The Institutional Church And Its Backwards Gospel


For the longest while the institutional church beast infrastructure has purported a gospel of “Jesús Christ loves you”, “the Most High has a plan for your life”, “you need to get saved and give your life to Christ” and “Christ died for your sins”. The problem here is that all that the church beast has ever done for its entire existence is use these slogans over and over again simply to build up its congregational membership numbers in order to keep the financial support for the very same infrastructure in place. This is all the institutional church beast infrastructure is all about and this is all that this so called “church” has ever been about from its conception. Don’t believe me and my words, simply recall to memory what Christ stated about knowing a tree by its fruits. Look at the fruits of the “church” today and you make up your own mind as to what is the real purpose of this organisation. The problem I believe has been that because of heavy indoctrination and brainwashing, most institutional church beast infrastructure members lack the ability to recognise the fruits for what they truly are, though I have to also state that this is slowly changing and many folks within the church beast penitentiary are beginning to think and reason for themselves aswell as starting to use common sense.

The problem is that this so called gospel that has been parroted by the vast majority of institutional church beast members has had no works of light and faith that have proceeded it. This is completely the opposite of how Christ conducted himself and introduced his people to the kingdom of the Most High when he walked the earth. Christ first brought forward “works” ie his miracles from the Most High to establish his position as to who he was and why he was sent. You can read through the gospels and confirm this position for yourselves. Only after his position was established and folks clearly saw that this man was bringing some true “meat” to the table did he then begin to share the gospel with the Hebrews, at least the Hebrews who would listen to him. So the formula according to Christ and the Most High is “works come first in order to establish the message which comes after”, however what do we see within the institutional church beast infrastructure, a message being preached with absolutely no works proceeding this message at all.

This is blatantly fraudulent(not that us as free thinkers cannot see and identify this for ourselves), is certainly not after the pattern of Christ and is the main smoke screen that an increasing number of people are beginning to see through. You see, many people are beginning to see that the so called “church” is nothing more than an empty vessel of manipulation and deception that has defrauded its members and has absolutely nothing to offer them apart from a couple of hours of “feel good, emotional” theatrics every Wednesday, Saturday/Sunday. Don’t tell me about the love of the Most High and yet the very streets outside of your church are a vision of decadence, a war zone, homeless people are scattered all about the area, crime in the area is through the roof, the locality looks run down to list a few examples and yet your church building is the best looking monument on the block.

This is the very reason why I call these churches “monuments of failure”. The local church is supposed to be a refuge and a sanctuary to where people can turn to help in their time of need however these monuments of failure have simply proven themselves to be nothing more than money exchange building where the poor are sponged out of their hard earned cash twice a week and hung out to dry ready for the next rinsage session. Not only does the institutional church beast refuse to help those outside of its prison walls but it also is a clear failure in helping those in need who are within its clutches aswell as the issue of failing to deal with the inappropriate slack behaviours which also takes place within these constructions of mockery. The sexual promiscuity and the promotion of homosexuality within the so called “church” are only two prime examples of a system that was built to fail. This slackness and others such like are happening within the majority of these church institutions. Those who say that “this isn’t happening in my church” or “my church is not like what you describe” need to simply look harder and deeper. Scratch that surface however be prepared for all manner of pus and putrid manifestations to ooze out. Do not delude and deceive yourself into thinking that somehow your church is “different” as it will hit your worse when you begin to see the cracks and acknowledge them for what they truly are.



The Most High has appointed me to deconstruct your fraudulent activities, rail against your system of evil and deception, to show the people what your infrastructure is really all about and to impart to folks an alternative way in which they can walk with the Most High through Christ, as an individual. The message I continually have for the devil is “one brick at a time punk, one brink at a time”. I will continue to pull down his institutional church beast infrastructure piece by piece, those institutional church beast infrastructure members who stand in my way will automatically become casualties of the heavy carnage and damage that is to come.

Do not be surprised from now on if an increasing number of folks on the streets tell your members to get lost and to jump of a cliff when they attempt to approach them with that fraudulent gospel which you have instituted for 1000s of years. People are increasingly sick and tired of your words with no actions to back them up, you continually talk about the love of the Most High and the sacrifice of Christ however you consistently fail to manifest any works beforehand to prove your position ie that you are true servants of the Most High. I am struggling to see any benefits that you have brought to the table, if you disagree and believe otherwise then I would like to see what you have done not only for your members but also for other people in need on the whole around you.

Your institutional church system is full of crap and this local branch financial institutions that you still call “churches” are all structural monuments of failure. Your financial branch managers that you call pastors are simply appointees set in place to manage the congregation and to manipulate them into giving their hard earned money over to yourselves to which you then utilise these funds to sponsor your lavish, hedonistic lifestyles. The cat is now out of the bag, the so called church is nothing more than a cesspool of iniquity and immorality and I am going to continue my quest to show people the light and demonstrate to them that the only productive way forward for them is to walk away from you and your financial institutions of disgrace and to inact and establish an relationship with the Most High as an INDIVIDUAL outside of your confines. As always……………

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

10 thoughts on “The Institutional Church And Its Backwards Gospel

  1. The church, like everything else, is owned and run by Jews these days. If your pastor isn’t a Jew or a queer then he is a she!
    I don’t go near churches nowadays. They are truly “synagogues of Satan”!


    • David Tomson,

      Spot on the mark with regards to who the real founders behind these monuments of failure are, hence why I referred to the pastors as appoinTEES. I have also mentioned this before but it has been a fair while since. Steering clear of those buildings is the best solution any person can implement in their lives today.

      Most High Bless


  2. Great post as always! I was going through old, favorite videos last night and the second part of this video “What does the Torah teach?” reminded me of you. Thought it would be good to pass the link along, as people who read your blog might also enjoy some of the videos on that channel, especially the videos related to the Torah.


    • Elyse,

      Just by digging through the crates of my own personal experiences within the institutional church beast infrastructure and seeing that the vast majority of these so called churches operate in the same manner, automatically I know that many people can relate to what I went through as they either did or are currently going through the same things.

      Much appreciated for the link. This institutional church beast infrastructure must continue to be exposed for the fraud that it is and I will continue to do my part in this work of exposure.

      I had a brother who has recently returned into a branch of the beast once ask me whether anything within the institutional church infrastructure was correct. Where I do acknowledge that some of the teachings within the beast infrastructure are indeed correct and true(though deliberately designed that way to lure folks into the trap), the foundation is corrupt and as a result the structure on the whole is cancerous and contaminated, thus it needs to be and will be destroyed.

      Most High Bless


  3. I thank the lord for you writing these posts to bring the church beast system down because we have been
    indoctrinated in it for so long. I have a grandfather that is a preacher and is now 86 years old, I saw him over the weekend and before I could give him a hug hello, he called me “preacher figher” and his whole attitude toward me changed because I

    don’t go to his church. That was all he could say about me
    and it was very annoying. I avoided him the rest of the day because I don’t like drama. I hate to feel like the outcast when the only thing you are trying to do is follow truth. Great work Verbs….keep it comin’


    • Aja,

      We have to remember what Christ stated about the blind leading the blind. This attitude simply goes back to what I talked about in one of my previous posts, where you are looked upon with disdain and and shunned heavily if you do not attend one of these monuments of failure.

      When the institutional church beast infrastructure member begins to converse about the necessity to attend a particular building or institutional church branch, they obviously have conveniently forgotten or failed to read John 4:21-24 where Christ informed the woman at the well that particular locations and structures would no longer be the requirement for worshipping the Father but only to worship the Father in spirit and in truth. Quite the opposite Aja, feel good and rejoice that you are a free mind among the institutional church beast infrastructure members who’s minds are still enslaved. The walk can make you feel isolated sometimes, however things could have ended up worse and you could have still been one of the institutional church beast infrastructure members under brainwashing for the rest of your life.

      Keep strong Aja and continue to walk in the truth.

      Most High Bless


  4. I realize that I didn’t comment on this post…. Are you familiar with the Sinner’s Prayer? at the Wesleyan Church amoung others if one wanted to get “saved” they had to recite this prayer, can you please explain to me the validity of this prayer?


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The Sinner’s Prayer is a load of rubbish, yet again we have a situation where certain fellows are attempting to take control of something related to the Most High and institutionalise it. There is no set format or any specific set of words to use if a person wishes to repent. When I repented, these were the very words that I used, ” I’ve messed up my life” and the Most High heard my call. So much for a so called “sinner’s prayer”. See unlike men, the Most High looks at the heart, you can say anything towards him if your heart is sincere.


  5. I have yet another dilemma, When I pointed this very same thing out to my mother a few weeks ago, she got IRATE, even after giving her scriptural references from Acts 7:48 which says:
    “However, the Most High does not live in houses made by human hands. As the prophet says:”
    It was a Saturday night when I pointed this out to her and told her I didn’t want to go to church the next day, she started cursing at me telling me “WE ARE GOING!!!!” and using the fellowship adage to try and justify her position and the next day in church she’s like “regardless of what you read online, we still have to come and give thanks” and I was sitting there thinking “she hasn’t heard a single word I said” even after I pointed out Acts and other verses that show how unscriptural the modern church is, she tells me “we still have to come and give thanks” and I’m saying “Give thanks to what?? and for what?? the bible it self tells you the out bodies are the temple of the most high, and that he doesn’t dwell in places made by human hands” and here’s where it gets personal she says “well you don’t have to come, but find somewhere to go” she threatens to kick me out of the house, granted that’s a luxury I cannot afford, seeing as there’s high unemployment where I live and I have no means of supporting myself. For the past few weeks when she wasn’t home on a sunday I hid behind my bed, to get around my step father (he’s an albino and has near-sighted vision so he can’t see very well) but whenever she’s home on a sunday I have to go. and she’s gonna be on vacation for 2 weeks starting from next week so I’m trapped at home with her and like I said to Sheba on her blog, my mother is a quarrelsome, belligerent, abrasive and contentious…. very hard woman to reason with……. just pray for me please


    • KingoftheTeddybears,

      The majority of the institutional church beast elder folks are simply stuck in their ways. My mother is the same however because she is poorly in health, she won’t do anything that would cause me to not be close to her. They simply stick to what they have been taught by the local money changer without questioning its authenticity. You have to remember that these so called pastors do the thinking and reasoning for the majority of the institutional church beast infrastructure members, very few have retained the ability to think and reason for themselves as individuals and very few can pick up the bible and read it for themselves aswell.

      Not so long ago a good brother invited me to his church but I just couldn’t go through with it and attend. Once you know what the institutional church beast infrastructure is really all about and you have the power to go your own way, you just cannot look back and return again to these monuments of failure any longer. I do understand your situation though as you are reliant on your mother for accommodation at the moment.

      You also have to remember the part of the scriptures where Christ was talking to the woman at the well in John 4. Even he stated that a time was coming where the true worshippers of the Most High would not be worshipping him in buildings or in particular locations but “in spirit and in truth”. Many folks forget that part too easily and run to the scripture that talks about “not forgetting the assembling of the congregation”, yet the way that this is done today within these monuments of failure is completely janked, ratchet and is done so in complete error to how it is supposed to be done.


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