Tying Up The Nonsensical Feminist Loose Ends – Short Post!



This is some feminist propaganda that must be put to rest. Contrary to what the feminist propaganda machine trumpets regularly, it is NOT automatically the man’s place to pay for a meal if you as a woman go out with him on a date. Last year I went out with a lady friend of mine to a restaurant and at the end I picked up the whole tab. The reason why I did this then was because at that particular time she was unemployed, she has a daughter and I didn’t want her to spend any excess money that could have gone instead towards the welfare of her child. This is the only time where I will pay for the complete tab. In another case example I went out with another lady friend of mine again sometime last year and we paid for our own meals, she is working, I am working and we both did eat so I believe that it is only fair that we both share the cost. This is the way that I believe it should be, either both parties split the bill down the middle or each party simply receives a separate bill and pays for what they ate and drank.

However, in today’s modern feminist world, feminism has taught women that it is the man’s responsibility and duty to pay for the meal and the drinks if you go out for a meal or head to a bar/lounge. It seems that the modern day woman in general wishes to experience a vast array of privileges but not want to accept the responsibility and the accountability that goes with them. Back before the rise of feminism when the majority of women were fulfilling their proper function(nurturing children, looking after the home, supporting their boyfriends/husbands), it was understandable then why the man would pick up the tab if they went out for a meal or a drink, women were not working, they took care of the home and the things therein. However ever since women have entered into the workplace, they now have money and no longer have an excuse as to why they cannot dip their hands into their purses and contribute towards food, drink and any other expenses that are incurred between.



Open Door pic crop

This is yet another piece of feminist crud that has found its way into the mechanism of society. I would also contend that this is a hindrance to allowing a man to perform his proper function as a leader. As far as I am concerned unless you do not have any hands then you do not need a door to be opened for you, you can open a door yourself. Your average woman of little knowledge today is quite happy to inform you that “a true gentleman” should open a door for a woman. The problem comes when you begin to question women who subscribe to this philosophy about the origin of this so called “gentlemanly standard”, the vast majority of them do not have a clue where this nonsense came from or how it became to be a so called “standard” in defining a gentleman. Ladies, you have two hands so you are perfectly capable of opening doors for yourself.

This is yet another example of where your typical western woman in general now believes that she is entitled to a certain level of treatment from men, even though she has completely negated the fact that she has almost completely turned against men, she treats them like utter rubbish and has for the most part abandoned her proper function as a woman. Opening a door for a woman does not automatically bestow upon you the title of a “gentleman”, in fact I believe that the word “gentleman” itself could also be part and parcel of this whole feminist decoy and deception. A true man leads, a true man deals with issues and problems, a true man looks after those close to him. I for one am not going to spend my time worrying about opening doors for women, this is miniscule rubbish that has been put out there by the feminist propaganda machine to prevent me from fulfilling my proper function as a man. Instead of worrying about the truth and other important and pertinent issues, men today are too preoccupied with and concerned about looking good for women, making a good impression towards women and catering towards a woman’s “feelings”. This nonsense has to stop and I for one am putting a stop to this feminist rubbish from my corner at least.




Here we have yet again more clutter and nonsensical foolishness that has been deemed “gentlemanly” by today’s society, pushed into the arena by feminism and embraced by modern day western women. Again, the same rules apply as likened to opening doors, unless you do not have any hands or you mobility is some what restricted or impaired, you can pull a chair out for yourself, sit yourself down and tuck in your own chair. This is sadly yet again more rubbish which a large portion men are concerned about in 2014 and this is yet again another nonsensical action that supposedly gives a man the title of “gentleman” when performed.

We as men have to begin to discard of all of this foolishness and simply return to our proper functions. I am sure that most of you can begin to see how worrying about these silly meaningless issues has contributed towards to the obstruction of your true growth as a man. The feminist propaganda machine has fed us lie after lie about what constitutes being a man and we for the most part have fallen for the lies, the trickery and the deception. This is why I say that from this point onwards we must begin to rid ourselves of this meaningless rubbish and step forward as real men who are concerned with the real issues in life.



Man and woman conflict.

This mantra has been one of the biggest spellbinding enchantments to hit men since the feminist movement has been gathering traction. Men have been brainwashed with the mantra that it is never right for a man to hit a woman, yet at the same time the modern day western woman has been trained via her favourite programmes on television that it is perfectly fine to raise hands to and hit a man at any time she feels. Because of this conflict, men have been caught with their pants down, so to speak. Under normal circumstances anybody who attacks a man would be met with first aggression and thereafter a physical defence. However when the violence is carried out against a man by a woman, the man is suspended between thoughts, sort of like a deer being caught in the headlights. His nature instinctively tells him to retaliate however the spellbinding mantra of “you should never hit a woman” holds him in flux, a sort of suspended animation, confusion and disbelief all rolled into one.

The feminist movement knew that with the launch of this particular slogan, in the background behind closed doors they were breeding a new type of woman, a woman who would be extremely violent and not think twice about resorting to violence if she did not have things go her way or simply was dependent on how she felt at the time. All across the board the propaganda is the same in relation to domestic violence against women. However what the mainstream media conveniently forgets to inform you about is the fact that in over 66% of domestic violence cases, the women are just as equally violent in the relationship if not more than the men.

The rule as far as I am concerned is standard, if you place your hands upon me in a violent manner, you automatically waive your rights not to be physically attacked and harmed yourself, this goes for a man or a woman. A woman does not have any special rights or privileges when it comes down to violence behaviour however I fully understand that the opposite message has been passed down to women through the mainstream media and so today we have a large portion of women who believe that they have the right to physically strike a man freely and then use the “don’t hit a woman” mantra as their protection.

At the end of the day women who are not violent against men do not need to worry about being poundcaked into the ground, obviously I am aware of domestic violence issues involving both sexes however I am referring to the vast majority of cases where there is no prior history of violence on either side. As I stated before neither sex should raise their hands to the other and the only situation that should warrant a male attacking a female or vise versa is if he/she is physically attacked first. The moral of the story for women especially is that you need to keep your hands to yourself unless that man has hit you first. Now if you do decide to hit any man for any reason and he has not hit you first, know for sure that you have just waived your rights to resolve the issue concerned in a peaceful manner. The problem with feminism is it believes that violence against women carried out by men is terrible yet on the other side of the spectrum violence against men carried out by women is laughable, funny and acceptable.

Nature always has a way of resetting itself to the natural orderly default position and normally during that restoration process there are huge casualties and many victims. You women who are not violent towards men, who would never even dream about raising your hands towards a man without being attacked first and who despise feminism had better start speaking out now and separating yourselves from these belligerent, violent, hooligan feminist scum as there is soon coming a time where certain portions of men who would have had the spell broken are simply going to roam about beating women up wherever they see them for fun, any woman that they see on the streets is going to become the recipient of their frustrations and wrath. I know that even though many women have expressed their disdain for the feminist movement, a large portion have still dipped their feet into its stream and taken advantage of some of the beneficial fruits that the movement has brought forth.




This part of the blog especially goes out to the modern day western black woman who has been seriously duped by the white feminist movement and her white liberal slavemaster into believing that she can raise a boy by herself. This cannot be done and today we can clearly witness the cancerous fruits of the black woman’s labour in attempting to raise boys as an individual. You women who have sons and have decided to “go it alone” and raise them by yourselves are simply contributing towards the continued decadent and dysfunctional society that we have in existence today. It takes a man to raise a man. Now women especially black women today love to complain about how there are no decent men out there anymore. Well guess what, a large percentage of men who are out there today are the products of single mothers, there was no father in the home to raise the lad and to teach him about being a true man, being accountable and being responsible.

Besides this, a large portion of these men raised by single mothers saw different men passing through their mothers houses like a motel and thus they themselves have learned the same process of hit and run. Now, I have written blogs already and have dealt with the claim most black women with children make, that the father did not want to stick around. The fact of the matter is that most black women are liars, sure I do not deny that in a number of cases the father will duck and run however it seems that this is the convenient excuse that is used by the modern day western black woman in the majority of cases even though it is usually the woman who will prevent the man from seeing his children. This is the common mode of operation for black women with children who do not get along with the father, they are so consumed with emotions, pride and arrogance that they cannot keep themselves out of the equation when it comes down to the relationship between the father and his children, so therefore the children must suffer and not see their father because of the way the mother “feels” and not because of any reason of legitimacy.

Because of the stupidity of the modern day western black woman with regards to her embracing single parenthood instead of her being ashamed of it, many corporations have taken advantage of this position of buffoonery and have pushed forward products to cater towards black women and their delusional position of honour. A company by the name of Hallmark has produced a series of cards which are aimed at the black community. All seems well and good until you view a few of the cards that are designated towards Father’s day. Take a look at these cards and you tell me if you can see what the problem is here:


This is the problem with the vast majority of black women today, you voluntarily partake in stupid actions and decisions and thus you seal your fate for further on down the line when you can be made a mockery of and ridiculed. Now rather than shun these cards, most single black women with children have embraced them and honestly believe that they can and are performing the role of two parents. Ignorant black women simply line themselves up to be taken the mickey out of on a daily basis, from fighting in the streets, to twerking and now embracing single parenthood as if it is a badge of honour. Now I do not need to sit here and continually repeat that this is not all black women because the statements made will automatically fall upon the guilty parties.




A man is supposed to lead a woman in a relationship, there is no such thing as equality when it comes down to relationships, what you have are different functions for each gender to carry out in order for the relationship to work, the man is supposed to be the head, the thinker, the leader, the security and the provider and the woman is supposed to be the helper and the nurturer. Performing different functions within a relationship does not now mean that either party is of less worth, this is the lie of feminism. Feminism has for the last 50 years deceptively taught women that they are of less value and worth being at home rather than being in the workplace or engaging in some other activity, so in the heat of deception women decided to exit their households and to join men in the workplace where they now compete with them.

By the way, you wonder why relationships in general are failing, how are you supposed to get along and form a relationship with a person whom you are in competition with in the workplace? Something to ponder. As always………………………….


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


12 thoughts on “Tying Up The Nonsensical Feminist Loose Ends – Short Post!

  1. this is a very interesting post, Verbs, you know concerning your second point about women doing violence towards men in domestic relationships, Tyra Banks actually addressed this issue in an episode of her show once, I don’t know if you’ve ever watched it but here are some links to the full episode

    part 1

    part 2

    part 3

    part 4

    part 5

    now part 4 is especially sickening to watch as a black man. I’m no way implying that every interracial relationship between a black man and a white woman is like this but when stops and considers the advantages that white women have over the black man and woman in this crazy white supremacist world, a black man must be especially wary of interracial relationships with white women. (Dr. Umar Johnson, not sure if you’re familiar with him, but he talks a bit more in-depth about that subject, as well as Diaryofanegress, I understand that she’s retired now and Kushite Prince, they both share similar thoughts on the subject, but I think that would be some good juice for another post)

    here are some links about interracial relationships a la Dr. Johnson

    you can check these out in your own time,

    another issue of today’s domestic relationships as well is the mama’s boy epidemic, Tyra Banks also covered that issue in an episode of her show, here’s the link to part one,

    again, you can check it out in your own time, the rest of the episode’s there on youtube.

    I’ve gone a bit off-topic I know, but yeah that’s just my 2 cents, or pence where you concerned seeing as you’re in the UK.


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The sad thing is that in 2014 a black man has to be more wary of a relationship with his own black woman rather than with a white woman. I hear what Dr Umar Johnson is saying but the fact of the matter is that today it is the modern day western black female who is shafting black men the most. This is the true dynamic we as black men face today yet very few folks want to address it.

      I liked the Diary Of A Negress site, I used to visit that site alot but she banned me because I began bringing some home truths to the table about dysfunctional blacks and certain other black commenters couldn’t take the heat and so they petitioned for my removal from the site. I hold no resentment against her though I do think that it was not a wise decision of her to ban me because of certain cowardly black people who couldn’t accept the truth with regards to a certain segment of our people. As I have stated before in many of my posts, most black folks today cannot handle the truth and most certainly do not like being told the truth about themselves either.

      I’ll be checking out the rest of the links that you sent. Much appreciated.

      Most High Bless


      • she banned you? nfw!!!!!!, do you remember the lunar eclipse from 2 months ago? apparently there was a post on her page called a Blood Moon Meditation Session………… I don’t know if you’ve seen it, if not then here’s a link


        some of what she said in that post makes sense but then other parts made me feel rather uncomfortable, I’d really like to know your thoughts on that in particular………..


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        Yep, I got banned because of a few sorry softies who couldn’t accept the truth about ourselves. As I stated before, her banning me was not a wise move as those people who petitioned for my banishment were not even loyal to the cause themselves. They would have immediately abandoned ship should the waters have become rough. I’ll check out that link and post my thoughts on it in a little while.


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        I checked out that Negress post, to be honest a prayer of your own kind would be sufficient without the aforementioned theatrics attached. You have to remember that there is no set format for prayer, simply pray to the Most High when you want and how you want. The Most High does not think in a regimented fashion as we do, we do not need to wake up at an early hour for our prayers to be heard, nor do we have to pray in any particular direction or pray in a specific location or building(aka church), the Most High hears us no matter where we pray from and no matter how we pray.

        As soon as you start formatting prayer in any fashion and begin placing restrictions and guidelines on it, you are beginning to delve into witchcraft. Prayer is a personal commune between yourself and the Most High therefore nobody else can instruct you on how to do it and what to do apart from the Most High himself.

        Most High Bless


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      There are also some other issues that need to be addressed with regards to the Dr Johnson clips. He talked about a black man being disrespectful to a black woman by marrying a woman from a different culture yet black women in general are disrespectful to themselves daily by wearing European style hair on their heads. If dating and marrying a white woman is a betrayal to the black nation then what is the wearing of European hair by the majority of black women?

      The same issue is raised when it comes down to what Dr Johnson said about declaring through action that the white race is superior to the black by marrying a white woman but yet again this is exactly what black women in general are doing by wearing the weave and wearing Becky’s green/blue/grey contact lenses their eyes, they are openly declaring that the white gene is the right gene.

      He also talked about the mixed children being used against us in the future however yet again the black woman is heavily to blame here as she currently stands as the number 1 assassin of the unborn black child. So not only is she helping dwindle our numbers as a nation(numbers that would have proved very useful in the future in combating the infiltration of other nations)but she is also single handedly fulfilling the so called European man’s program of Eugenics.

      It is all well and good him talking about the dangers and the concerns with marrying outside of the nation(particularly with white women), however the problem today is that the modern day western black female since the rise of feminism in the 1960s has become a willing and active agent of the white supremacist agenda herself. Most black men today are either in jail or in hell at the hands of a BLACK WOMAN. No other nationality of women have placed the so called Negro in such an awkward, dangerous and precarious position that the modern day western black female has. The facts speak for themselves, Dr Johnson as much as I respect the man’s work and research is correctly and appropriately addressing the enemy without, however he is unequally and inadequately failing to address our newest enemy from within.

      Most High Bless


      • in regards to black women wearing weave and what not, it is the belief of not only me but many others that if most black women had their way they would go natural. unfortunately, the powers that be won’t allow that, for example a few years back, a young black woman was not allowed to work at six flags because of her hair style, she wore locks. Now if she had worn weave or her hair was relaxed, then they wouldn’t have had an issue with her, here’s a link to a petition from change.org


        another post about a woman who was fired after she refused to cut her locks off


        those are just two examples out of many… for other black women, they get major flack from peers (black and non black alike) and when they decide to go natural, like for instance this woman, she is one of the best surgeons at a particular hospital, for years she wore locks in a short bob twist style and most of her fellow employees wouldn’t give her a second glance only if they have to and then she decided to experiment and relax her hair, the next day, she said she received glowing compliments from her fellow employee one of them even said “you finally look professional” so all that time they just tolerated her because of her skill. so while I do understand that some black women are insecure about their natural appearance and so on, many others want to break out of that but they can’t cause God forbid, they find themselves unemployed…. you see, many of our black women cannot get ahead in this world unless they conform to the white man’s standard of beauty and professionalism………..


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        Something that I have always mentioned before must be referred to yet again. Remember, we cannot look at a situation as it stands today and make a judgement based upon its current standing, we must always go back to the beginning and it is there where we will find the culprits and the root cause of the issue.

        Black women not being accepted in the workplace with their own natural hair today is their own fault. Before black women decided to join the feminist movement and kick black men out of the home in the 1960’s, black women didn’t have to work, we as the men provided for them. Now that black women in general have taken the “independent” route, subsequent generations of black women down the line are now facing the consequences of the selfish actions their grand mothers embarked on 40-50 years ago.

        The other problem here also is that most black women are trying so desperately to be accepted by white society. With the amount of education and business opportunities that they have behind them, they ought to be more black women running their own businesses and thus they would not be running into this issue of hair discrimination. With the amount of doors now open to black women since their change of course from the 60s, black women in general today really do not have any excuses anymore.


  2. I hear ya Verbs, well it’s a good thing I live in the caribbean, atleast our black women here don’t buy into the foolish feminist paradigm, atleast not entirely, yes both sides have our issues but when it comes down to it our black women on a whole love and support their black men…. that’s a plus won’t you say?


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      Indeed, I am all for black women who support the black man. Its good to hear that is the case where you are, certainly this is not the case in the UK but I must say that there are an increasing number of women here who are beginning to distance themselves from the feminist bandwagon as its true colours are coming into full fruition and they’re beginning to realise that they have been hoodwinked by its failed empty promises.


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