Institutional Church Myths 2 – Dating – Very Short Post!




The institutional church beast infrastructure has deliberately thrown a huge rusty spanner into the works when it comes down to the subject of dating and who a person can hook up with, and for good reasons too that suit the beast infrastructure system agenda. As a result of this deliberate contamination, the institutional church beast infrastructure today is a mock with all kinds of deviant behaviours that are spilling out from the open cracks now more than ever. The decadence that can clearly be seen within the beast infrastructure is the result of placing restrictions on things that are supposed to run their natural course.

The institutional church beast infrastructure in its zeal to control its members has for years told its congregations that they must only date folks who are within the same circle as them, in other words a believer in Christ must only date another believer of the same caliber. These are the main collection of scriptures that they commonly site for this line of doctrine. 2 Corinthians 6 : 14-15 reads as follows:

6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what FELLOWSHIP hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

6:15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

I highlighted the word fellowship as I believe that this is the pivot point that we should be focusing on. These scriptures are not referring to who you should and shouldn’t date, they are dealing with who you ought not to mix company with on a regular basis. In other words your aim should be to hang out with folks of a similar mentality to yours, simply people who are not going to encourage you to become involved in mischief, skull duggery and take you away from serving the Most High.  Positive people come in all shapes and sizes and not all are necessarily believers in the Most High also, this ought to be remembered aswell.

The same principle should apply to whom you wish to date. If you can find a person who does not obstruct, hinder or interfere with your walk with the Most High then I honestly do not see a problem with abandoning this commonly pushed doctrine and dating “outside of the box”. Since we have already learned that fornication does NOT mean sex before marriage, that it actually means being promiscuous and/or engaging in sexual activities that are contrary to the natural order(homosexuality, lesbianism, beastiality, pedophilia, incest) and that the institutional church beast infrastructure has lied to us continually on the real meaning of this word, this aspect of things is no longer an issue for the believer whether he/she be a Hebrew or a Gentile.

Put simply, it is up to the individual who they wish to date and this folly of a false doctrine that has been propagated rigorously for years by the institutional church beast infrastructure is put simply a load of nonsense. It is down to the individual to exercise wisdom, intelligence and caution in choosing a suitable mate, it is not the choice of a wicked institution which is content and satisfied in buggering its members on a day to day basis and feels no way in carrying out the abuse.

I am very happy to see that increasingly more and more folks are beginning to see the institutional church beast infrastructure for what it really is and are choosing instead to fellowship with other believers outside of the barb wired confines of these institutional church branches ie the monuments of failure and dens of iniquity. This trend needs to continue. I not so long ago exchanged a few brief messages with a Gentile believer who chose to submit to the Most High but was extremely reluctant to step into an institutional church as he recognised the false image of so called “purity” immediately for what it was, straight up rubbish and deceptive nonsense. He now fellowships with other believers from around the world via Skype, I encourage all Hebrews and Gentiles to do the same.

I am going to continue to tear down the lies that have been erected by the institutional church beast infrastructure as more people need to be liberated from its evil clutches and quite frankly I am sick and tired of seeing people being knocked about and shafted from pillar to post. Many folks who still attend these monuments of failure in the back of their minds know that something is not right however they are deliberately discouraged from using their own common sense and at the same time they are heavily pressured into accepting clear abnormalities as somehow being ok, therefore the majority simply go along with “the program” in fear of being rejected, being branded outcasts and having to leave the so called “holy sanctuary”. I was involved with the institutional church beast infrastructure, I speak from my own personal experiences and know that there are many others out there who can relate to where I am coming from as they have or are currently going through the same issues. The issue of dating is personal, it is not institutional. As always………………

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

11 thoughts on “Institutional Church Myths 2 – Dating – Very Short Post!

  1. “monuments of failure”, great post sir as usual, even for edomites/heathens like mysel, at least those who reject the false so-called white “Jesus” and are accepting who the real Hebrews and the Elect are, with all due consequences for the Kingdom to come.


    • Servant2be,

      The institutional church is a complete disgrace and a historical mockery, however we must always remember that it was deliberately set up for this very purpose at this specific time, to collapse into a useless heap during the last days in order to make people lose faith in the Most High. Folks who have paid attention to the writings of Paul would have seen this coming 10 miles off, however as we already know, the pastors/evangelists/bishops do the reading, thinking and reasoning for the average institutional church infrastructure member. Hang in there sir, the kingdom is near at hand.

      Most High Bless

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  2. On the same subject…
    I’ve grown to believe that the idea of “marriage” today is completely different from what used to constitute as a “marriage” in Biblical times. It seems to me that a marriage back then would simply mean a man and woman have joined together for life to start a family. Now, it’s a contract-system that makes one partake further in both the church system and the economic system. I don’t feel like a person needs to go through all the legal technicalities to be considered “married” to the most high. What are your thoughts on this, Verbs?


    • Elyse,

      You are 10000% correct, marriage according to the scriptures is about 2 people coming together in commitment and starting a family as part of that commitment. This was a agreement between a man and a woman with the Most High as the head of this union. However, with government intervention and contracts becoming involved, the government has made itself head of the marriage through the document known as the “marriage licence”. Through this document the government can now dictate to you how your marriage should be and through this same document the government has the power to take away any children that you may have if they feel that you are not bringing up the children in the “correct fashion”(in other words with no moral standard and family values instilled, this type of standard is the government ideal of today).

      None of the legalities that we have today are requirements for a marriage, it is all about keeping it simple. The Most High will be the head of my marriage, not a corrupt government which is trying to establish itself as some sort of godlike entity looking to be obeyed and worshipped without condition. I remember I talked about this very same topic sometime back. A marriage “certificate/licence” is a very, very dangerous instrument.

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  3. Just wanted to respectfully point out that my study has brought to my attn, that ‘blessed’ is pagan in origin and actually means cursed, using “increased” or “benefits” hope this only goes to you AHKI


    • Yah-kov,

      Beware of dodgy teachers teaching nonsense in order to gather, control and manipulate a crowd. The Hebrew camp today is a rife with many claiming to bring knowledge yet in actual fact they are sowing seeds of deception and discord.

      Remember also that the Most High examines and tries the hearts of men, not the words they use. This is the most important thing. I dropped out of the “this word actually means this/that” race because like the issue with the name of the Most High, it has become a distraction and the changes if correct can go on forever.

      Most High Bless


  4. As much as I enjoy being awake and learning more and more, it pains me that this is an area that I can’t and won’t negotiate with when it comes to dating. I’m with you Verbs, I agree that if the other person doesn’t hinder you from your walk then by all means date, but people are funny a lot of times. Some will accept it for now with thoughts and hopes on changing you later. Some get frustrated with the way you believe and thus make it an issue after you’ve been dating awhile. And some just plain don’t want to accept this as truth and you will find yaself by yaself.
    That is my issue so I have to try and wrap my mind around other things because dating isn’t a lucrative option for me right now. I can barely find a woman who is even ok with the truth let alone believe it.
    Anyway, great post as always as The Most High moves in and through you. Bless you bro,


    • Jr,

      I’m hearing you brother, the Most High didn’t bring me to this position over night. As he continues to decontaminate and gut out the rubbish, he is at the same time replacing the voids with truths, some of which seem strange and others which are a complete contrast to the institutional church beast infrastructure rhetoric.

      Folks need to understand that it is not their job to convert others, this is where the main problems stem from. Once people begin to fully embrace the concept of an individual walk with the Most High and the fact that it is the Most High that deals with the hearts of men and women, then folks can just get on with living their lives and making full use of the gift of life that the Most High has given them.

      As I stated before, the power is in your hands whom you choose to get with or whether you even choose to date at all, it is not the position of a dodgy institution to dictate to you who your partner is to be.

      Most High Bless


  5. I hear you loud and clear bro. Ibwas just telling my friend the other day that I’m more free now in this truth than I ever was while in Christianity. A lot of people keep the holidays as tradition but they don’t want to but they don’t want to be the only ones in the neighborhood that didn’t put lights or didn’t put up a tree or didn’t get their kids a gift. They are tied to tradition, enslaved to it afraid of what others will say because they choose to no longer celebrate these wack holidays. My mother is a prime example, she refuses to stand on her own 2 feet and walk as an individual with The Most High and her reasoning is she doesn’t want to be the only one doing it.
    As far as the dating, my exgirlfriend became my ex because she didn’t want to be with someone that refused to celebrate the holidays. I didn’t stop her, she could do what she wants but what she wanted to do she felt I should want to do it too and so because of that, she’d rather be with someone who wants to celebrate all the holidays.
    Again, it’s my choice and I choose to not celebrate but I’m not stopping you but usually because people believe things or practice things differently they let that drive a wedge and separate people. There are times when I feel as though the freedom of this walk scares others because we have been brainwashed to believe like we can’t actually live our lives and when someone does then they are viewed as a rebel, troublemaker, lost etc. I don’t want to control anyone especially a woman I’m dating but I won’t be given ultimatums either, either follow the world and be with me or we break up. And it seems like that is all I run into now. Oh well, I’m going to keep on going even if that means I will be single forever. It’s not worth losing my life over.


  6. The next obvious question for me is: what is pedophilia? The definition of “child” differs greatly from culture to culture. In the US, it is seen as 18-years old. In parts of India, individuals as young as 14-years old are wed together. I guess that we should determine what the definition of “pedophilia” and/or child was in the time of Christ. Does anyone know the answer


    • BJ,

      I believe that puberty should be the determining factor, 13-14 years of age is normally the age when boys hit puberty and girls start their period cycle. This I believe would be the reason why some cultures marry off girls and boys much earlier than in western society. So in closing any boy who has not yet reached puberty and any girl who has not yet started her menstrual cycle should be designated with the title of a child. I would class pedophilia as a grown man/woman engaging in sexual relations with boys and girls pre puberty.


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