Marriage – The Way Of The Most High vs The Way Of The State – Short Post


Christian Marriage Covenant Oki_Sun

Marriage was never supposed to be a complex issue, however in today’s society marriage has been turned into a multiple maze of bureaucracy. Back in the day before the government decided to get involved in the union of marriage, a marriage simply consisted of a document called a marriage covenant. I believe that many large family bibles still contain a marriage covenant page. When I talk about marriage here, I am referring to the ceremonial part of the marriage which was originally seen as a celebration of the actual marriage that had already taken place via sexual union. Remember, marriage according to the Most High is two people joining together in sexual union with both parties having the mindset of a lifetime commitment to one another. This is where the world has gotten mixed up to where it is now believed that the actual marriage is the ceremonial process. This deception has deliberately been brought into play by the Roman Catholic church and has subsequently been confirmed and played out via the local institutional church beast infrastructure branches. Obviously there is money to be made when it comes down to marriage and those who are at the forefront of this business intent to keep it that way by keeping the cards stacked in their favour………………even if this means deceiving, upholding fables, continuing to distribute lies and withholding the truth from people.

Marriage aka the recording part of the marriage according to the Most High simply involves a marriage covenant document much like the one seen above. There are actually marriage covenant documents that are much simpler than this one, however this one is being shown just to make a point. First and fore when you deal with marriage in a fashion where you are not signing any government documents, you are declaring the the Most High is the head of your marriage, that he is to govern and steer the marriage and that you and your spouse are going to be accountable and responsible and remedy any problems that may arise in the marriage by yourselves without any outside intervention from any “official” bodies. This is what a true marriage is supposed to be about, the paperwork is not complex and both parties accept their responsibility and hold themselves accountable to managing the marriage by themselves. You will also notice in the above marriage covenant document that it is  clearly acknowledged that the husband is supposed to be the leader of the marriage and the woman is supposed to submit to and follow his leadership, this is how any marriage will stay healthy, prosperous and grow fruitfully. Women would be wise to note this as one of the main problems as to why marriages break down in modern day society is because of the woman’s desire and attempts to step into the man’s functional position as the leader.

Marriage according to the Most High is not supposed to be expensive either, my late friend who passed away at the beginning of this year spent £150($250) on his wedding, the so called ceremony was a simply get together with friends and family who also signed the marriage covenant document as witnesses, nothing more nothing less. Your average marriage today when it comes down to costs will often run into the 10s of 1000s of pounds. This is really unnecessary unless you are getting married as part of a holiday package.



marriage certificate

Firstly there are some terms that need to be defined here immediately, thus the complexity of getting married according to the state begins.



The marriage certificate/licence worldwide is a very complex and deceptive document. Not many folks are aware that there are extremely dodgy terms and conditions attached to a marriage certificate/licence. Let us deal with the above definitions first. For starters by getting married according to the legalese definition of the word “registration”, you have now transferred the ownership of your marriage from yourselves to the state, the state now owns your marriage and now has the right to dictate how that marriage is to be operated. Also automatically the Most High is now removed from the position of being the head of the marriage and is now replaced by the government/state(at least on paper). This may come as a shock to many folks here however we have to recognise that once we began to involve the government in marriage, marriage to the state is simply seen as another area of money generation, terms, conditions and many legalisms that your average Joe is not familiar with. You have to remember that in the world of the legal system there are a whole set of definitions to certain words and terms that are not according to how you think that they should be defined. The word “registration” is a classic example, who would have thought that the real meaning of the word registration means the transferring of ownership?

Let us now look at the legalese definition of the word “licence” as according to the defintion above, a marriage must be sanctioned by the state in order for it to be legitimate. Yet wasn’t it the Most High who originally forged the covenant of marriage himself? Doesn’t this go back to what I stated earlier about the government now being in charge of your marriage and now being the head of it? Of course the government has money to gain from handing out marriage certificates/licences, this factor must always be considered when attempting to understand the framework from which governments of the world work under. The majority of people today get married according to the rules of the state and equally they are unaware of the legal ramifications should the marriage break down. Your modern day western woman however is fully aware of the legal benefits of a government approved marriage as she seems to benefit significantly if the marriage breaks down. For example one of the terms and conditions of a marriage certificate/licence is that in the event of divorce or separation, the woman will automatically obtain custody of the children regardless of her economic status.

Another term and condition that is attached to a marriage certificate is that in the event of a separation/divorce, the woman will automatically be given the rights to continue living in the house that you were both living in and you will be forced to move out and find alternative accommodation. Mind you please note that you will still have to be paying for that house that you are no longer living in aswell as be paying for your separate accommodation. These are only a few of the terms and conditions that come with accepting a marriage licence/certificate though you will not be informed of these legal issues when you walk into the registry office to obtain one. Let us deal with the marriage itself under the state, because of the marriage certificate/licence the state now has the right to dictate to you how you should be looking after your children. The marriage licence/certificate also reaffirms that the government has the right to take your children away from you if they feel that you are not bringing up your children in the “correct and appropriate manner”, in other words according to the instructions and the mannerisms of the state. Remember you have according to this system already transferred the ownership of your children over to the state when you “registered” their births. Of course I understand the catch 22 issue, without a birth certificate you cannot obtain a passport and other things that you may need to function in Babylon,  I am simply bringing this information to your attention and showing you how much of a deceptive, twisted and evil world that we live in.




Knowing this information I for one will not be involving the government in my marriage under any circumstances. I must make it clear that I am not condemning folks who have marriage licences/certificates, I am simply bringing to your attention the information that you should have been forewarned about before you applied for one. As per usual the institutional church system is at the forefront of this deception, instead of pushing folks forward towards the hassle free marriage covenant, they willingly push people towards the deceptive marriage licence/certificate. A marriage licence/certificate appears to be a harmless document at first, that is until things begin to go wrong or issues start to crop up within the marriage, it is at this point that many people begin to see for themselves that a marriage certificate/licence simply brings woe after woe to the table. The issue with the institutional church is that they work hand in glove with the government, this is why they rarely if at all recommend a husband and wife sign a marriage covenant instead of a marriage licence/certificate.

The second most important thing here is that the institutional church does not control marriage covenants, any couple looking to record/document their marriage can simply print off a generic marriage covenant off the net for themselves, that includes the marriage covenant above. The church does not need to be involved in the documenting of a marriage when a marriage covenant is utilised, go ahead and look at the above marriage covenant again for yourself, you will not see any section that involves the acknowledgement or the signature of a pastor, bishop, reverend etc. The bottom line is that there is no money involved for the church when dealing with marriage covenants. On top of that marriage covenants cut out much hassle, they force both parties to manage their own marriage and more importantly the marriage covenant comes without financial or economic incentives. Sad to say but most modern day western woman or women who have been infected by westernised philosophies only get married in order to establish an economic and financial base for themselves should the marriage turn sour. The man is simply used as a tool to achieve these ends. This is why with the majority of marriages, it is the women that are the ones who push the men for the marriage. It is a very sad situation, back in the day women used to want to get married because they loved the man that they were with, however in 2014 this is no longer the case with the majority of western and westernised women.

Marriage from the perspective of the Most High is a wonderful thing however marriage from the perspective of the state is a nightmare. I understand why alot of men today are reluctant to get married, they do not want to be rinsed out, taken up the river and robbed of their possessions and assets should the marriage break down and fail. If you get married according to the ways of the state then as a man this is something that you need to be concerned about, however if you deal with a marriage covenant this is not really a issue as there are no terms and conditions attached to a marriage covenant like a marriage licence/certificate. I will say it clear, the marriage licence/certificate and getting the government involved in your marriage is the problem. I recommend that folks who are looking to get married ie record/document the event begin to look at other ways of doing it, other ways that do not involve a marriage licence/certificate or the government/state. Ensure that the Most High is placed at the head of your marriage and declare this on paper aswell, I most certainly will be.


The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

13 thoughts on “Marriage – The Way Of The Most High vs The Way Of The State – Short Post

  1. Thanks for the eye-opener Verbs. I’ve always wanted to make quote this particular band Coldplay, from their song, No Surprises and I believe that now is the perfect time

    “You look so tired and unhappy, bring down the government, they don’t, they don’t speak for us”

    some further thoughts on this article:

    “Your modern day western woman however is fully aware of the legal benefits of a government approved marriage as she seems to benefit significantly if the marriage breaks down. For example one of the terms and conditions of a marriage certificate/licence is that in the event of divorce or separation, the woman will automatically obtain custody of the children regardless of her economic status.”

    I remember seeing this on Devious Maids (it shows on lifetime), in a few of the recent episodes, one of the characters named Spence Westmore, his wife Perri divorces him, cleans him out and takes custody of his son. Now here’s the twist, for years Spence was a faithful and loving husband to Perri but she began cheating on him, cause she grew tired of him, and Spence, heartbroken by the betrayal finds comfort in the arms of their maid Rosie. Then one day, Rosie and Spence have sex and Spence suffers a heart attack, and Perri suddenly has a change of heart after seeing him unconscious in the hospital, but what she failed to realize is that the damage was done, Spence was over her. He on the other hand recovered and Perri was trying desperately to win him back but his heart is now set on Rosie. Now Rosie is an illegal immigrant from Mexico and Perri………oh what the hell. why am I boring you with these details? ok I’ll continue, Perri goes to Mexico to get Rosie’s son cause Rosie had to leave him so she can get herself straightened out in the States so she can send for him. Perri now brings Rosie’s son as to try and show Spence she “has a heart”… However during a phone call to Rosie she inadvertently finds out that Spence was planning on divorcing her to be with Rosie so she….. again I’m boring you, let’s cut to the chase. She divorces Spence after she threatened him to take their son away if he sees Rosie again, and after Spence defies her threats. The divorce cleaned Spence out, his savings, everything and Perri, takes their son and moved to France.

    That was messed, up… Personally I don’t plan on having children, cause really and truly I’m not exactly father material… and I find children rather annoying, now don’t get me wrong I love children, I have nieces and nephews but the good side of having them around is that I can give them back at the end of the day. Again I don’t hate children, just don’t want the responsibility of raising one cause truth be told once they come into the picture, your life is pretty much over, your hopes, dreams, ambitions just basically go out the window. Unless of course you want kids and your hopes your dreams and ambitions now revolve around and become them. anyways, more thoughts on this article:

    “Another term and condition that is attached to a marriage certificate is that in the event of a separation/divorce, the woman will automatically be given the rights to continue living in the house that you were both living in and you will be forced to move out and find alternative accommodation. Mind you please note that you will still have to be paying for that house that you are no longer living in aswell as be paying for your separate accommodation.”

    I cannot count on my fingers and toes the number of times I’ve seen this happen, whether it’s in lifetime movies, or shows like Pretty Little Liars or 90210 or even in real life. I remember this particular man, built his house from scratch, with his blood sweat and tears and money of course, then he married the love of his life and then the shrew divorced him and my brother had to end up moving out of the house, imagine how devastated he was.

    Personally, I would much rather take the road of our dearly departed Apostle Paul and be celibate….

    1 Corinthians 7:37-40

    I want you to be free from anxieties. The unmarried man is anxious about the things of the Lord, how to please the Lord. But the married man is anxious about worldly things, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided. And the unmarried or betrothed woman is anxious about the things of the Lord, how to be holy in body and spirit. But the married woman is anxious about worldly things, how to please her husband. I say this for your own benefit, not to lay any restraint upon you, but to promote good order and to secure your undivided devotion to the Lord. If anyone thinks that he is not behaving properly toward his betrothed, if his passions are strong, and it has to be, let him do as he wishes: let them marry—it is no sin.

    Also another thing to consider…… “in the event of a separation/divorce, the woman will automatically be given the rights to continue living in the house that you were both living in and you will be forced to move out and find alternative accommodation.”

    NOT UNLESS YOU SIGN A PRENUP!!!!!!!!!!!! Depending on the terms, that ensures you both, leave with what you came in with…..

    Them That’s Got shall give, them that’s not shall lose, so the bible says and it still is news, cause mama may have and papa may have but God Bless the Child that’s got his own………..

    now that may not have made much sense but it sounded good in my head, I’m so crazy lol lol lol

    ok now I’m done…………


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      I did consider the pre-nup angle however I rejected it because it would still involve the government at some level ie the court system and swindling solicitors are another group of vultures that I cannot stand either.

      I hear you on the celibacy issue and not having children however that route in life is dysfunctional, plus from what you have already stated before, you do not have the spirit for that lifestyle nor the restraint. A lifestyle of celibacy in your particular case would be more trouble than good. Remember, your number one priority on this planet is to keep your lineage and family tree going. Any deviation from this is going down the road of dysfunction.

      Paul despite how great an apostle he was lived a dysfunctional lifestyle in the fact that he never had children to keep his lineage going. He also admits that his particular path was certainly not for all. This is why he stated if a person could live the way he did then they should take up the lifestyle but if they couldn’t then they shouldn’t. He knew full well that his lifestyle was an unusual one.

      You can still have children and achieve what you want to achieve, you just may have to reroute your plans and come at things from a different angle. I can think of many people off the top of my head who have children yet who are still doing what they desire to do in life. You also have to remember that as a father you don’t really begin to play a major role in a child’s life until they reach the ages of around 1 and a half to 2 years old, before that time the majority of the nurturing is done by the mother. You can ask any father about this.

      If there is one thing that you shouldn’t embark on, it is the road of celibacy. You won’t be able to hack it and I know that for you personally, you will run into serious trouble and major problems. Celibacy is a plan that definitely will not work for you.


      • Verbs, that response of yours has ne caught between a rock and a hard place. While I do appreciate your concern I must be honest, with myself as I have been and with you. The idea and prospect of marriage does not appeal to me in the slightest and I am absolutely revolted by the idea of raising a child. Hell, I couldn’t raise a dog to save my life. I am very impatient and I get pissed off very easily, I am somewhat selfish, territorial and super reserved, I hate ordering people around and I sure as hell cannot deal with constant demands and nagging. I have to live with a cantankerous mother and I sure as hell don’t want to have to endure that from any other woman. Mind you I am not a misogynist. I just hate the idea of being tied down to a mundane and one track lifestyle. Another thing is that I do not possess any wisdom or fortitude to be anyone’s leader, whether be wife or otherwise. Now does any of that sound like an ideal husband or father? Lemme answer that with a resounding HELL TO THE FREAKING NO!!!!! Like I said before I appreciate your concern but I have to be honest with myself me and marrage and family life we are like night and day, fire and water, we don’t go together nor do we mix.


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        Indeed sir, I understand the very reason why none of the above appeals to you, it is because of the fact that you have isolated yourself for such a long time. Remember, isolation is a dysfunctional way of living and as I mentioned before it is also a form of punishment. So, your current view of things such as marriage and children is already coming from a mindset that has suffered contamination as a result of the dysfunctional lifestyle that you have adopted and gotten used to.

        Also, you cannot gauge how life with a woman will be based upon your bad experiences with your mother. I understand your mother is not the best woman in the world, my mother is a handful also however bearing in mind that you haven’t even really been dating regularly yet, to draw conclusions about living with a woman based upon your mother clearly illustrates the contamination that you have succumb to.

        I would say this, begin to clean yourself up and pull yourself out of your current position first and then look at these things again from an uncontaminated perspective.


  2. This is a very informative post. I didn’t know that the government gains so much power over a couple’s marriage based on their marriage license/certification. Now I see why some people don’t want to get married the traditional way. I’m so glad that I came across this information. Thank you.


    • Jaz,

      I’m afraid so, its something that I should have blogged about years ago to be honest because I have known about this skull duggery for a while now. Getting married in accordance with the state is just not worth it for couples who are genuine about their love for one another, they should most definitely seek an alternative path. State marriages are simply a death trap for men period, even with a pre-nup in place, there is no guarantee that it will be upheld in court, a judge could still overturn certain conditions within a pre-nup if he/she sees a good reason to.

      As I suggested before, the best way to go about getting married is to completely eliminate the government/state out of the process. People go running towards the state for assistance when they have marital issues, it never used to be this way, folks used to manage and sort out their own marital issues without involving any outside parties except for family(who are not really classed as outsiders anyway). This is the standard that folks who want to better their own lives and have the government involved in their lives as little as possible need to start doing.


  3. “Another term and condition that is attached to a marriage certificate is that in the event of a separation/divorce, the woman will automatically be given the rights to continue living in the house that you were both living in and you will be forced to move out and find alternative accommodation.”

    This is so true, however it doesn’t have to be as KingoftheTeddybears said, not unless the couple sign a prenup, but I understand you do not see eye to eye on that particular front. Also I understand prenups can be overturned, or some conditions there in can be nullified.

    Of course if a prenup doesn’t work. the man can always break put singing this:

    (just flip the gender references)

    now I know it sounds crazy hahaha but my uncle actually did this when he and my aunt were going through a difficult time and were almost divorced…. He just broke out belting in the hall way, (though it wasn’t as good as Jennifer’s singing in the video) it was kinda scary but looking back at it, I just burst out laughing. He kept singing until my aunty just ran in her room and locked the door and after he was done he went into a separate room. Update, they reconciled and they are still together after nearly 50 years.


    • Chrystal Emma,

      Anyone who looks towards the world for a good example of a marriage is going to be hard pressed to find a handful. This world is simply a joke when it comes down to marriage, very few people are genuine these days when it comes to matrimony. Folks who are genuine about marriage are going to have to stop travelling down the state/government route altogether.

      Its funny thinking about what you mentioned about your uncle and your aunt, its good to see that they are still together after almost 50 years. This is the way that a marriage should be and once upon a time this is the way that most marriages were.


    • Yanni Stalworth,

      Dowrie, what on earth is that, lol? Sounds like some sort of man made tradition because I do not recall dowries being mentioned in the scriptures if my memory serves me correctly.


      • A Dowry is a marriage gift, like for instance in Deuteronomy 22:29, some Israelite groups teach that as part of the marriage covenant, the groom must pay the father of the bride a dowry..


      • Yanni,

        This scripture is not even in the context of marriage under normal circumstances. Besides this is still part of the old covenant therefore it is irrelevant.


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