The Most High’s Will – Very Short Post!




I hear many institutional church beast branch pastors continually talking about the will of the Most High and especially how it is important that believers stay within his will, however the question must be asked, what exactly is the will of the Most High? Christ gave us the biggest clue as to what exactly the will of the Most High is when his disciples enquired of him how they ought to pray. Matthew 6:9-10 reads:

6:9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.


Right here is a huge clue as to what the will of the Most High is. The will of the Most High is to simply bring down the order/template of heaven down to earth. Unlike what we have have been told by these institutional church beast infrastructure pastors and their congregation members, the will of the Most High is not only centered around preaching the gospel, there are many more aspects to his will than just preaching the gospel and teaching people.

In heaven there are no such things as evil, suffering, sin, death, murder, dishonesty, lack, contentions, fighting, bickering, envy, strife, lying, stealing, adultery, fornication, hunger, famine etc, in other words heaven has an order and because of that order things function perfectly, smoothly and in harmony, which is more than can be said for the current state of the planet that we are living on today. Because of the lack of order, justice, accountability, responsibility, honest etc, the world as we know it has descended into what can only be described as a complete and utter mess. This is exactly what the order of evil is and what evil does, the order of evil is death and destruction and evil always brings along some sort of chaos/havoc beside it.

Notice how when more people subscribed to there being a higher power to answer to, the world was a much better place to live in. Now that people are increasing turning against the Most High and deciding that they no longer believe in a higher power, it is no coincidence that the world at the same time is going to hell in a hand basket. Of course, the neigh sayers refuse to connect the dots and place the pieces together, rejecting a higher power allows evil to take up further room and in turn chaos has more of a free reign to stretch itself.

The will of the Most High is to reverse and decrease this current trend of evil spreading itself upon the planet. The Most High has begun a programme to achieve this in different ways through different people. This is why nobody can realistically accuse another of not doing the will of the Most High as he can and has been known to use some of the most unusual and negative of circumstances to fulfill his particular purpose at various given moments. His will is fulfilled through different mechanisms in different folks. One person’s journey is usual different from another person’s path, at least this is the way that it is supposed to be unless you attend a monument of failure called a church where everybody is expected to do the same thing and think in the same fashion, this most definitely is not part of the order that the Most High desires.  Of course most of us know that the beginning of this programme of change was the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, his death on the cross 2000 plus years ago begun the path of change within the earth.

Again, remember the analogy I gave in the post I wrote in relation to dealing with struggles when I talked about the restoration of a car and how if you are dealing with one particular area of the car, somebody looking at the car from a completely different angle may not be able to see the work that you have done and thus only witnessing the areas of the vehicle that are still in a rundown condition, they would wrongly conclude that you have not started any work towards restoring that car. The same thing goes with this planet, just because we in general see things degenerating and progressively getting worse around us, this in no wise means that the Most High has given up on this planet, is taking a rest or is not getting things done. Remember, to purge the flu from the body folks will experience a fever which is very uncomfortable for the person suffering, yet it is a necessary mechanism required in order to bring a person into a better state of health. The same thing applies to this current world, it must experience some dark and grim conditions in order for a better world to be brought up out of it.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual 

Most High Bless

9 thoughts on “The Most High’s Will – Very Short Post!

  1. Sheba again ^u^

    Atheists lack an understanding of what the world is really like. They think that if the Most High were real, He’d automatically wipe out every evil on this earth, as if we don’t require testing and challenge. Atheists are the weakest out there. They’re scared of challenge. They hate it, and there little “Debate me’s” are so illogical it almost sucidally hilarious XD



    • Bethxshebaxmeep,

      Atheists are typically not honest people and they will frequently exercise certain techniques which have most inexperienced believers running around in circles, the most common of which is to ask questions over and over again that have already been answered. They most certainly do not have any problems in lying in order to hold their position and at the same time attempt to shake your faith. I have seen atheists literally make up rubbish, subscribe to utter stupidity and buffoonery or both just so that they will not be brought into a position to where they are shown to be wrong.

      They are not really looking for answers, they only seek to waste your time. Also, the majority of atheists never have a personal argument of their own against the Most High or the scriptures, they hide behind and circulate what they believe to be “reasonable and logical” arguments among themselves, this is why you may frequently come up against the same mantras and talking points over and over again. This clearly shows us that they do not and cannot think as individuals and reason for themselves.

      Their reasons for dismissing the Most High, Christ and the scriptures are really of a personal nature, however they are too embarrassed to discuss the real reasons behind their choice of faith, therefore they choose instead to use the commonly distributed points of contention among the atheist community, utilising them as a convenient smokescreen and a distraction. The religions of atheism and evolution are some of the most outlandish, foolish and stupid beliefs on this planet.

      Notice also how when an atheist is cornered on a particular topic of his religion that he/she is not too versed on, that he/she will state that “I am not an expert in that particular field/ area”. What they are really saying is that they unfamiliar with some of the core values of their religion, yet and still they trust in what they practice. This is called “FAITH”. So, what is the difference between their faith and our faith? Enough said, stupidity know no bounds with these folks. Romans 1:22 reads:

      1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became FOOLS.

      Most High Bless

      Verbs The Super Hebrew


      • HEY VERBS! 😀 Super Hebrew Sheba loves your posts!

        I agree. I have an atheist “friend” who gets on his kness and begs me to denounce my faith. When I used to be Christian and believed in their pagan mess, literally every time the name god is mentioned (even when saying “oh my god”) He goes with his hippie voice and blunt in his hands “Dude, dude, once you break from religion, you’re free…” and all that mess.
        Ive been trying to convince my family that Christianity is of the devil. And now that we think about it, Christianity is the second largest religion all over the globe, with Islam in the lead. If Christianity was true, why on earth would it be on the top list? Satan is the god of the world, so there’s NO way on earth anything of YHWH/Most High would be so popular. Look how unpopular the facts are that the Hebrews, Egyptians, Moors, Middle Easterns, original Europeans are black. Satan would be darned if that info becomes declassified. But our job is to piss him off. I’ve tried so hard to tell my family this news, but I’m just a smart a-word kid that think she knows everything to them. I have done my part – what they decide to do with the Truth is their choice. Too bad. Praise Our Father YHWH/Most High!
        I’m starting on a blog and I’ll probably start posting tomorrow or Thursday. I’ll be hitting heavy on feminism, hebrew powers, and our Edomite brothers. I hope you stay in touch and subscribe brother. Keep in touch!

        Sam, Super Hebrew with two names and a lot of homework XD


      • bethxshebaxmeep,

        Cool, I’ve clicked on the tick to follow your blog, I really am looking forward to reading your posts. Go get em Super Hebrew Sheba.

        Most High Bless



      • YAY! I just posted my very first blog tonight. I’ll probably do these like once or twice every one or two weeks. I hope you enjoy! Please be free to comment. See you in my blog. Most High Bless!


  2. The will of The Most High has to be for us to be obedient to his laws and commands. After all, what else is sin????? Disobedience!!
    We can’t fuljoy the blessings he ascribes to us in Deut. 28, because we are not walking in obedience.



    • Section 7,

      The laws and commandments the Most High wants us to follow are in Christ and the new covenant that he had established through his death. Most Hebrews today believe that they are aligned with the Most High yet in reality they are walking in complete disobedience to him simply because they reject the new covenant which simply requires faith and belief, but instead they continuously return to the old covenant and the works thereof believing somehow that they can “work” their way into the kingdom. That is not going to happen.

      Being obedient to the Most High is performing the work that you were put on this planet to carry out. Most folks never discover what that work is because they are either too caught up in the institutional church beast infrastructure or they are too overly focused on “commandments and laws”. Fulfilling your personal purpose is the will of the Highest. If you do not know what that specific purpose is then I would suggest that you pray to the Most High and ask him to show you what he requires of your life.

      Most High Bless


  3. Verbs, I was doing some heavy thinking on this for some time, about the position we as Hebrews are in today. If we are now under Christ and a new covenant of Grace, why is it were our forefathers still affected by the curse of Deuteronomy? I understand that during Christ’s ministry here on earth during his first coming, that only a handful of Hebrews came to faith in him whilst the overwhelming majority chose to reject him and follow the old testament covenant and while others that did come to faith in him were predominantly gentiles. When Christ was on the cross and said “It IS Finished” and the veil in the temple was torn in two from top to bottom symolizing the end of the old covenant, most of the Hebrews still adhered to it even though it was dead and when the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed later in 70 A.D they ran into Africa where they were later captured and sold into slavery. OK I’m starting to ramble on here so lemme get to the point. my question is – Our forefathers, was it because they chose to reject Yeshuah and continue to adhere to the old covenant why the curse of Deuteronomy could’ve still affected them and the later generations i.e us? Was that why Paul, Peter, Thomas and others weren’t affected by it? because our forefathers chose to adhere to the old covenant law why it’s penalties for disobeying it still applied to them? Do you think that if our forefathers came en masse to faith in Yeshuah that our predicament today could’ve been avoided?

    I need some clarification cause I’m kinda confused…


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      You pretty much answered the question sir, disobedience and a refusal to accept the new covenant. The Most High stated that our forefathers were a stiffnecked people, he knew what he was talking about to a T. You also have to remember that our forefathers even abandoned following the old covenant and took to their own ways of doing things. This is the predicament that we have today, we are in the position that we are in as a whole because of the foul decisions that our forefathers made in the past.

      Had our forefathers repented and accepted Christ when they were supposed to, it is very possible that we could have been in a very different situation today.


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