The Swindlers/Money Changers Are Soon To Descend Upon London-Be Warned!




For quite a number of years the money changer known as Morris Cerullo has been running these “Mission To London” events and as per usual he has always brought along a number of other money changers with him. When I was within the clutches of the institutional church beast infrastructure I used to think that events like this were incredibly spiritual and that the Most High was moving powerfully throughout the duration of the so called “mission”. However with the increased knowledge that I have today I simply see these events as a crock of nonsense, a quick way for a few pastors to make some easy money. See your average institutional church beast infrastructure member attends these events and genuinely believes that they are gaining some sort of higher knowledge and that their walk with the Most High is growing in leaps and bounds within the event period. Remember the analogy that I gave before of the cow on the treadmill being milked? These big conferences are akin to exactly that example. The institutional church beast infrastructure member has a bucket of grass hug around his/her neck for he/she to gorge on, the treadmill is switched on ie the entertainment and the milking equipment is attached to the member’s udders and thus the extraction commences(the taking of his/her money).

Now when the event has finished ask your average institutional church beast infrastructure member what they have learned or gained from these conferences and they will swear blind that the Most High moved for them, that they have made great steps in their spiritual walk with God and that they have gained more biblical knowledge. The actuality is that the institutional church member has made a loss and any so called ” knowledge” gained could just have easily been gathered outside of the institutional church beast walls. Of course they will declare all of these things and utilise the usual common phrases of “Praise God, God is Good and Amen” in a repetitive manner as if these words stamp the church member’s given account with authenticity and validation. The continuous repetition of these particular phrases by your average institutional church beast infrastructure members clearly illustrates the brainwashing, the magic and the wizardry that has been successfully executed against the people within the church beast walls.

The funny thing about this Morris Cerullo character is that he has already been exposed as a fraud over the years time and time again and yet people still flock to this man’s events. You can check this out on youtube for yourselves. Looking at the flyers I see a few of the usual suspects, Creflo Dollar(which actually stands for Create A Flow Of Dollars). This is the guy who has a ATM cash machine in his church. This is also the same man who stated that he would like to “execute” all of his church members who were not tithing. Kenneth Copeland is another dodgy fellow, a man who is suspected to be a 33 degree freemason. This is also a man who has exhibited some very strange and questionable behaviours and mannerisms in the past which can also be seen in their multitude on youtube. As for the rest of the pimps on the flyer I am not familiar with them because I left the institutional church beast circle over 20 years ago, however since they have decided to join forces with one of the top swindlers within the institutional church beast infrastructure, as far as I am concerned they are all no different to Cerullo and they all should be viewed in the same manner as himself. Mission To London is simply going to be yet another fraudulent event like it has always been since its conception.

These so called “pastors, preachers, evangelists, bishops, reverends” etc really do not care at all for their members, their only concern is maintaining their financial positions and ensuring that they can continue to support their lavish lifestyles while at the same time many of their members wallow in abject poverty. Just because the institutional church hypes up an event on a grand scale and just because they may hire a large building for that particular conference, do not be fooled into looking at these bigs things and automatically thinking that the Most High is involved. Remember Hitler did the same thing in his time and so has every other evil dictator done so in the past. These grand events are deliberately executed to make the average person feel small, thus what happens is you are automatically tricked into believing that in order to be recognised and used by the Most High, you must join something bigger than yourself(ie a church). The problem from here on out is that you begin serving the organisation that you have joined yourself to and no longer the Most High, you lose your individuality, you conform to the mannerisms of the rest of the congregation and you spend the rest of your days within that church/spiritual organisation in limbo going nowhere fast. Remember what I have stated before, your average modern day pastor is simply there as a wizard/witch and a magician to keep your average church member spellbound and locked into a hypnotic limbo like suspension.




The institutional church beast infrastructure that we see today is not the same church structure that was established by Christ. If it was then it wouldn’t be falling apart at such an alarming rate. Remember what Christ stated about the gates of hell not prevailing against his church, from this profound statement alone we know that this modern day church infrastructure has nothing to do with the Most High and Christ. The Most High is beginning to pull down this institutional church beast infrastructure that has ensnared a large multitude of people. The Most High is looking for INDIVIDUAL men and women to carry out INDIVIDUAL actions based upon the INDIVIDUAL skills, talents and gifts that the particular INDIVIDUAL possesses, yet these churches today heavily shun individuality and will really make the average church member feel like utter trash if he/she does not conform to the thoughts and the actions of the group.

My statement remains the same and will never change until this institutional church beast infrastructure has become a pile of ashes and complete rubble, people need to leave these so called churches and fellowship with other like minded individuals in much smaller groups outside the confines of the institutional church beast gates. These churches are simply no longer requirements, their original purpose was to help the poor in the community aswell as to bring general support to the people in the community however the vast majority of these churches today are now nothing more than swindling, fraudulent monuments of failure. As I have stated before within numerous posts on the institutional church beast infrastructure topic, in order to truly find and meet with the Most High, you must walk away from and leave the so called church behind. As always……………………………………..



The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

13 thoughts on “The Swindlers/Money Changers Are Soon To Descend Upon London-Be Warned!

  1. it’s really convenient to bring this up again Verbs, last week when I was in accounting class, my teacher told us about when our Ancestors were taken from Africa, that before they were hoarded onto the ships, they were stuffed into this one way underground tunnel pathway that led directly to the ship, and you know what was above that tunnel on the surface? A church!!!!!!!!

    When she told me that I couldn’t believe, I was literally shocked and my mind just kept coming back to your posts, then she said “that’s one of the reasons why some people don’t go to church” I swear I had an epiphany that moment, Then she went on to say that when the slaves were on the plantation being taught by these European missionaries and pastors, their only message to the slaves were about masters and slaves…… and how the slaves should remain subservient to their masters, and when I look at the Institutional Church all I see is slavery, mental slavery, spiritual slavery and bondage, and my hatred toward it burns stronger everyday. I’m pretty sure people in London aren’t as excited about this event as their are for World Cup


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The European slave owners and the missionaries deliberately misquoted the parts of the scriptures where servants were told to obey their masters. The optimum word is “servant” not slave. As I have stated before, a servant has rights and a code of conduct was in place to ensure that “servants” were treated fairly. Slavery is something completely different however our ancestors and even many blacks today were and have been taught to believe that they are one and the same. This is why today there is a large portion of Hebrews who reject the scriptures all together.

      The so called “church” can be singled handedly blamed for this. You are correct in your analysis of the church and the comparison to slavery. Also these modern day churches are no different to witches coverns and satanic gatherings as nearly of their rituals involve repetition, what do we see taking place in these churches today, the same thing, repetition.


  2. yeah, the Anglican Church I’m currently forced to attend, does it, they read from a prayer book, they repeat these “prayers” I know it by heart, the same thing again and again. and when the pastor goes to give his Sermon we have to sing this particular song called “Master Speak Thy Servant Heareth” and before that he stands in the centre aisle with his bible and reads from the new testament in a creepy talky-singy kinda voice and when we do the communion, the same old ritual again and again, three ushers stand in the aisles and co-ordinate who goes up to the altar to recieve the wafer and wine, but in order to part-take in the communion you must be confirmed into the church (no basis in scripture, by the way) and then I think of what my mother says “We still have to come and give thanks” I ask myself this again and again, Give thanks to What? Give thanks, For What????? I am tired, I am tired…..

    by the way, I just ran by your previous post, it seems someone’s got a little crush on you, or should I say on your blog, I had a good laugh at Chrystal Emma’s post lol lol lol lol


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      You can give thanks in the comfort of your own home, your mother is simply leaning upon the church building and the pastor for her salvation. Your mother would seem to fit the definition of a typical institutional church beast infrastructure member very well. Yeap, the repetitive mannerisms are extremely suspect and for a purpose.

      Lol, glad to see that Chrystal Emma appreciates the blog. I’m just here to spread truth and break down lies and deception.


    • KingoftheTeddyBears your comment made me think about how my parents used to make me go to church and not saying that I hated it but I guess it makes you resent it a little when you’re being forced to do something you don’t want to do especially when you know that it’s not right but you don’t have a choice in the matter. I laugh because I remember a time when I was a teenager and it was a Sunday and everybody was on their way to church, I played like I was getting ready too until it was time to leave, I hid under my bed and nobody could find me and they didn’t want to be late so I got left at home to chill.


      • Aja I have to wake up for 6AM mass every Sunday, and recently what I started doing was hiding behind my bed and don’t make a sound, cause my mother usually works on a sunday and then after my stepdad leaves, then I come out and just chill (cause my stepdad’s near sighted so I can basically get almost anything by him) hahahahahahahahahahaha


  3. Thank the Lord for you too Verbs because we need real people, mainly real men standing up for the truth. I have people honestly think that just because you don’t attend a “church” that you are sinning day in and day out. Like I told my grandfather people are just comfortable going to “church” 3x a week, it’s like a rat running on the wheel you’re steady going but nothing changes. It’s a routine and you get so indoctrinated and dumbed down that, the only thing that’s missing is the drooling from your mouth. I come across to my family as radical or turning from God because I don’t attend a building like them but really I don’t even care right now b


    • “I come across to my family as radical or turning from God because I don’t attend a building like them”

      Aja, my mother and I had the same argument some years back. I remembered when I stopped going to Sunday School, because I’d gotten too old for it and Sunday School was primarily for children (this was when I used to go to a Wesleyan Church) and when my grandmother asked me if I still went I told her no cause I’m too old for that, memorizing the same stories and bible verses again and again and then my mother pulled me aside and wall all like “I didn’t know the Lord’s work is finished when you get big” and I had to restrain myself from completely shouting at her….

      Another thing, my grandmother religious as hell and one of my uncles just returned from abroad apparently he was studying for his masters in Theology, apparently you have to have a masters in Theology to become a full-fledged preacher in these churches today (no scriptural basis I might add) and he used to preach from time to time at the church I’m forced to go to, but most times he served as assistant to the head priest, so anyway my church has a new preacher and my grandmother was like “Oh he can’t preach” and my uncle is being sent to another church and then she was like “I’m going to my son’s church cause that man can’t preach” and there I am shaking my head……….


    • Aja,

      There are not too many of us out there but there is a remnant of us who are standing up and speaking out for truth. The average institutional church beast infrastructure member has been brainwashed so deeply to where they believe that their attendance, the actual church building and the pastor within is the key and the foundation to their salvation.

      There is absolutely no faith involved in going to a church, you simply have to turn up, sit down and listen to the pastor’s cruddy sermon and thereafter make your way home. This is a comfortable position for many so called “believers in Christ” because they believe that the accountability, responsibility and liability for their salvation lies with the pastor and not with themselves as individuals. They ought to read Ezekiel 34 thoroughly in which the Most High states that he is not only going to judge these money changers but he is also going to go in on and judge between congregation members too.

      I remember I went through the stage of catching some serious heat from other church beast members for merely missing one service and when I began to break away from the church beast infrastructure, the majority of them refused to even converse with me and would declare to their other brainwashed associates that I was “backslidden”(which is the typical conclusion your average institutional church beast member will always turn to when another member decides to throw off the institutional church beast yoke and breaks the spell of bondage).

      Stuff em!! As I keep stating and will continue to state over and over again, your walk with the Most High is an individual walk, it has absolutely nothing to do with anybody else and you most certainly are not required to partake in repeat rituals in order to gain spiritual knowledge, grow and draw closer to the Most High. Remember what Paul told the Philippians, “WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION……………”. This is the main step that most people are afraid to carry out.


  4. because I have so much peace right now know that the Lord is my high priest I can care less about what people think of me right now. I am angry though with a lot of the things thats going on.


  5. Verbs and Aja, take a look at this particular video, now I must warn you this is not a rock concert (not that any rockband can pull off a concert as hype as this) this is pretty funny


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      This is exactly the nonsense that I have been talking about, the repetitive songs, the emotional hypnotic trance like movements as though they were all under a spell. The institutional church today can only be described as a complete and utter joke. Then some jack legged preacher is going to throw in a sermon at some point to this already emotionally charged congregation. Mixing music and teaching together, the work of magicians, sorcerers and wizards. I rest my case hands down.


      • yeah I hear ya, all that video was missing was an electric guitar solo lol


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