Women have been told the obvious when it comes down to pregnancy, no smoking, no drinking, very limited alcohol, absolutely no drugs whatsoever. These things are stating the obvious, women carry out these instructions however still a large number of women miscarry despite implementing the upmost precautions. What is really going on here? Back in the day miscarriages were hardly even heard of however today a woman suffering a miscarriage is such a common occurrence. Miscarriages can be a very distressing situation to deal with, losing a child growing inside of you is not the easiest thing to overcome. So what is really causing these miscarriages and how can they be avoided or at the very least reduced down to an insignificant percentage of occurring?

Now, I have looked on variety of websites in relation to miscarriages and when it comes down to the number 1 question of WHY, the answers that I have seen have been nothing short of ridiculous and shabby. Anything from “chromosome issues” to “it can happen for no reason at all” have been listed as potential triggers for a miscarriage. You do not have to believe me, you can type in the word miscarriage into a search engine and see for yourself. “Sometimes a miscarriage can occur for no reason at all”, really, is this the best that you can come up with? What makes me even more angry is that the vast majority of websites that I visited simply accepted a miscarriage as part of life, you know the “there is nothing you can do” scenario. Well, Verbs is here to contest that pack of nonsense. THERE IS something that you can do to avoid having to deal with the experience of a miscarriage, a miscarriage is unnecessary, is NOT a normal part of life that should just be accepted as a given and is certain not a mystery as the majority of websites that deal with this topic like to paint it out to be.




By the way, the solutions that I am about to give here are the same solutions that can be used for women who are finding it difficult to conceive aswell as men who are suffering from a low sperm count and a low libido aka sex drive. Women can also benefit from an increase in their sex drive also by implementing this strategy. Miscarriage is no mystery(not to me anyway), all you have to do is put on your Lieutenant Colombo thinking cap, think back to the times when miscarriages were rare and then fast forward to the present and look at what has changed. As I have mentioned before, you reproductive system runs on fats, fats are essential for a healthy and efficient reproductive system.  It is no coincidence that the number of miscarriages has dramatically increased on a parallel with the “low fat, reduce your cholesterol” campaigns. As I have stated before in my previous blog to do with fat, the whole demonisation of natural essential fats has been a careful calculated scam. My personal opinion is that these deceptive campaigns has been conspired between the government and the vegetable oil industry in order to sell products that are not only no good but are also toxic and poisonous to the body.


One of the answers here is increase your intake of natural fats, that is the main solution to avoiding a miscarriage. Remember during pregnancy the baby’s brain and the central nervous system are two of the first parts of the body to develop, what is essential to the central nervous system and the brain of any human, essential natural fats(cholesterol). I have noticed particularly in the US that a large majority of the food out there is fat free, seeing this does not surprise me as to why miscarriages have shot up at an alarming rate there. There is nothing wrong with natural fats especially animal fats, there was never anything wrong with natural fats, the fat=high cholesterol and heart disease theory has been and is still a complete scam. Get in that double cream, the cheese, the meats(unprocessed) with the fat, the full fat milk(preferably unpasteurised), the olives, the nuts, the oily fish and any other foods that contain natural fats in high quantities when you are pregnant. Contrary to what you have been told, consuming high amounts of fat DOES NOT make you fat, you only need look back in the past at our grandparents, great grandparents etc and observe how they ate much more fat than we do today and yet they were generally slimmer, much healthier and in much better shape than we are today. You should avoid vegetable oils at all costs and instead use natural oils such as coconut oil and olive oil. Olive oil should only be used for cold dishes as it denatures quickly under heat whereas coconut oil is great for cooking, in fact I would say that it is the best and the only oil that should be used for hot dishes.


The second solution here is to increase your protein intake. You have to remember that protein is essential for growth, this is what I was taught growing up. The developing baby is no different whether inside the womb or outside of the womb. Every child needs protein to develop. To be honest a pregnant woman’s diet should consist of mostly proteins and fats, these are the essentials required in order to avoid miscarriages. These is what our forefathers did and miscarriages were hardly ever heard of among them. You always have to think back to the past and the better situations and ask yourself, what has changed between then and now? There really is no limit to how much meat a pregnant woman should eat, in fact the more meat she eats during pregnancy the better it is for the unborn child. My only advice of caution to give would be to avoid “processed” meats such as ham, salami, corn beef etc and simply stick to unprocessed meats such as lamb, beef, chicken, duck, turkey, fish etc.


This is the number one cause of miscarriage among women and  the so called “experts” are failing to reveal this information. A child in the womb cannot grow on sugars, sugars are not essential in the development of a baby so I have to wonder why doctors and so called experts in pregnancy would recommend foods such as rice, bread, cereals, potatoes, pasta, high sugar fruits, food made from wheat products, grains etc, all of these foods account to sugar and sugar in excess is literally death to an unborn child. You want to to know the main reason why children are giving up the ghost in the womb, this is it right here. You need to cut down your consumption of carbohydrates(sugar)in your diet when you are pregnant. This is the very change right here that has caused an increase in miscarriages, excess carbohydrates and a reduction in natural fats and proteins.

The deception of top of this is that many people are not aware that carbohydrates are sugar. For example, a crisp company will advertise that their crisps are 30% less fat or that they are baked instead of fried and so the average consumer will fall for this marketing deception. Also remember in my post about carbohydrates I stated that companies will mislead you into thinking that only a portion of carbohydrates contained within the particular food are sugars when in actual fact the total amount of carbohydrates IS the total amount of sugar. Do not be deceived by the “Of Which Are Sugars” section in the nutritional information box, that section is a complete lie, period. Your average packet of crisps contains on average depending on the brand 50-70 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. That is as much sugar as a can of Coke or a Sprite. Cereals average around 60-70 grams per 100 grams, pasta, rice and bread are around the same, though the majority of bread today is GMO whether organic or non organic, wholemeal or white.




There you have it, Verbs does not fear to tread where others will not. There is no mystery in relation to the miscarrying of unborn children, the health and the development of the child inside of the womb is directly related to your diet, namely the fat, protein and carbohydrate ratio. A woman’s reproductive system will terminate the unborn child if it does not have a sufficient level of the resources it requires to continue the child’s development. This is not rocket science but yet and still your doctors and your so called “experts” in this field will refuse to give you the low down on what is really going on with this phenomenon and how you can potentially avoid the situation of a miscarriage altogether.

When you are told by government agencies and so called “experts” that miscarriages can happen simply for no reason, do not believe this nonsense for a second. This is why it is important for people to conduct their own individual investigations and research into various areas. You also have to always remember that there is an ongoing agenda to reduce the human population of the world, miscarriages fit right in with this agenda. I get very suspicious when governments and so called “experts” come out and tell me that they have no idea why something is happening. Oh, they know the reasons all right, they simply just want to continue to keep you in the dark as to what the real deal is.

By the way, adopting this strategy can also help any person avoid a stroke, a heart attack, diabetes, heart disease and many other ailments. As I also stated before, carrying out this programme can also help a man with a low sperm count increase his sperm production, increase his libido aswell, increase the sex drive in women and also increase the chances of conception with women who are finding it difficult to conceive. Remember women, the key during pregnancy is high fat, high protein and low carbs. Something else that should be added here is that this strategy can help any person lose weight and thus help them increase their energy.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



  1. If the majority of the foods in the USA is fat free then why do they have such an obesity problem? Interesting question don’t you think Verbs? Another thing to consider, all these weight loss supplements that keep popping up on the market, whether it’s Hydroxi-cut, Slim Quick for women and the most recent one Lipozene. Very interesting thoughts to consider.

    Another thing Verbs, I’m still not completely sold on the coconut oil. My mother told me when she was a little girl, she had this neighbor who had a yard full of coconut trees. The lady used to harness the coconuts for their oil and had buckets upon buckets of them in her house. Then sometime after wards the woman had developed cholesterol problems and the doctors told her to stop using coconut oil when she cooked. The woman is dead now cause apparently didn’t heed the doctor’s warning. The most my mother would use coconut oil for is for moisturizing and hair care. Also coconut oil can be used to make soap as well.


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The question is an interesting one but nonetheless it is an easy one to answer. This is an issue that I dealt with in my saturated fat/cholesterol conspiracy post. It is the carbohydrates that are making people fat in the USA, obviously the fats cannot be blamed at this point as they have mostly been removed from the majority of American foods. When you eat carbohydrates all of the time, insulin remains in the bloodstream all of the time. Insulin programs the body to do 2 things:

      1. Not release any fat from the fat cells.
      2. Store ALL incoming energy as fat.

      This is why Americans and British people are suffering from obesity, too much sugar in the diet.
      As for the woman who died, since the latest research shows that it is the carbohydrates that cause cholesterol problems and not the natural fats, I suspect that it wasn’t the coconut oil that killed her. I know already that all black people thesedays eat is carbohydrates, from fufu to yam to plantain to rice to pasta to dumpling to patties etc, this is where the problem lies, however because her doctors were probably still going by the lipid hypothesis(which has now been proven to be fraudulent), they mistakenly linked the woman’s cholesterol problems to the coconut oil instead of to the high carbohydrates she was consuming.

      It should also be noted that there is not one study that links high fat consumption/ a high fat diet to heart disease or high cholesterol, not one. You need to watch a documentary called Fat Head which can be found on youtube. High fat=heart disease/high cholesterol is old, outdated and science that is in error.

      I too use coconut oil in my hair, it is very good when combined with jojoba, almond, hemp and neem oil.


      • I’ll have to bite here Verbs. You are right overall on the carbs part but then you mistakenly cast aspersion onto plantains and yams.

        Yams no doubt are rich in carbs but there are health benefits, for example: Yams contain dirty fibres that help to fight constipation by inducing regular bowel movements. Also it can lower bad LDL cholesterol levels as well as risk of colon cancer. Additionally being a good source of vitamin B complex it provides daily adequate requirements of pyridoxine or Vitamin B6, thiamin or Vitamin B1, riboflavin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and niacin which all help to mediate and regulate various metabolic functions of the body. It also helps yo regulate blood sugar levels and is actually a low glycemic index health food.

        Other benefits include Vitamin C which can be found in a fresh root and Vitamin C is known to have good antioxidant properties that help to fight aging as well as help with bone growth and cell resilience i.e healing. Further more Yams contain Vitamin A which can help to maintain healthy mucus membranes, skin, night vision, growth as well as prevent lung and oral cavity cancers. On top of that, yams are a great source of iron and copper which are essential for the formation and production of red blood cells


      • Citte du Jericho,

        I do not doubt the nutritional content of yams, however because of the high carbohydrate content I personally wouldn’t eat them too often.


  2. ok, serious debacle alert,

    I had a big fight with my friends over this, I asked them, Do Dogs Have Brains? cause I like seriously wanted to know and there was a huge debate and all hell broke loose, it was like world war three. It was like, super crazy so basically I’ll just give you a little story behind my question. Ok so of course, dogs are mammals, right? I mean they’re part of the animal kingdom that God created, but then I wonder like, ok dogs can’t talk? right? so do they have brains? I mean yes they can walk, but it’s because we are telling them to walk just like if I were tell my computer to turn on and turn off, then it would turn on and turn off, but a computer doesn’t have a brain. So they don’t don’t talk and then someone is like, “no they have brains” and I was like “ok but, they can’t talk so how do you explain that?” like how do you explain having a brain and not being able to talk? That was the first question, and 2 it’s like kinda scary, cause I love all God’s creatures and I see, you know, other human beings and I can just find so much love for them and I’m so terrified of dogs. I’m so beyond scared of dogs that I would actually go on a different sidewalk or like go out of my way to avoid dogs cause they’re scary and so I’m thinking is this Christian Intuition saying like, this is not a creature of God? I dunno, but the main thing is I think we’re all a little confused, and if you can shed some light on that I would be really interested to hear what you think if dogs have brains or not and can it be scientifically proven? I dunno but I think it’s a really interesting topic, and I think people in general just like to hate sometimes and they’ren a little confused but you know it’s a serious issue, it’s a serious question, I mean if, they’re not humans or if they don’t have brains like why are they on this earth? I mean is there life on other planets? I mean these are all questions you have to consider when asking these things. You don’t wanna get too philosophical on like being “oh where did we all come from?, what happens when the world ends? is it just black or is it just blank? like what happens?” I dunno, dogs are freaky…….and I hear a dog barking, like aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!! Like, dogs know I don’t like them and they just wanna attack, like I’ve been attacked by dogs, like when I was 5, and that leads me to believe that dogs don’t have brains. Like why would they try to tear the skin off my bones, like literally two pitbulls tried to rip the skin off my bones, and my mom you know, had to call the cops and then try to fend the pit bulls off with a baseball bat, it was intense. I feel like if they have brains why would they do that and I feel like if they were God’s creatures they wouldn’t do that. Maybe they have free will so maybe they do have brains. I dunno. Lemme know what you think, Verbs and hopefully we can figurre this out, it’s been bothering me for like ever…….


    • Chrystal Emma, I think the better question should be whether or not YOU have brains, cause you sure didn’t use it when you wrote this tripe of a post, like seriously, what point are you trying to make anyway?

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      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        what is your problem?, why are you so mean? I thought teddy bears were supposed to be kind and helpful…. My aunt always told me, that there are no stupid question, I mean if you don’t ask questions how would you learn and get smarter? I just wanted to know if dogs had brains or not… it’s a simple yes or no question…….. no need to get all uptighty about it. it’s the same problem I had with my friends, people are just so hateful these days, I mean can’t we all just get along?


    • Chrystal Emma,

      Are you sure about this question? If you are serious then you do realise that what you are asking does not fit in with the topic being discussed here at all, right?

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      • Verbs,

        of course I’m being serious, like why would I ask if I wasn’t serious? come on, let’s be reasonable here, doesn’t the bible say,

        “come let us reason together” and doesn’t it say we should help others in need, what about the good Samaritan? Aren’t you a good Samaritan Verbs?


      • Chrystal Emma,

        I am indeed here to help but when you raise the topic of whether dogs have brains in a post to do with miscarriages, surely you can see the oddity in that. As I stated before, any random questions you want to ask me you can email me at and I will be happy to answer them.


    • Chrystal Emma,

      I think it’s clear as crystal (no pun intended) that you do not have brains. However since you are so eager and persistent, I’ll answer your question. Yes, Dogs DO have brains as all mammals do…………….


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        A fusion of honey, lime and ginger in hot water is normally sufficient to deal with a cold. To be honest I stopped getting colds and the flu when I began to reduce my carbohydrate/sugar intake. Sugar lowers the strength of your immune system dramatically, carbs being sugar this would include them aswell. A low carb diet is the best way that you can avoid colds and flu for the future. We live in a world today where most our diet consists of sugar, sugar and more sugar.

        As for cuts and grazes, I have heard that mint/peppermint oil is good for those kinds of injuries as well as tea tree oil. You can use the essential oils freely without reserve if you wish.


  3. I agree with you on this Verbs. I have been doing a lot of research for the past 10years since my daughter developed eczema as a baby and I used no medications to completely heal her of that (thank the Lord!!) with no out breaks whatsovever and she is now 9 and it started at 3mos. The information I found was astounding. My main question was what did they do in biblical times since there was no medicatin. The door opened and there was soooo much information that the Lord allowed me to find out. I totally agree with the fats. We only consume full fat butter, raw milk(I actually found a supplier, but I have to drive 25 miles for it) and coconut oil to cook with. Not only is it good for you it tastes better. I cook all of my meals from scratch( I’m tired as a mug when I’m done but me and my family are happier). I make our own mayo, salad dressing everything. I also have an herbs storage at home where I make my own tinctures, balms and salves. As a family we rarely get sick and that is unusual especially with how nasty school kids can be and let me not forgot how nasty the grown folks I work with can be as well. My sister in law was having a problem with miscarriages and I was trying to give her information on what she can do and I was going to make her up an herbal infusion for her to drink but she didn’t want it because she is a nurse and they look at herbs as foolish. They work!!!….My son was outside playing and he hit his head on a tree stump and busted his head open in the back and I know it would have needed at least one stitch but I cleaned it with a natural solution I made up and applied plantain leaves to the open wound and bandaged it up. By the time he went to bed that night his wound was completely closed with no pain, it looked as if there was never an open wound there. Thank you for the research and the time you put in to help us stay on track…..I’m studying to become a Master Herbalist by the way.


    • Aja, if you don’t mind, exactly what was that solution you used? Cause I grazed my leg pretty bad when I was washing Saturday, I cleaned it with dettol but there’s just a huge scab there and I really don’t know what else to do with it. You wouldn’t know any remedies for the common cold would you? Verbs you can answer too this is being directed at you too.


      • I mixed peroxide and dmso. I washed it first with peroxide then the mixed solution. I drink cayenne pepper with honey and lemon. It keeps colds and the flu at bay. I consume a lot of herbs also like chickweed plantain, burdock root and dong quai


      • Im sorry kingoftheteddybears it has tea tree oil in it also… its peroxide, dmso and teatree oil


      • Peroxide? Hmmm I remembered my father used that on me when I had ringworm it burned my skin, but it worked. I’ll have to check for some the next time I visit the pharmacy. Thanks Aja, your name really suits you. Did you know it means “mother” in Yoruba?


  4. Verbs,

    Peppermint oil for cuts and bruises? I never heard of that one. I normally used to use that for when I had a cold to relieve chest and nasal congestion. But hey you learn something new everyday.


  5. By the way Verbs, thanks for the honey, lime and ginger and hot water remedy, it totally worked I slept much better last night


  6. Brother verbs you are compleatly correct about this of course & thank you so much for opening up this topic.

    Carbs can NOT grow a healthy child & everyone, especially women hoping to concive should stay far away from carbs & sugar & stick to protien. This is all very correct.

    But the rabbit hole regarding miscarriage go’s so much deeper sadly.

    I am a medical researcher & part of the job given to me by the Most High is to expose the Westen childbirth deception & part of that is the miscarriage conspiracy.

    I run a yahoo group called ” pregnantbutnegativetests ” & have almost 140 ladies who are pregnant yet due to the high dose hook effect, something very well known & established in hospital laboratory medicine, their pregnancy blood & urine tests are negative so drs call them crazy.

    In a nutshell if your hcg pregnancy hormone is too high it will turn a pregnancy urine & blood tests NEGATIVE. It is very common with twin pregnancies.

    Back to miscarriage: bleeding or spotting is common in meany healthy pregnancies. It is also common to have a much shorter monthly cycle through pregnancy & still have a very healthy child.

    I am a mother of four & had a lighter monthly cycle EVERY MONTH until i gave birth to one of my children & he is perfect.


    Because we are all so impatient now, do not trust in our intuition as women & have handed most of our power as mothers over to the state & its appointed high priests the ” medical ” dr , we all rush in at 6 weeks pregnant, often less, for a scan.

    & If that tiny child is not growing according to the drs ” guidelines” women are often told that the baby is not growing properly so it is a miscarriage.

    Often she has had NO hint of bleeding or any pain ( cramps can be normal in pregnancy).

    Now Simple logic tells us that A: if all children do NOT grow & develope at the exact same rate once they are born, WHY SHOULD THEY ALL GROW AT THE EXACT SAME RATE INSIDE OF THE WOMB?!

    B: it seems that most people can no longer read as the word ” miscarriage ” actually means ” the spontaneous expulsion of a fetus from the womb before it is able to survive independently.”

    A the term missed miscarriage is an OXYMORON!

    Its ether a miscarriage or it is not.

    So if the dr tells you that as your baby is not growing at the same rate as tiny 6 week old foetus jimmy or tiny 8 week old foetus amy you have miscarried or even, that ” there is no heartbeat” ask yourself firstly: how exactly is it a miscarriage if you have not spontaneously expelled the baby from your womb??!!

    It is NOT a miscarriage UNTLL your body has done this BY ITSELF!

    You see, what happens these days is that once the great god the dr tells your that you have had a ” missed miscarriage” you are sent home & if nothing happens in a few weeks normally less, you are FORCED by drs to have the baby removed.

    Often during the two weeks the women STILL feels pregnant & when she goes back for a scan the baby has actually GROWN yet the quack, i mean dr , convinces her that, & i quote: ” the cells can grow even if the baby is dead.”

    Tell me how exactly can a dead thing grow?!

    But of course, such is our respect for the great god the medical dr that we never ask such questions.

    So the women go’s in for a d&c or takes ABORTION pills given to her by the dr & 9 times out of 10 actually ends up KILLING her own perfectly healthy, all be it slightly ” slow” to grow, unborn baby!

    All because a stranger ( the dr or tech ) told her that she had ” miscarried” & she believed them!

    Do you know how many women go into that d& c operation crying ” im killing my baby!” Why? Because even if they believe the good dr their OWN womens intuition is telling them the TRUTH!

    Now We all know there are practicing satanists who work in abortion clinics & that they get a real thrill out of their job as they are actually sacrificing those poor babies to satan.

    But what about the dr or tech who works in your good old local hospital? Don’t you think they could also be satanists gleefully sacrificing those poor babies? Come on now. All they have to do is tell you that your baby it is not gowing fast enough or that there is no heartbeat!

    The wisdom of solomon 12v 4 to 6 part of the hidden appocrypha that the church beast says we should never read, hints That this is probably precisely what many of them are doing!

    Do you know that most drs & techs turn OFF the sound so that you hear nothing, & then tell you that there is no heartbeat on a tiny tiny baby who is often no bigger than a thumbnail? If it is that small how can the dr or tech be SO SURE that there is no heartbeat?! Wouldn’t you be better to wait it out? But oh no, they tell you, we can not risk you losing it naturally due to infection?!
    Yet within a week or more of the so called ” missed miscarriage ” the women still feels pregnant, her tests are often still positive & she still has all of her pregnancy symptoms?!

    Now i have not been though this myself & if you have then i am very very sorry for your loss. But this is your body & your baby so don’t you dare take a drug or do a procedure to remove that child unless YOU have prayed & are 100 & 10% sure that there is no hope.

    The Most High said though David In psalm 139 v 15 ” my substence was not HID from thee, when i was made in secrate…” It was not hid from the Most High but he was hid while he was being formed in the womb from everyone else.

    Maybe there was a reason for that?

    How many babies would be here right now if their mothers had not had that early scan?

    Lastly & PLEASE fasten you seat belts for this little gem of truth:

    Pregnancy is NOT 9 months. NOT for everyone.

    It takes a child around 40 weeks to form NOT to be born.

    Wisdom of Solomon 7 v2 ” and in my mothers womb was fashioned to be flesh in the time of ten months, being compacted in blood, of the seed of man, & the pleasure that came with sleep.
    ( new paragraph )
    & when i was born, i drew in the common air,..”

    Now the text clearly says that it took Solomon 10 months to form but where does it say how LONG it took him to be born?

    It simply does not say.

    Now i have been studying this thing for over 2 years & am about to submit a medical paper on this very fact.
    It is a well known yet hidden fact in Islamic law that still exists today that pregnancy CAN last up to 5 years.

    One of the first british obstertic texts ‘ labor among primitive people ‘ by George englemen md written in 1883 also states THIS very fact yet the book was rejectd by the British drs at the time purely because it called the so called negro & other races ” primative.”

    SO funny how the European man chooses to pretend to be upset about so called racism towards us only when its suits his agenda ey?

    Fact is most women are induced in one way or another at 40 weeks.
    Even if its just a ” sweep” it is still false induction & if the drs do not believe you are pregnant you will of course have NO such induction so you are left to be pregnant for as long as nature intended.

    I personally know women who are still pregnant with the SAME child at 2 years & counting but as their tests were negative in the first 9 months they have been told that it is a phamtom preganancy.

    News flash: there is NO phantom pregnancy.

    But i will give drs the benefit of the doubt for a moment.

    According to web MD the 3 criteria that need to be met for a phantom pregnancy are:

    1 no baby seen on a scan ( there are many reasons way a child can be missed on a scan even AFTER 6 months. ( My son was missed at 8 MONTHS ) Ultrasound attinuation , a very tipped uterus, the uterus growing up behind the bowel instead of out in front of the bowel to name a few. ( Ultrasound can NOT see through bowel gas. This is basic physic)

    2 a baby is not born at 9 months

    3 there is NO fetal heartbeat or fetal sounds on a doppler.

    Now if a womens tests are negative BUT a baby is found on a scan she is pregnant.

    If the tests & even scans were all negative yet she gives birth at 9 months she was indeed pregnant.

    In the EXACT same way, if a fetal heartbeat above 120 can be found on a fetal doppler whilst the womens on a finger pulse at the SAME TIME is 80 or less she is aslo PREGNANT as:

    Nobody has two separate heartbeats right?

    So if a women feels she has been pregnant for more than 9 months & there IS STILL that second heartbeat on a doppler plus swimming kicking & punching can also be heard as hello, Bowles do NOT swim kick or punch , then she is STILL pregnant.

    This is basic logic & deduction.

    This is how i tell my ladies to confirm their own pregnancies at lest to themslves. Of course drs STILL will not listen to them even when they BEGIN labor around 40 weeks & go to hospital with pain , a show, & a cervix often dilated to at lest 4 cm.

    This HAS happened to me i carried for a year & i was forced to give birth alone at home after 3 previouse c sections as the drs had sent me home twice when i went to hospital with contractions & after having a show, as they said that it was a phantom pregnancy because my tests were negative.

    My son is now one & we are suing.

    Lastly, every wonder about those ladies on ” i didnt know i was pregnant?” It is of course because they carried for MUCH longer than 9 months so they just stopped believing they could be pregnant specially if their tests had also been negative, & as a result they suddenly had that child!

    Thank you so much again brother verbs for opening up this important topic & for giving hebrew researchers like myself a chance to open it up a little further.

    If you have any questions or are a women going through anything like this then please come & join my yahoo group under health ‘ pregnantbutnegativtetests’ for articles , support, information & help.

    Bottom line ladies: you are NOT crazy if you feel pregnant & your tests are negative.

    Even AFTER 9 months. My son is PROOF.

    Most High bless.


    • Trinity,

      You talked about some serious gold nuggets here, I never knew that doctors were coercing women into aborting children via false diagnosis aswell as the rest of the skull duggery that you mentioned. This is incredible stuff, even had me in shock and bewilderment. Thanks for bringing this information to light.


    • WOW!! Mind officially blown!!! Def some serious stuff to take in, Im curious now to hear more! Do you have a blog?


      • Hi free women

        I do not actually have a blog yet. I am too busy to be honest, trying to help these poor women on my yahoo group & writing my paper.

        If you are going through this you can join my yahoo group under health called: pregnantbutnegativetests

        If you want to contact me to discusse any of these issues please do so at:

        We had one lady have her baby girl after being pregnant for 18 months last month. She just called the EMTs & they helped her deliver very easily in around twenty minutes. there is no pushing & straining for hours with these long pregnancies as these babies are ready to come out unlike most babies at 40 weeks. She had been to the hospital on many, many occasions but she was called ” nuts” by the quacks, i mean drs, for feeling pregnant & for feeling movement as her tests were all negative.

        One lady has been pregnant for 14 months & counting & has been contracting painfully for at lest 3 months . she went to a&e l for the forth time last week & had a scan. She is otherwise healthy they can find nothing wrong with her. the genius tech noted that her uterus was ” long” ( you don’t say?) & whilst she was being scaned the baby was kicking the tech so hard that the tech had to fight to keep the probe in position!

        But as all her blood & urine tests were negative they said she is Not pregnant. they tell these women , as they told myself, that it is just bowels moving.

        Yes bowels kick you when you press them. Bowels move to loud noise & to music & they especially move when you are in the bath.

        This is how mind numbingly stupid the medical profession has become.

        No powers of logic, reason or deduction whatsoever.


        I look forward to hearing from you.


  7. The above post by trinity is a load of rubbish. She has recently been exposed via my own web page for lying about her pregnancy and birth. No son exisits, she is a narcissus and I want anyone reading this to be aware of that


    • Ok heard all this before.

      Carry on as people are just trying to dystroy my work & attack my family.

      As a result my eldest daughter has recently suffered a terrible accident & my NEVER walk again.

      So yes from now on think what you like mole , say what you like.

      As as far as my children are concerned I HAVE NONE as because of my work on this my eldest child almost died & I am not putting my any of my sons at further risk.

      This is a demonic spiritual attack & the MOST HIGH knows the truth & will curse you & your family to hell lest you repeant & you KNOW what I am talking about.

      All the ladies in my group know who you are & exactly what has happened to my family because of you.


      • Blah Blah Blah your child was thrown off a balcony by your mentally ill brother-in-law in Cyprus, stop blaming your ex and his partner. You can be sued for slander now.
        Media article on the accident,
        nothing to do with anyone but your own family and as other media articles about this inicdent said, you asked cypriot SS to get involved 3 years ago because you felt your kids were in danger from this brother in law. Your fault for sending them to live in that situation.


  8. something told me to revisit this post, and boy what strange attention you draw Verbs, either these one or both of these women are cat-fishing you or you brought the devil


  9. something told me to revisit this post, and boy what strange attention you draw Verbs, either these one or both of these women are cat-fishing you or you brought the devil to your blog lol

    sorry bout that I clicked the post comment too early


    • Nids,

      This was one of those situations where I had to take a step back, read the comments and remain silent, which is much unlike me as I always like to interact with folks.


      • I checked out Ellywelly172’s blog and boy did I have the laugh of the century I mean my stomach is literally cramping like someone doused me with Joker laughing gas, lol this is unbelievable I would’ve never guessed that people were this crazy….. that is, if what ellywelly is saying is true lol normally this sort of thing would be the plot of some cheesy lifetime movie or a Law and Order episode


      • hard to imagine something as cheap as this would silence the great Verbsby hahhhaha


      • Nidotopianwarrior,

        Yeah, it was more a case of letting them both duke it out by themselves as there is obviously some deeper history between the two of them.


  10. Ellywelly is a woman seeking to discredit the work of this woman yet fails at doing so as there are thousands of women across the globe experiencing this type of pregnancy. I would know as I am a researcher and have met with hundreds of women. This also occurs frequently in the west coast of Africa. The Chinese have historic records of women who carried their pregnancies up to five years. Ellywelly is just a bitter home wrecker who stalks Trinity all over the internet advertising her blog which is not factual at all and does not discredit any of Trinity’s works but instead attacks her on a personal level. I fear that she may be mentally unstable. Trinity has become her obsession.


  11. Actually I am not mentally unstable. I am a nurse and just trying to stop this lunatic lying any further. She stole 3 years of her ex partners life by lying about this never ending pregnancy, my own sister is now fighting cancer because she too believed Neo Brown and her lies and took her advice to ignore doctors who told her time and time again she was not pregnant (ended up having fibroids and cancer).

    I know of Neo Brown as she lived just around the corner from me. I know her ex partner and his new partner. I know people in our home town who all laugh about her fake pregnancy because they still today ask her ex when the heck this baby is arriving. She changes her story depending on who she talks to. Online she supposedly gave birth 2 years ago yet recently claimed to people in our town she gave birth this year in Cyprus but baby died.

    Her own emails which I had up on my site prove she lied as in those she still goes on about being pregnant, yet in her articles she claims she already gave birth.

    It is dangerous to claim to be something your not and let women follow your medical advice. She claims to be a medical researcher and have degrees but she does not even have an O level. All she is, is a women whose children were wanted by social services because she was found to be unfit, she smuggled them out of the UK to Cyprus, made up a pregnancy to trap her ex, then gained a cult status of fellow women who think they have been pregnant for years. She live3s off the hard working tax payer and spends her life not working for her living but lying to anyone who will listen.

    In the medical world she shows the classic symptoms of Narcissistic personality disorder and it is she who needs help not me.

    I am just a very angry sister who is fighting to stop this loon spreading her unqualified advice to other women who also could have a serious medical condition rather than being pregnant for years (which IS medically impossible btw).


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