The Typical Mentality Of The Institutional Church Infrastructure Member – Short Post!



One thing that I have come to realise when in conversation with institutional church beast infrastructure members, is that the majority of them cannot engage you in an honest conversation with regards to what they are involved in. The majority cannot think and reason for themselves and most actually believe that they are free within an institutional of rules, regulations and bondage. These types of individuals for the most part also lack the ability to engage in intelligent conversations and most can be pretty cunning and deceptive when boxed into a corner or when trying to impress. If honesty, accountability and responsibility are what you are looking for in a person who states that they are a believer in Christ, then you stand a far better chance looking outside of the confines of the institutional church beast infrastructure in order to find an example of quality.

The average institutional church member does not know his or herself, they have been encouraged to run away from who they are as a person and have also been indoctrinated to never investigate their personality. This is a typical strategy of manipulation that the many branches of the institutional church infrastructure execute. This is done in order to keep the institutional church member in a position of flux and confusion, thus the member continually feels empty and void without the input of the church that they attend. The average member views the church building as having some sort of supernatural power and that a schedule attendance of 1-2 times per week is a requirement in order to “recharge” themselves with more power. You would think in their eyes that we were dealing with the Green Latern core or Superman and his relationship to the sun.

And so many of them engage in this ritualistic behaviour year after year upon year. They truly believe that this is the way to connect with the Most High and obtain “power”, they believe whole heartedly in the system that they have been indoctrinated into, trusting that it has been handed down straight from the heavens. They are unable to think and to reason outside of the box. One of the worse things is that they believe that nobody else is capable of walking with the Most High successfully outside of the institutional church infrastructure and their entire mission when in conversation with them is to attempt to bring you back into the plantation and under the yoke of bondage once again. Many of us have been there and experienced this offensive.

If this tactic fails they will then proceed to talk about sin(their way of subtly implying that if you do not attend a church then you must currently be under, living and indulging in sin), as if it is impossible to live a righteousness life outside of the grid of the church beast infrastructure. This is part of the mental limitism that I have talked about in the past. The last time I checked the scriptures they stated that ALL are sinners and ALL have fallen short of the Most High’s glory, however the average institutional church infrastructure member seems to think that he/she is a number of cuts above the rest, that they are now invincible since they can obtain their “recharge” every Wednesday and Sunday at their local facility.



First and foremost I recommend that you try your best not engage in any debates with an institutional church beast infrastructure member if you see that there is no room open for reason as they will pull out every trick in the book, so much so that you would begin to think that you were dealing with somebody from the secular world, the types of behaviours they will engage in you would expect to see only from the same people whom they claim that they are trying to reach out to and help get saved. However, if you do have the unfortunate experience of debating a member, be sure not to fall for their trickery and scheming.

Taking your words out of context is one common trick that they like to use. This directly connects to another technique they use I call Transfer. This is where they recognise that they are outgunned on a particular topic, they then proceed to inject a topic into the conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion at hand. This is purposely designed to place you into a state of confusion. From that position they will attempt to steer you by stealth towards a topic/arena to which they hold knowledge in and are familiar with. They will then attempt to move in for the kill, dominate and win the debate from this location on this new topic that they injected. If successful they can then claim that they were victorious and that you were in error. Do you see how that technique works? I’m sure many folks have been bitten by this one.

The institutional church beast infrastructure member can also be a great liar and deceiver. Remember, all that this person knows is what they have received in the form of downloads from their pastor and they believe that the pastor’s word is gold until they run up against a believer who walks outside of the confines of the church beast and who practices free thinking. That is when you witness the nature of the “beast” so to speak come out. I have experienced this first hand for myself. I will also admit to having practiced these very same tactics myself when I was a member of the institutional church beast infrastructure.

After all like them I was brainwashed, lost in topics where I had not received a download from the pastor and full of pride to not admit when I was wrong, in other words simply be honest and sincere. I do not totally blame the members for lowering themselves to committing skull duggerous acts of manipulation and deception. The false image of a pristine, clean infrastructure that the institutional church beast system puts out can and does place its members under great pressure. They are then tricked into believing that they must now conform to this illusion for themselves and in order to keep the reputation of the church spotless. If only the average institutional church beast infrastructure member knew what really goes on in these monuments of failure and decadence.



Remember that the institutional church beast infrastructure member is being held in bondage by a man made system that was first forged in the spirit realm by non other than the Devil himself. The true church/body is the people, nothing more, nothing less. It is man who has decided to act upon the inspirations handed down from dark places and attach appendages to the real church that ought not to be aligned with the body. Let us not forget the words Lucifer spoke within his heart in Isaiah 14:13 which read:

14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I WILL SIT ALSO UPON THE MOUNT OF THE CONGREGATION, IN THE OF SIDES OF THE NORTH:

The Devil planned from a long time ago to control those who believe in the Most High and Christ. So he began the construction of the institutional church beast infrastructure in order to bottleneck believers into ineffectiveness. It is no coincidence that you notice the same programmes generally take place inside the majority of the churches on your local corners and it is also no coincidence that these same churches are spiritually dead. I have to keep hammering the point home that your walk with the Most High is an INDIVIDUAL walk and it ought to bring new ventures and new experiences each and every day. However this cannot be achieved as soon as you step into these constructions of frivolity and failure once or twice in the week and proceed to rummage through the same religious ritual as the week before and the week before that and the week before that, etc.

I liken the average institutional church member to the terminator, however instead of not stopping ever until you are dead, they will not stop until you have been completely assimilated into their system of enslavement and failure. They believe that the building they attend is the be all and end all of salvation, hope and righteousness, in their eyes all points of light emanate from the structure which they feel has a mind and powers of its own. The institutional church beast infrastructure member could actually exert some form of intelligence if it were not for the deep programming installed by the local branch. Most conform and adapt to the installation process, others such as myself always had a rebellious streak within and so the indoctrination was never able to take hold.

It is going to take the collapse of this institutional church system of bondage for many members within to begin to put the pieces together and to figure out that they have been hindered and taken for a huge ride. The Hebrews make up a large portion of the captives within this infrastructure. Funnily enough, the typical experience I have found is that it is mostly the Hebrews enslaved within who will defend this infrastructure with the most zeal. Many are just not ready to accept the true nature of what they believe is a natural appendage to the true church. Most folks are looking for an easy life, the church building and the bread and circus tom foolery razzmatazz serves as a pillar to lean on. There is no faith required or exercised when stepping into one of these monuments of failure, everything is already laid out for you(which to be honest should be looked upon with great suspicion) and no effort is needed on your part to be involved in the show apart from merely attending.

It is for all of the above reasons and more why I recommend that people should begin to walk away from the institutional church infrastructure and start doing their own things if they haven’t begun to do so already. You can forge a much stronger and fortified relationship with the Most High in Christ walking outside of these institutions of mockery and disgrace. I and many others who comment on this blog are prime examples of success. If there are any people out there reading this for the first time who have always felt that something was not right with the whole “church” set up, feel free to use this post as your confirmation. Your suspicions have been vindicated and bolstered. If you haven’t already done so, it is well worth reading my “Institutional Church” series parts 1 and 2. These can be found by typing in the title “institutional church rhetoric” into the search bar. Stay blessed in the Most High and Christ as always.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

8 thoughts on “The Typical Mentality Of The Institutional Church Infrastructure Member – Short Post!

  1. Excellently written my brother! Keep up the good work that you are doing to help those to actually step outside the box and not to just think outside the box. You don’t realize how much you have helped me and is still helping me.I have to admit, it was a transition getting deprogrammed and still getting deprogrammed of all the rituals and razzmatazz but I don’t regret my decision at all to leave the “church”. I give thanks to the Most High through his son Jesus Christ for you and the work you do. Stay strong brother Verbs and continue to do the work.


    • Aja,

      The thanks are always appreciated. Christ himself stated that a time was coming in which buildings/structures and particular locations would no longer be a requirement for worshiping the Most High(John 4:21,23,24)when he conversed with the woman at the well. That time is now upon us. Those particular verses tend to fly over the average institutional church member’s head.

      Let us also not forget the words of Paul to the Philippians. Philippians 2:12-13 reads:

      2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING.

      2:13 FOR IT IS GOD WHICH WORKETH IN YOU both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

      It couldn’t get more blatant than that. Doesn’t this verify what I have been stating all along about your walk with the Most High being an individual one? The Most High is in us, buildings and assembling at particular locations are no longer required and we ourselves are to work out our own salvation ie one on one with the Most High.

      I hear exactly what you are saying about shedding the institutional church system behaviours, I left the beast system in 1994-5, I was only involved in the infrastructure for around 2 years and yet I still am decontaminating myself today in 2013. There is a strong spirit within the church institution. Again, I am glad to be of service. Alot of the time many folks just need that confirmation in order to be bold enough to make that step.

      One other thing that I forgot to mention in my post, watch out for chain emails and text messages that may be sent to you from an institutional church member or any other source, these messages are designed to bring you back into the fear and enslavement mentality of the institutional infrastructure. Pay them no mind, remember the infrastructure is corrupt therefore everything coming out of that beast system is also in like manner contaminated.

      Most High Bless


  2. I hear you! It took the Holy Spirit (not any church recharge) to deprogram me, and I was not attending a church at that time. What my mother refers to as- too heavenly minded to do any earthy good- meaning the way to the Most High is by being a person to other people, not an ultra-religious robot. There is enough of that in other cults around the world. People need to start being real.
    Stay blessed


    • God’s Princess,

      The institutional church will commonly use the verse about not forsaking the gathering of the assembly however if fellowship is as important as they say that it is then the majority bulk of the gathering should be dedicated to just that, FELLOWSHIP, and the pastor should keep his speeches and dry, internet downloaded sermons to a minimum.

      Folks such as yourself and Aja get it and others are slowly beginning to figure out that it is the Most High within us that gives us power, strength and makes the changes within our lives and not a building structure made from bricks and cement. The average institutional church member is really a lion cub still suckling on milk from the institutional church beast infrastructure breast.

      Most High Bless


  3. You should crop that picture as to not cause anyone to stumble. Too many men and women have issues with lust. If a site claims to walk in truth, then they should be able to come here without seeing a topless woman. Those demons of lust are real. Shalom.


    • Paul Is A True Apostle, The “struggle” or “issue” with lust is the stumbling block, not the picture. Christ told us that in him we can find rest. Part of that rest is accepting that any issues that you may have are his problems to deal with and NOT YOURS, that he WILL NOT leave you or forsake you regardless of the condition you came into salvation with and that he WILL complete the work which he has started within those that believe in him. The objective is to trust in the Most High through Christ, not to be concerned with and worry about personal “issues” and “struggles” that you may have currently occurring in your life and to offload them into his hands literally. On top of this, the Most High is not the merciless, angry, by the letter of every word, waiting to strike and hammer you down power that the institutional church beast infrastructure typically makes him out to be, unlike them he does looks at the current circumstances of a person’s life and he also looks at the person’s history, thus he has a much greater understanding of a person’s needs and can tailor a remedy that is specifically fitted to that particular individual. Most High Bless


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