recommend that folks have a minimum 2-3 small business ventures on the go at the same time, that way if saboteurs attempt to wreck one, little will be lost and you can turn to the others in the meantime while you repair the damage to the one that needs fixing. Again, keep your eye on current events but do not be sucked in and enticed by the lamestream media to jump into these issues and participate in them, focus on yourself and those around you with like minded attitudes.

      The Most High is right on schedule with our redemption, the issue is how are we interpreting what is happening around us? From a worldly perspective all of these things look grim and terrible as it is upon this system that the gentiles have founded themselves. However, if you look at these things from our perspective, we have to remember that the Most High has stated that he is going to judge the gentiles harshly for the wickedness that they have executed against the Hebrews, so from our standpoint these things happening around us are actually great as they are sure fire signs that our redemption is very close. Read the scripture that talk about the judgement of the gentiles or the judgement of the world, read the scriptures that talk about the redemption and the restoration of Israel again as one and then look at the news reports, all these things have to come to pass in order to make way for our rise.

      Flight MH17 is not my problem, the fighting in the Ukraine is not my problem, the Arabs being bombed and killed in Palestine are not my problem, flash floods in India are not my problem, rioting in the capital of Venezuela(Caracus) is not my problem, the fighting in Syria is not my problem, the troubles in Iraq are not my problem, the troubles in Africa are not my problem, the world cup riots in Brazil are not my problem, I think you see where I am going with this, there is no point worrying about these things because there is absolutely nothing that you can do about them. However you can deal with the things in your own life, this is an area that you can definitely make a change in.

      All you need to do in order to deprogram yourself from this white images of super heroes is simply look in the mirror at yourself everyday. You are the super hero that is going to save the remnant of the gentiles and you are the super hero who is going to bring this world into correction and order.

      I have not even heard of Tetrad before, to be honest the greater works have still yet to come before Christ returns so I am not really looking on this particular blood moon event as majorly significant. The Most High is beginning to show me that I have to start looking at things from a completely different perspective, FROM A HEBREW PERSPECTIVE. The white preachers can and will continue to preach in favour of the JewISH people in Israel, they will continue to deceive the people into believing that any of the prophetic signs in relation to the true Jews are all to be interpreted to make them seem in favour of the JewISH people.

      Much appreciated for the blessing and the prayers J.R, I will continue to bring you and all others here the truth fragments that I have discovered.

      Most High Bless


      • and we need to invent characters ourselves that reflect this great power and position.

        hence why I’m in the process of writing a superhero novel


  5. Shalom Brethren Verbs2013, I’m Sister Candice Sparks. I must say that I have been visiting your site for some time and find it extremely compelling and full of truths and facts. I have been acknowledging and accepting my true ancestral background and nationality as a Hebrew Israelite lately.
    However, I I’m finding it quite difficult to know about my Hebrewism because I’m married to a European Gentile because of all the horrific stuff that will happen to the majority of them. I also feel a little disappointed about the timing of my personal revelation about being a Hebrew Israelite because I have been married to my European Gentile husband for over 8 years. My veil about this has just been lifted just last year, 2013.
    My question to the Most High Yah is; why my veil did not lift at least 9 years ago when I was single? I did reveal to my husband about all this, but it has not been easy for me because of his nationality being a European American. I can say he seems quite accepting about my revelation, but I’m afraid at the same time, he does seem quite aloof about my Hebrewism. He does not seem too concerned about my nationality. I’m not saying that with surety, but he just don’t seem bothered about my true ancestry nor nationality. I just hope and pray to the Most High Yah that he join our side of this huge spiritual warfare between good and evil.
    O.K., I pray you can understand my awkward situation because I feel joyful about being a Hebrew Israelite, but at the same time quite sad and don’t find pleasure about my husband’s future whether he make it into the kingdom as a captive under the Hebrews or eternal lake of fire. So, is it true that anyone of the non-Hebrew (Gentiles) will be subservient in position to the Hebrews?
    My last area of content for now is as follows; You write a lot of excellent articles on this blog. Have you considered doing some broadcast shows on Blogtalk and Youtube? I guess you heard of Hebrews Wake Up hosted by David Jacob Macabbeas. He seems to need a lot of help on his site. Heck, why reinvent the wheel? I thought about contacting the brother about co-hosting with him very soon. He has not done a Blogtalk show since March 2014. I’m hoping he can do more because he is extremely well studied and spoken of. You would be an excellent team player with Brother David; y’all would be such a powerful force for the Kingdom of Yah together. Hey, I’m ready and willing to join in in this battle alongside you brothers for the sake of Yah’s kingdom. Thanks-a-quadrillion to infinity for your site and please don’t allow my awkward dilemma dissuade you from knowing I’m on the side of good against evil. I’m looking forward in contacting both of you Brothers-in-Yahusha ha Mashiyack about working together in this warfare.

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    • Candice Sparks,

      Your comments in relation to the site are very much appreciated, at first I was reluctant to do a blog however as things progressively changed in the world I felt compelled to share the fragments of truth I had discovered, with other like minded people. I’ve been blogging for just over 4 years now. I personally deliberately do not advertise the blog because unlike your average institutional church beast infrastructure money changer aka pastor, I want to be reachable to the people who subscribe to my blog, I enjoy helping people and answering their questions and queries. You can clearly see this for yourself from the long detailed responses I give to people including yourself here.

      Now this doesn’t mean that other people who visit this site cannot advertise it themselves but for me it is not about the numbers, if I can help the same 7,8,9 people for x amount of years just for an example, that would be more satisfying and fulfilling to me than drawing in big numbers and attempting to gather great attention.

      I personally don’t really see a problem with you being married to a gentile. At the end of the day your husband is going to have to give an account to the Most High by himself, all you can do is show him the information, it is up to himself what he chooses to do with it. It is the Spirit that draws a man towards the Father, there isn’t really much you can do apart from pray and answer queries and questions that he may have in relation to you being a Hebrew(if he shows any interest at all).

      You will find that most white people are not really bothered or concerned with the affairs of blacks until black affairs begin to challenge the system of white supremacy or begin to bring prosperity towards black folks themselves. It may be a case where your husband will show more concern for your nationality and the things of the Most High when things in the world become worse. Because things are relatively tolerable at the moment, most folks are still comfortable and will need some sort of great event to rumble them out of their position of comfort.

      This is indeed true, all non Hebrew nations will be subservient to the Hebrews(Isaiah 14:1-2, Isaiah 49, Isaiah 60, just to mention a few scriptures) forever in the Most High’s kingdom. This is the default blueprint that must be established in order for the world to function normally. We can clearly see that the other nations are not supposed to be in world leadership positions as they have all ruled the world at one point or another and the world has gotten worse with each turn.

      Blogtalk radio and Youtube may come down the road for me in the future but at the moment my strength is in the pen or in this case the keyboard, lol. I have spoken with David a few times, he is a good brother. I’ll be honest though and say that I work most efficiently by myself, I write posts when I feel the need to or when I am moved by the Spirit to discuss a certain issue, there is no timetable thus there is no pressure or urgency, I work at my own pace and this way I am able to bring a higher quality of information to the table, however, I do not rule out working with like minded Hebrews such as yourself aswell as others. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Most High Bless

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      • Thank you so kindly for your timely honest response. I didn’t mean to come as aggressive about working with others like Brother David and myself. You may work best by yourself at the moment. But, we can work with each other on some occasions based on our freewill agreement. You keep bringing Ahayah Asher Ahayah’s truth on as hard as you will. May Ahayah bless you my Brother in His Son Yashayah Ha Mashiyach.


      • Candice Sparks,

        I never took your comment to be aggressive at all, I was simply explaining the optimum conditions that I work under. This is the problem with text, there is no emotion behind the keyboard, therefore what is written can be misinterpreted. Much appreciated for your blessings. As I stated before, I am open to working with others on an occasional basis.

        Most High Bless


  6. It’s soooo hard living with my husband, alot of times i just wish it was just me and my children so i could follow the Old Testament in peace in my house. I see now he’s a Greek New Testament Jesus says love love and it’s all about the heart guy. I was having a discussion, he saying Most High looks in the heart, I say correct also not to neglect the Most high and to give the Most High attention. Meaning, doing the things he love and not the things he hates. Saying it’s all in his heart, saying that he reaches the people in the hood about the bible and now they carry the bible. That’s wonderful but my point was to make sure he himself doesn’t get himself into the world.

    Like he does all the time for many years.. he does not respect the sabbath for nothing i tell you. Comes in wayyyy late, like 11pm or so and with food in his hand. I’m thinking i know you brought this food after sundown and now he always wants me to partake in it, like here i bought you some food. I myself dont want to be a part of your disobedience!!

    I am trying to hint at him in our discussion,that he partakes still in the world and so called knows the word, which he took over the conversation and i could not say anything, i said that and he said that’s right i’m the man of the house, am i not the man? After that i put my hoodie on and just be quiet and listened to his greek jesus it’s all about loving each other new testament ways. The conversation was one sided and i wanted to show him his faults… but i could not, it would not come out. How can he be man of the house and he can’t pay no rent, no bills, buy things for the house, everytime i get paid he ask to so called borrow money from me so he could make money, but when times for bills, there is no money from him!! He gives very little for rent and i fork out the rest of the big chunks. So where the money go? I see that his hand do not increase… he doesn’t see it. I see dreams about him not too good.. i see dream about him saying he is lukewarm.. he still doesn’t consider these as warnings.. to him it still about the heart ONLY but i say actions has to be there to.. like listening to Most High..

    That’s why i love the old testament cause it shows what we did and how Most high dealt with it. It was real. So how it came from realness to sugar honey it’s all love new testament? Also my father in law had dream that Most High told him alot of things in the bible are not his words.. Which i knew for myself way before that.

    Every sabbath he breaks it. He never cares to hurry up to come home before sundown and respect it. He watched cops on tv, smokes weed downstairs on sabbath. I told him that dead man you have down there is like an idol. ( a picture of bob Marley). He saying he not bowing down to it so how is it a idol? I like it there cause he can relate to his music.

    My children are away with relative. I believe they should have been at my house doing sabbath with us cause the relative is stiff and stuck also on new testament greek jesus. So i have no say here. I asked him did you tell the children not to work on sabbath, he got angry and defensive like why im asking him that.

    I can’t talk to him nooo more about bible anything. We are in different zones, different galaxies in same roof. On sabbath he relaxes and watch whatever show he wants. Me i educate myself and see what else will i learn today about Most High.

    In my dreams it always shows me only sometimes my children. Me only in the dark world, surviving, but always getting rescued and favored, never him in it. It tells me something though.

    I have no one to talk to. My husband, Levite, me too, is hard as a stone. It’s his beliefs, his ways, that’s it. If no one sees it and we the stiffnecked ones.
    The point is its great he tells people in the street about who they are, but not to forget yourself also. And he only serious with it with outside street people. I asked him, his male friend to take that pagan god chain off his neck before he comes in the house, he says.. well if i tell him now, he’ll say why didnt he tell him before. So he did not tell him. The other friend who uses spirits to protect him in the streets and also has a “magical” chain under his shirt, he won’t say nothing to him either. He rather deal with potential help from them if he ever needs them instead of risking losing all of them and he has no friends.

    I’m stuck here and it’s way beyond hard for me. i just … i dont know what else to do, no one to talk to. Im stuck here.


    • Solo,

      Firstly, it is not about the old or new testaments, it is about following the new covenant that Christ forged through his death. If you are attempting to follow the old covenant you are simply wasting your time as that covenant is no longer in place and has been replaced by the new. Your husband is right, it is now all about faith and belief in the Most High through Christ.

      The Most High instructed you in Jeremiah 31:31 that he was going to bring in a NEW COVENANT THAT WOULD NOT BE LIKE THE OLD, go and read it for yourself. We can then turn to Hebrews 12:24 in which we are told that Christ is the “MEDIATOR OF THE NEW COVENANT”. The old covenant is no longer in place, why are you still attempting to follow something which is dead?

      Again, the sabbath is part of the old covenant which is now defunct. You can choose to keep the sabbath if you wish, however you are not attaining to righteousness in the eyes of the Most High as the new covenant is NOT a covenant of works like the old one was. In relation to your husband not taking care of things in the home, if he showed you signs of this same sluggish behaviour when you first met him then this is your fault, if he was like this from the beginning then you should have left him from the beginning before deciding to have children with him. Since you have decided to have children with him, the situation is now alot more complicated.

      In fact, if he was this type of man from the beginning then you should have never gone there in the first place. However, I have seen this pattern before, a very large portion of women especially western black women are attracted to the lazy, weedhead, gangster, bummy, fast life types of men, you then get together with this type of man thinking that things will change however when things remain the same or grow worse, it is at this point where you begin to complain and protest.

      The other thing that you need to stop doing is trying to steer your husband’s salvation, his walk with the Most High is an individual walk(if he actually has one), it is separate from your own. You cannot force him to come around to your way of thinking and your way of doing things. He will be held to account by himself for his own actions by the Most High just as you will be held to account by yourself for your actions. Concern yourself with yourself and your children, it is the Most High that will bring conviction and a change to his heart, not yourself. You are not the Spirit, it is the Spirit’s job to convict.

      There is not really much else I can say other than you reap what you sow. What is happening to you now is a direct result of the unwise decisions that you have made in the past. You made this bed and now you are going to have to lay in it, you are going to have to receive and accept today’s consequences of your past actions.


      • I don’t believe the old covenant is null and void… This is the mistake Christians make…

        Matthew 5:17-19 KJV
        [17] Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. [18] For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. [19] Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. …


      • Lisa J.Johnson,

        The mistake Hebrews continue to make is believing that they can attain to righteousness via the old covenant and thinking that the old covenant is still in place, yet Christ is the mediator of the NEW COVENANT, not the old one(Hebrews 12:24).

        Hebrews 8:6-9 reads:

        8:6 But now hath obtained a more excellent ministry, by how much also HE IS THE MEDIATOR OF A BETTER COVENANT, WHICH WAS ESTABLISHED UPON BETTER PROMISES.


        8.8 For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, WHEN I WILL MAKE A NEW COVENANT WITH THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL AND THE HOUSE OF JUDAH.

        8:9 NOT ACCORDING TO THE COVENANT THAT I MADE WITH THEIR FATHERS IN THE DAY WHEN I TOOK THEM BY THE HAND TO LEAD THEM OUT OF THE LAND OF EGYPT;because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, saith the Lord.

        Hebrews 8:13 reads:

        8:13 In that he saith, A NEW COVENANT, HE HATH MADE THE FIRST OLD. Now that which decayeth and waxed old is ready to vanish away.

        So called “Christians” are actually getting this right, it is the Hebrews who are getting this part wrong. Even Paul noted the same mistakes that the Hebrews in his time were making ie attempting to satisfy the Most High through the works of the law instead of through faith in Christ(Romans 9:30-32).


  7. Thank you for your article… I knew Christ would deal with Esau regarding his perpetual indignation against us but I didn’t know we would actually be apart of their downfall until I read the scriptures you provided in this article…

    I’m a bit confused because Christ told us to forgive our enemies number one

    And number two; revelation tells us all kingdoms will be apart of the new Jerusalem ( although they will be servants to Israel )

    Wouldn’t all kingdoms include Esau ?

    Now I do believe their is a certain faction of Esau those who are currently occupying Israel today and also in earlier times known as the serpent people ,The Most High will utterly destroy…



    • Lisa J.Johnson,

      The forgiving of our enemies was a temporary commandment that Christ gave to his disciples in order to be able to fully ground them in the gospel without them being engaged in constant conflicts and battles while he was here on earth. We read later on in Luke 22:36 where Christ instructs his disciples to buy swords. Remember the Scribes and the Pharisees were the enemies of Christ, he never forgave them nor did he pray for them.

      As per Amos 9:12 a remnant of Edom shall be saved, however as a whole the kingdom of Esau shall be destroyed.


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