Street Harassment?? Feminist Propaganda Designed To Drive Men And Women Further Apart !



There is a new mime that has been launched from the headquarters of the feminist movement via their feminist propaganda machine, this new term is called “Street Harassment”. What is street harassment? Street harassment according to the modern day feminist camp is the act of men attempting to garner the attention of women on the streets by either calling out to them, passing comment on how a woman looks out loud or actually physically approaching a women in an effort to engage in conversation with her. The overall complaint being lodged here is that via these actions, women are now being looked upon as objects and no longer as human beings. On its face alone this is a load of utter nonsense, men have always lavished women with attention on the streets, long before this so called “street harassment” label was propagandised into existence. Why all of a sudden now at this particular time is this attention being brought into question? Also as per usual, women who have subscribed to this “street harassment”  doctrine are ideally likened unto children in that they have designated themselves as complete victims in this entire saga and that no responsibility, liability and accountability can be laid at their feet for this increase in attention that they all of a sudden now claim is a nuisance.

Today’s modern day western woman is no different to a young child. Since the political wave of feminism took swing in the 1960’s, women have been given a free reign to simply carry out any reprobate actions they wish without reaping the consequences of those foul choices immediately, unlike men who have always been held accountable on the spot and reaped the rewards of any bad decisions and choices made almost immediately. Most women in general today are seriously comparable with retarded and idiotic individuals, why do I say this, because the majority of women who have subscribed to and who worship the street harassment propaganda lack the critical thinking skills to even look at and examine the way that they physically protray themselves to other members of the general public, yet alone to men on the streets. In essence these women are little short of selfish, irresponsible, wreckless children who are in fact the real menaces of society, instigating trouble and contentions where there were none in existence before. Doesn’t this sound very much like your typical western woman today?

Because of the current construction the western law system(which actually enables and permits the perpetuation of the modern day western woman’s folly), women have found and utilise to its fullest degree a mechanism to where they are permitted to carry out the most heinous actions without being the immediate recipients of the penalties and ramifications normally associated with those acts. A raw example of this wreckless behaviour can be seen in a large portion of western black women who choose to bare children out of a committed relationship in extremely high numbers and who then run to the state for assistance in order to evade the harsh reality of what they have wrought. The majority of women today essentially act and make decisions based upon their emotions, they lack the critical thinking, reasoning and logical faculties required to make just, wise and safety critical decisions, this is not the opinion of Verbs, these are the facts and they do not change regardless of whether they are accepted or rejected by folks. This is why it is important that a man leads in any relationship and the woman follows, this is the natural order of things and this is how relationships flourish and remain healthy.

It is interesting to note that every since the women of the west decided that she was going to severe her connection to the man, embark on her lifestyle of “independence”, emasculate the male and exalt herself as the head and the leader of the family, that relationships between the male and female genders have completely fallen apart. This is no coincidence and those who have also noted the correlations here would be wise to act upon their findings in order to bring an end to downhill spiral of male/female relations at least within their own circles. Remember, the idea is to help yourself and put your own house in order first before moving on to enlighten and to give assistance to others in need. You cannot bring remedy to dysfunctional relationships between other people if your own relationships are a ship wreck themselves.



The fact of the matter is that the male sex drive is significantly higher that his female counterpart, it is built that way by nature and design. It should also be noted that the male libido is based upon visuals and the physical. This is also the reason why men can become sexually aroused almost instantaneously, this is our physiology, this is the way that we were built by default. One valid reason that I can think of straight away in relation to this design is the issue of children. It would make sense and stand to reason from a logical perspective that in order to maximise a woman’s chance of conception/childbearing, a male with a high libido would be the preferable and best candidate in order to align with and have the best chance of catching the woman’s ovulation cycle. This is basic biology 101 and common sense, however from the feminist standpoint common sense, reasoning and logical thought must be excluded at all costs from the equation, as these concepts imply adulthood, responsibility and accountability and fly in the face of childish behaviours and mannerisms.

It must always be remembered that the principle edict of feminism is to place women in a perpetual state of childhood and infancy. Most women today who subscribe to the feminist philosophy fail to observe this particular factor, why, because as I have stated before, most women severely lack reasoning and logical thinking skills hence why they cannot see what is so obviously and easily exposed via a male’s scrutiny and thought process.

Sorry women, the male libido is not a mechanism that can be switched on, switched off or adjusted at will, just because our sex drive is naturally significantly higher than yours and just because we are designed to be sexually aroused by visuals, this is no wise means that “all men think about is sex” or “men think with their penis rather than their head”. I do not nor will I ever apologise for the high sex drive of men. I will admit that the way women are addressed on the streets by men today has changed from say 40-50 years ago, however are men to blame for these changes? Have women changed their clothing styles to warrant this altering trend? Let us now take a look at how your average woman dressed in the 50-60s and let us compare the dress code back then vs the dress code today of modern day women:

1950s-Fashion-13 2644309053_7f7238fff9 fifties-girls page_114_1_or0061_slide-ec1949d23cc21ea20f05bcdf706e6357740d44cf-s6-c30 tumblr_mcnxpskMzj1qimltto1_1280 Fashions in Tones of Green zz20a676621e970c-1


Now let us look at how the modern day woman dresses today and let us see if there have been any significant changes:

hot-women-tight-dresses-38 ivy-slut-dress-f001


Pretty black woman in tight dress smiling Teens-in-mini-dresses-1 tight-dresses-012 tumblr_me7f1s3ixe1r638edo1_500tumblr_m3mdgzOBTm1rv1d8do1_500


The difference is clear to be seen. Today the average woman’s closet is full to the brim with clothes to set the male libido on fire, however seeing as we are dealing with the perpetual children, the majority of women today still do not see a problem with dressing in a provocative manner and they certain cannot connect the dots when it comes down to how they dress, the increase in attention they receive when walking the streets and the manner in which that attention is delivered. Even when it comes down to the dresscode of the average office workplace, the skirts worn by women still do not really fair that much better. If you are a man, you do not believe me and your work in an office environment, take a look at how women dress and then tell me that I am lying.

This is how women are dressing today compared with the above pictures from the 50s which show a completely different class of lady. Women today want it both ways, they want to be able to walk the streets wearing sexually enticing clothing but yet on the other hand they claim that they are not looking for unwarranted attention from men. How can women expect to be taken seriously, seriously? Many women here will immediately say that the pictures above are an extreme, however tight skirts are only one section of an average woman’s closet. What about leg ins, skin tight tops, low cut tops, push up bras, skin tight jeans, mini skirts, jogging pants which deliberately emphasis the buttocks etc, the list goes on and on.

The fact of the matter is that the women dressed in the 50s and 60s demanded a certain respected and bridled approach from men because the dresscode was a reflection of how much respect the woman had for her own self. Today, the dresscode the average western woman subscribes to simply shows how much respect that she does not hold for herself, thus she is going to be viewed and responded to in a disrespectful manner by males. It is regrettable however the dresscode that accompanies women today simply declares them as meat on the table ready to be dished out and served. If you wish to dress in sexual manner whether subtly or blatantly, then according to that agenda will you be treated. This is the real world, not the fantasy alternate reality that has been painted for you by the feminist structure. As I have stated before, the male libido responds to and is stimulated by visuals, if you do not want the attention then stop dressing like a harlot, it is the simple solution.

Of course the modern day western woman being the child that she is refuses to take any responsibility or accountability for her actions, she point blank rejects the part that she has played in this conundrum and has thus embarked on what are known as “Slut Walks”. Slut walks are simply protests held worldwide by women walking the streets in any type of clothing that they choose. I believe that the slut walk movement began in Canada around 2011 after a police constable simply stated that women who did not desire unwanted sexual attention should avoid dressing like sluts. This is the modern day woman’s action of rebellion against logic and reason. This is a simple common sense strategy to the average man, a man can clearly see that this course of action is perfectly logical, however your average woman today feels that she has an entitlement to do what she pleases without suffering any consequences and the legal systems of the west have made it to where a woman can postpone the ramifications of her foul actions and bad choices and still play the part of the victim in the midst thereof. This automatically equates to no responsibility and certainly no accountability and this is the main reason why I refer to most women today as perpetual children, they simply refuse to grow up and to take the raw responsibility for their actions aswell as be held accountable for their actions.





Whether is so called street harassment, a slut walk, girl power or some other claim to some sort of womens rights, all of these branches reside on the same feminist tree which has a homosexual root. It always must be remembered that the feminist movement was started by a group of lesbians(founded and financed by the Rockefeller Foundation), the lesbian agenda has never changed and will always remain the same, continuation of the destruction of the family unit, thus lesbians and homosexuals theorise that through this they will have more people to choose from. Remember that the majority of homosexuals are promiscuous and the lifestyle root is based upon self gratification and enjoying one’s own self to the fullest ie having as many partners as you can. This is why I simply cannot buy into the claim that there was a first wave of feminism which was solely concerned with bettering the rights and conditions of women, considering the sponsors behind the movement at its conception.

To those women whom this message concerns, it is simple. Take some responsibility for your actions and keep your mouth shut when you wander down the street looking like a prostitute and men begin to pay you extra attention. If you want to agitate the male libido by dressing up in a sexually provocative manner then you ought to be prepared for the fullest consequences of those actions, at the least being wolf whistled at and being called out aloud by the men whom you have just excited or at the other end of the spectrum you ought to prepare yourself for the possibility of being raped. Quite frankly, any woman who dresses like a tart and is subsequently raped I do not feel sorry for in the slightest and I do not apologise for that statement. The male libido is naturally set much higher than the female libido which is based upon an emotional stimulus as apposed to visuals. What most women do today is the equivalent of dangling a steak in front of a hungry lion and then complaining when the lion exercises its instinct and goes to consume the meat. As a woman, you cannot look at the male libido through your own eyes and from your own perspective, it is not comparable to your own. This is utter foolishness at its height and is exactly what women have been doing for at least the last 30-40 years.

Wake up, the “we should be able to walk down the street and not be harassed” speech is not the real world. You need to put down that junk philosophy that has been fed to you through the feminist propaganda machine. The fact of the matter is, if you walk down the street in sexually provocative clothing, you had better prepare yourself for war on all levels and be prepared to reap what you have sown. Do not tell me that you are not looking for male attention while dressing in a sexually charged manner, your lies certainly do not fool me in the slightest. If you were genuinely attempting to pass under the male libido radar then you would dress modestly and in a manner whereby you know that the least amount of attention will come your way. This is what we saw with the dresscode of women in the 50s and 60s. I see nothing of that sort today.

Todays women in general are simply a bunch of dishonest, rebellious, belligerent, violent hooligans and scoundrels who continue riding upon their road of destruction while at the same time believing somehow that they are gaining some vestige of power and authority by rebelling against the natural order of things. No, all that is happening is you are driving men further and further away from you. Obviously those of you who are not interested in men and who want to live “independent” lives are definitely on the right track. Those women however who have a different plan in mind, who still one day want to settle down and have a family had better think twice about swallowing this feminist garbage that yet again has been handed down to you.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

14 thoughts on “Street Harassment?? Feminist Propaganda Designed To Drive Men And Women Further Apart !

  1. You made some very good points in this post. I loved the pictures of how the women dressed back in the 50’s and 60’s! In my opinion, dressing modest never goes out of style. Modesty is not promoted by the media anymore and this is so sad. As you stated, it is common sense for women to dress approriate in order to be treated with respect by men.Quick Story: My sister and I had to walk to school everyday pass these young guys that used to hang out in front of their houses. My sister decided to wear these really short shorts, even though I told her that the guys would try to holla at her etc. So, we walked by them and they were reacting to what she had on. She got so mad and cried all the way to school. She then told me that she would never wear those shorts again. It wasn’t funny at the time, but we still laugh at this experience. I am glad that she learned her lesson. There is nothing wrong with dressing provocative, but one shouldn’t dress this way for the whole world to see their body. This should only be between your partner/ spouse. I didn’t know that the feminiest movement was started by a group of lesbians. Now and days some women got to be more careful who they turning on, because some men are crazy!! lol. On the flipside, most of the clothes at the stores for women are so short. The jeans are too tight and short they are like denim panties lol. The shirts are cropped to high and are too revealing. I hate going shopping because it is hard to find modest apparel. I also heard some guys complaining about how jeans are being made tighter and skinner and how the shirts are getting smaller too. Women will still gain attention from men even if they dress modest because women are just naturally beautiful.


    • Jaz,

      It is regrettable that the majority of women who have bought into the feminist propaganda do not understand that the so called “liberation” that they have embraced is really a underhanded scheme to devalue and reduce their worth down to that similar to pieces of meat. The bottom line is a certain type of dress code will attract a certain kind of attention. There is no escaping this fact and most women need to wake up and stop acting like children with regards to this.

      Most High Bless


      • @verbs, you are fooled if you think women lack “logical and critical thinking skills” these women go on jobs that require these same skills and they do well, yet in their relationships they just can’t comprehend what the man is saying, they are just playing dumb, think about it, you can show a woman all kinds of negative stats on single mothers raising young boys, she will play dumb and continue the single mother epidemic not because she is dumb, she is evil, when a male child is born the mother is ready to hand her son over to the “family law court system, via some whore he met that is just like mommy, when have you ever heard a woman sit down and explain to her son exactly what women do to manipulate men, she doesn’t because she is evil not because she can’t think critically


  2. This is a very,very honest and revealing post here. I think more women need to hear this coming from a male because a lot of times it’s other women telling other women how you should be able to where what you want and how good they look and that they should show off their shapes because it was given to them by God. Being a black female myself I love to hear the male perspective, the black make perspective because that’s who I aim to please because of my husband. I thank the Lord even being younger that I never wanted to dress provocative because one, I had both my parents there who wasn’t going to allow it and two, I wanted people to see my face, not my tits or butt. I would always tell my younger cousins that they didn’t have to dress in that manner because men already are attracted to females even if you are wearing pajamas but when you are showing off “your goods” they only see what is put on display not what YOU have to offer as a person. A lot of women don’t understand why time and time again they land the wrong guy. It’s something for you to post those pictures of the women from the 50’s because that is my style currently because of the way that I am shaped myself I have to be aware of the things that I wear because I don’t want any negative attention for myself of disrespect my husband. Sometimes you still get attention anyway because of the natural attraction that men have to women but you can feel good about it because you didn’t have to show off anything. Peace and Love to you Bro Verbs!


    • Aja,

      The problem here is the feminist propaganda machine teaches women to be self centered, selfish, narcissistic and inconsiderate when it comes down to male related issues especially those of a sexual nature. They inform women that they should look at men’s issues only from a female perspective(as crazy and ludicrous as it sounds), thus most women who subscribe to the feminist ideology will automatically approach a male related issue with a warped mindset. This leads to further divisions, contentions and gulfs between the sexes(the ultimate and original goal of the feminist movement), meanwhile the feminist scum buckets sit back and laugh at both parties having successfully played them off against one another.

      The dress code of 2014 that is currently pushed by the feminazi movement is purposely designed to bring men into a sexually aroused state and have them constantly remain that same state. Many women today complain about how sexual men are these days however they continuously fail to factor in their dress apparel because feminism teaches that “women should be able to dress how they want” and that “men are simply dogs on heat and/or sperm donors”.

      The feminist philosophy is simply a fable for children, in no wise does it reflect real life. As a result a huge number of women walk around with the fear of not being able to attract a man without engaging in some sort of outlandish behaviour or adorning sexually provocative clothing. Feminism has actually made women feel more insecure about themselves, it has not brought them liberation nor has it given them confidence. Many women believed that they could find themselves through this movement, however the sad reality is that feminism has left most women shipwrecked and more lost than ever.

      Indeed, it is very important to put the male perspective forward as in the feminist run society that exists today, mens voices and concerns are deliberately being ignored and suppressed.

      Most High Bless


      • I truly appreciate the feed back on this because it helps me to understand from a male point of view. I see how now that feminism causes a big riff in relationships, especially black relationships because you always have people in the family telling the younger generation how they don’t need men and that they can do it by themselves and that you can be happy without a man. I’m not saying that it’s impossible but I would much rather be with my husband and continue to build black love and make it stronger. I get a lot of slack for this but I am submissive and not in a way that I will take anything that’s dished out to me but where I respect my husband and his wishes and in return I get respect and unconditional love back and because of that it makes our relationship stronger and stronger of course we deal with certain issues like some other relationships but knowing the order of things helps out a lot. I now honestly have sympathy for my husband, the black male in general because there is a HUGE weight on yall shoulders and the most important thing that a black male needs in dealing with past and present struggles, and his oppressor is a loving companion to see them through. Believe me, I know that some see this as unrealistic but it’s possible we just have to look past our issues sometimes, learn to communicate and do what comes naturally and thats to nurture. Keep it coming Verbs


      • Aja,

        Glad to give you an insight from thr male perspective. This is the natural way, the male is supposed to lead and thus bear the brunt of the responsibility and the female is supposed to follow him, thus as you stated a huge weight is on the man and not upon the woman. Under this natural framework relationships flourished up until the feminazis came along and decided to alter the programme.

        Thus because the feminist movement teaches women that they can do the same things as men(no differentials in roles, physical and mental abilities), men and women are in constant competition and battle with one another, therefore how can they come together successfully and form a true bond? The answer is that it cannot happen.

        The worst form of punishment for a prisoner is solitary confinement so how some women(especially sisters) can accept that they are better of by themselves is a huge error(back to the childish thinking again). The feminist movement also teaches the deception that submitting and showing reverence to your husband/boyfriend is equivalent to being his slave yet the women who actually follow this protocol by and large have successfully relationships.

        Regrettably however relationships following the natural order according to the Most High are few and far between. Most women today would rather rebel, be independent and miserable rather than submit to the male, be lead and be happy. Belligerent, hooligan, reprobate scoundrel women are commonly the ones who scoff at having the man as an authority over them. This would actually serve to their benefit however the doctrine of feminism has severely blinded them.

        Women naturally gravitate towards authority and leadership however feminism has taught women that they can now be the authority and the leader. We can obviously witness for ourselves that this switching in roles has been a complete and utter failure. The man’s role is to lead, the woman’s role is to be the nurturer. Any women who want to have a successful relationship are going to have to take up this fact again and accept it as they did before the feminist movement.

        Most High Bless


  3. I can’t tell if this is satire, but it’s really funny, so I hope it is. Good call on the ’50s throwback (because misogynists didn’t catcall women in the ’50s, of course! And women in the ’50s in the pictures you posted were never called “tramps” or otherwise by women who cited pictures of Gibson Girls as a model of “modesty”) because irony is always hilarious and self-loathing misogynists and racists never understand it.

    I hope you ARE a satire blog, because you’re a really talented comedy writer! Hope this gets you noticed (and hope people get the joke!).


    • Just a Fan, The word misogynist is a heavily used misnomer frequently touted by the feminist camp to enable the pervasive child like mentality most women have chosen to adopt to continue. It is also frequently called upon to aid women to continue their evasion of accountability and responsibility. The post is 100% serious and illustrates the hypocrisy, the inconsiderate, selfish and narcissistic nature of the modern day western woman and a large portion of women in general. What cat calling? Cat calling began with the feminist movement in the 1960’s when women began to wear sexually explicit clothing. This is always the feminist way, label any man that calls out women on their reprobate actions as misogynistic. This label is old now plus it has been handed down to you by others. The only joke since the feminist movement started has been on the modern day western female.


    • Just a Fan, you fail to think with reason. You are so stuck in your ways that you aren’t even conditioned to think like a DECENT human being. I pity you. What is so satire about the truth? Yes, the TRUTH! Is your world literally upside down? O.o Do you really think logic is illegit and idiocy and ignorance is legit? This isn’t Cartoon Network. This is the real world, with real women and real men. Women have the gosh darned nerve to claim “mini rape”, “rape culture”, or “disrespect” when a man looks at their half naked persons, but when they’re raped they want to cry and sue the hell out of the man they PURPOSELY sexually aroused. A mans emotions is nothing to tamper with. They are not weak or uncontrollable, women like YOU are. HYPOCRITES. People like you need to just die off. It’s pointless with you ignoramuses.


      • Agree. Moronic thinking. If feminazis were so supportive of their ‘sisters’ then you wouldn’t dress like a slut in front of my husband, making things difficult for him and then me. People perish for a lack of understanding.


  4. Back in 1971 when I was graduated from high school, the prevailing style was the miniskirt. I am very glad that my mother was strong minded and taught me the same. She told me that it is possible to dress in a feminine and beautiful way, and still be a lady. I never owned a mini skirt. I did not realize how ostracized I was until I recently looked through my high school yearbook and realized that I was quite literally the only girl in the entire school who was not wearing one. Some of them were so short that when the girl sat down, the hem touched the chair.
    Women need to think individually, but that’s not what they do. And as my mother told me, all they are doing is giving some bad man a laugh.


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