The book of Enoch

The book of Enoch is a fundamental read for any believer in the Most High and Christ whether you be a Hebrew or a Gentile. The institutional church beast infrastructure has deliberately demonised this book aswell as the book of Jubilees, the book of Jasher, the Apocrypha and other valid extra biblical books that have more than proven their weight in gold. Simply put, the institutional church doesn’t want its members to get the full picture on anything, if they did the first thing that church attendees would realise is that the church has been lying to them and holding information back from them all along. So the money changers aka pastors give their members bits and bites of information and data, just enough to keep them returning for more but never a sufficient amount to where the member can individually walk with the Most High and be adequately fed. When I was attending the institutional church, I always found myself hungry for knowledge and the truth and despite the tripe and the crud that I was fed by the pastor, I never felt satisfied and my spirit was always nudging me towards the conclusion that there was alot more to these teachings than I was being informed about.

The book of Enoch is a very important book to read because it expounds on Genesis 6, it gives a more detailed explanation as to what took place upon the earth between the fallen angels and the people of earth. I would also add at this point that the book of Jasher also delves into this area of history and gives an explanation as to what was going on in these same times from a different aspect. Do not let anybody tell you what books to read and what book not to read. I remember the institutional church days very well, where the pastors and the congregational members would drum it into my head that this book and such like should under no circumstances be read. The church gives you the impression that if you read a document and it turns out to be in error, they act as if you are going to be swallowed up into a black hole of deception, confusion and lies from which you will never be able to escape forever. This of course is not true and if the institutional church beast pastor and his/her members really had any faith then they would have remembered John 16:13 in which we are told that the Spirit WILL GUIDE US INTO ALL TRUTH. In other words if you run into records of error, it will only be a matter of time until the error is exposed for what it is.




The biblical account is as follows. According to the book of Genesis the fallen angels who rebelled against the Most High under the instructions of Lucifer began to lust after the daughters of men and decided that they were going to take some of them for their own wives. Enoch 6 and 7 also confirms this same account. The fallen angels(200 in all) had sexual relations with their new human wives and as a result giants were born as a direct consequence of these unusual sexual unions. Over time these giants grew very large and tall and their physical appetite for food also grew, in fact it grew to such a point where the people of earth could no longer gather enough food to satisfy the hunger of these creatures. It was at this point that the giants began to turn against man himself, they then began to eat men and cattle instead.

Eventually the Most High stepped in and decided that he would cleanse the earth via a flood due to the incredible bloodshed and violence that was taking place on the planet. We are all familiar with Noah and how he took his wife, his sons, their wives and a selections of animals onto the ark. When the earth was flooded over the time period of this worldwide disaster the giants perished. However the spirits of these giants did not. The Most High then declared that because these spirits were neither of heaven nor of earth, that their place would now be in between both realms, that they would now afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, engage in war and destruction on the earth aswell as cause trouble for all of mankind. Is this beginning to sound familiar? It should do, these are the spirits that we call demons today, which the scriptures refers to as devils. This is how the spirits called demons/devils first came about. Once again, you can read about this account for yourself in Genesis 6 aswell as Enoch 6,7 and 15.



Reptilian HumanoidReptilian-alien

The aliens that you hear about today are simply the same demons/devils/evil spirits mentioned Enoch 15. Remember that we are told in Enoch 15 that the spirits of these giants aka the demons/devils of today would forever feel “hunger” and “thirst”. You also have to remember that the giants were stripped of their own bodies and so they very much desire to inhabit bodies once again. This is were demonic possession comes into the picture, for a temporary time the concerned evil spirit can satisfy his hunger and his thirst through the host that he possesses. Now you also understand one of the reason why evil spirits are so reluctant to leave their host and more time will put up an incredible struggle and spectacle before they leave the man/woman/child concerned.

Remember the numerous people possessed with devils that Christ had to deal with? Remember the mad man who lived in the tombs whom nobody could restrain, who would continually cry out all day and all night and who would cut himself with stones(Mark 5:1-13)? Remember how the devils who possessed this man’s body begged Christ to allow them to enter into the swine that were feeding nearby if they had to leave his body? Again, these devils desire to occupy bodies in order to temporarily satisfy their hunger and thirst cravings aswell as to influence the vessel that they possess to bring about more evil upon the planet. Let us also not forget the lunatic son that Christ had to deal with in Matthew 17, remember the one whom the devil/demon would often times throw him into fire and water? Go and read the more detailed account in Mark 9:17-26 and note how the spirit departed from the young man’s body. See, the desire to occupy a host is extremely strong with these evil spirits, almost akin to a heavy addiction.

Back onto the aliens, the aliens are simply devils who have harvested DNA from different creatures on the planet including men, women and children. This is why you hear of so many accounts to do with cattle mutilation aswell as people being abducted. These devils desire bodies of longevity. The problem with the bodies that these evil spirits are creating and thereafter possessing is the fact that these bodies do not last, I would guess that a typical body may only last for a few months. This is a poor comparison when you think about the human body that can last potentially run for more than 70 years. This is also of very poor quality when you think about the bodies that the giants had originally which would have lasted them for a much longer amount of time. This is the point to where these evil spirits are trying to get back to, back to creating themselves bodies that can last them at least a human lifetime, perhaps even longer. However I believe that the Most High has put a block in place to stop them from them achieving this goal, hence why the cattle mutilations and human abductions continue unto this day. I highly suspect that Daniel 2:43 is referring to this mixing of the DNA by these spirits in these times and how the attempts to mix these different DNAs together will fail. It would seem that they are attempted to intermingle themselves in with the human race but all attempts to do so thus far have proven unsuccessful.




The deal is this, Satan/Lucifer/The Devil holds an intense and an incomprehensive hatred all of humanity, he has always hated humanity from the beginning. Worshippers of Satan/Lucifer would do well to take heed and listen because despite your so called “alliance” with this dethroned cherub, he doesn’t like you either, he has always despised you and is simply using you to achieve his own personal goals. You could say that you have become a useful idiot. Man is made in the image of the Most High and so when Satan rebelled at the beginning and decided to commence his own agenda, his main objective was and still is to completely and utterly destroy ALL of mankind and he is using any and all means he can to achieve this goal from contamination of DNA through chemtrails, vaccinations, GMO food, wifi and cell phone frequencies etc to war, famine and disease. Whatever mechanism can be used to propel and prosper his goal of the complete destruction of man, he will employ. It is simple, when Satan looks at mankind he reminds him of the the power that he hates the most, the Most High, however he knows that he cannot possibly inflict any sort of harm to the Most High himself and so as a result he has decided the next best thing is to do to destroy the Most High’s most treasured creation, man himself.

Now, you have super wealthy people currently living on planet earth who consult with these evil spirits on a daily basis and through these “secret regular” meeting both parties have managed to reach an agreement(well, the super rich elite at least believe that they are going to get something out of this contract, they only thing that they will see in the end is death just like everybody else that they had a hand in killing). These evil spirits(I personally believe that these meeting have taken place with higher ranking spirits, not with the regular low level Joes) have convinced the richest people on the planet that there are too many people here in the world, that because they are the wealthiest folks living on planet earth that they have a right to live on this earth alone and possess it all for themselves. Thus from the global elite believing what they have been told and accepting the philosophies of Satan himself, the population reduction agenda was initiated through the Eugenics program.

Never ever forget that Eugenics was originally founded on the basis of controlling the numbers of the so called Negro. This is still the primary objective as we are to be the heirs and the next rulers of this planet in the Most High’s kingdom under Christ and the super rich and wealthy believe that they can prevent this change of leadership from taking place. Do not allow other nationalities particularly those of European descent to come along and tell you that the Eugenics program is now about the destruction of everybody therefore us blacks should now take a back seat, the primary goal has always been to exterminate and control the numbers of blacks and this still remains the main objective. The only reason why other nationalities have now been factored into the equation is because the global elite fear that these nations may have also mixed their seed with us, so at the end of the day the so called Negro is still the main focus of their attention whichever way you look at it.




The above image is of the Hadron Collider which is a machine that has been built underground on the border between France and Switzerland. Its name should give you a clue as to what they say this machine is used for. The “official story” is that this machine collides particles together at extremely high speeds and that the crashing of different particles together can give us an idea as to how the big bang came about and how the universe was created. I don’t believe in the big bang theory for a second, I personally think that it is a load of rubbish cobbled together by various people who are simply looking for any excuse to deny the existence of a higher power, however here I am simply repeating what the scientist are saying.

Whenever it comes down to large scientific experiments, there are always two reasons at hand, the convenient reason or what I would call an excuse, this is the reason that is always handed down to the general public for their consumption. Then there is the real reason which is always kept behind closed doors in secret. I encourage folks here to do their own research on this machine however do not fall for the propaganda in relation to what purpose the machine is being used for, I will show you right now the real purpose behind this machine and its use.

These evil spirits(devils/demons) that roam between heaven and earth have had a pretty rough ride that they deserve to have, they lost their physical bodies during the flood, they have been cursed with continual hunger and thirst aswell as the desire to attack, destroy, torment aswell as carry out other nasty and evil things to man. The problem up to this point has been gaining proper access to this realm/dimension so that they can afflict man more heavily and cause some real damage. As it has stood up until this current time, these evil spirits for the most part can only “influence” men to carry out evil and destructive practices and can only torment men to a certain limited degree. This is where this Hadron Collider comes in, these devils have influenced men to created a machine that can tear holes into different dimensions and hence allow these spirits aswell as other creatures direct access to this dimension. This is what this machine is really being used for and it has been rumoured that they have already achieved this goal, so well in fact that when they looked through into one of the dimensional tears that they had created, what they witnessed on the other side was so horrifying that they had to immediately shut the machine down.

This all makes sense if we think about it, we also have to remember what Christ stated about the last times, he said that men’s hearts would be failing them for witnessing the things that are coming upon the planet. Well, we have to think about this for a second too, how would your body react with you seeing a creature that you thought only existed in Hollywood movies, standing outside your front door in real life? On the note of Hollywood, this is one of many reason why that film industry is so dangerous, now more than every they are desensitising folks to strange creatures, monsters, “aliens” and beasts that are shortly to appear in this realm en mass. Most folks will be taken unawares because they will honestly believe that they are on a film set or that somebody is playing some sort of prank on them. It is only when the blood starts to fly and they begin to see dismembered bodies all over the streets will they then begin to put 2 and 2 together and realise that this is not a game. Once again the institutional church beast pastors should be teaching this information to their congregations, however they seem to be more concerned with collecting people’s hard earned cash. In light of information such as this, can you see why I continue to say that the common teachings of the institutional church are of little to no value?

The giants are coming back, the fallen angels that were locked in the mountains are also going to make an appearance and bring a sore judgement to this planet, it is all written and documented in the book of Enoch however most believers in Christ have never read the book of Enoch and thus do not have a clue as to what is coming. I personally believe that the institutional church pastors are in on keeping their flocks in deliberate ignorance in order for them to be an easy meal for the giants aswell as other creatures when they reappear, literally. By the way, the giants are already here, remember that there were giants after the flood aswell as before, remember Goliath, remember the men of Anak, remember Og king of Bashan? The giants are already here and the film industry continually shows you through Hollywood that the giants and other beasts are here and biding their time waiting for the right moment, Jack the Giant Slayer, Pacific Rim, Percy Jackson, Godzilla, The Hobbit etc are just a sample of the many films out there that are showing you that giants aswell as other beasts and creatures not of this planet are shortly going to appear en mass. Remember, “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be with the coming of the Son of Man”.

The things that are shortly to come upon this earth are not any whereby the so called European man can “save the day” as he always portrays himself to do on the Hollywood big screen. This also would fit in with what Christ stated about him personally intervening and cutting the time short lest no flesh should be saved at all. There is nothing short of a worldwide massacre coming to planet earth. This is one of the reasons why I wrote the trigger point posts, because I knew that we would require super natural powers through Christ to deal with creatures walking this planet that are not supposed to be of this realm. This is no joke, this is why thesedays I have absolutely no time for scoffers, atheists and folks alike who deny the Most High, they will suffer their own horrible fate at the hands of creatures and monsters that they thought only existed on Hollywood movie screens. My objective now is to simply give the truth to those who want to know and to help those who need help, the scoffers can find out the hard way and thereafter attempt to defend themselves. Hebrews and Gentiles in the Most High and Christ, it is time to prepare yourselves as the really hard times are soon to be upon us. However, in Christ we do not need to fear anything at all, let us always remember what Christ stated about having faith the size of a mustard seed and being able to move “mountains” with that small amount of faith alone. On that note I say bring it on.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



  1. Holy Shit Balls @ the Hadron Kaleidoscope, are you serious?!!!!!! WTF are those Europeans up to??? I do remember seeing it in Angels and Demons, but damn!!!!!!

    anyways it seems you and I are kinda working in synch cause I’m writing a superhero novel, so far I’ve only got the prologue and part of the first chapter…. I could let you read it if you’d like


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      There you go right there, Angels and Demons, Hadron Collider, do you see what I am talking about when I say that Hollywood is constantly showing you what is really going on through films? Most people watch films from an entertainment standpoint, I always go into watching a movie with the intent of studying what these rascals are really showing me. I recommend that from this point onwards on that you always watch films from an educational and study standpoint. Edom is always and will always be up to mischief and evil works, this is why Jacob got the blessing despite him not being the firstborn.

      Yeap, afraid so, that is what that Hadron Collider machine is really all about. You have to remember that so called advancements in “technology” are really just advancements in MAGIC. Everything from mobile phones to washing machines to cars to planes to trains etc is all MAGIC. It is just that we have been given the title of “technology” to associate with these things, we have grown up with this so called “technology” all around us and so as a result we tend not to look at technology for what it really is, that is magic.

      Sure, you can send the novel to and I will take a look at it.


      • I just remembered I did used to see variations of the Hadron Collider in shows like Phineas and Ferb (it shows on Disney channel) although I don’t remember the specifics exactly in regards to that show. However there were other programs I saw variations on. Not sure if you’re familiar with shows like Superman the animated series, Young Justice, or even the 2010 DC animated movie Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
        In those programs the device used was called a mother box which the inhabitants of these worlds known as New Genesis and Apokolips use to generate portals called boom tubes to travel between dimensions. Mostly the people of Apokolips used it to trade weapons with earth crime syndicates and then they set up and started operating what was known ask inter-gang which was headed by the nefarious Granny Goodness, now don’t let her name fool you she’s anything but good, she’s one of Apokolips’ ruler, Darkseid’s chief lieutenants and leads his honour guard called the female furies. Vicious and evil warrior women. Anyways I’m rambling, pretty sure none of what I said here made any sense but that’s just me putting two and two together


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        This is indeed true what you have stated, I was just about to mention the animated superman series and movies but you beat me to the punch. I am very familiar with the story lines, I enjoy the DC comics movie series, there is alot to be learned from all of the cartoons that you mentioned and more. What you are saying is not a ramble at all, it is very relevant. These stupid elites with every secret meeting that they have keep get persuaded by these devils to make more and more complex equipment that is going to make it easier for these evil spirits to travel back and forth and because this Edom is so hungry for power and control, he is very easily swayed into building more complex magical equipment. These devils have promised these elites everything from a world to themselves to eternal life. The only way to gain eternal life is from the Most High through Christ, however the global elite somehow think that they can obtain their heart’s desires, live eternally and bypass Christ at the same time. Fools they are indeed.


  2. Yo! WHAT.THE.FUDGE. FOR REAL!!! Yo, Verbs, Kingoftheteddybears, I got one word for you, well two…”THE MIST” yo, if you’ve ever seen that movie, you know that the “military” opened a portal to a dimension and things started coming through it before they could close it and it turned the town that the movie was in, upside down. Now, I was not awakened at the time I watched this film. However, after reading this post, and somehow as I was reading it, I knew that you were going to say that satan wants to open a portal. when i saw the pic of the collider hadron thingy i was like, i bet you that is to open a portal or at least snatch things from a portal into this world. Anyway, after reading this post, the mist came to mind.

    I’m not tripping but it’s so hard to put it together as like this is actually going to happen, the super powers and all. I mean don’t get me wrong, I want the super powers, I want the protection and the spiritual endowment of The Most High but it’s just like, wow; this thing is NOT a movie. Just like you said, when the blood begins to fly then it’ll seem like, oh….OH! OH SHIT! THIS SHIT IS REAL SON!!!

    but the crazy thing is that i have thoughts all the time about how it’s going to go down when it does. how it will be if something gets loose on the streets and starts terrorizing people. if it’ll come from the woods/forrest or come from the sea/ocean. or would it just appear and begin to start wrecking shop immediately. I don’t dwell on it with fear or anything, but I do think of it. Like, how would I react if I saw it on the news. would i be able to handle it or believe it.

    I also thought about the magic part when i play Xbox and any game system. the graphics keep getting closer and closer to real and though as a gamer i enjoy it, i also speculate and suspect that this “technology” was taught to people and they(the graphic) became “progressively upgraded.”

    this is all so crazy but like you said Verbs, BRING IT ON!


    • J.R I remember watching that movie about a year or two ago on the SyFy channel. Truth be told I didn’t really watch it closely or intently cause I was super bored that day and I just had it on that channel cause nothing good was showing. Anyways thanks for the heads up, another thing J.R

      Jeepers Creepers 2


    • J.R,

      The military believe that just because they are in the know while the majority of the general public is in the dark, that somehow they have some sort of advantage over everybody else. We must never forget that Satan despises ALL OF MANKIND, that would obviously include military personnel, so they will be gotten rid of as soon as they have served their purpose and function in the grand scheme of the Devil’s plan.

      Since the military wants to hold secrets from the public including myself, I will simply go to the Most High and ask him to show me what they refuse to disclose. They and their foolish secret antics can and will be bypassed. The Most High doesn’t deal with “national security”, “top secret”, “confidential” or “classified”, he will readily give us the information that they are so keen to withhold(that prayer has been put in already).

      Indeed, Satan desires a permanent rift/tear between where he is and this dimension in order for him and his devils to travel back and forth with considerably more ease. I cannot wait for the supernatural powers from above, I will not hesitate to drop a mountain upon a giant’s head topside down first, I’m not playing at all when it comes down to creatures who are not supposed to be here, who are not part of this realm. Rest assured in the Most High, when these creatures begin to come through to this planet en mass, the Most High most certainly has got your back, you will be able to “perform” and deal with these creatures instantly.

      The creatures have already started appearing, Steve Quayle has talked about the giants already being present, the thing is though at the moment their numbers upon the earth are small enough to where the military can fight these giants and other creatures and contain them, thus the word can be kept in house and the information can be prevented from getting out. However, the time is coming to where there are going to be too many to control and contain, that is the point where you are are going to start seeing these creatures in the streets and in the skies aka that is when the blood is going to run in the streets like a river.

      As I stated before, the atheists and the scoffers can defend themselves, they have already been warned and have not heeded the warnings. Their blood is upon their own heads. From the Sinclair Spectrum to the Xbox, we have simply been taken deeper and deeper into the magical realm under the guise of so called “technology”. When we are told about “advancements in technology” or “Hitech” what we are really being told is that we are being taken deeper into magic and sorcery. The global elite continue to listen to these evil spirits and thus they continue leading us deeper and deeper into the realm of magic and sorcery. That is ok though, the Hebrews will clean up this mess that they have created and will destroy them in the process also.


  3. now that movie i’ve only seen once or twice, i dunno. i remember it tho. but not enough to bring it to relevance which can only mean one thing…time to brush up on my syfy stuff so i can study this stuff. I am fully aware of your DC Comic references also even though you were responding to verbs. I’m all into that sort of thing but just as a normal average fan, i’m not a fanboy and that’s not a knock against you if you are. All I know is that guys, THIS is some str8 up CRAZY SHIT and I am fully on board with the belief in it. My Faith stays in The Most High, His Son and The Set Apart Spirit and I’m glad I can chop shop with brothers like you verbs, and you KingoftheTeddyBears.

    anyway hope more folks have input.
    later yall.



  5. Wow this is no joke Verbs, do you know I had started to read the book of Enoch about two weeks and put it down because I was feeling conflicted about if i should be reading that since “it is not an official book” of the bible. I will have to continue my reading because it was very interesting for the writer to go in depth about the fallen that came down and took the human women for wives. Thank you for this i know i’m on the right track. Thanks brother Vertbs!


    • Aja,

      This “not an official book” line, you need to purge out of yourself immediately as this is a classic institutional church beast slogan. Remember Jude in his book quotes Enoch in Jude 14-15 which reads:

      14 – And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,

      15 – To execute judgement upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and all of their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

      The verse that Jude was quoting from Enoch was Enoch 1:9 which reads:

      1:9 – And behold! He cometh with ten thousands of his holy ones
      To execute judgement upon all,
      And to destroy all the ungodly:
      And to convict all flesh
      Of all the works of their ungodliness which they have ungodly committed,
      And of all the hard things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.

      I remember a while back that I also found a quote that Christ made that came out of the apocrypha, however I have forgotten the particular passage at the moment. This business about certain books not being “valid” has to be taken with a pinch of salt especially when this “information” is coming from the institutional church beast infrastructure.

      Even if a book is in error, the Spirit will lead you towards the truth regardless, however you have to walk in faith and allow him to guide you in the first place. I would also recommend that you check out the 1st and 2nd books of Adam and Eve, they were also very interesting reads.


  6. I hear you Verbs you’re right. Fear has always been something the church used to keep people under their control. I remember being taught that once you start delving into things outside of the bible you can open a whole new can of worms that our minds couldn’t accept and allow you to lose your mind and cause unbelief . Im not gonna lie it scared me and up until now there was no other book I read other than the bible. Thats why I put down the Book of Enoch after reading it for two weeks because I thought I was opening up that can of worms. I will most definitely be checking out the Adam and Eve books…………my problem is that instead of walking in total faith I try to be cautious and do his job for him. If my faith is completely with him he won’t steer me wrong (. Thank you for that.


    • Aja, you’ll find that many of us are not strangers to the institutional church’s mind control tactics.


      • It’s a blessing to know that you are not alone in a struggle that makes you feel like you are by yourself. i appreciate the fellowship on this site because it allows me to communicate with like minded individuals that give you that breath of fresh air to know that you are not crazy. Thank you Kingoftheteddybears! 🙂


    • Aja,

      It has taken me about 7 years to relax and allow the Most High to guide me, even now the Most High is still working on issues within my life because as I keep stating:

      “The Decontamination And Deprogramming Process Continues”.

      I know what you are saying about the fear. The institutional church gives you the impression that if you do not walk according to how THEY tell you to, you will go to hell. I remember the “reading other material will suck you into a dark vortex from which you will not be able to escape from” nonsense too.

      The institutional church does not want you operating as an individual, this is why they demonise the extra biblical books and they especially frown against independent research and investigation. Take your time, there is no rush, the barriers and the blocks that the Most High needs to remove as a result of your institutional church programming he will get rid of in time. In the mean while at least know from now that reading books that are not “approved” by the institutional church beast infrastructure is NOT going to send you down to hell,lol.

      Most High Bless


  7. yeah, i am with you Aja, and Verbs will tell you, I was a mess always fretting about wondering if I’m doing the right thing. I felt so honored to know the truth but also so vulnerable because all this time I had been calling out Jesus and God and just thought i knew who i was praising and what I believed and then to know the truth, after searching for it and finding it…my world crashed. I couldn’t see life the same. I had no song in my mouth or praises on my lips anymore. i was scared. i thought the world was going to end at any moment. i was afraid to stay in a place that The Most High had blessed me because I thought i had to go to my hometown and prepare for a famine or total societal melt down. I was listening to everyone and not knowing if they were of the Father or of some wayward spirit.

    So, I am with you Aja, we all are. and i love the awakening and the truth and The Father for bringing us into it and a fellowship of like minded brothers and sisters. I can’t seem to find people in real life that is awake but it’s o.k. As I am learning and Verbs has been saying, it’s an individual walk and it’s at His Time and He brings you to where you need to be every time.

    I’ve been looking up the LHC so much. I had no idea that this thing was as popular as it is. It is definitely interesting to learn about but I’m still maintaining my focus.

    oh, and this is J.R. Verbs, i created a blog so it made me sign in with it. but it’s still me.


    • Thank you for that J.R. I thought I was going crazy for a minute but too afraid to speak out about it. Everything that I learned I had to put away because I was starting from scratch and that too is still hard at times. I thank the Lord for my brothers and sisters and know that you all are in my prayers.

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  8. i dont understand i thought the book of enoch was the work of satan. I really dont understand. Is there a cover up of of our biblical lineage. Some people say that we are the true jews of israel. But am finding it hard to believe because i have read some articals about God performing miracles in israel during the war with hamas. And if we are the true jews dont u think that by now god would have definalty made us return to our home land. am just confused. i know that the elit white people think that they are better than us because they skin colour is white. Could there be a conspiracy in our lineage


    • Jacqueline,

      You are beginning to ask the relevant and important questions, this is good and this is the beginning of your decontamination and deprogramming process from the lies that you have been taught via the institutional church. First and foremost don’t be believing these so called pastors who are telling you that the book of Enoch, the book of Jubilees, the Apocrypha, the first and second books of Adam and Eve and other extra biblical books are not valid, they are every much as valid as the common 66 books that we have today.

      The institutional church beast infrastructure simply desires you to remain in a position of control for them, therefore through using the technique of fear the so called church demonises perfectly legitimate information sources(the book of Enoch etc) in order to keep you ignorant and under their continued control.

      On the subject of our true heritage, our true history and our true bloodline, YES, there has been a huge cover up to hide who we really are. The so called Negro is the true Hebrew by bloodline and those so called Israelis who are occupying the land of Israel today are nothing short of impostors pretending to be us, this is one of the main if not the very reason Christ referred to them as the “Synagogue of Satan”.

      You have to remember that Satan also has power, you also have to remember that devil is the prince of the power of the air, he runs this Babylon system that this planet currently operates under, therefore he can also bestow power upon his servants and make this very same power seem as if it is coming from the Most High. The so called “miracles” that have been claimed were and still are works of evil, it has been the institutional church beast infrastructure pastors aka the money changers who have been the instruments that have been used by these same JewISH people(behind the scenes) to encourage folks to look upon the wicked works of these same said Israeli people as “miracles from the Most High”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      We are going to be restored to our true homeland in time very soon, the Most High is operating according his own timetable not ours, firstly however the Most High is going to utterly break these nations into pieces for what they have done to us. All of the nations on this planet have a full and undiluted recompense and heavy judgement to receive for the wicked and evil works that they have wrought against us as a people. The Most High has not forgotten their wickedness and their evil ways towards us, everything has been recorded and noted, absolutely nothing has escaped his sight, NOTHING.

      Yes, we so called Negroes are the chosen people, this is the big secret that most people do not want to face and accept(especially those of European descent), even some of our own people are in denial in relation to their true heritage, history and bloodline:


  9. Oh goodie, you actually did a post on this. I’ve been reading the book of Enoch for the past few weeks and I can safely say that despite what mainstream churchianity would have you believe, it actually is a valid book, however I must confess my disappointment that many of the dismissive attitudes toward to the book of Enoch are not only shared by those in mainstream churchianity but it’s also very pervasive within the Hebrew Israelite Community, particularly within the Israel United In Christ (IUIC) congregation headed by Elder Nathanyel. IUIC is currently the top camp right now as one commentator eloquently stated, and while they are bringing out some home truths concerning our people and our history according to the bible, a lot of their doctrines are filled with twisted and downright damnable humanist heresies. I remember vaguely one class that IUIC did, I think it was roughly two to 3 years ago I don’t exactly remember the name of the lesson but I do remember Elder Nathanyel saying that Lucifer and the fallen angels debacle never happened, I believe the individual who was reading at the time was reading Isaiah 14:12-15, according to him, those verses were talking about the fall of Esau, this last empire that’s ruling and there I am thinking “when was Esau ever in heaven?” and Elder Nathanyel said that heaven was referring to Esau’s government, in a nutshell don’t quote me though. Now correct me if I am wrong but that sounds an awful like a modified version of the Jehovah’s Witness doctrine. Also there are some Israelites out there who teach that the Sons Of God who came in on to the daughters of men (which we know were angels) were the sons of Seth dealing with the daughters of Cain and that there were no giants and that the giants being mentioned were ordinary men. Now the question is, “how does a good person procreating with a bad person produce men of renown? so much so that it made the most high flood the earth?” by that logic, this earth should’ve been destroyed many times over. Another doctrine that the IUIC puts out there is that the serpent that deceived Eve and Adam in the garden was actually a man. Now taking into consideration, the curses that the most high put on the serpent (snake) that it would crawl on its belly and eat the dust of the earth, so now the big question “What sort of man do you see, crawling around on his belly eating dust?” Now while part of me is impressed that the truth (in part) is going out to our people, I am worried because a lot of our people are being taught lies and falsehoods. And the thing is, these Elders are so vehement and aggressive in their falsehoods that anyone who tries to rebuke and correct them, they deem as dumb and unlearned, which speaks to the fact that the spirit of discernment is not strong in many of us..


    • Brother Yanni, you need to stop listening to those fools, they sound like a bunch of hot-headed, bloviating idiots. They may understand some things but overall their interpretation of scripture on a lot of topics is far off


  10. And there I was with you until you started talking about the super negros.. we wuz kangs and sheit

    What is the matter with you people? You are not true jews.. there are no true jews… original jews were short and white, with yellow hair..they were vegans and anti violence.. everything blacks are not today..



    • Danny,

      “We wuz kangs” is nowhere in the article, this is not a pro black site. As for the super Negro, has you read the book of Jasher then you would’ve been clued up. The Jews are clearly described in the scriptures as black, get over it.


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