The Sexual Dysfunction Created By The Church – Short Post!


Woman In Miniskirt

Until the so called church begins to operate in the function that it was meant to be operating in(spreading the true gospel, teaching the nations and helping out the poor in the communities around them – I strongly believe that this will never happen because of the questionable foundation today’s so called church was built on to begin with), I will continue to recommend to all people that they either leave the churches that they are in or that those new to their walk with the Most High do not go into a church at all. The sexual dysfunction within the “church” today is so bad that you are much better off remaining outside of its contaminated walls rather than entering and suffering infection yourself. A while back(2007-2008) I was invited to return to a sexually dysfunctional church that I had left in 1996, of course I declined the offer without any hesitation whatsoever. I was told that I ought to come back in order to “teach the people” and to “bring them into the knowledge of what I have learned”. I then asked the person requesting my return, “what, would you have me be infected with the same contamination whilst in the process of attempting to save some of the congregation, wouldn’t this then have been a complete waste of time”?

Let us set the record straight, today’s so called “church” is nothing like and bares absolutely no resemblance to the church that Christ conversed about with Peter in Matthew 16. Remember, Christ specifically told us that “the gates of hell would not prevail against the church that he founded”, however when you observe your average modern day institutional church in 2014 what do you see, you see the very contents of hell spewing forth from its mouth. There is not any decadent behaviour or an abominable sin that cannot be uncovered and exposed within the gates of the institutional church. As I have stated before in previous blogs, these modern day churches had been set up as monuments of failure from the beginning. Let us take the dress code for example, back 20-30 years ago in the black church the women wore loose fitting skirts and dresses that went below the knees and the upper body was also covered appropriately. Fast forward to 2014 and the common dress code for your average black church is what is being worn by the woman in the above photo.

Today’s modern day churches are full of sexual freaks and closet masturbators. I for one am not surprised. First and foremost it must be said that there is nothing wrong with being adventurous in the bedroom, this is part of literally “feeling each other out” as a couple and getting to know your husband, boyfriend/wife, girlfriend on complete new and deeply intimate levels. When you run an institutional that informs people with the false notion that sex before marriage is a sin, what do you expect is going to happen? As I have stated before in previous posts, there are two definitions of the word “fornication”, the pastor’s definition(which is directly founded upon maintaining the financial stability of his money exchange aswell as the control of his members) and the biblical definition. We always ought to side with the biblical definition of things and not be hesitant to discard the pastor’s definition in the bin if it is clearly not according to the scriptures.

The biblical definition of the word “fornication” is as follows:

“Promiscuous sexual behaviour and sexual activity that is contrary to nature(homosexuality, lesbianism, beastiality, pedophilia, incest)”.

If the word fornication according to your modern day pastors honestly meant “sex before marriage” then you would not have the incredible levels of sexual frustration and sexual dysfunction that you see today within the church gates. The sexual mess that you witness in these modern day so called “churches” is a direct result of placing unnatural restrictions upon a natural action. Sex is a natural function of everyday life, literally, in fact going without sex for long periods is not healthy and commonly leads to offshoot dysfunctional behaviour such as masturbation. I more see masturbation as a dysfunctional behaviour that is a seed directly spawned from placing inappropriate restrictions upon sexual activity period. Since there is no such sin as “sex before marriage” according to the bible, I commonly recommend to those who have been caught up in the masturbation cycle to find themselves a man/woman with whom they can have sexual relations with and utilise each other for that purpose as soon as possible. As long as you do not go around and have sex with other people aswell, you are not fornicating. Remember, part of the definition of fornication is promiscuity, the scriptures do not have a problem with you having sex as long as you are not being promiscuous and not having sex that is contrary to nature(please see the blog post and comments section of “What Exactly Is Physical Fornication – Not What We Have Been Lead To Believe” for the scriptures and further proof).

The church I used to attend back in the day was full of sexual decadence and closet masturbators. Brothers and sisters were frequently coming forward to the alter aswell as confiding in others about their masturbation/pornography addiction. Of course this is the church so there is no such thing as confidentiality, by the beginning of the next service your business assuredly had become the main topic of discussion. When you place unnatural restrictions upon sex, pornography and masturbation addictions will ensue without a doubt. Again, as I stated before, the pastor’s definition of “fornication” is simply founded upon maintaining the financial stability of his church aswell as the control of his members. Sadly most of these jack legged money changers are dysfunctional themselves and cannot bring themselves to be honest and admit that the so called “sex before marriage” mantra has been a lie from its very conception. Once again, as I did in my first post dealing with this issue, I put out the challenge not only to pastors but also to anyone else, show me out of the scriptures that fornication means “sex before marriage”. If you are successful in doing so I will shut down this entire blog and never write a post again. Of course nobody has been able to meet the challenge so far, I would contend simply for the fact that it cannot be done. As I predicted beforehand, all folks can do is simply “show” me the word fornication within the scriptures and then they are automatically are forced to jumped to the pastor’s definition as their support. This has been the pattern thus far without fail with anybody who has disagreed with what has been stated here.

The truth is that fornication has nothing to do with marriage, fornication stands by itself and has its own separate definition. It has been the so called “church leaders” who have made the erroneous connections between fornication and marriage. Now, fornication can take place within a marriage aswell as outside of marriage barriers. These so called church leaders are simply full of rubbish, some have no idea of what they are talking about whereas others are fully aware that they are deceiving their congregational members with false information and are knowingly keeping the lies going in order to control their flocks.




I put it to you all that you are a bunch of liars, money changing swindlers and have simply erected this falsification in order to control your congregation members. If the true definition of the word fornication is “sex before marriage” according to the scriptures then I challenge you to show me out of the scriptures and keep your own personal definition at home. Show me out of the scripture that fornication means “sex before marriage”. I await for the scriptures, not that I truly believe that any of you jack leg preachers will be brave enough and step up to the challenge. As always………………………..


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


15 thoughts on “The Sexual Dysfunction Created By The Church – Short Post!

  1. I actually had a good laugh reading this

    you need to listen to this, pretty much sums up “Fast forward to 2014 and the common dress code for your average black church is what is being worn by the woman in the above photo”


    • KingoftheTeddyBears,

      That video was spot on, this simply goes to support what I have been stating about the majority of black women in 2014, they simply behave like children. They want to do what they want yet they do not want the responsibilities that come with making bad decisions. I’ve heard of stories where pastors have been caught having sex with various women in the car park as well as in the pastor’s office. The degradation and decadence of the so called “church” is confirmed everyday with one account after another account after another.


      • pastors caught having sex in the church office? well never heard of that one but I have heard of this pastor who was HIV + and he slept with over half the women of his church………….. a good example of what you were talking about, pastors having illicit affairs and all would be Ted Haggard, not sure if you’ve heard of him before


      • KingoftheTeddybears,

        Yep, pastors are up to all sorts these days and do not be fooled into thinking that this kind of skull duggery is only happening in westernised churches whether they be black or white run, this is an international problem.

        I saw a video of a Latin American pastor having sex with 2 women in his office while the congregation sung outside in the main area. It was posted on youtube but obviously certain footage was blurred out from view. If I find the video again I will post it here.

        I stand by my hypothesis, I strongly believe that most of these so called “pastors” are simply actors who have been placed in strategic positions to negatively influence the flocks with their evil.

        Most High Bless


  2. I agree. I asked somebody about all the things that is going on wrong in the “church” and their excuse to me is that I’m not supposed to be looking at the people or the pastor but to GOD, and I thought to myself how hypocritical is that for somebody to say that we have to look to the Lord for our help and


  3. but yet and still we have a pastor over us still dictating everything in your life. Thanks for continuing to bring the church beast infrastructure to ruins.


    • Aja,

      The response you received I am not really surprised at and is a typical one as your average institutional church beast infrastructure member really has no answers of quality to bring forward to the table in the defence of his/her failing establishment. This is why I am going to continue to push the message that people should simply walk away from these monuments of failure, they have nothing to offer anybody.

      The members themselves are supposed to be a reflection of the Most High, however because they have sold themselves over to decadence and as a result look filthy, they out of shame and embarassment must divert your eyes and attention away from their terrible shortfalls, and so they are left with no other choice but to provide you with the cop out response of “you should be keeping your eyes on God”. That type of ridiculous response would not have slipped by me without that person receiving a thorough verbal blasting. As I will continue to state, these so called churches are without a doubt nothing less than decadent monuments of failure.


  4. I had my first debate about church with my grandfather who is one of those ole’ time preachers and Lord knows i was trying to avoid it but it kept pushing it there. I hate confrontation but Verbs this was unavoidable no matter how much I tried to keep it from happening. The points I was hitting had him so quiet he didn’t know have a come back but do you know what his so called weapin against me was, Well, you better make sure you have it right because you cacan go to hell, so I had to tell him to stop trying to scare me into believeing what you believe. He also said that it was his job to steer people back in the right track who was going wrong. I asked him how am I going wrong when my faith and trust lies in Jesus Christ and not a man and he said well the scripture say not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together and that was all he could say. Even with that Verbs I feel like it’s more to it than what pastors try to use it to get members in their church. Can you elaborate a little more for me on that if you don’t mind. I want to apologize in advanced if you already touched on this topic. 🙂


    • Aja,

      The pastors are simply your modern day gatekeepers, witches, warlocks and magicians, it is their job to keep the average member enchanted with the programme that has been set out for them by the Roman Catholic Church. The whole church programme is designed to keep you locked into a spiritual deadzone, yet at the same time have you believe that you are gaining great knowledge and making mighty steps in your walk with the Most High, yet in reality you are likened to a cow on a treadmill, you remain in the same position, you travel nowhere yet at the same time you are being milked for your commodities(money).

      The Most High states in Ezekiel 34 that he will judge between cattle and cattle, in other words he is going to judge between believers based upon how they treated each other. I would suggest that your grandfather take heed to his own words as the Most High will not be excusing his ignorance. With the modern day so called church there is no requirement of faith, the church building and the pastor is the average institutional church beast infrastructure member’s rock, as long as he/she sees both of them every Wednesday and Sunday, they feel that they are on a good footing with the Most High with mere attendance.

      Yes, the scriptures do talk about not forsaking the gathering together of ourselves however as I recently explained to a close friend of mine, the gathering together is not to jump up and down enchanting yourself singing the same songs 2-3 times over and to make the head money changer rich, it is supposed to be a time of real fellowship and catering to people’s needs, however you cannot fellowship with and cater to the needs of 50, 100, 1000, 10000 people. In fact at an average service you will probably only speak with 5-6 people at most before going home. This is what a real church should look like, it should contain no more than the amount of people that you can get to know properly and fellowship with comfortably, the ideal number shouldn’t even go into double figures.

      There is also the issue of mixing music and entertainment with teaching which is not scriptural. The music before the sermon puts you into an emotional state, it also opens up your subconscious so that any dodgy doctrine that the jack legged preacher rattles off will immediately pass the critical and reasoning part of the mind and go straight into the subconscious without scrutiny. Now you know why the majority of these so called churches run with a music programme before the pastor preaches his sermon. As I have stated before, the modern day institutional church has been set up by Satan himself as a means to keep believers in Christ locked in a limbo, non functioning state and for the majority they have been successfully seduced into that position in preparation for the great slaughter.

      If I haven’t dealt with what you were talking about then feel free to elaborate more on your query.

      Most High Bless


    • Aja I had a similar discussion with my mother a few weeks go and her response, to me was “regardless of what you read, we still have to come and give thanks” after I even pointed out Acts 7:48 that says

      “However, the Most High does not live in houses made by human hands. As the prophet says”

      and then she started getting all defense and starts cussing and threatened to kick me out of the house….

      You see I am still in University and unemployment is kinda rife where I live so it’s not like I can pick up and leave anytime I want, so I have to sneak and hide behind my bedpost on a sunday morning when she’s not home but my step-dad is but he’s near-sighted and his vision isn’t so good so I can basically get almost anything by him and plus he isn’t like my mother he doesn’t curse and threaten or start stupid fights when you disagree or have a different opinion.. which is why I can’t wait to get my degree so I can stabilize myself with a good job and find a place of my own where she can’t boss me around as she feels anymore


  5. Hello,
    Interesting articles. I found you from Henry Makow. I do disagree on the idea of fornication being just ‘weird’ sex. Having sexual relations outside of marriage forms bonds with various people “The two shall become one.” Hard to be one with someone when you are being one with a few. My own Dad couldn’t even entertain the idea of dating after my Mom had passed. He said that he still felt very married to her. They had a great one!


  6. I know you stated about what fornication really means. So why when Moses was married to an Ethiopian female it was stated that he never had sex with her, also when Joseph was a servant to the Egyptian and the Egyptian wife kept tempting him it is also stated that he never gave in to the temptation.

    Yet when Moses did marry Reul daughter not the Ethiopian female he did have sex with her and had children with her. So my question is if these males did this and waited until marriage how can it be unheard of not having sex before marriage? Let me guess that was ancient times right and no one can do that anymore. I feel that if you are a true servant of the Most High you can substain yourself from sexual temptation.


    • Danielle,

      Before we go any further please point me to where it states that Moses never had sex with his Ethiopian wife, this is not information that I have come across before.


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