The idea behind the fried chicken and water melon stereotype is supposedly that these were both very cheap and thus popular foods among black slaves back in the day. The mainstream media has always painted black people in a negative light and has never passed up the opportunity to do so. Black folks need to stop reacting to this nonsense, I personally do eat chicken, however it is not the main choice of meat for myself, I mostly eat lamb and beef. I also rarely eat water melon(which we simply call melon over here in the UK), most of the fruits that I consume are in the berry range(strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries etc).

We as black folks need to stop reacting emotionally to the nonsense that it placed out there and analyse the propaganda for what it really is. The largest consumers of chicken in the western hemisphere are white people, whether it be fried, grilled or cooked with other foods. Chicken is also a big part of the food cycle in Latin American countries especially in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Why isn’t the mainstream media conversing about their love for the flightless bird? The convenient narrative against the so called Negro aka the true Hebrew must remain one of a perpetual slave and this is how black folks are viewed in general by most white people and other nationalities, we are still looked upon as slaves in their eyes.

This is why some time ago I wrote a post talking about accepting not being accepted. I fully accept that I will never be accepted by white folks or any other nationalities on this planet, I see this with my own two eyes not to mention the fact that the scriptures also talk about this continual hatred portrayed against the Hebrews by the other nations. White people and the other nations on this planet are regrettably going to have to be severely judged, suffer extreme hardship and almost be completely destroyed before they will accept us and embrace us as a people. This is their cup of recompense to bear and they will surely drink it. Look at the world around you, their recompense and judgement is already being poured out.




One thing that must be said is that nowadays whenever you hear the word “thug” being used especially by white folks, this has now become their new code word for “nigger”. Yes, the so called European man is adapting and becoming extremely sophisticated in the words that he now uses to describe the so called Negro. You don’t believe me, type in the word “thug” into a search engine, click on images and witness whos image appears the most, yes black folks. Regrettably most blacks folks are still on the backfoot and are failing to keep up to speed with these rapidly changing strategies being used against them.

The reality of the situation is that black folks commit crime against other black folks just as much as white people commit crime against other whites. I remember a number of years ago the Metropolitan Police came out with a statistic that stated that 80% of muggings are committed by black people. Of course black folks including myself were up in arms and obviously upset at this figure and why, because they had looked at and picked predominantly black areas in which to conduct their “crime study” and draw their statistics from. How convenient huh!

With regards to prison we have to remember that most crime is based upon economics, so seeing as black folks have been on the backfoot since the conception of western society, it stands to reason that there will be a higher rate of crime among blacks in the poorer inner city areas. In the suburbs however this problem does not prevail itself as much. The so called Justice System is rigged to where black folks are treated more unfairly and given harsher sentences than their white counterparts who commit the same offenses. We only need look at the number of black folks who have been assassinated in cold blood by non blacks and the perpetrators who have been allowed to walk free or in a large number of cases are never brought to trial at all. Remember Ezekiel 35:5, always remember this verse when you observe the oppression and the continued antagonistic actions railed against black folks.

The Prison system is simply another part of the Babylon Matrix plantation, the obvious difference with prison is the restriction of movement and the work that you are forced to take part in. Submit to the forced work programme of the prison industrial complex or be placed into solitary isolation for such insubordination. There is also another angle to the prison conundrum, a huge number of prisons are run privately and obviously a private prison will require inmates in order to be able to claim certain monetary subsidies from the state, so how better a way to fill up your prison cells than to target the poor, amongst which the crime rate is going to be higher than amongst other classes of people, and guess who constitutes as the majority bulk of the poor? Enough said there. The next step is to then cut a incentive and lucrative deal with the judges in order to encourage them to funnel unsuspecting victims into your building of modern day enslavement. This is how the justice system really works, from the police station right down to the prison yard. It is not and was never about justice, it is all about “just us”.

As for the topic of theft, again we have to remember that the same criticisms that whites levy against blacks when it comes down to stealing and thievery, white folks engage in exactly the same behaviour yet we always have to remember that the so called white man is involved in these kinds of activities on an international level. Let us just think about oil and Iraq for a moment, what about diamonds and Sierra Leone or gold and other precious metals and Brazil and other Latin American countries? This is the grander scale thievery of the so called white man, the international Dick Turpin with an unquenchable belly for other people’s possessions. The book of Obadiah informs us about Edom and his never ending, unsatisfied greedy nature.




This is one of the main areas where black folks have been dealt a rough deal. The truth is simply that you are going to find a drug problem in predominantly poor areas period, no matter what the nationality of the people residing in that location. Yet again we have a case where somehow black folks have been linked to drugs and drug abuse as if we are the only nationality of people who participate and engage in such activities. If you travel to the north of England you will equally find in the rundown areas a problem with drugs among  the poor white folks in that region.

It is a standard procedure that when people of any nationality are oppressed and futher stripped of their possessions and their spirit, that the likelyhood of them turning to drugs thereafter is extremely high. Go and talk to the Native Americans about how their people have been destroyed by alcohol(which is a drug by the way) and hard drugs, this is what occurs, folks simply turn to things that are going to temporarily take them away from the problems that are raining down upon them and drugs are very common instruments used for this purpose.

There is currently a major problem with white folks and the use of crystal meth however the so called white man owns and manages the media outlets and he is not going to subject himself to a media onslaught and project himself to the world in a bad light(his actions already do this but that is another story for another post). He will present himself as a man who can do no wrong yet he frequently presents the so called Negro in the media spotlight as a fellow who can do no right. Remember what I stated to you before about keeping Ezekiel 35:5 in mind.

We also have to remember that drugs were funneled into the black community as far back as the 1980s in order to continue the destruction of the black family. Though many people argue that even though white folks brought the drugs into our communities we as black folks had the choice not to use them, I must return to my point about a crushed and defeated spirit and what people will typically do when suffering from these two conditions. Again, tell the poor white folks living in certain run down areas in the north of England that they do not have to use the drugs that are also by the way being brought into their communities by their fellow whites who reside in a better standing economically and financially. Drug problem areas are almost always linked directly to the economic standpoint of that particular locality and not the nationality of people who reside there.




I really have to laugh when the white supremacist propaganda machine  attempts goes into full swing and levy a charge of violent behaviour against black folks. These above pictures clearly illustrate that violence is not sectioned to one particular nationality of people only. White people in general are the most wreckless and violent people on the planet, these above pictures were taken in Europe after a football match. Football hooliganism has almost become its own profession nowadays. When you type in football hooligans into any search engine or even into youtube, you tell me what face appears the most, thats right, good old mr frosty aka the snowman. Try it for yourself and tell me that I am wrong about this one. A picture does indeed speak a thousand words. Where are the black faces in those pictures above?

However, yet again we are forced to remind ourselves that there is an ongoing war against the so called Negro, so the violence that is commonly encountered on the streets after a football match does not fit the narrative in painting the so called Negro in a bad light, simply because the overwhelming majority of the participants involved in this type of violence are white folks. In fact, there was a film that was released a number of year back in which the very subject of football hooliganism was the theme, I encourage folks to check out the trailer for the film Green Street(I believe that there have been some sequels to that first film aswell). Notice though how white people are never called to task on their violent behaviour yet they are quick to spray and shower incidents involving black violence all over the news. This is the white supremacist propaganda spin machine in full swing.

The other important issue that needs to be raised here is that how can your average Joe 6 pack talk about the violence that takes place within black circles yet the so called European man has taken his thirst for blood, violence and death into the international plain? Have white people forgotten about the amount of countries that they have violently invaded over the past 20 years or the amount of countries wherein they have instigated and been behind violent uprisings? Let us now list some of these countries that have been either directly affected by white violence or indirectly affected ie white people either going in directly themselves(war) or them funding violent groups and organisations already in the country concerned to rise up and overthrow the current regime in the name of “democracy”(revolution).

Afghanistan – (Direct Violence)

Iraq – (Direct Violence)

Egypt – (Indirect Violence)

Mali – (Direct Violence)

Libya – (Direct Violence)

Yemen – (Direct Violence)

Haiti – (Indirect Violence)

Somalia – (Direct Violence)

Ukraine – (Indirect Violence)

Pakistan – (Direct Violence)

Venezuela – (Indirect Violence)

Congo – (Indirect Violence)

Sudan – Indirect Violence)

The list above is a very conservative one. As we can clearly see, white people are in absolutely no position to talk about violence among black people. The difference between black violence and white violence is black violence is always kept at a local level, blacks folks are not running around invading other people’s countries, pretending to be their saviours but at the same time slaying down folks by the hundreds, thousands and millions under the guise of “liberation”, “democracy” and “freedom”. This is the problem and has always been the problem with white people on the whole, they always find themselves captured within the web of hypocrisy.






This is yet another stereotype that has been ratcheted up to the maximum by the dominant society, the idea that black people have a hygiene problem and suffer from bad odour. This idea yet again comes from the root of slavery where black males would undertake the hard physical tasks in the open fields, more time these tasks were carried out in hot temperatures, so naturally a by product of working in hot weather is perspiration, which is a normal bodily function. You will find that a large portion of these stereotypes originate from the days of slavery and have been passed down through white generation after white generation in order to keep the illusion of white superiority intact and help it maintain its place.

The fact of the matter is that black folks are among the cleanest nation of people on the planet, in fact it has been the so called Negro who throughout history has shared his high standards of hygiene with other nationalities of people. So called Europeans certainly never knew anything about proper hygiene until very late towards the 20th century. Remember, it was so called whites in Britain who in Victorian times would throw their urine and feces out of their top floor windows onto the streets below. This is a well documented fact, even white folks themselves have to admit and cannot run away from this embarrassing historical fact , it is any surprise then at the amount of disease and sickness that plagued Britain and Europe for centuries?

Up until the European man invaded Africa, Europe was really a place of extreme disease, poverty, squaller, decadence and pestilence. Black folks have always been aware of and exercised hygiene and cleanliness of a high standard. While Europeans would look forward to a bath once or twice a year, black people in their native environments would enjoy regular baths in the surrounding lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls and other accessible water spots. Black people as a nation have never had a problem with personal hygiene, however this same false charge that has been levied against black folks has clearly been documented as a historical fact and true among whites.



Black Man In Suit


It is time for black people to start approaching these stereotypes in a completely different manner to how we have done so in the past. These stereotypes are a load of nonsense and we ought to treat them as such. More time white people will rattle off or illustrate these stereotypes among blacks not because they are true, but simply because they know that they are guaranteed to receive an emotive response from Negroes. We have to stop reacting on an emotional level to the mechanism of white supremacy and we have to commence dealing with the system of white supremacy in the same sophisticated manner that it approaches us with.

Any charge or levy which white people attempt to throw at black people can be just as easily be thrown back at them. If they attempt to lump us into one group and label us with a particular negative action, we ought to do the same to them. Remember and notice how when one black person says or does something wrong, how we all as a black collective are called to explain the actions and to give an account of this one person. Yet when one white person steps out in error, he/she is immediately singled out as an individual and must give an account for their own actions. How does that work?

Let us start moving forward productively as a people, I have listed some of the main stereotypes that have been and still are associated with the so called Negro by the white mainstream media. I understand that there are many more, however once you learn the general rule in dealing with one, you can effectively move on to deal with the others with ease and success. Again, the main catalyst for these stereotypes is the way that you react to them Negro, they are fueled by our emotive responses, however these same stereotypes are immediately deflated and and lose steam rapidly if you response is one based in logic, critical though, reason and intelligence.

This ultimately means that black folks are going to have to educate themselves adequately and stop subscribing to the current retarded black philosophy that being ignorant and speaking like a field Negro is somehow cool and trendy…………IT IS NOT AND IT NEVER HAS BEEN. It is time to step up and deal with this system of white supremacy head on instead of cowering in the corner and being comfortable with the crumbs that fall from the European man’s table. We as black folks can do much better for ourselves than waiting for crumbs and scraps from others that will not satisfy.

Positive action and progression also means disassociating ourselves with black people who are a liability and a hindrance to real growth within the community. Such folks would be those who defend ratchet behaviour instead of calling it out for what it is, they have got to go. Also those who talk a talk yet never walk the walk and those who are lazy need to be walked away from aswell. This is the only way that we can move forward as a people. Remember, a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Dumb Negroes are an infectious breed indeed.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless 


  1. Oh my! I had a couple of friends (Edomite of course) who would boldly tell black jokes, but if any other race cracked a white joke, all hell will be broken loose, heck, even the S.W.A.T. team would confiscate my tongue. The truth is they do not see there own hypocrisy. Every I show up there is always this reminder of how “I’m Black LOL, I’m Black this I’m Black That haha”, and it gets so annoying to the point where I asked her, “Why do I always have to hear a conversation of how I am black? I’m very darn well aware of my race, and I am proud of it. However, this black joke thing isn’t working for me, because it DEFINITELY wouldn’t work if I cracked a white joke. So please, stop it!”

    I pray that my Hebrew brothers and sisters around the world do not let this ignorant “Nigger-Joke” propaganda get under their skins. A few of my Hebrew friends got a little ticked off because of this. Bless you, brother, and great post! I just posted a new one a minute ago.

    Also by the way, I never knew that Edomites threw their crap out the window! Oh my freaking goodness how crazy can these people get? I’m done with life lol XD!!

    Bless You!


    • Bethxshebaxmeep,

      The problem with Edom is his arrogance and his pride, this is well eluded to in the book of Obadiah. However, his Babylon system is slowly being removed from his feet as we speak. I am very suspicious of so called “patriots” who now all of a sudden want to rally together with “all peoples” in order to fight against evil. The problem is when you ask them about what type of time they would like to return to in history, you soon find out that their desired time is your slavery nightmare in chains all over again. Nope, this system must be utterly burned down to the ground and a completely different system erected in its place. Blacks have been complaining about this system of injustice since its conception, however as long as the middle class whites were living comfortably, they simply told us “shut up nigger and go back and sit on your porch”.

      The Most High warned us in Deuteronomy that we would be a by word and a proverb among all nations(coon, nigger, porch monkey, golly wog, darkie, nig nog etc) and that also our feet would find no rest wherever we would be residing. The thing with most white folks is that they cannot handle an intelligent black person on a level playing field, most white folks do not know the meaning of “playing fair”. This is exactly why there will only be a remnant of Edomites who will enter into the kingdom having put down their pride and accepted their lot, the vast majority will face utter destruction.

      We as Hebrews need to step up to the plate and begin to conduct ourselves in a different manner towards the white supremacy agenda. Dealing with nigger jokes in a different manner other than involving one’s self in a physical altercation is NOT being an Uncle Tom, a sellout or an Uncle Ruckus, this is part of the backwards mentality that we now have to abandon as time are changing and we need to begin adapting to these changing times in a manner that enables us to progress, not lag behind and fall to the waste side.

      Yeap, afraid so about the excrement and urine, they used to have to shout down to the people below in the streets first to give them a chance to move out of the way before they could empty the bucket,lol.

      Most High Bless


  2. Amen brother Verbs for another excellently written post!!! This is an on going topic that no one likes to discuss and I am glad that it’s being addressed, of course it’s not going to get as many replies when it comes to you breaking down who we are as a people but I’m glad you are talking about it. I can’t tell you how I am about ready to cause a revolution on my job. “They” feel as if they are entitled to certain things and they don’t have to say excuse me or thank you to me because of my color. It’s gotten to the point where I about to snap and not just on the job neither EVERYWHERE. I know we are to love but it’s like when can I be angry and upset with how they treat us and not feel guilty because of how I feel. I am a very friendly and loving person who can easily get a long with anybody but the older I get the more I’m getting to the point where it’s harder for me to tolerate. I have folks here on the job that I greet in the morning or anytime and they will look me dead in my face and not say a word…..i know it may not be right but I have to reply with an “excuse me then” or something to that nature so they know don’t play that game with me. They walk down the hall and if they see you coming they’ll hold their head down to keep from speaking. I can go on and on about how “they” act and I pray that the Lord truly helps me with this because even my 8 year old daughter notices how that when we are in the store and they will stand in the way because they feel as if they don’t have to move and i will say EXCUSE ME as loud as I can so they can’t act like they don’t hear me. Peace and Many Blessings to you brother Verbs.


    • Aja,

      I hear what you are saying. The main thing that I would say to you is to stop trying to be extra nice to these folks. As you can clearly see, being extra nice to them hasn’t profited you anything whatsoever. I have the same issues with folks at my workplace also, however it is a minority number of people so I can get by without dealing with them.

      Rude behaviour must be checked in its place immediately and tactfully depending on the environment you are in. If you let them continue to get away with it, then they will believe that this is their green light to treat you how they please and they will view you as weak(as you can clearly see). Nobody has the right to disrespect you, nobody.

      One thing that I have to say here is that love is not always delivered in a soft fashion. I have had to verbally blast many a folks for their stupid, outlandish and inconsiderate behaviour, to be angry at being ill treated is not wrong and to react accordingly in a manner letting that person know that what they are doing is out of order is not wrong either. Remember, anger is an emotion given to us by the Most High along side many others. The institutional church beast infrastructure teaches the false doctrine that it is a sin to be angry period, however the bible states that it is a sin to be angry WITHOUT A CAUSE, there is a difference.

      Sometimes the verbal beast must be unleashed. Also, you must begin if you are not doing so already to talk to people where ever you are with confidence, boldness and authority. This is automatically checks foolish and funny behaviour and most of the time stops it dead in its tracks. If you can function at your workplace without dealing with or interacting with these punks then do not bother with them. If not then keep contact with them to a minimum and assert your boundaries through communicating with them in an authoritative manner.

      As for the store, oh boy, that is my playground right there. Sometimes if people try to take liberties with me or do something else dumb and stupid then I will raise my voice. I am not angry however I can play the role of an angry man well. You are dealing with zombies aswell as racist scum and they need to be shown that you at least will not tolerate their nonsense. Your mouth can be a very powerful weapon on its own when used in a right and skillful manner. James eluded to this very same principle. Do not be afraid to use your mouth to call out wrong doing. One of the very reasons why things are getting worse is because of our extra tolerance and soft nature towards these folks. This approach most definitely has to be thrown out of the window when dealing with reprobate Edomites.

      Most High Bless


  3. You hit the nail on the head yet again…….you said it best…..being too nice. You’re right, I am too nice and I get to a point sometimes where I am so nice and then when it builds up I’m blowing up. I think because of me leaving the institutional church beast and their doctrine, your emotions be so misconstrued that you know you should be angry in a situation but then your finding yourself saying,”well I shouldn’t be like that , or using some other emotion that don’t fit the situation. You know what Verbs, the only thing I feel right now is ANGER……that’s for some people and the Institutional Church, maybe I’m angry at everything right now. I’m trying to get back to who I was. I was used to being a person that spoke up but that part of me have been suppressed for so long, it’s hard to get back. I was always told that, that’s not showing love or just because somebody act like that you shouldn’t, “it’s not showing the love of God”………I’m telling you Verbs, how i feel right now i’m ready to blow up at any moment, no lie.


    • Aja,

      This fits in directly with the post I wrote on the institutional church beast and how they suppress emotions. I believe that I also touched on this very issue in my institutional church rhetoric series which I drafted about 2-3 years back, just put in that title in the search bar and they should come up(if you haven’t read them already).

      I am also angry daily with the chicken neck public around me, they do the most stupidest things and then look at you as if something is wrong with you for pointing out their error.

      This is why I have described in the past, the individual walk with the Most High being like a freestyle, it is supposed to be unpredictable as the Most High is unpredictable. I hear you on the anger front, in time that will subside and be replaced with confidence, boldness, courage, authority and expeession. The institutional church beast infrastructure has suppressed your ability to express yourself, it is time to get it back. You have to let go and trust the Spirit to guide you, that will include letting off a verbal cannon ball once in a while.

      Most High Bless



  4. I am glad that you pointed out how it is important how we react to stereotypes. I noticed too that they feed off of your negative respond. I’ve have learned to stay positive. It is a spiritual fight we are up against. Man, they be trying real hard to get me out of a peaceful state of mind. I always have to deal with a lot of slavery/racist comments all the time in the classroom setting, and I have to watch all this slavery movies, even if they have nothing to do with the subjects I am studying. I spiritually know that they do this on purpose to see how I will respond (their are a few other black people in my class). Spirit also taught me that they operate on a unspoken, spiritual, collective agreement to be evil. I swear it is like a domino effect: one could be talking about something racist, then they all join in the conversation. I stopped letting stereotypes control me, when I started allow The Most High to define me instead of my enemies.


    • Jaz,

      If we never reacted in the ways that they expect us to react in, the majority of the time, the so called European man would be forced to implement a new strategy in his attempts to antagonise the so called Negro. Don’t get me wrong, there are occasions where blatant disrespect must be nipped in the bud immediately, however this still does not change the fact that we have to begin to be much more assertive as a people and to stop being content with the role of the victim that so called “black leadership” and white liberals have encouraged us to adopt regularly.

      The idea here is to learn to express yourself effectively on a verbal plain and to remove the restraints that have been put in place by political correctness. Political correctness hinders honest debate. Once you show the dominant society that you are assertive and that you can deal with their racist nonsense on an intellectual level, they will be forced to attempt something else.

      The slavery comments and movies are continuously pushed in order that the dominant society can feel better about themselves and continue to uphold their false illusion of superiority. This is why it is important that we back folks such as Tariq Nasheed and his Hidden Colours documentary series, as he is bringing to light a side to our history that does not fit the dominant society’s narrative of being a superior nation of people.

      Always remember Ezekiel 35:5, the hatred that they have for us is perpetual. Therefore because this is deep within their hearts, when one begins to converse on a racist topic, they all feel emboldened and empowered at that point to inject their own 2 pence worth into the conversation. Remember also that as long as we feel that their opinions about us as a people are relevant to us and as long as we continue to seek their validation, we will continue to suffer under their hands. Exactly as you stated, let us begin to appeal to the Highest for validation and acceptance instead as we know that the Most High is a just power, much unlike these reprobate scoundrels.

      Most High Bless


      • Hey Verbs! It’s Sheba again. I need to talk to you about something in email. I’ve been struggling a little bit lately with my walk and could use some brotherly advice. May I have your email?

        Thanks and Bless You!


  5. Verbs I’ve been meaning to ask this, that picture under the heading “Conclusion” is that you?


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