Tying Up The Nonsensical Feminist Loose Ends – Part 2



Continuing on from part 1, yet more meaningless nonsense that the feminist propaganda machine has caused men in modern day society to worry about. The feminist camp would have men believe that a large size penis is the standard requirement for all women within the modern day western society. First and foremost there are more than a few factors that must be taken into consideration here, the first being how tall the woman is. The reality is that a woman who is tall(5’7” plus) can more easily accommodate a larger than average size penis in comparison to a woman who is say 5’2” or even 5’0”. This is one of the major factors that the feminist crowd conveniently leaves out. Put quite frankly, not that I still believe that this issue is of any relevance but for the sake of dealing with the topic, a man who has an average size penis(5-6 inches in length and around 1 and a half inches in width) will do well with most women regardless of their size. We have to also remember that when a woman is aroused, her vagina expands and swells to almost double the size. Another issue here that needs to be addressed is what type of woman are we dealing with in terms of sexual frequency? Of course a woman who behaves in the manner of a slut is going to demand a bigger penis size due to the fact that her vagina has been beat out 6 ways to Sunday, the vagina has become loose and no longer retains the tight integrity, the vagina wall has become desensitised and thus a larger penis is now required to “fill up the gap and meet the new dimensions”.

Speaking plainly, the feminist camp are a bunch of liars who hate men to the core and who deliberately set up ridiculous, unrealistic and nonsensical boundaries that they know the majority of men cannot fulfill. A woman who is say 5’0” is going to just about be comfortable with an average size penis. Anything greater than an average size will cause problems in a small sized women including tearing in the wall of the vagina aswell as stomach pains due to the penis coming into contact with the back of the vagina. Feminists simply launched the fairy tales and the pornography industry has continued to uphold the illusion sporting male performers with huge penises which most of the time they do not tell you have been artificially enhanced. If women are really looking for a large penis as these feminists claim, then why is it that women who perform in pornographic movies look very uncomfortable when they are given their so called “desire”? Not to brag and boast however speaking from experience this generic rule the feminist camp propagates of “size matters” is dependent on so many factors that are conveniently omitted by the same feminist trash. They make it seems as though a large size penis is the standard however they neglect to inform you that for many women, a large size penis can be very uncomfortable and can lead to more problems than pleasure.

I personally I’m taking no notice of this slogan that the feminist camp has spread in terms of penis size, as far as I am concerned as I have already stated in part 1 of this series, this is simply yet another meaningless distraction that has been put in place to prevent men from taking up their rightful and natural positions/functions as leaders and figures of authority. Accept the package that you are presented with or simply move on.



Burning rubber

The average sex session last anywhere between 10-17 minutes. This is the reality of life and how things work in the real world, however the feminists would have you believe differently. The feminists, the porn industry and the music industry have been instrumental in promoting the idea that having sex/making love is akin to running a marathon. I bring in the music industry here because I am reminded of a song that was performed by Missy Elliot sometime back in which she expresses how she “don’t want no one minute man”. In reality, though the number of men suffering from so called “premature ejaculation” is growing due to the sexual dysfunction of society, still this issue is not a problem among the majority of men, yet the feminist propaganda machine would have you believe that most men are suffering from an epidemic of this condition.

Here is the truth on the matter. As I stated before the average session of sexual intercourse will on average last from 10-17 minutes. If the couple are still aroused after the initial session has ended then there will normally be a period of rest for recovery of energy and strength before the couple initiate sexual intercourse again. This is the real world, to men out there, it is perfectly fine, normal and a necessity to take a rest after sex despite what is being portrayed in the pornography industry. You have to also remember that when a man ejaculates sperm, that is literal “life” that is leaving him which is the very reason why he feels tired immediately after and requires some to recuperate. For those who do not know a man is at his sexual peak between his mid teens to late 20’s whereas a woman will reach her sexual peak much later down the road towards her late 30’s to early 40’s.

The fact of the matter is that men in general today have been scammed into thinking and honestly believe that they have an obligation to approach sex from the same standpoint as a high performance vehicle. This is unrealistic and yet again we can blame the pornography industry and the scumbag feminist camp for propagating this mirage. I once again will not be taking any notice of the so called “performance standard” put out there by the feminist camp, I will not be performing to the standards of a Porsche or a formula 1 car. There is no set way to engage in sex, each couple should be exploring their own avenues instead of believing that there is a set standard that everybody must conform to. Feel out your own sexual paths, be original, be individual, be unique and do not swayed and pressured by the generic data that the feminist trash heap likes to spew forth.




This is one of the most common myths that has been propagated by the feminist movement, submission to men is akin to being a slave. The fact of the matter is that it is the man’s place to be an authority over the women however not as a slave master as these stupid, lughead feminists would have you believe but as a leader, as a decision maker, as a thinker, as a protector, as a comforter etc. You see, because of this feminist nonsense women in general have been duped into thinking that they are equally as adept in slotting into the roles of a man. As we can clear see in today’s society women are clearly not cut out to engage in the roles of a man, obviously this is not a natural thing. Yes women, believe it or not the majority of the burden of the relationship is supposed to lie with the man. This actually benefits you as this now means that you no longer need to concern yourself with so many issues and now you are free to take care of the real responsibilities of a woman.

This is the problem, because women in general believe that submitting to the man is akin to being a slave, women have now slotted themselves into an artificial place of challenge and competition against men instead of their natural place of companionship and love. Thus as I stated before, how can you possible fall in love with and work together with somebody with whom you are in a constant battle and competition with everyday of the year? As much as I understand that because of the reckless and foolish decision of women to join the workforce at the beginning of the feminist movement, as a result women have now years later down the road placed themselves in a position to where they also have to work in order to bring in money, this is an unnatural position for a woman to be in, it is the man’s job and duty to work, that is what men are built for.

Many women are beginning to clock onto the fact that this mantra of “submission equals slavery” is simply an empty vessel of lies and pure grade rubbish. I do not see what is slave like in allowing the man to fulfill his correct, natural and proper function in LOOKING AFTER YOU, PROTECTING YOU AND PROVIDING FOR YOU. Women have been duped into riding the so called “independent route” as if they are gaining greatly by travelling down that road. The feminists are not stupid, they know that independence is not in the function of a woman however because they have given themselves over to a lifestyle of dysfunction, they desire to see other women who are not of those mannerisms fall in line and become dysfunctional, bitter, angry and hateful just like them. I cannot really do anything about this slogan as it is the women that this nonsense has been pushed upon, all I can do is bring some correction, offer you the truth and expose the lie on this one. Submission for a woman in reality equals an easy flowing life with few worries.



1977 ERA March with Suzanne French, Jane McKeever, & Mary Joan S

Lets ask some simple questions now shall we:

When a man and a woman divorce and the man is only allowed to visit and see his child/children on Saturday and Sunday every week, is this equal?

When a woman becomes pregnant and decides that she does not want to have the child and even though the man may feel the complete opposite to her, she can make the final decision, walk into the abortion clinic and kill the child regardless of the man’s feelings or opinion, is this equal?

When a woman claims that she has been raped, her word is automatically accepted for the truth, the so called culprit is immediately arrested, taken down to the local police station for processing and slammed into a cell for hours in double figures, this is normally all carried out without even first verifying the woman’s account for authenticity, is this equal?

A woman’s word in this feminist western society is for the most part given higher priority over the testimony of a man, is this equal?

Even though she may be living in a wooden shack that is falling to bits, a woman will always be given custody of the children, is this equal?

A woman can put any man she chooses to on child support even if he is not the father to her children, it is then up to the man to prove to the court the false nature of the woman’s claim via a paternity test, is this equal?

When the words “child abuse” are mentioned, a man will automatically come to the average mind as the abuser even though it has been shown clearly that women can and do abuse children as much as men, is this equal?

When a man hits a woman the action is immediately condemned as an unacceptable act of violence, however when a woman hits a man it is looked upon as acceptable, funny and humourous, is this equal?

When a woman has been proven to have told lies in court, typically no action is taken against her however when a man has been discovered to have not told the truth in court, he will immediately have the book thrown at him, is this equal?

A woman can request government assistance when she has children however a man cannot if he is left with the children, is this equal?

A woman can recklessly have child after child after child after child after child after child and the government will continue to reach out and provide the woman with subsides, thus this is an automatic endorsement of her irresponsible and unaccountable behaviour, is this equal?

Many swimming pools here in the UK have woman’s only timetable slots yet and still I have yet to see the same be provided for men, is this equal?

If a man and a woman separate, the woman is immediately given the rights to live in the property and the man is thrown out onto the street even though the property may be in his name alone, is this equal?

When a man and a woman go out to dinner or go out for drinks, the man is expected to pick up the entire tab instead of a split down the middle, is this equal?

The point of asking these questions aswell as many more is to simply show you that feminism has not brought women equal rights, instead it has brought them superior rights. This is the precise objective of feminism, to place the woman over the man in every aspect of life which is the complete opposite and at odds with nature and the way that the Most High and Christ declared the order of men and women to be on this planet. The equal rights claim is complete and utter farse whichever way you decide to go, whether you decide to talk on equal pay, job rights or other aspects of life. The ideal situation for the feminist camp would be one to where men do not have any rights whatsoever and this is certainly the road that we are travelling down presently. Every group has a purpose to be used by the global elite and the feminists are no different. They will be utilised as the useful idiots that they are until they have fulfill their “tasks”. Then soon after they will be kicked to the curb and they no longer will be shown any favouritism whatsoever. The homosexual movement will also be dealt with in exactly the same manner when the same controllers feel the time is appropriate to pull the plug on that movement aswell.




Though not as common today as it was in the past, there is still a cadre of women out there who still believe that a man shouldn’t ask them their age. The real interpretation of this slogan means that the woman involved knows that her age does not match her looks. The typical culprits here are over the hill women who have lived in the fast lane from a young age, who took pleasure in dissing and brushing of men left and right, however now who have reached a point in life where men are no longer paying them the level of  attention they were receiving before due to the fact that the same said men are homing in towards younger women. See the thing is for a woman, her prime is from her teens up until around the 30 mark. After a woman passes through into her 30’s the chances of her finding a permanent mate, settling down and having a family decreases dramatically. A woman’s value decreases as she becomes older because her increasing age is automatically associated with a slimmer chance of having children whereas for a man it is the complete opposite, his value increases with age as his increase in age is associated with security. This is why there is a saying which talks about a man being able to waste a woman’s best years however a woman not being able to waste the best years of a man.

My suggestion to men is to simply mark women who tell you that you shouldn’t ask them their age. What, are they working for MI5 or the CIA that they cannot reveal their age? Quite frankly women who use this slogan I personally cannot take seriously as the question is not a personal one, it is a standard open question which requires a standard open response. You have to think about it, if a woman is not willing to reveal something as simple as her age from the beginning then what else is she hiding from you and if you happen to enter into a relationship with her then what else is she going to keep a secret from you down the road? Women it is simple, if you look older than your age then that is your fault for not taking care of yourself in the younger years. To young women who still have their best years ahead of them I say this, do not burn the candle at both ends, live your life to the full however at the same time be sure to look after your body when you are young as you will not be able to fully repair the damage when you get older.




The word “misogyny” is a word that has been thrown around frequently and carelessly as of late by the feminist camp. The word misogyny in a simple form means that as a man you have a hatred and a distrust of women. Well, as we live in a feminist society with feminist rules aswell as a feminist court system that continually shafts men to the hilt, can anyone really be surprised when resentment begins to arise against women as a whole. What I find interesting is that feminists and modern day western women always follow the same path in which they look at things from how they look today and attempt to make judgements based upon the current situation, however they always fail to look to the root cause of the issue by going back to the beginning and locating the guilty culprits from that point. The fact of the matter is that it is women who are to blame for this increase in so called “misogyny” among men, from the feminist movement which started in the 60s to the current feminist system that we have in place today that most women can and do take advantage of. Even women who claim that they despise feminism will still dip their feet in the feminist cesspool when it suits them or there is something to be gained.

There is also a flip side to so called misogyny, this is where women actually embrace the so called misogyny that is levied against them instead of distancing themselves from it and calling it out. I will give you an example. When Snoop Dogg came out with his album Doggystyle in the 90s, there was one particular song on the album that caught my attention, the song was called “Aint No Fun(If The Homies Can’t Have None).  The song basically talks about oral sex, having sex with women, orgies, not giving women any worth or value and treating them like dirt. The late Nate Dogg opens up the song by singing the following lyrics:

“When I met you last night baby
Before you opened up your gap
I had respect for ya lady
But now I take it all back
Cause you gave me all your pussy
And ya even licked my balls
Leave your number on the cabinet
And I promise baby, I’ll give ya a call
Next time I’m feelin kinda horny
You can come on over, and I’ll break you off
And if you can’t fuck, that day, baby
Just lay back, and open your mouth
Cause I have never
met a girl
That I love
in the whole wide world”.

Now the thing that struck me about this song is the fact that one day I was in a night club, this song came on and when Nate Dogg began to sing his part, the majority of the women in the club knew the words off by heart and began to sing along with him. This tune is one of many songs that degrade women yet women know the words to these same songs and they happily and merrily sing along with them. You cannot have it both ways, women will regularly levy this title of “misogyny” against men yet these same women know the most degrading lyrics to songs that totally dehumanises them. This is top grade hypocrisy to the highest degree. From FHM to GQ to soft porn magazines, women walk into those photo shoots themselves and decide that they are going to pose semi or completely naked for a camera. Nobody is forcing women to take part in photo shoots like this, nobody is forcing women to take part in dehumanising and degrading pornography yet they still roll in by the high numbers and offer up themselves for service.

Many folks are aware of the Ghetto Gaggers porn series to where women are degraded on film to the lowest standard during sex, the things that are done to them and the things that they put up with on film are off the scale, for those who are not familiar with the Ghetto Gaggers porn series, I ask you to do your own research but be prepared for a horror show. Type in “Ghetto Gaggers” in a search engine, click on images and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Coincidently, the majority of the women that appear in the Ghetto Gagger porn films are black women. Mind you, these are the same women who in the next breath will give themselves the titles of “5 star chick” or “queen”. I still stand by the statement that I have made in previous posts, the majority of black women are mentally ill and need immediate help. Where is the pro black, back to Africa, conscious community when it comes down to these black women being degraded? Probably beating themselves off in closed closets over these same images and films themselves.

The point is that just as mush as women are throwing out this term of misogyny is just as much as they are embracing its very fabric. Stop being hypocritical, if you so called feminists are truly against the exploitation and the degradation of women then stand against these and other dehumanising acts ALL OF THE WAY. Don’t claim that you are against something on the one hand but yet your other hand is dipped in that very same thing you are claiming a hatred for. Another quick point that should be mentioned here is the fact that feminists are also throwing out the “misogynist” label unjustly at men for simply being corrected by men on their dysfunctional behavior aswell as various other issues. This is simply childish by basic standards however at the same time this fits the behaviour dynamic of the modern day western woman to a T. Verbs is watching.




This is one of the latest phrases to roll out from the feminist propaganda machine. The most common type of so called “objectification” that these chicken neck feminists complain about is sexual objectification, so I will be dealing with this aspect of objectification mostly. Once again I really have to laugh at these terms that the feminist camp want folks to take seriously. In this case once again it is the fault of the modern day western woman as she is the one who sets up the environment for sexual objectification to take place, she is the cultivator of the sexual objectification seed, however yet again she wishes to complain and kick up a fuss like a child when the seeds begin to germinate and grow. Open flesh and tight clothing on certain areas of a women is a blatant sexual invitation for men. As it stands in 2014, mens libidos are constantly through the roof with the current standard dresscode of women that has been put out there by the feminist camp.

As I stated before, the modern day western woman is akin to a child, she wants all of the privileges that come with dressing how she feels yet at the same time she refuses to accept the responsibility and the accountability that comes with dressing in a sexual manner. Feminism has on the one hand promoted women to dress in a sexually provocative manner yet at the same time this same said movement has heavily vilified men for reacting naturally to women who dress in a sexually provocative manner. Aswell as the institutional church beast infrastructure, I also blame feminism for the massive sexual dysfunction that we have in society today. Under normal circumstances women dressed in a sexual manner would normally lead to sexual activity and release for the male, however because of the cancerous hand of feminism many men are now afraid to express that they need their sexual needs met and as a result are forced into gratifying themselves to relief the sexual frustration.

I also have to laugh at feminist groups such as FEMEN, a group consisting of women who like to make their feminist points known and stage protests by running into certain events and locations topless. This is the height of stupidity and hypocrisy yet again from the feminist camp, on the one hand you have feminists on the one side stating that women are being objectified sexually yet in the same breath you have a feminist group that protests topless, thus the women within that group are placing themselves in a position to be sexually objectified. Does anyone else see a problem here? This is one of many reasons why I say that the feminist movement is a piece of trash and a joke. How can such a movement be taken seriously when it is full to the brim with such hypocrisy and how can women who parade themselves topless be taken seriously also?

To be honest, if we are going to deal with other aspects of objectification, the modern day western woman still is to blame. As I stated before nobody is forcing women into these positions to be objectified, women are voluntarily walking into these positions and thus cultivating the seeds and priming the objectification environment. Sorry women, the results that you are experiencing today are simply the fruits of the environment that you have created from the beginning. You ought to shut your mouth and take it on the chin, however the modern day western woman like the typical child that she is will always go running towards the feminist system for refuge when the heat becomes too much. Women are just as actively involved in the so called objectification process as men are, that is on the condition that I am even to believe in this stupid term to begin with, WHICH I DON’T.




The feminist movement should really be called the movement to emasculate men. The feminist agenda is to completely topple the authority and the leadership that men are supposed to have over women and reduce the rights of a man right down to zero. As I have already clearly demonstrated, feminism has brought along an imbalance and inequality for men in some areas and a superiority for women in others. The talk about so called equal rights is a complete and utter farse and men would do wise to wake up to the scam and begin to take a stand from now. The problem with the feminism movement is that it has been backed and financed by MEN(that part is ironic) with very deep pockets, this is the reason why the movement has been able to gather the incredible traction and the mileage that it has made thus far. The same folks who are behind the homosexual movement are in like manner funding the feminist movement. We have to remember that at their core both the feminist and homosexual movements are one and the same as they both seek to remove the man from his primary function, which is to continue his lineage and keep his progeny/family tree going.

I for one am not falling for the feminist propaganda, I know what the movement is really all about and what the real intentions of the movement involve, not the so called “surface friendly issues” that the feminist movement like to put out to the public. Under no circumstance will any feminist or any women who is about that agenda be emasculating me, this is not going to happen and anybody who attempts to do so will be swiftly mowed down, Verbs is not playing when it comes down to this devilish agenda. That would also include SIMPS and chicken neck, weak, effeminate men who would step up and attempt to back this nonsense and thus bring about their own destruction and demise. Stand aside and allow the real men to step forward and take charge. By the way feminists will open their legs and sleep with men who are married if they have to, this is all part of the agenda to destroy the family unit. When you think of feminism you must always relate the movement to the destruction of the family.

I have stated on more than one occasion that women who are truly against this feminist movement and infrastructure had better start speaking out now also and you need to stop dipping your feet in the feminist pot for short term temporary gains when it suits you. This movement just like the homosexual movement is a cancer which its main aim is to bring dysfunction to society by destroying the family unit. This is why I will say it again, the homosexual agenda and the feminist movement are one and the same. This is why one of the the slogans that the FEMEN group uses is “IN GAY WE TRUST”. What more proof do you need to show you that there is a direct connection between both movements? As always………..


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Agenda Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless





29 thoughts on “Tying Up The Nonsensical Feminist Loose Ends – Part 2

  1. another hit home post there Verbs, especially when it comes to penis size and all, I have self-esteem issues I am working to alleviate, and most of it stemmed from not having a large penis, cause I remember I had a music teacher who used to tell us “Sing like you have Testicular Fortitude” i.e “sing like you have a big dick” meaning if you had a strong singing voice, well you get the drift. Also, I used to feel like total crap when I used to watch porn and see men with huge pieces and think to myself “no woman would ever want me” cause I felt like I was too small to satisfy a woman cause I have an average 5’4 piece. I know I know TMI…….. but it’s great that more and more blind-folds are coming off………..


    • Don’t feel bad kingoftheteddybears half of the guys on porn were surgically enhanced and probably have a slew of std’s to follow. Just stay confident in who you are not how size your member is and that’s all that matters. I do think that there is a shortage of decent suitors to choose from though which may


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      This is also one of the main objectives of feminism, to have men feeling unsure about themselves, to have them lacking confidence and to have them hesitant and afraid when it comes down to forming relationships with women. The porn industry is a complete and utter farce, it is losing huge amounts of money as we speak because ordinary people with ordinary basic equipment are now picking up cameras and filming themselves having sex instead and putting it online, this is more appealing to everyday people because it looks real and feels more genuine as apposed to the plastic, synthetic, professional porn films that people have been used to. Amateur pornography has put a huge dent in the professional porn industry, the top producers are not happy about it and they continue to complain about their loses.

      There is a lady by the name of Shelley Lubben, she blows the lid straight off of the porn industry and exposes it for the fraudulent farce that it is. She used to be a porn actress. Her site is http://www.shelleylubben.com. Don’t feel bad about penis size, as I stated before, most of the male porn actors have had enhancements done and they also struggle to keep a constant erection which is one of the main reasons why there are so many different scenes in professional pornographic movies, they have to cut the recording constantly for the male performer to attempt to get his erection back, via using pharmaceutical or illegal drugs if he has to. Once again, the so called “big penis” standard is a myth that many men have fallen for and porn has been the main catalyst used to push this urban legend.


      • thanks for the link verbs, I’ll be sure to check it out there was actually a documentary out some years back called “the dark side of pornography”


  2. thanks sir : a right on the money analysis. A study of lesbianism among Feminist leaders and thinkers would also show the “why” of male hate-mongering in the “Feminist” philosophies.


    • Servant2be,

      Appreciated sir. I’ll keep saying the same thing, Feminism and the homosexual movement are one and the same religion. We also have to remember that feminism was indeed started by a group of lesbians, therefore this simply adds more credence to the statement that feminism and the homosexual movement share the same roots.


  3. Hey brother Verbs!

    Most High Bless You on this post brother. We’ve had our talks in the past and this is spot on with how I’m feeling and dealing right now. I don’t look forward to dating anymore simply because we know how these women have favors put in place for their advantage.
    Recently, I had gone to a friends home and was ready to go eat. When we left, she had asked me to drive. So I drove us to where we were going to eat. When it was time to pay, she looked at me and asked me “you got me right?”. Now, I’m not working at this time but she is. Not only did she NOT at least drive us there, she waited to the last minute to ask me if I was paying for her.
    Then proceeded to tell me how she deserved to be treated because she was my friend.

    This is just a friend of mine(which I can see why she’s single at times) so you already know what kind of women that I don’t know that are out here for me to date. I’m not here to bash women and I know that you aren’t bashing women either Verbs; however, reality is so far from the concept of dating that the fantasy NEVER lives up to the reality. It’s almost a detriment to fantasize because you become more obsessed with what’s not nor ever will be real vs what’s real and is worth a try.

    They have done such a number on the negro that dating options are infected for both sexes.

    Thanks again Verbs for being obedient to the Father and on point with the message.

    Maybe I’ll venture out and fish in international waters for a great catch.



    • J.R,

      It been a long time brother, good to hear from you again. Yeah, the modern day western woman believes that she has an entitlement to certain things, single mothers taught us how to treat women good however also in many of our cases(speaking at least from my own experience) there was no father there to teach on how to avoid the traps and pitfalls aswell as the games many women like to play on unsuspecting and ignorant men. This is the problem with a large portion of modern day women especially the modern day western black woman, she is also looking to see what she can get out of a man or what she can save by herself.

      My suggestion to you is to mark your friend in this particular area and if you guys happen to go out to dinner again, go to a place whereby you have to pre pay for your food before it arrives. This is the best way to deal with these kind of skinflint and miser women. As I have stated before, if a woman is working then there is no reason why she cannot pay for her own meal or at least contribute towards half of the bill.

      The alternative is to make it know from before you even set off that you both will be paying for the meal or at least she will be paying for what she has eaten and drunk. Feel free to inform, you mentioning what type of women you are encountering on a daily basis is in no wise “bashing women”. This is yet another feminist phrase that I should have dealt with also in this post(though I believe that I have dealt with it in others if I remember correctly), modern day western black women in particular love to use that phrase when they are being corrected on their wrong doings.

      The honest key to dating is setting boundaries from the beginning, the problem is though alot of men are afraid to draw lines in the sand because they believe that this will turn women off and away from them, on the contrary women instinctively gravitate towards authority and a stern standing, the issue here is feminism which has distracted women from their instinctive roles and functions.

      You are spot on, the so called Negro has been shafted heavily when it comes down to dating. I keep on telling you brother, you don’t need to suffer in silence nor are you obligated to put up with the rubbish that these and other women are dishing out to you, there are plenty of women from different parts of the world who are not on the feminist game tip and who are serious about wanting to form a relationship that will lead to forming a family down the line. The main issue here is that you do not need to tolerate the nonsense and also never forget that your window of opportunity is longer than a woman’s, so in time to come these same women who messed you about in the past you may see again and their tune will be one of desperation and cooperation as opposed to the arrogant and prideful stance that they took several years earlier.

      Check out a Youtube by the name of MadBus Driver who talks about this very issue of black men and dating and recommends that black men should begin to look elsewhere for a mate. Check out some of his videos:

      Most High bless you brother, stay in touch.


      • “My suggestion to you is to mark your friend in this particular area and if you guys happen to go out to dinner again, go to a place whereby you have to pre pay for your food before it arrives. This is the best way to deal with these kind of skinflint and miser women. As I have stated before, if a woman is working then there is no reason why she cannot pay for her own meal or at least contribute towards half of the bill.”

        it’s really funny you should say that Verbs cause you actually made me remember a song called Lady Marmalade, a version covered by Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Mya and Pink

        in one particular part of the song, Lil Kim raps and these are her exact words:

        “Yeah yeah uh
        You come through with the money and the garter bats
        I let him know we bout that cake straight up the gate uh
        We independent women, some mistake us for whores
        I’m sayin’, why spend mine when I can spend yours
        Disagree? Well that’s you and I’m sorry
        Im gon’ keep playing these cats out like Atari
        Wearin high heeled shoes gettin love from the dudes
        4 bad ass chicks from the Moulin Rouge
        Hey sistas, soul sistas, betta get that dough sistas
        We drink wine with diamonds in the glass
        Bottle case the meaning of expensive taste
        If you wanna Giuchie, Giuchie, ya ya (Come on)
        Mocha Chocalate what
        Real lady Marmalade
        One more time C’mon now”

        you weren’t kidding when you said the decontamination process was a continuous one, it’s like continuous game of connect 4 or something like that hahaha


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        I am also reminded of that foolish tune that TLC released a number of years back called “No Scrubs”. Yet more feminist crap that we were subjected to. As I stated before, the modern day western female feels that she has an automatic entitlement to a man’s assets. Indeed, the deprogramming and decontamination process is a continuous walk.

        Yes, I watched that documentary on the dark side of porn. The finished average professional porn dvd is simply a well put together, deceptive, misleading package. An average scene of say 20 minutes normally takes hours upon hours to film.


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  5. Now this is a first. I appreciate this post so much because it’s honest. I feel that we should be able to discuss certain things considering we are all adults and the truth needs to be told. I never understand the penis issue since for 1 I’m a woman and 2 my husband was the only guy I have been with. I remember

    being told that I would be cheated on for being a virgin because I wasn’t experienced…………what a load of crock!!!! I’m glad I waited because as you stated the women that look at penis size have been with multiple men and need that extra to fill in the gaps PLUS women that have done so many things in their life tend to lean toward lesbianism because nothing(men)satifies them anymore. True story, I actually had a cousin that developed kidney problems because she was with a man too big for her.


    • Aja,

      The problem today is political correctness. Wherever political correctness reigns honesty and truth cannot also reside because PC(political correctness) is the complete opposite of a straight forward, truthful and honest discussion. The big penis “urban legend” has shot down the confidence of a huge number of men to a large degree. We also have to remember that the feminist propaganda machine is all about dethroning the man from his position of authority and leadership by any means necessary including the burning down of his confidence, thus making him feel unsure about himself.

      I am glad that you pointed out the situation with your cousin as this is just one example of many that clearly illustrates that a big penis can cause major problems for a woman who is not of an ample height and size to accommodate it. Again, the big penis mantra is exactly that, a load of hot air and an urban legend. Most women are not looking for a big penis contrary to what the feminist propaganda machine spews out.

      It is all of these films like American Pie and the rest of these teenie bopper/college/university campus type flicks that deliberately portray being a virgin as some kind of curse, burden and disease that needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible. I am happy that you held out as the pressure today for young men and women to lose their virginity as fast as they can is very heavy indeed.


      • I am too because all of the girls that I went to school with that were wild and out there ended up having 2 or more kids not married or lesbo’s now. But the truly sad part about that though Verbs is that my family thought I didn’t like boys because I wasn’t doing as they felt stuff that a normal teenager would do. Now of course I liked boys but I just wasn’t willing to give them what they wanted. I have to admit that I was afraid that i wouldn’t know what to do with my husband and wondered if he would see me as not knowing what i was doing but that never was a problem because it just comes natural. My cousin with the kidney issues was told by a doctor that,that was how her issues were developed. I think it is imperative also that people need to know but the thing is will they listen. 😦


      • Aja,

        Regrettably most folks will not listen and will have to learn the hard way. As I stated before pornography puts out a false expectation of sex therefore most folks walk into the experience with the deceptive preconceptions given to them by the porn industry. It is all about adaptation and exploration by yourselves.


  6. You know what’s really sad to me though Verbs the fact that our black men have to look elsewhere for a potential mate. I don’t have anything against other races but if you notice other races always marry within their own race not saying that it don’t happen to where they marry outside but it is rare. I get sad because I have a son and unfortunately he may end up going else to look for a mate because a lot of the women are not ready for a decent good black man. i did have to wait for my husband to mature and grow up on a lot of things because being raised by a single mother who had big time issues of her own, caused him to practically raise himself. We will be married 11yrs on the 25th of this month and it wasn’t easy by faaaar but I am glad I didn’t leave him and waited to see what the Lord had in store for us because now he is the complete opposite of how he was given to me.loving, I guess it makes me sad to see other races of women getting to experience the black male for what he can really become not the stereotype 😦


    • Aja,

      The decadent state of the modern day western black woman in general is a sad one. Many people reads these posts and think that I talk about these things with happiness and with glee, this information is very heavy to talk about but nonetheless this is the truth and the truth must be talked about regardless of how people “feel”.

      I’m glad to hear that you stuck by your husband through thick and thin, there are very few black women today who would do that. Your average modern day western black woman in general desires a microwave ready in 3 minutes man, she has no interest in putting in the work to cultivate, grow and mature the relationship/marriage aswell as to stick by her man, however she has every interest in quickly taking up her Babylon bestowed position as leader, controlling the man and the relationship which is in direct conflict with the order set in place by the Most High.

      11 years of marriage is a long time in this day and age in view of the high rates of divorce aswell as the lack of longevity in marriages too. I pray that your marriage continues to grow from strength to strength and prosper greatly and that the only thing that may separates you both if it comes to pass is death(as is supposed to be the way).

      Black women have the power and could completely turn around the negative dynamic of the black male overnight, however this would mean the improvement of black men and the subsequent result of that would be the black man once again taking up his position as leader. The problem is that most black women have become very drunk from the power of leadership, they will refuse to relinquish that leadership position and they certainly do not want to see the black male improve his status, even if it means black women destroy their own selves in the process.


      • WOW…… brother Verbs that was a powerful statement and I am truly seeing this issue from another angle here. I would read comments from black women saying that it was wrong for another black male to advocate other black men to look at other races for a mate when they have black women available to date. But of course it’s not that easy and they way you summed it up, hit it right out the park. Thank you for the prayers it is always needed and appreciated.


  7. I think the original true intention of women’s liberation got lost in the shuffle, and so its intended purpose got distorted into this creepy, insane, self centered, destructive agenda. What they ultimately did was to make men turn negative toward ALL things that appeared to be feminist, which is unfortunate. Women who were just trying to make an honest living, and who had earned their way, and who did not have a bad attitude toward men, were automatically assumed to be crazy b1tches too. So we sufferered unjustly for something that was never our agenda.


    • KS,

      I would have agreed with you on this point had it not been for the fact that the movement was founded by lesbians. Feminism was a ready made skateboard of dysfunction and destruction from its conception, its just that it has taken a long time to manifest its true colours. Now I agree that there were at the very beginning women who joined the movement and who genuinely believed the surface doctrine that was presented to them with regards to what feminism was all about, however also knowing that the movement was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation adds another bullet to an already smoking gun, in fact a man named Aaron Russo confirmed this in an interview he did before his passing away:


  8. The only thing about feminism that I agree with is that women should get equal pay for doing the same job, unless it is something that is physical that she cannot keep up with. But if I am an accountant and you are an accountant and I am working just as well, I don’t want to get paid half of the amount you are. I have a family to feed too. Other than that it is a bunch of bull and was NEVER meant for black women in the first place. We didn’t have problems with our men, white women had problems with their men because they wanted to be able to partake in world domination but were instead forced to sit on a pedestal with their hands in their lap. Any black woman that is a feminist is a damn fool and should be ashamed of themselves. Now they are using stars like Beyoncé to push their agenda to the younger generation who now sees womanhood as being able to walk around looking like whores and acting like sluts, being loud and aggressive to show that you have power, and being an “independent” gold digger. Being a wife and mother is looked down on. Now that women are convinced that staying at home and being a mother is shameful and part of our oppression, our children are left unsupervised or in daycares and schools where they can be indoctrinated. This is madness. If you look in Proverbs 31 that woman was a wife, mother, business woman, investor, philanthropist, advisor, counselor, and was well respected and trusted by her husband and everyone around her. There is nothing shameful about that. There is nothing wrong with being submissive either. If your husband is submitted to Christ there should be no issue because he will love you the way he is supposed to. Feminists need to crawl back into the cave they came from and stop rearing their ugly little heads.


  9. With all the men and women who suffer from lust issues, you will detract from your message by putting these filthy pictures on your post. Young people are out here looking for the truth, and you feed their flesh with these naked breasted women. Imagine a 13 year old on here. Now you have tempted him and he has to go look up some porn to feed his need. If it’s no big deal to you, then that shows how you have been desensitized because the Most High has spoken on how he feels about uncovering nakedness. Shalom.


    • Envy Not Your Oppressors,

      The pictures are there to illustrate a point. Besides, the pictures could have been worse. This is the typical behaviour commonly displayed by non thinking Negroes, they constantly gripe about micro issues yet always fail to deal with the main issue as a whole.

      By the way, the temptation is rooted much much deeper than looking at a few “naked breasts”. If you believe that these pictures are somehow going to tip a person over the edge and send them into oblivion, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn, you obviously know very little about the true deep rootings of lust and masturbation.


  10. Verbs, you are a Godsend. I too suffer with these kinds of insecurities. I had started watching pornography from around the age of 14 as a result of peer pressure. Some of my favourite categories included ebony and interracial both of which featured these muscular black men with these huge penises (some as big as 9” and 11”) dominating these skinny white girls , no holes barred, literally. Like these white girls objected to nothing, anything the man requested, they were down for it. Even some of the black girls too. And after some of my jack-off sessions, I used to feel a sense of guilt and low self-worth. On top of that, when i had to do Physical Education is Secondary school, all the boys used to had to change in these locker rooms, and I was one of the smallest boys in the class, these guys were all larger than me and possessed some rather big penises, bigger than mine of course which at the time was around 4” or less I’m not excactly sure but these guys had anywhere from 7” and upwards, and on top of that, they were very sexually active. I remembered I caught so much heat from the other boys because of it and they used to tease me mercilessly, don’t even get me started on the girls, they were even WORSE…. After a while I had to get myself exempted from the class because of the teasing. Fast forward to college, my penis hadn’t gotten that much bigger, it grew to around 5.5” and I ended up only dating petite girls, though nothing sexual ever happened.

    A few years ago, I used to watch this show called Zane Sex Chronicles which was an urban erotica series that used to show on cinemax. It was about these 4 5 female friends who used to talk about the ups and downs in their sex lives and every episode these women used to brag about how great their man is in bed and how big his penis was, and if it wasn’t that, some lonely women woukld whine and bitch about wanting a man who can make her toes curl, make her scream and give her the mother of all orgasms. I remember this episode which was called Nymph that had this rich black woman who used to have her limo driver drive her around the city when her husband was out of town and pick up these random guys from off the street and have sex with them in the back of the limo. In that particular episode she described one of the men as being a “mad fucker” and I remember her exact words if I watched the episode yesterday “a mad fucker is a man who doesn’t talk about turning a sistah out, he just does. A mad fucker is a man who fucks a sistah so hard, the next day her pussy and nipples are so sore, she has trouble sitting down”. As much as i was aroused by it back then i always used to end up hating myself for not being like the men featured, I had even sunk into a state of depression over it and had recently gone as far as to declare myself and Asexual because I was pessimistic about ever getting laid. But thankfully these notions have been proven false by reading this article, thanks so much for helping me gain my confidence back


    • Yanni,

      Its all feminist rubbish carefully crafted in order to make men feel inadequate and insecure. As a result many men turn to pornography as a way to relief the stress and the pressure. I do not believe that there is a man alive who hasn’t been through the pornography and masturbation phase.

      Peer pressure is a beast, this idea that being sexually active qualifies you as now being a man is simply an fool’s urban legend. I lost my virginity late in my life, I also was teased by the friends I had back then too. At least now I can deconstruct the nonsense for others growing up who may be facing the same issues aswell as folks such as yourself who are still recovering from that period of trauma.

      The feminists love making men feel small and inadequate, they relish in belittling men not only face to face but also through their dunghill television programmes and films.

      Check out this video by a YouTuber who goes by the name of Sarah Says, she breaks down the feminist myth that a bigger penis is always the standard requirement for women across the board, nothing could be further from the truth:


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